Is Brazil bracing for the next huge storm? Water disappears from beaches in Guaratuba, Brazil

Scientists say, the ocean receding phenomenon is due to a huge storm sucking up the waters, building up the storm surge.

This is however the fourth time that such an anomalous tidal effect is recorded along the Atlantic coast of Brazil and prior of Uruguay. And I doubt that each time a giant hurricane the power of Irma was the cause. I haven’t heard of any. So what’s going on along the Atlantic’s South American coast?

Water disappears from beaches in Guaratuba, Brazil on September 21 2017

The Atlantic water receding phenomenon started in August 2017 in Uruguay, than in Brazil.


The anomalous tidal phenomenon is not understood in Brazil yet.

Beginning of Sept. 2017, the sea water disappeared in the Bahamas. The building up of Irma’s storm surge was most probably responsible for the water receding in the Bahamas:

water-disappears-brazil-september-2017-5Nobody knows why the water disappears along the Atlantic coast of South America.

Now, the pictures and the video in this article clearly show that the water has started receding again along the beaches of Guaratuba, Brazil.

water-disappears-brazil-september-2017-2In the Bahamas, the water disappearance was linked to Hurricane Irma.

But there are no giant storms off the coast. There is nothing sucking up the water. There is no reason or a tsunami. So why is the water disappearing mysteriously? Where is it all going?

water-disappears-brazil-september-2017-4But giant ofshore storms cannot explain the water receding in Brazil since there were no such storms.

It seems that something else, another mysterious ocean phenomenon, is playing a major role in Southern America.

I am not enough qualified to determine the exact process that is going one there. But fact is: the water is disappearing along the Atlantic coast of South America and nobody can explain why!


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