New Moon ~ October 30, 2016


The new moon will adjust the conscious awareness of those who have done the work to elevate their consciousness through diligent internal work. We need to have been building new systems and structures within to allow the energy to take hold and raise our vibration. If we have not released old thinking and old structures we will be limited in the push to raise the level of conscious awareness with this new moon.

Those who have done the internal work can expect a change in focus, which will bring in more light than ever before. This focus is on the evolution of our soul. This is when the soul is released to function in your conscious awareness and the Ego is pushed back. This new moon is marking the birth of our souls. We will continue to feel the energy flow of the moon like the tides which take the old out to sea and brings the new cleansed and purified to shore.

This moon will advance the souls of those who are ready to evolve beyond our 3 dimensional reality, elevating the souls who have achieved the right connectedness to their hearts. Those who are still connected to ego will suffer greatly. Those who are connected to their hearts will soar.

Only a small fraction of the population has achieved the right connectedness to their hearts at this point, the others will suffer until they go inward and do the work to elevate their soul. It’s happening now and will continue to get more advanced with each moon cycle.  For the many who are not connected to their hearts yet, their souls are forcing them into the dark night of the soul or what I prefer to call ‘The Journey Within.’ The energy is calling to all souls to elevate and the souls will respond by pushing to get out.

In preparation for this new moon, it’s important to get clear on our soul desires because they are about to come flying out. To get clear ask your soul what it desires in meditation, prayer or whatever form of stillness allows you to connect. For some this may be journaling, for others it may be taking a hike in nature, listen to the answers and write them down. Are you aligned with what your soul reveals? Or is there more work to do?

Most of the population doesn’t realize the collective souls are ready to awaken and many are blocking it from happening, this will cause them to go into a dark night of the soul forcing them inward.

Having been through my own journey within, which wasn’t pleasant to say the least, I am sending you all much love and light and a blessed New Moon!




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