Gratitude and Thanks-giving to all this Holy-day Season!!


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Taking this moment to wish everyone a happy, safe Holy-day season, and to express my eternal gratitude to everyone for all your emotional and financial support thru an extremely challenging year.  I’m eternally grateful for the lessons and personal growth that’s been gained, and for the opportunity to share this journey with so many gracious and beautiful souls!  

May you have a blessed Holy-day season and a magical 2018!! 

With sooo much love, Annette

In memorial of the the First Nations tribes and the ancestors who came long before the hordes of Missionary’s and Militia’s arrived in the America’s with their legacy of genocide. 
For myself, after learning the truth about the origins of Thanksgiving I no longer celebrate this day, instead it’s a day of reverence and with heavy heart I honor the memory of the true founders of America and their ancestral heritage. 
Aho Red Road warriors and walkers,
the flight of the Eagle and Condor is here!
In general, here’s the sad historical truth behind Thanksgiving and what the pilgrims really thankful for.
The first Thanksgiving was dedicated to slaughtering a village of Pequot men, women and children. For the native population, it went downhill from there…
From the NY Times:
“The first Thanksgiving stemmed from the massacre of Pequot people in 1637, a culmination of the Pequot War….Plymouth, Mr. Loewen noted, was already a village with clear fields and a spring when the Pilgrims found it. “A lovely place to settle,” he said. “Why was it available? Because every single native person who had been living there was a corpse.” Plagues had wiped them out.”
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Annette O’Toole on The Fireside Chat w/Lance White, the Zany Mystic 10/7/2017

Annette O'Toole
Guest Biography:

About Annette O’Toole:

She is publisher of ‘2012 The Awakening’ website. Her goal is to help others awaken to their Divine potential. In the last seven years, publishing has been a labor of love dedicated in Service to Humanity.  In that time, she’s published nearly 13,500 posts covering over 250 categories, making “2012 The Awakening” website a virtual encyclopedia of information for those on the path of awakening. Annette has been senior admin for Facebook’s Galactic History Discussion Page since late 2013.

Annette will also be offering ascension guidance on her Patreon page in later 2017 and has recently been featured in Andrew Bartzis’ Age of Resolution series on the purpose of weather and hurricanes at this time.  Check out the vast resources on her website below:

2012 The Awakening URL: www.ascendingstarseed.

Please support my work on Patreon

Showtime 7pm PST  10/7/2017




Important Blog Update

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Aloha! Hi everyone,

First, let me thank everyone for the overwhelming support after my interview with Dark Journalist aired last month, the response was absolutely incredible and far surpassed anything I anticipated or could have imagined. Enough donations came in to help keep my head above water for the month of July. I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support, heart felt gratitude to ALL!

Here’s where things are at and why publishing posts has virtually come to a temporary standstill. For the first time in seven years since I’ve been blogging, my back is seriously up against the wall financially. I’ve been looking for work and the only thing I’ve found so far is a jop working 3hrs a week for an elderly lady who needs help around the house, at minimum wage.

The last couple months have mostly been very stressful, jumping thru hoops for financial assistance, going to doctors, looking for work and recovering major dental work over the last two weeks. Feeling better now, but it was a rough time – I never well with mouth trauma.

Fortunately I qualified for food stamps, so I have food. But, I was denied financial aid to cover living expenses and incidentals. Even tho I have Hepatitis C and other issues which should qualify for partial disability status, the state still denied to help with financial aid.  If I were a drug addict, 59yrs old or seriously ill I could get assistance.  Makes no sense.

That said, I have great news!! Thankfully last week I was contacted by someone who saw my interview, who’s also fairly well known for his work in ancient study’s and is highly respected for his work.  He’s offered to donate $2000 to help me get back into event planning, and I’ve also decided to undertake producing webinars as well. The money is being donated for venue deposits, speaker deposits, marketing and advertising.  I have approximately 2-3 months of pre-planning, strategizing, finding an assistant and learning how to run the webinar programs before I can realistically expect to begin generating income.

If you missed my interview with Dark Journalists, it covered my background in event production and how my first conference was hijacked by Corey Goode and his manager Roger Ramsaur. I spent close to six months planning so I could get on my feet financially and organize events – and no thanks to them – now I’m scraping at the bottom of the barrel for my survival. Here’s the interview and background information on how I found myself in dire straits this summer.  

At this time I have plans for at least one webinar to air before the end of 2017, possibly two. Then I’m looking at a 5-7 day healing retreat in Hawaii during Feb/March and an exciting 3-day conference for starseeds over the Lion’s Gate passage in Mt Shasta in August 2018. Those are for sure, and am looking at a couple other possibility’s for major events and more exciting webinars next year as well.

But, I have one big problem, aside from less than $100mo from the lady I’m working for 3hrs a week, there’s no income to survive on until monies from the first webinar is generated. As of today I have less than $50 to survive on. Last week my landlord informed me that my work-trade situation for rent is ending, he has someone willing to pay $700 a month for the house. But, will let me stay if I can pay $500 and commit to 20hrs of work a month. Electric and internet bills are past due, and today the check engine light came on in my car. pffft!

I also have two dogs and cat to care for. The newest member of the family is a 1yr old Black Lab I rescued on July 23rd who came from a neglectful owner, he was so hungry his ribs were showing and I couldn’t say no to this amazing dog. His name is Mana Kula and he’s a big ole sweetheart. Precious loves him, he loves her and they play like crazy dogs. Coco, the black cat I rescued earlier this year has finally accepted him. And aside from a few growls, hisses and batting his clawed-paws occasionally when Mana gets overbearing, they’re getting along terrifically now!

These pics were taken about 4 days after I brought him home, the second one shows how skinny he was, but at that point he had gained some weight in the few days after he arrived.



Precious and Mana




Anyway,  at this stage I’m looking for ways to raise funds for the next couple of months while I’m getting set up for business so I can keep a roof over my head, pay for living expenses and keep internet going – hopefully any repairs that may arise will be low.

So I’m calling out for Sponsors over the next three months and am going to build a Wall of Fame page here on the blog for everyone who offers financial assistance by Sponsoring $50 or more to support this work. In addition to the Wall of Fame, I’m also offering rewards. Here’s how it works:

Sponsors – In addition to your name on the Wall of Fame:
$50 a month from August thru October – You receive free admission to all future webinars and one VIP pass for the conference of your choosing.
$100 a month, or more from August thru October – You receive a free VIP pass to all future conferences and webinars.
One time donations:
$50 Wall of Fame and two passes to future webinars
$100 Wall of Fame, three passes to webinars and %50 off all future events.
$200 Wall of Fame, free admission to future webinars and %50 discount on all future events.
$300 or more gets your name on the Wall of Fame, free ticket to all future webinars and VIP passes to future events

You can make your pledge to sponsor this work here at the paypal button in the upper right hand corner, you will be given options for recurrent payments and also there’s a box provided to send me a note if you wish to remain anonymous, or have anything else you wish to share. You can also go to my Patreon page at and sign up there. 

Please note, after three months you will have to unsubscribe from your sponsorship to prevent further charges to your account, I don’t believe paypal or patreon offer a limited sponsorship option. If you forget, please contact me at the email below so I can refund the charges. 

Monies derived from sponsors will go to paying living, pet and car expenses which add up to approx. $1000mo. Any money received  over that amount will be invested into the business to help with funding for deposits, webinar services, advertising, marketing etc. 

In regards to blog publishing,  depending on time and constraints I will always be publishing in some capacity to keep readers informed on things that matter. Currently I have real concerns about the roll-out of the 5G network and the reality of trans-humanism is happening NOW – AI is literally on your doorstep. 

Also, we’re facing what appears to be the rapid onset of extreme climate change, leading to a mini-ice age in the next 3-7yrs.  If the data I’ve been observing is correct, by 2019 the weather is expected to literally spiral control causing global crop failures and infra-stucture collapse. Long time readers know Earth changes have been featured story’s here since the beginning, what I’m seeing now has me very concerned for the near future. 

So these are the directions I’ll will be focusing on for the blog as much as I possibly can while building the foundation for webinars and events over the next 2-3 months. But, until I get on my feet and have an assistant, my focus will be on creating income thru event management and I’ll do my best to publish whenever possible. It took four hours to review the material, publish 4 posts and drop the links on FB the other day, publishing work is time consuming and right now it’s imperative I do everything possible to create income because there are no jobs available here. I have no choice but to believe in myself and the support of the community in stepping forward on a greater path of Service moving forward. 

