The Collapse of the Fourth Dimension (ft. Kwan Yin)

Ed. Note: Even tho this is a channeled message, much of the information presented resonates with my perceptions and how I’m personally experiencing the shift. Whether or not the 4th dimension has collapsed, I don’t know. But, I can say in the last week or so the energy’s have really smoothed out and feel much like they did towards the end of Sept. when Wave X came thru. As always, discretion is advised, take what resonates and leave the rest behind….Blessings, {~A~}

AscendoSphere Hangout for February 5, 2016

In this 2 hour long broadcast, which was announced as “the most important ascension information since the dawn of recorded history”, Kwan Yin takes you beyond the mental matrix to inform you that the fourth dimension – or the fourth, archetypal density – home to Archons & Archetypes, has now collapsed.

During this in-depth broadcast, you will be told exactly how & why this happened, how you contributed to this, and what the effects will be for you.

For the first time in history, science actually found “evidence” of archetypal existence, which is also shared with you.

To take things even further, the return of your Lemurian Self & Lemurian reality is explained. You will learn that you have become a “living, tonal portal of love, joy, freedom, truth, and life” meaning that, wherever you go (or are) you are now part of the erasure of the ley line system and the deletion of the false matrix chakra system. Through your Akene (heart space) the Flower of Life grid and the Kakra system of the head, heart, and belly, is now manifesting.

This broadcast is simply NOT to be missed. As you journey through these two hours with Kwan Yin & Orchid, you will come to realise that this is the most important information you will ever have heard with regards to the end of the mental matrix prison, the cycle of enforced reincarnation, and so much more.

Kwan Yin ends the broadcast explaining what you can do to assist in making the next steps of human ascension a reality, and how you can connect – physically & interdimensionally – with other members of your infinite soul family that are doing the same.

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Azoth and Aether: Performing Inner Alchemy with Fire Water

Many of our friends are experiencing a feeling of intense heat coming from the center of their bodies, starting at the heart and then expanding out to their arms and the rest of the body. These are not hot flashes, and it is different from the old Ascension symptom of heat. I have had people of all ages talk about having this experience, including a 20-year-old male. It’s the next step in the inner alchemical process after you begin to merge ego and soul.

This stage will begin when an individual is in the early stages of merging ego and soul.   It’s not necessary for you to have completed the merge for this to start.  As long as you have hit the necessary vibratory rate that triggers the connection of ego and soul. In the beginning this is a choice, if you want to speed things up, you can ask for the inner heat to begin.  Once you have fully merged and reached the vibration of the complete merge, then it will start on its own.


Looking at the picture from the Aurora Consurgens Hemetic text,  pictured above.  This drawing depicts  Aurora and the dragon, you will see the a black crow which represents not only the spirit world  and your soul, but it is showing the beginning stage of the soul alchemy. The black crow sitting on top of the Black Eagle which represents the next step of the process. They are both the color black because that is the color of the current 5th element of Aether that is coming into and covering the planet. Black is the color of the void before the ultimate transition.  When this begins you will be in the black womb of creation, getting ready to create a new you. The cauldron seen in the drawing represents your physical body. The dragon is a representation of both spirit and matter merged, notice the head (Higher Self/spirit) of the dragon is connected to the tail (Lower Self/ego). It has fully merged from within, it depicts the first stage of completion of the Magnum Opus. The fire in the drawing is Azoth, which is fire water

Let us explain how fire water is created.

Azoth is created from the merging of the silver and gold frequencies. They are actually gates, the silver gate is known as the Gate of Men, and is where a soul passes through to incarnate here. The Golden Gate is known as the Gate of the Gods and is where a soul travels through when it completely leaves this Universe. The Gate of Men is guarded by the constellation of Taurus, and the Gate of the Gods is guarded by Scorpio. Scorpio’s tail points to the center of the Milkyway and shows the way to home. The highest spiritual sign of Scorpio is the Eagle, which is shown in the drawing. The Gate of Men is now closed and the Gate of the Gods is finally open. This Gate has never been open before, and the key to opening it was created when the two gates equaled in vibration and merged together. This gave birth to the Azoth/fire water energy. This new alignment, brings a spiritual element that is a combination of elemental water and elemental Aether. This makes Azoth/fire water.

Following the principle of “As above and So below”, this Azoth is now combining in the bodies of those individuals that have either just started to merge ego and soul, or those that have completed the merge and have a visible ring of light emitting from the crown chakara, in the form of a halo. If a body has not started this merge it can not have this element of fire water running through their nervous system/spinal column, because it will fry their electromagnetic body.

As the Azoth flows in your body, you will feel inner heat (tummo) starting from within the center of your body, which is the middle cauldron. Once you have begun the merging of ego and soul, the lower cauldron is already purified, and the upper is balanced. Hence, this fire water works in the middle, the location of balance and then radiates outward. You will feel it move from the center of your body out to your arms and legs etc…. You are burning away all remaining dross, or what no longer serves you, to make room for your new Golden Energy. You are creating your inner Golden Egg/Philosopher’s Stone/Christ Consciousness etc….

You will notice in the picture the woman, who is Aurora, is shoveling in the mixture of the Gold and Silver energy to fuel your inner tummo fire. Aurora Consurgens means Dawn Rising, and that is exactly what we are doing. We are RISING to the New Golden Dawn Age of Aquarius. Take note that the sign of Aquarius is the water bearer, which falls right in line with the fire water energy of Azoth that is upon us. In the past practitioners had to spend a large amount of time creating a different kind of tummo and being very careful that the old energy of tummo did not get out of hand. Now that the Golden Gate is open, the new energy of tummo is Azoth and all you have to do is begin the merge of ego and soul to use it. It knows what to do….

Once this stage is complete, then only the Eagle will remain, risen up from the Azoth, and will become the true Golden Eagle, and with that comes true freedom. We are in the Aurea Hora, which means….Golden Hour…

So, let us begin and complete our Great Work, in this Golden Hour of the Rising Dawn..

Written by Lisa Renee Rising (Berry)  and Andrea Covington Mullaney

“A Breeze is Stirring. Feel the Sun on Your Wings” ~ A message from The Grandmothers ~

“A breeze is stirring. Feel the sun on your wings.”

“As you move through these changing times.. be easy on yourself and be easy on one another… You are at the beginning of something new. You are learning a new way of being. You will find that you are working less in the yang modes that you are used to. You will stop working so hard at getting from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ the way you have in the past.. but will instead spend more time experiencing yourself in the whole and your place in it. Instead of traveling to a goal out there.. you will voyage deeper into yourself.

Your mother’s mother’s mother knew how to do this. Your ancestors from long ago knew how to do this. They knew the power of the feminine principle and because you carry their DNA in in your body.. this wisdom and this way of being is within you. Call on it.. call it up. Invite your ancestors in. As the yang based habits and the decaying institutions on our planet begin to crumble.. look up. A breeze is stirring. Feel the sun on your wings.”

“Message from the Grandmothers”
International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

Scientific Proof Of Jedi Powers and How To Develop Them



“Repeated ignorant or stubborn denial of the existence of certain powers does not keep them from existing—except for us!”Harold M. Sherman, psychic


Everyone has some level of innate intuitive capability, a.k.a., Jedi powers, and this has been demonstrated repeatedly over several decades of experiments by the parapsychological community through tens of thousands of trials utilizing thousands of regular people with no known or presupposed psychic gifts. (That is to say nothing, of course, of those many successful experiments carried out with people having well-established reputations for performing “paranormal” feats.) While some people are born with obvious psychic talents, most of us have to invest time and effort over the long-term in order to develop them from their latent state. (Note: this process necessitates activating your multidimensional DNA and kundalini.) In this article, we will look at research, guidelines and relevant principles for unblocking and developing your innate intuitive abilities, a.k.a. your superpowers. Read on, oh Jedi.

Open Your Mind and Eliminate Closed OnesHave you ever noticed how closed-minded skeptics (CMS) rarely if ever have any experiences with the siddhis (psychic faculties) or “the paranormal” in general? Soviet research into psychokinesis involving Nina Kulagina (left) demonstrated qualitatively that a skeptic’s mere presence does have an effect on a psychic’s ability to function properly. Hence, with a CMS (or several) in the room or otherwise involved in the experiment, a psychic is more likely to “fail,” thus “proving” the CMS right (at least in his own narrow reality tunnel). It is merely a case of self-fulfilling prophecy. Thus, regarding your own psi abilities what you believe is true, to a large extent—and unfortunately the presence of non-believers nearby or within the experimental setup can be detrimental.Dr. Valerie Hunt’s research in Infinite Mind showed a correlation between electromagnetic auric frequencies and the “level” of consciousness occupied by the individual. Healers, mediums and mystics showed higher frequencies in their electromagnetic fields than others not of those categories, illustrating that those possessed of “higher” consciousness are, in some sense, literally “on a higher frequency.” Those fixated on or believing solely in “material reality” exhibited lower dominant frequencies and were bereft of the higher.


