Transpicuous News, June 10th: Notice has been given, Important OPPT follow-up, Sacha and Heather Interview

Ed. Note: Alright, for everyone who was following the OPPT developments in 2013, here’s the follow-up to last years show where the One People cast discussed why everything fell apart in Morocco. Now the whole story line has the flavor of an  esoteric-psy-op cluster-f*ck getting ready to unravel on a lot of well meaning people.

In the first 44 minutes of the video, D discusses her perspective on Jade Helm and all the attention being given to June 15, 2015. Then she begins to discuss the background of OPPT and Charlie Miller, including his connection to Heather Tucci-Jarraf and Caleb Skinner.  Shortly thereafter Lisa Garrison joins in to add her perspective.

How all this impacts the ITNJ, I honestly don’t know. Nor am I an expert in law, but sources have confirmed the UCC filings were valid. Outside of that, it’s really getting difficult to sift navigate thru all the various disinfo psy-ops and coups taking place. And this may very well be a coup to co-opt the ITNJ into Human Slavery 2.0, once again I don’t know. 

This much I can say simply from my observations over the last four years as a blog publisher, just about everyone who attempt’s to create positive change on a mass scale gets co-opted. Then you have those who are pretending to be agents of positive change, only to discover they’re double-agents and it’s all been a ruse to serve a hidden agenda. More and more it all seems like one infinite, ongoing game of smoke and mirrors….

In regards to the discussion below, there are always two sides to every story and usually the truth lies somewhere between. From what I’ve heard about the Opal Tour, it was frought with all kinds of problems and issues of alcohol/substance abuse MAY have been an issue with some of the cast members. Please keep in mind, this is secondhand information and I don’t know for sure because I wasn’t there.

But, as far as Heather’s concerned and what we’re learning about her background (if true), when you’re dealing with legal Jesuits from the military, someone who also lived in close enough proximity to the Vatican….mmmmm it appears we may be looking at an individual who most likely has handlers and is therefore HIGHLY mind controlled. It’s been said that her family has a military background, which if true means she was likely “pulled-in” at an early age for programming – as are most “gifted” children from military family’s.

What all this means, I honestly don’t know. You be the judge.

This much can be said about the UCC filings, they woke a lot of people up to the financial debt slavery system and we learned for the first time that we are the VALUE, that we are powerful co-creators in manifesting abundance in our lives. The movement awakened and mobilized a lot of people to stand in their own power against the system and reclaim their Eternal Essence Embodied. If it was a negative psyop, it backfired. We woke-up in a big way.

As I’ve said before, for myself it’s take the position of a sacred neutral observer and not lay beLIEfs on anyone or anything, and keep a VERY open mind about everything that “appears” to be unfolding on the world stage. From my perspective, the illusionary nature of our world is becoming more apparent by the day, which as a matter of course will lead us deeper and deeper within our heartspace to discover the Highest truths about reality as we perceive and experience it.

Speaking of truth, even tho things Corey Goode have said have been corroborated by credible sources, are consistent with information coming from  reliable sources and much of what he says resonates. At this stage in the game, who knows, even Corey could even be a “manufactured” individual, someone who’s mixing truth with lies. We don’t really have any way of knowing for sure about any of this, do we?

So as always, do your own research and use your own discernment. Be a sacred observer, sit back and watch the show unfold from a neutral, informed perspective. For myself, all I can really do is journey down the rabbit holes and present what I find here on this platform, for you to peruse and make of it what you will.

I will say this much about the discussion below, it seems that whatever’s coming in Sept-Oct is ceremoniously kicking off – at least behind the scenes – on Monday. Has anyone pointed out the symbolism behind 6/15/15 yet? 666 yep, with an auspicious number like that, the magicians surely have dirty tricks their sleeves.

There are a lot of earth changes unfolding now, D gave good advise on being prepared and preventative measures to take when facing the unexpected.

Much love, blessings and aloha to all….Annette

Enjoy the show…anyone for non-gmo popcorn!!


First up, I want to give out a HUGE thank you to Biggi at CCN for working  all night so that the video of last nights Transpicuous News Special Report would be available to the public this morning.

Last night on Transpicuous News, I put out a double special report.  The first part  of the show dealt with Jade Helm, and taking a close look at the various scenarios that people are attributing to what’s actually going on.

The Second special report dealt with looking back into the OPPT UCC filings.   As I said yesterday in my announcement about the show last night:

about three weeks ago something happened that slammed the OPPT Filings right smack into our faces again, and I knew in that moment that I AM going to have to  bring everything forward and lay it out, in complete transparency.
Lisa Harrison joined me for this and we dug deep to bring forward the information that we have gathered over the past several months, compared it with the many conversations we’ve had with various players, and connected the dots that have jumped out.   We openly invited everyone watching to join us in Lisa Harrison’s chat room so that people could ask questions and we did our best to answer them as best we were able.

I just want to say that all of you guys in the chat room last night proved your mettle, when you ALL immediately knew exactly where the report was going , and what dots we were going to connect.  You fuckin Rock!!!

Here is the archive video of last nights Special Report.

I want to add one more thing:  This is not a closed issue.  This is not a final comment nor does it answer many of the questions that we, and I’m sure you, have.  This is just the beginning of the investigation.  Even last night after the show, more information came to light on various aspects of what we discussed on TN.  Even this morning, even more dots were connected, with OTHER groups, and how they may all be tied into this…..

This is notice my friends.   And I ask that you take this very seriously.

To be continued…..

love d

Interview between Sacha Stone and Heather Tucci Jarraf

Last night we republished the Video of the interview between Sacha Stone and Heather for people to review.  This is the link:


THE WILL AND THE WORD by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf


Published by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on October 7, 2013

Perception is such a beautiful tool!
Expansion of perception until all limits are chosen to be released
 is a wonderful process in deed.
….excert of perception beginning of September 2013….

What was the perceived “Financial/Monetary System”? In Absolute Truth? A system of limits presented as a value system, contrived from a few parts of the whole Universal Value System, appearing to operate in a vacuum, yet, a highly significant geiser of Value production and cornerstone in the Universal Value System. What was the perceived “Universal Value System”? In Absolute Truth? A system of limits presented as a value system, contrived from a few parts of the whole Eternal Value System and appearing to operate in a vacuum, yet, equal in Value to any and all other parts of the Eternal Value System. What IS the perceived “Eternal Value System”? In Absolute Truth? The totality of each and all perceptions and experiences of BE’ing and DO’ing within any and all perceived Universe(s)… Eternal Essence completely factualized, in each BE’ing, and DO’ing all ways.




NOW….I DO I IN LOVE ALL WAYS….please see attached the duly made WILL AND WORD DECLARATION OF I….and the text for your convenience


Hugs and loves, Heather

Note: For those who can’t read PDFs, a text version will be below the SCRIBD PDF… -Bill

  Will and Word Declaration of i


Quick Project XIII Update!

I spoke with Caleb this morning and he gave me this picture of the Windows Desktop Project XIII app. He expects this will be ready for release in 2-3 weeks.  It works now but the layout of it has to be adapted to the PC format and screen shape and way of doing things.  Apparently its  a fairly simple translation from the Windows Phone version.
Screen shot of the alpha version of Project XIII for the Windows Desktop – still in development
Caleb thinks the iPhone version of Project XIII will be released to the Apple Store on August 24th.  This is tentative and could change based on testing.  Software is a challenging thing to produce even in the best cases. He said it looks very good and will be ready in time for the iPhone 6 release this fall.  Current support plans are for the current version of the software to always support the current iPhone generation and the one before it.  He said it will still run on iphone 4 but it won’t be as fast.
Caleb said there’s been 167 downloads of the Windows App, which he doesn’t consider bad because most people don’t even know anyone who has a Windows Phone, and its let him observe it in operation on a limited scale.  He expects the Windows Desktop version and iPhone version to drive up downloads exponentially when they are released since those are the two most used platforms right now.
Mac desktop will come later, and eventually Linux version based on the Open Source version of Silverlight called Moonlight (which is currently not in active development).  Caleb said if the software takes off like he thinks it will he will take on the costs of reopening the development of Moonlight to bring it up to snuff with the current version of Silverlight and its capabilities. It basically depends on how he sees it developing.   Caleb would like to see a version of Project XIII that runs linux on a USB stick that could be booted up on any PC and not store data locally on the PC…but that’s a way off yet. Future stuff on the “wouldn’t that be cool list…”
Caleb thinks now that this may not be so much a replacement for Facebook as it is a completely new market of customers.  He thinks a lot of the early adopters were never on Facebook.  How that demographic holds up will be something he watches closely.
Future enhancements will be  a Voice Over IP (VOIP) capability that is analogous to how BitTorrents currently work. The Project XIII server will make a call basically in the same way BitTorrent Magnet URI’s work, it will simply tell the other phone where it can find the the other party in the conversation but stay removed from being in the middle of the conversation.  I know that’s a lot of geek-speak but you can follow the URLs above if you want to know more about those…  The computer guys will understand this paragraph.’