It’s a miracle that a $2000 Sponsor appeared last week offering to help when it was needed most. So I’m praying for another miracle with additional sponsors to help bridge the financial gap until income is created. Any assistance will be deeply appreciated from the bottom of my heart.  

Thank you to everyone who has ever answered the call to donate money in the past  , your thoughtful nature, kindness and generosity is deeply appreciated> I am eternally grateful for everyone who’s helped keep this blog alive with your financial support. compassion and love. Mahalo nui!

Blessings to all and have a magical week! 

Much love and gratitude,


Email: { ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com }


UPDATE: Why I’m no longer covering Corey Goode and the Full Disclosure Movement “Annette O’Toole w/ Dark Journalist: The ART of the STEAL! New Age DEEP STATE (Pt 5)”

Aloha, hi Everyone!
Please accept my sincerest apology’s for the lack of published posts or feedback over the last few months, I’ve been experiencing very difficult, and dense energy’s on many levels which have included energetic attacks that have been quite challenging to deal with.
At this time I’m removing my support from Corey Goode and the Full Disclosure Now movement, the reasons why are explained in my interview with Dark Journalist.
As mentioned in the post interview statement below the video, I’m taking hiatus for much needed healing time and to find part time work.
I intended on posting my letter to Corey with the interview, along with chat messages from Roger which back-up my claims. Unfortunately WordPress no longer allows us to post documents, so upon request written documentation will be made available by email at
The interview was conducted 2-3 weeks ago, since then my perspective on Corey has changed somewhat and there were a few things we didn’t have time to cover in the interview. See my post interview statement below the video description for additional details.
Much love and thanks to everyone for your support over the last seven years, it’s been a team effort and a journey I couldn’t have made without the financial support and encouragement from readers like yourself! The last 6-9 months I’ve been struggling to create income so I can continue publishing without asking for donations, that struggle is detailed further in my interview.
So please bear with me as I heal, re-group and forge a new path for myself and this blog, “2012 The Awakening” to move forward on.
I wish to express the deepest heartfelt gratitude to everyone who’s generously stepped forward with donations since the interview aired on Saturday to help cover expenses. And a BIG Mahalo to everyone who answered the call for support, from this now moment forward.
Also, the extraordinary support and sheer number of positive comments on you Tube and Project Avalon has been virtually overwhelming. I actually expected to get hit with a freight train of negative comments from rabid fans and followers that have lost all objectivity in their search for truth. So here’s a HUMONGOUS THANK-YOU embedded with BIG HUGS to everyone for ALL your kind words and generosity! 
Blessings to All, {~A~}
Donations can be made thru paypal at the button on the upper right of the page, or you can support my work at Patreon. Mahalo nui!


New Age Deep State Part 5: Whistleblower Annette O’Toole
In this breakthrough Part 5 episode of New Age Deep State, Dark Journalist welcomes Whistleblower Annette O’Toole
from the Ascending Starseed website who worked closely as a former insider with the 3 Year Disclosure Marketing Cult of self-proclaimed ‘Time Traveling Astronaut’ Corey Goode and his Business Partner Roger Ramsaur. The Marketing Cult includes questionable aspects in their program such as a therapy network to help followers cope with disclosure, ‘Corey’s Kids’ space gear promotions and a Comic Book based on Goode’s adventures in Secret Space with Blue Avian aliens.

Full Disclosure Corporation Harvesting Operation
O’Toole, who has successfully run the Ascending Starseed website for many years, recounts her experience working with Corey and Company to set up a Solstice Conference for the Summer and how she spent months formulating the event as the corporation encouraged her to build it up. She soon became wary of dealing with Goode when the 3 Year Disclosure Marketing Cult started to control the terms of her association and she saw her colleagues used as proxies, treated poorly, and then thrown aside.

She decided the group was not so much interested in ‘love and light’ and a Space Being philosophy of oneness as it was in optimizing their bottom line at the expense of their members. Eventually, through a series of slick corporate business moves, O’Toole found herself cut completely out of the loop of her own conference.

Five Major Figures Come Forward
O’Toole’s powerful account fits with a wider pattern of using assets and ideas without permission and general disregard for intellectual property that the marketing group seems to embrace. Five major figures in Alternative Research have come forward with accounts of these kind of incidents, including popular Web Bots developer Clif High, Dr. Joseph Farrell, Linda Moulton Howe, The Object Report’s Agent K and UFO Filmmaker Jim Nichols.

O’Toole’s message is not one of bitterness, but of awareness in dealing with what she views as ‘unethical and shady’ business practices of he 3 Year Disclosure Marketing Cult. Her personal experience with Corey and Company has set her on a path of helping others to question the claims of any group that purports to be in touch with ‘Higher Beings.’

Note: Due to the important nature of this video and it’s many revelations, you may at your discretion download it and upload it to your channel with proper citation and share it with your viewers to make sure it is not censored.

The fantastic track at the end of the episode was performed by The Anthropophobia Project.
Find out more about them here:…

For more information on Ascending Starseed and to visit Annette’s website go to:

Shocking, informative, eye-opening and powerful, don’t miss this important Dark Journalist episode!

(thank you walker)



Aloha, Hi everyone,

Coming forward with my story has been a very difficult decision, considering all the contempt targeted at those speaking up by followers and fans, it’s took great courage. That said, there are a few things I’d like to add to my statement which we didn’t have time to cover in the interview, and actions taken on behalf of Corey and Roger after I spoke with Dark Journalist have shifted my perceptions as well.

Regardless of what Roger Ramsaur (aka Roger Richards & Emma Gold) beLIEves about tattoos, there’s a very dark agenda behind tattooing. Basically, 4th dimensional groups have been using tattooing as a means of ‘branding’ people for thousands of years. Most of the symbolism used in tattoo’s are energetically owned by these groups, and the fact that blood is involved makes tattooing a ritual based endeavor that literally brands most people to 4D groups. And, they’re typically not benevolent groups, especially anything representing Lucifer, the great Deceiver.

In conclusion, based on my personal clair-sentient observations and from what I’ve learned from several very powerful seer-healers who have been observing this situation from a multi-dimensional perspective; aside from embellishments on his personal life and in the story, Corey’s story about the BA’s and Inner Earth groups is ‘basically’ true. At least that’s how it began.

That said, there are extremely dark entity’s aided by a powerful AI energy that have infiltrated their organization over the last year. I honestly don’t believe anyone in the inner-circle is aware that they’ve been infected, or possessed or influenced by these forces. Any Satanic agenda is most likely covert, hidden and completely sub-conscious in nature.

I expect that Corey, Roger and fans will put their own spin on ‘my truth’. Am I a CIA plant? Well that’s a laughable label since Corey chose me as a ticket winner to his conference last year. I’m simply a blogger with a solid reputation in the truther community – my work stands for itself.

I’m also a Shaman dedicated to walking a Sacred Path in every step I take.

Bottom line, my skills and expertise were taken advantage of by Roger, then Corey threw me under the Roger bus with everyone else when he disregarded my letter on May 24th. If it was intercepted by Roger or someone else handling Corey’s correspondences, then he never read my complaint. Idk…

Instead of contacting me to find out what happened and what could be done to resolve the situation I was removed from the Full Disclosure Now 11-11 admin team, removed from Slack think tank and blocked by Roger.  I spent 25yrs as a professional in the entertainment industry and deserve more respect than that.

My initial impression was that Corey is under attack due to a lack of ethics, knowledge and professionalism on behalf of his manager – an age old problem in the entertainment industry that personally I’ve witnessed more times than I can count. I’ve also received feedback from several people skilled at reading energy and the Akashic records, that there IS truth to Corey’s contact with higher beings and is service with the SSP. That said, after receiving a couple of intimidating messages from him this week and seeing the attacks launched at people sharing their story, I have the impression Corey’s moral code is seriously flawed and that any previous contact with higher races ceased when his vibrational frequency lowered as his ego rose, as he got pulled into the opportunity to reach for fame and fortune.

So personally, I’m not surprised with the exposes coming forward. It feels like the judiciary karmic boomerang is returning to its senders.

Corey – if you’re reading this – I forgive and actually feel sorry for you, much of what you’re experiencing now has been brought on by bad business decisions that lack any kind of solid spiritual foundation – which was discussed in my letter to you on May 24, 2017. Exposes like my interview with Dark Journalist are real complaints against your organization which you have failed to personally address, violations that your management team perpetrated.

There are people who have been treated horribly by Roger, hence the knee-jerk reactions, denial and blame shifting on your behalf is only making matters worse. You really need to go within for a period of honest self-reflection and understand that everything appearing in your field of perception is also your creation, a reality which is projected from within.

