Energy Update: Observing, Shifting and Showing ~ Up Lee Harris Energy

Current Sensitivity Symptoms and Energy Themes:

RELATIONSHIP CHANGES/DISAGREEMENTS/CHANGES – People are in major relational fluctuations right now. There are breakdowns and breakthroughs happening, meaning that relationships are being tested, transformed and changed fast and in unexpected ways.

IDENTITY CRISES AND SHIFTS – You and/or those around you will be seeing yourself differently, wondering who you are, where you are, and who you will be next. All of the recent release has created this newness and it is moving strongly across the collective.

OBSERVER STATES – Many of you are now living in a lighter way than ever before much of the time, and observing what is going on for you rather than reacting as strongly as you used to. This is the higher level of consciousness grounding in you and becoming more normal after so much density release and inner healing.

HIGHS AND LOWS – These continue for many sensitives, due to the fast releases individually and collectively. You may experience fast swings between states of releasing your ‘story’ and difficult, old energies/emotions, into an elevation of feeling and ‘being’ in new energy and lightness. It happens fast at the moment so focusing on small, grounded steps will help you to find the middle ground when it seems to be missing from your experience.



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