Sea Currents Change Near Japan, Tokyo Shivers in Mini Ice Age Repeat (520) ~ Adapt 2030



South China Morning Post came out with an article explaining that sea currents have changed slightly around Japan and this is driving the coldest temperatures in 50 years and record snow across the islands. Interestingly these changes are what is expected to occur during the new Mini Ice Age. More signs that we are repeating cycles. More volcanic eruptions, more sea ice coverage and more cosmic rays. The worlds media is now finding any excuse to explain the changes because these events are now in the open for all to see.

Asia Temps…

OZ Politic Bobby Moderator… S

ea current course change could mean worse weather for Japan…

Nullschool Ocean Currents Around Japan……

Claim: Climate Change Made the US Deep Freeze Warmer…

Ice clogs the Hudson as scientists admit the recent brutal cold snap was a ‘freak of nature’ and NOTHING to do with global warming…

Tokyo records lowest temperature in 48 years, prompting rare warning from weather agency…………………

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