In fact, gamma frequencies in the brain of 40-100 Hertz—the highest of the better known bands of brainwave frequencies (the higher band being Lambda, reaching up to about 200 Hz[1])—have been linked to the ability to manifest intention in the world. Gamma states represent the brain in hyperdrive, working at its most intensely. “This oscillation is conducive to creating links across many parts of the brain,”[2] facilitating an integrated whole-brain state. Paradoxically, the extreme high and low ends of the brainwave spectrum have the same states of consciousness associated with them, and different oscillations can be present at once in different parts of the same brain.[3]

To illustrate, Russian psychokinetic (PK) psi star Nina Kulagina (1926–1990) —who, under controlled experimental conditions, could (among other things) separate an egg yoke from the white from a distance of 6 feet while it floated in a saline solution using only her intention—exhibited low frequency theta brainwaves of 4 Hz—normally associated with a deeply relaxed trance—whilst simultaneously showing extreme physiological agitation/arousal, including a pulse rate of 240 bpm. These strenuous efforts left her absolutely exhausted, and temporarily blind on that particular occasion.[4]

Perhaps all of the above explains why Kulagina’s PK abilities “worked better in an atmosphere of friendly mutual trust and belief”—PK, as we know, generally requires intense states of physiological arousal and higher frequency brainwave activity, all of which drains large reserves of bioenergy. PK is a higher brain function. Kulagina experienced less stress when working alone and it was said that her PK ability was mood-dependent (both her own mood and that of the observers) and expended more energy in a hostile or skeptical atmosphere[5] (where the local consciousness fields would have been less coherent). Hostile skeptics have something of an innate psi- or consciousness-damping effect; they literally operate at a lower frequency, their mind fields interfering with those of the test subject (and even the target). The fact that separate minds interact via measurable electromagnetic fields (and some not-so-measurable fields) has been proven by Hunt and others, and I detail much of this research in The Grand Illusion (TGI).

Negativity causes chaos and/or entropy in the personal and local ambient energy fields, whereas positivity, gratitude, or love—heart-based emotions—cause coherence, beauty and order—just look at the instances of saints and yogis whose dead bodies have remained impervious to decay for weeks, months, and even years![6] This is worth considering before any psi endeavour where you intend to act as a receiver of information. Firstly, open-mindedness is a bare minimum requirement (confidence and trust in the process is even better). Additionally, being in a state of peaceful heart-based coherence is likely to enhance receptive abilities. In combination with deliberate intention, this has been shown to also be enough to wind and unwind DNA samples at will in laboratory conditions, with powerful implications for self-healing possibilities (see TGI).

In 1942 psychologist and parapsychologist Gertrude Schmeidler initiated her infamous “sheep-goat” experiments, designed to test whether belief and open-mindedness would enhance psi function in contrast to skepticism. Two groups, “sheep” who believed in or were simply open to psi, and “goats” who did not believe it could happen for them under test conditions (but were not hostile to the possibility of it happening to or for other people), were put through identical standard controlled ESP tests. The outcome indicated that believers in the possibility of ESP scored better than those who did not: the disbelievers scored lower, ergo belief is a legitimate variable mediating psi functions.[7] “A meta-analysis by [psychologist Tony Lawrence], covering 73 experiments by 37 different researchers, clearly confirms that subjects who believe in psi obtain, on the average, higher results than those who do not believe in it.”[8]
American psychic and author Harold Sherman (1898–1987) had noted in the early 1940s that while it is possible to receive thought impressions from a skeptic, it is extremely difficult for someone of that mindset to act as receiver.[9] Sherman, who was ahead of his time, explained that telling yourself with certitude that there is no such thing as psi is tantamount to instructing your subconscious mind to shut down the psi faculties so they do not operate for you.[10] In a dream-like reality such as ours, it pays to be open-minded—especially if you want to be more intuitive.

Meaning, Emotion, Need, Novelty, and Other Factors in Psi

Need, novelty, and emotion have long been known to play a part in psi phenomena. Carl Jung (1875–1961)—the originator of the theory of the psychological archetypes—noted with interest that the English medium Eileen Garrett fared poorly in parapsychologist J.B. Rhine’s card-guessing experiments because she was unable to conjure any feelings for Rhine’s “soulless” test-cards.[11] Much experimentation has also shown that psi effects have a tendency to start out higher in the initial stages of testing and then drop off as the participants lose interest and boredom sets in (the “decline effect”).

Charles Tart actually went so far as stating that card-guessing experiments are, ironically, “a technique for extinguishing [psi] in the laboratory,” that is, they bore the subjects into a decline effect.[12] Rhetorically, Sherman asked how he could possibly be expected to get excited over five abstract symbols (left) that had nothing to do with his emotional system or that of the sender (they lacked meaning/personal significance or relevance).[13]

Biologist and author Lyall Watson notes in Supernature that the most effective telepathic messages generally are bound up in trauma and crisis—and we see plenty of evidence to that effect in The Grand Illusion Book 1. He continues to explain that it makes sense biologically, since states of well-being and pleasure produce no sense of urgency—such information can be leisurely conveyed by the “normal” channels. However, for alarm signals to be of real use, they have to travel the fastest way possible.[14] That “way” is superluminally/nonlocally. Much as Cleve Backster’s plants could detect the death of bacteria and brine shrimp nearby, our human telepathic connections must—even if only subliminally—serve a biological imperative, helping us survive and propagate as a species by sensing and avoiding danger.

The limbic system, which includes the amygdala and hippocampus, is considered today to be the emotional center in the brain, as well as the seat of our survival instinct. We might therefore suppose that life-threatening events, usually being highly emotionally charged, might ignite the temporal lobe and related structures in the brain into downloading nonlocal psi information from the vacuum/aether. Dr. Melvin Morse believes humans have a sixth sensory ability located “within” the right temporal lobe, hippocampus, and related limbic structures. According to him, this region “interprets information obtained through communication with an interactive universe,” and allows for telepathic communication with other people through their right temporal lobes. “It involves perception of other realities.” He states that we perceive the operation of the right temporal lobe as “intuition.”[15]

In 1889 a committee of psychical researchers began a five-year project of compiling what they named a Report on the Census of Hallucinations—the first major research effort of the English SPR, featuring 410 data collectors. The committee included Henry and Eleanor Sidgwick, Alice Johnson, archskeptic Frank Podmore, and the esteemed Frederick Myers. Out of the 17,000 responses, 2,273 people reported having had “hallucinations” (psi experiences). Tellingly, most occurred in a crisis, usually a death crisis, signifying the importance of emotion, need, and above all, meaning in paranormal events.[16] These were some of the earliest scientific results illustrating nonlocal correlations between well-acquainted (meaningfully connected) people.

Aside from raw emotion, biological threats to loved ones (or oneself), and so on, another factor conducive to psi is simply novelty. Russel Targ and Harold Puthoff in their scientific remote viewing research in the 1970s found that the more difficult and challenging a remote viewing task they devised for test subjects, the more likely the results were to be good. They too observed a need-serving theme in their RV research at Stanford (see Chapter 12 of TGI). As a result of consistently challenging and interesting tests and protocols (with the added benefits of feedback and encouragement), they found that their subjects actually improved their psi performance over time, in contrast to Rhine’s and others’ results with card-guessing and other repetitious and dull forms of testing, where decline effects were often observed.

In Sherman’s view, the absence of a strong or even an ordinary emotional factor is the greatest handicap in any psychic endeavour. Since his pioneering long-distance telepathy experiment with Sir Hubert Wilkins decades ago (detailed in Chapter 11 of TGI), much data has accumulated indicating that there is a great deal of truth in this. The stronger the emotional charge, the greater the likelihood that psi data will penetrate from the “subconscious” to the conscious mind.

It is well known by occultists that emotionally charged events are more likely to impress themselves, inadvertently or otherwise, on the mind of another than are events with little emotional content. In occult terms, this interaction occurring beyond the standard space-time realm is occurring via the astral plane/octave—the home of emotion. The more strongly the plasma-like astral body/field (or mind-field) can be made to vibrate in response to emotional content, the more likely the relevant data is to penetrate through from the subconscious to the conscious level of awareness. When sleep is involved, the conditions seem to be even more conducive to accidental telepathic contact, as it is an altered state of consciousness (theta and delta brainwave states) that opens us up to the frequencies of the astral or even mental planes while simultaneously eliminating most data/noise from the physical senses.

Undoubtedly, much “paranormal phenomena” (including poltergeist phenomena, PK, and telepathy) can be linked to strong emotional content (see limbic system above). There are indications that what we experience as presentiment or precognition may be, in some sense, the strong emotional content of a probable “future” event (which is actually occurring in a parallel universe in present time, along with all our “past” and “future” lives) then filtering “back” through time into our subconscious or even conscious awareness. (See Chapter 12 of TGI.)


