Astrology for the Soul September 29, 2016

It’s time to bring some order,
And establish some control,
For now I see it’s up to me,
As I have heard the call.

Welcome to the new Moon in Libra this weekend! It sets the tone for the coming month as one of balancing self/other. In this case, with the square to Mars in Capricorn it can be challenging to fulfill all the duties and obligations without it costing your relationship, or fulfilling your partnership and having it cost your business….. Take you pick?

NO WAY! Rather, CREATE! You can do it! What it takes is clarity so you say no at the right time to the right things and say yes at the right time to the right things/people. And how do we get that clarity? The Mercury opposite Chiron suggests that we rely on our spiritual practice/connection, hearing the voice of Spirit loud and clear, surrendering our temporary whims and wishes to the healing, loveing work needed in the situation. Go for it! Injoy!
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Check out for that closing music!


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