Roger, I also forgive you and truly hope you seek deep clearing, healing and self forgiveness. You have been engulfed by darkness over the last few months, darkness which you have allowed-in thru tacit consent, branding and blood ritual. If you have a daily DMT habit “as rumored” – then you have unwittingly opened the door for possession. Please seek healing.

Now that the interview with Dark Journalist is being released, I don’t want get drawn into the drama and will be taking a hiatus for spiritual healing following six very stressful months after Corey backed out of his agreement to appear at my conference and the swindling act which followed. In addition, there have been a series of attacks I’ve been dealing with and need time to heal and regroup, to forge a new direction moving forward.

A link to the letter I sent to Corey is posted below, it’s been edited and condensed to remove names of the innocent and discussions on other topics. I wrote the letter to tell my story in the event that it was ignored.

I’m also including a chat text summary with Roger to highlight promises he made which went unfulfilled and to show the carrot and stick tactics he uses to keep people “producing” without being paid their energetic, or monetary value.

Instead of taking this case into a man-made court of law, “at this time” I’ve chosen to open a sacred neutral, spiritual court of equity with Great Spirit and Gaia to find remedy and resolution to all value that’s been stolen, that all masks will fall and all hidden truths will be revealed in this matter. And so it is.

One last note, I absolutely hate asking for donations. In 2013 my grandmother passed away leaving me with a very small inheritance I’ve been living on while healing from two Hepatitis C relapses in 2011 and 2013. By re-investing the money into paying for my survival expenses, my grandmothers legacy has also allowed me the freedom to live a service to others lifestyle by allowing time for researching information I’ve shared on my blog and allowing time for volunteer work I do with my local community.

The motivating reason to organize conferences was the opportunity to professionally get back on my feet and have money in the bank to continue working for the Collective Good, since my Grandmothers legacy was finally reaching its end.

Basically in a nut-shell, Roger swindled my income, as well as funding for more conferences aimed at raising the collective conscious. Now, I’m back on food stamps and because I’ve healed, I’ve been denied financial assistance – a decision which I’m fighting. Currently, I’m seeking income opportunities and have more events in the works for next year, but it will take a few months before event-income manifests. Additionally, there are virtually no jobs available and I really need help surviving until I regroup and get back on my feet.

You can support my work on Patreon or thru the donation button on my blog, which also has a re-occurring payment option – your support at this time will be greatly appreciated.

I also want to apologize for the drop in the number of published posts over the last several months. This has been an extremely difficult passage to navigate; in addition dealing with vampiric people possessed by Darkness has seriously drained my energy reserves. Also, the subsequent loss of conference income I spent six-months planning for, has shifted my focus to survival and jumping thru hoops for the state for financial assistance has been a time and energy harvesting endeavor as well. I’ve been literally been hanging on by a thread since January.

For the time being I’ll be shifting my focus to finding a part-time job to help keep a roof over my head and cover living expenses, which is next to impossible while investing time in research for the blog and managing my work on Facebook – both are very time consuming and they harvest focus which needs to be directed toward my survival, at this time.

Thanks again to everyone who has ever supported my work, and to all the amazing people who left so many incredibly supportive comments under my interview on YouTube and Project Avalon. Knowing that Corey and Roger would put their own spin on my story in an effort to suppress the truth about their lack of professionalism and ethics, it wasn’t an easy decision coming forward. Yet it’s been a big relief that the support has been overwhelmingly positive, and with any luck my feedback is inspiring critical thinking and moving followers away from ‘group think’.

In conclusion, when a research community turns into a worship community driven by the Cult of Personality which says ‘get out if you disagree’ we have a serious problem which needs to be addressed with objective thinking. When people preaching a Service to Others lifestyle are walking a Service to Self path in their own lives, we  have a serious problem to contend with. It’s time we get off our knees and lead ourselves as true leaders,  and stop looking to others for answers. Because everything we need to know for our personal journey is Sourced from within.

In hindsight, I want to thank Corey and Roger for a powerful mirroring experience, in the last month I have found great healing for times in the past where my self-worth and energetic value has been violated.  I’ve forgiven trespassers and asked forgiveness for my trespasses upon others as well. My wish for both of you is that upon deep self reflection at your own projections,  and that you learn from this experience and find healing too.

The monster in the mirror looking back at you is YOU; what you believe are attacks, are coming from your own Shadow and are a self-creation.

I also want to extend gratitude to everyone who’s been there for me over the last few months thru this difficult journey, you know who you are.

I also wish to express a BIG heartfelt MAHALO to Dark Journalistl for his support and for giving whistleblowers a platform to speak our truth. Thank you for your outstanding work with this expose` series and to the other whistleblowers who come forward, for standing in the power of their truth.
Mahalo nui…Much love to all,

Annette O’Toole

spiritual maintenance

BLOG UPDATE: Gratitude to donors…Still meeting goal for car repairs, pet care, etc

Aloha! Hi Everyone,

Quick update…BIG THANK-YOU to  Teresa, Valerie and Daniela for your recent donations, especially to Kathryn, Ines, Richard and Otto who answered the “call for help” to help with car repairs, vet bill, dog food, utility bills and survival expenses (gas, food etc). With your generous assistance I’ve raised almost $200 (of $700 goal) and am still approx $400 short of meeting my goal to pay for car repairs, towing, dog food etc.


Times must be tough, with only four people responding, this is the slowest response in 7yrs to a call for help. So I’m sending out a second call….

Also, if you know of legitimate online money making opportunity’s, or have work here on the big island I’m all ears!

In case you missed my recent Blog Update, here’s a link to the post which includes behind the scenes efforts over the last 6-7 months to establish income from organizing conferences, along with some other opportunity’s appearing on the horizon online and within my local community.


I’ve also created a Patreon acct. and am seeking sponsors to assist with monthly pledges to help support this body of work. ‘2012 The Awakening’ has been a seven year commitment, culminating in over 13,000 archived posts from 2010-2017.  ATM I’m currently offering several levels of  rewards for monthly pledges and am looking to offer more rewards & creations to readers as time progresses; and, am seeking creative input with Patreon. ALWAYS feel free to offer suggestions, your patronage and support are greatly appreciated!

Once again, I’d like to take this opportunity to express HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO EVERYONE who has ever donated in support of this blog – your patronage OVER THE LAST SEVEN YEARS has made a HUGE difference and I can’t THANK-YOU enough!!


Blessings, Love, Light and sooo much GRATITUDE to everyone, for your support…

Annette O’Toole aka AscendingStarseed

Email: { ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com }

Follow my work on FB:  (ps..several months ago I found a nest of 30 watchers on my friend list who can’t be blocked, deleted or unfriended. As a result,  I’m no longer accepting friend requests from people I don’t personally know or haven’t been referred by a personal friend. Please hit follow, ty)


Long-Overdue BLOG UPDATE: Organizing 2017 Conferences, Donations for Car Repairs and Fighting CENSORSHIP by SUPPORTING INDEPENDENT MEDIA

I want to express HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO EVERYONE who has ever donated in support of this blog – your patronage OVER THE LAST SEVEN YEARS has made a HUGE difference and I can’t THANK-YOU enough!! Soo much LOVE and GRATITUDE…MAHALO NUI



Aloha, hi Everyone!

Well, I know it’s been a long time since the last up-date and apologize for the silence on my end but, the in last 6-7 months since attending the SSP conference in Mt Shasta last August, my entire life shifted in upward in momentum so quickly I moved beyond light-speed! Please accept my apology for the lack of updates, much of what I’ve been working on behind the scenes has been kept quiet in an attempt to avoid interference and manipulation.

Did it work, nope. Got hit really hard in January and February with attacks from the archonic grid, to many details to cover here. But, here’s a short recap…

In September 2016 I secured an investor, who was also a very good friend who was interested in investing in organizing conferences. So last November, three friends I had met in Mt Shasta, journeyed to the big island for several weeks to help with the initial planning phase and to set intentions for a successful 2017 launch. From October thru January 2017,  much time was spent working diligently behind the scenes, quietly organizing a Mt Shasta summer solstice conference featuring Corey Goode, Andrew Bartzis, Laura Eisenhower, James Gililland, Eric Raines and Meg Benedicte.

By mid-January my investors wife was laid-off from her job and his mother had been hospitalized in long term care since November – expenses which he was paying for out-of-pocket. At that point, he had to pull-back from any kind of monetary investment in conferences.

