BLOG UPDATE: Gratitude to donors…Still meeting goal for car repairs, pet care, etc

Aloha! Hi Everyone,

Quick update…BIG THANK-YOU to  Teresa, Valerie and Daniela for your recent donations, especially to Kathryn, Ines, Richard and Otto who answered the “call for help” to help with car repairs, vet bill, dog food, utility bills and survival expenses (gas, food etc). With your generous assistance I’ve raised almost $200 (of $700 goal) and am still approx $400 short of meeting my goal to pay for car repairs, towing, dog food etc.


Times must be tough, with only four people responding, this is the slowest response in 7yrs to a call for help. So I’m sending out a second call….

Also, if you know of legitimate online money making opportunity’s, or have work here on the big island I’m all ears!

In case you missed my recent Blog Update, here’s a link to the post which includes behind the scenes efforts over the last 6-7 months to establish income from organizing conferences, along with some other opportunity’s appearing on the horizon online and within my local community.


I’ve also created a Patreon acct. and am seeking sponsors to assist with monthly pledges to help support this body of work. ‘2012 The Awakening’ has been a seven year commitment, culminating in over 13,000 archived posts from 2010-2017.  ATM I’m currently offering several levels of  rewards for monthly pledges and am looking to offer more rewards & creations to readers as time progresses; and, am seeking creative input with Patreon. ALWAYS feel free to offer suggestions, your patronage and support are greatly appreciated!

Once again, I’d like to take this opportunity to express HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO EVERYONE who has ever donated in support of this blog – your patronage OVER THE LAST SEVEN YEARS has made a HUGE difference and I can’t THANK-YOU enough!!


Blessings, Love, Light and sooo much GRATITUDE to everyone, for your support…

Annette O’Toole aka AscendingStarseed

Email: { ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com }

Follow my work on FB:  (ps..several months ago I found a nest of 30 watchers on my friend list who can’t be blocked, deleted or unfriended. As a result,  I’m no longer accepting friend requests from people I don’t personally know or haven’t been referred by a personal friend. Please hit follow, ty)



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