PLANES STOP IN MID-AIR (RE-UPLOAD) WHAT THE FLUX? Quantum Time Hovering? Mandela Effect? July 2017


Note: This lady’s doing some interesting video’s. I like her work. Apparently a lot of people have seen this phenomenon, even one individual in this video is a passenger on a plane that stops moving.

Interesting times indeed…

If you see a plane in the sky going backwards or stopped, GET VIDEO OF IT immediately! I experienced this strange phenomenon myself in late April of 2017, and it’s SO SURREAL that I almost didn’t capture it on camera because I couldn’t believe my own eyes–I spent several minutes telling myself it was just an illusion before I finally got out my phone & caught the “tail end” (pun intended lolol) of it. Luckily, the stationary plane was still in the same place in the sky, although unluckily, the vehicle I was began moving again (in the opposite direction the plane was facing), so MY footage is not-so-great. I estimate I saw it hovering there between 3-8 minutes before I took video. It even seemed to be going backwards at times. It’s a REAL MINDFLUX to witness such a thing first-hand, so if you happen across such an opportunity, Remember one of these helpful rhymes: “DON’T DELAY, VIDEO THAT PLANE!” “DON’T BE SLOW, FILM IT, YO!” For Canadians, or when in Canada: “FORGET “ABOOT” IT, POINT & SHOOT IT!”


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