Mississippi River SO low some barges cannot move grain | More earthquakes ABOVE New Madrid Fault!


More earthquakes at the New Madrid Fault as the Mississippi River water disappears, into thin air. Locals in disbelief!

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Scientists Found a 1,700 Mile Crack Across the USA. Here’s What You Need to Know

Fig 1. 1,700 mile to 2,200 mile "Crack Across America", "Crack Through America", and Midcontinental Rift (MCR)

Is America at risk for Great earthquakes spanning across the full United States? “Cracks Across America”, in Rift zones, may conceal large fracture type faults where scientists may not be able to identify where these hidden fractures may unleash catastrophic earthquakes.

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) – In Nov 1981, a study was published that rocked the scientific world, and sparked concern in FEMA circles, in which a 1,700 mile “Crack Across America” was discovered. Worse yet, this crack cuts through the New Madrid Seismic Zone, where in 1811 and 1812 three giant earthquakes devastatingly struck the center of America. Scientists have been struggling, since then, to answer the question of what risk this mega feature may pose to our heartland today. Recently, and less known, is a study from an independent geologic research set of work [2], that has identified a possible second “Crack Through America” that crosses into and through the same volatile New Madrid Seismic Zone.

The original 1,700 mile “Crack Across America” was found using modern day gravity mapping satellite data, and using computers, to process the measurements [1]. In 1981, Dr. Raymond E. Arvidson of Washington University in St. Louis used data processing techniques where 600,000 discrete gravity measurements, from 20 years of scientific data gathering, to synthesize a map. The results revealed an astonishing ancient rift in the North American crust that extends some 1,700 miles from Idaho to the southern Appalachian Mountains. New discoveries, from more recent research, has extended this “Crack” anomaly in where it combines with a MegaShear [3] zone to the middle of Washington State and possibly with the Olympic-Wallowa Lineament (OWL) [2] – which reaches to the Pacific Ocean near Port Angeles Washington. Thus the total length may total nearly 2,200 miles.

This ancient rift, estimated to be a billion years old, was dubbed the “Missouri Gravity Low” in the eastern most section of the “Crack Across America”. Another rift, 60 miles by 30 miles, underlying the Mississippi river valley, called the “Reelfoot Rift”, was found to cross through the Missouri Gravity Low and head to the northeast/southwest. These two rift zones intersect at the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Over 4,000 small earthquakes have been mapped within these intersecting “rift” regions since 1974.

A maverick geologist, Jack Reed, performed a study in mapping the frequency and location of larger magnitude earthquakes trending along the northeast trending lineament of the “ReelFoot Rift”. The resulting data indicated another concerning revelation – that a possible second “Crack Through America” connects the Reelfoot Rift with the well known St. Lawrence rift zone in Canada. Just as the New Madrid Seismic zone revealed its active potential in its “rift zones”, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake, in 1663, struck near Charlevoix and revealed its power in the St. Lawrence rift zone.

Perhaps a partial clue to what may link to the existence and nature of the “Crack Across America” and the “Crack Through America” is the Midcontinential Rift (MCR) System. Research has identified that a movement direction of the MCR, from tremendous intraplate pressure, forced a southern expansion of this large rift, where the southern edge traversed directly towards the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The Midcontinental Rift thus forms a horseshoe that straddles and reaches, by its tips, at or near the two major “Crack” lineaments. Intraplate pressure could be intensified into these intersecting lineaments, including the resulting pressure(s) at the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

Fig 1. 1,700 mile to 2,200 mile "Crack Across America", "Crack Through America", and Midcontinental Rift (MCR)

What can make these – 70-90 mile wide and thousands of miles long – low gravity crack lineament features so dangerous is their hidden fractures, buried in the earth’s crust below. These low gravity areas are called “Rift zones” where the continental crust tried to pull itself apart, but failed. The thinning of the crust enabled lighter density young rock to intrude, thus resulting in the lower gravity characteristics in the rift zones. Other recent studies have suggested that the thinning of the crust may occur from the delamination of heavier crustal rock “falling” down into the earth’s mantle. However, in the case of linear features of these long distance “lineament rift zones”, the case of random delamination from “falling” into the mantle would not be able to explain these highly organized structures.

What is known, is that these linear rift zones have exhibited the ability to unleash very large earthquakes. This has been aptly demonstrated by the three 1811-1812 New Madrid M7-M8 earthquakes and the large 1663 M7.9 Charlevoix Earthquake. Since the regularity of such earthquakes are measured in centuries, scientists are unable to identify if any section of these linear rift zones may be at risk of a sudden large earthquake.