Hypnosis can aid our ability to peer into these “future” events and timelines. The young actress Irene Muza was in a hypnotic trance when she was asked if she could see what awaited her in her future. She wrote that her career would be short and her death would be “terrible,” though she dared not specify how she would die. The experimenters erased what Muza had written before bringing her out of the trance so she would not see it. She therefore had no conscious knowledge of what she had written. Some months later, however, in 1909, her prediction of a short career and terrible death was unexpectedly fulfilled when her hairdresser allowed some drops of an antiseptic lotion made of mineral essences to fall on a lighted stove, instantly enveloping Muza in flames. Her hair and clothing set alight, she was severely burned and tragically died in hospital a few hours later.[17]

Hypnosis has been successfully employed for psychokinetic purposes as well. Take American Ted Serios, the “thoughtographer” born in 1918 who could create colour pictures on unexposed film simply through sheer intention while he stared into the lens of a Polaroid camera. His talent grew out of a DIY hypnosis experiment with a friend (a fellow bellhop at the Chicago Conrad Hilton Hotel) who instructed Serios under hypnosis that he could take photos of the contents of his mind. And thereafter, so he could—somewhat erratically, mind you. (Serios was tested extensively under controlled conditions.) Interestingly, Serios had to work himself virtually into a state of rage to be effective during these experiments. Notably, Israeli “paranormalist” Uri Geller has been able to achieve similar feats, taking photos of himself on high-speed black and white film through a solid black lens cap. Dr. Chris Humphrey explains this is due to quantum tunneling: if the quantum de Broglie probability wave exists on both sides of a barrier, then its particle (photons in this case) can sometimes be on one side, and sometimes on the other, without ever passing through the barrier.[18]

PK: Set Your Intent, Let Go, and “Let God”
During his first stay at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI – now Stanford Research Institute International), Ingo Swann worked on experiments with physicist Hal Puthoff, who was making forays into researching psi ability. This example demonstrates that we can and do interact with matter via our minds, whether we intend to consciously or not (and even under pressure and in the presence of skeptics in this case).

On the evening of the 6th of June 1972, Swann (left) was asked to try to influence a magnetometer located in the basement which he was duly escorted down to—with one catch: the magnetometer—inside a quark detector, in actual fact—was buried under five feet of concrete underneath his feet, and thus invisible to him. What wasvisible to the extremely chagrined Swann (who was not forewarned by Puthoff of the nature of the experiment) was a chart recorder with its pen slowly tracing out a graceful wavy line. It was “monitoring the magnetic stability of the magnetometer and had been doing so for some weeks without any change in the rhythmic fluctuations,” Swann recalls. “The whole of this contraption was encased in an aluminum container and insulating copper canister. As well, it was in a supercooled, hence superconducting shield.” The Josephson junction inside the detector would detect any variation of magnetic flux in the supercooled equipment and the effect would show up as a change in the steady sine wave recording on the chart which they could all see.

Swann started “probing” mentally to see if he could identify the expensive underground device, and when he sensed some “metallic differences” he tried to affect them, stating so as he went along. With all eyes glued on the sine wave, Swann attempted several times to perturb the well shielded system, to no avail. Insisting that he could see something, Swann proposed that sketching it out might assist the process, but when no paper could be found to draw on, Puthoff suggested he draw directly onto the chart paper. “So I sketched a this, and then a that: ‘Is this the Josephson junction?’ I asked. ‘If so, I think I can see it quite well.’”

With that comment, the ink pen gave a tiny jerk, and then stopped momentarily. Then it lifted up above its previous pattern, and “somewhat above this it wobbled along for no less than about TEN SECONDS—long enough for two wavy line intervals to have occurred.”[19]

The point here is that when the distortion in the sine wave took place Swan was not trying to affect the equipment—he was simply trying to sketch what he could see with his mind’s eye. In those moments where his volitional mind was distracted and his goal momentarily suspended, the desired outcome occurred literally effortlessly. In laboratory tests with PK in ordinary people (Swann is known to be a gifted psychic, though more in the realm of remote viewing than PK), effects often fail to appear until the subject has their attention diverted.[20] This is something that astral traveller Sylvan Muldoon wrote of some 80 years ago, explaining that charging the mind with desire or intent creates “stress” for which the mind seeks an outlet or release via a part of the subconscious he called the cryptoconscious Will: “Then [it] gets a chance to work on the ‘stress,’ and that which you had given up trying to attain ‘materializes’!”[21]

Tips for Development

  • Open your mind to the possibility that psi can work for you
  • Believe in yourself
  • Operate in a peaceful state of heart-based coherence for receptive psi (such as receiving a telepathic signal)
  • Remove yourself from distractions and hostile or skeptical parties whose chaotic energy fields may negatively influence your own
  • Remove energetic blocks, seals and implants that may be impeding your progress.Holographic Kinetics is a great resource for this. See here also.
  • Activate your multidimensional DNA (enter “DNA” into the search bar on this site for important info on this). We may only need 144,000 fully activated humans to make it through this transitional period (according to multiple sources).
  • Meditate for psi development (the more the better). If you can participate in a group of people with a mutual interest in their perceptual development then all the better. I used to attend a trance mediumship group—not necessarily because I wanted to “channel,” but it did accelerate my clairvoyant development. The coherent group energy will heighten and refine your own through a “quantum additive” effect, accelerating your development. When I stopped meditating and attending the group my nascent clairvoyant faculties unfortunately regressed back to square one.
  • For PK, a less passive, more aroused state of heightened emotion may be desirable. If you want to bend spoons or change the weather it might help to get fired up!
  • Eliminate psi-negative beliefs at the conscious level by being well informed on the reality of the psi faculties (reading my book TGI 1 will definitely achieve that goal).
  • Eliminate subconscious negative (psi-blocking) beliefs through techniques such as Matrix Reimprinting, PSYCH-K, and EFT.
  • Try letting go and “getting out of the way.” Sometimes your intention has a way of manifesting when you direct your attention on to something else, or, as some have put it, when you “let go and let God.” Try setting your intention, letting the thought go, and trusting that the deed will be done.
  • A slightly different tactic: be grateful in advance that your attempt has already been successful. “All great masters know in advance that the deed has been done.” The aether/vacuum doesn’t “do” linear time. It only “knows” the present moment. Thus, what is true for you in the present is what will continually present itself to you until that truth changes.
  • If you want to design experiments or tests for receptive/perceptual psi, find ways to make it novel, interesting, and meaningful to you personally. Avoid boredom at all costs!
  • Practise some form of pranayama (yogic breathing) on a daily basis for maximal development of your health and psychic faculties.

About the Author:

Brendan D. Murphy – Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement and host of GFM Radio, BrendanD.Murphy is a leading Australian author, researcher, activist, and musician. His acclaimed non-fiction epic The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science & Spirituality – Book 1 is out now! Come and get your mind blown

“What a wonderful job of collating and integrating you have done! Every person in the field of ‘paranormal’ psychology or related topics should have this book as a major reference.” – Dr. Buryl Payne

“A masterpiece…The Grand Illusion is mind-blowing.” – Sol Luckman, author of Potentiate Your DNA.

“You’ve written the best synthesis of modern science and esoteric science that I’ve seen in 40 years of study in that area. Brilliant!” – Michael K. Wade

Please visit –


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by Brendan D. Murphy

Thanks to Waking Times for this article.

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Exciting show with Alfred Webre and Mary Rodwell!  This is a special show to discuss how the positive timeline works and what you can do to start creating a better reality.  In addition to information from the friendly ET’s and what is in store for our future. Original Air Date: 10-15-14

Here is the formula:

Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness!

Alfred is going to shed some light on how to make positive decisions for yourself and learn how to steer away from systems of negativity.

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Most definetely. The Earth has evolved to a point where she is ready to move to a higher frequency dimension. This is a normal evolutionary step for all life in the universe. This process is called Ascension. The dimension is the 5th. Everyone and everything ascends when their energy vibration reaches a specific frequency of Light.

There are many different forms of life upon Earth, e.g. humanity, animals, minerals, trees, etc. Anything that lives within the natural flow of Divine Order will have a similar band of vibration to the Earth and as such can automatically ascend with her. An example of living in Divine Order can be seen in the response of plants and animals to the different seasons.

Everyone on Earth is deciding now, on some level, whether they choose to align with that Divine order and so ascend to the 5th dimension or if they wish to continue their learning in the 3rd dimension. Third dimensional learning involves experiencing many different situations to help teach us greater wisdom and love.

Anyone involved in this learning, such as humanity and some animal species, are at different points of vibration, depending on the learning attained. Living positively creates a high level of vibration. Negative patterns, such as fear, create a lower vibration.

