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Aloha! Hi everyone,

First, let me thank everyone for the overwhelming support after my interview with Dark Journalist aired last month, the response was absolutely incredible and far surpassed anything I anticipated or could have imagined. Enough donations came in to help keep my head above water for the month of July. I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support, heart felt gratitude to ALL!

Here’s where things are at and why publishing posts has virtually come to a temporary standstill. For the first time in seven years since I’ve been blogging, my back is seriously up against the wall financially. I’ve been looking for work and the only thing I’ve found so far is a jop working 3hrs a week for an elderly lady who needs help around the house, at minimum wage.

The last couple months have mostly been very stressful, jumping thru hoops for financial assistance, going to doctors, looking for work and recovering major dental work over the last two weeks. Feeling better now, but it was a rough time – I never well with mouth trauma.

Fortunately I qualified for food stamps, so I have food. But, I was denied financial aid to cover living expenses and incidentals. Even tho I have Hepatitis C and other issues which should qualify for partial disability status, the state still denied to help with financial aid.  If I were a drug addict, 59yrs old or seriously ill I could get assistance.  Makes no sense.

That said, I have great news!! Thankfully last week I was contacted by someone who saw my interview, who’s also fairly well known for his work in ancient study’s and is highly respected for his work.  He’s offered to donate $2000 to help me get back into event planning, and I’ve also decided to undertake producing webinars as well. The money is being donated for venue deposits, speaker deposits, marketing and advertising.  I have approximately 2-3 months of pre-planning, strategizing, finding an assistant and learning how to run the webinar programs before I can realistically expect to begin generating income.

If you missed my interview with Dark Journalists, it covered my background in event production and how my first conference was hijacked by Corey Goode and his manager Roger Ramsaur. I spent close to six months planning so I could get on my feet financially and organize events – and no thanks to them – now I’m scraping at the bottom of the barrel for my survival. Here’s the interview and background information on how I found myself in dire straits this summer.  

At this time I have plans for at least one webinar to air before the end of 2017, possibly two. Then I’m looking at a 5-7 day healing retreat in Hawaii during Feb/March and an exciting 3-day conference for starseeds over the Lion’s Gate passage in Mt Shasta in August 2018. Those are for sure, and am looking at a couple other possibility’s for major events and more exciting webinars next year as well.

But, I have one big problem, aside from less than $100mo from the lady I’m working for 3hrs a week, there’s no income to survive on until monies from the first webinar is generated. As of today I have less than $50 to survive on. Last week my landlord informed me that my work-trade situation for rent is ending, he has someone willing to pay $700 a month for the house. But, will let me stay if I can pay $500 and commit to 20hrs of work a month. Electric and internet bills are past due, and today the check engine light came on in my car. pffft!

I also have two dogs and cat to care for. The newest member of the family is a 1yr old Black Lab I rescued on July 23rd who came from a neglectful owner, he was so hungry his ribs were showing and I couldn’t say no to this amazing dog. His name is Mana Kula and he’s a big ole sweetheart. Precious loves him, he loves her and they play like crazy dogs. Coco, the black cat I rescued earlier this year has finally accepted him. And aside from a few growls, hisses and batting his clawed-paws occasionally when Mana gets overbearing, they’re getting along terrifically now!

These pics were taken about 4 days after I brought him home, the second one shows how skinny he was, but at that point he had gained some weight in the few days after he arrived.



Precious and Mana




Anyway,  at this stage I’m looking for ways to raise funds for the next couple of months while I’m getting set up for business so I can keep a roof over my head, pay for living expenses and keep internet going – hopefully any repairs that may arise will be low.

So I’m calling out for Sponsors over the next three months and am going to build a Wall of Fame page here on the blog for everyone who offers financial assistance by Sponsoring $50 or more to support this work. In addition to the Wall of Fame, I’m also offering rewards. Here’s how it works:

Sponsors – In addition to your name on the Wall of Fame:
$50 a month from August thru October – You receive free admission to all future webinars and one VIP pass for the conference of your choosing.
$100 a month, or more from August thru October – You receive a free VIP pass to all future conferences and webinars.
One time donations:
$50 Wall of Fame and two passes to future webinars
$100 Wall of Fame, three passes to webinars and %50 off all future events.
$200 Wall of Fame, free admission to future webinars and %50 discount on all future events.
$300 or more gets your name on the Wall of Fame, free ticket to all future webinars and VIP passes to future events

You can make your pledge to sponsor this work here at the paypal button in the upper right hand corner, you will be given options for recurrent payments and also there’s a box provided to send me a note if you wish to remain anonymous, or have anything else you wish to share. You can also go to my Patreon page at and sign up there. 

Please note, after three months you will have to unsubscribe from your sponsorship to prevent further charges to your account, I don’t believe paypal or patreon offer a limited sponsorship option. If you forget, please contact me at the email below so I can refund the charges. 

Monies derived from sponsors will go to paying living, pet and car expenses which add up to approx. $1000mo. Any money received  over that amount will be invested into the business to help with funding for deposits, webinar services, advertising, marketing etc. 

In regards to blog publishing,  depending on time and constraints I will always be publishing in some capacity to keep readers informed on things that matter. Currently I have real concerns about the roll-out of the 5G network and the reality of trans-humanism is happening NOW – AI is literally on your doorstep. 

Also, we’re facing what appears to be the rapid onset of extreme climate change, leading to a mini-ice age in the next 3-7yrs.  If the data I’ve been observing is correct, by 2019 the weather is expected to literally spiral control causing global crop failures and infra-stucture collapse. Long time readers know Earth changes have been featured story’s here since the beginning, what I’m seeing now has me very concerned for the near future. 

So these are the directions I’ll will be focusing on for the blog as much as I possibly can while building the foundation for webinars and events over the next 2-3 months. But, until I get on my feet and have an assistant, my focus will be on creating income thru event management and I’ll do my best to publish whenever possible. It took four hours to review the material, publish 4 posts and drop the links on FB the other day, publishing work is time consuming and right now it’s imperative I do everything possible to create income because there are no jobs available here. I have no choice but to believe in myself and the support of the community in stepping forward on a greater path of Service moving forward. 

It’s a miracle that a $2000 Sponsor appeared last week offering to help when it was needed most. So I’m praying for another miracle with additional sponsors to help bridge the financial gap until income is created. Any assistance will be deeply appreciated from the bottom of my heart.  

Thank you to everyone who has ever answered the call to donate money in the past  , your thoughtful nature, kindness and generosity is deeply appreciated> I am eternally grateful for everyone who’s helped keep this blog alive with your financial support. compassion and love. Mahalo nui!

Blessings to all and have a magical week! 

Much love and gratitude,


Email: { ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com }



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