Lithosphere emitting “alien signal” | Detected around the world

December 18, 2016: A strange phenomenon is being detected by earth ground sensors around the planet emanating from the lithosphere. A perpetual energy source that is not consistent with earthquake energy…something unknown!…


Mysterious “vibration” detected around the World | Source: Unknown!

December 8, 2016: A mysterious vibration/signal/frequency/pulse is being detected around the world, looking like a classic earthquake…but there is NO earthquake at the time of the event. Lasting in some cases for more than an hour.…

Mystery tremors puzzle experts ~ Not confirmed earthquakes

By Janet Jacobs Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — Reports of earthquake-like tremors starting Tuesday afternoon and continuing until early Wednesday can’t be confirmed as true earthquakes, but experts can’t say what it is, either.

“We started getting calls at 3:09 p.m. (Tuesday),” said Eric Meyers, Navarro County Emergency Coordinator. “The first calls were north of Corsicana in the Hickory Hollow area with two separate residents out there reporting unusual tremors being felt along with a rumbling type of noise.”

After checking with the U.S. Geological Survey website, Meyers also checked with the National Weather Service and state emergency management offices.

“About two hours later, approximately five o’clock, there were additional reports in the same area of heavier tremors, the same vicinity, the same residents,” Meyers said. Another report came from the western part of the county, near Navarro Mills.

After the second round of reports, Meyers posted it on Facebook and suddenly there were more reports, but coming from all over, including Streetman, Purdon, Pursley and Dawson. Some of the reports came from as far away as Freestone and Limestone counties. The line runs about 50 to 60 miles long, and the tremors didn’t act like any other thing except perhaps earthquake booms, which are shallow sometimes undetectable tremors similar to what’s been happening locally.

The range and the description of houses “popping” and shaking didn’t seem to fit anything, including the disturbances reported around fracking drill-sites.

“This is an unexplained event likely of a natural origin,” Meyers said. “We can’t come up with a point of origin or a cause or explanation of why this is happening.”

Still, the National Earthquake Information Center, part of the U.S. Geological Survey, located in Golden, Colo., didn’t see anything on its monitors, according to Don Blakeman, an earthquake analyst at the center.

“We had a call earlier, apparently folks have been feeling something out there for about a day, but we couldn’t find anything, we didn’t see anything on our records,” Blakeman said. “That doesn’t mean something hasn’t happened, but we don’t know what it is.”

If the tremors had been as large as the small quakes that took place around Dallas they would have been detected on their equipment, Blakeman said.

“Little earthquakes don’t automatically trigger the computer’s earthquake location,” he said. “If we have an exact time, though, we can scan the records for it.”

Many tremors aren’t necessarily earthquakes but can have man-made causes, both men said.

“We were trying to determine what was going on, any type of military exercises at a higher level than locally, we worked on this throughout the night and we eliminated everything we could think of and continued to do some through today,” Meyers said.

“We went through the process of elimination on what it could be and ruled out all these different things,” he said. “Whatever it was hasn’t occurred since 4 a.m. Wednesday. It’s unusual, to say the least.”


Nuked Radio #77 Frequency-Vibrational-Methane Doom? WTH is going on??

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Episode 77 air date December 4th, 2012

Jeff Weffersen returns to discuss the wonderful documentary RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY (link below) and Mr X from Nightwatch stops by to recap the excellent interview on End The Lie with Madison Ruppert that aired last night. Some not-so-good vibrations have been detected on worldwide seismographs over the weekend, some emails from people living in the states that border the New Madrid with reports on what they are noticing locally…as one email said, “What the hell is going on?” We try to figure out what is happening and determine how all these things may be connected.

At the end of the show we attached the hour of missing footage from the TEPCO cams yesterday…looks like they were hiding something (again)


Dutchsince’s Blog with screenshots of the vibrations on seismos:…

Jeff Weffersens new show “On the Brink” airs tonight at 9 pm est on, followed by NightWatch with Mr X at 10.

LINK to On the Brink with Jeff Weffersen:

LINK to NightWatch:

Very interesting Methane article:…

Quote from above: Methane, carbon dioxide and other gases appear to be leaking up through the soil and bubbling up through rivers at an astonishing rate, researchers said. The concentrations here are higher than any measured in gas fields anywhere else that I can think of, including in Russia,” said Damien Maher, a biochemist who helped conduct the tests. “The extent of these enriched concentrations is significant.”

