The Geometry of Energy  Meditation Comprehension and Energy Conceptualization


The Template Ceremony’s ~ Original Innocence, Synthesis and Sacred Breath {Codes 1 – 3}

The Ceremony: Original Innocence (with English, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish subtitles, other languages – coming soon).
This is the full version if Original Innocence Ceremony DVD. Published Feb 2016

The Template – A Holonomic Model Of Transcendence – CODE 2 – Ceremony Of Synthesis – The reconnection of the 13th Circuit – Preparing the Pranic Causeway.

The 13th Circuit connects into the Occiput, where the spinal cord enters the brain, and grounds the this electromagnetic energy into the Coccyx. The form and progression of the 23 geometric fractals of the Human creation code and their sonic counterparts are resonant with aspects of the Holonomic agreement that is the Human Blueprint. This covenant is activated and integrated through frequency resonance, reinstating the 13th Circuit. The is contained in this film.

The dynamic of The Template model follows a momentum of exponential progression. Each coded Ceremony reconnects circuitry that restores a spectrum of electromagnetic integrity to the body. Each successive Ceremony holds the potential of a subsequent spectrum of electromagnetic Source Intelligence that builds upon the resonant synergy of the previous code. For this reason, prior to experiencing this 2nd Code, It is essential that you interact with the
1st alchemical code, Published April 2016

Please watch The 1st Template Ceremony first.
The Ceremony of Original Innocence

The Template – Ceremony of Sacred Breath – Code 3 ~ thetemplateorg

Breath the unspoken vow between spirit and matter, the catalytic sustenance that gives your eyes the gift of sight, your ears to hear, your heart to feel…each breath is a bridge to consciousness…to life.

This film presents and contains an alchemical Ceremony that reconnects 7 Circuits, conduits of electromagnetic Source Consciousness, into the Pranic bio-mechanism; resuscitating the ability to translate the full spectrum of the Source Code. Published August 2017

Fire Trine – Lions Gate – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Meg Benedicte

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We are currently immersed in the sacred Lions Gate portal, as we head into game-changing August. The Leo Refiners Fire will not disappoint – what a firecracker! There is also a Fire Trine in play…during the summer of 2017 there is a harmonic Fire Trine involving the North Node/Sun (Leo), Uranus (Aries), and Saturn (Sagittarius). The Trine/Triangle/Tetrahedron is the strongest, most stable geometric shape in the universe.
With all that fiery energy amping within the biofield, it helps to tune into the powerful Fire Trine while transmuting out-dated sludge. Envision you are standing in the center of the Fire Trine and dissolving your past history in the Time Matrix. You are incinerating old patterns, beliefs, memories from living in the dying world reality. You are moving into a pure void state of deep transformation!
On August 7th there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius. Eclipses shake up the status quo, so expect sudden shifts, new beginnings, or major life changes to pop up within several weeks/months. The Aquarian Eclipse emphasizes ‘power in numbers’, as our united human community takes back the power from the corrupt elite. Since the March Equinox, we’ve spent months purging and preparing the physical vessel to embody Soul power and freedom.
These themes will continue to ripple into the collective awareness between 2017 – 2020. The coming three year period will be challenging, requiring us to join together as a united, empowered community focused on building a new society from the ashes of the corrupt regime.
On August 8th we will fire up the 8-8 Lions Gate portal and receive many blessings from the Sirian elders and the 12 Tribes of the Great Central Sun. Step into the Lions Gateway and meet your future ascended self! Building in momentum since July 26th, the Galactic SuperWave is streaming thru the 8-8 Lions Gate portal and blessing humanity with a powerful Ascension upgrade.
During the broadcast we will connect to the Full MoonLunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius on August 7th and the annual 8-8 Lions Gate activation with our sister star Sirius. The Lions Gate portal occurs every August as the Blue Star Sirius rises in the morning sky with our Sun. It appears as 2 rising Suns – one in golden Light and the other in Blue frequency. When the Sun is conjunct Star Sirius it creates a Solar Stargate that pours Solar Star Codes for mastery and ascension directly from Sirius.
In addition to the annual Sirian Stargate upgrades, we also are preparing for two powerful eclipses in August….the Lunar Eclipse on 8/7 and the Great American Eclipse on 8/21. Join this timely podcast to prepare for an unparalleled August of life-altering events.

We will come together on Tuesday, August 8th at 12 Pacific for the powerful 8-8 Lions Gate – Lunar Eclipse Activations. Join Light Warriors from around the world in a united ‘group mind’ as we co-create our future 5D Earth.

Copyright (c) 2017 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Intro into Living the Mystical Life Daily Teaching Series: Part 2 ~ Galactic Historian

“Who you are and what you are and what you’re knowing about yourself is what’s going to change you inside yourself. We live in a limited point of view. Living the Mystical Life Daily is about striving for the unlimited point of view.”

Welcome! Are you ready to join me on this wonderful journey to awakening your spiritual presence? Are you ready to manifest and create a better you in the life that you are living? The GH team and I are changing the way we do things, and bringing you a brand new weekly design! Every Monday at 11AM PST, I will be sharing a new teaching with you all. For today’s teaching, we dive even deeper in to what The Mystical Life Daily is and how you can start living your own Mystical Life, each and every day. But remember it starts with choice, and it’s your choices that will create and manifest what you want in your life.

So enjoy Part 2 of my Living the Mystical Life teaching, bloopers and all, and I will see you again next week with something new!

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Living the Mystical Life Daily Teaching: Part 1 ~ Galactic Historian

“Who you are and what you are and what you’re knowing about yourself is what’s going to change you inside yourself. We live in a limited point of view. Living the Mystical Life Daily is about striving for the unlimited point of view.”

Welcome! Are you ready to join me on this wonderful journey to awakening your spiritual presence? Are you ready to manifest and create a better you in the life that you are living? The GH team and I are changing the way we do things, and bringing you a brand new weekly design! Every Monday at 11AM PST, I will be sharing a new teaching with you all. For today’s teaching, we dive in to what The Mystical Life Daily is and how you can start living your own Mystical Life, each and every day. But remember it starts with choice, and it’s your choices that will create and manifest what you want in your life.

So enjoy this teaching, bloopers and all, and I will see you next week!

Merkaba like Crop Circle: Target Wood, nr Badbury Rings, Dorset. Reported 16th June

Note: Slightly different than typical merkaba, it has a Tree of Life overlay)

Map Ref: ST9474403832


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GALACTIC SACRED GEOMETRY ART by EHANi, Holographic Light Codes & Healing Mandalas

In this video I have put together a number of art-works I have specially designed and encoded. This is a Gift to All beings. This Galactic Art is created to stimulate higher consciousness within the individual. These works are encoded and specially designed to activate & heal lost galactic memory.
Galactic Beings ride the Waves Beyond Material existence, these ”essences” of light and energy are all throughout our universe, and I ( Ehani ) am a representing figure whose purpose is to educate and introduce the Sacred Sciences & New Clean Energy technologies to Earth. AMBASSiDOR_EHANi Is just simply an energetic signature, which represents the Eye of a Light-being Ambassador whose origins are within the vast networks of Star-Worlds & Advanced Societies.

This Art is created with love & intent to activate, educate & mesmerise.

You can check out EHANi’s & NASHi’s DeviantArt Page here:

Music Used:
Eon Tide – Field Restoration
Eon Tide – Dreamline Anomalies, Paradigm Of Creation

If you are further interested in Sacred Geometry, Galactic Beings and ET topics please check out these two playlists I have formed:



ABRACADABRA, Words To Create or Destroy, Which Do You Employ? Yes I Am A Poet, Thank The Lord I Know It. Alchemy of Words, Mistakes Defined….


Dearest Family,

In this article of articles I would like to gather us to talk about “WORDS“. What do  I mean by words you say? In our modern age  we are scripted to recite a bunch of “Just Words” in school, university or just education in general, without actually being taught the language behind them. After all why would you seek deeper meaning?

Aside from the “Dictionary” which equates to only the physical meaning (unfortunately much of the teachings now a days are mere surface dwelling) of words, the language I would love for you to all experience is the “Language of Branches“, or in other words “The Kabbalah“.

Now, before the question is raised, “No I am preaching the kabbalah in any way shape or form. All I ask if I may, is for you to ask yourself please, why certain words are used, the true meanings and how we can re-shape the illusions.

Image may contain: text
“Eve’n here we can see how the simple interpretation of the word “SPELLING” has fractural meanings. Not only is it a form of communicating the action in which we shape letters into words but it also runs deeper”.

Hands up for those who listen to music?

Our artists, musicians, poets, writers and the like are so intune with this language that when our “SOULS” feel a song, a blog article or locks onto a painting and moves us, grabs our attention (sorry I am not talking about the modern music industry, pop music, as it is void of emotion/feeling other than to brainwash, make money and force you to conform), then due to our own unique levels of awareness we literally either cannot define how it makes us feel or attempt to avoid it as it may make us feel uncomfortable because we wish to remain in our bubbles.

“It is within the attainment of insight and understanding of how our words affect our realities once they are manifested and let loose, that we then become awake and aware to how we interact with the environment (nature, other humans, animals, our general reality) to create, re-shape accordingly”.

