Blog Update: Sunday, January 19th, 2013

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Aloha! Dear Readers,

Thought I would take a moment to apologize to readers for my absence the last few weeks. As always, the holidays were crazy, since Christmas week I’ve also been in the middle of packing my house to move to Kauai. In addition, I have an energy master and a healer visiting from Australia that arrived January 4th for an extended stay here on the islands. As a result, we’ve been very busy making pilgrimages to sacred sites here on the Big Island to conduct ceremonial work.

In addition, since the week of December 11th, I’ve been experiencing massive upgrades accompanied by extremely powerful activations to integrate. When that happens, I feel the need to pull my energy back from the internet because the parasitic nature of online technology is designed to drain our chi flow. As a result I’ve received strong guidance I to stay focused on “walking in energy” in order to maintain and build on the energy coming in.

This is a great time of positive change, there are unprecedented changes coming our way Divinely designed to transform our reality to bring in a completely new paradigm. There are phenomenal energy’s are coming in right now, like nothing we’ve experienced in many thousands of years. It’s vital that each individual takes advantage of this time by eliminating all distractions to focus on bringing in soul mastery.  As a result, I may take a hiatus from the blog for awhile to settle in on Kauai; and, to focus on continuing to bringing in soul mastery while also assisting people on a more personal level.

That being said, at this time I’m answering a Higher Calling to shift my priorities to make time to give-out soul codes and perform activations.  Over the last couple years many readers have asked me for readings, but my inner guidance told me to wait until my own healing was complete and I have a full set of soul codes.

Now all my soul codes are activated and I’ve been performing activations for the last several months without even realizing it until just recently. So at this time,  I’ve been guided to offer sessions to those seeking spiritual guidance, activations and healing at the soul level.  Currently my calendar is open to assist people with activations and to help those on a graduating time-line in crossing-over the transformational bridge. You’re welcome to contact me at for more information

Once again, please accept my apologies. With everything unfolding at once, I’ve had absolutely NO time to research or even post a notice on the blog. In the meantime, until I get settled in on Kauai,  please hit the follow button or subscribe to the RSS feed to stay abreast of posts and blog updates.

Much love and gratitude for you concern and support, once again please accept my apologies for my absence.


Fukushima: Two Years Later

Note: For readers who aren’t aware of my personal history, I spent two years at 17 & 18 yrs old, known as “No-Nukes Annette” for my work as a nuclear activist with the Sunbelt Alliance in Oklahoma. Each summer was spent training an ave. 75 people in non-violent direction to occupy the site of a proposed nuclear power plant just outside of Tulsa in Inola. This was back in the late seventies when the nuclear power industry was beginning to gear-up power plant construction across the U.S., so it was a long, hard battle. I even had agents parked in a cheesy red van wire-tapping our phones, was under surveillance the entire time and had goons approach me on several occasions asking really stupid questions about my work with the alliance and my views on nuclear energy. 
Fortunately we won our fight for citizens in Oklahoma, while the rest of the country slept thru the nuclear power plant invasion that swept over America and the world.  As a young woman, it was so disheartening to witness the cognitive dissonance emerging in all the aging hippies who taught me the importance of activism as a child growing up during the protests over the Vietnam war. At that point, it seemed if they could care less what was happening to the preservation of the country’s future.
By 1979 it was if everyone had all been seduced. hypnotized by incessant consumerism and lost on the treadmill of the rat-race. Yet, by the mid-eighties even I had given in to the seduction of the music business…my dreams of making the world a better place had faded into the noise. 
Now, three decades later Fukushima revived my commitment to educate the public about the lies and criminal negligence on behalf of the NRC and world leaders who have ALL betrayed the trust of the people. They’ve allowed the destruction of the planet at the hands of corporations that only exist is to feed the greed of bankster billionaires, corporate thugs and politicians and to strip mine the resources of the planet till there is nothing but a barren wasteland left.
So PLEASE, if you haven’t already done so, will you join me in the fight to raise awareness on this diabolical and deadly agenda? If nothing else, because planetary destruction is the legacy we’re leaving the children…Mahalo! Much love, Annette
March 05, 2013

A Basic Primer

Over the last two years, questions arise as to whether the Fukushima nuclear disaster is worse than Chernobyl. Unless the principles of physics, chemistry and biology are cancelled, the effects that have been documented in the various populations exposed to the radioactive releases from Chernobyl will occur in those exposed to Fukushima releases. This is not new information – it has been known for decades.

Let us consider “Science 101.”


When uranium is split as in a reactor, or bomb, it releases great amounts of heat, and energy, as well as multiple radioactive decay products. Once released the process of decay cannot be stopped. It takes approximately 10 half-lives for an isotope to fully decay.  Given that the half-life of cesium is some 30 years, it will be three centuries before the levels return to normal.

Incineration of contaminated materials is occurring in Japan, but burning, whether in an incinerator or a forest fire spreads the pollution.  Isotopes in soil, water, food, plants or animals cannot be detected by sight, taste, or smell.  Radiation measuring devices can detect the alpha, beta and gamma emissions, but only if they are performed, and are useful only if the information is released to the public.


All elements, radioactive or not, belong to groups best shown in the Periodic Table of Elements.  Radioactive strontium belongs to the same chemical family as calcium, and like calcium becomes deposited in the bones and teeth of children as well as in animals, fish and birds.  Like potassium, radioactive cesium is deposited in muscle – of all animals – fish, birds, and humans, while radioactive iodine, is taken up by the thyroid gland, causing the greatest damage in unborn and young animals.  These chemicals damage as they release high-energy radiation that causes damage to the surrounding tissues, including mutations.


As radioactive isotopes re spread over land and water, they become deposited – but in a non-uniform manner, depending upon wind direction, weather, and elevation.
Life process in plants results in the up-take of radioactivity, which is released as plants die, or become dormant, and leaves fall to the ground, to seep into the soil to be take up again the next season.  In the interim, fruit, vegetables and grains eaten by livestock and people becomes contaminated.

As isotopes fall upon both fresh and seawater, they are absorbed by plankton, crustaceans, fish, mammals, etc., and spread throughout the food chain.

After Chernobyl, not all life systems were examined, but of those that were – wild and domestic animals, birds, insects, plants, fungi, fish, trees, and humans, all were damaged, many permanently. Thus what happens to animals and plants with short-term life spans is predictive of those with longer ones.

Moller and Mousseau have done field research in both Chernobyl and Fukushima.  They document adverse effects seen in organisms with short life spans such as birds, rodents and insects (which have completed as many as 25 generations) that is much worse than has been reported in humans (who are now entering their 3rd generation since Chernobyl.)

The uniqueness of Japan bears mention. Japan is a small country with a large, dense population.  The population density around the Fukushima nuclear plants is greater than around Chernobyl.  Now two years later, the Fukushima plants are still leaking.  Consider too, the area Fukushima area was/is a major crop producing area, and the level of radioactive cesium in vegetables, and fish continues to increase.

Janette D. Sherman, M. D. is the author of Life’s Delicate Balance: Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer and Chemical Exposure and Disease, and is a specialist in internal medicine and toxicology. She edited the book Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and Nature, written by A. V. Yablokov, V. B., Nesterenko and A. V. Nesterenko, published by the New York Academy of Sciences in 2009.  Her primary interest is the prevention of illness through public education.  She can be reached at: and

X-File Fly’s

Alright, this is a little strange so I’m reporting this to see if anyone else has seen anything similar. Over the last couple weeks I’ve noticed these “cute” little black flies, nearly perfect in design with well-tailored little black wings that are at least half the size of a normal house fly. I’ve been here three years and have never seen them on the island, nor have I ever seen them on the mainland. They have been relatively small in numbers, compared to the usual fruit fly buzzing around the kitchen looking for a meal.

This afternoon while talking with my mother on the phone I looked in the corner behind my dining room table to see about 12-15 of these little black fly’s sitting on the wall, none of them were moving or flying around. At the time, even tho I was preoccupied with the conversation  it hit me as strange to see all of them hanging out together in the corner. But after a moment, I went on with my conversation and forgot about it…

Well this evening, almost 10 hours later around mid-nite I noticed the group of fly’s were still in the corner,  sitting motionless on the wall. I don’t like killing anything, even bugs but at this point something just didn’t feel normal about these bugs. So I picked up a magazine and began swatting the flies in the corner, normally when you do that the remaining fly’s will scatter about. Not these fly’s, all but two or three just sat there as I  swatted away killing their comrades, taking out four and five fly’s at a time till they were gone.

There were a few more around, sitting on the walls that met the same fate. Then one flew on the refrigerator and landed a couple of feet in front of me, it didn’t move as I got closer and closer to take a whack, taking the hit almost as if it committed suicide.

Sometimes living life down the rabbit hole can make your mind go into some pretty strange places when things like this happen. After reading biotechnology reports about man-made mosquito’s, it kind of makes me wonder if they haven’t created little black flies to spy on people or spread disease. Or, maybe their the result of a radioactive mutation and are a new specie of fly. Possibly they came here in fruit from another country….

Fortunately I don’t think I’m a big enough “fry” to warrant an attack from special ops forces in the CIA, as we know the controllers seem to feel threatened by anyone speaking out on certain “sacred” subjects so one never knows for sure anymore.

Anyone else seen these little critters?



Memory Lane with Frank Zappa – I am The Slime (with lyrics)

At 19yrs old and still a relative new comer to the concert industry, I had the honor of touring as a Production Assistant for the crew with Frank Zappa on the Barking Pumpkin’s Tour in 1980. At the time, even tho I recognized the genius behind the music I really wasn’t much of a Zappa  fan. except for the “Yellow Snow” song which was a bit catchy!

Ironically enough though, listening to”I Am the Slime” now, the lyrics couldn’t be more relevant to today and everything we’re up against…not to mention taking me down a nice journey back on “memory lane”.

Published on Feb 23, 2013


Frank Zappa explains the Hazards of Watching Tell a Vision. and It is not yours or mine or anyone else you know.

