Grand Solar Minimum, Global Elite Using Police State to Control Food: Adapt 2030 Interview (FULL)



Michael DePinto from Right Wing Conspirator interviews David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 on the political events around the world and how it relates to the new grand solar minimum. From population migration, to currency devaluation , proxy wars and saber rattling, its all a grand plan to control the masses when food shortages rock our planet in 2018-2019.


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LINKS TO ALL SLIDES IN THE INTERVIEW AND SEVERAL EXTRAS……… Greenland Ice Mass… 3 satellites differ in temperature…… Global Temperatures Lower Troposphere… RSS satellite global temperatures 2016 IPCC meeting COP 22…… Sunspot Graphics pages


(NEW UPDATE) Worldwide Situational Update!!! PROJECT INCENSION

Note: This update was previously posted with several other video’s covering imminent earth changes. At this stage, I feel the data  is worthy of a replay for those who missed the first post. This is info you can try showing to people who are waking-up, or still unaware of what’s unfolding with the planet.

I showed it to a friend last week, he left my house rather dazed and confused that evening – it was evident the data presented definitely impacted his perspective of the world 🙂

Much love, {~A~}


PROJECT INCENSION: Interviewing: Miq’mac elder, former sgt. pattie l brassard, US Army Freedom Team/ NASA Contractor Black Projects Contractor, Computer Communications. & Her Grace – thirteenth white bare klan mother: karen ann lucyk macdonald & Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen USAF on (NEW UPDATE) Worldwide Situational Update – OILS SPILLS, LEY LINES, RADIATION COUNTS PLANETARY, N.AMERICA TO UK- AFRICA- FUKISHIMA JAPAN, RADNET ,GAMMA ++ READINGS, WORLD GRAVITY CHANGES, SALINE, POLE SHIFT, CLIMATE WARMING TEMPS@ 30,000 FT/SE SURFACE, BETA READINGS ,DUMBS military bases, flash earth.

Liberty Movement Needs More Innovations To Counter Technological Tyranny ~ ZeroHedge

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via,

The great lesson from history that each consecutive generations seems to forget is that the tools of tyranny used outward will inevitably be turned inward. That is to say, the laws and weapons governments devise for supposed enemies abroad will ALWAYS and eventually be used against the people they are mandated to protect. There is no centralized system so trustworthy, no political establishment so free of corruption that the blind faith of the citizenry is warranted. If free people do not remain vigilant they will be made slaves by their own leadership. This is the rule, not the exception, and it applies to America as much as any other society.

The beauty of the con game that is the “war on terror” is that such a war is ultimately undefinable. An undefinable war has no set enemy; the establishment can change the definition of the “enemy” at will to any culture, country, or group it wishes. Thus, the war on terror can and will last forever. Or, at least, it will last as long as corrupt elitists remain in positions of power.

As I have outlined in past articles, most terror groups are creations of our nation’s own covert intelligence apparatus, or the covert agencies of allied governments.

ISIS is perhaps the most openly engineered terror organization of all time (surpassing Operation Gladio), with U.S. elites and purported anti-Muslim terror champions like Sen. John McCain and Gen. Paul Vallely making deals with “moderate” Free Syrian Army rebels who immediately turn out to be full fledged ISIS fighters (I’m sure they were not “surprised” by this outcome) and the Obama Administration blatantly funding and arming more “moderates” which again in turn seem to be crossing over into the hands of ISIS. Frankly, the whole idea that there is a moderate front in places like Syria where alphabet agencies reign supreme is utterly absurd.

The bottom line – our political leadership, Republican and Democrat alike, created ISIS out of thin air, and now the American people are being expected to relinquish more individual liberties in the name of stopping this fabricated threat. Apparently, the Orwellian police state structures built under the auspices of the Patriot Act, the AUMF, the NDAA, FISA, etc. have not been enough to stop events like the Chatanooga shooting from occurring. So, what is the answer? Well, certainly not a reexamination of our insane foreign policy or an investigation into government funded false flag terrorism; that would make too much sense.

Instead, the establishment claims we need MORE mass surveillance without warrants, tighter restrictions on individual freedoms, and even, according to retired General Wesley Clark, internment camps designed to separate and confine “disloyal” Americans from the rest of the population.


Remember, all of this is being suggested in the name of stopping ISIS, but the language being used by political elites does not restrict such actions to ISIS related “extremists”. Once again, the war on terror is an ambiguous war, so ambiguous that internment camps supposedly meant for those the government labels POTENTIAL Islamic extremists could also be used for potential extremists of any group. Once the fuse is lit on the process of rendition, black bagging, internment, and assassination of citizens, any citizens, without trial, there will be no stopping the powder keg explosion to follow.