“Think twice, Speak once”. Jc Heyoka Empath Ranger.

May you please look at our society. Look a the way everything is worded. The cult associated with “Marketing” uses psychology practices to create ways of not bettering us, just ways to make us believe that we need to spend money and work until death.

Question: Was it not back in time that we persecuted those who controlled us with magical words? Image may contain: one or more people and text

We have devised unique languages with words to mean not only multiple ideas, agendas but now it now is contextual in how we use them. Tone, environment, body language all contribute to how we interpret each other.

We can literally affect our surroundings and other beings with our words. Yet we disregard the weight of a word. Wars are fueled by misinterpretations, or strategically placed words.

“Weapons of mass destruction”. Clearly the Torah here is “Weapons of mass delusion”, this one sentence being the weapon. Look at how much weight these words carry, thousands upon thousands of innocent lives and counting”. Jc Heyoka Empath Ranger

Words affect me greatly, because I look beyond each word. What are you actually meaning when you say that to me in this tone of voice, or within this context or environment.

Article on- Marketing

Article on- 5 Ways of Influence

Article on- The Language of Branches

Article on- The Concept of Time

Article of- Understanding True Value

Article on- Consumerism

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A little Introvert Banter!

Thank you all from the entirety of this little being’s soul.

Love love love you all…

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Natural Law: The 7 Hermetic Principles A Lecture By Spencer Eskridge, with Slideshow

Spencer Eskridge gave a brief lecture over and engaged in an intellectual dissection of Natural Law- The Hermetic Principles.
Below is a link to the audio. A big “thank you” to Aug Tellez for hosting the platform.
Enjoy. – Spencer Eskridge

Spencer’s Channel –…

Aug’s Channel –…

November 8, 2016

Sonic Geometry – A Study on the Amazing Secret Hidden within Sound Frequency – Video, Links and Commentary

For thousands of years, cultures from around the world have been aware of the relationship between the physical universe and sound frequency. However, in modern times this relationship seems to be largely unacknowledged. Today, this relationship seems to span numerous disciplines of science as well as the areas of music and harmonics. Yet the key connection among these is seldom made.
The scientific study of harmonics has yielded numerous discoveries and rediscoveries which point to the strong possibility that the people of ancient cultures were onto something significant. Though mainstream science has made subtle developments toward the same ends, it has only begun to catch on to the fact that sound is much more than a series of pressure waves.
Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form
When I think back to math classes in school—Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra—all I am able to remember are the basic principles which I never learned to apply to everyday life. The thing I remember most about these classes was being bored—extremely bored. These were subjects which were exhausted over hours of class time. Yet not one of these areas of study was ever presented as applicable in real life.
It confuses me as to how such a broad-spectrum subject—a subject which is so widely applicable, and so massive in significance—could be presented as something as lifeless and irrelevant as we are taught in school. As alternative science has reveal over time, these subjects in mathematics are much more than we were taught to believe.
It seems that in today’s society, the interconnectedness of the various disciplines of science have been erased from existence. The common thread through these disciplines has been completely done away with so that the sciences have become largely unproductive to their own ends. This omission of the very backbone of universal functionality and form has hindered human growth for a century of time (if not longer). Yet as alternative scientists have proven, this connective backbone of vibration and frequency have proven to be more than just nice sounds designed for entertainment.
The mathematical concepts revealed within this video cannot easily be disproved. These are not arguable principles, as the study of cymatics has proven. Vibration, frequency, and the geometry they create are quite possibly the most consistent and provable facts we know today. We can see the inter-connectivity everywhere, and these can easily be measured.
There may be those who will resist a new idea no matter how sensible it is. No matter how much evidence they may see and no matter how many verifiable, consistent results they are given, they will never accept the newness they are presented with. We are not interested in such an audience. The message of these possibilities goes to the intelligent and the courageously open minded. Yet with this openness to new ideas and avenues of thought comes the necessity of responsible foregoing of any conclusion. For the sake of thorough examination, let’s consider the Platonic solids.
There have been numerous articles in which I have covered the details for the Platonic solids. So for now, I will simply post a few of the links to those articles here.
There are few facts about these solids that may not be taught in the average textbook. One of these is what happens when these shapes are nested inside of each other. When one solid form is nested inside of another with the points of the inner shape touching the outer shape, the points of contact produce exact iterations of the golden mean.
Note the sides of the tetrahedron bisected by the blue line.
Segment AC is bisected by line BD.  The intersection created depicts the golden mean for both segments.
This can be seen over and over again. It appears that this golden mean (also known as phi ratio) is a key ingredient in all forms of life on planet Earth, and can be seen throughout the universe as well.
We can see the interrelationship between the platonic solids. The cube and the dodecahedron, the cube and the star tetrahedron, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron, and the cube with the octahedron all show direct correlation among the pairs. These are unmistakable, mathematical congruencies. However, as we have heard, these are not simply shapes and expressions throughout nature. These platonic solids directly correspond to perfect harmonic of the musical key of F#. But what does this mean?
These geometric forms relate with one another much like musical notes in a chord. When the notes of the chord are played together, they harmonize as though they were designed to be part of the same chord. In the same way, the platonic solids fit together in such a symmetrically consistent way that it seems that they were designed to interact. As it turns out, there is one common factor which ties these together.
It has been proven through the science of cymatics that the platonic solids—the forms of standing waves created by perfect harmonic frequencies—have the ability to create these forms in fluid systems. All that is needed to produce these forms are water, a substance such as dye or sand to be suspended in the water, and the proper harmonic frequency. When these three ingredients are combined, the results can be any variety of fractalized, platonic solid forms.
It is from mathematical correlations such as these that we realize that the seemingly disharmonious and unrelated worlds of the sciences and music which define the foundations of universal design itself are not so disharmonious. In many ways, these concepts are one and the same principles discovered in different areas which—for some reason—people have chosen to evaluate on completely separate fronts. For some odd reason, modern society has thought it best to omit the true meaning from the lessons of sound, form, and every last science we have a name for. However, despite the fact of a complete lesson, we are more than capable of finding these answers for ourselves.

Michael Tellinger Ubuntu London Meeting 2016 – Ancient Civilisations, Banking & Enslavement to Money & Ubuntu Plan of Action, Part 1, 2 & 3

Part 1 Ancient Civilizations

Part 2 Banking & Enslavement to Money

Part 3 Ubuntu Plan of Action

Freddy Silva – Ancient Temple Grid Network, Lay Lines, Sacred Sites for Consciousness Activation

There maybe a longing within you to travel and pilgrimage in these times to such sites today. It is likely on a deeper level within you the desire to have access to a greater awareness of our reality on a Selfhood path level now may be triggering in order to gain the perspective ability to see what is going on. That inner guidance is attempting to trigger in you. So, observe how you feel about places mentioned. The feeling of being drawn to them would be an indicator of that. And, seek the wisdom of people with the ability to interpret what is good for you. As in the detail of the above interview i mention about the archonic elements, some powerful intuitives are accessible to assist in that.

Thanks for your efforts Freddy. His books are excellent.…


My Website:

I invite you to invest some of your time exploring my ‘Conscious Explorer – Ancient Past Present Task’ – Here is the playlist for this series (16 so far):…

A great teacher Freddy Silva here shares his perspectives on the purpose of the ancient temple network structure around the world. Anchor points for human consciousness awakening. Built in ages gone by prior to a time when the human freedom was about to be lost to elements who wish to control. Freddy shares this at about the 12 minute mark. Andrew Bartzis describe these being as Archons which i offer a glimpse here:…

The reason why much of this information has been made very elusive until this special time is due to efforts to suppress human consciousness. To fit us into a paradigm that dominates us. Hence, my ‘Money – The Ultimate Consciousness Pacifier’ doco:…


11 Brain Trust Group with Andrew Bartzis – graduates, 18th universe, akashic records

Andrew Bartzis our benevolent galactic historian tells a few of us from the Friends who like Andrew Bartzis facebook group about graduates, 18th universe, void space and akashic record.

for Andrew’s website;

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Every act we make to reclaim our sovereign free will not only helps us as individuals, but also the world around us.



Breakthrough Part 2 Interview with Dr. Carmen Boulter:
Atlantis Akhenaten Egypt Revelations!
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Dr. Carmen Boulter In this special part 2 interview on emerging breakthroughs in her research on an antediluvian civilization in Ancient Egypt. This lost culture was said by the Greek Philosopher Plato and the Famous Psychic Edgar Cayce to have possessed advanced technology, air and space travel and powerful mental and spiritual abilities. After their continent was destroyed in a massive cataclysm, they transferred their wisdom and building knowledge to Ancient Egypt and hid their history in the construction of the Great Pyramid, Sphinx and a yet to be discovered Hall of Records.

