Freddy Silva – Ancient Temple Grid Network, Lay Lines, Sacred Sites for Consciousness Activation

There maybe a longing within you to travel and pilgrimage in these times to such sites today. It is likely on a deeper level within you the desire to have access to a greater awareness of our reality on a Selfhood path level now may be triggering in order to gain the perspective ability to see what is going on. That inner guidance is attempting to trigger in you. So, observe how you feel about places mentioned. The feeling of being drawn to them would be an indicator of that. And, seek the wisdom of people with the ability to interpret what is good for you. As in the detail of the above interview i mention about the archonic elements, some powerful intuitives are accessible to assist in that.

Thanks for your efforts Freddy. His books are excellent.…


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A great teacher Freddy Silva here shares his perspectives on the purpose of the ancient temple network structure around the world. Anchor points for human consciousness awakening. Built in ages gone by prior to a time when the human freedom was about to be lost to elements who wish to control. Freddy shares this at about the 12 minute mark. Andrew Bartzis describe these being as Archons which i offer a glimpse here:…

The reason why much of this information has been made very elusive until this special time is due to efforts to suppress human consciousness. To fit us into a paradigm that dominates us. Hence, my ‘Money – The Ultimate Consciousness Pacifier’ doco:…


Today’s Energy Report ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown 5/27/16

High frequencies, solar flares to crystalline charging activations to the body releasing irritation and aggravation energies without an actual triggers or anything going on, love filling every cell, peace and brilliance as it does…yet scattered energies as particles re-align make it hard to focus/produce… It takes more focused intention to do heart-brain-work in these energies right now… Plasma gas and physical body upgrades continue, the body continues to release old timelines from the structure, muscles, cells…. Lots of love, nurturing and care for our physical body, sunshine to charge up, time templates have been going through huge upgrades too…. Shifting timelines as fast as we are, everything’s dissolving instantly, the moment we allow it to go, let it go, move on and re-focus…. Old timeline physical realities seem but a semblance of an old illusion dream…. not even real anymore… even when it was yesterday or the last few weeks.

Everything is felt by distance…. so the more one’s heart is open/connected or closed/disconnected, the closer/further things feel. Realities are the same way, the moment that is done/gone for us, the further away it appears….
Light is how we exist, travel, function…. and when the heart closes, light cannot transmit anymore… When the heart and mind are open, one’s energy relaxes, the muscles relax and transmission resumes again…. calling forth the realities we do desire…. for us…
Realities here are very simple, there’s not much thought required, unless just observing, appreciating and inJOYing the experience from inside…..
The physical work we DO is a combination of energies, focus, intention and producing that which is most resonate with our soul. The human body does the work, the soul drives the show….
As a Higher Self Multi-Dimensional BEing, we utilize everything here. As Hybrids, we realize we are Spirit/Soul/Light BEings in physical form, fulfilling purposes, missions and roles… playing out the play we chose, yet as humans are not aware of yet…. we realize that all is in vibration…. We do not focus on things that the human aspect does…. WE focus on what is truly important…. Honor, respect, integrity, beauty, love, joy, peace, consideration, communication, contribution, generosity, unity and higher consciousness light. The physical reality is a combination of the ENERGIES that are present within us….
Being truly conscious means being totally present, aware and in command…. from a space of inner power, inner wisdom, inner love, inner everything…. The outside is a solidified projection….
Being responsible means you are aware this is all up to you. Every minuscule particle… you did this… you still and always do. ♥
Right now, beautiful exquisite solar winds…. the Rainbow Bridge, the Light Tunnel, peace and abundance frequencies…. Diamond Light Codes…. all present and magnificent…. Cells and lots of Inner Earth movement….. every day now… super charging through crystalline activations…. breathing life-light through our every cell….
Open up loves… there’s sooooo very much more… We’ve always “just begun”…. This IS NEW EARTH… where every nano-second everything is vibrantly A-NEW! ♥
Get used to golden sunrises and sunsets … we are in the GOLDEN AGE now….. ♦
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Keep raising your vibrations! Mahalo Nui Loa ♥

5 26 16 Bill Ballard ~ Money VS True Currency Ascension ~ Coming out of the Matrix

Important message regarding the RV and what currency really IS – it’s not about waiting for a currency reset, it’s about imagining – CO-Creating a new paradigm based on your “energetic value”…Are You Creating a New Paradigm or ReCreating the Old?

Abraham Hicks ~ Certain Foods Help with Vibration?

Abraham explains in detail how what we eat affects our mood, the way we think and our lives.

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11 Brain Trust Group with Andrew Bartzis – graduates, 18th universe, akashic records

Andrew Bartzis our benevolent galactic historian tells a few of us from the Friends who like Andrew Bartzis facebook group about graduates, 18th universe, void space and akashic record.