I believe that the power brokers that dictate legal and political developments within our country are preparing to turn the full force of the police state machine against the American people, all in the name of protecting us, of course. I do not need their brand of “protection”, and neither does anyone else.

It comes down to this – in the face of an increasingly advanced technological control grid, either liberty movement activists and freedom fighters must develop our own countermeasures, or, we will lose everything, and every generation after us will blame us for our inaction, if they remember us at all.

Keep in mind a countermeasure must be decentralized. Bitcoin, for instance, is NOT a practical countermeasure being that it relies on a centralized and monitored global internet in order to function. It also does not encourage any tangible production capabilities or skill sets. Therefore, it does not provide for the function of a true alternative economy. It is a false solution and a useless countermeasure to a fiat currency based economy.

A real countermeasure to a controlled economy, for instance, would be a localized barter economy in which people must develop ways to produce, rather than play make believe with digital cryptocurrencies.

Countermeasures do not always have to be high tech. In fact, I am a staunch believer in the advantages of low tech solutions to high tech tyranny. As many are already aware, with the aid of Oath Keepers I recently developed a long term wearable cloak system which defeats FLIR thermal imaging, including military grade thermal imaging. Something which has never been offered on the civilian market before.

But this is only one countermeasure to one major threat. I will continue to work on defenses in other areas in which I feel I am best qualified, however, the movement needs more R&D, and we need it NOW before it is too late. I would like to suggest some possible dangers, and how people with far more knowledge than myself could create tools for defeating tyranny. I would also like to examine some simple organizational countermeasures which EVERYONE should be undertaking right now.

Community Defense

This is an amazing countermeasure for the liberty movement because it removes the monopoly of state control over individual security. Nothing pisses off the establishment more than people taking individual and community defense into their own hands. Fear is the greatest weapon of a corrupt government, and if they can’t keep you afraid because you are your own security, then they have lost considerable leverage over you.

This dynamic is represented perfectly in the Oath Keepers Community Preparedness Team model, which has been utilized successfully in places like Ferguson, MO. Today, in the wake of the Chatanooga shootings, Oath Keeper teams are volunteering across the nation to stand guard (discreetly) at military recruiting offices. The recruiters themselves, who are forced to remain disarmed by the DoD, appear to be thankful for the Oath Keeper presence. This kind of effort shows those in the military that the liberty movement is not the great homegrown monster that the government and the SPLC have made us out to be. It also throws a monkey wrench into the use of false flag terrorism or terrorism funded by covert agencies (as ISIS is) as a means to herd the masses into totalitarianism in the name of safety.

You might not be an engineer, or a tactician, but anyone can and should be organizing security teams for the places they live. Nothing could be more important.

Community Food Reserve

Am I talking about feeding your entire neighborhood or your entire town during a crisis? No, not necessarily. But, if you found an innovative way to make that possible, the rest of the movement would surely be grateful. Preppers do what they can for themselves and their families, but the bottom line is, if you are isolated and unorganized, all your prepping will be for naught. You are nothing more than an easy target and no amount of “OPSEC” is going to hide the fact that you will look well fed and healthy while everyone else doesn’t. The solution to this is to organize community defense, as stated above, but to also organize a community food reserve.

I highly suggest approaching already existing groups, like your local churches if they are willing to listen, and discussing the idea of food stores, water filtration, and shelter scenarios. If you can convince at least one community group to make preparations, you have just potentially saved numerous lives and stopped the exploitation of food scarcity as a means to dominate your local population during disaster.

WiFi Radar

Active WiFi based radar systems have been developed over the past several years which can see through walls (to a point) and potentially detect persons hiding in an urban environment. The number of radio frequency based radar projects coming out of the dark recesses of DARPA have been numerous, and each project appears to revolve around the goal of complete surveillance ability, or total information awareness. Such measures are not as effective against a technologically advanced opponent, but they could be very effective in dominating a lower tech civilian population.

WiFi radar in particular is a rather disturbing concept, and not a field that I am personally well versed. I have seen some examples of radio-wave based personnel tracking and have not been all that impressed with the visual results, but this is only what has been made available to the public. Sometimes, the DoD will present a technology that does not work as well as they claim in order to strike fear in the minds of their enemies. That said, sometimes they also use tech tools that work far better than they let on.

Luckily, radar countermeasure information is widely available to the public, and WiFi blocking and absorbing materials exist also. Liberty champions would do well, though, to look into active countermeasures along with passive, and devise methods for jamming WiFi radar altogether.

RFID Matrix

RFID chips are a passive technology but rather dangerous under certain conditions. With a grid of RFID readers in place in an environment such as a city, or a highway, a person could be tracked in real time every second of every day. He might not even know he is carrying a chip or multiple chips, the trackers being so small they could be sewn behind the button of a shirt.

