6/09/2016 — Global Earthquake Forecast — Seismic activity spreading WORLDWIDE from West Pacific

June 9-10, 2016

This weeks earthquake forecast covers the previous areas missed by last weeks forecast. Asia (East of Nepal to Vietnam) has been silent for almost two full weeks with no activity above M4.0 reported, this means the area is under pressure from the East (coming from the Pacific unrest showing around Indonesia and Japan).

This past week, a new swarm of earthquakes spread across Japan topping out at a mere M5.1.. I was certainly expecting more activity than this to develop, but the deep M6.4 below Indonesia appears to have changed things up midway during this past week.

Sumatra was hit as expected, now priming the area North of India and East of India for larger movement. If we go another week with silence across the Himalayan range, then a serious look needs to be taken at what is causing the building “silence” which is really building pressure and not releasing via smaller earthquakes like we would hope to see.

West coast of the United States.. watch near Los Angles, San Diego East to the border with Nevada, South to Cerro Prieto volcano / Salton Sea volcanic buttes. No reported earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest (suspicious to say the least)… thus we need to watch for larger movement to the South at this point in addition to the Pacific Northwest.

The edge of the craton should be on watch for M4.0 activity at the dormant volcanoes and fracking operations across Eastern California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. ALL should be hit this week by moderate movement.

The East coast should expect (and has now already received before this video was uploaded) a M3.1 (m2.6 revised) earthquake. Nova Scotia was just struck while this video was uploading to youtube… however we still need to watch this Northeast craton edge location for the remainder of the week.

Europe, the reset button was hit when the M4.5 struck near Mount Dutch supervolcano at the North Pole (not reported by the USGS by the way). Now pressure is rebuilding in South Europe, putting Italy, Greece and the Mediterranean sea back in the mix for M5.0 range (or greater) earthquakes this week. IF we see a large earthquake across North India or the Himalayan range then this may place new additional pressure on Europe.

Keep watch for the silent zones shown in this video for possible large movement this week.

This past week we saw a marked increase in M6.0 range activity (Five event) compared to the previous weeks showing half the amount. If things carry on upwards, we’ll start seeing M7.0 range earthquakes and possibly even new sudden volcanic eruptions in Indonesia , Mexico, and central America.

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5/24/2016 — Global Earthquake Forecast + Supervolcano Discovered at North Pole dutchsinse

A unintentional discovery of a supervolcano was made yesterday (May 23, 2016).

The newly discovered 68 mile long (110km) / 33 mile wide (53km) caldera resides at the North Pole, at the very tip of the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Coordinates of the caldera here:

81 32 38.90 N , 119 48 1.02 E

Full post linked below showing the previously “unnamed” supervolcano

(now named Mount Dutch in honor of the discoverer – myself)




All links mentioned in the video here:

Last weeks earthquake forecast video May 16, 2016:


North American Continent Begins CRACKING in Wyoming, East of Yellowstone Volcano


Over the weekend an ENORMOUS crack in the earth developed in the southern foothills of the Big Horn Mountains.  The mountain range lies east of the Yellowstone super-volcano. Estimates by some put the crack at 750 yards long by 50 yards wide by 50 feet DEEP — and growing!


As shown in images taken by Randy Becker, this is not small event; and the US Geological Survey confirms there were NO earthquakes in the area before, during or after the crack developed. It appears the continent itself is shearing rather than shifting.  It is shifting and slipping that causes earthquakes, while shearing quietly takes place as the land tears.


Local men, inspecting the situation, are dwarfed by the size of the crack as shown below:


The crack is also lengthening and spreading . . . getting wider and longer . . . without explanation.  This took place overnight:


It is not yet known if this is a precursor to an “event” by the Yellowstone Super Volcano, located miles to the west of this location, but according to the Dr. Stephen Ffolkes at the Society of Professional Geologists “the enormity of the super volcano, and its ability to impact things hundreds of miles from its massive underground magma chamber, makes this a situation that bears close watching.”



