Winged Starseeds (The Bird Tribes) ~ Magenta Pixie

Ed. Note: Magenta Pixie’s narrative in this video TOTALLY RESONATES and I can honestly affirm everything she delivers in this message. In late 2013, much to my surprise – I “got my wings” I could see and feel them in my Light Body; and I eventually learned to fly the ethers with members of the Bird Tribes. Throughout 2014-2015, while not completely understanding what was unfolding – I was continually on the initiation path, building and fortifying my own personal reality bubble. Birds surrounded me where ever I went.

Pigeons and doves eating from my hand on the beaches. Baby Love, my companion Diamond Dove and I, had a flock of at least 100 Ringed Neck Doves, Rock Doves, Brazilian Cardinals and Pigeons that visited us for feedings in our yard daily. The Chicken Clans and the mystical Rooster’s were always present in my field providing affirmation and guidance. In reverence and prayer, I laid many Roosters to rest in the brush after they’d been hit by cars, blessing them on their journey into the Underworld – oddly enough, I always found them when their bodies were still warm. Also during this time of initiation, I rescued and healed many birds that came into my field. In the last two years I’ve hand raised a Rooster, Hen and Ringed Neck Dove. And rescued and released a couple Rock Doves and an Egret, all injured or fallen from their nest.

Just before I left Kauai in 2015, the Bird Tribes were always present in the skies, and this was also the time the Blue Avian message was being delivered by Corey Goode and it became clear to me something of a Divine Nature was unfolding between the BA’s and the Winged Starseeds. I began to see and gain a basic understanding of the metaphor at hand, that many of us were going thru our initiation’s and are being welcomed back into the Bird Tribes.

Thank you Magenta Pixie for affirming the understanding of my personal experience and connection to the White Winged Collective, and the Mission of our soul family group. Much love, Annette


Who are the Winged Starseeds? Who are the Bird Tribes? The Starseeds through mapping or incarnation carry the codes from multiple realities, worlds and timelines holding the very keys to consciousness itself within their DNA. 2017, year of the Phoenix Rising. The Magikal Phoenix of transformation and change rises once again, regenerated, reborn and renewed as you step into the awareness of the Bird Tribes.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick. Music by Kevin Macleod. Media c/o freeimages and motionbackgroundsforfree

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