New Discoveries Show Akhenaten Nefertiti Period Dates Further Back to 12,000 B.C.
In this stunning episode with Dr. Boulter she explains that her new discoveries reveal that the corrupt Amun Priesthood attempted to eliminate the royal family in Egypt and killed the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his son Tutankhamun (King Tut), but that Queen Nefertiti fled to another country and escaped their vicious treachery. She also explores the possibility that Akhenaten and Nefertiti were supernatural beings that were giving humanity a new mystical philosophy of peace and spiritual attunement. In an even more bizarre twist the latest carbon dating on this new Nefertiti site reveals that it dates back to 12,000 B.C. opening up all kinds of questions for our chronology of Ancient Egyptian and Atlantean history!

Dr. Boulter explores why there is such a complete media and archaeological blackout around the true nature of Ancient Egyptian culture and shows that occult forces that were working in ancient times still have an eerie legacy in our own time. She states that the secrets these powerful groups are protecting may keep modern humanity in a state of disconnected physical consciousness and submerge our spiritual understanding to leave our mind, body and spirit vulnerable to hidden, nefarious control and keep it disassociated from its star origins.

Dr. Boulter also discusses her five-part documentary series, ‘The Pyramid Code’ that explores the esoteric wisdom the Egyptians used to build the incredible monuments at Giza. Her new documentary series called ‘The New Atlantis’ will unveil her exciting research of an Atlantean culture that existed before recorded history, which formed the basis of the Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan, and Inca Civilizations. She also comments on a new study that shows the dating on the Sphinx shows it may have been built as fas back as 800,000 B.C.!

Riveting, eye-opening, mysterious, challenging and exciting, don’t miss this breakthrough Dark Journalist Episode!

Psychic Parasites, Inter-Dimensional Beings and the Occult Elite ~ Zen Gardner

by Zen Gardner Apr 16, 2016

Alex Vandenberg, Contributor
Waking Times

“Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods”– Delphi Oracle

When scurrying down the rabbit hole on the pathless path one is inevitably confronted by an inter-dimensional race of beings, often of an insect-like reptilian nature, perched atop the pinnacle of power that constitutes the nucleus of the New World Order. The appellations attributed to these dark interstellar actors are myriad and run the gamut of everything from the Sumerian Anunnaki to the Sons of God. While there is a plethora of contemporary material available on the subject, it appears very little has been written on what these ancient “gods” actually are. Instead of adding to the convoluted nature of the subject with more conjecture, let’s try to pin down these phantasmagoric apparitions and put them within a contextual framework that sheds light on their true nature. For if we are to defeat our enemy we must truly understand that enemy.

Pieces of the Puzzle

From the ancient ruins and relics of the past, to the ecstatic, visionary experiences of shamans across all cultures and epochs, to the pre-historic paintings that grace the underground caverns of Pech Merle; to the mythologies of the world, the literature on fairies of medieval times, the practices of black magick by a certain Satanic cult, and even our modern-day documented accounts of the alien abduction experience, we seemingly find evidence of these agencies of the underworld everywhere. We even find their ephemeral, ethereal personages imbued within the sacred architecture of our nation’s capital along with numerous bas reliefs, statues, monuments, and fountains that are literally littered throughout the world. It’s almost as if these invisible entities are clandestinely announcing their presence behind the scenes while quietly charting the course of humanity.

When undertaking more than just a cursory examination of the aforementioned (as well as other subject fields) we uncover a whole slew of parallels and patterns which ultimately culminate in a cornucopia of commonality and continuity. In essence, what we discover (among other things) is that the so-called fairies, shamanic spirits, mythological gods, DMT entities, and aliens are all qualitatively equivalent; that they are not mutually exclusive separate phenomena but rather different forms or manifestations of the same recurring phenomena that has been transpiring since the dawn of recorded history. In addition, we find that the non-ordinary transcendental experience associated with these entities itself seems to be evolving.

Psychic Parasites

Instead of diving head first into the more esoteric aspects of this ongoing intervention into the affairs of humanity, let’s gradually wade ourselves into the deep end of the waters by highlighting one of the main attributes of their modus operandi. This facet I’m referring to is the parasitic quality of their nature. More specifically, it is the demonstrable notion that they literally utilize our energetic emanations as a food source for purposes of their own survival and expansion. We see this peculiar operating principle in the great epic poems, including Homer and Virgil’s works, where the gods are routinely described as swooping over the savory smoke of sacrifice to lick up the scintillating effluvia, i.e. the food of the gods. Whether it is in the fields of mythology, magick, or shamanism- or in the milieu of a modern-day scientific setting, we consistently uncover this particularly pernicious aspect of their character, as can be gleaned from the selected quotes below:

“The gods did smell the savour, the gods did smell the savour sweet, the gods gathered like flies around the man making sacrifice.” – The Epic of Gilgamesh

“These Elementals live in the soul-realm of man as long as he lives, and grow strong and fat, for they live on his life-principle, and are fed by the substance of his thoughts.”- Franz Hartmann, M.D.s, Magic: White and Black

“They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.”- Carlos Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity

“They are attracted to emotions.  Animal fear is what attracts them the most; it releases the kind of energy that suits them.”- Carlos Castaneda, The Fire from Within

“They were interested in emotion…They feasted as they made love to me.”- Rick Strassman, M.D., quoting DMT volunteer speaking of insect-like, reptilian creatures in DMT The Spirit Molecule

When reading through the above quotes one can’t help be reminded of that now famous scene within the movie The Matrix when Morpheus initiates the unnerved neophyte into the desert of the real. With an appearance of sheer befuddlement and bewilderment Neo is told the following:

“The Matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this (holding up a battery).”

While some may axiomatically recoil at the thought of living in an illusory, mentally projected world and being relegated to indentured servant status by a ruling Elite, whether machine-like or not, the truth is that the Matrix analogy fits quite nicely with our current day reality (see David Bohm’s, Wholeness and the Implicate Order). The only slight differential, as far as I can tell, is the fact we are our own slave masters as it is we who build and sustain our own prison cells.  This highly regrettable state of affairs is deftly encapsulated in the following quote taken from the film My Conversation with Andre:

“I think that New York is the new model for the new concentration camp. Where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves and the inmates are the guards and they have this pride in this thing they built- they’ve built their own prison. And so they exist in a state of schizophrenia where they are both guards and prisoners and as a result they no longer have, having been lobotomized, the capacity to leave the prison they’ve made or to even see it as a prison.”

Now that we’ve briefly touched on the practical role these entities play within the Matrix-like construct we find ourselves operating within, we can now move towards the more arcane, mystical aspects of their existence.

Guardians of the Gate

Delving deeper into the occult oriented atmosphere that envelops these inter-dimensional creatures, we come to discover that they also play the mysterious part of guardians or gatekeepers. In this sense, they can properly be viewed as obstacles, nets, traps, or hurdles that need to be circumvented or surpassed if one seeks to actualize quintessence within. This idea runs through the whole of Buddhism, particularly the Mahayana school of thought, which is why it’s not surprising to see it pop up in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. There, in the instructions to the dead of the Bardo Todol, it is emphasized that both favorable and unfavorable gods are illusions that need to be overcome. This current of thought is also found in the field of Magick where the gods are characterized as the Dwellers of the Threshold who guard the garden of the paradise of the soul. We even stumble upon this symbolic rule in the practice of Yoga, as well as among many other spiritual disciplines. As Swami Vivekananda stated in his work Raja-Yoga:

“There are other dangers too: gods and other beings come to tempt the yogi. They do not want anyone to be perfectly free. They are jealous, just as we are, and even worse than us sometimes. They are very much afraid of losing their positions.”

As mentioned above, these “guardians” are guarding the gate to paradise. Question is – what exactly is that gate? Upon closer examination it turns out that the gate to paradise is no less than that well-known Mother Goddess of the universe that the ancient Egyptians termed Queen Isis. Both giver and taker, she is the womb from which the gods, man, animals, and every other form arose. In a nutshell, she is the feminine personification of space and time, among many other things; that bee that fructifies the soul. As Joseph Campbell, the great mythologist, so eloquently puts it in his work Creative Mythology:

“It is, however, by way of the Goddess Mother of the universe, whose womb is the apriority of space and time, that the one, there, becomes these many, here. It is she who is symbolized by the cross; as for instance, in the astrological-astronomical sign for earth. It is into and through her that the god-substance pours into this field of space and time in a continuous act of world-creative self giving; and through her, in return- her guidance and her teaching- that these many are led back, beyond her reign, to the light beyond dark from which all come.”

And what do you know, look what we find in the DMT experiments that were conducted by Dr. Rick Strassman:

“Yes. She had an elongated head. I guess the guardians were keeping me from seeing her… I know, but they do seem like something else. They seem like guardians, gatekeepers.”- Rick Strassman, M.D., DMT The Spirit Molecule

Or this quote from Graham Hancock in his work Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind describing his experience on ayahuasca shortly after he encounters insect-like, alien beings:

“A short while later, out of the background of shifting geometrical patterns, a beautiful Egyptian goddess appears. I see only her head and headdress clearly. She’s in full regalia.”

