When The Waves Of Energy End Relationships ~ in5d

Note: After seven years of celibacy and healing thru spiritual self-discipline, I met my primary soul-mate in August last year at the SSP conference in Mt Shasta. After five months, we’re suddenly going in different directions. A week ago, I didn’t even see this coming…

That said, we’re under powerfully transformative energy’s. So whatever you’re experiencing try to move thru it from your heart, in a sacred neutral space of loving forgiveness. Even though we find ourselves navigating through the most challenging times yet, overcoming these challenges and the chaos surfacing around us is  what we we were born for. BE strong, pray, meditate, do your soul contract revocations and get out in nature to find healing. Most of all, LOVE YOURSELF. It’s a great time for heavy duty pampering, to find our passion and get out there and do what we love! .Blessings, {~A~}


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I’ve noticed a lot of people having relationship issues, myself included. I recently went through a breakup and it’s never easy. For whatever reasons, many other people are also going through this and much of it can be attributed to the incoming waves of energy.
While the majority of these incoming waves are bringing transformational energy, some are also bringing turbulence which may reveal underlying issues within any given relationship. In some cases, they may magnify or accentuate these differences to the point of no return.


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