I am gross and perverted
I’m obsessed ‘n deranged
I have existed for years
But very little has changed
I’m the tool of the Government
And industry too
For I am destined to rule
And regulate you

I may be vile and pernicious
But you can’t look away
I make you think I’m delicious
With the stuff that I say
I’m the best you can get
Have you guessed me yet?
I’m the slime oozin’ out
From your TV set

You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don’t need you
Don’t go for help . . . no one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold

That’s right, folks . . .
Don’t touch that dial

Well, I am the slime from your video
Oozin’ along on your livin’ room floor

I am the slime from your video
Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go

I am the slime from your video
Oozin’ along on your livin’ room floor

I am the slime from your video
Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go

Frank Zappa (December 21, 1940 December 4, 1993) was an American composer, electric guitarist, record producer, and film director. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Zappa wrote rock, jazz, electronic, orchestral, and musique concrète works. He also directed feature-length films and music videos, and designed album covers. Zappa produced almost all of the more than 60 albums he released with the band Mothers of Invention and as a solo artist.

In his teens, he acquired a taste for percussion-based avant-garde composers such as Edgard Varèse and 1950s rhythm and blues music. He began writing classical music in high school, while at the same time playing drums in rhythm and blues bands—he later switched to electric guitar. He was a self-taught composer and performer, and his diverse musical influences led him to create music that was often impossible to categorize. His 1966 debut album with the Mothers of Invention, Freak Out!, combined songs in conventional rock and roll format with collective improvisations and studio-generated sound collages. His later albums shared this eclectic and experimental approach, irrespective of whether the fundamental format was one of rock, jazz or classical. He wrote the lyrics to all his songs, which—often humorously—reflected his iconoclastic view of established social and political processes, structures and movements. He was a strident critic of mainstream education and organized religion, and a forthright and passionate advocate for freedom of speech and the abolition of censorship.

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Wrapping up 2012: Looking Toward the Future and Working Together Building a New Era in Unity Consciousness


Well here we are, wrapping up the 2012 holiday season and the end of a historical year that will go down as a major turning point for humanity. So, I hope this finds you at peace with “your” reality, firmly aligned with Spirit as we move in to birthing a new world and a new era that begins with 2013. The past few years leading up to this point have been a wild ride for just about everyone and fortunately, 2012 has been a much smoother journey than most of us expected.

For myself, it’s been a miraculous year. One of incredible transformation after learning in June that I’m a walk-in, a volunteer soul with an ancient past that goes back long before humanity began it’s journey here on Earth.  Immediately  following that discovery came my third eye activation, which also accompanied a massive Kundalini Awakening that launched an entirely new phase of reality.  For example, when I close my eyes a very interesting light show appears reflecting beautiful rays of colored light and magnetic energy signatures with electrons moving into and around vortex’s, there are wormholes, standing waves, cones, spirals and more. Also, reaching zero point is almost instantaneous and my hands/feet are constantly buzzing with energy!

At this point the most frustrating part is having no idea what the images I’m seeing mean or how to decipher them without having a spiritual master, or Yoda to show me how interpret “Force” energy. So, this phase of the journey has just begun. If there are any masters out there who wish to apprentice a soul from the age of Zep Tepi and the early Egyptian Mystery schools,  please use the box below to contact me as I’m seeking further guidance to re-learn and master my skills.

Also, if there are others like myself who underwent a profound spiritual transformation over the last 12 months and are having powerful  experiences they don’t quite understand or who wish to recover their mastery, maybe we can start a forum based support group where we can share and gather feedback from each other. If this is something you’re interested in participating in please share your experience and leave your contact information below, if there’s enough interest I will follow up asap.

I’m also seeking individual/s interested in collaborating on a healing retreat and establishing the only metaphysical book/accessory store in Pahoa, which has the fastest growing population on the islands.

Oddly enough, in 2008 when I titled this blog 2012 The Awakening I had no idea how profound my own personal awakening would prove to be. And, I truly hope this body of work has enriched your life in ways that help you to achieve a better understanding of who you are and  how reality functions at the most basic, quantum levels of consciousness. Hopefully your awakening has been an magical journey for you as well…

Also a note of deep gratitude and thanks to everyone who’s supported this blog, my appreciation could never be adequately expressed with words! This body of work would not be possible without the support of readers, thank you to everyone who has ever donated money  and especially to the handful of people who have generously contributed on a monthly basis…I’m forever in your debt!

Love and blessings to all going into 2013 and beyond!


Really bad day….updated.

Hello my friends!

Guess you can say I’m not feeling the Aloha Spirit! much today, I’m trying to deal with the fact the property I live on was vandalized Tuesday night. Among other things,  I planted organic papaya trees in 2010 and was about to have my first good harvest this year. That is until someone else decided to help themselves to the fruits of my labor ~ literally. Not only were all 45 papaya trees that  I planted cut down, they also took the fruit harvest. The police estimate was $5000 in losses to the property, about $1000 of that is part of my yearly income selling the fruit after harvest at the local farmers market. It’s not much but it helps to pay the bills. Apparently someone noticed that I had begun to harvest the fruit and decided to finish the job themselves, they took the harvest when they cut the  top portions of the plant that held the fruit off and left the trunk, with three years of hard work dead on the ground.

The cops said they’re seeing more and more of these crimes since the economy tanked, but it sure didn’t make me feel any better and left me in a bad head space that’s been difficult to focus on research. Right now the best thing is to get a grip of the overwhelming sense of violation and betrayal to try to rise above the dark energy to find the lesson, or understand the reason people treat others with such disregard. The inhumanity of humans against each other is beyond my comprehension and always has been, also why every time I’ve set out build or create a new path toward prosperity it gets destroyed ~ every single time. They say it’s all part of living in duality, it’s the push back from counter~force, but at a point it begins to feel personal ~ more like revenge.

Which from this perspective, gives a great argument for the Archonic presence in our reality. If you’re not familiar with the work of John Lash and what he learned from the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts about the archons, do a search here on this website for archons and you’ll find a good deal of information based on what he learned from the these sacred texts which are two thousand years old. But unlike the bible and many other religious texts from that era, that haven’t been bastardized and re-written by those who wish to control humanity.

Once again, and especially at this time…thanks to everyone who’s kindly donated money over the last few weeks, right now the assistance from donations is truly my lifeline for survival. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my gratitude to everyone here goes beyond what words can describe at this time….hopefully my focus will be back on track tomorrow.

Today, Thursday has been about cleaning up the mess they left behind….talk about leaving a sour taste, I’m really searching for a “good” perspective and that silver lining…at this point. And a big thank you to everyone who donated today, I can’t thank you enough!

Much love to all,


2012 The Awakening Needs Your Help


Hopefully this finds everyone rested after a relaxing weekend. First I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to people who continue to support this body of work, your contributions are appreciated more than you can know.  Thankfully the summer of 2012 has been a good one, and fortunately with the help from a few readers along with a temporary work trade with my landlord, my needs have been met without having to ask here for approx 3 months now.

Well, unfortunately the good times never seem to last forever, not only that…when it rains it pours! At the same time the work trade is over with my landlord so that I have to pay cash for rent, now the power steering on my car springs a bad leak and the registration is overdue because it’s need new front tires to pass inspection. Not to mention that fact my desktop pc crashed when the fan burned out last month, too.

Even tho I’m still dealing with some health issues, things are so tight I’ve even been looking for part-time work to help make ends meet. But with 30% unemployment on the island, there’s been little out there to even apply for. So, if the information contained here has enriched your life in any way and you can afford to help out by making a donation, it would really help to make ends meet…even $5-$10 adds up and is always greatly appreciated. Simply use the yellow donation button in the upper right hand column.

I’m considering putting an affiliate page together featuring useful, health conscious and environmentally friendly products but have no idea where to start. If anyone has suggestions or experience with income generating products, please leave a message with your contact information below.

Thank you for your generosity, consideration and time.

Have a great week everyone!

Much love to all,


Are you a Wayshower Seeking to Relocate to Hawaii’s big island and a Higher level of Service?

Aloha my Friends!
Just thought I’d make a shout out, in the last couple weeks my former roommate moved to his own place which means the spare room is currently available for rent. Now, as many of you know I’m currently in training for my certification as a Unified Field therapist, which involves a lot of energy work and focus on maintaining a sacred energetic space to work from. Ideally, that means having a roommate who’s on a similar spiritual wavelength, someone with a respect for the work so many of us are bringing to the planet at this time and one who has an open minded attitude for lifestyles that aren’t of the norm.
For over two years I’ve managed a beautiful property in a magical little area called Pahoa, just 20 minutes south of Hilo in the tropical rainforest area on Hawaii’s big island ~ better known to many as the “healing island”.

At this point, instead of taking my chances with Craigslist in finding a roommate, I’m advertising here first in an attempt to find someone who’s ready to move to an area with a higher consciousness level ~ one that’s already in the 5D vibrations.  Hawaii sits on sacred grounds where grid lines from all directions come together, in addition there’s something about the area we’re in here that’s lined up energetically with the Giza pyramids and everyone spiritually grounded who comes here feels it. People here are happy, we don’t have a heavy police presences and there’s beautiful, lush nature everywhere you go.

It would be ideal to find a roommate working with the Quantum vortex energy who’s also be interested in participating in launching a mastery retreat, based on the ancient alchemical teachings of the mystery schools. Right now it’s still in the preliminary stages, but ultimately that’s the direction I’m being guided in. In addition, a close friend who’s the Clinic Director of the local substance abuse clinic has asked me to put a program together to help patients overcome addictions. I also plan on talking to a couple psychologist’s who work with DHS, for referrals in recommending  unified field therapy as a way to keep people from resorting to dangerous anti-depressants.

So, if you’re a Wayshower/Healer?Lightworker hearing the calling and if moving to paradise is something that might interest you, please leave your information with a note below so I can send you some photo’s, along with details on utilities etc. It’s a great deal for only $500mo and the house is just 4.5 miles from a beautiful beach, but we also have a good elevation at 850ft so it keeps the temperature around 75-80 degrees all year.

