My purpose as a Starseed is to help others awaken to their own Divine potential , to raise awareness about enormous metaphysical and geological earth changes unfolding at this time and to assist people in remembering why we have all chosen to experience this truly amazing time to be alive. Albeit stressful as it can be sometimes, we’re here to learn compassion, empathy and that we are all interconnected to each other through the collective group mind and Spirit intertwined within our Consciousness.

Our true purpose here is to live in service to the Creation, living our life in service to each other. It means living by the Golden Rule which is simply treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Living without hate, judgment, negativity or fear and to maintain an energetic state of love. We must also work at remembering who we are, it’s healing past wounds and learning how our life now relates to past lifetimes and the lessons we’re here to learn in this life. Those are goals of a spiritually grounded and pure life.

We are all Co-Creators in this reality, thought creates therefore nothing is fixed. Whats been taken from humanity is the knowledge that we are powerful Creator beings that can create whatever we need at any moment, in any situation. All we need is to energize the outcome we’re seeking with the power of belief, visualization and intent.

Even better is to know that we are never alone, that we always have the assistance we need waiting on the other side of the veil. Personal guides that are overseeing all that happens, so whenever we need help even in hopeless situations, the assistance is there. In addition our Higher Self is always there for us ready to step in to help, unfortunately most of us never take advantage this guidance or ever realize it’s there.

In addition, humanity has a tremendous amount of help from other intergalactic and inter-dimensional races who are working hard at defeating the dark forces that hijacked our spirituality thousands of years ago. They replaced the Holy Sciences being taught in the mystery schools with religion, which had a dis-empowering affect by taking away our powers of Co-Creation. Making us believe that our “God within” was some angry overlord in the sky, looking down on us and our imperfections in judgement. That the only way of communicating with God was through one of his liaisons from the church, mosque or temple. Please…

If people knew that we didn’t need a priest or rabbi as an intermediary to God, that all we ever need can be created from within through the Infinite powers of Co-Creation; the darker inter dimensional forces wouldn’t have succeeded in taking control of the masses. There’s been a spiritual war taking place over this planet for tens of thousands of years, but in the end even our ancient ancestors predicted humanity will prevail over the coming societal changes and planetary upheaval through the massive leap in consciousness that’s currently underway.

The key for us is in learning to maintain a positive energetic state of love in all situations and not fall back into states of fear or anger. That our thoughts create and currently our powers of manifestation are magnifying so it’s possible to create whatever we need almost instantaneously now, whereas in 2010 it was taking about 12-16 hours for thoughts to manifest into reality.  So, it’s more important than ever to monitor your thoughts and emotions at all times to make sure your creating positive results in your reality. Nothing happens by chance. When your trying to create a desired outcome visualization, belief and intention are key ingredients to the Co-Creation formula, as well as keeping your energetic state free from feelings of anger, hate or fear.

Work on generating feelings of love and maintaining that state as much as possible. When I left L.A. in March of 2010, it was after 17 yrs of living in big city’s! With all the different kinds of frequency waves coming at me EMF’s, ELF’s, ETC’s, the chemtrails, the flouride, pollution and everything else so that by the time I got to Hawaii I literally felt spiritually and emotionally dead, cut off from planet Earth.

Since coming here in March 2010, it’s re-energized my spirit, which has done wonders for me. Especially having to deal with major health problems now, but Hawaii is a magical place and it’s been a real blessing for my spirit to live here.

Probably the most important thing we do is in remembering who we are and why we came here, what we’re supposed to learn and what gifts we have that we’re here to give back to humanity. Most of us have an enormous amount of healing from lifetimes of pain, persecution, fear and hate that we also need to address so that we can clear out the negative energy from our bio-energetics, our energy field. But we must also be very careful who we chose to work with to make sure that they are heart centered, have done the healing work to heal themselves and that have are centered in Christ consciousness. We all need an ascended master to help us on our journey, here’s Meg Benedicte who talks about the spiritual history and how the humanity was hijacked by rogue races intent on inhabiting Earth. She also discuss’s what to look for in people who are offering spiritual guidance because there are many who can’t be trusted and are not working on behalf of the Divine Creator.