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Every act we make to reclaim our sovereign free will not only helps us as individuals, but also the world around us.

A Mary Rodwell presentation 2016 by Leigh Kerr

By T.A.L.K Group Australia –

Mary Rodwell discusses topics to include, Interaction with starVisitors,The new Human, Topics involving Children. The letter Children, Dr Lena Ohlsons, positive experiences.

After the Bombshell: Pamela Anderson’s Next Act {Transhumanism Promo}

Note:  Wow!! This one really had me going for a minute.

Like many women from my generation, Pamela Anderson was a icon of beauty and sexual freedom, mixed with rock-n-roll rebellion. Having spent most of my youth working and living the music and rock-n-roll industry, I had no problem identifying with her lifestyle. I’m eight years older than Pamela and have already walked the path of feeling discarded by “the industry” – by the time I was in my mid-forties the career opportunity’s dried-up, perfectly timed as my youthful beauty “appeared” to be melting away with the sands of time.

By the time I was 48, I was literally suicidal. Then the opportunity to move to Hawaii manifested, after moving to the Big Island the “organic” spiritual transformation began.

While watching the first few minutes of the “Connected” trailer below, I was really identifying with the stages Pamela was going thru and admired her courage in revealing her insecurity’s, in such a public manner.

That is, until the last 90 secs when the “creep” factor set-in and it became VERY apparent this film is promoting the Transhumanist Agenda.  This is an excellent example of a VERY SLICK, DECEPTIVE marketing agenda to get women, and the general public to “Connect” with AI at the spiritual level.

Could this be part of the “Service To Self” Ascension Agenda created by AI and Team Dark, to harvest souls to the realms they will be ruling over after the shift? Inquiring minds would love to know!😉

Blessings, {~A~}

  • After the Bombshell: Pamela Anderson's Next Act -
  • After the Bombshell: Pamela Anderson's Next Act -
  • After the Bombshell: Pamela Anderson's Next Act -
  • After the Bombshell: Pamela Anderson's Next Act -
  • After the Bombshell: Pamela Anderson's Next Act -

    Photo by Katie Thompson. Produced by Biel Parklee.

Following the fallout of a messy divorce, the sex icon is back—and confronting middle age head-on in a new short film. “Getting older isn’t the end,” she says in a revealing interview.

Many of the words the world uses to describe Pamela Anderson start with the letter “B”: Buxom, blond, babelicious, bombshell, bodacious. But while the 48-year-old can still rock an itsy-bitsy bikini (see her record-shattering 14th Playboy cover this past January, shot by Ellen von Unwerth to commemorate the magazine’s final nudie issue), there’s more to Anderson than meets the eye. Indeed, in a limo Saturday night on the way to the New York screen premiere of her new short film, “Connected,” Anderson revealed qualities even deeper than her storied cleavage.The premiere capped off “Seeding,” a day of events at midtown’s Museum of Arts and Design celebrating Pin-Up magazine’s eco-centric garden and landscape design issue. Perfect context for a pin-up who has sworn off plastic and powers her home with solar panels.

As the actress settled gracefully into the car’s back seat, sheathed in a spare, stark-white dress by Hamel, a Serbian label known for seriously body-con frocks, and shod in sky-high nude stilettos (faux leather, of course, since the PETA supporter eschews animal skin), she mused on “Connected.” “This is the first time I’ve ever been in a serious role,” she said. “I’ve done Baywatch, and other things on TV that I could do with my eyes closed—run around in a bikini, et cetera. But it was fun to play a really dramatic character.”

Directed by the 29-year-old photographer and filmmaker Luke Gilford, “Connected,” which also stars Dree Hemingway, is an eerie, 10-minute, sci-fi-tinged window on aging, insecurity, and the desire for physical transformation and spiritual enlightenment in a technically evolving, image-obsessed society. Anderson’s character, Jackie, is a weary spin instructor seeking inner and outward change through meditation, yoga, green shakes, supplements, oxygen treatments, and self-improvement podcasts (voiced by Jane Fonda). We’ve all seen a lot of Anderson over the years, but never seen her quite like this—pared down, vulnerable, and visibly frightened of what lies ahead.

“The film is a metaphor for how women are treated after a certain age,” Gilford explained. “Of course, it’s larger and more universal than just women, but it speaks specifically to women and beauty—and how after a certain age, they are just kind of discarded.” Ouch.

Anderson can relate to Jackie on a few levels. “Aging is something we all deal with,” she said. “At a certain age, you can find yourself at a loss. Your children are grown. You may have gone through a divorce. You’re trying to find meaning. What’s your purpose now? You’ve raised your kids, and now they think you’re a little crazy, because you’re trying to do all these self-help things. You become distant from everybody. You’re searching for answers. If I do all these things to look younger—the creams, the classes, the supplements, the procedures—I’ll be more accepted by my kids, my friends, men. You’re dealing with so much loss at this age. It seems like everything is behind us, so what’s next? We took a lot of things for granted—youth, beauty. But now what?”

