Astrology for the Soul February 1, 2017

My freedom lies not in correcting what’s wrong,
But like the rooster announcing the approaching dawn,
Awaking the world with my new Spirit Song.

Alright! Enough of the defense, it’s time for the offense! Call in the Aries! The trick will be to not be distracted or intimidated by some of the crazy Aries energy that is going to be flying around this week and stay focused enough on launching your own missiles haha!

As foretold long ago, this is gonna be a wild and crazy year so don’t be looking for the roller coaster to stop…. uh uh. Rather pick up the pace, aim high, and fire! While some others may still be wondering or groping around in the dark you can be the lit torch showing the way up, out, and beyond.

The best use of Aries is to start the new paradigm with new thinking, new friends, new jobs, and new visions, so go for it! Pura Vida!


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