Andrew Bartzis – Age of Resolution Pt3 – Human Weather Technology – Sean Bond

Ed Note: Over the last few years there’s been a loud discussion about man-made weather warfare on the alternative media, which in my pov is heavily based in creating fear, uncertainty, anger and doubt.  What most people are unaware of is that weather systems are also controlled and influenced from esoteric realms, where there’s much more going on than most humans can perceive. Additionally, humans are the living cells on the Earth Mother’s body, therefore human consciousness has a direct affect on weather. So, is it any conicidence that at a time of great conscious awakening in humanity, that weather systems are spiraling out of control when great masses of people are waking up angry and confused at the state of the global reality?

The “Age of Resolution” series from Andrew Bartzis covers the purposes and reasons for weather manipulation from the ‘unseen world’.

Click here for  Andrew Bartzis & Andre Hodge ~ Age of Resolution: Pt 1 “Weather and Hurricanes Purpose Now” & Pt 2 “Historical Weather Events and Hurricanes Purpose Now”

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