We also had a second conference scheduled for Kauai on Nov 11,  which was dependent on a successful Mt Shasta conference for funding. Unfortunately, by mid-February we were forced to cancel the Mt Shasta event due to extra-ordinarily high levels of snow-pack which are likely to cause problems with flash-flooding, mud and snow at the Methodist campsite in mid-June. Since the Kauai conference relied on funding derived from the conference in June, it was also canceled.

We tried to re-schedule the solstice conference, but ran into problems re-booking the original speakers due to previous commitments. Needless to say, canceling the Mt Shasta event was a very difficult and disappointing  decision to make, one which also seriously affected projected earnings this year. As well as the opportunity to establish a career in the conference & event industry.

These events were a way to secure income well into the future, so I could continue blogging without having to pander for donations. Pffft! Oh well…

Since last summer, my time has been split between organizing the conference, blogging and trying to make ends meet – the last six months have been EXTREMELY difficult financially.  While attempting to establish additional income thru conferences, my time available for research has been seriously affected and minimized. That said, I’ve been very reluctant to ask for donations since the volume of posts hasn’t been what it used to be when I was able to research on a full-time basis.




In addition to time constraint factors, many blog’s and YouTube channels have either shut-down, or have dramatically reduced the number of posts due to Google and YouTube censorship.  In the last two weeks alone, the number of daily notifications from youtube have dropped by 50% or more; and the number of posts have been in decline since early last year – making the search for useful, relevant information quite tricky at times.

Additionally, many news pieces are being recycled by other bloggers, am filtering those out and doing my very best to stay abreast of news that’s truly relevant to full disclosure, earth changes, psychic defense, healing and spiritual growth. Over the last few months I’ve had to re-direct my efforts and am doing my best to provide quality-over-quantity, and sincerely apologize to subscribers who pulled back monthly financial support after these unexpected-unforeseen changes.


In addition to the above, like everyone else this is an “energetically challenging” passage filled with intense activations, upgrades and initiations that require integration time away from the computer in prayer, meditation, ceremony and time outside in Nature balancing the energy’s. Have also been working energetically locally with people in the community to help raise conscious awareness. All volunteer work.

After 7+ years basically publishing full-time in isolation, while experiencing a powerful light body activation in 2012, has meant learning to get serious about walking the Sacred path of a Shaman. Which requires getting serious about unplugging from technology, laying down the sword of the keyboard warrior and getting my boots firmly on the ground in the local community. That said, it’s taken a long time to face my own addiction to technology and am now finding balance in my daily routine.

In addition to blogging, since attending the SSP conference last August I’ve also been working in support of the Full Disclosure Now movement. Later this year it appears I may have opportunity’s to get involved with income opportunity’s with their event management team.

My professional background is in the concert/event/music industry, at this I’m also seeking investor/s for the 2018 conference year and am looking for sponsor/s to support this work.

Also, I recently joined-up with Andrew Bartzis’ as a host for up-coming shows, which will provide a small income stream to help make ends meet. So atm, I’m seeking part time income opportunity’s simply to keep a roof over my head – which takes time away from blogging.


It’s difficult enough surviving, without getting hit with car problems. Last weekend my car broke down, requiring approx $500 for repairs. Including $120 holiday towing fee on Easter Sunday, which I had to borrow from a friend to get my car off the side of the road to the mechanic. Naturally, car problems hit when the internet, propane and electric bill are over-due. Among other things, the kitten I rescued in February needs shots & neutering before he starts spraying and it’s time to buy dog food again. Pffft! Seems like everything hits all at once in a perfect storm.



I’ve been trying to get this post out all week, but wanted to add a Patreon option for people who want to set up monthly donations, or for those don’t like using paypal. But, had no idea what I was getting into there. Am in the process of finalizing my Creator Page and am still trying to figure out how to embed a link to Patreon from here. Here’s the link to my page:

Tier 1,2,3 Patrons receive a monthly Intuitive Session/Consultation. For details please Email me at { ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com ] or send me a PM on FB.



Meanwhile, I SERIOUSLY need some help right now raising survival funds and to get my car out of the shop this week. As of 2017, “2012 The Awakening” has been going strong for seven years, with little, to no income derived from donations. For various reasons, many people working the Independent Media are having a very difficult time right now surviving financially. So much so, many publishers and video creators are giving up publishing in search of a real job. In the 14yrs I’ve been researching, I’ve never seen Truther’s such dire shape.

Google and YouTube censorship is hitting people hard, practically everyone is BEGGING for donations now – which can be overwhelming if you’re on a budget and truly desire to be of assistance. May I suggest pledging $1, $5 or $10 month or whatever you can comfortably afford, to your top 5-10 favorite publishers.  That said, it’s VITALLY important that users of independent media REALLY step-it up now by supporting your favorite publishers. 

If you’re a long time reader who’s found value here and has never donated, if you really want to make a difference in someone’s life – now is an excellent time to make a pledge in exchange-for-value-received, thank you! ❤ 🙂

Once again, thank you from the bottom-of-my-heart to everyone who’s ever donated to support this body of work, my gratitude is undying. Every dime has made a huge difference, mahalo nui!

Much love to all, In La Kech

Annette O’Toole


Annette O’Toole Interview from Mt Shasta ~ Denny Hunt

Insights from my life changing journey to Mt Shasta, am still grounding-in the activation’s and massive shifting’s still underway after the mountain called me back Labor day for a blissed-out weekend camping alone on the mountain. Stay tuned, there’s more to come 🙂 Much gratitude to Denny Hunt, nice work!


I met Annette online at the now ubiquitous Stillness in the Storm FB page. After learning that she had won one of two tickets Corey Goode gave away for the Mt Shasta Summer Conference Part 2, and that she was in a fix getting herself to California. So, I decided to ask her about launching a GoFundMe campaign to see if we could raise her airfare and expenses. She said, “Yes, let’s give it a try.” I think I was feeling confident given our recent success doing the same for ticket costs for that special Yvonne we know and love. The ‘Angel’ stepped up along with other angels and within 9 hours the funds were realized. Victory to the Light!

Annette O’Toole is best known for her work as publisher of 2012 The Awakening and Senior Moderator for Facebook’s Galactic History Discussion Page. Her love for the sacred nature of all life and passion for truth, has been the driving force behind her mission to assist in raising the collective conscious and help bring forth Full Disclosure.

Annette has known about her mission to assist the collective since she was 16yrs old, after a series of trauma’s that resulted in an NDE where a walk-in stepped in. Within weeks she had her first awakening experience, one so powerful, the doctors put her on medication and placed her in a psyche ward for a couple months until the awakening wore off and she eventually fell back asleep.

Until the early 2000’s when she began researching the Illuminati, UFO’s and earth changes. In 2008 thru her own inner-guidance, she remembered her starseed mission and adopted the online nickname as AscendingStarseed. At the time, she was living in Los Angeles where life began taking a fast downward spiral, which led to suicidal inclinations in 2009 and a move to the Big Island of Hawaii in early 2010, where she was able to begin healing.

On 11-11-11 Annette was activated with a large group of “first wave starseeds”. Several months later in June of 2012, she experienced a powerful full dna light body activation which is still in integration process. And until recently, due to the intense nature of her experience, she’s basically worked in isolation and is just now stepping into the public arena to make new contacts and expand her base of operations.

Currently she’s seeking blog contributors, like minded individuals who are interested in gaining more exposure for their work. For more information contact Annette at, or contact her on FB /react-text…

Annette writes, My purpose as a Starseed is to help others awaken to their own Divine potential , to raise awareness about enormous metaphysical and geological earth changes unfolding at this time and to assist people in remembering why we have all chosen to experience this truly amazing time to be alive. Albeit stressful as it can be sometimes, we’re here to learn compassion, empathy and that we are all interconnected to each other through the collective group mind and Spirit intertwined within our Consciousness.

Our true purpose here is to live in service to the Creation, living our life in service to each other. It means living by the Golden Rule which is simply treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Living without hate, judgment, negativity or fear and to maintain an energetic state of love. We must also work at remembering who we are, it’s healing past wounds and learning how our life now relates to past lifetimes and the lessons we’re here to learn in this life. Those are goals of a spiritually grounded and pure life.

We are all Co-Creators in this reality, thought creates therefore nothing is fixed. Whats been taken from humanity is the knowledge that we are powerful Creator beings that can create whatever we need at any moment, in any situation. All we need is to energize the outcome we’re seeking with the power of belief, visualization and intent.