Project XIII for Windows 8 Phone is Released and Now in Microsoft App Stores for Download

I just finished speaking to Caleb Skinner, the force behind Project XIII. We have some good news! The Windows 8 Phone app is now in the windows app store!  The iPhone app will follow on in week or so.  The Windows phone app will only work on Windows 8 phones, not the prior version of windows phones.  Caleb said their policy will be to always support the latest version of phones plus the previous generation.
The iPhone app is complete but Caleb is moving some of the buttons around so that the user interface is more friendly to the phone owner.
The app is free to download, and comes with a 60 day free subscription.  After 60 days the subscription price is the very reasonable price of $1/month.    The subscription pays for the server that syncs your friends updates from the prior 3 days to your phone.  Project XIII is unique in that its entire design is to keep your data private and owned by you.  Project XIII will only store friends updates for 3 days, so its up to you to sync with your friends, after 3 days their updates go away from the server.  The sync data is stored on the server in AES 256 encrypted form, and is not retained longer than 3 days.
Windows desktop and Mac Desktop apps will follow soon after the iPhone release.
Below are some screenshots from the Windows 8 Phone app that Caleb has provided:





Official Announcement to ALL Banks: A Tidal Wave IS Coming…

Courtesy of Brian Kelly’s blog:


Official Announcement to ALL Banks: A Tidal Wave IS Coming…
July 16, 2013
Dear Mr. John Banker
“What I am about to share with you, I realize you may be hearing for the first time. So, I understand this information may be hard to accept at first. Let me assure you it is based on fact, not fiction. Truth, not lies. All  references made are supported by hard data, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this information is more concrete than the pavement that graces the entry way to this very institution…
All loans are fraud. We the people have been duped. We have been made aware of the vast spider web of greed, lies and corruption, taken place over centuries, all designed to enslave us to debt and control every facet of our existence. We come today with a message. Feel free to take it up the ladder. The message is: we’ve had enough! WE DO NOT CONSENT. Please let them know that we are coming. We are many. We are not scared. And once and for ALL, we will be taking our power back. 
In a short time, you will be given a choice; stand with the people and help create a new way, that works for ALL. Or, become obsolete. The choice is yours….choose wisely”
I found the below message posted on Facebook this morning and was inspired to share it here. What it represents, is merely one of an infinite amount of possible approaches “the people” can/will be taking in the days and weeks to come. At this point, there is no one right way. There is only opportunity to experiment…and each one taken will birth another, and another, and another…
Buckminter Fuller put it so perfectly when he said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” It’s game time…

This example is not perfect, but it is a great start. I also included a comment made on FB, so if anyone would like to use this model and incorporate the suggestion made, feel free to DO so. 

For more research on the fraudulent nature of loans, I highly suggest reading these previous posts:

This post came to my attention today. I copied & customized it & will mail it to the CEOs of Westpac & ANZ tomorrow. Exciting times! Thx Jennifer Holt

15th July 2013

Angela Nykvist
c/o Bendigo Bank
Parramatta Branch
198 Church Street
Parramatta NSW 2150

Re: Revised banking practices and new opportunities

Dear Angela,

An avalanche of information has recently come before me that concerns 1) the true legal status of the world’s banks and corporate governments and 2) the actual process that banks use to create ‘credit’ with the undisclosed use of borrowers’ signatures for the bank’s benefit.

The purpose of this letter is to give you and Bendigo Bank an important opportunity to set new standards of behaviour and intent, as the banking sector navigates: 1) the new legal landscape as mentioned above and 2) new ways of doing business with the public based on transparency and legitimate services rendered.

Let me explain…

The following quote from an IMF publication categorically states that the origin of money loaned by banks actually comes from the “borrower”:

“… under the present system banks do not have to wait for depositors to appear and makes funds available before they can on-lend, or intermediate, those funds. Rather, they create their own funds, deposits, in the act of lending. This fact can be verified in the description of the money creation system in many central bank statements, and it is obvious to anyone who has lent money and created the resulting book entries.” 1

Other excerpts from various Central Bank Statements are just as clear as to the origins of money and the creation of credit through standard negotiable instruments:

• “Banks create money when they lend it”2
• “… banks extend credit by creating money.”3
• “What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers’ transaction accounts.”4
• “…credit of promissory notes (money of account) become money when banks deposit promissory notes with the intent of treating them as cash.”5
• “Commercial banks create checkbook money whenever they grant a loan, simply by adding new deposit dollars to accounts on their books in exchange for a borrower’s IOU.”6

From these quotes it is obvious that the use of promissory notes as credit i.e. cash, is not only legal but also widespread in the industry, a fact not generally known by the public. I will come back to this in a moment.