I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!!                              

You don’t need to know what you are doing! It is not part of the contract! It is usually the mind or ego that wants to know the details and significance. Spirit is content to surrender to Divine Order, simply doing what feels right, without hesitation, in total faith and trust – and moving on to the next exciting moment.

If you have a desire to help – even if you don’t know what form that help may take – the answer is yes.

If you are doing what feels right, regardless of what it is – you are helping. Providing it resonates, you are doing what you came here to do. Interest, excitement and what resonates and feels right deep within – will show your right path, moment by moment. Trust your gut feeling.


Only if it feels right and excites you. When we surrender and use intuition, we don’t generally need much of the detail and significance that make up our 3D world. If you do need details or need to ‘think it out,’ it will feel right in the moment to do that. This is quite different to working it out through the mind because you think you have to. If you are meant to do something that needs a particular energy, such as an eclipse or full moon energy, then providing you plan intuitively – that will be present. Mostly, you could go ahead and plan without ever knowing there was to be a full moon that day. However, there will always be exceptions. It could be, for some Divine reason, you do need to know there will be a full moon that day. If so, that will feel right! Generally, if you have planned intuitively, then everything that is meant to be there, will be there. Some Lightworkers tasks do involve significance and detail. Remember a feeling of rightness is senior to anything – even statements by ‘authorities’ or ascended masters.

Whether it is a workshop, a book or anything else, if it excites you – do it. If it doesn’t – don’t. Just because it helped someone else, doesn’t meant it is right for you. Your indication of excitement is your path.

The vast majority of Lightworkers already have a Lightbody. You left it stored ‘up there’ until it was needed. You are in the process of integrating it. If by any chance you don’t already have one, it is being created. This is part of the balancing that takes place for ascension. You don’t usually have to do anything in particular. It happens naturally, as you re-adopt your mastery. As you surrender to Divine Order, it just happens.

Well, check it. Ask yourself ‘If I could be anywhere in the world doing anything I want, right now, where would I be?’ If your answer is ‘right here doing what I am doing,’ then you are following your intuitive guidance in that moment and you are where you’re meant to be.

If you are looking around to see who has noticed, that is a pretty good indicator! You could also ask yourself, ‘If I never tell anyone that I am doing this, and no-one is ever going to know, do I still want to do it? Give yourself a truthful answer.

You have a great gift – it is the ability to sense when a situation or someone, does not feel right for you. Be aware of your initial feeling and trust it. No matter if the whole world thinks that that this presenter, technique, book, product or guru is simply the best, trust your intuition every time. You could save yourself untold anguish! A lack of confidence in yourself and a failure to trust your own knowing can really land you in hot water!

Your heart tells you – every time. All you need to do is trust your intuition when it speaks to you. As you read or listen to something, note if anything does not feel right. It could be just a word or a sentence. Don’t dismiss your feelings….. never accept something that feels wrong.

Because you are leaving the 3D world where one uses memory in order to know something. You are heading for the 5th dimension where KNOWING is the way to operate. Your memory is disappearing to encourage you to use your ability to respond intuitively. It is time now to simply know what you need to know in any given moment. Losing your memory is a positive happening! It affects all age groups. It applies particularly to Lightworkers who have been here a long time.

Everyone wanting to ascend has to bring all aspects of themselves into balance, in order to attain the right frequency of vibration. This includes merging with your I AM Presence (which is the non-incarnated part of you). Your eyesight has to adjust and it can become difficult to read small print in bad lighting. (Other types of eyesight problems will have a different reason). You don’t need an optician. Just buy a pair of the lowest magnification glasses until this adjustment is completed. It may take a while. This depends on you. The more positive you are, the faster your I AM can merge with you. The more the I AM merges, the more help you are given to be positive.

You are leaving the 3rd dimension and ‘time’ – and are heading to the 5th dimensional realm of the ‘eternal moment.’ There is no time in the 5th, because it is not required for 5th dimensional learning. As the Earth moves to ‘no time,’ her frequency increases and she ‘loses’ time. We have now lost 6 hours and 54 minutes on a day. This, combined with the fact that you try to do things you think you ‘should’ and ‘need’ to do, is the reason you are not getting it all done. Cancel all the shoulds, musts and needs in your life. Do only what feels right. It may not always feel exciting and it may not always be pleasant, but it will feel right to do it. Sometimes our emotions and thoughts get in the way and confuse us. Put these reactions aside and check if it ‘feels’ right.

No, it is selfless. There is only one Divine Order. Everyone who operates within its natural flow is in the right place, at the right time, giving the best help they can in that moment. Have courage and trust that, despite reactions others may have, your actions are also right for them (as indeed their actions are for you, if they are operating intuitively). Perhaps their response comes from their mind or ego. Perhaps you are helping them bring their emotions to the surface. You don’t need to know the why. Just do it, let go of any expectations of what you think should happen and carry on with what feels right in the next moment… and the next……and the next.

Take 10 minutes a day when you won’t be disturbed. Become still. Whenever a thought comes into your head – say CANCEL. Continue to focus on the silence. Don’t give a seconds of your attention to any thought. Don’t relax your discipline. Do this every day until the mind realises it is no longer in control. The mind will become quiet, responding only when called upon by you – Spirit. It doesn’t have to take long.

Spot your lessons early. If you react to a person or situation, be are of it and let your reaction go. If you don’t let it go or you fail to notice your reaction, you will continue attracting tougher and more traumatic situations, until you get the message! Spotting it early means you don’t get into horrendous traumas! Don’t bury or suppress your emotional reaction. If you do, you’ll have to create more situations to bring them to the surface again.


Get out of your head and ego – and there is no place left to go. Well OK, it is a matter of discipline. Do spot checks on yourself. A few times in the day, ask yourself ‘Am I in my head or my heart?’ If you see that you’re thinking about what to do – stop, take a deep breath and move into your heart. Ask yourself what you would like to be doing in that moment? What would make your heart sing and not sink? Then do it. Or at least put the steps into motion to start doing it.

Be aware every time you criticise, judge or condemn anyone, including yourself. And stop doing it. Apply the discipline necessary to demand from yourself, a positive, loving outlook. Never let yourself get away with a negative thought. You may like to look at the following possibilities. ‘Everyone is doing the best they can, with the data they have at hand’. ‘Everyone on the planet is helping everyone else.’

You are shown signs in the everyday events of your life. All you need to do is be in the present moment in order to see them. If you are ‘spaced out’ or too ‘grounded,’ you can miss what is happening in front of you.

There are no leaders. The process of ascension requires a regaining of inner mastery. For this reason, you are encouraged to seek your own inner truth and be your own leader. Remember the Wizard of Oz and ‘follow the yellow brick road’? The answers are found within.
We are all equal. If you understand this, you will not feel called to hand your power over to guru’s and leaders who we think are better than us. Often through a lack of self-confidence, we hand our power to someone we believe may be helping. In this way, we hope that at least then we will be helping. Handing our power over can be as simple as adoring a photo of someone and ‘thinking’ your energy in their direction. Be aware of the links you make – some are not what they seem to be!! Your first inner gut reaction shows you.

Decrees can be used to assist for this. To ensure you are aligned to Highest Light, do the following: –
“By Divine Decree, In the Name of God, I invoke the Sacred Violet Flame, to transmute in this moment – every thought, link, alliance, connection or allegiance to any negative Being, energy or object – that I have made – knowingly or unknowingly – in this Universe, where this is not in accordance with – the Highest Source of All Creation and the Divine Plan for Earth.

I AM’ now fully aligned in all my lower and higher bodies to – the Highest Source of All Creation.
I give permission under Universal Law, for any and all sacred codes and mathematical programmes that I am responsible for, that I carry, have carried or will carry, to be brought NOW into a state of purity in accordance with Divine Order and to be held in such a state forever, in accordance with Divine Higher Will. So Be It. It is done.” You will need to say it 3 times.
The easiest way to stay free of non-optimum connections is…. never doubt your ability to know what is right for you.

Everyone is a channel of Light and healing in some form. Regarding channelling specific material from the ascended realms, if this was a part of your agreement then, ego aside, becoming a channel will resonate with you. If all the planet’s billions of people were meant to channel as a pre-requisite to ascension, we might be here for another 26,000-year cycle! If you are meant to channel, then you will already be trained for it (as were all Lightworkers for their particular jobs), so you won’t need to go somewhere to ‘learn to channel.’ Although channelling appears to have some glamour attached to it, it is just another job. It doesn’t mean someone is more evolved or special. If channelling is addressed with humility, surrender and service, then a high level of truth can be brought through. If these qualities are not present, channelling can be distorted as it is filters through the lower bodies. Because there was no original agreement made with the higher realms, people who channel from an ego desire, often encourage lower dimensional beings who profess to be from higher dimensions. We all ultimately learn the value of following what truly resonates in our heart to do. Therein lies the joy.