Her artistic timing is uncanny. Anderson was emotionally flayed after a brutal (second) divorce from Rick Salomon last year, which helped her get into her character’s fragile state of mind. “I look back at pictures of myself when I was in this awful relationship, and I looked 20 years older,” she said. “I know it sounds like a cliché, but happiness has a lot to do with beauty. Calm, peacefulness and not-constant stress are very, very important to feeling beautiful and confident. And that comes across whether you’re wearing makeup or not. I remember looking in the mirror during filming and saying, ‘Who is this person? How did I let myself get to this place?’”

Romantic turmoil behind her, one gets the sense she’s in a really good place these days. And unlike her character in “Connected,” she isn’t apprehensive about her age. “I actually like aging. I have great older female role models in my life, including my amazing mom, who have glitz, glamour, and all sorts of fun. Getting older isn’t the end. I know I have so much to look forward to.”

When asked if she regrets anything she’s done in the name of beauty, Anderson rolled her eyes down towards her chest. “Not that we need to point it out,” she said, laughing. Her longtime makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, piped up from the front seat: “Let’s just say that at some point, we all realize that less is more!”

In the film, Anderson doesn’t even wear mascara, a bold move for a girl who like lashes as much as she does. Her maquillage was toned-down accordingly for the screening, too. “I like to try different looks,” she said. “If I’m doing a photo shoot, for example, I like to play with the artist’s interpretation of me. I’ll try anything. I’m not one of those people who always has to look a certain way.”

Which could help explain why Anderson has been a prolific art-world muse through her career, inspiring works by the likes of Richard Prince, Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha, and the photographer David LaChapelle, whose portraits of her are like a mash-up of Cindy Sherman and Jenna Jameson. “I went to a Jeff Koons museum show with his mom,” she said. “She was like, ‘This is your leg, this is your hair, this is your shoulder.’ I had no idea. It was such a huge compliment.”

The actress moves easily in the art world, and has amassed an impressive collection over the years. “All my friends are artists,” she said. “I love people who are creative and really pushing the envelope and reaching for new things. Artists are the freedom fighters of the world.”

Just then, her phone rings. It’s her son Brandon, 19. He will be slightly late to the screening because his Uber just blew a tire. Dylan, 18, couldn’t make the event, as he’s in school. One senses her children are her rock. “Are you okay? Okay, don’t worry, sweetheart. See you when you get here,” she said on the phone.

The car pulled up to the museum, where there is a photographer waiting to take photos for this story. Anderson posed obligingly. As a crowd of bystanders started to amass around her, she smiled sweetly, and disappeared into the building.

CONNECTED trailer, by Luke Gilford.

The End of the Old Negativity by Denise Le Fay

Illuminations Now Shortlink:

800x600 demon4

There have been two times in April and once so far in May 2016, that I’ve participated with a small group of other Team Light (TL) beings in a higher dimension to, yet again, deal with a small group of representative Team Dark (TD) beings. These TD beings consider these meetings to be negotiations’, they are however strictly informational. There will be no negotiations.

We of TL were, once again, meeting with these particular ancient TD beings because they wanted to try again to “negotiate” with us to be allowed to continue living and carrying on as they always have. We informed them, once again, that that was not going to happen because that time has expired and they must now, like everyone else, evolve. They have repeatedly resisted this information, this fact. Every meeting with them however, they have been slowly realizing that this is indeed happening and that they have to change, evolve, or cease existing as they have. Of course they’re not happy with any of this and so have called for repeated meetings with our small group to attempt more “negotiations”. The calm neutral patience of TL with them about this has been impressive. The slowly diminishing rage and growing angst of TD has been impressive to witness firsthand in these meetings also. This is a first for TD and it’s been rough going for the majority of them. Some of them have seen the light and chosen change instead of extinction. Others have been hanging on and on in hopes that this wasn’t really happening and that they could navigate around it via another timeline(s) etc. Not gonna happen or be allowed however. This is why some Forerunners/Starseeds worked so long and hard on closing down and dead-ending many different timelines over the past four years. Alternate timelines couldn’t exist at the old lower level of frequency because TD would have used them as escape routes and/or alternative realities where they could try to continue existing energetically off of others. Sometimes “payday” takes some time in this dimension to show up and make more sense.

At first they didn’t believe and thought they could scream and rage and demand to get their way. They’re not used to not getting what they want or to be interfered with or outright prevented, so to have things not work any longer has been a difficult and shocking situation for them. It’s taken some time for them to stop screaming and threatening everyone and for them to finally realize that this change is really happening and that there isn’t anything they can do to override it, steal it, distort it, derail it or manipulate their ways out of anything.