The bigger the length and depth of a buried fracture and its subsequent pressure induced release, the greater the chances for this rupture to unleash a giant earthquake. Indeed, the three 1811 to 1812 M7-M8 earthquakes had rupture release areas comparable to any single biggest locked segment of the San Andreas CA fault region could do – except in the New Madrid quakes, it did it all in the same location with each huge quake spaced only a month apart. With thousands of miles of possible buried fractures within these lineaments, it’s possible that changes in intraplate pressure may be all that is necessary to activate a segment. Another unanswered question is if Yellowstone Supervolcano is susceptible or interactive with this lineament. Indeed, in 2002, geologists observed distant triggering of earthquake swarming at Yellowstone from the M7.9 Denali Alaska earthquake [4]. As the Denali earthquake was 2,000 miles distant, what would happen if a large earthquake within a rift zone lineament was much closer to Yellowstone? Certainly it would be useful to know if there were any susceptible buried fractures in the nearby lineament that traverses near Yellowstone Supervolcano.

Fig 2. Reelfoot Rift zone image mapped via magnetometer data with overlay of thousands of small earthquakes (red dots). Map shows the northeast trending "Crack Through America" intersection at New Madrid Seismic Zone - follows line of earthquakes.

However, scientists are placed at a disadvantage, in earthquake risk assessment, since any hidden fractures are buried deep in what is called the “Midcontinental Basement”. Without having any data to the size, length, and number of any hidden fractures, it renders any risk analysis “blind”. Only a paleogeologic assessment of past locations, patterns, frequency, and magnitude of earthquakes are scientists able to form a type of a risk assessment. Compounding any risk assessment is understanding the rupture process of these hidden fractures. Scientists refer to these as “Intraplate earthquakes” as the quake occurs within the interior of a tectonic plate. Pressure, within the buried fracture (i.e. “fault”), may instigate an earthquake. GPS, strain sensors, and even inSAR (interferometric Synthetic Aperature Radar) are of no use to proffering answers to these questions as these fractures are inaccessible since they are deep below – while the sediment or crust above hides any telltale sign of crustal creep or stress.

Fig 3. Estimates of the severe impact from a study commissioned by FEMA if a New Madrid Earthquake of M7.7 were to occur.

Because of risk assessment uncertainty, FEMA and other emergency agencies are left to estimating the risk to America’s infrastructure based on a worst case paleogeologic history (i.e. the maximum at any moment). Indeed, in 1999, FEMA listed as one of the major top four hazards in the United States, as “catastrophic”, would be a giant earthquake striking the central U.S.

Because scientists are unable to predict the timing nor the location of the next large earthquake in these Rift zones, there is a difference of viewpoints, regarding cost tradeoffs of implementation and/or upgrades of rigorous seismic building codes, between the scientific community and the emergency management organizations. Complicating this situation is that earthquakes, that occur in the central or eastern United States, affect much larger areas than similar magnitudes in the western United States. The FEMA guide references that the 1906 M7.8 San Francisco CA earthquake was felt 350 miles away in the middle of Nevada. In contrast, the 1811 New Madrid Earthquake was reported to have rung church bells in Boston, Massachusetts, 1,000 miles away. Differences in the geologic makeup of the earth’s crust east and west of the Rocky Mountains are noted to be the cause of this stronger conduction of the earthquake’s P-waves and S-waves creating the distant shaking contrast.

As the rate of earthquakes have been increasing in the New Madrid Seismic Zone and in other parts of the Central United States, such as in Oklahoma, there are concerns that intraplate tectonic pressure may be driving these trends. Other areas, such as the Wabash Valley and East Tennessee Seismic zones also produce earthquakes on a regular basis. Quoting from the CUSEC – “Depending on earthquake magnitude and location, each of these zones could impact multiple states, causing major physical, social and economic disruption in a region that is home to more than forty million people.”… “On April 18, 2008, a magnitude 5.4 earthquake struck near Mt. Carmel, Illinois. This relatively minor earthquake was felt in 28 states and Canada and was responsible for an estimated $3 million in non-structural damages and damaged at least 240 structures in Illinois alone. The Mt. Carmel earthquake shows the widespread impact a larger earthquake might have on the region”

Scientists now believe the Eastern U.S. could have a major quake of its own, and events like the New Madrid Great quakes may happen again, but there is no way to guess where or when.


Fig 5. Mid Continental Rift System (MCRS) rotation movement & direction towards the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The direction of the blue arrows show the historical intraplate pressure & movement from the southern edge of the Midcontinental Rift System (MCRS) towards the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The MCRS is estimated to be 1.1 Billion years old.



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Is This A Sign of Increased Energy Affecting The Earth? Global Earthquake and Volcanic Activity Spiked Last Week

(Stillness in the Storm) There has been a considerable increase in seismic activity, especially around the Pacific Plate. There could be several reasons for this activity. If insider Corey GoodETxSG‘s data is accurate, the Cabal still has Earthquake and Geoengineering (chemtrail) technology. This could be partially the reason why.