Stop feeling like a victim. What is left is the alternative – a Master.

If you feel something isn’t right, it isn’t! Trust your inherent ability to distinguish the difference.
Nothing is more reliable than your own inner guidance. Trust it with all your heart and soul. Be your own counsel. If you perceive a negative energy, you don’t need to also decide that this energy is good or bad, right or wrong. That is a third dimensional belief pattern of judgement.
The goal of negative energy is to further people away from source. As a Lightworker, this would not be a goal you would align with, so you may choose to withdraw your support, energy and power from this activity. However, you don’t also need to withdraw your unconditional love. ‘Unconditional’ means just that. It doesn’t mean ‘I will only love you if you work with positive energy and do things that I think are right!’

This occurs when it is completely right in Divine Order. You don’t get whisked out of here at an inappropriate moment. It is not something that is done to you! Ascension is a do-it-yourself affair. You go when you are ready. For ascension to occur you will have completed what you came to Earth to do. Any dense energies in your emotional and mental bodies will have been transmuted into a higher frequency. You will be in balance. Your outlook will be one of joy, harmony and peace. You will not still be making statements like ‘When the heck do I get out of here!’ and ‘I hope this is my last physical incarnation!’ Your desire to leave will be equal to your desire to remain. When all this is in order, you may find yourself ascending with your Twin Flame and heading for the ‘completion of mission’ banquet!

Be yourself. This means LET GO of everything that is not YOU – all the barriers you have erected, all the beliefs, justifications, criticisms, judgements, negative thoughts, unwanted emotions, the ‘shoulds, needs and musts’ and the effort you put into controlling your life.
The idea of letting go or surrendering control can bring up fear in us. But there is nothing to fear. You don’t lose your identity and become absorbed into some great unknown! Surrendering means you are more in tune with the consciousness of the universe. This helps you act with a deep understanding of what is best for whole Self. The real you – Spirit – has a caring, love and depth of compassion that goes far beyond what you experience though your emotional body. Surrendering brings an ease and joy to life that will make you wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

Intuition. (inner- tuition)


You are – giving the best help possible; completing your agreements; balancing your karma; merging with your I Am Presence; integrating or creating your Lightbody; becoming the God qualities you have chosen to reflect on Earth; transmuting any dense energies in your lower bodies; resuming your power, wisdom, abilities and mastery; passing or exchanging any necessary codes to people or places; receiving highest guidance; experiencing a stunning sequence of synchronicities; on your ascension path; connecting with the right people; attracting the signs to show you the way; in the right place at the right time; merging closer with your Twin Flame; experiencing situations optimum for your learning; aware you have the abilities and powers you need in any given moment; positive, confident, aware, wise, loving, compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental and centred; regaining your multi-dimensional awareness; completing your contract; moving into inner joy; fun, excitement, fulfilment and love; trusting yourself and the absolute perfection and magnificence of the process of Divine Order –


Distraction vs Transcendence

…Distraction and transcendence are two different things. In distraction, you do get out of yourself, but when you come back you are more or less the same as before. It is just airing the prison a little.

[…] In transcendence you gain new knowledge, capabilities, energy. Then you return and you are different.

[…] In transcendence we manage to forget ourselves, in the sense of being free of our usual ways of thinking and feeling… We go back to our true self, which years of mistaken habits have caused us to forget. We abandon what is inessential and go back to the essential.

—Piero Ferruci, Beauty & the Soul

Lisa Renee ~ Time Shift Blog: The 10th Gate

This week with the additional impact of the Summer Solstice solar energies, we dedicate our Prayers to help bring peace for the Middle East, the 10th Stargate areas of Iran-Iraq where the Golden Eagle Grid is heavily influenced by War, Genocide and rampant killing agendas to spread into other parts of the earth. These Middle East areas included are the uprisings in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran and its relationship to Israel as the 2nd Inner World Stargate. Where there are ley line weaknesses in the energetic field of our planet, where there are repeated cycles of genocide and murder in the name of a God, these areas of religious conflict promote belief systems and values towards the necessity of violence. These base ideologies that worship religious violence and glorify death of martyrs, over having reverence for all living things, are the most vulnerable areas to these types of manipulation through brutality and hatred attacks. These weakened areas in the planetary grid are vulnerable to the propagation of the NAA Armageddon (911) agendas through the harvesting of the many people that are brutally killed in the name of tyrannical political power and a False Father God who incites fury and vengeance upon the human race as its divine will.

The horizontal grid and the planetary rod function) are controlled by the dark forces of the NAA and the Alpha Draconis/Orion Group through the “Golden Eagle Grid” reversed current architecture, which has its center controlled from Iraq-Iran and Giza Egypt. The 10th Gate in Iran-Iraq border is also the control center of the False Michael Matrix, of which patriarchal domination and its electron reversal consciousness is used to perpetrate against humans the negative alien “Mind Control” and its bio-neurological control technology. Archontic Deception Behavior such as Enemy patterning, war mongering, domination for territory, genetic elitism, hierarchical discrimination, killing and blood lust through the False King of Tyranny are a few of the mind control archetypes perpetrated on the primarily male 3D conscious mind to continue the war on enslaving humans. When the alien mind and its agenda is used for mind control on humanity, it becomes a belief system, then a value system or brainwashed religion, and the people that embody those archetypes become the perpetrator and enforcer for the NAA controller’s agenda.

The NAA invaded our planet in this area to maintain its warring control over the important Stargates in the Middle East. This was accomplished as the infiltration into the Holographic Blueprint of the Planetary Logos architecture as the most effective way to create destruction of the human species through the continual creation of holocaust and genocidal wars through False Father God religions as a self-enforcement method of planetary enslavement. The mind control creates slaves which make those humans that are mind controlled enforce the alien agenda and warfare strategy with minimal effort on the use of externalized or energetic alien resources. Thereby making “alien” invasion into the physical reality not necessary. The repeated cycles of historical religious and political conflict in Iran and Iraq, as well as its continual exposure to extremists that promote religious violence as the value system, is an infection spreading throughout the Middle East. This is a primary example of how this NAA mind control has manifested incredible suffering, torture and killing of the human race. Many that are taught that killing their infidels will earn them a seat to the right hand of God, while they are just caught into the web of Archontic Deception to be recycled and used again to feed terrorism of the human race.

The 10th Gate in Iran-Iraq border is also the main control center of the False Michael Matrix. The more a human being calls upon the Family of Michael the more karmic exhaust of Miasma this group entity receives, similar to being fed sewage after layers of sewage until there is no God particle left. This energy sewage accumulation also blocks and distorts the pathway of the 3-6-9-12 Arc from being completed and connected as the 11:11 Ascension Gateway. Humanity has been told to consume ArchAngel Michael energy under the guise of protection, only to be revealed it has been generating great harm to our Christos masculine archetype, along with a Magnificent Blue Ray Being that has been tortured to serve Reptilian motivations through the Archontic Deception Behavior and the False King of Tyranny. This means the AA Michael Blue Sword Initiations are energetically meant to enslave rather than protect.

The major gate of the Golden Eagle Grid stronghold infiltration is the 10th dimensional Gate located in Iran/Iraq. Iran Gate The war, strife and death of many humans in this area of the planet is used to keep the dark energy of the NAA circulated and in control. The NAA controller agenda of the False King of Tyranny is and always will be “divide and conquer”. This area is the most prominent to institute False Family of Michael “sightings” and broadcast usurped new age channeling into the Golden Eagle Grid Network. It also has planetary circulatory system linked to Giza at the Astral Plane the 4D gate level and others. One of these networks is called the Phoenix Grid.

This area of the planet is the main location point of Planetary Invasion 5,500 years ago that gave the foothold of Hierarchical Reptilian Negative Alien Races to wreak their enslavement agenda upon the inhabitants of this earth. The hijack of the horizontal grid networks of the Golden Eagle Grid and Phoenix Grid were taken over to create a global brain hemisphere splitting, stage the takeover of the global brain that has led to the mind control programming of the people of the earth. These races divide into two major agendas, the Luciferian Annunaki, a hive mind hierarchical reptilian mentality (Belial) and the Satanic Black Suns, a materialistic individualist race of misogynist war mongers. Both groups of intruders subscribe to patriarchal domination, False King of Tyranny through elitist mind control agendas, such as the Illuminati, that employ military warfare and technological strategies to program, enslave and torture the inhabitants on the earth. These beings, through the Imposter Spirits have stolen the consciousness field technology and its memories through reversal code architecture programs to create the anti-life or death programs on earth, to bind the planetary soul (human collective) to serve their Satanic and Luciferian agendas of current time and future time planet enslavement. This created the recycling of humans after death on the Astral Plane through the False Ascension Matrix and Addiction Webbing.

Themes: Timelines and Histories of the Military Invasions into the land mass of Iraq, Iran ( Former Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Sumeria, Persia) and their archetypes, negative alien invasion, Sacrificial and blood ritual to demonic and satanic entities on earth, Black Sun Programs for the Nazi related theories of eugenics, genocide and survival of the strongest and “fittest”. This is the point that human history was rewritten by the alien victors of war, and the current false history was given to humans up to the Sumerian records 5,500 years ago. All previous historical records or monuments with significant data were destroyed or confiscated from the human race, all knowledge bearers were killed in order to isolate the written records of history which were edited and falsified by NAA. This was to accomplish a hidden alien invasion without outward signs of extraterrestrial and extra dimensional involvement in the evolution and the affairs of the human race. The illuminati ideology was brought in through the financial ruling classes to which their bloodlines began alien genetic manipulation and satanic possession in order to recover and retain consciousness (esoteric) and Stargate technologies of the earth. These were called the Essenes, Christos Templars of the earth, they were humans that had the knowledge of the planetary forces and planetary Stargates (Templar). This area represents the biblical fall of Man from the Garden of Eden, and the stories, holograms and archetypes are related to this area and timeline of invasion.

May we pray for World Peace and that Gods will of Perfect Peace restore the blackened hearts of ignorant power hungry patriarchy that believe the torture and killing of their fellow humans will earn them a seat next to God. May they realize that they are feeding the NAA and the Armageddon software to continue to torture the human race.  May the Perfect Peace of God restore those with broken and blackened hearts to know the true path towards knowing God, is a heart filled with love and peace towards all humankind in this earthly realm.

(Source: November 2010 Newsletter, PEG Week 10, Ascension Glossary – Iran Gate)

Dystopias: “The thin line between reality and fiction” Journeyman Pronoia log #432 ~ Sott Media

“Journeyman Pronoia log #432” – The first part and the introduction of a series of videos called: Dystopias – The thin line between reality and fiction.

Where are we as a civilization and where are we headed? Can we say without doubt that our modern civilization has achieved real progress?… An honest and objective look at our reality forces us to ask these questions, and a restless spirit with a genuine thirst for knowledge invites us to try to answer them.

“Dystopias – The thin line between reality and fiction” is the result of two years of this spirit in action. Throughout all this time the driving force behind this project has essentially been SOTT editors and readers networking in their free time.

Minds and hearts sharing not only a goal but a vision: fiction is a language through which humanity speaks to itself, and within reside some keys to decipher our reality. Sometimes with ornaments that give a metaphorical character, and in others with specific and very definite figures, fiction is the voice of our collective consciousness that tells us about our past, our present, but especially, our future.

It was trying to learn this new language that the team discovered dystopias, these imaginary worlds where humans are subjected to alienating and devastating realities. But are these, perhaps, fantasies product only of literary imagery?… or are they a subtle reflection of our modern civilization?… When the language behind the fiction begins to be decoded, an unavoidable truth becomes excruciatingly clear: the similarities between the dystopian societies and our present reality are surprising and shocking.

As a result of this adventure to unravel the enigma, “Dystopias – The thin line between reality and fiction” took shape. A series of five chapters that seek to expose the root of the problems we face as a civilization and aims to humbly raise as a desperate wake up call to understand reality, to unite… to be responsible and proactive.

The veiled language of fiction announces that we find ourselves at the dawn of a unique time, a time marked by chaos and confusion; and human chronicles reveal that this dilemma is not unique but part of a cycle that has persistently repeated itself throughout history. Is it possible to escape this tragic and tenacious fate?

Information theory, neural networks, psychology, sociology, cognitive sciences, history and philosophy, science and spirituality, all available knowledge has been deployed as the arsenal for the laborious task of understanding where we stand and how we can find the key that could help us escape from this particular entanglement.

Join us in this adventure to discover the mysteries of the dystopias.


This series of videos was created with original content from several sources, neither the creators of this project nor claim ownership of the same. The utilization of the material is intended for education purposes only, neither the creators of the project nor intend at any point under any circumstance to profit from the work of others, conversely we admire and appreciate the quality of their work in reflecting exactly the concepts we intent to share.

If you like this video, please share it. And if you’re interested in getting the original HD version please leave a comment, and we will send you the link.

Earth-Keeper Conference 2015: Energy Springs & Earth Shifts 2015 and Beyond ~ Crysto-Electric Life Forms & Devics

Earth-Keeper 2015: View in HD Settings for Best Resolution. James Tyberonn on Earth Upshifts from 2015 & Beyond. Fascinating ! Discusses Dimensional Expansion Occurring thru Solar Radiation & Saturnian Waves of Crystallization. Explains the Tangibility of ‘Newly Visible ‘ Crysto-Electric & Photonic Lifeforms, Devics, Sprites, Faeries & ‘Orbs’ in the Ongoing Ionic Ratio Alterations. Reviews ‘types’ of higher dimensional & astral plane lifeforms. Includes an Analysis of Revolutionary Revisions of Earth Current Flows, Energy ‘Springs’ Occurring in Rifts and Mountain Cordilla. Discusses the benefits & challenges of Expanded Belief and ‘Psychic Gifts’ in the new paradigm, of ‘Group Consciousness ‘Thought Forms’ . An excellent presentation , definitely worth while ! Filmed live before 500 attendees of the 2015 Earth-Keeper Colorado Star-Gate Gathering .
All Copyrights Duly Resreved 2015


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The Ten Commandments Of Native American Tribes

The Ten Commandments Of The Native American Indians

1. Treat the Earth and all that dwells therein with respect.

2. Remain close to the great spirit.

3. Show great respect to your fellow beings.

4. Work together for the benefit of all mankind.

5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.

6. Do what you know to be right.

7. Look after the well being of mind and body.

8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.

9. Be truthful and honest at all times.

10. Take full responsibility for your actions.

12-5-15 Bill Ballard ~ So What Does End Times Mean ~ The 7 Years of Tribulation ~The Shift

So what is the End Times? What does that mean to HUE-man-it-y and me??? What was this all about? What is meant by the Great Tribulation and the 7 years of The Shift? What are the 3 Waves of Ascension? What is Nebadon and What does being a Michael mean?


The Great Awakening shifts into the final year in 2016 and now is that time…. Pretty darned cool whats going down eh? haha….


bill ballard

Just found this video after publishing my above:
Welcome To The 11th Dimension – Documentary

Navigating HIGHLY POTENT Incoming Energy’s ~ Judith Kusel

We are entering a massive energy vortex in the next few days and weeks, and it will bring in a wave of changes to the planet and to the very core of all life and BEINGS on this planet.
This wave is far more powerful than anything anyone ever said about 2012, and it will bring in a tidal wave of cosmic energies, which truly will shift us all into a much higher vibrational energy state.
As the pyramids under the earth and the sea, and those on land get more and more activated, the immensity of the shift will be felt to depths of all Being.
Don’t underestimate the power of this energy and the power of the change which is now upon us.
This is the time when people will start feeling more and more out of sorts, especially those who have not woken up yet.
If you start feeling out of sorts, or disorientated, just allow yourself to rest some, and then also go for walks in the nature. Mother Earth will help you absorb the energies, as she, herself is absorbing them and she is much bigger than all of us.
Call in your higher guidance to assist you to cope with these changes.
(Judith Kusel)


12/2015= 11:2 Global Month,
 within (8) Global Year cycle.

Translation date: 11/29/8: 3

(This is a long one… it will benefit the reader to re-visit this one again each week of this cycle for best absorption of the pertinent DATA and validation of progress and Upliftment
 from this Translation from That Which Is Beyond Time, in Service ….)

DECEMBER 2015 (11) Global Month frequency,  opens up a vital opportunity window for InSight, Inspiration, Knowing/Conscience, Perception, willful Participation/choice.   A dawning grasp of a new  IDEOLOGY to be viewed and shared for the Upliftment of the Collective Vision and Intention:  (2) , with primary emphasis on powerful and Harmonious Communications, from (11) beyond the [Time and Space reality Illusion] construct of limitation.

This is an opportunity to RE-MEMBER that TIME does not provide any THING of substance.  TIME IS A VIBRATORY ILLUSION, yet it captivates and entralls, and stimulates the Emotional Presence that IS the catalyst for the Creative mechanisms of experience by the BEing.
If a participant WON’T take response-ability for what they are seeing and participating in, from this point forward, things WILL appear to become more and more constrictive for THEM.

