IMPORTANT Update: BIG Thank you to donars, Merc Retro, Mt Shasta SSP conference WIN and current status

big island coast

Aloha! Hi Everyone,

Wow! What a week since my last update – the last few days has been quite the roller-coaster ride my friends! This update was actually scheduled to go out on Friday, but after writing for almost two hours, my computer deleted the update just as I was about to hit Publish.  Oddly enough, the same thing happened with the first update 10 days ago…when stuff like that happens twice in a row, it really makes one wonder about the presence of AI in this technology. It can also be frustrating..hmmm.

But, all in all, last week went very well. Thankfully, there was a good response to the donation drive which helped reach about 60% of my goal. The only not so good news: On Saturday my car broke down and I spent most of the day trying to get to Pahoa town for food and water, more on that further below.

First, I want to take an opportunity to thank everyone who responded to the call for donations so far. As a matter of transparency, here’s where everything stands in meeting expenses:

Since my computer is still glitchy and creating difficulty sending out individual emails, I’m taking this opportunity to thank everyone for your generous and thoughtful donations.

I’ve never had problems with Paypal. So that said, if you donated last week and don’t see your name below, please contact me with the details at the email provided below. Also, several people included a short note of encouragement and well wishes that really touched my heart: Soul tear for your kind words, Namaste.

EXTRA special thanks and my deepest gratitude goes out to the following people for answering the call

Kathie K, Kathyrn R, Frannie, Ken, Juliet, Charles U, Daniela R, Sarah B, Teresa M, William R,  Judy B, Georgia, Mark L, Celine, Helena, Jane G, Deborah, Diana T, Steven K and Eric S.

So far I’m about 60% toward hitting the “original goal” estimated to cover expenses. As a matter of transparency, here’s where I’m at on getting things covered.

Last Thursday I ordered the hard drive ($105.00) and it should be here by the end of the week. Once it arrives, I’ll be offline for a few days until it’s installed. Will still take at least $50 in labor costs to have it repaired. It’s going to be soooo nice to work on a highly functional, fast, glitch free, responsive computer…I can’t wait!!! This computer’s been hobbling along all year, thank you so very much everyone 🙂

I finally ordered much needed supplements on Friday. Even tho I got some great sale prices I was out of the more expensive products, the total was approx $205, with shipping for everything I necessary to maintain good health.

Your donations helped cover $35 phone card to keep my cell phone on 🙂

Then wouldn’t you know, over the weekend my car broke down as I was headed into Hilo to buy groceries. So instead of saving on food costs in the city, I had to find a ride to Pahoa town which is much closer to my home, but food costs are also almost twice as much. I also had to pay my friend for gas which brought food costs to approx $115 for about 7-10 days (buying same items in Hilo would’ve cost ave $60-$70). Saturday was a rather heavy day of trying to move around obstacles.

Current status:

I still have $230 which will go toward paying for internet ($90), yardwork, dog food and bird seed. Precious sends her love and gratitude…Yay!!

precious 2Since I couldn’t make it into Hilo, I still need to buy Precious a new aerial run, which remains out of budget. Also, I learned that treatments for red ants will run $225 because they neglected to inform me there was a problem with my debit card for the last treatment in May – so I have $75 outstanding that I wasn’t aware of! Grrrr…Precious

But, now to top everything off, I’m facing car repairs. Am scheduled to take it in tomorrow to see what’s going on. It appears to be a fuel system issue because the engine is dying when idling, am hoping it’s just a clogged filter or something simple like that. So if you can, please send prayers my way for a low-cost repair job! And SO IT IS!

Now here’s the fun part. With everything breaking down, or due at once I was beginning to wonder where I was out of alignment. So I went inward for some inner fine tuning; cleansing and purging density and blockages, as well as karma from my energetic field and cellular memory. We’ve also been moving thru Lion’s Gate energy’s which has caused much shifting upward and in the process, much density has been released in the last two weeks.