As mentioned above, it has also come to my attention that according to recent Uniform Commercial Code filings, all the worlds’ banks Bendigo Bank and corporate governments are foreclosed, and therefore all and any alleged debt is cancelled. (Please see attachment for links to the UCC filings).

The reason I am writing to you is to let you know that I have a meeting booked with my local branch manager, with the objective of ensuring they are made aware of the recent foreclosures, how the nature of banking and borrowing has been forever changed and that people are now able to access any additional value they require, for whatever purpose, using the bank’s existing money creation practices.

I will then be providing the manager with the necessary documentation to open a new account with your bank, accompanied by a Promissory Note/Declaration of Value of Deposit to be used as funding to open that account. I will also give them the opportunity to continue to provide banking services to myself, under a revised set of Terms and Conditions that ensures the bank still receives fees from any transactions we may have, whilst maintaining complete transparency and integrity in those dealings.

Please let your branch managers know, so they and your other agents are prepared and awakened to the facts as they stand today, because, as more and more of your customers and the general public become aware of the above matters, many will be seeking to do business with you, only in new and exciting ways.

Finally, this is an open invitation to you personally, to become one of the fore-runners in pioneering these new standards in the banking and financial sector in Australia, and we look forward to a meeting of the public and financial sectors hearts and minds, to create a mutually beneficial partnership going forward.

Without Prejudice, Jennifer Holt
Notice to the Principal is Notice to the Agent and Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principal
(as per UCC 1-308 and 1-103)


1. The Chicago Plan Revisited, Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof, IMF Working Paper August 2012
2. Money Banking & Monetary Policy… Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, May 2007

3. Quarterly Bulletin, Q1 Vol 48. No. 1. Bank of England, 2008

4. Modern Money Mechanics… Dorothy M. Nichols – Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, May 1961
5. Walker F. Todd. Affidavit, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA, 05 Dec 2003. (20yrs as attorney & legal officer of Federal Reserve Bank of New York & Cleveland)
6. I Bet You Thought… Friedman, David H. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Dec 1977


This letter has good intention by offering the banker an opportunity to “pioneer”. My observation is that bankers generally have set definitions for the concept of a loan (lending) that involves proof of collateral. IUV/TOP has, for us of course, changed where the value defining “collateral” comes from and this letter gives info on that, which is grand, however, the traditional mind-set is myopic and will need further proof of the value as “collateral” – because of the difficult to understand legalese in the UCC filings. A banker is not a lawyer and will initially assume it only a purported claim. Whether the money is created on the spot, by signature as these references clearly imply, bankers are still looking to create “secured” loans and we are not seeking a loan (unless it has no conditions for repayment – which of course is not a loan). All efforts to inform are a good step even if not the exact step needed.


OPPT & I-UV from A to Z


The One People Show July 1/2
This is video version of the audio interview aired last night on Lisa M. Harrison’s “The One People Show”.

The first set of documents are scheduled to be released the evening of July 2, 2013 during Lisa M. Harrison’s Collective Imagination Show.  The video says they were to be released last night (the interview was pre-recorded) but that wasn’t possible last night.
This is the initial release of documents, the process will become more refined over time as to how to implement the documents, so don’t freak out over banking concepts that are unfamilar to you as how to do this. We have lots of people who are very good at breaking down these processes into easily understandable language like what was done with the Courtesy Notices.  This will come in time. This is, after all, a people driven project.

The Collective Imagination Show July 2/3

A continuation of yesterdays show on the concepts behind accessing your value


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

OPPT & I UV from A to Z
By D. of Removing the Shackles

The One Peoples Radio Show last night played the recorded Interview we did with Heather yesterday morning, and that is available to listen to in the show archive, or the videos that I posted this morning.

As I said at the beginning of the interview, the article I wrote on Saturday, and now the interview itself, have gone viral across the internet. This has generated a new wave of listeners who are discovering The One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings and the I UV documents for the very first time.  Some of these people have no knowledge of the background that leads up to these filings, nor the reason WHY.

I’m writing this article as a historical run down of all the important documents, the links, the articles that are very relevant to all that has been done since the very first OPPT filing.  Please share this out with your friends, on your website, social media groups etc….

…. If I’ve missed anything really vital, I will edit to update.

The main sites that have been following, and working with, the OPPT and I UV information are:  and

and there are several regular blog talk radio shows that have focused a lot on everything we have been working on:

Monday night at 8est is The One People radio show
Tuesday night at 8est is The Collective Imagination

A group of amazing people stepped up and worked together to create a web site that kept current articles from the internet about the OPPT and various other topics.  Once the OPPT was retired, they renamed and recreated the site to .  The and the sites are not the official websites of the OPPT trustees or the I UV INchange. This awesome group of volunteers has keep a running list of all the current articles to do with oppt and the I UV, plus an assortment of other stories and news that they find interesting.