Related: WMD’s Targeting West Coast | Corey GoodETxSG

There is also the solar shift which is taking place according to many, Daniel and several Reciprocal Systems theory researchers being of particular note. The sun in these models undergoes quantum leaps in brightness, getting hotter and brighter with time. This is in contrast to the present day theory of stellar death, where a star has a limited amount of fuel to work with and slowly burns out over time.

If the RS interpretation is correct, it means the Earth will be moved further out into the solar system, along with all the other planets, in a type of stellar reorientation. The other interesting concept proffered by RS is that the Earth itself has a star fragment at its core, like all the other major bodies in the solar system, which goes through ‘solar flare’s’ resulting in the condensing of various materials from time-space, which make up the planet as a whole. This corresponds well with expanding Earth data, which is a far more accurate explanation of the seismic activity. As the solar shift progresses, the stellar core fragments are energized in an entrainment synchronization process. This means that there will be more seismic activity, and likely a core expansion once the event occurs. The earth will literally get larger, as it has been for some time.

Here is a video of the expanding earth. The dating system offered in RS theory is different in scale, but the same measurements used to create this animation are applicable.

Dan Winter,  and world-renowned German biophysicist Dieter Broers both discuss the effect of increased solar energy on consciousness with a high degree of precision.

All of this data suggests that an energetic quantum leap, the so called ascension, is highly likely given the available evidence.

This also resonates within the Law of One and various other works all taking of a major shift in consciousness and reality itself. The film solar revolution describes the science behind this as well.

David Wilcock and Corey have also shared that a certain faction of the Secret Space Program, Solar Warden, has aligned with a race known as the Blue Avians, or the ‘Sphere Being’s’. This is a highly advanced race who came here as part of their way of helping humanity heal from something they did deep in our past.

The Law of One describes them as the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow, who came to earth approximately 8,500 years ago eventually creating the pyramids 6,500 years ago, and staying here creating other structures for another 1,500 years. Their teachings were distorted and lead to even more darkness due to misuse at the hands of the Cabal in that time. As a result they have an opportunity to help the transition which is now occurring, and in doing so ‘heal their karmic debt’.

David Wilcock shared in his recent talk, that his sources have disclosed this energetic shift, or quantum leap in the sun, could occur as early as fall 2016. Whether or not this is actually the case of course is unknown, but according to Daniel, part of the geoengineering plan of the Cabal is to dampen the more coherent and intensified energies entering the Earth from our Sun. The data offered above lends credence to this notion, and if it holds true, we should see more indications like what Dutchsinse is offering below.

There has been a sharp increase in earthquakes, in regions normally not active, as well as an increased level of volcanic eruptions. This could be caused by Fracking or other artificial means, or could be part of the influx of energies we would normally expect to see as the Sun reaches a maximum.

If all this is accurate then we have nothing to fear as it’s all part of the grand plan of progressive evolution.

– Justin

Source: Dutchsinse

Video update here:

May 2, 2015

An extremely rare 4.0 magnitude (4.2 revised upwards) earthquake has struck Southern Michigan.
rare michigan earthquake may 5 2015a
The fault zone in Michigan is directly related to (and influenced by) the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ).
As you can see in this graphic released by the Indiana Geological Survey, the two seismic zones are adjacent to one another.  When one area is displaced, it puts pressure upon the other location.
We were watching for a 4.0M earthquake to strike Southeast Canada into New York / Pennsylvania — now the area nearby is hit with a 4.2M earthquake.
This is close enough for me to consider this a direct hit in the forecast.
The New Madrid had just experienced a borderline 3.0M earthquake less than 24 hours BEFORE this 4.0M in Michigan.
The New Madrid earthquake yesterday led me to make a new warning post for the area.
Quote the midwest / New Madrid / Wabash Valley forecast from 13 hours BEFORE this 4.0M struck:
california cluster craton earthquakes may 1 2015
May 1, 2015:  “2.9M earthquake along the New Madrid seismic zone.
As expected pressure is now beginning to transfer Eastward along the edge of the craton due to the pressure this past week on the South and Western portions of the plate.
Notice the 2.9M earthquakes flanking both sides of the Oklahoma fracking operations.
Colorado fracking 2.9M… swarm of fracking earthquakes in Oklahoma.. and then a “natural” 2.9M translates eastward at the nearest “weak point / release point” for the pressure.
The “natural” pressure transfer earthquakes should begin to show along the New Madrid to East coast over the next several days.”
Now, May 2 2015, the area between the New Madrid and South Quebec is hit with a 4.0M event.

