Andrew Bartzis – Regions of Our World Pt1 – West Coast Nt America, Pyramids, Grid Lines Sacred Space



Welcome to my Adventures Into Reality Show November 07, 2017! I am excited to present to you our Tuesday show created to enhance your knowledge and understanding of Regions of Our World. This is Part1 – West Coast, North America, Pyramids, Grid Lines, and Sacred Space. I hope you truly make the most of this teaching and get a deeper understanding of the world around you.

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Andrew Bartzis Shows in this broadcast; Andrew Bartzis with JayP – Grid Work 1 – Hartmann, Curry and Ley Lines

Andrew Bartzis – Regions of Our World Pt1 – West Coast of North America, Mountains, Pyramids

Andrew Bartzis – Sacred Space

Acknowledgements: Andre Hodge:


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