Even better is to know that we are never alone, that we always have the assistance we need waiting on the other side of the veil. Personal guides that are overseeing all that happens, so whenever we need help even in hopeless situations, the assistance is there. In addition our Higher Self is always there for us ready to step in to help, unfortunately most of us never take advantage this guidance or ever realize it’s there.

IMPORTANT Update: BIG Thank you to donars, Merc Retro, Mt Shasta SSP conference WIN and current status

big island coast

Aloha! Hi Everyone,

Wow! What a week since my last update – the last few days has been quite the roller-coaster ride my friends! This update was actually scheduled to go out on Friday, but after writing for almost two hours, my computer deleted the update just as I was about to hit Publish.  Oddly enough, the same thing happened with the first update 10 days ago…when stuff like that happens twice in a row, it really makes one wonder about the presence of AI in this technology. It can also be frustrating..hmmm.

But, all in all, last week went very well. Thankfully, there was a good response to the donation drive which helped reach about 60% of my goal. The only not so good news: On Saturday my car broke down and I spent most of the day trying to get to Pahoa town for food and water, more on that further below.

First, I want to take an opportunity to thank everyone who responded to the call for donations so far. As a matter of transparency, here’s where everything stands in meeting expenses:

Since my computer is still glitchy and creating difficulty sending out individual emails, I’m taking this opportunity to thank everyone for your generous and thoughtful donations.

I’ve never had problems with Paypal. So that said, if you donated last week and don’t see your name below, please contact me with the details at the email provided below. Also, several people included a short note of encouragement and well wishes that really touched my heart: Soul tear for your kind words, Namaste.

EXTRA special thanks and my deepest gratitude goes out to the following people for answering the call

Kathie K, Kathyrn R, Frannie, Ken, Juliet, Charles U, Daniela R, Sarah B, Teresa M, William R,  Judy B, Georgia, Mark L, Celine, Helena, Jane G, Deborah, Diana T, Steven K and Eric S.

So far I’m about 60% toward hitting the “original goal” estimated to cover expenses. As a matter of transparency, here’s where I’m at on getting things covered.

Last Thursday I ordered the hard drive ($105.00) and it should be here by the end of the week. Once it arrives, I’ll be offline for a few days until it’s installed. Will still take at least $50 in labor costs to have it repaired. It’s going to be soooo nice to work on a highly functional, fast, glitch free, responsive computer…I can’t wait!!! This computer’s been hobbling along all year, thank you so very much everyone 🙂

I finally ordered much needed supplements on Friday. Even tho I got some great sale prices I was out of the more expensive products, the total was approx $205, with shipping for everything I necessary to maintain good health.

Your donations helped cover $35 phone card to keep my cell phone on 🙂

Then wouldn’t you know, over the weekend my car broke down as I was headed into Hilo to buy groceries. So instead of saving on food costs in the city, I had to find a ride to Pahoa town which is much closer to my home, but food costs are also almost twice as much. I also had to pay my friend for gas which brought food costs to approx $115 for about 7-10 days (buying same items in Hilo would’ve cost ave $60-$70). Saturday was a rather heavy day of trying to move around obstacles.

Current status:

I still have $230 which will go toward paying for internet ($90), yardwork, dog food and bird seed. Precious sends her love and gratitude…Yay!!

precious 2Since I couldn’t make it into Hilo, I still need to buy Precious a new aerial run, which remains out of budget. Also, I learned that treatments for red ants will run $225 because they neglected to inform me there was a problem with my debit card for the last treatment in May – so I have $75 outstanding that I wasn’t aware of! Grrrr…Precious

But, now to top everything off, I’m facing car repairs. Am scheduled to take it in tomorrow to see what’s going on. It appears to be a fuel system issue because the engine is dying when idling, am hoping it’s just a clogged filter or something simple like that. So if you can, please send prayers my way for a low-cost repair job! And SO IT IS!

Now here’s the fun part. With everything breaking down, or due at once I was beginning to wonder where I was out of alignment. So I went inward for some inner fine tuning; cleansing and purging density and blockages, as well as karma from my energetic field and cellular memory. We’ve also been moving thru Lion’s Gate energy’s which has caused much shifting upward and in the process, much density has been released in the last two weeks.

I’m usually very good at energetically holding things together and rarely experience “breakdowns” of material items. That said, nothing lasts forever in 3d and eventually things stop working and need to be repaired, or replaced.

Also, since we’ve been moving into the pre-phase of Mercury retrograde, it feels like these  energy’s came in to help replace that which is old, and not serving me anymore. As well as for me to take a look at where I’m not centered or in alignment. One of the biggest lessons in the past week has been too remain patient and learn to “allow” prosperity consciousness to work with the manifestational aspects of addressing financial issues that arise, remaining in faith that everything I need will be provided thru Source and Oversoul – instead of falling into worry or despair.

Also, good advise for introspection here, more on the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde:

Although the Pre-Shadow is often ignored, it is very important, because much of the difficulty that is encountered later with the Mercury Retrograde period itself is set up in the Pre-Shadow.

The day that Mercury enters the Pre Shadow can show up as a more sensitive time as it is at the same relative location that it will later become retrograde. This date is shown on the Mercury Retrograde Calendar as a blue square.

The Pre Shadow Sets Mercury Retrograde Up

Common ways that we may contribute to the Pre-Shadow is to ignore our inner voice, ignore our intuition and to ignore the hints that the universe poses to us. Watch yourself during this period when you ignore things because you think they are not important, because you make assumptions or follow the assumptions of others.

Become aware of where your assumptions, judgments, dismissiveness or even arrogance come from, because often if their source is from hurts, reactions or buttons being pushed, then they will lead you astray, and set you up for later challenges.

Ok, now that I got the bad news out of the way. Here’s where the roller-coaster ride began…

On Friday morning I received word from Corey Goode that I won a FREE pass to the Mt Shasta Secret Space Program!! OMG! I’m so excited! But, this wonderful opportunity also comes at a time when I’m faced with serious challenges in making ends meet. But, my guidance is advising me to go – for too many reasons to list here. Folks, I can’t turn this opportunity down and am moving mountains to make the trip happen on less than a shoestring budget.

Got FREQUENT FLYER miles you wish to donate toward a GREAT cause? When I registered for the contest I thought I could fall back on a friend who asked me to come to San Francisco earlier this year, and he would pay for the trip with frequent flyer miles. At the time I didn’t have a dog sitter and had to decline. Now I have a dog sitter and a free pass to the conference, but can’t get a hold of my friend thanks to that darn Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow stuff 😛

So, if you have a large cache of transferable Frequent Flyer miles accrued, can you donate some of those miles to a great cause? I have 10days to get to Mt Shasta, time is of the essence…

Hopefully I can post updates with behind the scenes pics and videos from Mt Shasta with my tablet, if not they’ll be posted when I return home.

So, to sum it all up. Even tho I’m middle of what initially felt like collapse energy, there are some exciting and promising manifestations which indicate I’m energetically on the right track energetically and my inner-guidance says just keep doing the inner-work – all is good and everything is working toward the Highest Possible Outcome.

Thanks again to anyone who has ever donated money and to all those who answered the call for help last week, I can’t keep publishing without reader support.

Since 2010 I’ve published 12,000+ posts in over 200 categories, this is a tremendous body of work available to everyone who seeks truth and higher learning. If you’ve ever considered making a donation as an energetic exchange for value, now would be the purrfect time to help this publisher stay afloat financially, so as to keep this blog in publishing status. I also need assistance making the journey and covering expenses to Mt Shasta for the Secret Space Program conference, so I may honor this blessing and “gifted opportunity” from The Creator, handed down thru Corey Goode.

Sooo much GRATITUDE!! ❤

Wishing everyone a magical and prosperous week! Thanks again for all your support, I can’t do this without assistance and so many wonderful people answered the call for help. You’re love, encouragement and support is the wind beneath my wings!

Kindest regards, Mahalo Nui


Email: { ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com }


Myself and Ben Nihi, Prime Minister, Hawaiian Kingdom. He’s the Elder I work with, he was dropping me off at the Kauai airport when I moved back to the Big Island, Aug 2015.






IMPORTANT Blog Update: Hard Drive FAILURE: IMMINENT & The Perfect $$ Storm – URGENT Donation Drive

Aloha! Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying the potent, incoming Lion’s Gate energy’s continuing to pour-in over the next week. Take this time for healing, leave the chaos and rat race behind, unplug and get out in nature to soak up the energy’s. Even better, if you have a tent and a backyard, or even a balcony, try sleeping outside for a few nights. Sleeping outside will help reset your energetic’s, get aligned to elemental energy’s and have you well-grounded in preparation for the upcoming eclipse at the end of August.

