Eric Raines ~ Energy update 2/21/2017

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Timeline anomalies and incursions are being actively reversed and smoothed out as much as possible energetically, and as far as I know this is a brand new development as of 3 days ago. There were specific levels of frequency needed to be reached, energetic and physical technology that needed to be dismantled/shut down, and a definitive level of collective consciousness light quotient needed in order to begin moving past the energetic barriers and planetary hostage situations to begin even doing this work.

This is not a simple process and timeline anomalies will increase as the re-integration becomes more and more obvious. Already many across the world are fascinated by the Mandela Effect anomaly, so many are actively paying attention to these shifts. Expect some rather drastic ones to begin surfacing that start making their way to the majority of the programmed collective consciousness and begin shaking the foundations of what many believe to be true.

Already many have noticed the tactile temporal anomalies such as checking a clock after what feels like 10 minutes to see only a minute has gone by, and vice versa with what feels like only a half hour and the day is suddenly gone. Already many have noticed that the day seems much shorter than it used to. This is a combination of the dark forces trying to spin the time-cycle shorter in on itself to gain themselves more “time”, and the merging of timelines as the collective consciousness picks up speed toward the ascension and activation energies.

This process will continue until complete integration, in what many are calling the Event.

The darkness is reacting like a cornered animal and is looking for any excuse to push its way in. Never before has the powers that were and their systems of control been taxed to this level, and they are desperately seeking any source of food, be it Loosh energy, money, power, influence, and domination on all levels of their playing field.

This is the Armageddon spoken of throughout history. This is the Apocalypse, the Great Unveiling. They have spun history and prophecy into a twisted version of the truth, and so many face this point in time, this moment of NOW with fear. This is not the end for us. This is the end for them. This is our BEGINNING. They had to tell you the truth. They had to tell you that they were going to end up watching the destruction of everything they know and use to survive, so they did, to keep up with the Laws of Free Will which they bend to keep us in this prison. But they are the masters of deceit and illusion, so they told you that it was our ending.

Crystalline tones of healing are sweeping the planet, and the attacks are becoming much worse on the lightworkers on the surface, but strangely enough, they have no where near the effect that they did. These dulcet tones of healing energy can be activated by anyone by reaching for a pure, heart centered smile that radiates out the body, enveloping their reality in love and compassion. What returns back is beautiful and absolutely transformative.

The higher self collective consciousness is activating. More and more are stepping into Unity consciousness with the integration of body and the aspect that is projecting into the body, or the higher self/angelic aspect.

Let go. Relax. Breathe big, deep belly breaths. Breathe in the brilliance of the sun, exhale what does not serve you. We are entering the beginning phases of streamlining, where the evil pervading humanity for time immemorial will be pulled up to the surface for all to see and witness.

Be a conduit. Streamline the process within yourself. Take time for you. Go read a book. Go walk barefoot in the grass. Go draw a picture. Let yourself take a break. Your job dear light bringer, is to shine. If you do not take time for you to care for you, your light begins to dim. Do not stress about not being strong enough or not relevant enough with what you are doing to help the shift. Feed these thoughts and feelings into the Golden Fire within you, and radiate your love and light to the world. See the world free of this darkness, integrated back together as a community filled with hope, dreams, vision, and absolute majesty.

Focus on what is important. What do you wish to see this world become? What do you know it truly can be?

We are getting so close. The eye of the needle has no room for baggage, and it is up to us whether or not the process if comfortable or if we get knocked around a bit, and we ARE headed for the eye of the needle. As we get closer, the inner work will begin to push its way further and further up to the surface. Do not wait for it to show, begin to work on what you already know needs doing within you, and streamline yourself to let go of the darkness to make this process not only comfortable, but exhilarating in a way most do not yet understand.

We definitely live in interesting times 😀




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