At this point some may be thinking, “So what? Those are hallucinations. Nothing real or of any value can be derived from a non-ordinary state of consciousness like that. For that’s just an aberrant, morbid anomaly of the mind.” The only problem with that line of thinking is little inconvenient facts like this:

“The paradox is that Rene Descartes’ Discourse on Method, the book that reformed the entire structure of Western knowledge and that provided the foundations for modern science, came to its author in three visionary dreams and a dream within a dream, which provided the key for interpreting the larger dream. What an irony it is that the entire edifice of rational, reductionist, positivist science, which today rejects “subjective knowledge”, was originally inspired by a revelation in a non-ordinary state of consciousness!”- Stanislav Grof, M.D., PH.D., The Holotropic Mind

Lastly, to wrap this section up, take a look at the below symbolism found in the Vatican that pops up over and over again:

Vatican 1

Notice the gold dragons around the painting guarding the shell with a bee in the Center. The shell is obviously a well-known symbol for the goddess Venus who represents one of the many different variants of the Mother Goddess. The bee is another symbol of this goddess as she is also a Queen Bee.

In addition, compare and contrast the below images while reflecting on the Goddess’ role as Mother of the Gods and taking into consideration the following quote:

“Nature talks in signs and, to understand its language, one has to pay attention to similarities in form.”- Jeremy Narby, The Cosmic Serpent

Queen Bee Occult

Alien Notes

The above picture is of the Bee Goddess on a Boeotian amphora circa 700 BC. The image below it is from a page in Graham Hancock’s work Supernatural in which he describes the entity as such:

“… alien face, gray in color, with a wide domed forehead and a narrow pointed chin- heart shaped, like the faces of the light beings I’d encountered a few days earlier.  But this creature doesn’t look friendly. Its eyes are multi-segmented like those of a fly.”

Now that we’ve been given a glimpse into their role as guardians, let’s try to unveil them further in a manner that will shed additional light on this aspect of their functionality.

Parts of Ourselves

After much subterranean excavating, we are now closer to uncovering that diamond in the rough. In the end, after extensively comparing and contrasting many different subject fields, we come upon the discovery that it is mythology juxtaposed against the backdrop of psychology that gives us some of the deepest insights. When straying outside the organized dogmatic ecclesiastical orthodox domain of religion we uncover an idea that dovetails perfectly with what mythology and psychology yield. This is the notion that all the gods, demons, heavens and hells are located within man himself. Whether it is the Indian Tantric tradition, the teachings of the ancient Mystery Schools, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Schopenhauer’s philosophy of the world as Will and Idea, the religious texts of the Upanishads, the beliefs of the Ashaninca, or even the Bible where it is said in Luke 17:20-21 that the Kingdom of God is within you, we stumble upon this introspective apprehension of all mythic forms.

As Joseph Campbell conveyed in his work Creative Mythology:

“All the gods are within, within you, within the world.”

While this statement is helpful, it is still unfortunately too nebulous. So let’s turn to Jungian psychology and in doing so attempt to transform the abstract into the concrete. In this field, the gods and goddesses are viewed as archetypal forces, instincts, or contents of the unconscious mind. As Dr. Carl Jung relayed in the commentary to the Tibetan Book of the Dead:

“The world of gods and spirits is truly “nothing but” the collective unconscious inside of me. To turn this sentence round so that it reads: The collective unconscious is the world of gods and spirits outside me, no intellectual acrobatics are needed…..”

The above quote intimates that there is essentially no fundamental difference between the inner and the outer. This makes perfect sense within the context of fractal, non-local, holographic multi-verse which is ultimately a cognitive construction, a psychic projection, or mirror of our own thoughts (see Michael Talbot’s, The Holographic Universe. Viewing the gods within this paradigm allows us to synthesize the research of those who see these ancient entities as inwardly generated vs. those who perceive them as a component of a free-standing external reality outside of our frequency range.

So, we see that these gods are in essence personifications of parts, the functionaries or agents of one monolithic order; that they are all manifestations of the unconscious mind, that underlying moving tremendum, that Matrix of Life of which Queen Isis is the feminine personification. As Dr. Carl Jung wrote in Psychology and Alchemy:

“Just as the father represents collective consciousness, the traditional spirit, so the mother stands for the collective unconscious, the source of the water of life. (Cf. the maternal significance of the fons signatus, as an attribute of the Virgin Mary, etc.)”

As implied above, and upon closer inspection, it turns that out that all the gods and goddesses of Antiquity are really one Goddess. As the initiate Apuleius states in The Golden Ass:

“I come, Lucius, moved by your entreaties: I, mother of the universe, mistress of the elements, first-born of the ages, highest of the gods, queen of shades, first of those who dwell in heaven, representing in one shape all gods and goddesses. My will controls the shining heights of heaven, the health-giving sea-winds, and the mournful silences of hell;

the entire world worships my single godhead in a thousand shapes, with divers rites, and under many a different name… but both races of Ethiopians, those on whom the rising and those on whom the setting of the sun shines, and the Egyptians who excel in ancient learning, honour me with the worship which is truly mine and call me by my true name: Queen Isis.”


Opening the Gates of Hell

It is important to understand and stress that when these gods are suppressed they turn into veritable demons. Quoting again from Dr. Jung in his work The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious we find the following:

“We also know that it is dangerous to suppress it, because the unconscious is life and this life turns against us if suppressed, as happens in neurosis.”

As a result of this suppression of the instinctual roots of the unconscious, the world is now engulfed in the flames of psychosis as a psychic split has emerged within the collective consciousness of humanity. Thus our current impasse is a function of sheer insanity. This is a world in which we are all being paganized, brutalized, sexualized, and debased in what is this Nigredo phase of the Alchemical Great Work; a world in which we are literally being fed on by a Force. We hear it everyday. Incessant, relentless chatter about how our leaders (or rather misleaders) are completely mad and how everything around us is inverted, corrupted, and perverted. As Michael Ellner, the author of Hope is Realistic, writes:

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

As an interesting side note, look at how Dr. Jung medically defines the term “insanity”:

“Insanity is possession by an unconscious content”- Dr. Carl Jung, Alchemical Studies

Hmm… Possession. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah:

“It is from this process of “possession” by the reptilians and other low vibrational entities that we have the ancient tales, indeed modern ones too, of demons, devils and evil spirits taking over a human mind and body.”- David Icke, The Biggest Secret

“For thousands of years, humanity has been increasingly mind-possessed, failing to recognize the possessing entity as “not-self”.”- Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

“It’s more like being possessed… It’s like they have an agenda… It’s got such a distinct flavor, the reptilian being or beings that are present.” – Dr. Rick Strassman, M.D. quoting DMT volunteer in DMT The Spirit Molecule

Resultant Revelations

Energy as Food – All of these living forces directly correspond with some animal desire, impulse, drive, affect, instinct, or innate passion. They sustain themselves on the very thing that gave them life in the first place: thought. Initially, they are ethereal but tend to grow stronger and stronger as the desire to which they correlate with is catered to. Eventually, if given enough sustenance, they take on a more tangible, material type of existence. As Eckhart Tolle remarked in his work A New Earth:

“All thought is energy and the pain-body is now feeding on the energy of your thoughts.”

Guardians of the Gate –Integrating the instincts of the unconscious mind is a prerequisite to completing the process of individuation according to Dr. Carl Jung. These faculties of mind need to be addressed before one can become complete or “Whole”. If they are not addressed, or even worse suppressed, they tend to act as barriers preventing the would-be adept from actualizing his true Self.

Therianthropes/Shapeshifters – Aliens oftentimes appear in either pure animal or therianthropic (animal/human hybrid) form before transforming into the more familiar identity associated with contemporary pop-culture. According to John Mack, David Jacobs, and other researchers, this type of phenomena is not the exception but rather falls more on the side of the rule. This makes perfect sense given that the gods are psychic projections that mirror deeply embedded instinctual aspects of our character. Again, quoting from Dr. Franz Hartmann in Magic: White and Black:

“They form the dreaded Dwellers of the Threshold… They are described as having the form of snakes and tigers, hogs, insatiable wolves, etc., but as they are often the result of a mixture of human and animal elements, they do not merely exhibit purely animal forms; but they frequently look like animals with human heads or like men with animal members; they appear under endless varieties of shapes, because there is an endless variety of correlations and mixtures of lust, avarice, greed, sensual love, ambition, cowardice, fear, terror, hate, pride, vanity, self-conceit, stupidity, voluptuousness, selfishness, jealousy, envy, arrogance, hypocrisy, cunning, sophistry, imbecility, superstition, etc., etc.”


Ayahuasca vision painted by Peruvian Shaman Pablo Amaringo as featured in Ayahuasca Visions- The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman.

Paradoxical Nature – We see this contradictory aspect of their manifold nature in many ways. For example, take notice of their ambiguous sexuality and the fact that some of them appear benevolent while others seem to be more nefarious and malevolent (painful medical procedures and experiments associated with alien abduction). While there is much to be said about the latter, for now we will simply note that the crux of this can be explained by the nature of the unconscious itself. For within that realm everything is mixed together – both “good” and “bad”.

Hive-like Mentality – Given that the gods have been properly identified as the instincts/affects it’s no wonder that they oftentimes act in such a drone-like mechanical fashion. Notice too how the Occult Elite (an extension of these creatures) consistently stresses conformity, the standardization of all thought, collectivism, a left-brain masculine oriented outlook, and have in essence turned modernity into a industrious hailstorm of haste where everyone is always busy as a bee.