Link to End The Lie Methane Interview: (not available yet)

Watch Costa Rica Quake Vibrations Hit US


Douglas Main
Wed, 05 Sep 2012
Shock Waves

A screen capture of an animation that shows waves from the Costa Rican earthquake rattling the earth beneath the US. Blue means downward ground motion while red represents upward ground motion with the darker colors indicating larger amplitude.

A new animation shows the shockwave from the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck Costa Rica this morning (Sept. 5) arriving and reverberating through the ground beneath the United States.

The visualization was made by scientists at Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) and shows the Earth slowly moving up and down. Red spots show seismometers moving upward; the darker the hue, the higher they are moving up. The opposite goes for blue.

The visualization shows how earthquakes create waves of motion through the Earth’s crust, just as a pebble tossed into a pond creates a ripple. “But in this case, the pond is North America,” said John Taber, head of outreach for IRIS.

People can’t feel the quake this far away from Costa Rica in North America because the ground is only moving a fraction of an inch, and the wave is traveling relatively slowly, Taber told OurAmazingPlanet.

There are 400 seismometers in the array and they are mostly clustered in the Mississippi River valley but will eventually be moved around the entire country to provide scientists with a “CAT scan of the Earth,” Taber said.

Seismic waves travel at different speeds through different rock types. “By measuring them, we can learn more about the structures beneath the ground,” Taber said.Data collected by these instruments helps to paint a clearer picture of the rift beneath the Mississippi River Valley in what’s known as the New Madrid fault system. This rift was responsible for the 1811-1812 New Madrid earthquakes, and may cause temblors in the future.

The Costa Rica quake originated 87 miles (140 kilometers) west of the capital San Jose, and was centered 25 miles (40 km) below the Earth’s surface, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.


Global Felt Earthquakes (August 27, 2012)

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Magnet pole Flip Coming? Global Quakes Christchurch, New Zealand, Italy, Russian, China May 20, 2012

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LISS – Live Internet Seismic Server GSN Stations


Seismic data from around the world are off the charts after the massive earthquakes off the coast of Sumatra last night, the earth is clearly shaking like church bell’s on an Sunday morning!


These data update automatically every 30 minutes. Last update: April 12, 2012 01:50:34 UTC

Seismograms may take several moments to load. Click on a plot to see larger image.

CU/ANWB, Willy Bob, Antigua and Barbuda

 ANWB 24hr plot

CU/BBGH, Gun Hill, Barbados

 BBGH 24hr plot


CU/BCIP, Isla Barro Colorado, Panama

 BCIP 24hr plot

CU/GRGR, Grenville, Grenada

 GRGR 24hr plot


CU/GRTK, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands

 GRTK 24hr plot

CU/GTBY, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

 GTBY 24hr plot


CU/MTDJ, Mount Denham, Jamaica

 MTDJ 24hr plot

CU/SDDR, Presa de Sabaneta, Dominican Republic

 SDDR 24hr plot


CU/TGUH, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

 TGUH 24hr plot

IC/BJT, Baijiatuan, Beijing, China

 BJT 24hr plot


IC/ENH, Enshi, China

 ENH 24hr plot

IC/HIA, Hailar, Neimenggu Province, China

 HIA 24hr plot


IC/LSA, Lhasa, China

 LSA 24hr plot

IC/MDJ, Mudanjiang, China

 MDJ 24hr plot


IC/QIZ, Qiongzhong, Guangduong Province, China

 QIZ 24hr plot

IU/ADK, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA

 ADK 24hr plot


IU/AFI, Afiamalu, Samoa

 AFI 24hr plot

IU/ANMO, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

 ANMO 24hr plot


IU/ANTO, Ankara, Turkey

 ANTO 24hr plot

IU/BBSR, Bermuda

 BBSR 24hr plot


IU/BILL, Bilibino, Russia

 BILL 24hr plot

IU/CASY, Casey, Antarctica

 CASY 24hr plot


IU/CCM, Cathedral Cave, Missouri, USA

 CCM 24hr plot

IU/CHTO, Chiang Mai, Thailand

 CHTO 24hr plot


IU/COLA, College Outpost, Alaska, USA

 COLA 24hr plot

IU/COR, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

 COR 24hr plot


IU/CTAO, Charters Towers, Australia

 CTAO 24hr plot

IU/DAV,Davao, Philippines

 DAV 24hr plot


IU/DWPF,Disney Wilderness Preserve, Florida, USA

 DWPF 24hr plot

IU/FUNA,Funafuti, Tuvalu

 FUNA 24hr plot

Dutchsinse Reports on USGS Shenanigans with another New Madrid, East Coast Quake Cover-Up