So if this is something that interests you, let me know below and we can take it from there.

Much love and many blessings to all!


Time out…

Aloha my friends!

Just wanted to drop in to apologize for my absence,  have a couple projects I’m working on and some personal business in Hilo this week that’s needing my attention.  So hang in there,  I should be back up to speed by the weekend.

Keep your eye out for some great information to come your way, after stumbling on a couple of interesting websites.

Have a wonderful week!

In Lak’ech Ali’Kin,


Is Solar and Cosmic Radiation Playing Havoc With Life on Planet Earth?

Note: Once again, there’s something much bigger happening on a cosmic,  quantum scale that no one understands. Reality appears to be slowly morphing on a subtle energetic level and it’s happening at a slow enough pace that most people don’t notice. The classic boiling frog syndrome, except we live in an ocean of air ~ not water. As the air around us get charged with  a mixture of photon light and gamma ray frequency’s from CME’s,  we should expect a chain reaction of problems on down the line as the air continues to charge up.

The only way we as humans to guarantee surviving the coming Earth changes will be to raise your resonant frequency to match the higher vibrations coming in.  This is way behind love and light meditation my friends, if you don’t learn the science behind raising your inner oscillation rate ~ your torus ~ at the very least you can expect to stay magnetized to the collapsing operating system in the third dimension.

The Shadow Ego’s  fascination in watching the battle is exactly what will get them sucked into the clockwise spin of the collapsing world systems, when the two dimensions pull apart.  Perception, belief, will and imagination are key to changing  our obsession to stay well-informed and in-the-know about world events. As the quickening speeds up the less time and energy we have left to increase our inner oscillation rate,  effectively shifting our energy onto the upward counter-clockwise rotation of the ascension spiral.

The vortex meditations will get your oscillation rate up and moving in a counter clockwise direction, as well as spin out polarized duality energy, hybrid codes, etheric implants and everything else that keeps you locked in the matrix.  At this point we’re up against the time clock heading toward a shift none of us completely understand, we have a clue that something big is coming our way and the chaos breaking lose in 3D should be the biggest motivation to change your perspective.

This is “serious prepper territory” we’re entering into now my friends, do not enter it in fear. Love ENERGY and CHRIST LIGHT are real weapons for transmutation, they hold the highest frequency’s in the light spectrum and the only way I’ve found to bring it down is from my souls light using vortex energy.

If you feel absolutely compelled to click on a link, you may have to go to’s url at the bottom to get there. Do you really need to lower into that kind of dark energy? Really, the article below is bad enough…

Much love and light to all,


Joe Quinn
Sun, 03 Jun 2012

Rudy Eugene and Ronald Poppo

While millions of English intellectual and emotional zombies shuffled along to the beat of the English Queen’s recent ‘Jubilee’ celebrations, a real zombie apocalypse (of the flesh-eating kind) was taking place in the USA.

Over the course of the past two months, there have been no less (and probably more) than 18 cases of people eating, or otherwise misusing, their own flesh or that of others. Most of these bizarre events have, for some reason, taken place in the USA. The most prominent case was that of Rudy Eugene and Ronald Poppo in Miami, Florida. The basics of that case, which took place on May 26th, as describedby a witness, were:

“He [Eugene] was ripping into his [Poppo's] face with his teeth,” said a witness to the ghoulish attack.

“He was ripping his skin, his neck. He had him held down. The guy couldn’t move really, and he was just tearing into his flesh,” Vega told WSVN TV in Miami.

The witness flagged down a police officer, who repeatedly ordered the assailant to stop and move away.

The guy just stood his head up like that, with a piece of flesh in his mouth, and growled.

When Eugene did not comply with the officer’s demands, he shot him once. Eugene, however, appeared unfazed, at which point the officer shot him four more times.

Serious efforts have been made by the media to blame drugs (bath salts) for Eugene’s behavior, but given that very few people who take drugs (of any description) end up hankering after some human flesh, and given the large number of incidents of cannibalistic behavior, it seems reasonable to assume that we may be dealing with some other causative factor here.

First, here’s a run down of some (but probably not all) of the recent cases of human beings going after their literal pound of flesh:

4-17-2012 – Man tried to bite another man, was stun gunned

5-02-2012 – Man bites girlfriends lips off

5-03-2012 – Man bites off another mans ear in bar fight

5-06-2012 – Man kills wife, eats her forearm and dies

5-18-2012 – Woman bites mans ear, stabs him with seashell

5-21-2012 – Police: Man bites woman’s cheek in Westchester

5-23-2012 – Man bites off tip of cousin’s nose

5-24-2012 – Mao Sugiyama Cooks, Serves Own Genitals At Banquet In Tokyo

5-25-2012 – Woman attacked, cut, bitten by six women in Annapolis

5-26-2012 – Naked Man Eating Victim’s Face Shot And Killed By Police

5-26-2012 – Mexico Mother Accused of Gouging 5-Year-Old Son’s Eyes Out to ‘Save the World’

5-27-2012 – Crazed Florida doctor facing charges for spitting blood on troopers during DUI arrest

5-29-2012 – Police: Hackensack man stabbed himself and threw intestines at officers

5-30-2012 – Swedish doctor cut wife’s lips off and ate them

5-30-2012 – Chinese cannibal arrested for 20+ murders

5-31-2012 – Manhunt in Canada for man who dismembered/cannibalized/committed sex acts on another man

5-31-2012 – Maryland man charged with killing, eating man’s brain, heart

6-03-2012 – Mother beheaded infant son and ate part of his brain

Whenever bizarre or unusual incidents are grouped together like this in a short period of time, be they murders (or humans acting out in some way), weird weather (like similar severe weatherhappening

Lightning bolts strike around the Puyehue volcanic chain June 5, 2011 (in case you forgot)

simultaneously yet thousands of miles apart) or earth changes (like the massive Cyclone Yasi over Australia, massive earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, the massive eruption of Puyehue in Chile – all of which happened in 2011), we should ALWAYS sit up and take notice, because such events are intrinsically linked to the course of human evolution, at least in the sense that they have the potential to affect human evolution in potentially drastic ways.

So to what can we ascribe the glut of cannibal attacks over the last two months?

First of all, we should dispense with the idea that eating human flesh is a tendency completely alien to human beings. There have been many historical cases of cannibalism throughout the world, from Fiji to the Amazon Basin to the Congo to Māori New Zealand and, surprisingly for some, to European high society.

According to Dr. Richard Sugg in his book Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires, (to be published on June 29th), British royalty and aristocracy consumed parts of the human body as ‘medicine’. Eminent users or prescribers of such medical fare included Charles II, Francis I, Elizabeth I’s surgeon John Banister, Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent, Robert Boyle, Thomas Willis, William III, and Queen Mary. The practice “survived well into the 18th century, and amongst the poor it lingered stubbornly on into the time of Queen Victoria,” according to Suggs.

In the heyday of medicinal cannibalism, bodies or bones were routinely taken from Egyptian tombs and European graveyards and during the eighteenth century “one of the biggest imports from Ireland into Britain was human skulls”. Ironically, during the 18th century, many of those Irish skulls belonged to victims of the many ‘Irish famines’ deliberately created by the British monarchy and aristocracy. The writings of Irish political journalist John Mitchel suggest that some of these adult Irish victims of British imperialism, whose skulls would be cannibalised by the British elite, had themselves been forced to cannibalise their dead children.

‘The cannibal’ by Leonhard Kern (1588–1662)

While it is interesting (in a morbid sort of way) that cannibalism is not exactly unusual in human history, most historical incidences appear to have occurred when the diners were more or less fully compos mentis. In contrast, the list of recent events generally involve people who are, in one way or another, not in their right mind. So what could be causing people to ‘go off’ in such a macabre way?

While scientists at the University of Miami have, in recent years, been looking at the possibility of an outbreak of an airborne “Rabies Rage Virus”, there is no evidence that we’re dealing with a viral ‘zombie’ pandemic, at least, not yet.

Cosmic Radiation

There is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that our planet’s weather systems are directly influenced by solar activity, specifically charged particles from sunspots, solar flares etc. and that the earth’s magnetic field is also directly affected by these solar (and other cosmic) rays. Like the earth, humans (and animals) are also surrounded by a ‘magnetic field’, so could solar and other cosmic radiation be linked to outbreaks of crazy behavior among humans?

A 2008 article in the New Scientist magazine points to the research of Oleg Shumilov of the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia. Shumilov looked at activity in the Earth’s geomagnetic field from 1948 to 1997 and found that it grouped into three seasonal peaks every year: one from March to May, another in July and the last in October. [Note: all the recent 'Zombie' attacks occurred in April and May)

Surprisingly, he also found that the "geomagnetism peaks matched up with peaks in the number of mood disorders i.e. depression, anxiety, bi-polar (mood swings) and even suicides in the northern Russian city of Kirovsk over the same period."

Shumilov acknowledged that this correlation does not necessarily mean there is a causal link, but he points out that there have been several other studies suggesting a link between human health and geomagnetism.

Kelly Posner, a psychiatrist at Columbia University in the US, has claimed that that geomagnetic storms can desynchronise circadian rhythms and melatonin production and thereby cause mental disorders.

The pineal gland, which regulates circadian rhythm and melatonin production, is sensitive to magnetic fields. "The circadian regulatory system depends upon repeated environmental cues to [synchronise] internal clocks,” says Posner. “Magnetic fields may be one of these environmental cues.”

Geomagnetic storms could disrupt body clocks, precipitating seasonal affective disorder and therefore increase suicide risk”, Posner told New Scientist.

It’s accepted scientific fact that birds navigate by way of the earth’s magnetic field, and it has even been suggested that birds can actually see rather than just sense the magnetic field. Solar and cosmic radiation affect the earth’s magnetic field, and it has been suggested that the distortion of earth’s magnetic field by solar and cosmic radiation could be responsible for the waves of bird die-offs that began in spectacular fashion on New Year’s day 2011 and repeated itself, almost to the day, one year later. But what about humans?