After the eclipse it’s liable to get even crazier as we head into the Equinox energy’s. Sept-Oct are when “the system” tends to roll out more chaos and confusion – especially this year with global economic collapse on the horizon and a potentially volatile US election ahead.

So, keep your hands and feet in the car, and seat belts fastened tight…looks like a wild ride ahead! Wooohoo!

Also, it’s important to be mindful that NOW is the time to be Co-Creating and imagining your future timeline. Avoid getting caught up in outer conditions and all “the crazy” unfolding on the global stage, or even in your own backyard. Set your intentions aiming for the highest possible outcome for yourself, and all of humanity knowing that IT IS ALREADY DONE, AND SO IT IS!

In addition , I’d like to take this opportunity to give a BIG SHOUT-OUT, in EXPRESSING SO MUCH GRATITUDE for subscribers Ken, Frannie, Charles, Teresa and William and your commitment to monthly support! I’m honored and humbled by your thoughtfulness and generosity. I’d also like to thank anyone who has donated money in the past. Mahalo nui for your kindness, compassion and generous nature – each and every one of you are truly my inspiration in keeping 2012 The Awakening alive!

It’s always been extremely difficult asking for donations and subscriptions – especially since my core belief is ALL knowledge should be FREE, without a price. So this has been a hard letter to write, but at this point I’m completely out of options. With a failing hard drive, there’s no choice – I have to ask financial assistance to simply to keep publishing.

My computer is literally on it’s last leg. For awhile now I’ve been having numerous problems with crashes and uber-glitches – so bad I’ve renamed my computer “Glitchy”. But, in the last week the problems have gotten worse and the computer has been very difficult to start-up. I’m now getting messages that the hard drive is failing. Bummer! I just checked prices, to have a new hard drive installed is approx $150 with labor.

Unfortunately, this is happening in the midst of the “Perfect Storm” of financial hardships which have been piling up for a couple months, but in the last week or so I’ve literally been buried with expenses from bills & unexpected breakdowns. All of a sudden everything is due or breaking down – all at once. For instance…

Two months behind on paying the internet bill $90 with late fees. My no-contract cell phone payment is is due tomorrow $35.

Last week my dog Precious broke her aerial run – within one week she snapped both lines! Two weeks ago I had just replaced the leash line after she chewed thru the metal cord. Then last week the line that ties to the tree broke in two. She’s only 30lbs, but she’s very strong and when she’s trying to get at a mongoose she puts a lot of stress on the lines and they finally broke.

The ‘yanking’ stress also applies to her harness, which is fraying and will need replaced soon too. Between the aerial run and harness here goes $55…or so. Also, her dog food is almost gone and I’m out of bird seed for the Chickens, Doves and Cardinals. Bam, there goes another $35

In addition to animal supply’s, I’m completely out of supplements $150-200 (depending on sale prices). I’m also treating dental issues and my water flosser broke down – $80. Fire Ants are taking over my house, so the property needs two treatments $150 (I’m allergic to their bites, so this is important). Yard service $75. Then with food, gas and miscellaneous stuff, it’s going to take approx. $1000 or more just to stay afloat in August.

To make ends meet over the last few months, I’ve been taking odd jobs to stay afloat and am looking for part time work since January, but there hasn’t been much available since “jobs” are virtually non-existent on the big island. How bad is it? A friend from the mainland who’s a Master Builder stayed with me in July, he’s extremely talented and can do anything “building related”. He ended up going back home after only two weeks because there was absolutely nothing available in the construction trade. I was quite surprised, figured he could find something in his field to earn a paycheck…

I’m also attempting to earn income streams thru affiliate programs, but have only earned $3.99 after 30 days. So that hasn’t helped covering expenses either.

So, currently this is where things are at with my computer, there are serious start-up issues and I can no longer shut it down at night. So, I’m not sure how long it will keep running before another system failure crash. That said, I’ll leave this post at the top of the page just in case it crashes and I’m no longer able to publish until enough funds are raised to cover repairs – which will be addressed first.  Then, when expenses for August are met, this post will finally come down.

So, that said: From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone in advance who values the “energetic exchange for information/awareness” and answers the call for help by committing to a small monthly sum ($1.11, $3.69 etc), or simply a one time donation thru the link at the top right of the page.

Your generosity and thoughtful nature are deeply appreciated!

Also, to be clear…this call ONLY goes out to people who are financially comfortable and can afford to help. If you’re living on SS or a limited income, please…I ask that you take care of you and your loved ones, I’m confident Spirit will answer the call without anyone having to suffer, or do without – that’s one thing my conscious can’t bear.

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out, and for your support. Enjoy the Lion’s Gate energy’s that will continue to pour in over the next week, use them for healing, clearing  and setting your intentions for what you wish to manifest thru the end of the year.

Much love,


New Affiliate Programs to help you “PREPARE” for market collapse: *Bullion MARKET ALERT* Silver & Gold SURGES, Numanna NON-GMO food storage and AquaNui Home Distillers

Aloha Everyone!

Precious metals are breaking-out, NOW is the time to prepare for economic collapse and buy before prices soar and/or stocks run-out. As of 6/30/16 at 5:00pm ET silver closed at $19.71, which is the highest spot price I’ve personally seen since I began following the precious metals markets in early 2015.

In order to assist readers in preparing by finding a credible bullion dealer, 2012 The Awakening has partnered with SD Bullion. After much research, they have absolutely the lowest prices on the market for precious metals. Currently they’re offering silver rounds at only 49cents over spot, other bullion dealers typically price silver at approx. $2.50 or more over spot. So with global markets crashing, BUY NOW before supply’s are gone!

Also, in the past I’ve done business with SD Bullion and have been extremely pleased with with the results. I highly recommend their service for fast turn-around, great customer service and the absolute best deals on precious metals in the market place.

In addition, placing your order thru SD Bullion is a great way to support this website!

Also, see links at the bottom for the healthiest storage foods on the market with Numanna, the only manufacturer to offer non-gmo foods with a 25yr shelf life and Flex-pay plan for family’s on a budget. And, AquiNui water distillers to help protect you and your family from harmful contaminants like arsenic, chlorine, lead, mercury, pesticides and nitrates.

Additionally, I’d also like to thank everyone who’s donated in the past,  thank you for your patronage and support – it’s appreciated more than you can ever know. Times are very tough right now, which has literally been reflected in the lack of donations over the last few months. I recently came to a crossroads in my awareness, where the lack of support from donations caused me to question my ability to continue investing so much time on research, when I’m struggling to survive.

That said, upon the recent advise of a friend, I decided to look at alternative income streams and researched some of the top affiliate programs online for smart, saavy readers who are awake, aware and preparing for the coming storm. Programs which can also help generate streams of income so I can continue this body of work.

Special thanks to to Ken, Tom, Daniela, Juliet, David M., Karen and Steve S. for your support this year…the depth of my gratitude is so large, it cannot be expressed with words.

Please contact me by email if there are problems with the links at  {ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com }..

Mahalo nui! Annette



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Water Made Wonderful



**Sticky post**

Editorial: Gaia’s calling us to stay connected, and a recommendation for dealing with parasitic energy’s


Surely many of you will agree – lately the energy’s have been like being on a Monster Roller Coaster ride, reaching extreme highs and low’s in very short periods of time. The last few weeks have been an ever increasing bumpy ride. By last Friday the energy’s had taken it’s toll with my overall mood and feeling of well-being, in general I just felt icky and uncomfortable.

I also felt the wiring in my house was affecting my light body, and  was having difficulty focusing amidst the “monkey mind” chatter and couldn’t find the “still point”. So, I followed my inner guidance and have been disconnecting from FB and the internet as much as possible. I set up a bed under mosquito netting on my front deck, put protection crystals around the four corners and have slept outside under the stars in nature the last two nights and am feeling SOOOO much better!!

Even tho I cleanse my chakra’s daily, lately I’ve been feeling like they weren’t functioning properly. Thankfully, after sleeping in nature the last two evenings, I’ve awakened feeling as if “the nature spirits & elemental energy’s” were given the opportunity to do “their work” in cleansing the parasitic energy from technology that had built up in my chakra’s. Can’t say whether it’s the new energy’s coming in, if it’s simply a change in routine to sleeping in nature, or a combination of both that’s made the difference, but this is an addition to your routine that I highly recommend if you can do it. Set up a tent in your backyard, or even an air mattress on your balcony if that’s all you have available to get into nature during dream time. No balcony either, then go camping for a few days.  Spend as much time as possible out doors, in nature and away from all forms of technology.

Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of tension with the earth. The energy’s were effecting me so adversely I was even getting headaches and my heart-space hurt whenever I went online – not an ideal situation for a blogger either. So, I could no longer ignore the calling to immerse myself in nature, especially during dream-time. Thankfully it’s really paying off!

My feeling right now, is Gaia needs us as close to her during this time as possible. She’s sounding the clarion call for us to STAY Connected with her as She shifts. In my case, she was screaming at me to slooowww down, get away from technology and spend time as much time as possible outside, and to BE connected to HER BODY during this critical time.

It is my wish for you, that sharing my experience helps you on your journey!

Namaste, much love and aloha!


Blog Update: Having Computer Problems

Aloha everyone!

I’m going to make this short, because I can barely type…

My computer’s been acting up the last couple weeks, took yesterday off to run deep-cleaning and it still hasn’t resolved the problems. The way it’s acting up, think a virus is causing major glitches in performance…right now, instead of performing this computer is playing tricks that are making it impossible to work.

Today I got some tips from a couple techies on resolving the problems before I do a complete wipe to reset everything back to manufactures setting. Either way, it will probably take a couple days to navigate dos and clear the problems. I’m not a techie, so going into dos makes me feel like Helen Keller in a new house…have to feel my around because I don’t where anything is, fortunately some friends gave me a direction to head-in 😉

Will be back as quickly as possible, wish me luck!

Much love and aloha!






UPDATE: Rumor of Bob Dean’s death greatly exaggerated….

BOB DEAN UPDATE: It is with pleasure to announce that Bob Dean is still with us, and want apologize for this grave misunderstanding or for any pain that it may have caused with family, friends or fans. The GREAT news came from Richard Dolan’s FB page, here are Richards comments:
“Very happy to report that Bob Dean is indeed alive. I just spoke with Marcia Schafer, who told me that he is fine, and that perhaps the rumor started with someone confusing him with Edgar Mitchell. We don’t know. However, I want to apologize to everyone for spreading news before it was confirmed. That is my mistake and it will not happen again. Glad to have you with us, still, Bob!”
Once again, I still believe my source to be highly credible and that this was an honest mistake. This is one instance where I’m relieved to be wrong, so happy to know Bob’s still with us. Please accept my sincerest apology’s, Namaste, Annette ❤ 🙂

BLOG UPDATE: Betrayal Energy’s and Facing our Shadow, Donation Drive

Hi Everyone, Aloha!

Hope this finds readers enjoying the incoming wave of Higher energies and having an enjoyable beginning to 2016! So far, this years positioned to be another wild ride, so keep those tray tables up and your seat belts tight for what’s destined to be a very interesting year as the Quickening accelerates toward the Shift, or Event.

Last year was quite the ride, many of us were faced with the kind of “Dark night of the Soul” experiences we thought were in the past, only to discover ourselves dealing with aspects our ego based shadow. Or worse, dark entity’s/energy’s that managed to penetrate our protective shielding, which ultimately brought us face-to-face with our shadow aspects – which happens when the ego is triggered by threats to our survival, or the safety of our loved ones.

But, when we look deeper into the process that’s unfolding for the collective, we are each being asked to purge and cleanse very deep seated trauma from our ancient past. Many of us are dealing with residual energy from our actions that go as far back as the end times of Atlantis, and further. We must be honest with ourselves and ask forgiveness where we have betrayed others, forgive those who betrayed us and forgive ourselves for the betrayal to Self.

So, if you find yourself currently dealing with the energy of betrayal, it’s asking you to go within and take an honest look at where you betrayed others in this life, and in all your past incarnations. In my experience, the best technique in finding forgiveness taking the Ho’oponopono prayer into your heart-space until you experience a shift. For myself, the shifting took place in my gut and manifested in stomach cramps, accompanied by sharp pains and some indigestion.

Once the discomfort passed, I began experiencing sensations in my belly (core) I haven’t experienced since childhood and now the Higher energy’s are moving downward much easier to the lower three “emotion based” chakras, and much of the “resistance energy” has cleared.

Just wanted to share my insights and experience for those who may be experiencing similar situations, as I noticed many people dealing with similar betrayal issues in their personal lives, while attempting to place the blame outside themselves on the Archon’s, family, friends, co-workers, demons, the gov’t etc. Yes, these outer conditions may have an influence on our current situation, but ultimately they are a projection of energy’s buried much deeper within, surfacing from “inner conditions”.

Self-reflection is never easy when we feel we’re under attack and getting our butts kicked in 3D, but when that happens, taking a good HONEST look in the mirror is usually a GREAT place to begin healing when we’re experiencing pain, suffering or lack. Most likely, it’s our Higher Self/Source Creator that created the “outer condition” to help us find remedy and resolution to that which hasn’t been dealt with in the past.

And, until we’ve healed our core issues, the “painful outer conditions” will continue to manifest over and over until healing takes place and the core issues are resolved.

Speaking of core issue’s, the last few months since moving back to the Big Island have really taken their toll on me financially. And, with employment virtually non-existent on the island, I’ve been robbing Peter to pay Paul since late Oct. In November, expensive car problems arose that set me back a bit. Then Thanksgiving week I adopted Precious, a one year old, female Lab/Border Collie mix who was being neglected and abused. She’s an absolute sweetheart, is very smart and a great companion. But, as the saying goes – no good deed goes unpunished. In the process I’ve incurred over $300 in vet bills, medications, food, treats, collar, leash, food bowls and most importantly: doggy bones so she doesn’t tear-up the furniture, shoes and pillows.

Now it’s become obvious Precious needs micro-chipped, tags and a $35 trolley leash to keep her from chasing mongooses into the forest and getting lost. After two close calls where she disappeared last weekend, I finally had to chain her up, but only have a leash tied to a small rope giving her about 10ft to run with – which IMO is unacceptable when a trolley will give her 25ft of yard to run back and forth.

In addition, I’ve fallen behind on my internet payments, need to fill my propane tank for hot water, buy a pre-paid phone card and most importantly, I haven’t taken my usual daily supplements for immune system and liver health for over a month because I haven’t had $140-$150 to restock.

Long term readers will remember my relapses with Hepatitis C relapses back in 2011 and 2013 which I put me on disability for over 4yrs. In 2014 I experienced healing while on Kauai and am back on my feet again, and taking daily supplements are a VERY important aspect to staying healthy. Currently has a sale for $30 off purchases of $150 which expires tomorrow, Thurs., at midnite. I’ve posted several items on Craigslist for sale and am hoping to raise enough in donations to cover the cost of supplements, and buy a trolley leash for Precious and cover expenses. So far, no one has responded.

And aside from less than a handful of loyal supporters who have pledged monthly support (ave $25mo total), over the last couple years, donations have been almost non-existent. Even tho times are tough, I’ve been resisting asking for donations again; but, at this point nothing has manifested for earned income and I’m really in a tight spot trying to make ends meet.

So here’s what I’m asking, if the information published here has benefited you in anyway, will you please consider making a one time donation? Even better, if you can spare a $5-$10 recurring monthly payment it would really help cover expenses so I can continue to build on this body of work – which includes a whopping 11,500+ posts since 2010.

And, I’m only asking for help “IF” you’re financially able and have money to spare, in that case a small donation would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! But, if you’re struggling financially please take care of yourself, and your loved ones – this message is not directed at you.

So, that said…if only a fraction of this blog’s 1700+ followers pledged $3, $5-$10mo as an “exchange for value” received in knowledge and increased awareness, it would greatly help to keep this blog, myself and Precious alive and well, until the day of prosperity and a New Earth arrives for us all.

Overall I’m slowly managing to to get on my feet after the move. Fortunately the house I lived in from 2010-2014 was still vacant after returning from Kauai. Based on a great rental history here, I was able to negotiate a work-trade deal with the landlord as a caretaker in exchange for rent. That really helps a lot…thank god for small miracles!! 🙂

So at this point, in addition to donations I am also seeking ways to earn income to cover food and living expenses without having to fall-back on providing slave labor for “the system”. But just to cover all bases, I’ve also been looking for a part-time job, and there’s literally nothing in the Hilo area to apply for…absolutely nothing. If any readers have income opportunity’s to offer or share, please contact me by email at  {ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com}

To all my readers, thank you so much for your love, loyalty, understanding and support over the years. At times in the past, keeping this blog alive has been a struggle to maintain, but my commitment to your personal evolution and the Greater Common Good is steadfast and unwavering. Know that I will be here until humanity reaches the tipping point, the Shift has arrived and Absolute Disclosure has been initiated. Until then, I will continue to help fill the void where MSM, religion and the education system has failed to deliver truth about our reality and who we are.