The meat of the discussion takes place after the announcements from about 10-50 minutes into the show, she lays it all out…


Even though we may all be anxious to heal, ascend and move into a New Eartyh paradigm, it’s very important that we’re careful who we open ourselves up to. ESPECIALLY in matters of spirituality when you’re opening your crown chakra, their are very nasty entities always trying to get in to feed off of us ~ so be careful who you trust and open up to,

So I hope that helps you better understand my purpose with 2012 The Awakening is in creating a place for those who are in the process of awakening to the countless changes unfolding on and off this beautiful planet Earth. Also we’re in the process of moving to a new address, go ahead and bookmark the new site now in case there are glitch’s once I get moved and place the redirect on this site. Note the .org address too,  that it’s not a .com :


If you feel 2012 The Awakening has enriched your life please consider making a small donation to help cover operating expenses. Due to health problems, I’ve recently become unable to work outside of the home and have had to apply for disability. So right now every little bit helps tremendously – even if it’s one dollar – if everyone donated one dollar a month, it would pay the bills and cover expenses for maintaining the blog and computer.

Once again, thank you very much to those who have already made a donation – it’s greatly appreciated! Much love,

In La’Kech


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  1. The vast scope of this attack against humanity can best be appreciated by learning from those who hold such depth of knowledge and spiritual relationship with our most high God as to transend all that is of the world. The most advanced I have ever known is the biblical witness of Ephraim. Hear his teaching on my obscure blog; http://www.authorthat.woedpress.com The Blogathon Philabuster. A witness to evil, must not remain silent.

  2. Readers…I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH, DISTURBING. Newagers, Patriots, teaparty members, and the majority who believe that the minds and hearts of men can succeed in defeating the human synagog of Satan and his transdimensional fallen. The natural can never defeat the supernatural. No instutution from the mind of man is capable of restoring humanity. Not technologies, metaphysics, restored governments etc….

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  6. Hi There all you Starseeds, and Lightworkers… If you are serious about creating a better world?
    Then maybe you might think of attending; The 1st international congress on LIGHT and LUMENARCHY, Lumenarchy is a new cosmology, a new vision for the future, and a way of living together in peace and harmony.
    For details please see.www.sanctnet.ning.com – The Sanctuary Network
    All are welcome
    Love and Light always.

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  24. I’m looking for very long time Someone who can help me to solve it.
    My name is Karin, I’m 19 years old From Lithuania, was adopted as a baby and came to Israel when i was 2 month old.
    Here the main problem,
    I guess I was Christian, and when i was a little child my parents Jewry me.
    I didn’t connected to it until today.
    When i get older, (10 years old), I started to get angry on wild animals for not come to me.
    then when i was 14, I understand the beauty of nature.
    When i was 15, Wolves started surrender my life, And i become with the time one with them.
    in my dreams, in my mind, I even had a big research.
    In time I tried to be Christian, Asian, even for 4 days, like Jews.
    My heart feel not belong, then i understand, and think about all the little steps
    I did from then to now, and my spirit wandering into your culture.
    From the day i found feather on the floor and i couldn’t go without save it without knowing why,
    Till the day i understand That I need to know who am I within,
    (i remember i heared once – Child that have grown enough, go to the forest 3 days, and come back after understanding how is him.)
    I feel one with the music,ways of view, i feel that i can’t land my feet on safe ground
    until someone help my mind to quiet peace:
    I don’t have red skin, I Have blond hair, and blue eyes.
    I read all the time that this thing doesn’t matter,
    that what within it what count.
    But I won’t be Quiet till i hear that i CAN be belong to your kind

    I really glad if you answer me quick…

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  43. Hi
    I found your profile through a friend and I LOVE it!
    I want to support it where I can, I’m starting up a blog called MY Eden Project. I would like your permission to use some written content you have with a view to leading readers to your site, would you give me permission to do this? You cover a far broader spectrum that I currently wish to, my aim is to educate people about food, self healing, spirituality, listing therapist that are out there to help people that are, as I call it ‘waking up’. Please email me at myedenproject7@gmail.com and let me know your thoughts. My site is up I just need to add content and I’d be interested to quote and link with you as you’re touching on important subjects that are massively relevant. My aim to to quote you not take credit for anything you’ve written so as to be clear.
    Keep up the good work, I look forward to being able to work with you and donate to your brilliant site! Love & Light…

    Naomi- My Eden Project at WordPress x

    • Hi Naomi,

      Thank you for your enthusiasm and the kind words! You’re welcome to reblog anything you wish, please remember to post a link back here to the source. Checked out your blog and it looks like you’re off to a great start!