Personally, I’ve never before seen TD do anything other than heartlessly plow through everyone, so for me as incarnate-on-earth-Denise to witness and participate in these meetings with them in a higher dimension has been… fulfilling. I’ve come, we’ve come full-circle and are now at a totally NEW place. It’s been good to see the end of this in this particular way after all I’ve been through at their hands throughout this incarnation. This is one of many reasons why I was in this particular TL group informing this TD group about the expiration of their old ways; I (incarnate Denise) needed to experience the end of this ancient negativity and witness those involved with it make the choice. Another reason was so I could share this information with you incarnate here on earth that may not be consciously aware of some of the complexities taking place at higher levels with TD.

566x800 terrorface2

As more of these ancient TD beings finally accept that their old ways and days are done and gone, there’s been, if you’re sensitive to them, some pretty potent blasts of real anguish flying about lately. All that has been can be no more in the NEW Light and the TD die-hards are grieving and are in mourning over what they’ve lost and what they now must do to continue existing and evolving. Spoiled *&^%wits! Sounds much like the current political arena in the US doesn’t it?

Yes lots of beloved, unique humans have exited this dimension like crazy this year so far and because of this we’ve all felt the loss and pain lately but, there’s much more going on than only that. There’s much more “dying” now than certain humans. Entire ancient negative systems, structures and ways of being and existing have ended and there’s plenty of wailing, thrashing about and intense mourning going on in multiple dimensions because of it. All this while simultaneously more and more complex and even higher frequency Light pours in and through each of us. Is it any wonder why some of us feel a tad overwhelmed one moment then euphoric the next? Or, both at the same time? That’s what I’ve felt; both at the same time! I guess this is me burning old Duality into my soul’s memory banks before I evolve beyond it. Nice but strange feeling.

Stay the course, don’t get distracted by the old insanity playing itself out at lower levels, keep your HighHeart on the prize and you’ll be just fine. This is also how you/me/we Forerunners and first to Embody help the rest of humanity navigate these choppy waters of change. Thank You for your great Works.❤❤❤


May 7, 2016

“Awakening to Remembering” Energy Update from Lisa Tanscendence Brown

Aloha Beautiful Light Family!
Okay, there’s lots going on…. Yesterday we had a huge balancing out of magnetics within the physical body, which tends to cause the body to feel heavy/weighted (gravity polarization), the lymphatic system can go haywire, feeling drained and energized all at the same time, as can everything else for “functioning” when we are upgrading to WALK in more higher dimensional realm frequency bandwidths here. 

The magnitude of this process is beyond huge. It encompasses absolutely everything with each of our realities, physical, mental, emotional and what physical realities play out, how we exist, our relationships, tangible abundance and every reality that occurs.

We’ve been speaking of years of “this time” that we are in, many working diligently to hold light, release old programs and become multi-dimensional beings intentionally and consciously, by REMEMBERING fully…. 

This is an entire evolution back into a whole new Galactic Species here. The recent collapse of the magnetosphere, just a small symbol of what is to come, yet this is greatly misunderstood, unless one can see from all expanded dimensions on how this process actually works. This is an organic natural evolving, according to HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT…. everything of lower consciousness (asleep) will dissolve, collapse, be obliterated or transformed… BACK INTO TO LIGHT…. 

The energetic merging of the sun, moons and Earth Gaia into one a few months ago, means that we now all of these star/planetary energies here. Emanating out from the earth and in the atmosphere, the Ascension of Gaia into Terra Nova NEW Earth and all inhabitants last September, means that all will raise to the higher frequency bandwidths at an expedited rate now. That was just Phase 1 of the Mass Collective Grand Awakening process, in addition to each Foreunner/WayShower completing their phases (waves) as and NEW Earth Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers here. December 2015 Phase 2. March 2016 Phase 3, June 2016 Phase 4 and so on… with every moment in-between building to the next phase of completion. 

Yes, this does affect everything here on NEW Earth. Yes, if you are reading this, you are on NEW Earth. The beginning of each of us for realizing this is to look around, see the difference, more color, vibrancy and a Light’r existence… and if you find yourself in the crux of intense upgrades, “loss” or dramatic realities… this is a part of the process as well. Physical matter density, emotional/mental separation everything has to purify, cleanse, detox, release so that all can be transformed into light. Physical matter continually reshaping and reforming according to density & light… every blast of light, every activation of love, every cosmic wave of magical peace awesomeness is upgrading your physical body from carbon-based to Crystalline LightBody form. Everything in your physical reality is doing this too. The density and separation must go. It cannot exist in these higher frequency bandwidths… for this is not just the 5th Dimension, it is all of them… 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and so on….. you continue to evolve from the 5th Dimension … back into a Light BEing holding physical matter form. 