Consider this blog a mission of love for humanity and our Earth Mother.

Much love to all, mahalo for your support,









BLOG UPDATE: Heads-up. My computer’s crashing and freezing-up again. Also, moving back to the Big Island

Hi All, Aloha!

Hey just want to notify readers my computer’s experiencing what’s turning in to “bi-annual” technical problems again. Same symptoms are appearing every six months since May 2014. A couple weeks ago my PC began crashing, I did some repairs and thought the problem was solved. Have been having serious issues with Safari, but that’s where I’m running Facebook from…so d’uh!

Then today my computer began freezing-up, in the last hour I had to reboot twice. Not a good sign….

So, if there’s another lapse in publishing in the near future, hang in there until I get the problems resolved.

Also just to let you know, sometime around August 1st I’ll be moving back to the Big Island. So at some point toward the last week of July I’ll be taking time off to pack box’s, board my personal belongings on the freighter and then make the journey back to Pahoa.

So as we move closer to the end of the month, expect fewer posts and updates going into August, I’ll keep you posted as time progresses.

Much love, blessings and aloha to All!


Email: ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com

From KP’s blog: Note about videos and their “viewability”

When I upload videos, first they go to YouTube. Then YouTube has to process. I post to “the blog” as soon as the video goes up.

So… for lo def, they should be available to view right away. If they’re HI DEF, it will take longer for YouTube to fully process them. Maybe a few minutes after posting.

So if you click video and it says “not available”, it’s likely because YouTube is still processing it. Just hold on and practice a “tad” of patience. It will come out… eventually.

Aloha, KP

My wish for readers….

Baby Love and BudhaAloha Everyone!

This Apache Blessing is dedicated to all readers and especially for everyone who’s expressed their support thru letters and donations since the untimely disappearance on May 19th of Baby Love, my sole companion, best friend and guide for the last 10yrs. To be honest, this has been the most profound loss I’ve ever experienced, so it’s taking time to process, accept and let go so I can fully appreciate the gifts he brought to my life and the joy we shared each day thru song, laughter, love and dance. He was a powerful spirit in the animal kingdom and a loving soul with a magical essence, who is deeply missed in here in 3D.

Fortunately I’m finally surfacing from an ocean of grief and beginning to feel his love and guidance emerging from my heartspace, guiding me thru the darkness back toward the Light of my Oversoul where true our eternal joy lies in wait for the human-self to lock-on and connect with it.

Luckily Baby Love and I were blessed with Spirit, a baby Ringed Neck Dove who appeared in Mid-March when I was outside 342feeding the ducks and chickens one day. All of sudden out of nowhere this baby bird appeared and literally ran into my hands as he was being chased by a cat who was hot on his tailfeathers trying to make a meal out of him. He was only about 3wks old and couldn’t quite fly yet, so I assume he fell out of his nest.

Baby Love played a big role in parenting by teaching Spirit to forage and how to be a bird without depending on me to feed him. They were adorable together and fortunately Spirit definitely helped cushion the blow when Baby Love vanished due to what now “appears” to be foul play, which has made his loss even more challenging to come to terms with. But, there’s nothing I can do except find forgiveness and compassion in my heart and let it go. I’m learning that one of the most difficult lessons in life is overcoming the overwhelming grief and sense of loss when another individual is responsible for the death of a loved one. This IS my greatest challenge and I want to express the deepest gratitude for everyone’s patience and support.

Have a blessed and magical week!

Much love and heartfelt gratitude, Annette

Blog Update: A Tribute to Baby Love

image A personal note to readers, 

Aloha, Baby Love was a small diamond dove I found in 2005 while living in Hollywood, CA. He’s been my companion, spiritual guide, best friend and my heartbeat for the last 10yrs. On Tuesday I left for two hours, when I came home he had vanished without a trace. No doors or windows were left open and the only roommate who was here swears he doesn’t know what happened.

I don’t want to think the worst of people and would like to believe the 10″ ormusite disk and pyramid scalar energy generator I set up the day before to mitigate HEAVY EMF bombardment, offered him cleaner energy’s to help him open a portal to exit thru???

At this point I’m bewildered, stunned and absolutely devastated and don’t know what to think. Just trying to stay present in the NOW, centered in my “breaking” heartspace….trying to keep it together as I process this tremendous loss, and praying for a miracle that he’ll return.

11 days before he disappeared I found him posing for the pic below, on a little heart frame with a cherub on top. I sense he was sending me a msg that he knew he’d be leaving soon, he was sending me love and telling me to look for him in my heartspace after he was gone.

Even though he was getting old, Baby Love still had lots of spunk, spirit and personality and appeared to be in very good health…so it’s a bewildering mystery. The most difficult thing this is there was no warning or a chance to say good-bye, he simply vanished without a trace.

With the palpable shift in energy’s recently, it’s no surprise. We should all expect the unexpected, even paranormal will become the norm.

Andrew Bartzis gave him a short reading in Nov 2013 and told me Baby Love was a very powerful and special Pleidian soul connected with the Seven Baby Love and BudhaSisters. He played a big role in activating soul codes for 1000’s of animal spirits on the islands thru his beautiful songs and that we’d spent many, many lifetimes together. Baby Love taught me how to love again and was the only thing that kept me alive when I went thru a suicidal phase from 2009-2011. He guided me thru my light body activation and so, sooooooooo much more. He brought joy into the lives of everyone who knew him with his loving spirit and soothing coo’s.

He was by no means an ordinary bird and is already deeply missed.

Be in peace my sweet, sweet Baby Love…farewell my beloved angel, ahui hou!

Soul Tear…

Needless to say, I’ve been absolutely devastated by his sudden disappearance, so please bear with me as I pray for a miracle and begin to process this tremendous loss. I found this quote from Lisa Renee last night which helped:

We may be sensing our day to day life as we exist within interval timelines, as the frequencies pull us beyond the duality matrix, beyond the duality perception and bi-wave polarity. Moving through the majority of the collective is feeling the pulse of bi-wave polarity which is pushing and pulling in between the old energetic structure of the 3D reality and the platform of expanding into the higher consciousness reality. As external energies may feel dense and chaotic, we must hold strong to the core essence of our inner spirit while navigating potentially challenging external events. Being forced to transform and let it all go is relative to the ultimate in divine surrender to external events. Because of the complexity of reconciling the inner and outer circumstances, this may have gone another level deeper and taken on another level of meaning. As the wall of chaos from the collective consciousness travels towards you, there is nothing else to do but surrender to the moment and be as still and transparent as possible. When we are transparent and extremely still within, it allows the neutral vibrational state which allows the forces of chaos to travel through without knocking you over.

As we move thru some really tough energy’s I know many readers are also experiencing difficult times, so from my personal experience this week the best advise is to stay in the NOW anchored firmly in your heartspace. Just BE present in the moment, if you find yourself thinking too much get out of your head and drop into your heart. When you catch yourself bobbing back up into the head, drop back down. Wash, rinse and repeat till you stay there. Become a walking meditator, it’s important to stay grounded and focused on integrating the powerful subtle energy’s coming in – amidst the chaos they’re there, you just have to be silent, surrender, allow and let go of all resistance. Stay off the computer as much as possible, listen to soothing music, write, read and get out in nature. Get in the ocean or take lots of salt baths. Love and pamper yourself.

Have a Divinely Blessed weekend!



Ed. Note: If you sent an email in the last couple weeks and didn’t get a reply, my hushmail acct got shutdown, please resend to the new email address at  ascendingstarseed at gmail dot com

Deerwalk SWN Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

Note: Big Mahalo to everyone who sent prayers to Lava and other blog friends in Nepal! Lava contacted me to let me know he’s alright. He a Solutions Architect at Deerwalk Inc, a company in Nepal also raising funds to help local family’s affected by the earthquake.
If you can help, be reassured that by donating to Deerwalk you’re money is going directly to help family’s in need and won’t be diverted or used for advertising, or other uses that don’t make a positive, direct impact on the ground for those in need.
Donate to ‪#‎NepalEarthquake‬ #earthquake15nepal families via Deerwalk Social Welfare Network. Please click below to donate:

$27,763 of $40k Raised by 164 people in 4 days

Created April 25, 2015
Rudra Pandey


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