In 2011, Steven Reppert of the University of Massachusetts in Worcester and his colleagues were studying cryptochromes – the light-sensitive proteins that regulate the circadian clocks of many creatures, including humans, and help fruit flies and birds sense the Earth’s magnetic fields. Reppert wanted to know if human cryptochromes could be used to sense the Earth’s magnetic fields. So he replaced those found in fruit flies with a human version, hCRY2, which is found in the human retina. In tests, the fruit flies had no problem using human cryptochrome to sense magnetic fields, which implies humans have the hardware to do the same, but for some reason do not activate the ability, says Reppert.

Lead researcher Robert J. Gegear, from the Department of Neurobiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School summarized the findings as they relate to humans, solar and cosmic rays and the earth’s magnetic field:

“Our study suggests humans may be genetically pre-disposed to the influence by geomagnetic flux as it relates to the Earth’s magnetic field and charged particles such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, gamma rays, and galactic cosmic rays.”

Leaving aside the implausible explanation of drugs or straight up ‘mental illness’ for the recent outbreak of the human version of Necrotizing fasciitis, it’s possible that what we are looking at here is something on a much broader, or Cosmic, scale. In this case, and in the case of a significant increase in solar and cosmic radiation entering our little corner of the universe, the radical effects that such energy can have on our planet in the form of major earth changes, the threat from a few ‘zombies’ rampaging through our towns and cities may turn out to be the least of our worries.

My Journey to the Quantum Universe

Aloha my friends!

Let me begin by saying the reason I’m sharing these experiences with you is to help those who are still awakening to these truths,  in a manner that assists you in understanding the process in a step-by-step fashion. Hoping to eliminate any fears, apprehension or concerns people have over surrendering old beliefs in exchange for the Holy science involved in sacred geometry. As most of you know by know, for myself the last couple of weeks have been an incredible unfolding of enlightenment on so many different levels that I’m literally witnessing my life rapidly enter an entirely new level service.

The last few days there have been moments where I’ve literally felt myself being shifted upward, and as I learn how to work with energy I’m also learning how to surrender myself to trusting the absolutely incredible process. At one point last night I literally experienced the ABSOLUTE knowing that our body’s are organic spaceships, that we’ve literally forgotten how to fly!

This is no joke and also one of the most deeply held secrets by the ruling elite, well folks now the REAL SECRET is out and available to everyone who dedicates themselves to mastering these sacred tools designed to free us from imprisonment in our own vessel. Now that the energy is shifting in this “cosmic ocean” photon light is available so we may learn to re-master the use of sacred knowledge that people like Michael Tsarion have talked about.

Seriously folks! We have been so mind controlled, poisoned with toxins and genetically tinkered with, that it disconnected the inner wiring ~ our space vessel’s circuitry board to the universes!! Now to get out there in meditation, one of the first things you must learn is going into zero point, into the void of singularity and learning how to hold it. Meg’s taken us there numerous times, but the first time I did it on my own the entire jungle hushed to a perfect quiet, a stillness in dead silence that held for about a minute…keep in mind I live in paradise with sounds constantly buzzing in the background, so this is highly unusual.

To be honest with you it kind of freaked me out at first, but then I noticed it happening more often as I was learning how to find singularity in the void ~ a center of peace inside us all that NO ONE can disturb.  Now I’ve finally learned to center myself for long enough periods of time, that last night after doing energy work to help BEAUTIFUL Gaia’s in her ascension process,  She rose up and appeared to me in the shape of a bright earth heart and then guided me into zero point ~ that’s when I found myself moving through membranes  similar to flying through an ocean of water. It took some adjusting and calming myself by setting my ego aside when it proclaimed “This is sooo cool, wait til readers hear about this!”. That nearly got me knocked right out of there…a place where there’s no room for emotional outbursts or Shadow ego, I’m learning quickly.

Let me also make note that at all times I was in my body, with the magnets under my feet firmly grounded to my grounding platform {Metatron’s Cube}. For those who are just now getting your wings back it’s important to remember  as reality in 3D begins to collapse, the negative energy is surging in the etheric realms and the last thing we need to do is leave our body empty ~ that’s a perfect invitation for trouble.  Also, I have no desire to connect with ET’s, the Galactic Federation or to channel information from any source other than my Oversoul that lives in the Godhead, if it’s not coming from there you can’t be sure who it’s coming from until your spirit’s spent time working in the angelic realms and knows how to recognize benevolence.

This is a very important key to unified field therapy, we’re taught how to recognize and tune into our soul signature so we can pull down all we need to heal and transform our bodies from being in density for so long. We all have a Divine Human blueprint and it’s takes time to bring down all of the coding, tones and information into your body. It’s a process that takes a little time and it’s not going to happen instantaneously when Jesus saves you. What crap. It’s all about alchemy of the heart and embedding Christ consciousness into your mind, body and human essence and the transmutation process. That’s the real meaning behind the return of Christ, it’s the availability of Divine consciousness to humans returning to humanity.

As far as I’m concerned people who are opening themselves talking to ET’s up to that are only asking for trouble, right now deception is at an all time high and many of the messages I’m seeing from the GFL are highly suspect. Many are telling everyone to relax, everything’s peachy the ET’s have it all under control. Yea right,  sure that gives people that warm fuzzy feeling like everything’s going to be ok and instills false hope in people who are still wrestling with fear, separation or anger. My question is who’s going to be ok and who’s benefiting from these messages the most? Dark forces looking to do some soul harvesting?

On that note, there are a few people who actually to appear to be connecting with benevolence in delivering the truth about our situation so I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Everything goes back to sourcing your truth from within and stop giving dark forces more power with your fascination for their schemes, it’s all designed to distract you from the absolutely fascinating process of enlightenment! If everyone stopped paying attention to the news alternative news media it would help speed up the process of collapse by taking the energy away that sustains they dark systems.

The real proof behind this message is for the first time since I was 18, I’m really loving life and am happy again, when only 9 months ago I was virtually on suicide watch over myself because I was so fed up with the world and how insurmountable the problems “appeared” to be.

That’s partially because there’s really very little spiritual motivation encouraging people to get off their lazy spiritual attitudes and FREAKING WORK to liberate their own soul from this parasitic environment for good.  I see very few people in the New Age movement actually giving people real tools only how good it feels to be free from the matrix, never handing them the KEY to freeing themselves from the matrix. Like “The  Secret” did, Westerners seem to have a fast food mentality about anything that means putting much effort into understanding the process of becoming spiritual beings ~ about owning our true essence as spirits in a physical, dense reality. They believe they can find enlightenment in a 2hr DVD and when that doesn’t deliver immediate results their spiritual attention span fades back into a Dancing With the Stars mentality.

Or, everyone’s waiting for mass arrests. Right. Even IF mass arrests do happen, that’s only a fraction of the “entities” enslaving humanity in the “System”.  A self perpetuating system that has a life of its own.  What about all the off world activity with the secret space program, the bases on Mars and the Moon where much of the really dark activity originates from and who’s going to arrest all the archonic entities infesting human souls. We are living in a parasitic enslavement “PROGRAM” people, mass arrests won’t touch that aspect of the problem.  Wake up.

People seem to forget this is an inter-dimensional war that’s been going on for thousands of years, one you better be prepared for because as we head into the last phase of the fighting before the collapse, you can expect the Dark forces to surge and fester in the ethers like a nasty abscess before it breaks open oozing into its own collapse. Sorry for the gross visual there, but that the best way to describe the kind of energetic situation we’re facing as things get ever more polarized in 3D reality.

I’m sorry folks, I don’t mean to be rude or mean spirited but I’ve worked my butt off for almost eight months purging negative duality energy from my system and clearing hybrid codes that also included implants from my family’s inorganic operating system. It’s taken a lot of hard work to get to the point where I’m finally breaking free from the amnesia and beginning to remember who I really am and my souls purpose for being here at this incredibly fascinating, yet albeit insane time on planet Earth.

All that has to be cleansed from our collective system before we can make a quantum leap into our future.

What frustrates me more than anything is how deeply people have been programmed to be flat out spiritually lazy, even apathetic and many people operate with a sense of entitlement to salvation that’s just astonishing!  People seem to think they’re going to be saved by their favorite avatar or the GFL when they haven’t conquered fear or have any idea what embodying true Christ consciousness is about. Most people in meditation are only stumbling around in their own heads like Helen Keller, they may be feeling like they’re reaching states of bliss but they aren’t doing the work it takes to master enlightenment stage that will be necessary to make it through the dimensional shift.

Many have never experienced Oneness with Creation and haven’t surrendered their Will in Service to Prime Creator.  Nor do they have any idea how to connect with the Light of their Oversoul so they can begin pulling down their own Divine Human to activate their Light body. A key element in enlightenment and/or ascension, which are really both one in the same.

When it comes time for Gaia’s dimensional shift it’s going to be very important that we have the ability to lock our energetic field onto the shifting energy, which also means being calm and clear enough to connect with the collective field.  When earth reality begins to departiculate in the shifting process you will too if your coming along, if you don’t understand what’s happening your fears will grab hold pulling you down into the collapse. If you haven’t learned how to keep your grounding and stay centered and connected to the other souls holding steady in their connection with Gaia.

This video helps in understanding the basic process of connecting to the “inner-universe”. As most of you know I just got my training wheels on after riding around on a tricycle all this while thinking I was on a Harley that would get me there. That would be too easy, we have to work at peddling our way out. No one gets a free ride off the planet to the New Earth during the dimensional shift, everyone will have earn their way their because it’s a privilege that comes with being capable of maintaining only the purest “spiritual ethics” to live in the Higher dimensions. Your rights as a Master Soul are earned under the guidance of an ascended mater, not given to you by some guru.

Please accept a big Mahalo for hearing me out on my spiritual rant, it gets real frustrating watching people sit back on their laurels like I did for so long thinking I was awakened enough. Oh the irony, I’ve been there my friends so I’m just trying to help everyone shift over a little closer to the Light because I want everyone to see and feel what’s happening on the other side of 3D…it’s freakin’ awesome in 5D folks!

