GSM Update 3/10/18 – Shinmoe Lava Flow- Prime Aurora – Dead Manatees – Fart Bags? ~ Oppenheimer Ranch Project



(Mar 10 0337UTC) Solar wind intensifications have lead to increasingly disrupted geomagnetic conditions. Earth’s magnetic field is currently experiencing moderate instability, may enter storm conditions over the next 24 hours, and is unlikely to exceed Kp6 (minor/moderate effects).

The Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) carried past Earth via the solar wind is currently in a south pointing position. This is helping to stir up geomagnetic activity at higher latitudes. A minor (G1) geomagnetic storm watch will be in effect for the next several hours. Sky watchers across Scandinavia, Canada, northern tier USA and Alaska should all be alert for visible aurora once dark outside.

Northeaster Wreaks Havoc With Flooding, High Winds, Power Outages…

Freeze Warning – NWS Forecast Office Tallahassee, FL Southwest Florida Forecast: Cool weather with extreme fire danger…

GFS Model…

More manatees died from cold stress this winter… B.C. flood fears grow amid rising temperatures and above average snowpack…

Extreme weather could be the norm…

The idea is that cosmic rays seed clouds by ionizing molecules in Earth’s atmosphere…

Svensmark – Cosmic Ray Flux –…

Parts of north Queensland still at risk of flooding, police warn…

Families rescued as flooding turns to disaster levels…

Mount Etna ERUPTION: Rapid earthquakes spark fears of fiery volcano about to blow…

Lava flow confirmed at Mt. Shinmoe following eruptions…

10/3/2018 – Mt Shinmoedake (新燃岳) Big Eruption…

Mayon volcano eruption: Rumbling heard for MILES as lava explodes 7 TIMES in 24 hours…

9/3/2018 – Mt Mayon TimeLapse…

Bright flash, sonic boom as minivan-sized bolide explodes over Washington…

California just passed a law regulating cow farts…

These Backpacks For Cows Collect Their Fart Gas And Store It For Energy…

tangobayus GSM Solutions on You Tube…

iGO Solar Single Sloped Greenhouse…


Scientists can’t explain why a giant hole the size of Maine just opened up in Antarctica October 10, 2017

 Note: A major volcanic eruption or geothermal activity in the ocean could be related to this phenomenon.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

A mysterious hole the size of Maine has opened up in Antarctica, stumping scientists who have no clue how it formed, Motherboard reports. “It looks like you just punched a hole in the ice,” explained University of Toronto Mississauga professor Kent Moore.

Called a “polynya” — an area of open ocean water in the midst of ice — the spot was first observed in the same location in the 1970s, but scientists at the time were limited in their ability to study it. “At that time, the scientific community had just launched the first satellites that provided images of the sea-ice cover from space. On-site measurements in the Southern Ocean still require enormous efforts, so they are quite limited,” Dr. Torge Martin told

Last year, the hole mysteriously opened up again for a few weeks. The 2017 polynya, which is larger than the Netherlands and opened in early September, marks “the second year in a row it’s opened after 40 years of not being there,” Moore said.

Blaming climate change is “premature,” Moore cautioned, adding that his team is working to publish their research on why the hole has appeared again. That being said, Martin added: “For us this ice-free area is an important new data point which we can use to validate our climate models. Its occurrence after several decades also confirms our previous calculations.” Read more about the polynya at Motherboard and Jeva Lange

A gigantic hole in Antarctica leaves unexplained scientist

HAWAII’S EXPLOSIVE NEW YEAR: Electric Sky Anomaly, Massive Delta Collapse and Exploding Lava

Note: In addition to the magnificent ascension energy’s pummeling the Hawaiian islands, the New Year has heralded some interesting events on land, water and the skies! 2017 is already proving to be an interesting ride….stay buckled-up and keep hands & feet in the car, there may be some turbulence ahead as we forge into untraversed waters. Blessings for you and yours in 2017! Much love to ALL, {~A~}


‘Electric Sky Anomaly’ over Hawaii | Electromagnetic pulse?
January 2, 2017: Really bizarre moment captured on camera over the Pacific Ocean in the sky near Hawaii. Have never seen anything like it and leave it entirely up to you to interpret however you wish…

Huge Lava Delta Collapse In Hawaii (Dec. 31, 2016)
Video courtesy the National Park Service

Exploding Lava At Hawaii Ocean Entry (Jan. 2, 2017)
Video courtesy Epic Lava Tours

Feb 18, 2016 WSO UPDATE – Electrical Discharges Hawaii and ANOMALY UPDATES from ALL OVER WORLD

New footage from Hawaii showing electrical discharge. It is getting easier to see from South Pole! Also, new link for seeing NASA surveys, where we saw the winged planet! We have images never before seen from subscribers around the world, and more pouring in.

https://sandcastlesforall.wordpress.c… Earth is Tipsy

https://sandcastlesforall.wordpress.c…… Teresa Large panet in west………

Sun Freak in Hawaii…

Link to NASA sky surveys:…

Strange clouds spotted over both Poles

Sky watchers around the Arctic Circle are reporting an outbreak of rare Polar Stratospheric Clouds–super-colorful clouds that sometimes form in the ozone layer above the North Pole. Almost simultaneously, NASA’s AIM spacecraft is seeing electric-blue noctilucent clouds floating over the South Pole. The simultaneous apparition of these strange clouds, poles apart, may be a complete coincidence–or not.