Yes, everything that represented the old, the unconscious will eventually be gone. In it’s place a magnificent, magical and brilliant reality that your human mind cannot yet perceive. You do see it though, in your sleep dreams, day/waking dreams, blips of holographic imprints that come through to assist you with opening your mind that yes… .this is real…. 

There will continue to be more collapse, for this is what “imminent collapse” means. Particle realignment occurring in every nano-second…. only a Light BEing can see this… the human aspect can try to grasp the concept… WE live it… it’s our NEW way of existence…

As each sleeps, they wake up/awaken further, as each walks in nature, they connect again, as each releases old program emotions that were suppressed within cellular memory of every particle of the physical body… new awareness, new realizations, new understanding of how all of this works comes forth/emerges/occurs. The heart and mind must be fully open and unification from within must also occur.

Will you see more chaos, more confusion, more devastation, more bizarreness?. Yes you will… IF you are watching (and allowing) the continually collapsing lower realms…. Where you turn your focus to BEing the new, supporting the new, contributing to the new and committing yourself and all that you are to the new…. then you will “leave” those old realities behind. As you do, you move into a higher frequency bandwidth vibrationally and those realities will cease to exist at all. You will not have the capability to go back, you are not meant to, none of us were. There are alternate realities and different dimensional versions here and you can experience them magnificently, brilliantly and amazingly NOW. 

This is not “one day”…. all prophecies continue to expedite to play out. The difference is most don’t realize that the outside hologram is a big screen physical version of the holographic imprints one has access to from inside and holds within their own physical body & energy field. The ability to embody and move from dimension to dimension is a process of evolving physically back into the light. Most also don’t realize that their every action, decisions, choices make a difference in every moment now. 

Dimensions separate then converge… They separate so everything in it can collapse and be transformed. When this process of light infusion has completed, everything re-converges back into the same physical space, at a higher vibrational frequency bandwidth than before. The unknowingly unconscious sleeping human cannot walk in multiple dimensions physically, yet the evolved physical Crystalline Star-Light BEing can walk in all dimensions simultaneously and choose the one they desire to experience and occupy at any given time here. The amount of photonic Quantum Light held determines how many dimensions one has access to…. 

By maintaining expanded consciousness, one can reshape realities at will. This is because we can see them through our “new” Holographic Living … choose what we do/do not desire and then just wait for vibrations to shift (or shift them our self), so that the physical reality can re-align in response to the intentional transmissions through purity and total consciousness……

We’ve just completed a huge phase and now move into the next one. This is a never-ending, continual spiraling process of always moving into the higher realms of consciousness and physical reality re-alignment. This is the total transformation and evolution of HUmankind now…. you are living it…. whether you are intentionally conscious of it or not. 

I love you….. get ready… HUGE is an understatement … We all signed on for this Galactic Task….. And each has huge roles in this part. Everyone responsible for contributing and awakening to why they are even on this Earth now…. ♥

p.s. We currently have solar flares, gamma lasers and crystalline frequencies all at the same time. High frequency solar winds present as well. Star particle activations (itchies) and more. We are getting busy with the Light Activations… here we goooooooooo! ♥

~ Mahalo Nui Loa from Kauai ♥


Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc.

Author, WayShower, Transformational Speaker on Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, Mastery & NEW Earth Existence, Physical Ascension & Light Embodiment Guide EmPOWERing all through Remembering from Within

Barbara Hand Clow: A Time-Free Transparent World

Image result for Barbara Hand Clow: A Time-Free Transparent World

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – Author Barbara Hand Clow spoke at Vancouver’s Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo on April 16, 2016 in a keynote address on “A Time-Free Transparent World”. Barbara told the assembled Expo attendees, “We are right in the middle of astronomical and cultural cycles that are profoundly altering the Earth, and most of us don’t know where we are going…. These cycles have been fomenting mind-boggling and confusing global changes with the dysfunctional structures of the patriarchy crashing and burning all over the world. In the midst of this time-sensitive revolution, I’ve been working with two practices that explore time going back a hundred thousand years that I will describe during this lecture.”

On April 17, 2016, Barbara’s colleagues, psychic and transpersonal therapist Geri Destefano-Webre, PhD and futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre spoke on “Navigating the Omniverse to Disclosure and Density Ascension”.

Barbara Hand Clow has generously made available her keynote address at the Expo.

Image result for Barbara Hand Clow: A Time-Free Transparent World

A Time-Free Transparent World

Barbara Hand Clow: presented at Body, Soul, Spirit Expo, Vancouver, BC April 16, 2016

We are right in the middle of astronomical and cultural cycles that are profoundly altering the Earth, and most of us don’t know where we are going. The most critical cycles during this period are the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius; the ending of two ancient Mayan Calendars in 2011 and 2012; and seven squares between Uranus and Pluto that were exact during 2012-2015, and are still in the square within 10 degrees until 2020. These cycles have been fomenting mind-boggling and confusing global changes with the dysfunctional structures of the patriarchy crashing and burning all over the world. In the midst of this time-sensitive revolution, I’ve been working with two practices that explore time going back a hundred thousand years that I will describe during this lecture.

Many of you, especially those who are younger than me, have been tuning into the Paleolithic and Neolithic worlds through farming and food—such as so many people adopting Paleolithic diets—because you sense archaic wisdom can help you to be in harmony with our planet. I now believe many of us are transiting rapidly into a time-free transparent world. We’ve contemplated deep human time, and by doing so we’re recovering repressed ancient skills—the archaic hunter-gathering mind and magical mind of the Paleolithic world, and the mythic mind of the Neolithic. Before you get up to go chotsky-shopping at this Expo, this is the most difficult concept I will offer today! If you stay around, you will at least partially understand your own part in this awakening of the planetary mind, and also we will experience a guided journey with the Pleiadians into Earth’s deepest structures. To keep it simple for now, first I will tell you the story of my quest, which I will relate to the cycles and thoughts of other researchers. Then we will go into the awakening of the time-free transparent world, a beautiful concept from The Ever-Present Origin by the German philosopher Jean Gebser. Some of you may have already read his important book.

I have been discussing these main cycles of change for many years. During this time I also searched for ways to describe the radical processes we are experiencing today. I’m sure no one in this room has escaped the crazy acceleration of time and the out-of-control changes in the world. At age 73, after years of deep contemplation, I feel like I understand where we are going—an awareness that avoids pessimism and gives me peace of mind. I begin with explaining how I discovered this awareness in my own research and writings, since at least some of you have read my books or come to a workshop, maybe even travelled with Gerry and me in Egypt, Greece, England, or Mexico. I came to a huge turning point at the end of 2011 when I had completed my part in the intellectual exploration of evolution in time. My description of nine dimensions of consciousness from the Pleiadians was finished; my research on the Mayan Calendar had synchronized; Chiron was being used by many astrologers to rule Virgo and the Sixth House as I proposed back in 1987; and most people knew that a great cataclysm had caused a human regression around 12,000 years ago, my 2001 hypothesis in Catastrophobia: The Truth Behind Earth Changes, which was updated in a new edition in 2007—Awakening the Planetary Mind. In 2011, I completed my research, so, where was I to turn in my creative life? As you will see, I have turned to writing fiction to further express these primary ideas about the evolution of human consciousness. I will describe this creative turn after I tell you my story.

When I was a young girl, my Cherokee/Celtic grandfather repeatedly told me the story of our traumatic cultural regression that was caused by a series of cosmic cataclysms around 12,000 years ago. We were reduced to a multi-traumatized species seeking survival. He told me how Earth’s indigenous people struggled to recover their ancient heritage over thousands of years. He told we would recreate this archaic/magical/mythical world during my lifetime, and now we are witnessing its emergence. I had a delightful time in my grandfather’s study as he moved his fingers all over a large spinning globe, telling me about the movement of people and the development of clan culture in tune with the plants, animals, and rocks. He was a Cherokee record keeper taught by his mother, and then I received his legacy. But, when I was six years old, I had to go to school where I was abused by Western rationalism. While I went through my education that culminated in a master’s degree in theology in 1983, I had to parrot the rational paradigm back to my teachers just to graduate. I also carried on a deep and continual search for the remnants of my Cherokee wisdom in everything I studied. I never lost my archaic/magical/mythic consciousness because of my grandfather and my Celtic grandmother. I couldn’t exist without it today, and I believe this is what many of you may be seeking.

I experienced a difficult mid-life crisis in my early forties. My personality began to fragment because what I needed to know did not fit with the acceptable paradigms in human culture. I struggled to keep my sanity, which was not a pleasant experience for a wife and mother-of-four. I was tortured by conflicting voices in my mind, which made me realize I needed depth therapy. Psychoanalysis was too time-consuming and expensive for me, so I chose past-life regression under hypnosis (PLR) to discover what the inner voices wanted, and it worked! My graduate thesis was a comparison of PLR and Jungian analysis based on 100 two-hour sessions under hypnosis, the material for writing the Mind Chronicles Trilogy. As you can imagine, writing this trilogy from 1985 through 1992 triggered much more deep exploration. These sessions were a gold mine because I had time-travelled back through more than 100,000 years of human consciousness. Inadvertently, I fully activated my archaic/magical/mythical time records, which has been the basis of all my work. The Mind Chronicles Trilogy came out in three successive books starting in 1986—Eye of the Centaur, Heart of the Christos, and Signet of Atlantis—and then it was published as one condensed book, The Mind Chronicles, in 2007.

