Astrology for the Soul August 17, 2016

May my eyes be able to see,
And my ears be open to hear,
The beauty of all creation,
And the Spirit that brought me here.

Rebel! The lunar eclipse in Aquarius says “Blow it off! Revolt!” Against what may be the question that follows haha! My work? My partner? The world? My self? God/dess? And the point is? For what? If not this, then what? Yup, a good time to reflect on just what we’re doing, why, and whether the path forward should be in the same direction we have been heading.

As I mention in the report and the mantra, this can be a time of revelation as well as rebellion, and our eyes maybe opened to new pathways, understanding, and direction. The eclipses always bring in new energies from deep space that can upset the normal operations of our lives. At first these can be upsetting, but in the long run they lead us down the road of fuller Self expression. Open up to see and hear the NEW!

Lastly, as mentioned in the report, we may just rebel against all the work we have been doing to simply STOP, notice how awesome this beautiful planet, our bodies and ourselves are, and take some time to make it more beautiful in a physical, tangible way. Not work, but art can be the means to rejuvenate, renew, and release our attachments to winning or maintaining some person, place, status, or thing. Go for it! Allow yourself the time to chill out and make something beautiful that has never been before. Injoy!

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