      Keep me posted…k


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  66. Hi there Ascending starseed! I am thinking about moving to the big Island for months now. I live in LA. Do you think it is a safe place? What do you do about the vog?

    • Aloha Lian!

      yes the big island has been tremendously healing for me after living in big cities for close to 20yrs…LA for a total of 10 yrs and Dallas for 7. It’s much safer than LA and where I’m at 20 miles south of Hilo we have no problem with vog…it’s absolutely beautiful, with a touch of magic! I feel very blessed to be here and give thanks everyday to have heard the calling to be here at this time. It’s different for everyone tho, people who aren’t spiritually grounded generally don’t do so well…the island tends to put people through some interesting tests. So it’s really all a matter of keeping your perspective and staying grounded, if you connect with the islands energy it’s truly an amazing place to live. I will NEVER move back to the mainland…Someday I may move to Kauai, but the islands are my home now.

      Let me know if I can be of more assistance and definitely get in touch with me if you decide to make the move, so I can help you get settled in…I also have a room for rent at this time, so who knows maybe it will still be available when you arrive.


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    • Do you know how many people have predicted this, how many ancient civilizations and indigenous peoples have know about this alignment? Academically trained scientists who are part of the system are all paid liars, there is so much disinformation circulating attempting to discredit what’s been known for thousands of years…

      Don’t fall for that nonsense, they don’t want people to know what’s happening…it’s time to move out left brain thinking, the energy of the solar system is changing and many of these people have absolutely no understanding of what’s happening or how it’s affecting earth. They’re discovering things that are cancelling out previous knowledge all the time.

    • These are the same scientists who brought us GMOs and can’t seem to agree on the cause of global warming, or event if it exists. The issue here is NOT the comings and goings of earth in relation to the solar system or even the mass of predictions for the future. The real issue is whether YOU, as a human being with a very short life span on this incredibly beautiful planet, are living in peace and harmony with the earth and your fellow human beings who have all chosen to enjoy this adventure together. May you be conscious and, every moment of your life, feel immense gratitude for the gift of breath that you have been given.

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  88. This is the punish About 2012 The Awakening journal for anyone who wants to attempt out out around this message. You respond so more its most effortful to reason with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a message thats been engrossed near for life. Good squeeze, only large!

  89. You can definitely see your enthusiasm within the paintings you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

  90. Magnificent goods from you, man. About 2012 The Awakening I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just too excellent. I really like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it smart. I can not wait to read far more from you. This is really a wonderful About 2012 The Awakening informations.

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  112. I like your style. The videos are relevant and interesting. Good to see someone with a soul and heart for humanity out there in cyberland. Peace to you and best wishes, Julian Orange

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    • thanks John! Yes, thats a good one…I subscribe to his channel and saw that one when it first came out, it’s posted under the nibiru/dwarf sun category…although its title was different. My gut tells me this guy is dead on…a comet couldn’t have caused the earthquakes from those planetary alignments, at least not a normal sized comet. The magnetic pull from a dwarf sun could. It’s going to get very interesting later this year as this thing breaks through the ecliptic passes, then in front of Earth so that we have to travel into the debris field. “IF” this is a massive dwarf then it’s pulling along boulders that will be left behind for earth to slam into…sure fits into many of the prophecy’s about fireballs pummeling the earth and of course Hollywood has rolled out a whole spate of movies depicting these scenes.

      In addition this object will be passing by fairly closely and could cause massive problems with the earth’s electrical and magnetic fields, not to mention solar disturbances. So were definitely in for a time where the spiritual seat belts better be tightly secured…we could be in for quite a ride if this guy is right.