Craving to fuse with Earth’s intelligence, I went into anthropology back in 1993 at the Cuyamungue Institute near Santa Fe, NM to train with the woman who discovered ecstatic trance postures in 1977, Dr. Felicitas Goodman. Ecstatic trance was a magical practice that connected people globally to the Great Mother during the Paleolithic and Neolithic world. It was their entry into Nature, and it still is now. Goodman discovered that holding a specific body posture for fifteen minutes while in trance, facilitated by rattling or drumming, allows anyone to take journeys into the lower, middle, and upper worlds for healing and divination. This experience opens our full creative mentality and attunes us to mother Earth. I still use this practice and teach it when I can, which will be posted on my website, That is my story in a nutshell, and now I want to relate this creative awakening to the fulfillment of the Western rational mind, the revolution that is transforming the world we live in. I’m using Jean Gebser’s terminology, because he brilliantly described these fundamental layers of human mental evolution way back in the 1940s when I was born.

Considering the Western rational mind, its development begins around 2500 years ago during the Golden age of Greece and culminated during the Renaissance 500 years ago. The Western rational mind is merely the most recent advance in human consciousness. Before rationalism, the mythical mind first appears around 10,000 years ago and superseded the magical mind around 5,000 years ago. Back much farther in time, the archaic hunter-gathering mind is the first emergence of human consciousness around 160,000 years ago, which blossomed fully 100,000 years ago when humans developed art as we can see in the Paleolithic cave paintings. What is unique about hunter-gatherers is they were totally fused with Earth’s vibratory fields. They knew everything that was going on in their habitat and even had global intelligence, which is brilliantly described in the magnificent film, Avatar.

Things changed profoundly around 12,000 years ago when a series of cataclysms occurred that initiated our separation from Nature. In a state of shock and fear, we detected our “self” or “ego,” and saw ourselves as outside Nature. To cope with this changing status, humans invented very potent magical skills to cope with the vicissitudes of life; for example using spells, making powerful wishes, healing, travelling out of body, and divination. Around 5,000 years ago, humans created myths and stories to explain the past and the critical events in their lives. They wanted to know, Where did I come from, where am I going? The Great Myth of Earth often opened with the story of the near destruction of Earth known as the Fall of Atlantis or the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. We were swept away in a grand mythical story of life that fascinated us all the way up to the Age of Enlightenment, which was the takeover by the rational mind in the eighteenth century. Notice that each one of these stages of our consciousness evolution further estranged us from Nature, and then rationalism separated us almost completely. Meanwhile during the Industrial Age and the Age of Enlightenment, we did create physical comfort and a modicum of political intelligence. However, now most of us realize rationalism is drying us up and destroying Earth, so the next stage—time-free transparency—is urgently emerging. This is the crisis of our times, the reemergence of ever-present origin. In other words, the seeds of what is to come next are always there within us and in Nature, and the cycles I’ve described indicate this next stage is emerging now. It actually is.

I’ve told my story of traveling into the deep past to recover ancient mentalities because I think it reflects the attainment of time-free transparency. Also I’ve always sought safe and useful ways to recover and use ancient wisdom. You may wonder about the value of this quest in a world that is deeply troubled by violence and atavistic behavior, for example, ISIS nesting like hornets in the Middle East. In light of the horrible emergence of this cruel group, I found myself questioning the validity of today’s lecture, since ISIS exhibits some archaic, magical, and mythic traits that are covered over by misogyny—fear of woman—and stifling rationalism. So, I ask the hard question: Is the awakening of time-free transparency in our times actually creating things like ISIS and/or rampant mental illness? My answer is the American president George W. Bush created ISIS when he invaded Iraq in 2003 and threw Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard out on the streets or into jail to be tortured. Bush’s insane rationalistic attack is what created ISIS, not the rising need for human freedom. Regarding rampant mental illness and drugging, this is caused by the suppression of the more creative aspects of our minds by rationalism, aspects of our mentality that are reemerging now. In other words, time-free transparency is arising within us to integrate all the aspects of our selves so that we can return to being at one with our planet. The archaic mind knows its sacred territory and protects it, the magic mind can heal and divine, the mythic mind comprehends the flow of time as our collective story, and rational intelligence can create technologies in harmony with Earth.

So, with these rich ideas in mind, what do the cycles mean to us? The Age of Aquarius has been flowing in for more than a hundred years with the discovery of quantum physics and IT, and actually what troubles us now is the ending of the remnants of previous ages. The more we understand how the changes of the ages work, the more we will easily let go of old patterns. The Age of Pisces has been a dualistic two-thousand-year period that developed organized religion. Before the Age of Pisces, during the Age of Aries around 2400 BC to 160 BC, humans adopted organized warfare for power and control. Both of these ages adored war and were male dominant. Unfortunately the war aspects of the Age of Aries were adopted by organized religions two thousand years ago, and during the Age of Pisces, people have been mind-controlled to kill other people in the name of God. Now that the Aquarian ideals are flowing in, many people are imagining the end of homo agressus, and next we will become homo pacem, “man of peace”, which I proposed in 2007 in The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind. In other words, the newest level of our origins is coming forth.

