*Large Avalanche Warning*/Sierra Nevadas | RARE Storm to Impact Oregon/WA! ~ MrMBB333

Note: As we moved into March there were countless warnings of damns collapsing in Northern California, the situation appeared dire. Fortunately the damns held and nothing happened. I suspect the reason why may be that many Earth Keepers were praying for a positive outcome.

So lets all take action for the Sierra snow-pack and visualize the safety of all lifeforms thru this next passage of severe weather and heavy snow-melt. Blessings, {~A~}


APRIL 7. 2017: *Breaking* | A NEW “Large Avalanche Warning” has been issued for the Sierra Nevadas just south of Oroville down to Ebbetts. The NWS out of Reno is calling this a “dangerous situation” and are expecting large avalanches.
ALSO, coming out of Oregon, they too are under a weather warning looking at power outages today, heavy rains, high winds and hail due to a VERY RARE storm, what scientists are calling “a unique, first time event”! This is a extraordinary low pressure for April, literally saying it is the FIRST of its kind for the area. Links Below…
https://watchers.news/2017/04/07/unus… (Oregon Storm)

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