The Dissolution of the Process of the Veils (Solstice Stargate 2017) ~ Magenta Pixie

Ed. Note: There’s a very important message here for Starseeds about the true meaning of the “deep state” and the confusion arising around the intentions of perceived ‘leaders’. It’s time we get off our knees Starseeds, we are true leaders.

Starseeds are not followers.

A true Starseed stands alone in their individual Leadership power as a Living Example of Source Light, because they’ve broken away from ‘group’ dynamics which fall prey to ‘deep state infiltration’ and Savior programming.

It’s time we get off our knees to stand in our individual power as leaders in our own community’s and soul family groups, and stop seeking guidance from false spiritual prophets and those with dirty spiritual hygiene who haven’t done their own inner-work. Yet they profess to be spiritual guru’s?

GURU = Gee You Are You

At this time of Soul-stice all masks are falling so that all hidden truths may be revealed by those in the public eye.

We can never know who someone is until we’ve spent close personal contact with them for 18mo’s or longer, that is a cold hard fact. People we idolize get up in the morning and put their pants on just as the rest of do, they are far from perfect and can usually barely lead themselves. Most need very deep healing and are not worthy of idolatry and worship.

The key to ascension is learning to go within to access your own personal truth which aligns with your soul, and your unique reality bubble. Not what and who everyone else is ‘following’, for we are all very unique multi-dimensional BEings with our own soul matrix and soul history.

Starseeds are First Contact – WE EMBODY Full Disclosure, it is not something down the road we wait for to happen – that my friends, is a soul harvesting endeavor and a distraction away from our own personal Divinity path.

Looking outward to others for truth, ALWAYS leads you in circles chasing your tail – this is something I’ve learned the hard way.

The earthly realm is not what it appears to be from outward appearances, the only way to discover the truth about this reality is by going within to access and be your own personal, inner guide. Namaste, so much love ❤


Do all you can to prevent the turning of man against man, and do all that you can to reunite the brothers and the sisters of the world.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick using royalty free media.

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