Thanks goes out to Karen for bringing this to my attention! USGS is at it again, not taking their job seriously keeping the public informed about seismic activity, while proving to be just one more program wasting tax payer dollars when they actively deleting data from seismic charts. Newcomers here should know that this has happened so often in the past, that this website even has a sub-category under Earthquakes for USGS Cover-ups!

This is great investigative work on Dutch’s part as he connects the dots on what began as a mystery question, asked from a reader on his blog.

Reports of a censored earthquake came to me today — from a few different viewers who saw the USGS knock a Virginia / West Virginia earthquake off the map.

With a little sleuth work , and some LUCK that the other feed wasn’t yet censored — I was able to track down the approximate epicenter of this quake based upon the helicorder signatures at each ANSS backbone station.

Heaviest shaking occurred in Florida, South/North Carolina!

Here is the link to use.. pull the charts before THEY TOO are gone for good !

El Heirro Update: Volcano in Surtseyan Eruption phase, Exlposions 100m high, Islands on red alert

Mary Greely did a great job below, collecting up to date facts on the escalation of seismic activity at El Hierro that we’re not getting from the news.

Raymond Matabosch reports the volcano is in the Surtseyan Eruption phase, as Mary just talked about him in the video above.  And then geologist Simon Day from the History Channel documentary  explains why the risk of mega tsunami exists for the East coastline of the America’s and beyond.

Amazing aerial coverage of scenes in the waters around El Hierro…

Kevin sent in this footage of churning ocean waters and the line of demarcation from the toxic gas belching forth from the undersea eruptions…

El Hierro Update: USGS up to Shenanigans, U.S. Tax Dollars hard at work!

From: MaryGreeley  | Oct 20, 2011  | 2,217 views

(Canary Island_ El Hierro Volcano Update : They Are Lying To You! Volcano Active Oct. 20, 2011……

Atlantic Tsunami Warning Heads Up

If you live on the east coast be prepared to head for higher ground, or grab up the pets and take an extended vacation.  It doesn’t appear that these warnings are simply fear porn as some have suggested, for several months FEMA, the military and National Guard all appear to be gearing up for some kind of disaster.  Awhile back a caller on Coast-to-Coast talked about his neighbor a military insider who warned him about something happening on the east coast. Now they are evacuating parts of the islands as land arises off the coast of El Hierro.

Uploaded by on Oct 13, 2011

Geologic events take worrisome turn on Canary’s El Hierro Island…

Volcanic Red Alert Issued As Residents Are Evacuated From El Hierro Town…

Planetary Tremors, Harmonic Movement or Seismic Activity Globally

This was posted on the forum, it’s not the first time this has happened but no one seems to have an explanation as to what it means. Obviously if these were earthquakes it would be noticed by most of us, so what’s going on? Could it be heavy magma movement deep below the surface, or some kind of harmonic tremor?

“Quakes & Earth Changes” Physicist Stan Deyo on Coast to Coast March 31, 2011

Quakes & Earth Changes:

First hour guest, Stan Deyo presented an update on earth changes. Interestingly, he’s found that at the same time as the great quake hit Japan on March 11th there was seismic activity recorded at Yellowstone ( related graphics). He suggested that a great pool of magma underneath Yellowstone is connected to an even larger undersea pool of magma that stretches to the Fukushima quake site. He also predicted that we’ll see another mega-quake somewhere in the Pacific Rim in the near future.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3  Stan talks about comet Elenin, this was before it was discovered that it had grown 80,000km in size – that can’t be a comet. He also talks about the groaning sounds coming from the Earth.

Below Stan talks about the seismographs for Yellowstone from March 11 during the 9.1 magnitude Japan earthquake, it’s obvious that magma chambers under Yellowstone connect to Japan’s volcanic chain.

Old Faithful, Yellowstone 11 Mar 2011
Madison River, Yellowstone 11 Mar 2011
Moose Creek, Yellowstone 11 Mar 2011

Florida , STRANGE EARTHQUAKE…20 MINUTES LONG! Water flowing INTO somewhere?