There is also an RTS forum and several skype groups that follow everything that has been happening.

… and of course, Caleb’s Project XIII is about to be launched very soon, which will take social networking and mega secure communications to a whole new level.

My friend Oliver Troll  wrote this outline of the DOings of OPPT and the Trustees:

What is it actually that OPPT has made and what was the purpose?
OPPT has done the following:

1: Examined the corrupting financial systems and its links to the legal system and the rule of law, knowingly, willingly and intentionally by the three trustees Caleb Skinner, Hollis Randal Hillner and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on the behalf of us the people.

2: Registered UCC-filings (Uniform Commercial Code)  in order to invalidate the Governments, authorities and companies with The Paradigm Report as a basis.  … They (the UCC Filings)  have to date not been rebutted or disproved, as of the 1st of July, 2013.

3:Created a space for Creative Value Asset Center’s (CVAC) which each individual is so that it cannot be taken from us. This has been done through the documentation that OPPT has registered, we have hereby been liberated from the unconscious slavery system based solely on the monetary. No one has the right to decide on an individual sovereign individual because nobody can show any documents  in which we as individuals (not people) have agreed that we should be subordinate to someone.

4: Taking back our own value by introducing I and Universal Value-INchange. Dissolution of the Foundation hereby also OPPT has now fulfilled its purpose and has been retired! (UCC-filings, however, still stand)

5: Introduce a new value system (that represents the original value system before the current financial system removed vital parts and took away transparency-D) that is linked to our individual value is unlimited.

The following are the links to various documents, filings, and articles that follow the journey of us all to this point.

“The Tidal Wave is Coming” including the Paradigm Report in test and pdf

Official Announcements from The One People’s Public Trust in December 2012 on American Kabuki’s site:

Original interview with Brian, D and Heather:

Transcription of the interview:

OPPT Trustee Bonds

OPPT Declaration Orders

OPPT Commercial Bill UCC Filing

NOTICE: I and UV INchange

Universal Value exchange announcement 1121

A Message from Heather: Almost Every Loan, If Not Every Loan is Fraud…No Loan Was Made


OPPT Definitions

Foreclosed Government Corporations- links

Radio Show Transcripts for 2013

Educational Entertainment for a Snow Day Including:
From Tyranny to Freedom
Meet Your Strawman
The American Dream

Playing with Gold: An Exercise

Courtesy Notice Documents, plus “How to Fill Them Out and Send Them” MP3(s) by Ken Bartle, Scott Bartle, and Chris Hale

Latest versions of the  Courtesy Notice (CN)

Foreclosure Flyer which has each UCC filing # mentioned linked to the actual UCC filings

“What if…”

“Do You Remember?”


I UV Inchange Introduction by Heather Tucci-Jarraf

Note: I’ve got some requests to boost the audio on Lisa’s voice…will try to do that tonight. I got this audio from D.  I was mainly concerned about getting it online quickly…refinements can always come after its up… -AK

This is video version of the audio interview aired last night on Lisa M. Harrison’s “The One People Show”.

The first set of documents are scheduled to be released the evening of July 2, 2013 during Lisa M. Harrison’s Collective Imagination Show.  The video says they were to be released last night (the interview was pre-recorded) but that wasn’t possible last night.
This is the initial release of documents, the process will become more refined over time as to how to implement the documents, so don’t freak out over banking concepts that are unfamilar to you as how to do this. We have lots of people who are very good at breaking down these processes into easily understandable language like what was done with the Courtesy Notices.  This will come in time. This is, after all, a people driven project.

Lisa Harrison, D. , Bob Wright interview Heather Tucci-Jarraf about how to access our personal Universal Value (UV) in a manner that is familar to the current banking system.

I-UV Exchange Release: Claim Your Value ~ One People Show June 17, 2013

Very important update with information on how to begin claiming your value on the I-UV exchange. They’re still working on some details but the groundwork has been laid for The One People to begin standing in their power and move into the process of Co-Creating, BE-ing and DO-ing in the natural state of abundance that was intended by Prime Creator at the beginning of the Earth experiment aeons ago.

Now is the time for the “Meek to Inherit our rightful place on the Earth grid”and to begin separating ourselves entirely from a 3D matrix which has incarcerated humanity to debt slavery for thousands of years…

Link to Project XIII tutorials

I-UV Exchange:

Formerly the Oppt-In Show.

Join the discussion with Lisa Harrison, Bob Wright, Chris Hales and Brian Kelly,  for updates on the BE’ing and DO’ing of The One People as we ground our new reality.


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