In Lak’ech,


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Volume II – Book of the Avatar: Harmonic History,

Cosmic Science and the Descent of the Divine.
Time and Cosmos: History – the Relative Pole

Transmitted by Valum Votan—Jose Arguelles
Received by Red Queen—Stephanie South

“The vision contained within Cosmic Science is above the whole Earth; this means it establishes a view of reality, galactic in nature, encompassing different galaxies, star systems and planets. This is an entirely new description of the universe from the point of view of extraterrestrial intelligence.”

This book is vast and requires careful study. It touches on a variety of themes, including a re-envisioning of the history of the cosmos, the nature of revelation in history, and the descent of divine knowledge as the means of renewing and evolving the consciousness of humanity, all as viewed from the lens of the Law of Time and the synchronic order. Of special note are: The treatment of the 13.7 billion year history of the present cycle of cosmic evolution; the description and analysis of the principle spiritual messengers of history; and, most significantly, the presentation of cosmic science as a startlingly new (extra-terrestrial) descent or revelation of knowledge, including as an appendix, a complete translation of the original treatise, “An Introduction to Cosmic Science.”

published by


Permit the publication of “COSMIC HISTORY CHRONICLES”

I am writing today confirm that we, the Foundation for the Law of Time, authorize your usage of the Cosmic History Chronicles on All we ask is that you please give proper credit to the authors, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan and Stephanie South/Red Queen – as well as the website

We thank you for sharing this most important information with the world.


Jacob Wyatt
Operations Manager

Foundation for the Law of Time
“Envisioning the Earth as a Work of Art!”

Fast Moving Solar Plasma Cloud Heading Toward Earth

Note: If you take a moment to notice how this event is described as a “cannibalistic phenomenon” it clearly demonstrates the fear and negative programming so prevalent in media today. What we are witnessing is the transmutation of life and energy by light throughout the solar system, I see it as a powerful dance taking place between photon light and the geomagnetic energy from the sun. This is how life on earth is being transformed, people who are “stuck” in the matrix of 3D still have their bioenergetic frequency resonating in the lower vibrations of fear, anger, hate and division are the ones who are negatively affected by CME’s.
Which is why it’s so important to take time to meditate EVERYDAY!!! I can’t emphasize this enough because I know how hard it is for the strong, independent thinkers who have ego’s that want to stay in control. We’re so busy pushing out our energy trying to save the world in an aggressive “We’ve go to fix it” mentality, that we’re always to busy to dedicate ourselves to going within and source the answers from there.  Once you can find the “center point” in the zero gravity field, learn to hold it and stay there in silence you will beginning sourcing every thing you need to know from there. But, as long as you stay focused on the outer 3D world stuck in the lower vibrations you’re not accessing from your Higher Self that lives in all time, in an all knowing state with Source, or God energy.
You’re also leaving yourself wide open to the negative side of the energy coming in with the solar winds through your separation from Higher vibrations and lack of inner connectedness to all that is, all that exists in the Inner-universe. That’s also how disease, mental illness and degeneration of your bodies immune cells begin to manifest allowing illness to set in to your body bio-circuitry. After almost eight months learning to live in vortex energy I’m beginning to notice age reversal in my skin with collagen and elasticity returning, wrinkles fading, glowing skin, a feeling of vitality and my energy is returning after struggling with a long bout with illness last year.
So, don’t listen to this fear crap and watch the language, the subliminal programming is becoming very apparent to me now that my awareness is expanding at exponetial rates.  Which is one of the reasons you’re not seeing as many posts as before, aside from being shifted to a whole new level of service. I’m really beginning to see the matrix for what it is and understand how sooooo much of the information coming over the internet now is working hard to keep people stuck in duality and the collapsing world system, as the shift begins to pick up pace.
The really horrifying part is how obvious it’s becoming that most people are not activated or sensing the ascension wave that’s already happening because they’ve been programmed to believe it’s not even real or is woo-woo New Age hogwash. If you’re talking to ET’s, channeling or getting info from people who are channeling entities,  just beware. There are a few who appear to be channeling benevolence, but it’s becoming obvious that many have people chasing their tails in the belief that their “getting close to God” when they’re actually still have a wall between their Oversoul and are not truly connecting
their own soul or Prime Creator.
More on all this later…for now, heads up! Work on getting centered to Source and raising your bio-energetic vibration so your in the flow with the counterclock-wise, upward spiraling ascension wave and not connected to the clockwise spin of the collapsing world system.  These things won’t be of any more concern to you at that point and your entire operating system will change once the direction your energy is flowing is changes.  Only speaking from experience and what I know to be true my friends…as I am only another you, mirroring back what you already know.
Thanks Dp for a great find!
In Lak’ech,

A fast solar plasma cloud – coronal mass ejection or CME – erupted into the direction of the Earth on June 14. The cloud was associated with a long duration M1.9 flare peaking at 14:35UT. The cloud was first visible at 14:09UT in STEREO B/COR2 images. A speed estimation based on STEREO B COR2 images, gives a value above 1000 km/s. This means that the shock preceding the plasma cloud might arrive within 2 days. We expect also the cloud itself to arrive at Earth. This CME might catch up with the CME of June 13. We expect the arrival of this cannibalistic phenomenon for late June 16, early June 17. Geomagnetic disturbances are possible. The geomagnetic conditions at the moment are quiet. The sunspot groups that were responsible for the flares of the past days, persist in flaring in the C level. Another M-flare is possible.

Wall Street Banks Secretly Build The World’s Largest Private Army

Nothing surprising here, just another glaring example of the real Zombie Apocalypse unfolding while America sleeps with Baseball, beer and Dancing With the Stars.  While the Wall Street corps{es} are building their army, so be prepared it’s going to get ugly over the next six months as the two worlds begin pulling apart. We cannot fight this war on the streets the only way to do it is to raise our vibration in counterforce to dark forces behind this 3D false illusion ~ your fear, anger and frustration are only feeding these parasitic energies. When the collective reacts to these energetic demonstrations of power from the ruling elite from a 3D battle mentality with aggression, it only serves the cause of the fallen ones.

We have an entire legion, 144,000 ascended master souls battling for Gaia’s ascension in the higher dimensions.  Among other victories, the master souls won back Stargate 12 so now souls can move freely about the universe and no longer have to stay on the wheel of incarnation for a zillion lifetimes.

As the counter-clockwise upward spiral of ascension wave energy begins to gain momentum, the dark forces will start to swell like a big, ugly zit before it pops. As the clockwise spin of the downward spiraling 3D Earth falls into collapse it pulls the two worlds apart by the polarizing effects reverberating from the dimensional shift. So don’t let your ego get caught up in the fascinating or fear of this very distracting display of force by the fallen ones, aka PTW. At the micro level this looks bad, from a macro perspective the war has already been won and earth has ascended to 3D. It’s already a done deal that was signed, sealed, delivered and foreseen thousands of years ago. So as bad as it’s starting to “appear” don’t let the fear porn lower your vibration.

The power of the people lies in uniting in the higher dimensions Light Warriors to eliminate, transform and transmute all dense, darker energies. It’s time to step into your REAL power as a Divine human.



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Wall Street banks have secretly taken over US firearms and ammunition manufacturers and the world’s largest mercenary firms in a stealth build up private military force.

A Daily KOs article reveals that Wall Street banks have used private equity firms to acquire and launch a massive stealth takeover of private security firms, US ammo and gun manufacturers, uniforms, silencers and an army of mercenaries to build what amounts to the world’s largest private army.

At the same time the private mercenary companies they now control, which include the likes of  Dynacorp and the notorious name changing Blackwater/Xe Services/Academi,  have been authorized under Department of Defense DIRECTIVE NUMBER 3025.18 to actually conduct policing operations inside the United States.

The article reveals Citi Bank, Bank of America, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank have provide huge amounts of funding to two private Wall Street equity firms, Cerebus and Veritas Equity, which in turn have used umbrella companies such as Freedom Corp., to engage in stealth takeovers and weapons stockpiling which has consumed the likes of  several gun manufacturers and ammunition manufacturers including Remington, Cobbs, H&R, Marlin, Dakota, and Bushmaker.

Furthermore, the same private equity firms have taken over companies involved in the “crowd control industry”.

One such example is CPI which manufacturers microwave and radio frequency crowd control pain inducers similar to the US Military’s heat gun which has been mentioned for deployment to control Occupy protestors.

All of this comes following news that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 450 million rounds of ammunition banned by the Geneva Convention which is coupled with reports that feds are buying up all surplus ammo and even ordering stores to cease sales to civilians.

At the same time a DHS informant says that the DHS is preparing for a civil war and recently leaked army manuals reveal mass military detention centers are being prepared inside the US for a War On Terror ‘strategy shift‘.


Coming To An Occupy Near You – The Military’s New Microwave Heat Ray Gun

Coming To A Protest Near You - The Army's New Microwave Heat Ray Gun

Days after the first news of the military’s new microwave heat ray surfaced we get our first in-depth media reports on the new technology developed to crush protests.

Previously I reported on the military making preparations to crush the Occupy Wall Street protests.

That report began by pointing out Pentagon plan’s to deploy 20,000 troops within the US to deal with civil unrest.

Then I pointed out the horrible provisions in the NDAA, such authorization for the Military to be deployed to attack any nation in the world without congressional approval, including inside the United States.

Furthermore, I warned the bill allows the military to treat American Citizens – such as Occupy Wall Street protestors – as terrorists by labeling them as threats to national security, and detain them indefinitely in military prisons or even secretly target them for assassination.

That was followed by pointing out he Feds have already charged a man as an enemy combatant supporting terrorism just for uploading a video to Youtube.

Of course the threat of Occupy protestors being labeled as a terrorists were realized when leaked documents revealed the police classified the Occupy Wall Street as a terrorist group alongside Al-Qaeda.