As OBSERVERS in the Collective Illusion, and as sparks of Source in re-Alignment, we have the CHOICE to participate and focus in the releases that are the closing down of that which is no longer useful for EXPANSION.  Experiences will surely show signs and point toward the exit portals in ways that may not have been thought of before, yet were right there all along.
(11:2) All-ways brings Illuminations, In-Sights, and In-Spirations that push the envelope open in sudden and unexpected ways.   And, yet, as these conversations with [That Which Is Beyond Time] flow into conscious Self, they are percieved with a DEEP Inner Knowing of which perceptions and options FEEL BETTER to participate in.
Denial and avoidance can no longer be Allowed by Higher Self Expression as Source- so …
The TIME IS NOW to own up to Who and What is Allowed by Heart resonance.  The direction to walk as a WILLING PARTICIPANT in the Time classroom and experiment is seen from withIN.  This month brings a flow of communications from that Higher place of Knowing for ALL.

(11) download DATA comes from an Internal Source of Imagery and Telepathic communications which urge the Self toward that which is Love, Balance, and in Co-Creative Spirit of activity.
The images bring sudden awareness and Illuminations of what is going on behind the scenes of the Time classroom.  Inspirations to ACT in this final frequency cycle within the waning 2015  (8) frequency to consciously administrate the environment, personnel, and resources within the immediate realm of experience are strongly directed by Higher frequencies.
The Insights that (11) brings forth focus on that which is Eternal, and makes the contrast (in time) more obvious in terms of expression that can bring sudden outbursts of Truth.
There will be a series incidents of “OOPS!  Well, [it’s] “out there, Now.” kind of events.  Events that are completely Transparent regarding authenticity of claims.  Not that these Illuminations or outbursts were an “accident” by any means of understanding.

It IS  Time to deal with certain Truths, certain ways of doing and being that have not been based in Integrity or balance, and with far less shadow to obscure the obvious Way to focus.  With (11) The LIGHT IS ON, and All is in view- even if briefly.  You can’t UN-see it, so NOW what are you going to DO about it?
[It] can’t be denied anymore, either, so if there is a niggling in your gut that keeps you in a restless state of Being, the best medicine is facing it.  Meditation, walking, exercise are the kinds of activties that assist in this revealing and dealing with the “stuff” that is ready to be dumped out in the open.
Any attempts to hide Truth from Others can and will be “felt” by those to whom these shadowy , but fruitless, attempts are perpetrated upon.
All who are in the NOW, will see these tests coming from a “distance” inwardly, and in far enough advance to be able to be decisive when the “event” or incident arrives in the Mirror to practice the dance of Love in Truth Now.

As this month unfolds a window for ACTION TOWARD THAT WHICH IS WANTED NEXT, we can see a reality in a state of flux and at a precipice of Self Knowing that has been spoken of not only for several decades by contemporary reflections, but by the True Masters of Now in texts and studies- such as the TAO TE CHING.

(Tao Te Ching- Lao Tzu/PDF) 

There has been a sea of perceptual DATA that has been flowing into the collective experience, and from All directions beyond Time, that has been utilized to stimulate Consciousness by way of extreme provocation.  The testing has been quite brutal and yet has still been Illusion.

Those Beings that have presented themSelves to be the purveyors of terror have served the collective well by consenting to be the perpetrators of such a testing platform and are soon to be released from their positions as actors and instigators of the Collective Expansion OUT of Time.
Revenge is NOT the pathway.  Let the Releases work FOR you.  Remain in a state of LOVE NOW,  for the perfect outcome in ease and flow.  AS The perception of distraction and harassment has increased in the media – which, we are reminded,  is still be provided for us to use for expansion, and has also highlighted the awareness of the false-representations of Human capabilities and Higher Intention of Source Self.  This campaign is to be curtailed and handled in the processes over the next perceptive 15 years (in Time).  The unfolding of this re-Alignment process IS going to be eventful as the Self begins the final stages of Awakening to the [ I AM] Presence within the ALL.
This is a dumping phase of ALL of that which is to be Released in order to attain this Next level of experiential Self Awareness, and promote the furthering of more skillful use of the Eternal Creative Mechanistic prowess that Multi-dimensional Creator Beings possess.  BUT, [I/YOU/WE], apparently, must learn to laugh at our own Self denial in this process, so we can MOVE ON from the looking back and gawking upon our own SELF percieved limitations.

Peter, through a bit of instigation, realizes his own skill of IMAGINATION made MANIFEST.

THE REMAINING state of flux in Self re-acclimation brings more data which will appear to be coming from withIN, and then re-cognized as [I AM ALL],  that must – and will, be verified by HEART, which is the ongoing communications center.   Expect a growing expertise developing in December 2015 that furthers dynamic active expression, and further Inspired Insights in February 2016, and November 2016, with deep Knowings that support permanent releases of a wide band of constricting IDEAS and BELIEFS, for All.

As this month flows into the higher frequency experiences that are already InVISIONED for 2016, (9), the endings that are to come through 2016 have already been planned from withIn, will be seen from WITHIN, and utilized as natural part of the EXPERIENTIAL processes of participation in the holographic experience.

I AM Expansion is Eternally shifting to fit the Nature of the Participant withIN a personalized agenda for BEing.  Reflections in the Mirror/Time reality experience, via a Global arena of activity, is showing us the bombastic and ridiculousness of SELF assault and maliciousness in terms of a seemingly Collective case of Auto-Immune DIS-EASE.
Participants who accept SELF as the pinnacle of Source LOVE will be the most profound examples of the New Way of Consciousness in action.  They will come as whispers, and gentle breezes that smell of freedom and All that which is WANTED.
The more thought that is focused in the direction of relief and preference, the more release will be accepted and welcomed by the All.   And, NOT in terms of accepting slavery and/or further constriction, altho this IS A CHOICE POINT for each participant. There will be no choosing for anOTHER in this cycle.  The test in this exacerbation of that which is NOT WANTED in your experience, is SELF FOCUS in PEACE, NOW.
SELF Creates ALL.
So, hold Thy neighbor in Love and see who comes along with you in that happy thought, and who and what dissolves from your immediate reality experience.
It’s Time for YOU to DO YOU, as a Whole.

Not only will it suddenly appear that [I/YOU/WE] are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore, but, we are bringing it MUCH closer to our own chests… (Heart Knowing).
Participation in the process of  Re-Alignment will be deliberate, conscious, and based less in fear.

This means, to begin with, those little things that we do out of habit- such as, Self abuse or Self harming in ALL WAYS, for example- inappropriate diet, all addictive behaviors (especially fear), deprecating Self talk, lack of confidence due to dead ideas about Self in RELATIONSHIP, and our unconscious CONSENT to anyTHING controlling and constrictive will be on the block.
This especially includes our personal perception and participation from withIn the Bio-Electric apparatus (body) in which we are having this sensorial experience.  Be Loving to this Gifted Human Body, and It will respond, in Kind.
All of that which no longer serves the Self in wholeness will be in question, to the point that there will be confusion as to how MUCH is up for release.  ALL OF [IT] is to be released.
What is intended to remain for the purpose of expansion will survive, and there will suddenly be vast amounts of “space” in your experience for some NEW, and much more satisfying stuff to arrive.
This is usually the point where Beings in process tend to shut down and fall into compliance with [construct] that is familiar as a tool just to hold things from breaking apart.  We have all done this, and remember what it feels like when we realize that we are going to have to attempt those releases again- later.  But, It will only feel safe momentarily from this point in the Collective Intention- and then, the Higher Knowing will kick you in the ass again to get up and out of the burning constructs that no longer serve the Expansive part of YOU, and are being torn apart no matter how hard you try to hold things at status quo.

It IS important- if not VITAL,  in this incoming (9) window of RELEASE, FORGIVENESS, COMPLETION, GRATITUDE, and ULTIMATE LOVE, that there  IS NOT an “out there”, out there.   If that IDEA is held, the resolution phase of this immediate (9) cycle of [I AM ALL] vs [ ILLUSION defines Me] will be, as ever– even more constricting and increasingly frustrating.


(SEE : ANY Translator of Quantum mechanics for more InSight on the Self Creative Reality Experience… a list of videos are provided at the bottom of this post.)

The (11) of December’s gifts and opportunities in the direction of SELF, as Creative Director of what is percieved in the Time reflection, is bringing an awareness that it is the perceiver CHOOSING to make Peace with the Illusory “reality”, or perpetuating the illusions of “outer” constraints a bit longer for the gradual processing of the remnants of the outmoded, and deeply imbedded IDEAS that no longer serve their training purposes.
The Time platform has provided a full “year” (in Time) of activities and events in full view for this process.  But for a great many aspects of Self (otherSelves) – this coming  annual frequency cycle will be a quick dump and moving on to the LOVE part of this opportunity in an immediate sense.  This potential can result in great relief as the Re-Alignment floats right into the experience by mid-2016, in full “view”.