Michigan Shaken By 4.2-Magnitude Earthquake

Posted: 05/02/2015 1:36 pm EDT
Residents of southwestern Michigan were unexpectedly shaken by a 4.2-magnitude earthquake Saturday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The first reports of the earthquake were circulated on social media around 12:30 p.m. EDT Saturday.

Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Geological Survey confirmed that the 4.0-magnitude earthquake hit nine miles southeast of Kalamazoo at 12:23 p.m. The earthquake’s magnitude was later upgraded to 4.2.

 According to Detroit’s WWJ News, it was one of the strongest earthquakes ever experienced in Michigan. Geophysicist John Bellini told local radio station WHTC that the quake could be felt as far away as northern Indiana and Ohio.
There have been no reported injuries.

M4.2 – 8km S of Galesburg, Michigan

LOCATION / UNCERTAINTY 42.212°N 85.429°W± 2.2 km
ORIGIN TIME 2015-05-02 16:23:07.980 UTC
MINIMUM DISTANCE 75.03 km (0.67°)
FE REGION Michigan (468)

Source: Dutchsinse

Southern Quebec Canada is reporting a 2.7 magnitude earthquake which was just added to the USGS feeds.
In addition, Michigan has now experienced the largest earthquake in State history (since at least 1946). Measuring 4.2 magnitude, this rare event was felt across multiple states, including Indiana, Ohio, and North into Canada.
The additional listed Quebec 2.7 magnitude earthquake is worthy to note in light of its location to the other events which transpired over the past 24 hours.
This graphic below shows the past 24 hours of 2.5M+ earthquakes in the United States.  No doubt the two equidistantly spaced earthquakes FLANKING each side of the Michigan 4.2M event are related to the overall craton edge movement.
michigan earthquake craton may 2 2015
We were expecting the area of Southern Quebec to show movement.  It would appear this earthquake activity in Quebec hit as part of this 4.2M Michigan event.
Regardless of which order of events occurred, BOTH earthquakes reside upon the general “edge” of the North American Craton.
In this graphic below, the past 7 days of Earthquake activity revels, undeniably, that the whole of the North American plate was displaced this past week (up to May 2, 2015 5pm CDT).
craton displacement may 2 2015

M2.7 – 28km ENE of Temiscaling, Canada

LOCATION / UNCERTAINTY 46.846°N 78.778°W± 3.7 km
DEPTH / UNCERTAINTY 18.1 km± 6.4
ORIGIN TIME 2015-05-02 08:34:26.270 UTC
MINIMUM DISTANCE 168.31 km (1.51°)
FE REGION Southern Quebec, Canada (447)
The forecast for Quebec was two fold, one general warning in the most recent public earthquake forecast update [Major Global Unrest video above].
The second more specific warning was issued via Text to my readers, and to the general public as well:
Quote the midwest / New Madrid / Wabash Valley forecast from 13 hours BEFORE the 4.0M in Michigan struck:
california cluster craton earthquakes may 1 2015
May 1, 2015: “2.9M earthquake along the New Madrid seismic zone.
As expected pressure is now beginning to transfer Eastward along the edge of the craton due to the pressure this past week on the South and Western portions of the plate.
Notice the 2.9M earthquakes flanking both sides of the Oklahoma fracking operations.
Colorado fracking 2.9M… swarm of fracking earthquakes in Oklahoma.. and then a “natural” 2.9M translates eastward at the nearest “weak point / release point” for the pressure.
The “natural” pressure transfer earthquakes should begin to show along the New Madrid to East coast over the next several days.”
Now, May 2 2015, a full day after warning the area for 4.0M+ movement — the area between the New Madrid and South Quebec is hit with a 4.0M event in Michigan, and a 2.7M strikes Southern Quebec.


Source: Stillness in the Storm

Nuked #100 Sonic Booms and Crustal Shifts: The United Knowledge

Published on Mar 15, 2013


Episode 100 air date March 14th, 2013

The United Knowledge from youtube (aka Bending Light on GLP) joins us for a discussion of boom events from a historical perspective, relations to other booms via news reports, birds dropping from the sky, buoy data, earthquakes, and sun activity all occurring around the same time each year. What does it mean? In a nutshell, a possible New Madrid adjustment could be in the works. There are key indicators that will likely increase prior to such an event.

Recent event March 13, 2013: http://tiverton.patch.com/articles/ne…

“An earthquake in upstate New York could be to blame for the mysterious house-shaking boom that residents across Tiverton, Little Compton and Westport reported feeling on Wednesday night. At approximately 8:40 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13, residents across the region dialed 911 to inform their local police station of a strange, earth-shaking phenomenon. Homeowners from Crandall Road in Tiverton down to the Little Compton Commons reported feeling a brief earth-shaking boom. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) a 2.3 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Indian Lake, New York – a short distance from the Vermont-New York state line.
On the government website, readers as far as Tiverton, Little Compton and Westport reported feeling after shocks from the quake.”
<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/mFSewkZNcyU&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>
Links to everything talked about during the show:

Science Magazine booms, PDF link: http://library.worldtracker.org/Scien…
HTML version: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com…

Huge Earthquake Triggered Other Quakes Worldwide, with quotes from officials: http://news.yahoo.com/huge-earthquake…

Earth cracking up under Indian Ocean, with quotes from officials: http://www.newscientist.com/article/m…

President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources (three days after magnetic field reversal): http://www.examiner.com/article/presi…

Bullets: http://rt.com/usa/dhs-ammo-rounds-sec…

FEMA food and body bags for New Madrid: http://scottbytes.com/archives/369

New Madrid overdue for large earthquake, newspaper 1987: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid…
more recent: http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/dail…

USGS earthquake hazard map: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/regional/c…

Booms map covering all media reports of booms from Dec/Jan ans quakes 2.0+ from Jan: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=…

Lance’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RadChic…

Lance’s Youtube channel:

Nuked Radio archive: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…


Booms COVER UP! Due to New Madrid WAKING UP! In depth evidence! Review of proof from Dec/Jan

Published on Jan 31, 2013


This is an in depth review of all the media reports covering “Booms and shaking” that have been increasing December and January.
Tons of data and tons upon tons of evidence showing we aren’t being told the truth.
I start off by showing an article directly from USGS whom has written about “BOOMs”.. here’s the link:


They even call it “Earthquake booms”, that there are indeed geological booms but even they aren’t quite sure the dynamics behind them.

So I get into the data that shows how what’s been going on for the Eastern half of America has been geological.

Here are the links in order shown by step region in the video:


South Carolina: http://www.wistv.com/story/20496354/s…
Georgia: http://www2.wjbf.com/news/2012/dec/06…

Birds falling Tennessee: http://www.newschannel9.com/news/top-…

Booms (continued) Tennessee,
Morristown: http://www.citizentribune.com/?p=36559
Greene county: http://www.greenevillesun.com/Local_N…


Rhode Island: http://www.wpri.com/dpp/news/local_ne…
Massachusetts: http://salem.patch.com/articles/did-y…

New York,
Jamestown: http://www.wivb.com/dpp/news/local/lo…
Gorham: http://www.mpnnow.com/topstories/x163…

Ohio: http://www.wkbn.com/content/news/loca…


Kentucky (Mortons Gap, Madisonville)

(Texas starts at 24:08)
(Articles at 30:00)
Navarro County: http://corsicanadailysun.com/news/x13…
Vastly felt Leon County (facebook post on 1/26 by Emergency Management) : https://www.facebook.com/LeonCountyEM…
Alice: http://www.kristv.com/news/mystery-bo…
“Seismic testing” supposedly: http://www.khou.com/news/local/No-cau…
Seismic testing article covering that notice must is given: http://www.ncnewsonline.com/topstorie…

Texoma (Texas, Oklahoma):

Oklahoma: http://kfor.com/2013/01/04/mysterious…

Booms/Quake map: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=…

New Madrid overdue: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid…

USGS hazard map: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/regional/c…

Earthquakes shown in the video can easily be found by doing a search on USGS.

Nuked Radio #89 Early2it: Sea Foam, Snow Rollers, and Geological Uptick EXPLAINED

Published on Jan 31, 2013

Episode 89 air date January 29, 2013

Early2it returns for a fabulous update on recent anomalies and geological escalation occurring around the world from melting methane hydrates.

Huge new slick from Mercondo Well: http://enenews.com/video-huge-slick-at-site-of-bp-disaster-in-gulf-of-mexico-…

New Madrid Shakeout is scheduled for February 7, 2013: http://www.mywithersradio.com/centralia/?p=1502

SOTT: The Real Consequences of an Ocean Floor Collapse: http://www.sott.net/article/210863-The-Real-Consequences-of-An-Ocean-Floor-Co…

“Booms and Shakes” thread mentioned during show by Bending Light from GLP: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2112445/pg1

Video of above thread by The United Knowledge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUUvvnMP7V8&feature=player_embedded


Nuked Radio #77 Frequency-Vibrational-Methane Doom? WTH is going on??

Published on Dec 4, 2012 by

Episode 77 air date December 4th, 2012

Jeff Weffersen returns to discuss the wonderful documentary RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY (link below) and Mr X from Nightwatch stops by to recap the excellent interview on End The Lie with Madison Ruppert that aired last night. Some not-so-good vibrations have been detected on worldwide seismographs over the weekend, some emails from people living in the states that border the New Madrid with reports on what they are noticing locally…as one email said, “What the hell is going on?” We try to figure out what is happening and determine how all these things may be connected.

At the end of the show we attached the hour of missing footage from the TEPCO cams yesterday…looks like they were hiding something (again)

RESONANCE: http://vimeo.com/54189727#at=0

Dutchsince’s Blog with screenshots of the vibrations on seismos: http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/11302012-strange-vibrations-detect…

Jeff Weffersens new show “On the Brink” airs tonight at 9 pm est on UCY.tv, followed by NightWatch with Mr X at 10.

LINK to On the Brink with Jeff Weffersen: http://ucy.tv/Default.aspx?PID=113

LINK to NightWatch: http://ucy.tv/Default.aspx?PID=104&T=NightWatch

Very interesting Methane article: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/methane-leaking-from-coal-se…

Quote from above: Methane, carbon dioxide and other gases appear to be leaking up through the soil and bubbling up through rivers at an astonishing rate, researchers said. The concentrations here are higher than any measured in gas fields anywhere else that I can think of, including in Russia,” said Damien Maher, a biochemist who helped conduct the tests. “The extent of these enriched concentrations is significant.”

Link to End The Lie Methane Interview: (not available yet)

Nuked Radio #76 Nukes, Sinkholes & EQ’S on the New Madrid

Published on Nov 30, 2012 by

Episode 76 air date November 29th, 2012

Is the New Madrid trying to tell us something? Latest info on the sinkholes
and other geological events.

Still trying to follow up with the NOAA scientist, and tsunami debris hitting Hawaii bigtime. More on this in the weeks to come.

Earth & Sky Tools page: http://fukushimafacts.com/Default.aspx?PID=22&T=Live Earth & Sky Tools


Dutchsinse Reports on USGS Shenanigans with another New Madrid, East Coast Quake Cover-Up

Thanks goes out to Karen for bringing this to my attention! USGS is at it again, not taking their job seriously keeping the public informed about seismic activity, while proving to be just one more program wasting tax payer dollars when they actively deleting data from seismic charts. Newcomers here should know that this has happened so often in the past, that this website even has a sub-category under Earthquakes for USGS Cover-ups!

This is great investigative work on Dutch’s part as he connects the dots on what began as a mystery question, asked from a reader on his blog.

Reports of a censored earthquake came to me today — from a few different viewers who saw the USGS knock a Virginia / West Virginia earthquake off the map.

With a little sleuth work , and some LUCK that the other feed wasn’t yet censored — I was able to track down the approximate epicenter of this quake based upon the helicorder signatures at each ANSS backbone station.

Heaviest shaking occurred in Florida, South/North Carolina!

Here is the link to use.. pull the charts before THEY TOO are gone for good !



Uploaded by on Mar 22, 2011



Zeta Report 7of10Sequence

Is the New Madrid fault being targeted by HAARP?

The audio fuzz’s out during  a key part the  of the discussion in the video below, which talks about the upcoming activation of the New Madrid fault. From information circulating online it appears that both HAARP and flooding are both being used to create an earthquake on the NM.

Apparently magnetometer readings are showing that HAARP has been blasting down on the New Madrid fault, at the time of the show it had been going for over 55 hours.  There’s also been a huge military build-up all over the region as well.

The second half of the show Joyce is joined by Robert Redfern who exposes the fascist European cabal outlawing herbal remedies, the collapse of the economy and loss of personal freedoms in Europe. The same things are happening here, only at a slower pace – unless people wake up to the corporate fascist take over.

“The Power Hour” FULL AUDIO SHOW: http://archives2011.gcnlive.com/Archives2011/may11/PowerHour/0512112.mp3

USGS Earthquake map..

then check the ending of this video.. compare for maps..

Heavy Rains Keep Levee-Blast Plans on Track

Does anyone else question what proportion of these “heavy rains” were a direct result from all of the weather modification pounding the area the last few weeks, and just how long these blast plans been in place?

Mon, 02 May 2011 16:24 CDT

Joe Barrett
The Wallstreet Journal

Cape Girardeau, Missouri – Heavy rains overnight lifted the river level at Cairo, Ill., Monday morning to nearly a foot and a half beyond its 1937 record, as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continued to pack a Missouri levee with explosives to prepare to activate an emergency floodway.

On Sunday, Justice Samuel Alito of the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a request by Missouri to stop the Corps from blowing a two-mile-wide hole in a levee at Birds Point, Mo. The move would send a wall of water over 130,000 acres of prime farmland and the homes of about 200 people. Residents were ordered to evacuate last week.

Also Sunday, Army Corps engineers were ordered to begin pumping explosives into pipes inside the levee.

The Corps said sending water through the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway for only the second time since 1937 would act as a relief valve, handling about a quarter of the Mississippi’s flow. The Corps said it would drop water levels at Cairo, at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, and other towns by three to four feet.

Monday afternoon, the Ohio River gauge at Cairo read 61.18 feet, nearly two feet higher than the record of 59.51 feet set in 1937. Before the storm, the river had been expected to crest in a few days at 60.5 feet, six inches below a 61-foot-level that had been the trigger point for activating the floodway in the Corps’ operating plan.

Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh, commander of the flood flight in the region, has said he’s monitoring river levels hourly and hadn’t made a final decision about blowing up the levee. But he has also noted that Cairo is facing numerous and one extremely large sand-boil – signs that water is seeping under the levee and carrying sand that could eventually undermine the levee walls there.

If the levee wall is breached at Cairo, the city of about 3,000 residents could be inundated with 18 to 20 feet of water, Illinois officials said.

The Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway measures 35 miles long by as much as 12 miles wide. The floodway is a mix of public and private lands with easements giving the government the right to let water pass through.

It is one of four floodways that the Corps has developed since the great flood of 1927 to minimize damage to people and property and maintain the integrity of the Mississippi River’s navigation system.

Gen. Walsh said Saturday that all four floodways might be needed to handle the volume of water coursing through the river system this spring as the crest makes its way downstream to the Gulf of Mexico.

Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley: Flood Cairo, Illinois To Save Farmland

A debate over how to stem possible flooding in Illinois and Missouri took an ugly turn this week, as a leading Missouri politician made some crass remarks about the fate of an Illinois town. (Scroll down for video of the controversial remarks.)

Due to high rains, waters at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers are running dangerously high, and the mayor of Cairo, Illinois, located at the confluence, has asked residents to evacuate the town.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is considering a plan to destroy a levee, which would lower the floodwaters by a few feet and help protect Cairo. But the state of Missouri has vigorously objected to the plan, because it would badly damage around 130,000 acres of farmland, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Missouri’s Republican House Speaker Steve Tilley was asked by reporters about the dilemma. “Would you rather have Missouri farmland flooded or Cairo underwater?” Tilley is asked.

Without hesitation, he replies, “Cairo. I’ve been there. Trust me. Cairo.”

As another reporter prepares to ask another question, Tilley goes on. “Have you been to Cairo? OK, then you know what I’m saying then.”

Cairo, Illinois was at the turn of the 20th century a bustling trade center. The 2,800-person town is now largely abandoned, two-thirds African-American, and deeply impoverished: nearly 50 percent of children under the age of 18 in Cairo live below the poverty level.

Story continues below

Many criticized the Speaker for what they described as insensitivity in the remarks. The Capitol Fax, which posted the video of Tilley’s remarks, also has a press release from Illinois State Senator Gary Forby:

During a time when people are being asked to evacuate their homes and leave behind their belongings, it absolutely blows my mind that that type of dialogue is being thrown around by the Missouri Speaker. Not only is it in poor taste, but it absolutely disgusting that Speaker Tilley would joke about putting the lives of Cairo residents at risk by choosing farmland over a community.

The St. Louis Beacon notes that the Speaker has since issued an apology:

“I was asked a question about blowing up a dam in Missouri and the negative consequences that happened to Missouri,” Tilley said. “As the speaker of the House, (I believe) my first responsibility is to Missourians. And in my effort to defend them, I went on to say some pretty insensitive and inappropriate remarks about Cairo.”

Watch the remarks by Speaker Tilley:

Is The New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone Coming To Life?


What in the world is happening in the middle of the United States right now? Thousands of birds are falling dead from the skies, tens of thousands of fish are washing up on shore dead, earthquakes are popping up in weird and unexpected places and people are starting to get really freaked out about all of this. Well, one theory is that the New Madrid fault zone is coming to life. The New Madrid fault zone is six times bigger than the San Andreas fault zone in California and it covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. The biggest earthquakes in the history of the United States were caused by the New Madrid fault. Now there are fears that the New Madrid fault zone could be coming to life again, and if a “killer earthquake” does strike it could change all of our lives forever.

So exactly what events have happened recently that are causing people to take a close look at the New Madrid fault zone? Well, just consider the following examples of things that have been popping up in the news lately….

*According to the U.S. Geological Survey, more than 500 measurable earthquakes have been recorded in central Arkansas just since September.

*A magnitude-3.8 earthquake that shook north-central Indiana on December 30th is being called “unprecedented”. It was strong enough to actually cause cracks along the ground and it was felt in portions of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

*More than 3,000 red-wing blackbirds fell out of the sky dead in the Arkansas town of Beebe on New Year’s Eve.