From the East coast of Florida to the WEST coast of florida.. across the entire state.. a large “rumble” was felt for several days across multiple locations.. and measured on the 18th via the Mississippi CERI seismograph.

Shot on March 9, this video comes from youtube user DAISYJAYS:

subscribe to their channel asap in case there are more events!

Main stream news article…
actual seismograph from the general area:…

information on the BP oil drilling connection:…

Could this be the salt dome rupture? is it plate movement? is this related to the recent 100 mile long oil slick in the gulf of mexico?

20 minutes of rumbling occured

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Could ‘supermoon’ next week disrupt Earth’s weather?

It doesn’t take much to get the Internet’s lunar-tics out in force. The web was  awash with apocalyptic warnings that the movement of the moon will trigger tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and even earthquakes next week. The conspiracy theorists claim that on March 19, the moon will be closer to Earth than at any time since 1992 – just 221,567 miles away – and that its gravitational pull will bring chaos to Earth.

Previous supermoons took place in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005 – all years that had extreme weather events

However, astronomers have dismissed the claims as pure nonsense. The bizarre rumours centre on a phenomenon called the ‘lunar perigee’. The moon’s orbit around Earth is not a circle, but an eclipse. At its closest approach – the perigee – the moon appears brighter and larger in the sky. When it is furthest away – the apogee – it is smaller and dimmer. A lunar perigee occurs once a month. However, next week’s perigee coincides with a full moon – a combination of events that happen just once every two or three years. Although it makes a good photo opportunity for astronomers, scientists say it has no impact on Earth.

Dr David Harland, space historian and author, said: ‘It’s possible that the moon may be a kilometre or two closer to Earth than normal at a perigee, but it’s an utterly insignificant event. ‘But the Internet is awash with conspiracy-minded amateur scientists warning that such a ‘supermoon’ could disrupt Earth’s climate patterns and may even cause earthquakes and volcanic activity. Previous supermoons took place in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005 – all years that had extreme weather events, the conspiracy theorists say. The tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people in Indonesia happened two weeks before the January 2005 supermoon. And on Christmas Day 1974, Cyclone Tracy laid waste to Darwin, Australia.

But Pete Wheeler of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy greeted warnings of an impending apocalypse with scepticism. ‘There will be no earthquakes or volcanoes erupting, unless they are to happen anyway,’ he told. ‘Earth will experience just a lower than usual low tide and a higher than usual high tide around the time of the event, but nothing to get excited about.’ Australian astronomer David Reneke agreed, pointing out that conspiracy theorists will always be able to find a natural disaster to link to a certain time and blame it on a supermoon. ‘If you try hard enough you can chronologically associate almost any natural disaster or event to anything in the night sky – comet, planet, sun,’ he said. ‘Remember in the past, planetary alignments were going to pull the sun apart. It didn’t happen. Astrologers draw a very long bow most times. ‘Normal king tides are about all I would expect out of this supermoon prediction.’

Earth will be at its closest point – some 221,567 miles away – to the moon in 19 years on March 19. Some fear the ‘lunar perigee’ will affect our climate pattern

During a full moon, the sun and the moon are pulling on Earth from opposite sides – making the chances of any dramatic tidal events unlikely. On average the moon is 235,000 miles away. At its furthest it is 248,000 miles away. During a lunar perigee and full moon, the lunar surface can appear up to 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than other full moons. (DailyMail)


More on Moon tides: How The Moon Affects Ocean Tides…

Uptick in solar activity as tectonic plate agitation ebbs (via The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond)

The dance between the sun and earth continues as we see how solar activity correlates with seismic activity happening all around the planet. Recently two planetary tremors have occurred that shook the entire planet for a period of time, something is definitely up with the sun.

Uptick in solar activity as tectonic plate agitation ebbs Sunspot breakout: February 11, 2011 to February 13, 2011 Sunspot formation on the solar surface has accelerated just as tectonic plate agitation has ebbed though we still see chaotic seismic patterns in the South Pacific region, around the Caribbean, Chile, Brazil, Tonga and Kermadec volcanic arc, and New Zealand. And sure enough, the seismic tremors along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge running through Iceland have subsided just as global tectonic pla … Read More

via The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond