Long-Overdue BLOG UPDATE: Organizing 2017 Conferences, Donations for Car Repairs and Fighting CENSORSHIP by SUPPORTING INDEPENDENT MEDIA

I want to express HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO EVERYONE who has ever donated in support of this blog – your patronage OVER THE LAST SEVEN YEARS has made a HUGE difference and I can’t THANK-YOU enough!! Soo much LOVE and GRATITUDE…MAHALO NUI



Aloha, hi Everyone!

Well, I know it’s been a long time since the last up-date and apologize for the silence on my end but, the in last 6-7 months since attending the SSP conference in Mt Shasta last August, my entire life shifted in upward in momentum so quickly I moved beyond light-speed! Please accept my apology for the lack of updates, much of what I’ve been working on behind the scenes has been kept quiet in an attempt to avoid interference and manipulation.

Did it work, nope. Got hit really hard in January and February with attacks from the archonic grid, to many details to cover here. But, here’s a short recap…

In September 2016 I secured an investor, who was also a very good friend who was interested in investing in organizing conferences. So last November, three friends I had met in Mt Shasta, journeyed to the big island for several weeks to help with the initial planning phase and to set intentions for a successful 2017 launch. From October thru January 2017,  much time was spent working diligently behind the scenes, quietly organizing a Mt Shasta summer solstice conference featuring Corey Goode, Andrew Bartzis, Laura Eisenhower, James Gililland, Eric Raines and Meg Benedicte.

By mid-January my investors wife was laid-off from her job and his mother had been hospitalized in long term care since November – expenses which he was paying for out-of-pocket. At that point, he had to pull-back from any kind of monetary investment in conferences.

We also had a second conference scheduled for Kauai on Nov 11,  which was dependent on a successful Mt Shasta conference for funding. Unfortunately, by mid-February we were forced to cancel the Mt Shasta event due to extra-ordinarily high levels of snow-pack which are likely to cause problems with flash-flooding, mud and snow at the Methodist campsite in mid-June. Since the Kauai conference relied on funding derived from the conference in June, it was also canceled.

We tried to re-schedule the solstice conference, but ran into problems re-booking the original speakers due to previous commitments. Needless to say, canceling the Mt Shasta event was a very difficult and disappointing  decision to make, one which also seriously affected projected earnings this year. As well as the opportunity to establish a career in the conference & event industry.

These events were a way to secure income well into the future, so I could continue blogging without having to pander for donations. Pffft! Oh well…

Since last summer, my time has been split between organizing the conference, blogging and trying to make ends meet – the last six months have been EXTREMELY difficult financially.  While attempting to establish additional income thru conferences, my time available for research has been seriously affected and minimized. That said, I’ve been very reluctant to ask for donations since the volume of posts hasn’t been what it used to be when I was able to research on a full-time basis.




In addition to time constraint factors, many blog’s and YouTube channels have either shut-down, or have dramatically reduced the number of posts due to Google and YouTube censorship.  In the last two weeks alone, the number of daily notifications from youtube have dropped by 50% or more; and the number of posts have been in decline since early last year – making the search for useful, relevant information quite tricky at times.

Additionally, many news pieces are being recycled by other bloggers, am filtering those out and doing my very best to stay abreast of news that’s truly relevant to full disclosure, earth changes, psychic defense, healing and spiritual growth. Over the last few months I’ve had to re-direct my efforts and am doing my best to provide quality-over-quantity, and sincerely apologize to subscribers who pulled back monthly financial support after these unexpected-unforeseen changes.


In addition to the above, like everyone else this is an “energetically challenging” passage filled with intense activations, upgrades and initiations that require integration time away from the computer in prayer, meditation, ceremony and time outside in Nature balancing the energy’s. Have also been working energetically locally with people in the community to help raise conscious awareness. All volunteer work.

After 7+ years basically publishing full-time in isolation, while experiencing a powerful light body activation in 2012, has meant learning to get serious about walking the Sacred path of a Shaman. Which requires getting serious about unplugging from technology, laying down the sword of the keyboard warrior and getting my boots firmly on the ground in the local community. That said, it’s taken a long time to face my own addiction to technology and am now finding balance in my daily routine.

In addition to blogging, since attending the SSP conference last August I’ve also been working in support of the Full Disclosure Now movement. Later this year it appears I may have opportunity’s to get involved with income opportunity’s with their event management team.

My professional background is in the concert/event/music industry, at this I’m also seeking investor/s for the 2018 conference year and am looking for sponsor/s to support this work.

Also, I recently joined-up with Andrew Bartzis’ as a host for up-coming shows, which will provide a small income stream to help make ends meet. So atm, I’m seeking part time income opportunity’s simply to keep a roof over my head – which takes time away from blogging.


It’s difficult enough surviving, without getting hit with car problems. Last weekend my car broke down, requiring approx $500 for repairs. Including $120 holiday towing fee on Easter Sunday, which I had to borrow from a friend to get my car off the side of the road to the mechanic. Naturally, car problems hit when the internet, propane and electric bill are over-due. Among other things, the kitten I rescued in February needs shots & neutering before he starts spraying and it’s time to buy dog food again. Pffft! Seems like everything hits all at once in a perfect storm.



I’ve been trying to get this post out all week, but wanted to add a Patreon option for people who want to set up monthly donations, or for those don’t like using paypal. But, had no idea what I was getting into there. Am in the process of finalizing my Creator Page and am still trying to figure out how to embed a link to Patreon from here. Here’s the link to my page:


Tier 1,2,3 Patrons receive a monthly Intuitive Session/Consultation. For details please Email me at { ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com ] or send me a PM on FB.



Meanwhile, I SERIOUSLY need some help right now raising survival funds and to get my car out of the shop this week. As of 2017, “2012 The Awakening” has been going strong for seven years, with little, to no income derived from donations. For various reasons, many people working the Independent Media are having a very difficult time right now surviving financially. So much so, many publishers and video creators are giving up publishing in search of a real job. In the 14yrs I’ve been researching, I’ve never seen Truther’s such dire shape.

Google and YouTube censorship is hitting people hard, practically everyone is BEGGING for donations now – which can be overwhelming if you’re on a budget and truly desire to be of assistance. May I suggest pledging $1, $5 or $10 month or whatever you can comfortably afford, to your top 5-10 favorite publishers.  That said, it’s VITALLY important that users of independent media REALLY step-it up now by supporting your favorite publishers. 

If you’re a long time reader who’s found value here and has never donated, if you really want to make a difference in someone’s life – now is an excellent time to make a pledge in exchange-for-value-received, thank you! ❤ 🙂

Once again, thank you from the bottom-of-my-heart to everyone who’s ever donated to support this body of work, my gratitude is undying. Every dime has made a huge difference, mahalo nui!

Much love to all, In La Kech

Annette O’Toole



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