This report shows data indicating magma movement going east from Yellowstone, they also point out an area just east of Yellowstone that was getting ready to open up – wonder if this is the area they were talking about.

(NEW UPDATE) Worldwide Situational Update!!! PROJECT INCENSION

Note: This update was previously posted with several other video’s covering imminent earth changes. At this stage, I feel the data  is worthy of a replay for those who missed the first post. This is info you can try showing to people who are waking-up, or still unaware of what’s unfolding with the planet.

I showed it to a friend last week, he left my house rather dazed and confused that evening – it was evident the data presented definitely impacted his perspective of the world:)

Much love, {~A~}


PROJECT INCENSION: Interviewing: Miq’mac elder, former sgt. pattie l brassard, US Army Freedom Team/ NASA Contractor Black Projects Contractor, Computer Communications. & Her Grace – thirteenth white bare klan mother: karen ann lucyk macdonald & Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen USAF on (NEW UPDATE) Worldwide Situational Update – OILS SPILLS, LEY LINES, RADIATION COUNTS PLANETARY, N.AMERICA TO UK- AFRICA- FUKISHIMA JAPAN, RADNET ,GAMMA ++ READINGS, WORLD GRAVITY CHANGES, SALINE, POLE SHIFT, CLIMATE WARMING TEMPS@ 30,000 FT/SE SURFACE, BETA READINGS ,DUMBS military bases, flash earth.

5/06/2016 — Earthquake Forecast — West Coast under pressure + International Unrest brewing dutchsinse

We appear to be in for a slightly bumpy ride this week when it comes to international earthquake activity.

Additionally, the United States has a new warning zone off the West coast for the next 7 days, as well as the interior Southwest of the USA. We could see M5.0+ earthquake activity this week, and larger midwest to East coast compensation movement as well.

Europe is now reset for another round of movement to the South in the upper M4.0 to M5.0 range.

North India to West China is set for new large movement, as well as Japan, and Papua New Guinea.

Larger movement should strike Central America in the M6.0 range near Panama / El Salvador .. South America needs to watch the coast of Chile for additional larger activity to strike. Could be larger than M6.5

All the areas named in the forecast should be hit this week with the expected larger magnitudes. Keep track on my websites, and using the earthquake monitoring links provided.



JAPAN Developing Story: Aso Supervolcano Eruption, Land Movement and Soil Containing Volcanic Ash Has Spread Across Area #Japan #JapanQuake

There’s major seismic and volcanic unrest in the Pacific Ring of Fire over the last few days, here are the latest updates on Earth Changes unfolding in Japan and a seismic update from Dutchsince.

Developing: Mount Aso Erupts Amid Earthquake Swarm in Kyushu, Japan #Aso #Volcano

4/16/2016 — Large Earthquakes PUSH JAPAN 3 FEET Southwest + 9 INCH RISE

4/16/2016 — Large Earthquakes PUSH JAPAN 3 FEET Southwest + 9 INCH RISE ~ Dutchsinse

Large scale movement has occurred across the whole Southern portion of Japan / Kyushu due to multiple large earthquakes which struck over April 14-16, 2016.

Over 45 people are confirmed to have been killed during the Earthquakes, with well over 1,500 people injured.

Japanese officials have now confirmed that the central portion of the Southern Island has moved over 3 feet Southwest (38 inches / 97cm) , and risen over 9 inches (23cm) across the whole swarm region.

This amount of movement (happening in feet over days or less time) should cause compensation earthquake activity in areas to the Northeast and Southwest from this location in South Japan. Larger earthquakes could be on the horizon this week, as well as additional volcanic eruptions.

Here is the full post I showed in the video :


Here is the video I put out a day ago regarding these large earthquakes in Japan:



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4/15/2016 — Major Earthquakes Strike Japan — Pacific Unrest Obvious — West Coast USA on watch dutchsinse

Two large earthquakes have struck Japan over the past 2 days. Major damage has occurred, multiple people killed, and thousands injured according to main stream media reports.