Source: Space Weather

Ibrahim Karim & Pier Paolo Alberghini ~ BioGeometry ~ Red Ice Creations

Absolutely fascinating interview on the scientific application of geometric forms for balancing energy in our environment. If you don’t have a Red Ice membership interviews like one, this make the nominal subscription fee an invaluable investment of both your time and money, enjoy!

June 7, 2013
With his experience as an architect and a scientist Ibrahim Karim has synergized aspects of Pythagorean harmonics, subtle energy sciences, radiesthesia, geobiology, building biology, sacred architecture & modern wave theories to produce a new Physics of Quality from which the science of BioGeometry has emerged. Since 2002 Pier Paolo Alberghini has been working with a new approach to achieve well-being for the users of the buildings he designs, by applying the science of BioGeometry. Alberghini and Karim have collaborated successfully in BioGeometry projects in Europe and North America. We’ll discuss how BioGeometry bridges science and spirituality to produce a natural harmony into the environment. In the first hour, Ibrahim and Pier Paolo explain how BioGeometrical shapes interact with Earth’s energy to produce a balancing effect on all energy levels of biological systems. Karim talks about his research into shapes of body organs which led to the discovery of the relationship between organ function, energy pattern, and shape. These patterns called “BioSignatures” produce, through resonance, a balance of energy and immunity that support orthodox and alternative medicine. We’ll discuss how BioGeometry provides a viable solution in transforming the quality of the effect that electromagnetic radiation has on living systems. In the second hour, we’ll discuss the Physics of Quality in more detail. We’ll also hear about the relationship between electromagnetic fields and morals. Karim and Alberghini discuss their solutions to rebalance with nature.


Dutchsinse on Dutchsinse: My personal take after 8 months of covering earth changes “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE”

Editors note: I’m not posting this video because I agree with it’s content, this is for the Dutchsinse fans.

Hopefully this video will help people see that Dutch still has a lot to learn, that his ONLY real specialty is having a good eye for HAARP rings and the research he’s put into learning where they come from.  Realistically speaking, eight months are NOTHING when it comes to understanding solar system related Earth changes unfolding and has barely scratched the surface of whats going on. Which is why it’s so disturbing to see so many “followers”, people who hang on every word Dutch says like it’s gospel – then they turn around and attack anyone who disagrees with, or questions his findings.

Please don’t get me wrong I’m not claiming to be an expert on anything, but serious research on the NWO and Illuminati for me began towards the end of 2003  when I began dating a man from So. Africa who’s family were 33rd degree masons.  So from personal experience I can tell you the NWO is very real, black magic and the occult are practiced and taken very seriously.  He opened my eyes to a very disturbing side of the ruling bloodlines mentality, which is why I embarked on my journey to seek the truth. The NWO is already happening and it’s been a slow gradual process over that last 30 years, like the proverbial frog in a boiling pot of water.

It was in 2007 that I  awakened to the reality of 2012, after learning that over the last 5000 years most indigenous civilizations and prophets who correctly predicted future events have pointed towards the time we’re living in right now as being the end times.  We are living in a very complex, complicated time in Earths history where cycles within cycles are all coming together in the time we’re living in now.

And much of it has to do with things that are happening in the solar system with several large planetary bodies passing through at around the same time we’re about to cross the galactic plane – expected to be a very bumpy ride – and all while the entire solar system enters a magnetic ribbon of some sort. Apparently there’s also a galactic wave of some sort heading our way from the center of the galaxy that has some people concerned (Paul LaViolette). So there’s a lot happening that is having an effect on the Earth and it’s inhabitants, and it’s not new.

Including a little known fact that  a mass extinction is taking place around the world that began about 100 years ago. That was  actually one of the first things that indicated something catastrophic was in process; now with all of these earthquakes and volcano’s gearing up in activity that’s indicative of something much larger just over the horizon. So you can mark my words that by March of 2013 the world as we know it will look much different.

Dutch also talks about Scallions map, hasn’t he seen Edgar Cayce’s future map? And there are several other maps showing similar findings.

Now I do agree with Dutch about the hype and people feeding into the fear porn spewed by the propaganda machine. Fear, anger and hate are spread around like peanut butter online and too many people feed into all that negative energy.

Basically people tend to forget that 2012 is about a whole new level of consciousness, leaving the dark world of duality behind to move forward towards a higher level of consciousness. Most of all, 2012 signifies the time when we meet our galactic family, when we learn that we’ve never been alone here on Earth. When we learn that dark inter-dimensional forces have been in control for thousands of years and now all of that is coming to an end.

Even though I have a tremendous amount of respect for his work on weather modification, Dutch is still a rookie caught up in the negativity and confusion people get stuck in when they learn about everything unfolding at this time. It takes a long time to everyone to get a good grasp of the bigger picture and all of the elements bringing everything together. The best thing is not to believe either one of us,  do your own research so that you find your own truth that works for your reality. And don’t ‘follow’ anyone – just listen and come to your own conclusions.  Most of all always be willing to do the mental gymnastics by investing time and effort into research, don’t just let someone spoon feed you information on any subject.

Uploaded by on Aug 29, 2011

In my opinion…

Comet Elenin = NO

Nibiru/planet X/tyche/nemesis = NO

New Madrid catastrophic earthquake = NO (not for a few years or more)

Midwest Sinking = NO

California falling into the ocean = NO

Canary Islands = NO

Nuclear War = NO TIME SOON

George W. Bush nwo takeover (first prediction by most in the truth movement back in early 2000’s) = NO didn’t happen

Barack H. Obama nwo takeover (current prediction by truthers) = NO not going to happen

Fema camps = NO (not for what the conspiracy says they are for)

Plastic coffins = NO (not for what the conspiracy says they are for)

Biological outbreak = NO TIME SOON

dirty bomb = possibility

chemical attack = possibility

financial collapse = possibility

HAARP and weather mod = true

weather mod = true

NATURAL earthquake uptick = true (most likely due to Post Glacial rebound effect — thanks to Scott from believers underground for promoting this theory!

Don’t believe catastrophe dates, or unproved conspiracy talk… if they don’t give the links… then they don’t want you to THINK.

cheers mate


“Last Message to my Friends & Family” from Narnia9

If you live near a coast, fault line, or volcano please take a vacation to a safer area at the end of September.  Narnia9’s plea to her viewers from July 31st  isn’t fear mongering it’s coming from a place of being aware, informed and prepared.  She makes a lot of sense and besides, what’s the worst that can happen by taking a nice little vacation to a safe zone till the danger passes?

Anyway,  if you need some advise on safe zones drop me a note in the comment box below, because  I researched safe zones for 3 months before leaving Los Angeles for the big island of Hawaii.  Now, I live at an elevation of 850 ft and a safe distance from the volcano’s, in addition the islands are considered sacred ground. Whether or not that’s because they’re located on the Earth’s energy grid is a good question, but this island is also the tallest mountain in the world and the ancient land of Lemuria so it’s survived many cataclysms through out the ages – so it feels much safer here. And this island has a reasonable cost of living compared to the other islands, housing is actually affordable to rent or buy.

The girl in the video Narnia, has done her homework and bases her opinion on facts. She was right about the Japan earthquake/tsunami and certainly puts forth a passionate argument here…

15º Nibiru or Elenin, The Next Events by Captain Bill

Well here’s a nice little fear piece for ya! Even though I still hold out faith that the Whitehats working on behalf of humanity behind the scenes will ultimately win, it appears America is approaching a crossroads where the wrong turn by would have catastrophic reverberations on the world financial markets.

And, it’s interesting to note that all this coincides with the celestial approach of a highly enigmatic “object” that Richard Hoagland postulates may have been sent to us by our ancestors approximately 13,000 years ago with a very important message. If you haven’t listened to the interviews with Red Ice Radio and Coast-to-Coast they are both archived here under the Radio Shows, Comets and Nibiru/Dwarf star category’s.

While we all visualize a smooth transition for the future,  to a certain degree we should also prepare for the events of a worse case scenario.

From: atlanticobr  | Jul 7, 2011  | 13,045 views

Friends and YouTubers welcome!
Next Events 15th – July 07, 2011.

Added to all the natural events, that are expected for this period of transition of our planet, we have against us, the agenda of the elites to reduce the population globally, expanding the radius of any natural disaster with the system HAARP , chemical and biological poisoning and brute force. The subject of this video reflects the weapon reserved for the outcome. Our channel decided to put this video back to those who have not seen this subject before. It’s the last weapon reserved for social chaos globally. Be prepared friends. Pay attention to this harsh reality.

Our thanks for New America Now Productions.

Thanks for watching,

Join our channel! You are welcome there!
Captain Bill – July 2011

Antarctica’s Neumayer Station: Personnel appear to witness BROWN Dwarf and Nibiru over SKYS July 14, 2011

WTF is going on at the South Pole?!? In addition to the planetary bodies they’re pointing out, why are they outfitted like they’re taking a moonwalk?


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