Warring of the Gods – This belligerent aspect of their character can be seen running rampant throughout the whole of world mythology. The idea of the gods as the real movers and shakers behind the scenes facilitating a state of perpetual warfare is brilliantly illuminated in Homer’s The Iliad. The message is clear: the history of world affairs is the history of the psyche itself. From a psychological standpoint this makes sense as the instincts are always trying to tyrannize over each other. As Nietzsche noted in The Will to Power:

“Every drive is a kind of lust to rule; each one has its perspective that it would like to compel all the other drives to accept as a norm.”


The gods overseeing the battlefield – Romeyn de Hooghe, De Belegringh van Groeningen (c. 1672) Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Portals to the Underworld – When reviewing various ethnographic and anthropological records one is constantly introduced to the proposition of caves, the sea, the underground, tunnels, etc., being portals to the underworld. According to Mircea Eliade in Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy, caves are “concrete symbols of passage into another world, or a descent to the underworld”. This sentiment coincides nicely with the definition Dr. Jung puts forth in his work Psychology and Alchemy where he states:

“The cave represents the seclusion and darkness of the unconscious.”

What is important to understand here is that up is really down; that one must descend into the darkness in order to achieve spiritual transfiguration. For how could one hope to process, transform, and ultimately integrate the instincts if they are not confronted on their own turf? This mystical axiom of Alchemy that one must descend or die to oneself before being reborn is elucidated upon at length in the novel The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. Quoting again from Dr. Jung in Psychology and Alchemy we discover the following:

“The purpose of the descent as universally exemplified in the myth of the hero is to show that only in the region of danger (watery abyss, cavern, forest, island, castle, etc.) can one find the “treasure hard to attain” (jewel, virgin, life-potion, victory over death).”


Bohemian Grove – The reader will recall from earlier that the gods are often disguised in the form of animals or therianthropes. But even more intriguing than this is the animal form they so often choose: the owl, as noted in John Mack’s Passport to the Cosmos. It is well established that the owl has always been associated with the Goddess (wisdom and the black arts) as the gods have always been considered the protectors, guardians, or agents of the same. And so, could it be anymore clear as to what Bohemian Grove is really about? Ultimately, the point of the Occult Elite making sacrifice to the gods is one of a mutually beneficial relationship, as noted in H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow over Innsmouth.

What is the Devil?

Finally, after all of our deep-sea diving and subterranean mining, we have come to the bare root of the so-called reptilians. Here it is important to understand that the gods that are ruling our world today are mostly demons that have boomeranged back on us as a result of the suppression of the unconscious mind. You could look at it as the instincts of decadence and debauchery lording as master over the instincts of life. And just as the gods are all manifestations of one thing (unconscious) so too are the demons. As to the latter, that one thing just so happens to be the devil.

Now, the 64 trillion dollar question: What is this Poseidon-Pluto-Hades-Neptune-Shiva that is exactly the devil in Christian mythology? Who is this dragon the Buddha slew under the Bodhi Tree and appears as the Adversary in the Book of Revelations? What are we to make of this Great Magician of Aleister Crowley; this negative side of the astral light as outlined by Eliphas Levi; this lead that drives the alchemist mad and complicates the Work? In a footnote buried like a needle in a haystack within Jung’s Alchemical Studies we find one of the most accurate definitions of this Leviathan:

“The devil is the Saturnine form of the anima mundi.”

What Dr. Jung is referring to here is the chaos, massa confusa, prima materia or undifferentiated primitive instinctual animalistic dark aspect of the unconscious mind. This arcane substance (Mercurius), which is the basis of the Work, contains everything that is needed. It is fully autonomous being like the dragon that begets, reproduces, slays, and devours itself. As Democritus is reputed to have said:

“Nature rejoices in nature, nature conquers nature, nature rules over nature.”

It is important to note that the Stone issues or is born from the darkness of this prima materia (order out of chaos). For does not Spring issue from Winter? Is not enlightenment lighting up that which is dark? And this is why the alchemists said such seemingly blasphemous things such as “God’s love burns in hell”. Or why the adept Apuleius wrote the following in The Golden Ass:

“At midnight I saw the sun shining as if it were noon.”

But this prima materia is just one aspect of Mercurius; the other being the Self. For Mercurius stands at the beginning and end of the Great Work. As prima materia he is in his lowest form (dragon) and as the Lapis Philosophorum (rose, phoenix, lapis, stone, treasure hard to attain, etc.) he reaches his height. It is his transformation that brings about the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. For as the Rosarium Philosophorum states:

“The opus proceeds from the one and leads back to the one.”

Ultimately, the dragon, which it should be noted is synonymous with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, is a dual force underlying all of life (just like the unconscious). It is that androgynous paradoxical cosmic serpent that dogmatic religion cut in half. Within this context, a myriad of different variables are de-mystified. For example, why Kali (another variation of the Goddess) is characterized as the “water that kills and vivifies”; why the number 666 has a positive connotation in some cultures and a negative overtone in others; why the dragon/serpent is at once vilified and revered; why Lucifer (the morning star) means both Christ and the devil; and why the shamans the world over consider the life force tremendum of the world – that web of power that underlies the universe – to be a dualistic force that can be used for good (attainment of the Ultimate) or evil (black magick/sorcery).

In the end, as long as we maintain this patently absurd posture of over-emphasizing conscious life at the expense of the unconscious, Lilith (another name for the prima material/screech owl) – that flaming sword in the Garden of Eden – that shamanistic anima that is both dangerous and has transformative power – will continue to block the way back (which is really forward). Ultimately, the base instinctual aspects of the unconscious mind will have to be confronted/processed/integrated if we are to address this psychic split within man.

Occul Elite

The transformations of Mercurius. The Melusina (Lilith) meeting the adept on his way up the tree is Sapientia.–Ripley Scrowle (c. 1570), Rosicrucian Alchemy Museum.

Integration as the Way Out

We are never going to integrate that which we demonize and vilify.  This fact highlights the crux of our current conundrum. It is what created the situation of opposed opposites in the first place. It is what led to this psychic split in man that is the source of our collective insanity. Casting these gods out has now made us feel like we need to cast them out. For it was us who threw open the gates of the psychic underworld and unleashed the hordes of hellions; us who invited the Vampire in. As Paracelsus wrote in De Ente Spirituali:

“A healthy mind is a castle that cannot be invaded without the will of its master; but if they (Larvae) are allowed to enter, they excite the passions of men and women, they create cravings in them, they produce bad thoughts which act injuriously on the brain; they sharpen the animal intellect and suffocate the moral sense.”

The key phrase in the above is “sharpen the animal intellect and suffocate the moral sense”. Does this sentiment not perfectly encapsulate our modern day sex (Venus) and death (Saturn) soaked cannibalistic pop-culture? If so, why the emphasis on sex and death? The reason is because sex and death act as the two main underlying correlates of temporality. These two elements directly correspond with the two mainsprings of delusion that modern psychology recognizes as eros (desire) and thanatos (aggression).

It is these two chief motivations and underpinnings of life that attach us to our Matrix-like construct and keep the curtain of Maya from falling. In short, it is an effective way to clip our wings and keep us grounded.

While we may wish to run away from our fears we simply cannot. For life is the labyrinth; life is the Lodge. As such, we only meet ourselves along the way. In a holographic universe where every part is the whole suppression, indifference, and an us vs. them mentality fractures, demarcates, delineates, and fragments the world. This acts to distance us from our true Self by playing into the hands of an uproarious underworld that is currently in possession of the human race. As Geoff Byrd puts it:

“The power vacuum was created by us. It is our own inability to face our own personal demons and heal our psychological trauma that allows this to happen.”

In order to integrate the parts of ourselves that we’ve denied we must come to terms with and understand that which we repressed. It is an established fact of psychotherapy that through understanding and experience of underlying contents we can free ourselves from compulsion. In doing so, we facilitate the integration of the instincts which is a pre-requisite to completing the process of Individuation. Note that alchemy is a psychic projection of this process in symbolic form. And that both alchemy and Jungian Individuation are identical to shamanic initiation.

In the end, our goal is to turn a dragon into a rose; to square the circle; to consciously collaborate with the unconscious process of Individuation and thereby bring about a transforming of the unconscious that results in the actualization of a unified Whole. You could call this “Wholeness” Spirit although to be clear there is no pure spirit. For the Great Alchemical Work is a union of heaven and hell on earth. Not abandoning the body, not annihilating the instincts, not denying life itself but rather transfiguring or spiritualizing the instincts and life itself. At any rate, Spirit is at once spiritual and corporeal. As Nietzsche noted in The Antichrist:

“The “pure spirit” is a pure stupidity.”

In the final analysis, we can become zombified machine-like beasts enslaved under a scientific dictatorship totality devoid of any humanity or we can transform that diabolical character living in Saturn into a psychopomp that illuminates the way and allows us to become living philosophical stones. The stakes are in the stratosphere. So let us choose wisely.

About the Author

Alex Vandenberg is a writer and researcher of a myriad of different topics spanning everything from economics to the occult. He is currently in the process of completing two books on transcendental knowledge. His guiding light has been a singular focus on illuminating what lurks beneath; on the roots of humanity’s current conundrum as seen through the prism of spirituality.

This article (Psychic Parasites, Inter-Dimensional Beings and the Occult Elite) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Alex Vandenberg It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.


The Ancient Neural Network System is Now Re-wakened in You

A Part of This Full Disclosure is under-standing (inner-standing) that we have been in a Mind Quarantine for many thousands of years, the worst being in the past 300 to 500 years. We have been cut off from the full awareness of our Ancient Neural Network System that makes up the Universal Webb of Life that we are an integral and intricate Part of. Right now this network is re-activating in our own personal Templates. This has been causing a lot of chaos in our lives, as we keep trying to live as sleepers instead of the now re-wakened Beings that we are.

Ancient Elder Guardians: Higher Consciousness Light Embodiment and Walking AS the Keepers of Frequencies and Gridpoints of NEW Earth


Ancient Elder Guardians: Higher Consciousness Light Embodiment and Walking AS the Keepers of Frequencies and Gridpoints of NEW Earth

by Lisa Transcendence Brown, published on Awakening to Remembering, on April 3, 2016

The further all move into these higher consciousness vibrations, the more all will have to learn (REMEMBER) how to function as a higher-self Light BEing. Every exchange will present an opportUNITY to DO from higher Light Consciousness….

Embodiment is each LIVING and Existing AS ALL of their higher consciousness aspects, in the physical one. As another aspect activates, the other aspects must purify and cleanse the old unconscious vibrations and distortions physically held within.

Those old mentalities of the individual self, those old perceptions of reality, those old choices that only used to be about you, or another… Here you must always do what is of higher consciousness in every exchange, in every moment…..

This is a challenge, when you are used to being a limited human. This will push every button you’ve got, trigger every unresolved emotion inside that is not pure divine love. Each exchange will move you further into NEW Earth Fully Conscious Existence, where you are equal with all, where all is a part of you, where you are a guide at times, where you are no longer dominant human.

Here, you have no attachments, no cords…. here you always see from multiple dimensions, multiple realities, multiple timelines and you make your choices and create your action from the consciousness/unconsciousness energy present right then. Here you always are of light and human is visible the moment it presents. Here you intentionally “deal” with human’ness as the unconsciousness that it is.

Sometimes you open up to be more love, sometimes you set requirements for others to be in your world (yes, we have to do this as higher self aspects, and allow others to choose for themselves), sometimes you “get bigger” energetically, while radiating out love, sometimes you maintain silence and just BE, sometimes you offer guidance as a higher self, sometimes you do not do anything at all… you just observe and allow realities to play out…..

Your desire to participate in unconsciousness will grow stronger. Your desire for conscious exchanges will dominate, for unconsciousness no longer fulfills you…. As humans we “filled” space with things that didn’t matter, things that “took up precious time”, with distractions, with physical world matter….

Here, the physical matter in our reality is very important. It holds a consciousnesses too. The more you BECOME ENERGY AGAIN, the more you will feel physical matter around you, the more you will feel the density/heaviness/lightness within your gravitational field. Energy of others & things can be seen/heard/felt….

As you clear what is within your physical body (cellular memory, distortions and imprints) you become more in-tune energetically and less affected physically inside and more aware energetically of what is within your unified field of consciousness (and as your consciousness expands wayyyyyy out, then super consciousness). You are aware of the energy present in another and you start choosing what to do with this. Each time is different. Identifying the vibration, the frequency, the energy of all things in your field of super consciousness is part of becoming Source/The Universe again and you as the Higher Self Master that fell unconscious and forgot who you truly are….

As you activate these frequencies within you and hold them throughout your interactions and days… as you unify all of your aspects to exist simultaneously within your body, your entire existence will change. Everything becomes energy, some in form, some not…. You start to respect your field of consciousness and what you will allow in it (or not). As you return AS A MASTER LIGHT BEING, your relationships completely transform/change/evolve too. You no longer live in lack mentality in any way…. for you do not feed the energy of the old as a MASTER LIGHT BEING….

You will start to find that your whole world/reality revolves around ENERGY …. what is going on inside of you, what is going on in your physical reality out there, what your physical Crystalline LightBody is doing as it upgrades… and what is important to you subtly dramatically changes too…..

Relationships must be pure and you must FEEL the connection inside of you… otherwise you feel the separation and the distance…. sometimes you can do something about this, sometimes you cannot. The consciousness of the other determines the exchange and your own consciousness and MASTERY does too.

Are you able to be fully open, radiate out and stand in your power/command, honor the other and yourself simultaneously, without compromising anything ever again?

Embodiment means that you can… that you can fully exist as POWERFUL DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE AND LIGHT again. Holding all of these POWERS inside of you is you REMEMBERING yourself fully as a MASTER again. These are your memories of what you forgot, yet not just in your head or something you tap into from time to time. These fill your every cell, fiber of your being and HOW YOU EXIST and FUNCTION in every moment….

Standing in multiple dimensions, anchoring multiple aspects and realities will be very confusing along the way. Much of the time you won’t know what is real or what is a dream. As you hold more light, physical reality matter changes… things become more fluid, bending, stretching, soft…. the rigidity of your mind relaxes and your heart opens fully up… your hold on the old realities goes and you relax into the higher consciousness vibrations that allow you to experience the magnificence that you forgot…..

You came here from full consciousness, without any separation or veils… with each new awareness, each expanded perspective, each “new” revelation and realization within yourself…. YOU ARE REMEMBERING what you forgot when you chose to come experience separation/duality/unconsciousness and “fell” beneath the veils of consciousness and “forgot”……

Now you are REMEMBERING and it’s not what you could “think”. As a human aspect, you are surprised with each expansion and what you could not realize/see before….. Where you are still human and have old programs to clear/release/purify/reprogram/transcend and unify back within, you will contract out of those other dimensions of consciousness and back into “the old unconscious one”, yet more conscious this time, with new awareness (knowledge), so that you can TUNE the frequencies of your own reality yourself….. The physical matter that took shape of an old consciousness will start to shift and change…. As you do this, the physical matter in form in your physical reality will be a representation of the LIGHT THAT YOU HOLD, the beauty, the love, the magnificence and ALL THINGS MAGICAL and awesome will be ABUNDANT again.

Abundance is all around you…. it’s in everything you do… it’s in all that you are… it’s in the breath that you breathe, it’s in the exchanges that you have, the profound sacred connections that you experience when your heart/mind/energy/body are open and transmitting LOVE out and you are fully OPEN TO RECEIVE the abundance of magnificence in return…..

Subtle presence, profound connections…. these are powerful when experienced from WITHIN THE MOMENT and from deep within your soul. Tears of connection come as you REMEMBER and connect up as the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS again….

Moving from one dimension to another means that physical matter is constantly changing and taking new form in every moment. YOU dictate the form it takes and presents in your own physical reality world.

AS YOU STAND AS SOURCE AGAIN and as your MASTER SELF… everything WILL CHANGE… it’s supposed to….

Your heart is opening at an exponential rate now, the frequencies of love are activating inside of you and anything less can no longer “survive”. A physical release can be felt, a physical “pain” can be felt, an emotional discomfort can be felt when an old program presents….. Everything was held inside of you and floats around inside your energy field. You are moving old density/separation out and embodying higher light consciousness with every conscious breath…..

Deeply embedded within you are the SECRETS of all. As Ancients, Elders, Galactics, Shamans, LeMUrians, Atlanteans, Elementals, Star Beings, Angelics, HUman Crystal Skulls (and more)… You are the SEERS, the Sages, the Visionaries, the Oracles, the Creators, the Artists, the Scribes…. You are the Energy Workers from alternate dimensions (other times)…. You are the Keepers of the Light Codes, the Keepers of Light, you are the ONES that are here to bring HUmanity (and more) through…. Yet, you bring others through by BEing the Portal and Holder of Light, you do this by SHARING and opening up fully and transcending the old limiting beliefs you once held deep inside. You go inward to bring forth that which was hidden deep deep deep within. That beauty, that magnificence, that knowledge/wisdom, that light, that PURITY and LOVE that kept you from REMEMBERING as an UNCONSCIOUS human.

You are here to BE the Advanced NEW Earth HUman and to SHOW others how to do this too. You are here to BE the DIFFERENCE and to re-connect with all others here to do this too. You are here to open those portals, hold those doors/gates open and to keep going into alternate realities/galaxies/universes from inside of you. Your DNA/RNA/Genetics will upgrade organically and naturally for you. Your human aspect cannot comprehend the intricacies and depths of how all of this works simultaneously and how you are physically EVOLVING back into what your CONSCIOUSNESS is.

Your body is upgrading with each embodiment of light. Your DNA activating new strands, new encodments, new realities in every moment that you hold consciousness within your physical form. Every moment you are FULLY CONSCIOUS you are evolving back into what you forgot. Every nano-second all is continually upgrading, re-configuring and physical matter is changing mass and form. Your presence is how you see and experience this fully again. Your connected with all from inside of you… this is how you become your HIGHER SELF MASTER BEING again. Living from your inner core of your entire being….