More here:

How the Wisconsin Uprising Took the Wrong Turn

This defeat is just another example of the real Zombie Apocalypse people need to rise above. While this is coming down in Wisconsin, everyone is captivated in their own fascination by stories of alleged real life zombies on the attack. Which in my opinion is just a new fear matrix designed to keep you distracted from the first ascension wave that’s already taking place. One thing people seem to misunderstand about the ascension process is that it is coming in waves, the first wave started on 11-11-11 after the end of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011.Looking back, that’s clearly when my ascension activation first began.

Remember, ascension is a process that you go through to reach spiritual enlightenment as your human body reconnects with the Divine Human connected with your OverSoul ~ basically it’s the activation of your Light Body and healing the reconnection with the unified energy field surrounding your body.

After working to clear decades of polarized duality energy from my body and even before the healing session last week, I’ve gotten to the point where I can see the lights swirling in my unified field when my chi energy is spinning the vortex up around my body. It’s really an amazing experience! When I sit and think of how much time I wasted chasing down the “Who dun’it’s and why for’s” when I could have focused on stepping into my REAL power as a Divine human…ouch, that’s time we can’t get back folks and at this point our time IS running out to change.

When enough of us activate our Light body and begin focusing our Light Energy on the collective level, then beam that Light back down to earth focusing on transforming the dark parasitic energy sucking humanity’s life force. Magically  like water flowing into a deep dark cavern, the Light will transmute the dark energy systems as it fills in the cracks and crevices. Eventually transmuting the darkness because it will have nowhere to hide in secrecy of darkness, where parasitic energy’s  amass to form their attack.

We must work to combine our 3D legislative efforts with 5D Light energy, once we do that everything else will fall in place when humanity gives the signal to Gaia that we’re taking the planet back!  The Venus transit signaled the RETURN of the Divine Feminine and Divine Male energy, meaning that we now have Divine God/Goddess magic at our disposal as we relearn to master the sacred tools we brought with us to win this war against consciousness.

Warriors of the Light have returned to take this planet back and YOU are one of them, it’s time to take back your Divinity. Use sacred geometry to unlock your Divine human, learn about the gifts you brought with and work to bring them out into the Light of day…you won’t be disappointed my friends! This is an incredibly empowering journey we all contracted for ~ stop looking outside of yourself for the answers. We exist in the mind of God, the universe lies within you…

In Lak’ech,

AscendingStarseed aka Annette


The uprising was too broad and diverse to fit electoral politics comfortably. You can’t play a symphony with a single instrument.
June 10, 2012  |

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The revelers watched in stunned disbelief, cocktails in hand, dressed for a night to remember. On the big-screen TV a headline screamed in crimson red: “Projected Winner: Scott Walker.” It was 8:49 p.m. In parts of Milwaukee, people learned that news networks had declared Wisconsin’s governor the winner while still in line to cast their votes. At the election night party for Walker’s opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, supporters talked and cried and ordered more drinks. Barrett soon took the stage to concede, then waded into the crowd where a distraught woman slapped him in the face.

Walker is the first governor in American history to win a recall election. His lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, dispatched her recall challenger no less decisively. So, too, did three Republican state senators in their recall elections. Democrats avoided a GOP sweep with a win in the sixth and final senate recall vote of the season, in Wisconsin’s southeastern 21st district, but that was small consolation. Put simply, Democrats and labor unions got rolled.

The results of Tuesday’s elections are being heralded as the death of public-employee unions, if not the death of organized labor itself. Tuesday’s results are also seen as the final chapter in the story of the populist uprising that burst into life last year in the state capital of Madison. The Cheddar Revolution, so the argument goes, was buried in a mountain of ballots.

But that burial ceremony may prove premature. Most of the conclusions of the last few days, left and right, are likely wrong.

The energy of the Wisconsin uprising was never electoral. The movement’s mistake: letting itself be channeled solely into traditional politics, into the usual box of uninspired candidates and the usual line-up of debates, primaries, and general elections. The uprising was too broad and diverse to fit electoral politics comfortably. You can’t play a symphony with a single instrument. Nor can you funnel the energy and outrage of a popular movement into a single race, behind a single well-worn candidate, at a time when all the money in the world from corporate “individuals” and right-wing billionaires is pouring into races like the Walker recall.

Colin Millard, an organizer at the International Brotherhood of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers, admitted as much on the eve of the recall. We were standing inside his storefront office in the small town of Horicon, Wisconsin. It was night outside. “The moment you start a recall,” he told me, “you’re playing their game by their rules.”

From Madison to Zuccotti Park and Beyond

A recap is in order.

The uprising began with Colin Millard. The date was February 11, 2011, when Walker “dropped the bomb,” as he later put it, with his “budget repair” bill, which sought to gut collective bargaining rights for most public-employee unions,  Later that day, a state Democratic Party staffer who knew Millard called him and pleaded with him to organize a protest. Millard agreed, even though other unions, including the AFL-CIO, urged him to back out. Don’t make a fuss, they advised. Let’s call some lawmakers and urge them to oppose Walker’s bill. “Fuck off,” was Millard’s response.

On the Sunday after Walker unveiled his bill, Millard rounded up more than 200 people and marched down Lake Street, past the John Deere factory and Dannyboy’s Bar, to the home of Republican Jeff Fitzgerald, the speaker of the state Assembly and a Walker ally. Fitzgerald lived a mile or two from Millard in Horicon. “I’ve got a message for Scott Walker,” Millard told the crowd outside Fitzgerald’s house. “This is my union card and you can pry it from my cold, dead hand.”

As rumors spread of more protests, Walker threatened to call out the National Guard to deal with the protesting public workers. That’s when popular outrage erupted. Students marched on the state capitol, and then a local teaching assistants union led the effort to take over the capitol rotunda, transforming intermittent protests into a round-the-clock occupation. Organizers provided food, shelter, health care, day care, education, and a sense of purpose for those who had taken up residence inside the capitol.

In support of the occupiers, the daily protests outside the capitol grew into crowds of 10,000, 25,000, then upward of 100,000. People marched in the snowy streets to challenge Walker, Wisconsin Republicans, and their political donors. Tractors circled the capitol in protest, as did firefighters and cops, even though their bargaining rights had been exempted from Walker’s “reform” proposals. By now, Madison had captured the nation’s attention.

A two-week occupation of the capitol and months of protests didn’t, however, deter Walker and Republican lawmakers. He signed his budget repair bill, known as Act 10, into law in March. But that doesn’t mean the Wisconsin uprising had no effect. For one thing, the “Walkerville” occupation of the grounds outside the state capitol helped inspire the“Bloombergville” protest in New York City targeting Mayor Michael Bloomberg. That, in turn, would be a precursor to the Occupy Wall Street events of the following September and later the Occupy movement nationwide. Without Wisconsin, without the knowledge that such things could still happen in America, there might never have been an Occupy.

Hijacking the Uprising

By the time Occupy Wall Street took off, the Wisconsin uprising had swapped its come-one-come-all organizing message for a far narrower and more traditional political mission. Over the summer of 2011, the decision was made that the energy and enthusiasm displayed in Madison should be channeled into recall elections to defeat six Republican state senators who had voted for Walker’s anti-union Act 10. (Three Democratic senators would, in the end, face recall as well.) By that act, Democrats and unions hoped to wrestle control of the senate away from Walker and use that new power to block his agenda.

The Democrats won two of the 2011 recalls, one short of gaining control of the Senate, and so the Republicans clung to their majority.

What followed was more of the same, but with the ante upped. This time, the marquee race would be the recall of Walker himself. Launched last November, the grassroots campaign to recall the governor put the populist heart of the Wisconsin uprising on full display. Organizing under the United Wisconsin banner, 30,000 volunteers statewide gathered nearly one million signatures to trigger the election. The group’s people-powered operation recaptured some of the spirit of the Capitol occupation, but the decision had been made: recalling Walker at the ballot box was the way forward.

The Walker recall effort would, in fact, splinter the masses of anti-Walker protesters. Many progressives and most of the state’s labor unions rallied behind former Dane County executive Kathleen Falk who, in January 2012, announced her intent to challenge Walker. Tom Barrett, who had lost the governor’s race to Walker in 2010, didn’t announce his candidacy until late March, his entry pitting Democrat against Democrat, his handful of union endorsements pitting labor against labor. Unions pumped $4 million into helping Falk clinch the Democratic nomination. In the end, though, it wasn’t close: Barrett stomped her in the May 8th primary by 24 percentage points.

By now, the Madison movement was the captive of ordinary Democratic politics in the state. After all, Barrett was hardly a candidate of the uprising. People who had protested in the streets and slept in the capitol groused about his uninspired record on workers’ rights and public education. He never inspired or unified the movement that had made a recall possible — and it showed on Election Day: Walker beat Barrett by seven percentage points, almost his exact margin of victory in 2010. Democrats and their union allies needed to win over new voters and old enemies; by all accounts they failed.

And had Barrett by some miracle won, after a few days of celebration and self-congratulation, those in the Madison movement would have found themselves in the same box, in the same broken system, with little sense of what to do and, in a Barrett governorship, little hope. Win or lose, there was loss written all over the recall decision.

The Fate of the Uprising 

The takeaway from Walker’s decisive win on Tuesday is not that Wisconsin’s new populist movement is dead. It’s that such a movement does not fit comfortably into the present political/electoral system, stuffed as it is with corporate money, overflowing with bizarre ads and media horse-race-manship. Its members’ beliefs are too diverse to be confined comfortably in what American electoral politics has become. It simply couldn’t be squeezed into a system that stifles and, in some cases, silences the kinds of voices and energies it possessed.

The post-election challenge for the members of Wisconsin’s uprising is finding a new way to fight for and achieve needed change without simply pinning their hopes on a candidate or an election. After all, that’s part of what absorbed the nation when a bunch of students first moved into the Wisconsin state capitol and wouldn’t go home, or when a ragtag crew of protesters camped out in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park and wouldn’t leave either. In both cases, they had harnessed the outrage felt by so many Americans for a cause other than what’s usually called “politics” in this country.