This is one threat which would probably have to be solved with higher technology. I have seen RFID jamming and “spoofing” done by civilian computer engineers, mostly from foreign countries. But, this should not just be a hobby for computer experts in technical institutes. The Liberty Movement needs portable RFID jamming and spoofing capability to ensure that these chips, which are set to be ingrained in almost every existing product in the near future from clothing to cars to credit cards, can be rendered useless.

Drones Vs. Drones

The predator drone is not the biggest threat on the block anymore in terms of surveillance ability. DARPA has been working on other drone designs similar to the A160 Hummingbird and the MQ-8 Fire Scout; lightweight helicopter-style UAVs that can stay in the air for up to 24 hours and provide overwatch in a 30 mile area. And lets not forget about JLENS surveillance blimps (also ironically referred to as “ISIS” Integrated Sensor Is The Structure project) which can and are outfitted with high grade cameras and radar that can be used to track people from 10,000 feet up in the sky.

This is the future of combat operations and the lockdown of populations. Standard military units will be reduced as much as possible while UAVs will be deployed en masse. Air power has always been the biggest weakness of civilians seeking to counter corrupt governments, but this is actually changing.

While they may be lower tech in certain respects, civilian based drones are actually keeping pace with military projects, if only because military projects are restricted by bureaucracy and red tape while civilians are encouraged and emboldened by profit motive. Range and elevation limitations in the civilian market are purely legal right now, and such limitations will be of no concern once the SHTF. For the first time in history, common people now have the ability to field an aerial defense.

The DoD is well aware of this, and is already working on measures to counter enemy drones through their Black Dart and Switchblade program. The Liberty Movement needs its own Black Dart program.

Long Distance Radio And Codes

Regardless of the region they live, liberty activists should be developing their own radio code methods for secure communications. There are a few existing frequency hopping and coded radio systems out there on the civilian market, but these are short range units usually with around 1 watt of power. This makes them ideal for quick operational comms and difficult to listen in on simply because their range is so limited. That said, longer range radio communication will likely be essential for the spread of information from one region to the next, and no one should assume that regular phone and internet will be available in the future. News must travel somehow.

This means HAM radio, using mobile repeaters to avoid triangulation, and old school coded messages. The R&D portion of this issue I believe needs to be in the use of an Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) for the liberty movement regionally and nationwide. This is a kind of “texting” through HAM radio, and combining this with traditional low tech cipher coding may be our best bet for long range secure comms. It could also help defeat drones that intercept standard messages and use voice recognition software to identify targets.

Decentralized Internet

Information sharing makes or breaks a society. Without the web, the liberty movement would not have found the success it has today, and the alternative media would not exist, let alone be outmatching the readership ratings of mainstream media sources that have otherwise dominated news flow for decades. Unfortunately, the web is NOT a “creative commons” as many people believe. It is, as Edward Snowden’s revelations on the NSA proved, a highly controlled and monitored network in which there is essentially no privacy, even with the existence of cryptography.

The great threat to the establishment is the possibility that people will begin building an internet separate from the internet; a decentralized network. Recently, an inventor named Benjamin Caudill was slated to release a device called “Proxyham”, designed to reroute wifi signals and remove the possibility of government monitoring of digital communications. Strangely, just before the release of Proxyham, Caudill pulled all devices with the intent to destroy them, and will not be releasing the source code and blueprints to the public as planned.

Clearly, something or someone scared the hell out of Caudill, and he is rushing to appease them. We don’t know who for certain, but my vote is the NSA. And if this is the case, it means his project and others like it are a threat to the surveillance state, and must be released to the public ASAP. If Caudill doesn’t have the guts to do it, then the liberty movement must.

An alternative internet would be a holy grail in the fight against tyranny, if only to show the world that people can indeed decouple from the system and create advanced networks themselves, and do it better than the establishment.

These are just a few of the areas that require immediate attention from those with ingenuity in the liberty movement. The time for talk is over. The time for tangible action has begun. Beyond the need for immediate local organization by those preparing for social and economic breakdown, there is a desperate need for out-of-the-box thinkers to develop countermeasures to technological fascism. It’s time for the movement to go beyond mere intellectual analysis and provide concrete solutions. There is nothing left but this.

Nuked Radio #95: Chaotic Weather & Corium Conundrum

Three bizarre deaths at U.S. nuke plants in the last 30 days, uncontrolled gas flow on the Gulf of Mexico seabed and a rise in spontaneous combustion deaths….now that’s hard news you won’t get from mass media.  Friends, I hear to tell you there’s no one covering environmental news like Christina Consolo, if you haven’t listened to her show PLEASE take the time to listen.Then share, share, share and tell your contacts to do the same…mass media will NOT cover this story until mushroom clouds appear in the background, because they’re owned by the power industry.