In every moment you are a gazillion aspects all in one space. The difference is your awareness, your observation, your understanding, your own sacred connection and mastery… your REMEMBERING and being fully present in order to maneuver between them all at one time in one space again.

Navigating these higher frequency bandwidths requires all of you now. You move through realities from within, you merge aspects inside of you and realities completely transform into a higher density that is lighter, more colorful, vibrant, alive, interactive and magical again.

You are RETURNING to your true and pure existences in every moment now. Old Earth was your chosen experience as an unconscious human…. these realities go as you emerge as a NEW EARTH HUman here….

You birth this from inside of you. Your physical body will continually expand and contract in light. Light will weave through your physical structure, activating crystals, star particles and new realities outside.

Physical realities are a transmission that you get to experience now. As you return to higher light consciousness they become more exquisite by the moment….

Yes, you do walk in HEAVEN ON EARTH here. It is birthed from inside of you as you EMBODY who you truly are again. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Access your inner shaman: Using the universal life force to heal your body

We live in a sea of subtle energies. We can become conscious of them and learn to use them.

Ancient cultures understood that we live in a vast sea of energy. They understood that the planets and stars are conscious beings who communicate with each other. They believed that the trees serve as antennas, which allow natural subtle energies and information to flow up from the Earth to the stars and planets, and from all other celestial bodies into the Earth. They taught that everything and every being has consciousness and channels this energy according to its capabilities, to help facilitate this essential cosmic dialogue. In fact, they understood that all matter, including the physical body, is a gathering of this universal energy. They recognized that our thoughts and emotions are a form of energy, and that when these are in harmony with the living universal energy field, we become clear channels. Then, the life force of the Earth and cosmos flows through us more smoothly and abundantly, guiding our evolution as new perspectives are revealed and advanced abilities are awakened within us. These abilities include heightened creativity, extrasensory perception and the ability to bring about dramatic physical healing. Shamans learn to feel, sense and use this energy without filtering or distorting it. They often refer to this process as becoming a “hollow bone”.

We transmit and receive energy.

This universal sea of energy, called Qi in China and Prana in India, circulates through our bodies, interacts with the electromagnetic spectrum and includes other subtler energies not yet understood by western science.1 It is the foundation for the practice of acupuncture, where thin needles are used to assist the flow of vital energy through meridians in the body. It is the inner force that advanced martial artists cultivate and direct outward. The Hopis of the American Southwest use the term Kachina to describe the world of subtle energies. They perform rituals and ceremonies to interact with the Kachina in order to attract rain to grow their crops, and to receive healing and other benefits. The Dogon people of Africa call the channel through which the Earth projects energies through us, the Bayuali. They call the channel through which we receive energies from the cosmos, the Yenu. The Dogon believe that it is our responsibility as humans to become clear channels who ease the flow of cosmic energies rather than interfere with or obstruct them.

Although western medicine limits its focus to electromagnetic energies, it does acknowledge that the human body functions as a two-way antenna. Doctors use tools such as ECG’s and EEG’s to determine whether a patient is still alive by measuring the electrical energy being transmitted from within that patient’s body. They understand that our bodies receive information from electromagnetic fields in our environment to regulate circadian rhythms, such as our sleep-wake cycles. 2 Scientific studies indicate that the spinal cord (containing cerebro-spinal fluid which is conductive) acts as a natural antenna and that DNA serves as a fractal antenna, capable of operating at many different frequencies simultaneously. 3 It is also interesting to note that the U.S. army demonstrated that trees work as remarkably good antennas for wireless communication and used them for this purpose during the Vietnam War. 4

7.83 HZ: The Earth and cosmos exchange energy and information.

Nikola Tesla – the physicist whose inventions laid the foundation for our modern use of electricity and wireless technologies such as alternating current, radio, x-ray, radar and remote control – discovered that the Earth receives, stores and transmits energy.

Nikola Tesla

In 1899, he built a lab in Colorado Springs on the summit of Pikes Peak, a site considered sacred by the Hopi and Ute Indians. While running experiments there, he detected extremely low frequency (ELF) waves of electromagnetic energy being naturally transmitted within the cavity between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, 80 kilometers above the Earth. He discovered that within these ELF waves, those that vibrated at about 8 cycles per second (8 Hz), flowed more smoothly between the Earth and ionosphere, with less resistance and greater amplitude (force or power). 5 He believed it was possible to use this innate frequency of approximately 8 Hz as a carrier wave to transmit information and power without wires, to any part of the world. 6 Tesla was deeply interested in preserving the Earth’s natural resources for future generations. He spoke fervently about the need to discontinue the use of fuel as a power source. His goal was to harness “the very wheelwork of nature” by tapping into the natural and renewable storage battery that exists between the Earth and the ionosphere. 7 He was unable to obtain sufficient funding to complete projects involving the wireless transmission of power, however his idea of the wireless transmission of information led to the invention of both AM and FM radio. 8 Tesla also stated that during his time at Pikes Peak, he recorded radio waves being emitted from the cosmos to the Earth. Countries around the world now use radio waves to analyze the composition of stars and planets. 9 In 1952, a physicist named Schumann measured the resonant frequency of the Earth-ionosphere cavity more specifically to be 7.83 Hz (confirming Tesla’s calculations of approximately 8 Hz). The Earth transmits and receives a measurable energetic frequency that surrounds all life on this planet. It has been discovered that the human brain, while in a deep state of meditation, lowers its brainwave oscillations to harmonize with the Earth’s resonant frequency.

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We tune into this cosmic dialogue of energies by adjusting the frequency of our brainwaves.

In Shamanic traditions, drums have long been used to produce rhythmic vibrations that assist the Shaman in attuning his/her mind with the living universal energy field. In this state of altered consciousness, the Shamanic practitioner is able to interact with the non-physical world. They channel and transmit subtle universal energies to help heal themselves and others. They also receive information in the form of vivid imagery, thoughts, words and ideas communicated to them by guides and ancestors from the spirit world. This shamanic tradition has been studied using EEG tests. Results showed that the brainwave pattern of the subjects slowed down into a theta state. 10 This state is entered when the majority of brainwaves transmitted by the subject, begin oscillating at a frequency of 4-8 cycles per second (4-8 Hz). EEG studies performed on regular meditators revealed that they also enter this theta state during periods of deep meditation. 11 Those who practice a consistent meditation routine often report experiencing a shift in their awareness of surrounding energies, sudden realizations, colorful visions, new abilities and emotional and physical healing. They also report that the more often they meditate, the easier it becomes to access this altered state.

Tesla was aware of this living universal energy field. In his article, Man’s Greatest Achievement, he used Vedic terms such as Prana and Akasha to describe this field, from which all perceptible matter is generated. He said that he accumulated many of his ideas while alone in deep meditation. 12 He called himself “a sensitive receiver” and reported seeing visions and receiving premonitions, including one that helped him to prevent his friends from boarding a train that later crashed. 13 He disclosed that he had a photographic memory and described visualizing his inventions in such detail that he could operate the device in his mind, then make improvements to it and provide precise and correct measurements without ever even drawing a sketch. 14

A shamanic practitioner explained to me that we all continuously receive and transmit energy and information through this subtle universal field. However we spend much of our time in the higher frequency beta brainwave state (15-30 Hz) associated with alertness, logic, critical reasoning and stress. This distracts us from the subtler energies and inhibits their flow through our bodies. We could compare this to having our car radio tuned into the same station all the time, not knowing that we can adjust the dial. Adjusting our brainwaves to the Earth’s natural frequency of approximately 8 Hz through regular meditation, is like turning the dial on your radio to a new station. While tuned in we receive more life force and information from the universe. At this frequency, we also transmit energy with the benefit of constructive interference. This term, used in physics, describes the increased amplitude (force or power) that occurs when two waves of the same frequency come together. When we harmonize our brainwaves with the natural frequency of the planet, our intentions are transmitted with the force of the Earth behind them, giving them much more power and direction.

New abilities are awakened within us.

In a previous article, Your Cells Are Listening, How Talking to Your Body Helps You Heal, I wrote about a surprising ability that was awakened within me after several months of dedicated meditation. This is the ability to converse with my body through words, and receive dramatic physical responses. As I talked with my leg – where I was experiencing severe pain and partial paralysis caused by a condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy – I suddenly felt scar tissue unwinding under my skin, nerves firing and energy moving along defined pathways through my calf. My calf muscles began to perform flexion and extension exercises independently of my conscious control, as electric-like jolts continued to shoot through the area. Through a series of conversations with my leg, I was able to completely restore function to the muscles. Realizing the broad potential of this mind-body technique, I organized my approach into a system that I could teach to clients, called Antara (Sanskrit for within).

Experiences we have encountered in our lifetime and how we have processed them determines the way our body funnels universal energies.

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By communicating with different tissues in my body, it became clear that changes in the connective tissue called fascia were responsible for unwinding the tension and scar tissue, freeing the impinged nerves, unblocking the acupuncture channels and allowing communication to be restored between my nerves and my muscles. The fascial network is a thin, very strong, three-dimensional net of biological fabric, containing many layers which envelope and infuse every other tissue in your body. Providing both integrity and elasticity, the fascia holds your organs in place and aligns your spine and joints while allowing mobility. It also provides pathways for blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels to travel through, so that nutrients and hormones can be delivered to every cell and toxins can be carried away to be eliminated. The fascia also serves as the supporting physical material for the acupuncture meridian system. Physical trauma can lead to increased tension and the formation of scar tissue within the fascial network. This causes the fascia to shorten and tighten, which can impinge nerves, disrupt the flow of blood, lymph and energy and pull the spine and joints out of alignment.

While applying and teaching this technique, I have observed that emotional trauma also plays a role in fascial tension and scar tissue. According to shamanic belief, physical tissues at the deepest level, are a gathering or concentration of emotional energy. All physical life forms begin with a single emotional impulse. Emotional energy is the trellis that physical bodies grow on. My experience with the Antara method suggests that the fascial network in the body is a physical representation of what I call emotional latticework. Each of us builds our own unique emotional latticework within our body that is formed from the energy of both positive and negative emotions. Stress, unresolved traumas, and suppressed emotions can build a complicated energetic latticework containing disharmonious frequencies that seem to change the tonicity of the fascia and interfere with energy flow. Imagine the fascia as a biological fabric made up of many long threads. Each thread vibrates with life force similarly to how a string on a guitar vibrates when waves of energy travel through it. When you tighten a guitar string by twisting the tuning key, this raises the pitch (the frequency of vibration of the string). When the tonicity or tension of the fascial threads change, their frequency of vibration also changes, and the body becomes an out of tune instrument. This alters the resonance allowance of the body or the range of frequencies that the body naturally channels.

Often while communicating with my own body, I would feel very obvious unwinding sensations in my fascia, and each time that I was able to release a new line of tension or layer of scar tissue, I would experience an intense dream that very same evening. The dreams would usually involve people, relationships or events from my past – usually those that I haven’t thought about in a very long time. Occasionally the dreams would be based on primal fears (or possibly past life experiences) rather than anything I have experienced in this lifetime.

Clients also report being surprised by the unexpected emotions or dreams that surface while they are practicing Antara. This is true in both gradual and sudden onset cases of chronic pain. It seems that the energy of unexpressed emotions can compromise the tonicity of the fascia, and interfere with the normal healing process after injury. At some point the emotion becomes trapped within the tissue. The Antara process unwinds the fascia and releases the trapped energy, then the emotion is experienced as it either easily flows out of the body or is brought to the surface where it can be acknowledged, processed and then released. The newly liberated fascial threads re-integrate with the whole, as the fascial network begins to function like an orchestra playing in harmony again. The life force from the Earth and stars flows more smoothly through the body and the regenerative processes return.

Comment: For more on the importance of body work or massage to clear past emotional traumas see:
The Health & Wellness Show: Body Work: The Issues in Your Tissues

Illness and injury are an opportunity to evolve.

In Shamanic teaching, illness that does not respond to conventional treatment often indicates a spiritual initiation process that leads to the disruption of normal life and withdrawal from the mundane world. The individual undergoes a period of physical, psychological and spiritual trial, where they must feel, understand and integrate the most difficult experiences of their life. By seeking answers to the mysteries of life and by turning inward through meditation, new levels of awareness are reached. The individual gains freedom from self-imposed restrictions and oppressive environments (both of which can manifest as tension in the fascial network that resists energy flow). They realize that every physical challenge, every emotion, and every person that crosses their path has been a stimulant for their own evolution and are able to navigate life with more inner peace and trust in the process. With less interference, they begin to channel universal life force more freely and discover surprising abilities within. This transformation can lead them to a higher purpose or destiny than previously imagined. They are given the opportunity to heal themselves and then share what they have learned while making a lasting contribution to the world. The Antara method is the result of my own experiments with focused intention during deep meditation. While in a brainwave state attuned with the Earth’s natural resonance, my intentions to communicate with my body are transmitted with greater power and direction. With the support of the Earth and Cosmos and the cooperation of my physical body, I was able to manifest dramatic and profound physical healing. We exist in a living universal energy field. Each one of us can become conscious of this field and learn to better cooperate with it in order to overcome challenges, and to fulfill our higher destinies in this life.

About the Author:
Therese Wade received her Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University in 2003. Her combined experience with Chinese medicine, shamanic studies, and kundalini meditation are integrated within her approach to mind – body – spirit medicine. Please visit for more information.


The Temple Of Baal Coming To New York Will Be Followed By Hundreds More All Over The World

Times Square - Public Domain


The reproductions of the 50 foot arch that stood at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria that will be erected in New York City and London next month will only be the first of many.  As you will see below, it turns out that there are plans to put arches in hundreds more cities all over the globe.  The organization behind this is the Institute of Digital Archaeology, which is a joint venture between Harvard University, the University of Oxford and Dubai’s Museum of the Future.  The initial arches from the Temple of Baal that will be erected in New York and London as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Week in April are intended “as a gesture of defiance“, but ultimately the plan is to share this “cultural treasure” with as many cities around the planet as possible.

If you go to Times Square in New York or Trafalgar Square in London late next month, you will not be able to miss these giant arches.  According to the New York Post, they will be 48 feet high and 23 feet wide…

The life-size model of the original 2,000-year-old structure, known as the Arch of the Temple of Bel, will stand approximately 48 feet high and 23 feet wide.

It will be one of two constructed in China for exhibition likely in Times Square and London’s Trafalgar Square as part of a World Heritage Week event in April 2016, said Roger Michel, executive director for the Institute for Digital Archaeology.

I suppose that it is appropriate that these giant arches are going to be made in China, because it seems like almost everyone is being made over there these days.

But these are not the only two giant arches that are going to be made.  That same article from the New York Post says that the Institute for Digital Archaeology ultimately hopes to put 1,000 of these arches in cities all over the globe…

The institute plans to construct approximately 1,000 such versions of the arch in cities throughout the world.

If you are anything like me, this is an extremely disturbing development.  Baal worship is definitely not something that we should be celebrating as a society.  There were very good reasons why the God of the Bible found it so incredibly repulsive.  The following description of what went on during Baal worship comes from Scott Brown

We know that there were usually lots of people gathered, often on a high hill (like a theatre or stadium) to observe public sex, just like we see in movies and television and on the internet (Numbers 22:41, I Kings 12:25-33). We think that our watching these things is different than the idolatry of old, but this is not so.

The whole community came out and all of the best pagan ideas for success in crops and fertility were promoted, just like a business seminar that promotes unbiblical ideas that justify the worldliness of its origin.

The wicked personalities (promoters and performers) were respected and given the platform (like rock stars and Hollywood’s “People’.) Some of them were great dancers (like Brittany Spears and Madonna) while others were great musicians (like Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney) (I Kings 15:12-14). In our day, people who go to our churches celebrate celebrities when they should be doing the opposite. Psalm 101:1, 3 says “I will walk in my house… I will set no wicked thing before my eyes…”

People danced around the Asherah pole, which was nothing more than a phallic symbol. It is quite possible that these poles functioned somewhat like the poles in what are called, “gentlemen’s clubs.” The people also acted out lustful, licentious, bawdy scenes for the enjoyment of all who came (Isaiah 57:5-8; Deuteronomy 23:17).They had all the different kinds of sexual experiences on display including men with women, men with men and all of the combinations that are popular today in sit-coms, movies and news reports. On top of that, they invited the crowd to participate (I Kings 14:24).

In addition to everything that you just read, child sacrifice was a central feature of Baal worship.  This is what Jeremiah 10:4-6 says…

4 Because they have forsaken me, and have estranged this place, and have burned incense in it unto other gods, whom neither they nor their fathers have known, nor the kings of Judah, and have filled this place with the blood of innocents;

5 They have built also the high places of Baal, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings unto Baal, which I commanded not, nor spake it, neither came it into my mind:

6 Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that this place shall no more be called Tophet, nor The valley of the son of Hinnom, but The valley of slaughter.

We like to think that we are so much more advanced than people back then, but are we really?

Just like ancient Baal worshippers, we are a society that is addicted to watching other people have sex.  In fact, it has been estimated that 68 percent of all Christian men watch pornography on a regular basis.

And just like ancient Baal worshippers, we are a society that is engaged in child sacrifice.  We call it “abortion”, but the motives are still the same.  If an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy comes along, we have a mechanism “for getting rid of it” just like they did.

Since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, we have slaughtered more than 58 million of our own children.  I would venture to say that the ancient Baal worshippers never got quite that much blood on their own hands.

On one level, I find it quite ironic that a reproduction of part of the Temple of Baal is going up in Times Square.  David Wilkerson once preached a message entitled “Tearing Down The Altars Of Baal” at Times Square Church, and now a monument to Baal is actually being erected in Times Square.

In our next video, my wife and I will be covering all of this.  When it is published, you will be able to find it on our YouTube channel.  And don’t forget to hit the red subscribe button on the right hand side of our YouTube page.

Many people regard America as modern day Babylon, and now we are going to have a monument that directly links us to ancient Babylon right in the heart of our most important city.

To me, this is one of the most important news stories of 2016 so far.

But what do you think?  Please feel free to join the discussion by posting a comment below…

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