*Large numbers of dead birds were also found in Kentucky right around Christmas.

*Approximately 500 dead blackbirds and starlings were also recently discovered in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.

*Approximately 100,000 fish washed up dead on the shores of the Arkansas River just last week.

So could all of these things have some other very simple explanation?


But the fact that they all happened in or around the New Madrid fault zone is starting to raise some eyebrows.

About 200 years ago, in 1811 and 1812, there were four earthquakes that were so powerful in the area of the New Madrid fault zone that they are still talked about today. All four of the quakes were estimated to have been magnitude-7.0 or greater. It is said that those earthquakes opened deep fissures in the ground, caused the Mississippi River to run backwards and that they were felt as far away as Boston.

The last major earthquake to hit the region was a 5.4-magnitude quake that struck the town of Dale, Illinois in 1968. Things have been strangely quiet in the region since then until recently.

If a true “killer earthquake” struck along the New Madrid fault zone today, cities such as St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee could potentially be completely destroyed.

Unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration.

The following video describes just how incredibly powerful the earthquakes along the New Madrid fault in 1811 and 1812 actually were….

Rumblings of Imminence: The New Madrid Seismic Zone


So could such a thing happen today?

Well, that is exactly what many seismologists now fear. The following video news report from ABC News explains why so many scientists are so concerned about the New Madrid fault zone….

Earthquake Fault Lines in America


Watching Earthquake Swarms on the New Madrid and Central US

Keeping an Eye on Central U.S. and the New Madrid ~ Geologists have been watching an unusually high number of earthquakes increasing in Oklahoma, Arkansas and other states along the New Madrid fault line.  UPDATED 11-28-2010

UPDATED 11-28:

3.3 ~ 2010/11/28 13:46:25 35.594 -97.216 5.0 OKLAHOMA
2.9 ~ 2010/11/28 03:28:43 35.613 -97.241 3.9 OKLAHOMA
3.0 ~ 2010/11/28 03:26:47 35.591 -97.275 4.8 OKLAHOMA
3.2 ~ 2010/11/28 02:46:01 35.593 -97.258 4.9 OKLAHOMA


~~~UPDATED 11-20: Article found: Quake Shakes NWA

[updating as an overall listing]
3.3 ~ 2010/11/28 13:46:25 35.594 -97.216 5.0 OKLAHOMA
2.9 ~ 2010/11/28 03:28:43 35.613 -97.241 3.9 OKLAHOMA
3.0 ~ 2010/11/28 03:26:47 35.591 -97.275 4.8 OKLAHOMA
3.2 ~ 2010/11/28 02:46:01 35.593 -97.258 4.9 OKLAHOMA
2.5 ~ 2010/11/25 16:10:03 35.611 -97.229 9.0 OKLAHOMA
2.8 ~ 2010/11/25 16:09:03 35.657 -97.266 10.4 OKLAHOMA
3.2 ~ 2010/11/24 23:45:14 35.593 -97.240 4.9 OKLAHOMA
4.2 ~ 2010/11/24 22:48:30 35.627 -97.246 7.8 OKLAHOMA
2.6 ~ 2010/11/23 17:14:38 35.336 -92.300 4.3 ARKANSAS
2.5 ~ 2010/11/21 18:14:34 35.308 -92.315 4.4 ARKANSAS
2.6 ~ 2010/11/21 10:53:24 35.308 -92.305 4.7 ARKANSAS
2.5 ~ 2010/11/21 10:37:22 35.315 -92.307 4.4 ARKANSAS
2.5 ~ 2010/11/20 23:15:44 35.324 -92.302 5.0 ARKANSAS
3.9 ~ 2010/11/20 19:06:35 35.316 -92.317 2.8 ARKANSAS (Downgraded from 4.2)
2.5 ~ 2010/11/20 07:33:50 35.310 -92.304 4.8 ARKANSAS
2.7 ~ 2010/11/20 03:23:19 35.312 -92.304 4.5 ARKANSAS
2.7 ~ 2010/11/19 23:50:44 35.303 -92.308 5.9 ARKANSAS
2.9 ~ 2010/11/19 18:38:15 35.308 -92.318 3.7 ARKANSAS
2.8 ~ 2010/11/19 18:32:46 35.319 -92.318 4.5 ARKANSAS
3.3 ~ 2010/11/18 13:02:36 41.370 -97.070 5.0 NEBRASKA
2.7 ~ 2010/11/17 21:49:17 35.317 -92.317 1.2 ARKANSAS
2.8 ~ 2010/11/16 10:16:11 35.835 -90.019 6.8 ARKANSAS
2.5 ~ 2010/11/15 09:13:10 35.305 -92.309 5.6 ARKANSAS

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