And they were successful — even in the most traditional terms; that is, both movements affected traditional politics most strongly when they weren’t part of it. The Occupy movement, for all its flaws, moved even mainstream political discourse away from austerity and deficit slashing and toward the issues of income inequality and the hollowing out of the American middle and working classes.

Avoiding politics as we know it with an almost religious fervor, Occupy still managed to put its stamp on national political fights. Last October, for instance, Ohioans voted overwhelmingly to repeal SB 5, a law that curbed collective bargaining rights for all public-employee unions. Occupy’s “We are the 99%” message reverberated through Ohio, and the volunteers who blitzed the state successfully drew on Occupy themes to make their case for the law’s repeal. Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union, which spent $500,000 in Ohio fighting SB 5, told me at the time, “Every conversation was in the context of the 99% and the 1%, this discussion sparked by Occupy Wall Street.”

The money that flowed into Walker’s recall fight speaks loudly to the disadvantages a Wisconsin-like movement faces within the walls of electoral politics and the need for it to resist being confined there. On the post-Citizens United playing field, the unlimited amounts of the money that rose to the top of this society in recent decades, as the 1% definitively separated itself from the 99%, can be reinvested in preserving the world as it is and electing those who will make it even more amenable. The advantage invariably goes corporate; it goes Republican.

Historically, the Republicans have long been the party of big business, of multinational corporations, of wealthy, union-hating donors like Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and Amway heir Dick DeVos — and in recent decades the Democrats have followed in their wake sweeping up the crumbs (or worse). And here’s the reality of a deeply corrupt system: unless Congress and state legislators act to patch up their tattered campaign finance rulebooks, the same crew with the same money will continue to dominate the political wars. (And any movement that puts its own money on changing those rules is probably in deep trouble.)

In the wake of the recall losses, the people of Wisconsin’s uprising must ask themselves: Where can they make an impact outside of politics? The power of nonviolent action to create social and economic change is well documented, most notably by Jonathan Schell in his classic book The Unconquerable World. The men and women in Schell’s invaluable history — Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and his civil rights fighters, the Czech dissident Vaclav Havel, and so many others — can serve as guides to a path to change that doesn’t require recall elections. Already mainstays of the Madison protests have suggested campaigns to refuse to spend money with businesses that support Walker. “Hit ‘em where it hurts. Pocketbooks,” C.J. Terrell, one of the Capitol occupiers, recently wrote on Facebook.

Wisconsinites could also turn to one of their own: Robert “Fightin’ Bob” La Follette. He created his own band of “insurgents” within the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Republican Party. Together they formed the Progressive Party, which fought for workers’ rights, guarded civil liberties, and worked to squeeze corruption out of government.

Ultimately, however, the decision on what comes next rests in the hands of those who inspired and powered the Wisconsin uprising. And with an emboldened Governor Walker, there should be no shortage of reasons to fight back in the next two years. But success, as Tuesday’s election made clear, isn’t likely to come the traditional way. It will, of course, involve unions; it might draw on state and local political parties. But in the end, it’s in the hands of the people again, as it was in February 2011.

The future they want is theirs to decide.

Andy Kroll is a staff reporter in the D.C. bureau of Mother Jones magazine. He is also an associate editor at He has covered Wisconsinpolitics since the first protests ignited in February 2011. To listen to Timothy MacBain’s latest Tomcast audio interview in which Kroll discusses what Scott Walker’s recall win means for the future, click here or download it to your iPod here.

Copyright 2012 Andy Kroll

Kundalini Flu

Aloha my Friends!

Well as most of you know by now, last Monday June 4th, I went through an incredibly enlightening healing session with Meg Benedicte.  Ever since then I’ve been experiencing an enormous amount of Light energy coming through this human body, I really feel like I’ve experienced something miraculous! Well as we all know, with every expansion there’s a contraction and yesterday I got hit ~ for lack of a better term ~ with the Kundalini Flu. I feel like I got ran over by a Mack truck, with fever and pain from head to toe.

Also, let me add that this is a perfectly normal response to these type of healings, if the session isn’t followed by physical symptoms then the healing didn’t take very well. So by Thursday when I was still feeling “Top’O the World” high as a kite on Light energy, in the back of my mind I was wondering how well the session really took and if it wasn’t all just my imagination {freakin annoying left brain, just go with it}. By yesterday I had no doubt it took when I could hardly get out of bed. Hopefully by later this evening I’ll be feeling better and can get back to work.

Once all of this sinks in I have so much to share with you.  Aside from learning I’m a “walk-in” starseed (which has been a heavy thing to process in itself, but it’s answered many questions) the big revelation I’m still sorting through. Meg had to pull part of a soul fragment back out of time that had been imprisoned in the dark energy of Maldeck ~ the planet that is now our asteroid belt. I had gotten caught up in the war at the very end and was apparently captured, that’s all I know for now and need to go back over the tape of the session. As she was doing all of this my body was shaking hard from head to toe, so the details are still fuzzy.  The rogue reptilian races that have imprisoned us in this matrix succeeded in Borg~afying the population the on Maldeck. Basically turned them in to a robotic slave race, in the end the planet was destroyed in war.

Their technology far succeeded their spiritual ability to handle it wisely, the exact same problem the human race on Earth now faces. Max Igan nails it in his new film Trance-Formation, which I’ll go ahead and post after this one. I also listened to Max’s new radio show in the middle of the night, but fell asleep before I could get’er posted…sorry about that!  IMO Max is absolutely brilliant, out of everyone on the scene he’s got a better handle on the big picture than just about anyone else. He provides solutions to the problem and has also managed to stay humble and heart centered after his rise in popularity on the alternative news scene, which is a lot more than can be said for some.

Well that about wraps it up for now, thank you for your patience and understanding as this blog host integrates some very profound changes that will help me do my part in ushering in a new Golden Age on earth. I’m beginning to see things through a whole new light and am opening up to the sacred gifts, tools my soul has bestowed upon me to help me do my work here. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen overnight and takes a little time to process, so bear with me. You all know how hard I’ve worked in the past and none of that is changing, except I feel myself shifting up to a higher level, now that I understand how the 3D world operates much better than before. We’re all peeling back the layers of the onion…

Have a great weekend!

In Lak’ech,


Clarification about the 10% discount on Meg’s services ~ UPDATE

Aloha Family of Light!

My bad! I really feel terrible about a misunderstanding on my part earlier this week in regards to applying the  discount for Meg’s healing sessions, to be clear the discount applies to:

10% Discount off all products in the “online store” and the “12 Week Quantum Vortex Healing Teleseminar”.

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Please accept my sincerest apology for any inconvenience this may have caused, the last thing Meg or I want is to mislead you. In addition, let me take this moment to add that the information Meg revealed to me was absolutely priceless, there’s no way to quantify the value of understanding who you are at the soul level. Without that knowledge how can you truly know who you are and your purpose? Yes, before I had good a clue but now it’s becoming VERY clear what I came to Earth for  and why I’m here. Also, there are no words in the English language to describe what I’m experiencing, my levels of awareness have expanded exponentially since the session and are continuing to expand as more information gets downloaded from  the ether’s.

EVERYTHING is becoming very clear now…

One more thing I’d like to add is whenever you invest in nurturing your spirit by seeking information that helps you evolve, the universe will always support you. When you commit to your spiritual evolution, your Higher Self will assist you in manifesting the money to pay for your growth, without having to sacrifice ~ as long as if you believe.

Once again my apology for any misunderstanding, guess I need to kick my left brain in gear….appears to be slacking a bit.  Thanks again for everyone’s support, 2012 The Awakening readers are the best!

Much love and a million blessings to all!


Your Host Needed A Day Off to Process and Integrate…

Aloha my Beloved Family of Light!

Please accept my apology for the lack of posts today, yesterday I had my first session with Meg Benedicte which turned out to be extremely productive. She also surfaced information about my past lives, as well as my current incarnation that’s taking some time and energy to process.

Not only did she confirm my own inner knowingness that I’m a starseed, Meg also learned from information she retrieved from my akashic records that I’m a walk-in starseed that came into this body when Annette was 16 during a near death experience. It’s a long story that I’m still sorting through. Today’s been a day of going through the grieving process as I send any remaining soul fragments of Annette into the Light of Source.

If you’re not familiar with walk-in starseeds this might all sound rather strange, actually it is so I’ll have to agree with you there! Woke up feeling very alone in my own body today, that was a very odd feeling. One which confirmed what’s happening, so please bear with me as I integrate this transition.

The new energy I’m feeling is AMAZING, it feels like I’ve just opened the door to a whole new life with infinite possibilities  I can’t wait to share with you.  If you’ve ever felt the need to explore your past lives,  if you have trauma that needs healing, problems with addictions, health issues or are just stuck on a no where spiritual path; I encourage anyone who needs direction to schedule a session with Meg.

She’s heart centered, incredibly gifted and is really here to help anyone willing to do the work to help themselves. It all starts with your intent to heal and she will help you facilitate the process.  For thousands of years we’ve lacked the tools to unlock the doors leading to our Higher Self, the part of you and me that resides in the Godpool next to the Light of Source. But now, through the use of sacred geometry Meg will show you how to use the keys that unlock ALL  doors leading to the path toward healing and ultimately your ascension.

If you’ve never had a past life healing session with an authentic spiritual healer, DO THIS FOR YOURSELF with Meg. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed or let down. Also be sure to use my name and the discount code for 10% off all her services, including the sessions.  Don’t be afraid to invest in knowing your spiritual essence, the universe will always support you ~ we have to let go of “lack mentality” ~ this is a big lesson I’ve learned!

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Much love and thanks for a day off to process & integrate, because ultimately the information I learned yesterday will help all of us.  There were absolutely mind blowing revelations in a very positive respect for all the readers who have been sharing this journey with me! Thanks again for your love and support, you’re the best!

In Lak’ech,


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Aloha Everyone!!