I’m usually very good at energetically holding things together and rarely experience “breakdowns” of material items. That said, nothing lasts forever in 3d and eventually things stop working and need to be repaired, or replaced.

Also, since we’ve been moving into the pre-phase of Mercury retrograde, it feels like these  energy’s came in to help replace that which is old, and not serving me anymore. As well as for me to take a look at where I’m not centered or in alignment. One of the biggest lessons in the past week has been too remain patient and learn to “allow” prosperity consciousness to work with the manifestational aspects of addressing financial issues that arise, remaining in faith that everything I need will be provided thru Source and Oversoul – instead of falling into worry or despair.

Also, good advise for introspection here, more on the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde:

Although the Pre-Shadow is often ignored, it is very important, because much of the difficulty that is encountered later with the Mercury Retrograde period itself is set up in the Pre-Shadow.

The day that Mercury enters the Pre Shadow can show up as a more sensitive time as it is at the same relative location that it will later become retrograde. This date is shown on the Mercury Retrograde Calendar as a blue square.

The Pre Shadow Sets Mercury Retrograde Up

Common ways that we may contribute to the Pre-Shadow is to ignore our inner voice, ignore our intuition and to ignore the hints that the universe poses to us. Watch yourself during this period when you ignore things because you think they are not important, because you make assumptions or follow the assumptions of others.

Become aware of where your assumptions, judgments, dismissiveness or even arrogance come from, because often if their source is from hurts, reactions or buttons being pushed, then they will lead you astray, and set you up for later challenges.

Ok, now that I got the bad news out of the way. Here’s where the roller-coaster ride began…

On Friday morning I received word from Corey Goode that I won a FREE pass to the Mt Shasta Secret Space Program!! OMG! I’m so excited! But, this wonderful opportunity also comes at a time when I’m faced with serious challenges in making ends meet. But, my guidance is advising me to go – for too many reasons to list here. Folks, I can’t turn this opportunity down and am moving mountains to make the trip happen on less than a shoestring budget.

Got FREQUENT FLYER miles you wish to donate toward a GREAT cause? When I registered for the contest I thought I could fall back on a friend who asked me to come to San Francisco earlier this year, and he would pay for the trip with frequent flyer miles. At the time I didn’t have a dog sitter and had to decline. Now I have a dog sitter and a free pass to the conference, but can’t get a hold of my friend thanks to that darn Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow stuff 😛

So, if you have a large cache of transferable Frequent Flyer miles accrued, can you donate some of those miles to a great cause? I have 10days to get to Mt Shasta, time is of the essence…

Hopefully I can post updates with behind the scenes pics and videos from Mt Shasta with my tablet, if not they’ll be posted when I return home.

So, to sum it all up. Even tho I’m middle of what initially felt like collapse energy, there are some exciting and promising manifestations which indicate I’m energetically on the right track energetically and my inner-guidance says just keep doing the inner-work – all is good and everything is working toward the Highest Possible Outcome.

Thanks again to anyone who has ever donated money and to all those who answered the call for help last week, I can’t keep publishing without reader support.

Since 2010 I’ve published 12,000+ posts in over 200 categories, this is a tremendous body of work available to everyone who seeks truth and higher learning. If you’ve ever considered making a donation as an energetic exchange for value, now would be the purrfect time to help this publisher stay afloat financially, so as to keep this blog in publishing status. I also need assistance making the journey and covering expenses to Mt Shasta for the Secret Space Program conference, so I may honor this blessing and “gifted opportunity” from The Creator, handed down thru Corey Goode.

Sooo much GRATITUDE!! ❤

Wishing everyone a magical and prosperous week! Thanks again for all your support, I can’t do this without assistance and so many wonderful people answered the call for help. You’re love, encouragement and support is the wind beneath my wings!

Kindest regards, Mahalo Nui


Email: { ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com }


Myself and Ben Nihi, Prime Minister, Hawaiian Kingdom. He’s the Elder I work with, he was dropping me off at the Kauai airport when I moved back to the Big Island, Aug 2015.







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