Energy Update – Surfing the Surreal, Navigating Inner Earthquakes, plus August Recap ~ LeeHarrisEnergy

Editors Note: Absolutely LOVE Lee Harris’s ENERGY UPDATES! As always, here’s another EXCELLENT reading on the current energy’s, every category he lists below has been personally addressed in my life during the months of Sept and Aug – here he seriously nails the essence of my energetic journey over the last few weeks.

A life changing healing quest which has every aspect of my life shifting DRAMATICALLY upward on a Higher Path toward creating community, personal healing and information integration for the collective.

For myself, recent experiences relating to the “surreal feeling of living in the past” led to an intensely productive Tap Dance with my Shadow, forcing me to go inward and take a wrecking ball to the heavily fortified  walls of my ego to expose a hidden, lifelong patterns in where I wasn’t honoring certain Divine Feminine aspects of myself. And how those patterns call out the Shadow aspects of my feminine nature, inviting a dance with Shadow aspects of many males I’ve encountered on my path.

In times of deep self-reflection, Mercury retrograde is the best teacher when we’re willing to go within and take an honest look at our Shadow Self – we ALL have at least one – and some even have multiples 😉

I’ve also had profound insights on the need to ‘break out of isolation’ in order to step in to more of a leadership position in relation to the dissemination and integration of information, full disclosure and the Cosmic Plan. Love Lee’s last tip: ISOLATION CAN BE HEALING (UNTIL IT ISN’T)…well said truthbomb!! 🙂

Recently, for myself, the “Inner Earthquakes” have reached a 9.0 magnitude on the Richter scale, and at this stage I have a glimpse of where things may be heading. But, much is still in a state of manifestational alchemy – downloads, guidance and new contacts are emerging at a rapid pace. So please bear with me as I navigate the incoming waves of change that are coming in at lightspeed.

One last note, after returning last week from Mt Shasta in an EXXXTREEEMELY blissful state, after being immersed in sacred energy’s and totally unplugged from technology. It took ONLY 3 days online using this parasitic technology to damage much of the healing to my light body which took place on the mountain, to drain the blissful state. This is a problem I’ve been struggling with for several years, but the devotion to my mission has kept me plugging away as a “keyboard warrior”.

Since experiencing such a dramatic shift in energy after returning home, I’m now being guided to seek like minded people as blog contributors who would like exposure for their work. Currently 2012 The Awakening is averaging anywhere between 3000-10,000 hits a day, the spikes in views hit when a post goes viral at least once a month on ave. If this opportunity resonates with you, please contact me with thoughts, links and/or a sample of your work at { ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com }. Much love to all, Annette


Current Sensitivity Symptoms:

1) LACK OF FEELING PRESENT – A surreal experience of life (Inner and Outer body experiences are not syncing up – you may feel like you’re watching the movie of your life while you’re in it)

2) INNER EARTHQUAKE RELEASES – Deep and intense emotional states which arrive (and often move out) quickly. These are personal and also collective energy releases which are moving through you, clearing out foundational, suppressed energies from inside your body.

3) FEAR AND NEGATIVITY ARE MAGNETIC IN THE COLLECTIVE AT THE MOMENT – Energy is contagious, so choose your focus mindfully and shift toward love and joy as often as possible to keep you balanced.

4) HEALING METHODS WILL CHANGE ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS – Healing/balancing methods to feel (or clear) your fear or pain will differ from moment to moment right now, as personal rules and beliefs around healing are shifting fast, so go with the flow.

5) HIGHER STATES AVAILABLE POST-RELEASES – Higher states are available once you go through the releases, which is why it will be a time to….

6) DREAM BIG, EXECUTE SLOWLY – This is a VERY fertile time for visions for your life, and future creative ideas, but a tricky and slower time for the day-to-day building of foundations for those ideas. Be patient and if building isn’t working, change focus or direction for a while.

7) ISOLATION CAN BE HEALING (UNTIL IT ISN’T) – reach out and connect with others when isolation begins to turn inward on you, as times like these, connection with good and like minded souls helps keep you balanced.

August Recap: In hindsight, Lee nailed ALL the energetic aspects I personally moved thru in August. To say it was an intense month, is an understatement indeed!


August 2016 Energy Update – The Quiet Strength within the Loud Storm

Key Points:

* August will have a Quiet Intensity – you will be most balanced and find an inner strength if you find ways to pull back from the outer intensity.

* Fast releasing of Inner-Shadows – the personal mirror of the collective revealing/releasing of shadows will have the same effect on you – your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

* This speed of change can create disorientation or confusion – this is normal in short phases so let it be. You are just recalibrating and becoming ‘new’.

* Don’t judge yourself for having dips or downward moments – let them be there without judgement and they will pass at rapid speed.

* Notice you are becoming hyper-aware at what does and doesn’t work for you now. You will change patterns based on what you notice.

* If you like following others, or being the empath who lets others lead, that is changing fast. Time for you to experiment with self-leadership! You can’t make a mistake – just choices that you can change if they don’t work the way you thought you might.

Self-care tips:

* If you’re down, don’t get hard on yourself for it. Just let yourself be low for a moment and remind yourself it will pass.

* Isolation can be healing until it isn’t. Balance your alone-time with well chosen community moments with supportive people and environments.

* Develop a practice of doing something good for yourself every day: Exercise, a walk in the garden, meditation, listening to music with eyes closed. A moment where you step out of the world and be with you.

* Set Goals/Intentions – this moves energy in a forward direction.

* Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal – this helps you be present to the blessings in your life, and more aligned with the now and abundant in the future as a result.




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