      You know…whether it’s this year or next, sometime between now and the spring of 2013 I expect the earth will go through a very rough period and it all seems to be connected with planetary bodies moving thru the solar system, as well as the Earth and Sun crossing over the great rift late next year. That alone is supposed to be a rough ride, getting over the energy wave at ecliptic plane of the galaxy…its going to get interesting for sure. Namaste! ~A~}

    • Thank you John that was great! Anytime you want to contribute please feel free, especially material on the spiritual side of what’s happening…because in essence that’s what it’s all about. There’s so much unfolding right now it’s difficult to cover it all and wake people up to what’s going on in the earth, so many people have no idea we’ve already reached a tipping point with the planet or that it’s time to connect on a spiritual level with gaia. It’s a foreign concept to so many people who mostly function on the left brain and have no idea what a spiritual approach to life is all about. My parents are very successful socialites in Oklahoma City and they really mean well, but they are so isolated by their status and position that they haven’t a clue to the reality of the changes that stand before us…if you get a chance listen to the Max Igan show I just posted, he nails it! When he talks about how the acquisition of wealth and status makes people feel absolved from any responsibility to the condition of the planet or tyranny by enslavement to debt.

      Thanks again for the great video, I always welcome input and suggestions from my readers! Much love, Annette

      • Thanks Annette. I’ve subscribed to this blog, but you work so feverishly, I just don’t have time to look at everything. Thanks for all you’re doing though. I will forward anything I run across that is appropriate. Much love to you too. . ./John

  177. Glad to find you here. Great blog! Just started a blog on a related topic. I will try and figure out how to add you as an RSS feed. Feel free to do the same, if you care to. – Robert

  178. This blog is so great! I am so glad I found it. So nice to know that someone else has put it all …government corruption, new world order, 2012 and planet changes, aliens, and our spiritual awakening.

  179. Ha – Annette was the name of my first girl friend when I was 13 years old. I ask who you are, because I like to talk to people, not anonymous blog sites. I’m a people person.

    Regarding the site. I already know what you are doing, I just wanted to see what you would say about it. A lot of the death and destruction that people say 2012 will bring may be true but my personal feeling is that most people will do nothing (and need to do nothing) to avoid personal harm. What wil happen will happen. If you are living your life consciously, everything will turn out the way it is supposed to.

    However, having said that, I will take a closer look at your site – you have put a lot of work into it and I respect that. I’m even going to subscribe to it – more out of curiosity that anything.

    Thankyou for responding in such a kind and thoughtful way. I appreciate that.

    . . ./John

    • Thank you for your feedback and kind words, enjoy digging around….I’ve spent a lot of time down some pretty deep rabbit holes, that darker and more questionable (to most) information I left out for now. As people wake up to what’s happening I’m beginning to add more. Check out the James Casbalt Project Mannequin and Duncan O’Finioan CIA Super Soldier material, that’s a deep rabbit hole if you really want to know what’s going on with black ops projects.
      I have a good grasp of what’s going on with the planet, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand the why’s behind all that….have a great week! In La’Kech, Annette

      • I have a 5th generation that visits my obscure blog. His name is James too…(not his alter). The why is the light bearer who refused to assist as messangers, humanity and other civilizations, to move from the five energetic dimensions into the seven spiritual and into relationship with all creation, because pride was found in him. The purpose of life is to occupy while in relationship while still alive, that there is spiritual life in the world. This, is the fifth and last age of our civilization. There is a great deal to learn, yet all for nothing unless we conquor the first dragon while still physically alive

    • The purpose is to give people a place to track earth changes that are unfolding so that they may take the steps to prepare in the event a natural disaster hits home, the planet is entering a highly energetic area of the galaxy and there are planetary bodies passing through the solar system that are having a massive impact on tectonic plates and the poles. I also try to find information on spiritual empowerment that pass’s on the message that we are all interconnected and have the power to change this world for the betterment of humanity. That we’re here to learn how to live in an energetic state of love at all times and to eliminate fear, hate and negativity from our lives….lately I’ve been so busy tracking earth changes it’s difficult finding the time for the spiritual material.

      My name is Annette, why do you ask John?

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