This release and forgiveness cycle will be reflected in a world wide awakening, and rejection of any of the over-control that binds the Human Spirit.  The Time to become aware of the IDEA OF SELF AUTHORITY in CO-CREATIVE EXISTENCE, (2000-2999), has already commenced at the beginning of this Millennium, and as the cyclic “decades” of the [Time] classroom focus flow forth, so will the success of the establishment of [I AM THAT I AM] be seen by the participants of the Collective this month,  if only by an internal glimpses that sparks the Next inspired action, and the next, and the next- into the Higher Harmonics of Love (6) in ACTIVE Co-Creative realization and participation.

The (6) in the 2016 cycle will bring this up in evidence and action as the sorting out of what stays and what goes is ongoing for all of this coming cycle, with focus on RELATIONSHIP, fairness, balance in the direction of Love.
So, there are two LOVE frequencies (6, 9) coming into full vibratory experience which will not, cannot, be denied full realization for the bulk of the participants in co-creative flow.
Timelines will split on this one topic.
LOVE will be more clearly defined by “social propriety” and standards of giving/sharing that will be elevated greatly by the mid 2020’s as a “norm”,  which is INCLUSIVE of Interspecies co-creativity.
All Creat-ures are to be taken into consideration.

Any in-fighting that is observed and participated with in the Mirror reality of Collective experience is, in FACT, occurring withIN the perception of Self.  So, if you have the urge to be aggressive- it stems from fear, so- exit the situation immediately. And when you return,

The awareness of this quantum shift will happen to each participant, by way of whatever means – or story-line, you choose to adapt.
Some believe the Sun’s frequency is sending Gamma that is making this happen, and some believe it is by way of Extra personnel from as yet publicly identified realities, but, the bottom line on this transitioning frequency will Ultimately prove to each participant, that [I AM] the Creator of my own Experience, and Time is a TOY with which I AM choosing to entertain for a while longer.

And here, you might question:  WHY am I choosing to entertain the IDEA OF LINEAR TIME still?  Why am I choosing to perceive exacerbated exercise of the awareness of pain, construction, conflict, imbalance in so many directions?
Because, it brings DATA in little digestible bites- ONE NOW AT A TIME.
The experience of dis-content also brings the OPPOSITE view of the  delight and deliciousness of sensuality and EXUBERANCE of the Joy of LOVE NOW.  Contrast sparks the birth of the Next with the promise of expanding Consciousness that there is ALL-WAYS MORE to experience.

So, CONTRAST is seeming to be amping up, because CREATIVE CHOICE Time is NOW, and it HAS to move in the direction of PREFERENCE once what is Unwanted has been identified fully and consciously.   This is where the surfacing of SUB-conscious ideas and beliefs are going to get very uncomfortable for some.
When the IDEA of [I AM THAT I AM] has been satisfactorily sorted out for the participating aspect of Source, there is a RELEASE, and then a transition into the NEXT idea of I AM.

At this point in a Collective game of “Let Us see what we are capable of” continues on, the larger part of the participating Consciousness will begin to take RESPONSE-ABILITY for what is being experienced in much more personal terms of identity, first,  then, the details and the minutia of the Time/Space manifestational processes will follow.

The COLLABORATION of the All is only Natural at a certain point of Awareness (in Time)…. and then, all of the bridges around certain items of the Time construct will move into clear view.   The old ideas of BEing will move into the direction of more expansive IDEALS of the Collective Vision…. like SHARING without hesitation or ideas of lack (2).   This includes, data, ideas, technology, resources, Nurturance, etc., etc.,… know, the THINGS of Time.

The ILLUSION is bending and breaking out of confinement in ALL directions, and beyond the IDEA of the Time platform of experience.
The IDEA of HOARDING will be an idea outgrown quickly now, as the IDEA of FULL Self Response-Ability for Creatorship will release the IDEA of LACK.  There have been MANY active Translators in this Knowing of Self Creatorship [in Time] and Beyond.  I have provided many links within this site for your perusal and Upliftment, and, again-  have posted a few more at the bottom of this post.

But, in an (11) frequency window, there is immediate release of separation and IS the Time to ask out loud for assistance in your own Transitioning into more expansive ideas.  This (11) frequency, in December, opens the CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION with That Which IS Beyond Time is open for All for a cycle of intensified expansion with amplification in the IDEA that there is NOT separation.  And, …

How a Being in participation perceives what is shifting is DIRECTLY DEPENDENT upon their own Self Expansion awareness and commitment to their own Self Expressive Truth.

Your own Timing Map will give more details on your own immediate options and pathways for you regarding Release and InSpiration, for 2016,
(calculate your personal number here, or, contact Me to assist you personally in this Translation here…)

…you can re-visit the previous posting for the preliminary overview of 2016 to review some of the highlights of the opportunities to LEAP into more SELF Balance and Alignment.   December is a window of opportunity that brings Inner conversations, Visions, and urgings that stimulate a new level of Self capabilities, including INNATE energetic tools and talents, and bring insight on the ramifications of NOT respecting All of the potentials within an Eternal Multidimensional Creator BEing.

To try to sum up such a LARGE OPPORTUNITY for expansion-…
If you are noticing exacerbations of pain and conflict in the Mirror, get busy cleaning out your OWN closets and data files that are based in f.e.a.r.
YOU are Eternal BEingness NOW!

JUST TO IT while the doing is NOW… because with (9) frequency, the more resistance you hold onto- the more percieved pain in the form of protracted endings.  Endings which are going to HAVE to occur anyway, so might as well GIV IT UP to LOVE NOW, and LOOK FOR THAT WHICH YOU ARE WANTING TO EXPERIENCE, as Inner Source leads you to warmth and solidarity by way of what will appear – at first- to be miracles, but is in FACT, the DOING of your own COMMITMENT TO FOCUS.
It’s TIME to TAKE IT BACK!    
And, all of the signposts are there for you to do so.  

Practice focusing on the ideas of the bridges that ARE in place for you to cross in each day.  Turning your wagon around to go back into the “battle field” will NOT be a comfortable thought.  And even though this is a New kind of Courage for you to Be stepping into, there IS a  spark withIn that gives an unquestionable nod to move into the Now in Love and with MORE Self Confidence than you have ever experienced so far in this game.
LOOK FOR your opportunities of Expansion, not with strings of unworthiness still attached, but in full acceptance that, in FACT,
And YOU ARE CREATOR of Your perceptual experience.
Take up the challenge to Self Create, to pick up your INNATE TOOLS of PERCEPTION and PROJECTION to your own advantage and growth- daily, if not moment to moment.
TIME is a platform that allows you to CHOOSE and taste and try out an endless choice of directions in which to project your I AM-NESS…
As the frequency Harmonics increase in the direction of the Eternal, That Which is Beyond Time suggests Creativity from the Self Realizing position of NOW, in the Creative Emotional state of LOVE.

Abraham: Begin Your Day, Wobble Free….

YES….THE BRIDGES into the Next are already in place – LOOK FOR THEM, and FOCUS, as you CHOOSE to step into them no matter what the remnants of your fear ideas are doing in the mirror.
The Beta-testing regarding Self Realization is almost done, and this seems to have been the plan all along regarding this version of the Eternal Human.
Have GRATITUDE and Love for the Angels with dirty faces.
ALL is ONE in Love.

We “look” around with eyes that are prejudiced by programing designed to TEST the resolve of the [I AM] Presence.
Who came in AWAKE??   ALL.
Who HAS weathered the testing construct??  ALL.
WHO is moving on to the Next….  I AM, ALL.

Now, go “out there” and, ACT LIKE IT,

I continue to hold the Image of All in Perfection, NOW- as Ever. 

If you don’t LIKE what you are seeing and experiencing– CHANGE YOUR MIND.  


Fred Alan Wolf:

Dr. Joe Dispenza (practical applications of QUANTUM Self Creativity)

The END of Time and space: ( Professor Robbert DifKraff)

Crystal elementals descend from above by ÉirePort


Crystal elementals descend from above.

Magic points are noted by all Gaia beings.

Unification becomes priority energetically.

Life paths are unveiled as individuals relax.

Portentions are released, as collectives embrace.

Curtains of light. Aurora Borealis Finland

Ascension / Energy Update – It Is Getting Real! ~ David Martin

overwhelmedMany are finding themselves thrust into the real now moment and it appears as all your emotional, physical and mental aspects are crashing in on each other. We are so used to focusing on past, present and future all at the same time we lose track of the now reality.

The way to assist in coping during these final stages of our evolution, is to consciously and intentionally let go of what was our reality. We, without realising are locking ourselves into a loop. By believing that what was, still is. We are actually re-creating it!

Time spent in nature truly embracing the sheer wonder and beauty of all the positive aspects she bestows is particularly beneficial at this time. Allow yourself to relax in the knowledge that she always makes things right :-)

It is pointless worrying about what was, what is or what will be. Just fully embrace the bliss of the moment and thereby allow the very best future to be born. For in the stillness of the ‘now’ moment you are at one with the source of creation and thereby act as a pure beacon for the very highest and best for all creation ♥

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