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I rely on viewer support to grow my online reach, and to finance new research / experiments!

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April 15, 2016 – A series of large earthquakes has occurred over the past few days across the West and East Pacific.

Japan has now been struck twice in the past 36 hours , first by a M6.5 earthquake which caused major damage, at least 9 killed + 1000 injured… followed a day later by a larger M7.1 (M7.0 revised) earthquake near the same epicenter as the previous days earthquake.

Additionally, large movement has struck the East Pacific, just South of Mexico near Guatemala (Central America), large activity also striking Burma, Vanuatu, and Indonesia over the past several days.

The West coast of the United States, and West coast of South America are two “silent” locations which should show compensation movement over the next few days. Areas directly adjacent to Japan should be on serious watch for similar large earthquake activity, including Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, and North Japan.

East Pacific locations (West coast USA) should be on watch near the Gorda Escarpment , Northwest California, Central Oregon Coast, and Vancouver Island BC.

Further South, watch the Gulf of California. All three areas should begin showing movement at the upper M4.0 , to lower M5.0 range shortly. Interior California near the Nevada border will also show a new round of near M5.0 activity in the next few days.

Yellowstone / Idaho / Montana , edge of the craton reaching across Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas needs to watch out AFTER the West coast of the USA begins moving.

We may see a new round of mid M4.0 range earthquakes in the Midwest United States very shortly in addition to all the other activity mentioned above.

South Europe into Turkey also needs to watch out for larger movement to strike in the next few days. Should be at least upper M5.0 , possibly even into the lower M6.0 range.

Overall, the West Pacific and East Pacific should see a very active next few days — have a plan, and be prepared just in case.

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I knew I’d see a upload from you today and I haven’t heard anything just a feeling. other night my room shook violently twice no one else felt it its a vision of what’s coming but I was awake and felt it. it may sound kooky but I’ve always had earthquake dreams and visions this morning I said it just feels off were gonna get hit with a earthquake now I see this and I’m like okay how much water do I have. I’m in California Ty dutch I appreciate your work it’s genius I have always been like this so no offense to your work when I mention dreams and such I hope.God is speaking to his people in these last days get your spiritual house in order everyone forgive call upon Jesus today is the day of salvation really don’t wait too long. God bless you all.



POOR LOCALS! Sending prayers. THANKS DUTCH! ~South Africa~ xox


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Hey brother, I don’t really understand how you do what you do, but you are on point with all of your predictions and explanations of how you come to determine the location and strength of potential earthquakes.. Much Respect to you for your hard work and skill with this stuff brother!



I have been following the Global Incident map for years and I have the QuakeFeed app on my Iphone. Never have I seen so many large quakes popping off in such a short time in my life. CERN? Nibiru? Solar activity? Giant groundhogs fucking underground??? 20 quakes in Alaska in the last 13 hours alone!!!! The west coast is fucked. I would get out while you can!!


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+Unashamed Gurl 1ONESIX Global incident map. He is correct.


+VM2007 I would not worry about that pastor because that is what he was taught in school and that is what the scientists say and the media says that earthquakes can`t be predicted.  He was just following the “authorities”.

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Encouraged me to warn my friends. After all, you prove that earthquakes can be predicted despite what they say. And history shows that preparedness can greatly increase your odds of getting through a disaster such as this.


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This is why we all love you and what you do…Thank You Dutch…



Are you going to update due to the Aso eruption in Japan?

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I’m AMAZED the US hasn’t been struck with a major one yet. It’s almost eerie to think of the reasons why we have been pretty much left out and what could happen suddenly. Thank you Dutch, God bless…


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+Amory Richards soon


+Amory Richards in the last year we have add 2 (7’s). one off Ferndale the other alaskian chain.

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West coast is starting to get a little rock & roll.



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great calls on the quakes!


‘Know what you’ll do if your inside a building and it starts to collapse.’ I feel like this is an analogy to the US, as a whole. 😂

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love Ya Dutch, ty for so much work n info! ~○~

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Is There Also A Chance of the West Coast Of Washington To Be In Line for The Quakes?