The longest Mayan Calendar that explores 16.4 billion years of human evolution, as proposed by the biologist Carl Johan Calleman, completed itself in 2011. Then nine waves of evolution began flowing simultaneously, which is explored in Calleman’s upcoming book, The Nine Waves of Creation. I can see that the simultaneous flow of all nine waves is creating time-free-transparency. It is very subtle, it is happening, yet what is it exactly? Time-free transparency is a spherical form of consciousness that is holistic and embraces our ancient past and our future potential by living in the present. The seven squares between Uranus and Pluto have pushed us to a new level of chaos that is imploding the male-dominant world of the last 5,000 years and forcing us to integrate all the dimensions of time in our consciousness. We are plagued by horrific violence, such as in Brussels a month ago. But if you can see these events as dying conflicts from the aggressive Age of Aries that transformed into wars for God during the Age of Pisces, then clarity is available. Astrology is the best way to read archetypal transformations—“As Above, so Below”—so let’s have a last look at the Uranus/Pluto squares. Since Uranus rules revolution and creates breakdowns, and Pluto rules the deepest parts of our psyches to expose power abuse, so these squares are creating unrelenting pressure to transform. Uranus and Pluto came together in the sky during the 1960s when people fought for peace, freedom, love, ecology and equality, and now the need is critical. During these seven squares, idealism was reinvigorated as reflected in Bernie Sander’s campaign. These seven squares also triggered deep fear and anger because rationalism no longer works, as reflected in Donald Trump’s campaign.

With these rich ideas in mind, now it is time to tell you about my debut novel, Revelations of the Ruby Crystal. Once my rational thought congealed in 2011, my left-brain research was complete. Yet, I cannot imagine not creating all the time. So I thought about unleashing my imagination by writing a novel. One day I was stewing on that idea in my writing room, and my inner voice told me to get out a tablet and pen to write things down. In a few hours, I had the names, professions, psychological profiles, loves and hates, of all the characters in Ruby Crystal! I could even see them and feel them, so I talked to Gerry about it, and he said, “You must write a novel with these characters! They are fascinating and compelling; I want to know them!” Gerry had never encouraged me like this before, so I decided to give it a try. I parked myself in my writing room with my list of characters, and I just let it flow. I never plotted it, and now that I’m writing the sequel, it is the same, or shall I say the sequel is writing itself. But, how does this connect to all the ideas I’ve been offering today?

These ideas are highly complex to say the least. If it is true we are in the middle of a huge transformation of our species, then a trilogy that explores this transition could be very valuable, even critically important. What I discovered in writing Ruby Crystal is that the sharing of these complex thoughts between highly intelligent characters—such as Claudia Tagliatti a follower of Calleman; Simon Appel, a New York Times reporter in Rome writing about priestly sexual abuse; Sarah Adamson, an early Christian scholar wanting to know why she can’t find Christ in the Catholic Church; and Simon’s father, David Appel, a Jewish magus— amps up the power of their thought as they share what they are thinking among themselves. In their contrapuntal relating, a sphere forms that contains them. Jean Gebser says the time-free transparent stage is spherical, and this caught my eye because the trilogy is forcing me to write spherically to reveal all the facets of deep ideas that are emerging within us. Because of this spherical holistic quality, readers have been telling me that reading my novel is like getting a Reiki session. My past readers, who have resisted my shift into fiction, say that this novel is a quantum leap beyond what I’ve ever done. My last comment is that I’ve always wanted to entertain my audience, and non-fiction frustrated me because it is so much work for the reader. Well, ninety percent of readers report that Revelations of the Ruby Crystal is a page-turner, that its storytelling is compelling and fun. So, please consider reading it just for fun!

Carl Calleman and I believe that human cultures need to realize that our planet has a midline at 12 E longitude that creates what Calleman calls “The Winds of History.” He and I both think we will be mind-controlled and victimized until we realize how this terrestrial structure influences us. Next, I am going to read a few passages from Ruby Crystal where a few of the characters discuss this midline which goes through Gabon, Tunisia, Rome, Germany, and up through Scandinavia. Right now, the effects of this energy line can be observed in the movement of refugees out of Africa and the Middle East, up through Rome and Germany with many desiring to make it up to Sweden. After reading these passages giving you ideas about this midline, I will take you on a guided journey into the planetary midline to awaken our understanding about it. Thank you for your participation in this process.

Copyright 2016 Barbara Hand Clow

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