SHTF tips overlooked to avoid the black plague

Love this guy, “Dab don’t rub”…LMAO!!


Preppers, are you walking in the light ? VR to MorningMayan

Sad, but true…also hilarious!!

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Preppers, will you have the Love of God during the SHTF killing spree ?

Troops on the streets in Santa Monica? Possible nuke dirty bomb soon for L.A. ?

It’s only by the grace of God that I got out of LA two years ago, if anyone in So Cali feels the need to bail the scene I have a room for rent here on the big island for only $450 a month. Let me know if you need more info below, much love to all…Annette

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Troops on the streets in Santa Monica ? Possible nuke dirty bomb soon for L.A. ?

David Acton: Purify drinking water when the FEDS kick out your local Sheriff

Don’t know about you, but I love this guy! He’s a real hoot and has some really good suggestions for the preppers who are too busy being scared, building bunkers to store food and hoard guns and ammo to think about doing the important inner spiritual work that will be the creative key to manifesting solutions to problems you may be confronted with in a survival situation.


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Purify drinking water when the FEDS kick out your local Sheriff


11-11-11 doomsday averted we saved the world today

Alright everyone, lighters in the air as David takes a bow!!

It’s enough to give ya the chill bumps…

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EXPOSED! Denver Airport WW III HQ for Obama on 27th

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Denver International Airport and Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB)

EXPOSED! October 21 bluebeam rapture a hoax and scam

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EXPOSED! October 21 rapture a hoax and scam for YU55 terror buffs

The doctrine of a secret rapture was first conceived by John Nelson Darby of the Plymouth Brethren in 1827. Darby, known as the father of dispensationalism, invented the doctrine claiming there were not one, but two “second comings.” This teaching was immediately challenged as unbiblical by other members of the Brethren. Samuel P. Tregelles, a noted biblical scholar, rejected Darby’s new interpretation as the “height of speculative nonsense.” So tenuous was Darby’s rapture theory that he had lingering doubts about it as late as 1843, and possibly 1845. Another member of the Plymouth Brethren, B.W. Newton, disputed Darby’s new doctrine claiming such a conclusion was only possible if one declared certain passages to be “renounced as not properly ours.”