We’ve had such a great response from readers on Meg Benedicte’s show that she’s offered 10% off everything in the store, EXCLUSIVELY for 2012 The Awakening readers!!  Including 10% off the Quantum Vortex Training series starting June 19th and the Zep Tepi course on teachings from the Ancient Mystery schools. I also suggest becoming a member which gives you access to the forum, Meg’s monthly newsletter and her powerful bi-monthly meditations for Evolutionary Leaders on a slightly more advanced level than the weekly radio shows. To get the 10% discount you’ll need to enter the Discount code 052012 at checkout and/or if it asks who referred you be sure to use my name Annette O’Toole.

If you haven’t given Meg’s work a try yet you’re really missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime, it’s certainly the one you’ve waited for if you’re seeking freedom from the enslavement programs and parasitic energy’s plaguing humanity. No is going to save you, fortunately Meg has pioneered the tools you need to free yourself through Unified Field Therapy. Nassim Haramein and David Wilcock have both discussed the importance of the Unified Field and Sacred Geometry in being the keys to understanding our Divinity, Meg has discovered the keys to using Sacred Geometry in meditation as a way to advance the healing that triggers our path toward Ascension.

And I can personally testify to the SAFETY and authenticity to Megs approach, because in the last few weeks the breakthroughs I’ve made in my life are nothing less than miraculous and I’m quite pleased to say that the crying I’ve done lately have literally been tears of joy! I can’t tell you all how so very blessed I feel to have found Unified Field Therapy, working with the quantum vortex to heal my life has worked magic that words really can’t describe…

So please, do yourself a favor and take the first steps toward discovering the Divine Human in you just like I did. It didn’t cost a dime to get started, just the time it took to listen to her Wednesday radio shows and then beat myself over the head forcing myself to get into the habit of meditating daily. And I’m here to tell you that wasn’t easy! It was like driving thru traffic in reverse, in the wrong direction! But it got easier and easier,now I honestly can’t wait to meditate and do it several times a day just to keep the vortex spinning because it feels so good! The goal is to learn to live your life in the vortex where you keep everything in your world safe and learn to co-create a 5D reality from, it’s really a very cool thing!

In the beginning, I promised to you that my purpose here was to share my journey while seeking out the Truth about reality and to find the keys to help us remember who we are, so we can find our way back home. My beloved friends and Family of Light, I present to you the keys to your ascension in Meg Benedicte’s body of Sacred work. All you have to do is apply it to your daily life and work for it just a little, the rest will come pouring in! I promise….Remember the Discount code is 052012 and to mention my name for the 10% off all services, including membership at

In Lak’ech,


Discount Code 052012

BIG GINORMOUS THANK YOU to “2012 The Awakening” Readers!

Aloha Friends and Family of Light!

I want to take a moment for a big heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who extended their generosity last week by making a donation to the website, normally I try to reach out to everyone personally by email as a show of my deep gratitude that you care enough to support this work.  Unfortunately due to technical problems with my NEW laptop this week,  I’ve fallen way behind on emails and doing the necessary research to get a good number of posts up for the blog.

Unfortunately my laptop is getting shipped off to HP for a couple weeks for servicing ~ so bummed ~ fortunately my old PC still works, but it’s slow and takes much longer to get the same amount of work done.  So PLEASE bear with me on the days when there aren’t 15 new posts or I’m slow on returning emails, it was probably a boring, lackluster day for “news that matters” combined with technical difficulties. My laptop “should” be back by mid-June and I’ll be back up to speed.

Thanks again for all your love, enthusiasm and the support people are showing for this body of work. It’s important that we support each other as we fight this long-standing spiritual war as we build a New Earth where everyone literally Ascends to a fresh new start in a world of love, abundance  and peace for all.  Where all people regardless of race, gender or status peacefully and harmoniously live their life in service to others, honoring the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”.

Yesterday in meditation I finally got to see the New Earth in the 5 Dimension, it’s already up and running my friends….and it’s MAGNIFICENT!! It’s time to stop focusing on the external 3D world, learn to build your Light body and put your focus on mending the wires for your ascension path. Everything else really is an illusion.

Love and blessing to all!


aka AscendingStarseed

Editors Letter: “Has the FBI Launched a War of Entrapment Against the Occupy Movement?”

Aloha Beloved Family of Light,
I wanted to take a few moments to share my thoughts with you on the direction things are taking in respect to the Occupy movement and what’s being happening with deliberate attempts to discredit the movement by the FBI.  We all knew it would happen and it was only a matter of time before the infiltration became apparent.
This story just breaks my heart when I see how the dark side has pervaded our society to such a manner we have no way to break free through outward means. If social protest was an effective means for creating positive changes then after the Vietnam war the environmental and animal rights movements would have succeeded in their efforts to make the world a better place for all living things.
Instead there was a backlash, what we’ve seen is a massive attack from the underworld working through the CIA, FBI, the military, the Dominionists and other conservative interests that attempted to destroy everything good that grew out of the protests from the late 60′s and early seventies. I was part of the anti-nuclear movement in the late 70′s, when I took part in training 75 people in non-violent direct action to occupy the site of a proposed nuclear power in the most beautiful part of Oklahoma, just outside of Tulsa. We had the same problems described in the article below with vans circling and parked outside of meeting places and other surveillance tactics.  Being an organizer of the Sunbelt Alliance I was also tailed, questioned and spied on but none of that bothered me because I was fighting for a Higher cause ~  guess you could say I had a “bring’em on” attitude because I was doing the right thing.
At that time I was only 17 years old, had just gotten my GED and could have easily been pegged “lost” just like Connor Stevens of the “Cleveland 5″.  I was described as highly intelligent but the schools never engaged me either and coming from a highly dysfunctional family dynamic only served to fuel my rebellious nature.  In turn for a little cash and a roof over my head I dedicated my life to the movement for two summers, so I can completely relate to where these kids are coming from. Fortunately instead of a warehouse I was invited into peoples homes and was in a good environment with people who took me in.
The difference between nor and then is that it was a much different time when everyone was falling back asleep after the massive awakening in the 60′s, it’s as though society was given one big sleeping pill. The environment the kids today are working in is reminiscent of the 60′s in the respect the police are using the same violent, bullying tactics to keep people repressed attempting to stop the massive wave of change getting ready to slam into the ruling elite head on.
Except this time there’s no putting us back to sleep and in an astrological respect the planets are DEFINITELY on our side. In addition there’s been a tremendous amount of Divine Intervention taking place on all levels and in the future, this war has already been won.
At this time we still have the internet to help get word out to people about what’s happening behind the scenes to discredit the Occupy movement by labeling anyone seeking PEACEFUL CHANGE as terrorists and anarchists. It’s obvious that the FBI perpetrated any TALK of violence, that the Cleveland 5 are nothing more than scapegoats.
What’s also becoming painfully clear is the only way to fight this war is by healing ourselves at the Spirit level so we all have clear channels available to us to unite together “en masse” in Higher states of Consciousness. And we’re now beginning to unite in mass meditations taking place all over the world.  We are the Weavers of the Light learning to use Light as a weapon for peace and transmutation of dense, duality energy which is a very important shift in this war against consciousness.
I want to thank everyone who was involved in the mass meditations this past Sunday, May 20 for the Pleiadian Solar Eclipse,  we all experienced a powerful shift.  Since then many of us have been getting massive downloads of sacred geometry and ascension codes that will help us along our path to the dimensional shift and ascension into the 5th dimension.
Recently I’ve made tremendous headway in moving forward into much Higher states of  consciousness than ever before. And, am meeting people who are fighting this war at a much Higher level than the third dimension and what’s becoming very obvious is how helpless we are as humans when we’re working outside of our own Light body in the third dimension. Which is what’s happening when we’re not meditating DAILY and actively working with our guides to find out who we are, why we are here at this time and what our Divine purpose is for this incarnation to help humanity ascend out of darkness.
Working not only at the  personal level, but also at a collective level where we need to move into Unity consciousness to really begin to shift the energy here in the third dimension where we physically operate in “apparent” separation. Once we unite together in the collective grid network that’s already working, we have the ability to work as One. Which is what Gaia is prompting all of us at this time to do.  When you read the story about the Cleveland 5 and analyze it from a broader perspective the ruling elite is fighting back in a way that’s becoming virtually impossible to win from a third dimensional perspective because they have us locked in virtually unable to move.
I initially had great hopes the Occupy movement would be a catalyst for the kind of change we all want to see take place and in many ways,  it really has served a great purpose by giving people hope that if the 99% fight together we CAN bring about change.  Occupy is still serving it’s purpose in community’s all over the country as people continue to awaken, but ultimately what’s going to need to happen is for the masses to shift their energy into activating the pineal gland and uniting at a collective level to call forth Divine Intervention’s assistance in bringing Light to the darkness for transmutation.
Divine Intervention is already happening at many levels that we can’t yet see which is why at this point its very important to take your focus off the activity’s going on in politics, with war, the Illuminati and everything else that distracts you from going within to connect with your Higher Self that lives in the Godhead as a part of the Divine Prime Creator. Find that center of Peace within yourself that no one and nothing can disturb, commune there in the stillness and you will find the answers you seek.
Answers that will assist us all on our path toward Ascension. Those of you who are reading this are on the first or second Ascension wave, there will be more ascension waves as people begin to awaken. The codes to awaken us have always been in our DNA ready to be triggered when we are ready, another reason for all the GMO’s, vaccines, TSA x-rays and genetic manipulation. They’re doing everything they can to shred our DNA took keep these codes from activating ~ junk DNA my ars!!!
Please feel free to contact me if you need any help, advise or assistance with meditating or finding a SAFE spiritual practitioner who isn’t aligned with the darker forces. Unfortunately I’ve learned that many self professed Lightworkers are not teaching people how to safely ground themselves or are teaching techniques for eliminating Shadow Ego and duality/ polarity energy. There’s a lot of misdirection going on in the New Age community so if you feel you’re not getting anywhere or don’t feel comfortable with what you’re learning you’re welcome to contact me through the comment section below and I’ll be happy to help you onto your path toward ascension.
Much love,