Christina really needs help getting this message out to as many people as possible, this is thorough investigative reporting that covers the most important environmental issues affecting the safety, health and well being of every living thing on the planet.

Visit “Radchick” on Facebook  Her show is Tuesday and Thursday 1p-2p Eastern times at

Also a link below to her discussion at the end of the show about the sudden rise in spontaneous combustion deaths and vehicular incidents,last week around the time of the Kansas City restaurant explosion. It’s beginning to sound like someone needs to devise an “affordable” meter to detect increased levels of BOTH methane and hydrogen sulfide….ahhh heck, come to think of it they need to add radon and radioactive elements to the detection meter to cover the atmospheric hazards. Think about it, breathing air is getting as bad as eating food from the toxic, contaminated food supply!

Well the first thing we can do is ENTIRELY eliminate “fear” of any of these elements and deal with it as best we can by boosting our immune system and rasing our conscious vibration out of fear mode, there are plenty of excellent recommendations on the right under the category Radioactivity from Fukushima,  Radiation Anti-dotes and Remedies.

Published on Feb 25, 2013


Episode 95 air date February 21st, 2013

Some crazy weather for the middle of the country and down south (a pattern that seems to be repeating) as well as a discussion about the mysterious corium and what it might be doing. Spontaneous combustion reports in people (2 possible cases the same day??) and furniture, cars, buildings, etc…why this is significant and what releases at the sinkhole can tell us.


Government Will Not be There For You In a Crisis ~ MorningMayan / Dave Acton

With the sudden increase in earthquake and volcanic activity in So California lately, this informative and down to earth discussion between Linda West aka MorningMayan and Dave Acton has life saving tips covering situations most of us  never even thought of on what  you need to  be prepared for during a natural disaster. No fear mongering, just preparation and good sensible information for keeping your family safe in unpredictable, potentially dangerous situations.

Published on Sep 6, 2012 by

Preppers, are you walking in the light ? VR to MorningMayan

Sad, but true…also hilarious!!

Published on Jun 16, 2012 by

Preppers, will you have the Love of God during the SHTF killing spree ?

Urban Homestead – Living the Real Simple Life (ABC Nightline)

Uploaded by on Jun 17, 2008


The Dervaes Family have created the original modern urban homestead that has yielded an entirely new, revolutionary alternative lifestyle.

View the entire story online at


PSA — — Disaster planning for Special needs and Disabilities

If you or a loved one has special needs here’s important information you need to know in case of an emergency. Please share this video with friends and family, Mahalo!

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Have a plan , be prepared… public service announcement

Wyoming narrowly defeats measure to prepare for apocalypse

Sitting here just shaking my head in utter disbelief things have deteriorated to this degree, the world is literally collapsing around them in just about every respect and they still can’t see the need to prepare for unexpected calamity. It’s like the people in Indiana, Tennessee and Alabama who just were hit with tornado’s that tore through homes, shools and business’s. You can’t help but wonder how many of those people were the same ones who just last year were claiming they didn’t want or need help from the government and those who do are worthless degenerate bums. Wonder if any of those people find themselves needing help from a state funded program because their lives were just blown away. Might need food stamps, unemployment or general assistance until they can get back on their feet.
Please don’t think me cutting social programs designed to help people down on their luck. When you listen to these debate audiences who support the conservative candidates, actually cheer whenever the subject of someone else demise or pain is raised. You can’t help but wonder what kind of karma they’ll be dealing with at some point.
By Reuters
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 0:59 EST

CODY, Wyoming (Reuters) – In a sign of rising consumer confidence prevailing over go-it-alone pessimism in the Cowboy State, Wyoming lawmakers on Tuesday narrowly defeated a “doomsday bill” to help the state prepare for a total collapse of the U.S. government and economy.

The bill, rejected on a 30-27 vote by the state House of Representatives, would have allocated $16,000 for a panel of legislators and emergency managers to study various measures, including a new state-issued currency, for handling a range of apocalyptic scenarios.

The bill’s chief sponsor, Republican Representative David Miller, originally had sought $32,000 to fund the task force, but the Joint Appropriations Committee later cut that amount in half. Republicans control both houses of the state Legislature.

House members on Monday had given the bill their initial backing after striking a “poison pill” amendment that mockingly asked whether Wyoming should purchase its own aircraft carrier and fighter jets.

“I guess a lot of people think if you’re trying to prepare for a disaster, it makes you seem crazy,” co-sponsor Kendell Kroeker said. “I was interested in it mainly because I don’t think there’s any harm in being well-prepared.”

Supporters of the legislation had cited recent global economic turmoil and political unrest as reasons to plan for a range of hypothetical worst-case scenarios.

The bill would have funded contingency planning to guide Wyoming through “a situation in which the federal government has no effective power or authority over the people of the United States,” as well as disruptions in food and energy supplies.

One option the bill contemplated in the event of a rapid collapse of the U.S. dollar was “the ability to quickly provide an alternative currency.”

Despite the grim national economic outlook expressed by backers of the doomsday bill, some who opposed it cited the economic reality that Wyoming is faring better than most other states.

“We’re in relatively good shape financially, with $14 billion in savings and assets,” said Representative Sam Krone, a Republican from Cody.

Krone, who voted Tuesday against the doomsday bill, said other issues like the state’s retirement system and public school accountability were higher on his priority list.

“I just didn’t see allocating $16,000 from the state’s general fund to basically cover what the governor and his director of homeland security are already doing,” he said.

Governor Matt Mead, a Republican who co-chairs the homeland security committee of the National Governor’s Association, declined to comment on the bill in an interview with the Huffington Post. But he laughed off the idea of being the only governor to command his own aircraft carrier, saying, “If we got an aircraft carrier, we’ll need a bigger lake.”

Boosted by a strong energy industry focused on Wyoming’s oil, natural gas and coal reserves, the state has seen an unemployment rate hovering at or below 5.8 percent since summer. The jobless rate nationally dipped to 8.3 percent in January.

Lawmakers are likely to soon approve a biennial budget that will allocate more than $150 million in supplemental funding for cities and counties. The state has billions in permanent savings and is expected to end its current budget cycle this July with more than $1 billion in its Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account, dubbed the “rainy day fund” by lawmakers.

(Editing by Steve Gorman)

Homeland Security takes on The Carrington Event

While we worry about future threats like global warming, and present threats like Iran’s escalating nuclear program, the sun’s propensity for belching out monstrous solar flares (like the Carrington event of 1859) could almost instantly create a world without modern conveniences, or even electricity.  The sun could literally “bomb us back to the stone age”.

Imagine a world without iPhones, and you’d understand why Homeland security rates New York and Seattle the highest for likelihood of major social unrest. Humans don’t do well in the dark. DHS has taken notice.

Above: A modern solar flare recorded Dec. 5, 2006, by the X-ray Imager onboard NOAA’s GOES-13 satellite. The flare was so intense, it actually damaged the instrument that took the picture. Researchers believe Carrington’s flare was much more energetic than this one.

First some history, from NASA:

At 11:18 AM on the cloudless morning of Thursday, September 1, 1859, 33-year-old Richard Carrington—widely acknowledged to be one of England’s foremost solar astronomers—was in his well-appointed private observatory. Just as usual on every sunny day, his telescope was projecting an 11-inch-wide image of the sun on a screen, and Carrington skillfully drew the sunspots he saw.

On that morning, he was capturing the likeness of an enormous group of sunspots. Suddenly, before his eyes, two brilliant beads of blinding white light appeared over the sunspots, intensified rapidly, and became kidney-shaped. Realizing that he was witnessing something unprecedented and “being somewhat flurried by the surprise,” Carrington later wrote, “I hastily ran to call someone to witness the exhibition with me. On returning within 60 seconds, I was mortified to find that it was already much changed and enfeebled.” He and his witness watched the white spots contract to mere pinpoints and disappear.

It was 11:23 AM. Only five minutes had passed.

Just before dawn the next day, skies all over planet Earth erupted in red, green, and purple auroras so brilliant that newspapers could be read as easily as in daylight. Indeed, stunning auroras pulsated even at near tropical latitudes over Cuba, the Bahamas, Jamaica, El Salvador, and Hawaii.

Even more disconcerting, telegraph systems worldwide went haywire. Spark discharges shocked telegraph operators and set the telegraph paper on fire. Even when telegraphers disconnected the batteries powering the lines, aurora-induced electric currents in the wires still allowed messages to be transmitted.

“What Carrington saw was a white-light solar flare—a magnetic explosion on the sun,” explains David Hathaway, solar physics team lead at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.


We’ve discussed before at WUWT what might happen if a Carrington Class solar flare induced Geomagnetic storm happened today. From my view, it is not a matter of if, but when.

The likely outcome is a broad scale collapse of power grids, frying of satellites, and collapse of our delicate silicon based microelectronics networks. Fortunately, we may have enough warning to shutdown everything ahead of time to minimize damage, but will we do anything about it?

The Department of Homeland Security has created this report on the issue, I’ve posted excerpts below.



Over the last six years, natural hazards have caused catastrophic consequences across the globe. Tsunamis, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions have led to hundreds of thousands of fatalities and billions of dollars in economic costs. Geomagnetic storms—a type of space weather—are much less frequent, but have the potential to cause damage across the globe with a single event. In the past, geomagnetic storms have disrupted space-based assets as well as terrestrial assets such as electric power transmission networks.

Extra-high-voltage (EHV) transformers and transmission lines—built to increase the reliability of electric power systems in cases of terrestrial hazards—are particularly vulnerable to geomagnetically induced currents (GICs) caused by the disturbance of Earth‘s geomagnetic field. The simultaneous loss of these assets could cause a voltage collapse and lead to cascading power outages. As a natural event whose effects are exacerbated by economic and technological developments, geomagnetic storms pose a systemic risk that requires both domestic and international policy-driven actions.

As part of the OECD Future Global Shocks project, this case study on geomagnetic storms was undertaken to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in current international risk management practices. The literature on geomagnetic storm risk assessments indicates that the state of the art for assessing the security risk from this type of event is still inchoate. There are examples of analyses that describe threat, vulnerability, and consequence, but they are not integrated, primarily because of the weakness in the threat analysis. The lack of valid risk assessments has limited risk mitigation efforts in many critical infrastructure sectors, as it is difficult to demonstrate the utility of investing in either hardening or operational mitigation efforts, especially if these investments reduce time and money spent in preparing for more common risks.

To explore the risk to the international community, this report presents a platform to discuss the risk of geomagnetic storms by describing a worst reasonable scenario and its risk factors. Our analysis identifies areas with EHV assets that are in vulnerable locations due to latitude and ground conductivity, and examines the first- and second-order consequences of an extreme storm, highlighting those consequences with an international impact such as scarcity of surplus EHV transformers and satellite communication signal degradation. In addition to exploring the expected economic consequences of a geomagnetic storm event, the report also assessed psychological consequence in the form of social unrest, behavioral changes and social vulnerability.

The potential for international consequences if an extreme event occurs are high, although the severity of those consequences can be mitigated if the international community takes certain actions in advance, such as investing in additional geomagnetic storm warning systems.

Geomagnetic storms can be categorized as a global shock for several reasons: the effects of an extreme storm will be felt on multiple continents; the resulting damage to electric power transmission will require international cooperation to address; and the economic costs of a lengthy power outage will affect economies around the world. As a global shock event, a severe geomagnetic storm, although unlikely, could lead to major consequences for OECD governments.


I found this graphic in the report interesting, it suggests that New York, New England, and Seattle are the worst places to be in a Carrington type event. “Get outta Dodge” takes on a  whole new meaning due to the social unrest that is likely:




The consequences of an extreme geomagnetic storm certainly would be severe at the local and national levels. The failure of transnational electric power systems would set off a series of cascading effects, including the disruption of government operations. The potential for international consequences if an extreme event occurs are high, although the severity of those consequences can be mitigated if the international community takes certain actions in advance. In particular, recommendations 1 through 3 provide low-cost mitigation mechanisms the international community can pursue to manage the international risks posed by an extreme geomagnetic storm.

1. The international community should mitigate against the risk of a single point of failure in the current space weather warning and alert system.

The investments that some nations have made in warning systems provide a valuable tool in helping all nations lower the risk of such catastrophic consequences. Today, the ACE satellite represents a critical possible point of failure in the global geomagnetic storm alert and monitoring network. The international community is relying on the United States of America to replace ACE. Although funds have been proposed in the FY11 U.S. Department of Commerce budget to fund an ACE replacement, DISCVR, the international community should carefully consider investing in additional satellite resources to complement the ACE replacement‘s planned CME directional detection capabilities.

2. The international community should improve the current geomagnetic storm warning and alert system.

The efforts to date fostered under ISES, and those of the SWPC in particular, are laudable. But, significant room for improvement remains in the international geomagnetic storm warning and alert infrastructure. First, understanding the consequences of geomagnetic storms requires a greater understanding of the ground induced currents resulting from those storms. Greater investment in magnetometers worldwide and integration of the resulting data would improve the SWPCs ability to assess storm severity.

The international geomagnetic storm alerting and warning community currently uses a 5- level scale to communicate the severity of an impending geomagnetic storm. This scale lacks sufficient granularity at the high end to provide useful tactical guidance to geomagnetic storm alerting and warning information customers. As consumers of space weather forecasting services, the electric power industry would benefit from greater granularity differentiating between severe and extreme geomagnetic storms for tailored operational mitigation measures.

3. Electricity-generating companies should be encouraged to harden high-voltage transformers connecting major power generating assets to electric grids.

Even with warning and alert procedures in place, operational mitigations may be overwhelmed by a sufficiently large storm. Hardening all critical infrastructures against geomagnetic storms is neither economically cost-effective nor technically possible. Hardening high-voltage transmission lines with transmission line series capacitors and the transformers connected to these lines through the installation of neutral-blocking capacitors is possible. But, doing so for all utilities supporting 345 MV and above would prove economically prohibitive (Molinski, 2000). For instance, since the 1989 Quebec electricity outage, Hydro-Quebec has spent more than $1.2 billion on transmission line series capacitors (Government of Canada, 2002). Although hardening all high-voltage transmission lines and transformers is not likely an economically viable strategy, OECD member governments should consider encouraging electricity generation companies and publicly owned utilities to harden transformers connecting critical electricity generation facilities to their respective electrical grids. Ensuring the survival of these high-voltage transformers in the event of an extreme geomagnetic storm will facilitate faster restoration of national electrical grids and remove part of the likely demand for replacement high-voltage transformers in an extreme geomagnetic storm scenario.

4. OECD members should define an allocation process for replacement high-voltage transformers in the event of increased international demand following an extreme geomagnetic storm.

As discussed above, the major international aspects from such an event are likely to be competition for limited resources necessary for recovery of electric power transmission capabilities. Joint planning, therefore, is a clear necessity. The international community would be wise to establish a framework or at least a forum for discussing various mechanisms for prioritization of needs in a competitive environment. Willingness to cooperate post-crisis, however, will depend in many ways on the individual nations‘ policies and planning prior to the crisis, and likely anticipated demands from consumers, both individual and corporate. If one nation invests nothing in warning, emergency procedures, and exercises, for example, it will have difficulty arguing that it should be first in line to receive replacement transformers after a disaster strikes.

Similarly, the international community should have a common understanding of how and when to communicate the possibility of catastrophic effects from an extreme geomagnetic storm prior as an immediate alert. Public panic and unrest can be caused or exacerbated by conflicting or inaccurate information. Clear communications are facilitated by plans and international understanding of roles and responsibilities that have been established prior to an emergency.

To ensure that each participating nation participates to a degree to support such an international partnership, it may be helpful to conduct a more thorough risk assessment. The assessment included in this report is based largely on existing data that have severe limitations and assumptions where there are no data. There are many aspects of the scenario presented here that could be improved through simulation, exercises, and additional analysis of operational procedures. The physical aspects of geomagnetic storms are relatively well known. The reaction of infrastructure operators, the public, and government leaders are more uncertain. These require more thorough understanding so that appropriate incentives can be developed for optimum policy development and implementation.

5. National governments should conduct mission disruption assessments.

The critical infrastructure interdependence analysis included in this report indicates a wide range of critical infrastructure sectors and sub-sectors would suffer second-order consequences stemming from the first-order consequences of an extreme geomagnetic storm. This analysis identifies eight critical infrastructure sectors and sub-sectors likely to experience first-order disruptions as a result of an extreme geomagnetic storm:

1. Communications (Satellite)
2. Communications (Wireline)
3. Energy (Electric Power)
4. Information Technology
5. Transportation (Aviation)
6. Transportation (Mass Transit)
7. Transportation (Pipeline)
8. Transportation (Rail)

As described starting on page 27, disruptions to three of these critical infrastructures would drive second-order disruptions to other critical infrastructures. For example, an extreme geomagnetic storm would result in widespread outages in the electric grids of the U.S.A. and Canada, in turn driving second-order disruptions to 20 other critical infrastructure sectors and sub-sectors (using U.S. DHS definitions for critical infrastructure sectors and sub-sectors). The extreme geomagnetic storm described in the scenario also would drive similar widespread electricity outages in Western Europe and Scandinavia, with second-order consequences similar to those suffered in the U.S. and Canada likely. The scale of these second-order consequences will vary from country to country, depending on a range of factors such as domestic legislation dictating back-up power requirements for hospitals.

The potential for cascading effects on critical infrastructure stemming from an extreme geomagnetic storm means OECD member governments should carefully consider conducting formal risk assessments in at least two areas. First, at a minimum, OECD members should conduct critical infrastructure dependence exercises determining the cascading effects of the loss of electric power. In addition to providing insight into the consequences stemming from an extreme geomagnetic storm, this form of risk analysis will also be applicable to other hazards that could interrupt electricity supplies. Second, OECD member governments should conduct assessments evaluating their dependence on space-based assets for continuity of government. An extreme geomagnetic storm could result in both short- and longer-term disruptions to space-based assets leveraged by OECD member governments for communications, navigation, and information technology.

6. The international community needs a commonly applied methodology to evaluate social vulnerability.

The international community lacks a commonly accepted methodology to assess social vulnerability across national lines. With increasing interest in the implications of social unrest as a global shock, the OECD should take a leading role in facilitating the development of methodology that could be applied internationally. The analysis in this report uses the University of South Carolina Social Vulnerability Index, which is designed for analysis within the United States. This has provided useful insight into the contributors to social vulnerability and comparative analysis for prioritization efforts. To compare similar phenomena across national boundaries, the international community would need to overcome challenges of inconsistent population area definitions, internationally comparable socio-economic factors, and political considerations that allow for application to a variety of types of government, emergency management, and hazard mitigation. The benefits would be a more robust approach to comparing a wide variety of hazard risks to nations and populations across the globe.

David Acton: Purify drinking water when the FEDS kick out your local Sheriff

Don’t know about you, but I love this guy! He’s a real hoot and has some really good suggestions for the preppers who are too busy being scared, building bunkers to store food and hoard guns and ammo to think about doing the important inner spiritual work that will be the creative key to manifesting solutions to problems you may be confronted with in a survival situation.


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Purify drinking water when the FEDS kick out your local Sheriff



Max Igan has always emphasized the importance of building a strong foundation of support within the local community as a means of survival during a collapse, and as a means of support for mass acts of non-compliance when draconian legislation like organic farming practices are forced upon us.

Thanks to NibiruMagick 2012 for suggesting this one in the climate change update for today, Jan 22nd 2012.


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Don’t forget to catch the Surreal News tonight on the Prepper Broadcasting Network, at 8pm central!

Troop Movement! Why? Elenin? Collapse? What?

This very important video as described below please visit the new website at:

The 2012 Awakening

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The government is moving equipment, troops, and resources all across this country in large numbers. Is the USA planning for some type of coming event? Could it be Elenin? or the collapse of our economy? or a coming superquake? Who knows for sure, but one thing is for certain. They are moving and the public is seeing it. With the internet it’s hard to not see the mass postings about it.

Different discussions on survival for man-made or natural disasters at JOIN TODAY! IT’S FREE!


ex·tant   [ek-stuhnt, ik-stant]
1. in existence; still existing; not destroyed or lost: There are only three extant copies of the document.
2. Archaic . standing out; protruding.

Preparing for ‘OUTSIDE THREAT’ 2011-2012 Serving NWO Mafia Agenda? Mirror

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Mirror from
~sub: Women4Truth & ExomatrixTV & NwoSatire & infopowerment

“Last Message to my Friends & Family” from Narnia9

If you live near a coast, fault line, or volcano please take a vacation to a safer area at the end of September.  Narnia9’s plea to her viewers from July 31st  isn’t fear mongering it’s coming from a place of being aware, informed and prepared.  She makes a lot of sense and besides, what’s the worst that can happen by taking a nice little vacation to a safe zone till the danger passes?

Anyway,  if you need some advise on safe zones drop me a note in the comment box below, because  I researched safe zones for 3 months before leaving Los Angeles for the big island of Hawaii.  Now, I live at an elevation of 850 ft and a safe distance from the volcano’s, in addition the islands are considered sacred ground. Whether or not that’s because they’re located on the Earth’s energy grid is a good question, but this island is also the tallest mountain in the world and the ancient land of Lemuria so it’s survived many cataclysms through out the ages – so it feels much safer here. And this island has a reasonable cost of living compared to the other islands, housing is actually affordable to rent or buy.

The girl in the video Narnia, has done her homework and bases her opinion on facts. She was right about the Japan earthquake/tsunami and certainly puts forth a passionate argument here…

Stan Deyo on Earth Changes, Planet X, Brown Dwarfs, the Quickening and more on Coast-to-Coast

This is a good interview! Stan Deyo has really done his homework and is extremely well informed on the societal, political, geographic and interplanetary changes taking place at this time. He also discusses how much of what’s happening relates to 2012 and the Earthly changes happening with the approach of  PlanetX.  Stan’s website is definitely worth a visit for information on preparations for surviving the upcoming changes and staying abreast of current events.  Even tho this was recorded in February 2011, it’s still quite relevant with today.


First Aid, Bug-Out Prepper for Survival in Mass Casualty Incidents

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Triage (play /ˈtriːɑːʒ/) is the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition. This rations patient treatment efficiently when resources are insufficient for all to be treated immediately. The term comes from the French verb trier, meaning to separate, sift or select.[1] Two types of triage exist: simple and advanced.[2] Triage may result in determining the order and priority of emergency treatment, the order and priority of emergency transport, or the transport destination for the patient.

Triage may also be used for patients arriving at the emergency department, or to telephone medical advice systems,[3] among others. This article deals with the concept of triage as it occurs in medical emergencies, including the prehospital setting, disasters, and during emergency room treatment.

Economic collapse and bugout prepper first aid for your 10-28-11 survival

First aid trauma bag safety in mass casualty incidents for SHTF preppers

Dollar Collapse Automotive BugOut Bag

Trauma First Aid BugOut Bag