Food Riots Sudan. Snowmageddon in Switzerland & 200 Year Floods France Again (508) ~ Adapt2030



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As predicted in the grand solar minimum there will be food shortages. The forecast was for the shortages to begin in more impoverished nations as these areas people spend up to 50% of their wages on food. Even slight increases will have an effect, now in Sudan protesters killed over high grain and bread prices. France sees its second once in a 200 year flood in 2 years, Swiss snowmageddon as 13K+ tourists are trapped in 9 feet of snow. We are indeed repeating patterns. New type of cloud classifies geoengineering as a cloud type. Look up.

Food Riots in Sudan…

Snow records broken across Erie Pennsylvania, final totals…

Clouds are classified, Aerosol Geoengineering has its own classification…

Tourists trapped at Ski resort in Swiss Alps , too much snow.………

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