Merlin ‘Bard of enchantment’ by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


I Merlin ‘bard of enchantment’ come to introduce you to the magic that you have forgotten, the magic of transforming all into beauty, into love, into golden eggs, apples and opportunities. I come forth to instill the memory of how you can turn the ‘lead of your life into a golden opportunity’. You all have the instinctive ability to transform through a thought, through a word, or a touch. You have the skill to move past time and space and by-pass the speed of light waving at the speed of fractal sound.

Like a cosmic James Dean you ride the wind embracing the power of the elements of Earth. You stand at an crossroads of illumination and humility waiting for divine instructions. Like the very blueprint of life, all that you seek lives within the being that you are. Its time to come forth fully into your authentic self and stop hiding in the basements and excuses of the past, or in a white room with black curtains.

Shift the magical elements of you into every facet of your life. For all is interconnected like gossamer threads.  You cannot separate yourself from what you are creating and what is creating you. For every inch of you, every hair, every thought, every iota creates continually with or without your permission. Creation stops for no one.

See every situation, as an opportunity to express your true light and beauty. You have forgotten your true Magic. The part of you that can open inter-dimensional doorways just as good as Harry Potter can. Doorways that are seemingly boarded and bricked shut in your world in your body in your mind. I come to remove what you once knew yourself to be. You wear these heavy earthen-vessels life after life– and still you do not support them with your love.


Time after time you push your humanness away wanting to become pure light, again! These bodies have always served you well. Look closely at your skin for it sparkles with delight at having form. Look closely at the color of your eyes for they hold a new striation of other worldly color. Look at your thoughts and words how empowered they have become. All of these earth elements make up you. You are a body of earth. You are a body of light. You are a body of heaven. Treat yourself magically. I leave you with a vast enchantment in your heart. This Magic comes from places you can only imagine. Some of it comes from you in the future, sending to you in the now! What is destined to come undone and what is destined to come walks hand in hand. I Merlin ‘bard of enchantment’ now leave.


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