SOTT Earth Changes Summary – September 2017 : Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs


September was yet another extremely violent month from an ‘earth changes’ point of view. A series of class X solar flares seem to have been the harbingers of unprecedented natural phenomena, in both quantity and intensity. Two historic earthquakes hit Mexico causing more than 300 deaths, destroying hundreds of buildings and damaging thousands more. The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is among the top 10 most active in history, and it’s not over yet. So far, the real shocker was three hurricanes at the same time, two of which, Irma & Maria, tore a swath of destruction through the Caribbean and into central Florida. Unseasonable snow and cold temperatures also hit Northern Europe and the US northern States this September, while oversized hail, heavy rains and flooding also pounded Europe, South Asia and Africa. Check it out below, and thanks for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe so you don’t miss the ongoing drama!


*Large Avalanche Warning*/Sierra Nevadas | RARE Storm to Impact Oregon/WA! ~ MrMBB333

Note: As we moved into March there were countless warnings of damns collapsing in Northern California, the situation appeared dire. Fortunately the damns held and nothing happened. I suspect the reason why may be that many Earth Keepers were praying for a positive outcome.

So lets all take action for the Sierra snow-pack and visualize the safety of all lifeforms thru this next passage of severe weather and heavy snow-melt. Blessings, {~A~}


APRIL 7. 2017: *Breaking* | A NEW “Large Avalanche Warning” has been issued for the Sierra Nevadas just south of Oroville down to Ebbetts. The NWS out of Reno is calling this a “dangerous situation” and are expecting large avalanches.
ALSO, coming out of Oregon, they too are under a weather warning looking at power outages today, heavy rains, high winds and hail due to a VERY RARE storm, what scientists are calling “a unique, first time event”! This is a extraordinary low pressure for April, literally saying it is the FIRST of its kind for the area. Links Below……… (Oregon Storm)

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