Bob Kudla Trade Genius Academy: Global Crop Losses & Crypto MIAC #42 ~ Adapt 2030



In Episode #42 of Mini Ice Age Conversations, Bob Kudla from Trade Genius Academy and David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 Discuss:

*Crop Losses in Feb-March 2018

*Grain Price increases

*Global food price rises

*Run up in Cryptocurrency later in 2018

*Smart Contracts / Secret Contracts on Enigma

*Cryptocurrency elimination of central bank and SWIFT control

*Forecast for intensification of the Grand Solar Minimum

*What are the concerns in USA about food security

*Where millennial’s are investing their money: Cryptocurrency and marijuana stocks *Gold, silver, natural gas & grains projections into 2019

*Where planting will be delayed in USA

*Power grids during extreme cold in future winters

*Southern Hemisphere Expected coldest winter on record if cycles repeat

*Northern Hemisphere Crop losses


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