Astrology for the Soul December 7, 2016 ~ Kaypacha Lescher

If, by chance, I lose my way,
But sincerely desire to grow,
Spirit will surely bring to me,
Brothers and sisters who know.

The Gemini Full Moon Tuesday, and indeed Mars and Venus in Aquarius all week portends networking with new friends to build future dreams. What I didn’t mention in the report is that this is accomplished by getting over some of our judgements about ourselves and others. It is so easy to approach relationships from either a place of superiority or inferiority! Both of those get in the way of truly connecting with another person. This is a good time to watch yourself and see just how quick you are forming opinions of other people (and yourself) and make efforts to suspend some of your conclusions until further information is gathered (Gemini Moon). Perhaps it will take years haha!

The astrology of 2017 points to a real 52 card pickup game where all the cards get flipped up into the air. If we can enjoy the game and not seek to pull them down to soon and create a “false order” we will see the design that Spirit has in store for us. Long, deep, breathing, patience, and remaining calm through the chaos will reveal deep mystery to us. May you relish every moment of your unfolding through these tumultuous times!


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