A massive week for major quakes: Serious heatwaves around the globeTBW News: 2nd week of April


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Tropical Cyclone Fantala http://www.thebigwobble.org/2016/04/p…
Planet X http://www.thebigwobble.org/2016/04/p…

Scientists fear ‘the Big One/FOUR major quakes/48 hours

Note: No fear, just be aware and prepared. Many of us are noting how strange the energy’s are this week and feel shifting taking place. Now is the time to avoid distractions and send calming waves of love energy to Gaia and her children, imagining peace and calm around the globe.


There have been three large earthquakes recorded today, including a major one in southern Japan which destroyed buildings and left at least 45 people injured, after Myanmar was rocked yesterday.

3/20/2016 — Global Earthquake Forecast — Northwest Pacific / Japan / West Coast USA ~ Dutchsinse

Update : 900pm CT March 20 2016 – As this video was processing, a large M6.6 earthquake (M6.4 revised) struck North of Japan in the Kurial Islands / Kamchatka Russia … striking in the silent area shown in this video with the exact expected magnitude (Mid M6.0 range).

The exact area warned in this video was struck by the expected M6.0+ movement within hours of the forecast being issued.


We can check off the silent area in Kamchatka (North of Japan) as the 1st area hit in the 7 day forecast. I have the raw video file in case people want to verify the forecast was issued / recorded several hours BEFORE the earthquake occurred.

Check my websites here:



The progression of M5.0+ events across the West Pacific over the past 7 days is rather obvious.

Things began to move in earnest this past week, culminating in Alaska on Friday (March 18-19 UTC time).

Now in the new week, we see the silent area North of Japan has been struck by a M6.6 earthquake at Kuril Islands / Kamchatka Russia.

The area near Kamchatka has been rather silent in light of the flurry of larger M5.0+ earthquakes which developed to the South this whole past week.. add in the multiple M6.0+ earthquakes which occurred to the EAST in Alaska near Mount Atka Volcano, this middle ground area in the Kamchatka region is the spot I just named to watch in my earthquake forecast video.

The video is still processing, but was recorded earlier today, naming out the region North of Japan for Mid M6.0 activity to strike this week.

Now, before I can even get the video uploaded, the expected mid M6.0 event struck. As the forecast called for, a M6.6 has struck the Kamchatka region North of Japan.

Be on watch for new deep earthquakes which will determine new areas to watch for shallower larger movement, also watch the silent areas which haven’t shown large movement yet.

The forecast will be out shortly, you can mark off the North of Japan location , but still keep watch across the region spanning Japan to Taiwan (Izu ridge additionally) for possible larger activity to develop over the next 7 days.

West coast of the United States.. South California, interior volcanoes at the Nevada / California border, edge of the craton fracking operations across Colorado, Texas, Kanas, and Oklahoma… be on watch for larger activity to strike in the M4.0 range.. could shake things up as far as the East coast of the USA with smaller events spanning all the way to New England / SE Quebec Canada / Maine.

Central America needs to be on watch for possible new volcanic activity, as well as new larger seismic activity in the M6.0 to M6.5 range across Nicaragua and Panama into North Colombia.

Eastward across the Caribbean , South Mexico / Honduras across Cayman Trench to the Dominican Republic now needs to watch for noteworthy activity over the next 7 days based upon the M6.0 to the East at Barbuda, and the swarms striking off shore of El Salvador. The area between South Mexico and Dominican Republic must be under stress, could be in the same magnitude range as the current M5.0+ events off the coast.

South America, watch the middle of the Silent Zone, which puts us in the Bolivia, South Peru, North Chile region as the main spot to watch for renewed larger movement to strike .. larger , as in at least 1 magnitude larger than the current swarm of near M5.0 striking to the South across Chile.

We could also see new movement strike in Argentina to the East IF new deep earthquakes occur in the area.

Keep watch for new deep earthquakes which could switch all of this up OR accentuate the current magnitudes forecast. If the deep movement strikes the expected areas near Fiji, Indonesia, and Chile, then we can expect the forecast to remain steady this week.

IF new deep earthquakes occur in odd regions to the East, West, or North of the Pacific, this would switch things up dramatically.

3/02/2016 — Large Earthquake (M7.8) + Tsunami in Indonesia – US Agencies IGNORE Tsunami, Editorial note includes proof from 2012 USGS is censoring data

Note: Below, Dutch’s most recent video rant on USGS manipulating and censoring data is NOTHING new. Back in early 2012 I posted an excellent video from markinportland2008 showing how earthquakes have been deleted and downgraded. For example, 192 earthquake disappeared from the data! More here:


March 2, 2016

Full post here covering the earthquake today in Indonesia:


Text rant below:) enjoy!

This is a full blown science scandal. No doubt about it.

A large M7.9 (M7.8 revised) earthquake struck Sumatra Indonesia, very close to the two large earthquake epicenters from 2004 + 2005 which killed hundreds of thousands of people via multiple large tsunamis.

The great M9.1 mega-quake of December 2004, and the 2nd massive M8.6 on March 28, 2005 both occurred near the location struck today in 2016.

Today 10-11 years later , in 2016, we now see that the US Agencies tasked with covering , reporting, monitoring, and warning the public about tsunami threats have officially CLOSED SHOP in the far West Pacific + Indian ocean.

Yes, the US Government has made a very unwise decision to NOT REPORT TSUNAMIS which occur in the West Pacific + Indian ocean. Per their own words…

Quote: http://ptwc.weather.gov/?region=4

“The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is no longer covering the Indian Ocean region. That service is now being provided by regional tsunami service providers in Australia, India, and Indonesia: Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre (JATWC) Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency of Indonesia (BMKG)”

Even though we have military bases, loved ones, business ventures, asset investments, and US Citizens as tourists in the region… the USGS, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, and even the general http://www.tsunami.gov website IGNORED the earthquake, and IGNORED the tsunami warnings issued by other countries.

Most importantly, they ignored the buoys which were paid for by US funds , installed in the region to provide us with the data, and warnings for the region.

Sending us to FOREIGN sources for information?

There is no reason, scientific, logistic, or financial that should (or can) prevent the monitoring, reporting to the public, of earthquake generated ocean waves (tsunamis).

The fact that I had to rely on FOREIGN SERVICES and CNN to find out if a tsunami was generated, while all the people at the Alaska, Pacific tsunami warning centers are sitting back in their offices collecting nice paychecks….

The fact that I HAD TO DO THEIR JOB TODAY, and report a tsunami to my United States viewers — several conflicting media reports on the big media channels like CNN, NBC etc… some saying a wave was generated, others saying no wave.

Meanwhile, I had to then go monitor the buoys in the region myself, calculate wave height off the detected waves in the region, and decide if I was going to report a wave or not.

I get paid the = to a part time dishwasher from the work I do online.. this is not an exaggeration in the slightest. Thus, these professionals , dozens (hundreds?) at the different agencies are collectively costing us tens of millions of dollars in salaries alone… why am I even having to say anything at this point?


Ironically, I came under direct attack from professionals at the USGS (and other seismic agencies like the PNSN, and IRIS just to name a few). They came to my pages to publicly harass me, and even said things via press releases, also using their public platforms on their websites / social media pages to publicly slam me personally.. not just scientifically, but say serious accusatory statements about my motivations, financing, and even my morals. Not to mention just plain nasty snarky sarcasm sent my way on multiple topics I’ve posted on, they did this publicly with no shame.

Now here we are, and these same people are IGNORING earthquakes on the West coast , such as the M4.8 in the Gulf of California on February 11 2016, or the M4.3 in the Gulf of California on February 29, 2016 (just to name a few recent “omissions” of crucial West coast earthquake data).

Now we see they’re ignoring Tsunamis?!

I had to go to a foreign site in a different language (indonesian) to find out generated wave information? To get a warning I had to TRANSLATE something or go check the Australian sites?

Nevermind the fact that half the time Australian sites take forever to load due to their trans-Pacific location causing several data lag times.

Nevermind that we’re all subscribed to warning apps from the US Government, feeds which we rely on for all sorts of personal, business, and international safety.. and we DO NOT get a warning issued on a tsunami in a location which well over 100,000+ people were killed 10 years ago?!

At this point, my text rant here is a bit redundant , but I must reiterate that this is the single most ASININE thing I’ve had to lambaste the USGS, NOAA, FEMA, and the US Government for in a very long time.

M4.2 Quake shakes Jackson Hole Wyoming

M4.2 Quake shakes Jackson Hole Wyoming

2/23/2016 — California hit by strong M4.9 (M4.8) Earthquake @ OIL + GAS fracking operation dutchsinse

South Central California has been struck by a noteworthy M4.9 (M4.8 revised) earthquake directly next to a very large Oil + gas pumping – injection operation.

The epicenter of the earthquake is located just East of the South Belridge Oil fields.


An earthquake forecast warning was issued yesterday (February 22, 2016) for California, the forecast for California quite literally calling for upper M4.0 to low M5.0 activity to strike.

Now the area Northwest of the volcanoes has been hit by a near M5.0 earthquake. Some of the readings on this earthquake topped out at M5.3 according to the USGS. Low end magnitude is M4.8/M4.9 .


Here is the full post with screenshot evidence of the pumping / fracking operations at the Earthquake epicenter in South Central California:



Check my websites here:


2/13/2016 — Large M5.1 Earthquake strikes Oklahoma FRACKING + PUMPING operations ~ Dutchsinse

A noteworthy (and large) M5.1 earthquake has struck the midwest United States in Oklahoma, directly at a fracking / pumping operation.

Check my websites for updates:



This is the largest earthquake to strike Oklahoma in 5 years time, and the 3rd largest in state history.

In 2011, a M5.6 struck Oklahoma , again at a fracking / pumping operation, at the time (in 2011) professionals actually tried to DENY that fracking caused earthquakes.

Now we know better, the 2011 M5.6 was caused by fracking wastewater injection, and now the M5.1 in 2016 is caused by the same culprit.

The pressure that mother nature is putting on the operations is proving to be far too strong for the operations to handle. The pressure is coming from the Pacific Northwest + West coast, pressing to the East along the edge of the Craton.

Full post with screenshots here:


2/06/2016 — Global Earthquake Update — 15 of 17 forecast areas HIT — EQ3D giveaway contest! ~ Dutchsinse

Updates in this video include a full recap of the past weeks events leading up to February 6 2016. Multiple volcanic eruptions, and volcanic activity in Kamchatka Russia, Japan, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru.

15 of the 17 areas named in the earthquake forecast have already been hit. Kathmandu Nepal, South Japan, Taiwan, Sumatra Indonesia, Caspian Sea, Colorado, Texas, Montana, Oklahoma, Maine (east coast), Peru, Chile, Honduras, and Papua New Guinea all were struck by either noteworthy swarms, large earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions (volcanic activity).

Still waiting and watching on 2 areas to move.. Watching along the far Pacific Northwest and far Southwest near the California border / Gulf of California to show movement.

See the earthquake forecast issued last week calling for the above movement:


1/31/2016 — Earthquake Forecast — USA, Asia + Pacific — SERIOUS Movement Occurring dutchsinse

January 30-31, 2016

The past week has shown a new round of increased activity in the West , North, and East Pacific .. additionally movement crept across to Europe and to the West coast of the United States (California).

Two large M7.2 and M7.3 earthquakes occurred in the North Pacific , Alaska + Kamchatka Russia… both occurring at a semi-deep level between 80-100 miles depth.

This means we need to keep watch in the areas to the WEST Southwest of Kamchatka, along the Himalayan range, as well as the silent areas named in the video.

Here is a graphic with warning that I put out yesterday January 30th, warning for the possibility of a coming large earthquake over this next week: