The Deep State’s Dramatic Emergence Is Proof Our Elections Mean Nothing ~ Truthstream Media

Ed. Note: Dire warning from former Congressman Dennis Kucinich on the CIA/NSA attempts to take down the Trump presidency and bring America back into the Cold War. We’re in unprecedented waters and at a very critical crossroads.  Kucinich exposes nefarious and dangerous mechanizations with an unprecedented situation where the Deep State is literally at war with the Presidency, and the MSM are the weapons of mass destruction.

When the CIA/NSA reports blatant lies (nothing new really) which the public beLIEves, that’s called a psychological operation of mass mind control – as the deep state attempts to bring on another Cold War, the pysops have become dangerous to the safety of America, and the world. Currently, the disinformation problem is so critical it’s virtually impossible to know exactly what’s going on in DC – this is something to observe, pay attention and not ignore. Nothing in DC is EVER as it seems, we’re not out of hot water yet.

Listen up my friends – this is SERIOUSLY DISTURBING. Unless we can find a way to take down the CIA/NSA in a way that exposes their control over mass media, I don’t see a solution at a hand except to imagine, visualize and pray for the Highest Possible outcome for all of humanity.

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