Astrology for the Soul September 7 & 14, 2016

Note: Since I missed last weeks Pele report due to traveling, it’s included below for your perusal. Both reports really nail the energy’s were moving thru and how to navigate them with as much ease as humanly possible, Tom also references Sept 7th’s report in today.s reading. Mercury remains retrograde, we’re up against several squares and a full-moon eclipse on Friday. Stay buckled up and keep your hands and feet in the car, we’re moving thru turbulence folks.

At this time we’re dealing with some very difficult alignments, take it easy on yourself and get plenty of rest. Meditate daily to stay grounded, stay focused on remaining in your heartspace and don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the vortex of distractions that pull us into Ego. I’ll be pulling my energy back somewhat over the next few days as we approach the weekend for Full-moon eclipse activation’s and ceremony. Injoy!  Blessings, {~A~}


I can sit on the bench and watch the game,
Pointing out all the mistakes,
Or see that I’m here to make the change,
No matter what it takes.

If two eclipses aren’t enough, now we have a third! The first in mid August was Brahma, envision the future in order to create it. The second was Sept. 1, Vishnu, gather together the resources, strength and power to create the change. Now we have Shiva, out with the old and bring in the new!

Mercury retrograde for one more week says that we need to look at ourselves and change the old programs we’re running in our heads in order to speak from that new, deeper, more powerful Self in order to do it. Mars square the Sun and Venus opposite Uranus say that its time to boldly go forward into the unknown with faith and a willingness to mess it up in order to straighten it out. Put together they equal the possibility of a new Self emerging as an extension of the creative source, not so much ego, but as an agent of Life herself. Let’s make it happen together!

Sept 7, 2016
Having seen and felt what is wrong with me,
And done all I can to improve,
I now re-emerge onto the stage of Life,
To engage in the dance with you!

Oh Boy! Hang in there for one more wild weekend! We’re almost through the eye of the needle (and a sharp needle it has been)! It’s like getting stitched up when the anesthetic has worn off…. ouch! This eclipse season, happening in Virgo with a Mercury retrograde squaring Mars/Saturn in Sag has been and is a deep soul searching time that has stirred up the crap for so many of us. Within all that, and hopefully, out of all that, there is new awareness, direction, and impetus to make BIG changes in so many different aspects of our lives.

Look to what house Virgo (and now Libra) fall in your chart to see where your opportunities for expansion, relationship, and change are happening. After the Equinox (Sept 21) we will step into a new vibrational wave mush lighter and easier than where we have been this year and we may start to feel that coming now. So make those final changes, commitments, and close those doors as the train is about to leave the station. All Aboard! Woo Hoo!

Music: (Sweet Intuition off of the Secret Portal album)


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