The Earth Star Gaia


Conscious Souls upon a conscious planet, Alive and thriving in her celestial majesty.  But a babe amongst Ancients a family of light, stars and planets and galaxies spiralling through the cosmic ocean.  Her star fire heart shines bright at her core, and upon the crust of her shell we dwell. Meat and Matter the vessels for our souls.  We live and die beneath her sky.  As the great wheel of time passes, so to, as all living things do, she grows and evolves beyond human comprehension.

She feels our presence, and is aware of our plight, but for her, her life span, goes far beyond the deep night void of space.  Born of Sol her father spat, into the dark womb of her mother the celestial night.  In the nest she dwells with her kin Mercury, Venus and Mars they spin, weaving trails of light through the dark sky.  Her elder kin dwell on the darkest edge, like teenagers exploring life beyond the home and crib, ready to mature into their resplendent glory, to ignite and shine their light as their divine Birth Right. Each unique like the trees in the woods, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.  Old gods, but so young in this magnificent play of stars and light and love for the day, when a new dawn will herald a new age for us all, we bid her farewell and depart with strong hearts.  Oh joy and sweet tears we cry in the night, once home, now shines, as star light star bright.


The Earth Star Gaia


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