GSM Update 3/10/18 – Shinmoe Lava Flow- Prime Aurora – Dead Manatees – Fart Bags? ~ Oppenheimer Ranch Project



(Mar 10 0337UTC) Solar wind intensifications have lead to increasingly disrupted geomagnetic conditions. Earth’s magnetic field is currently experiencing moderate instability, may enter storm conditions over the next 24 hours, and is unlikely to exceed Kp6 (minor/moderate effects).

The Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) carried past Earth via the solar wind is currently in a south pointing position. This is helping to stir up geomagnetic activity at higher latitudes. A minor (G1) geomagnetic storm watch will be in effect for the next several hours. Sky watchers across Scandinavia, Canada, northern tier USA and Alaska should all be alert for visible aurora once dark outside.

Northeaster Wreaks Havoc With Flooding, High Winds, Power Outages…

Freeze Warning – NWS Forecast Office Tallahassee, FL Southwest Florida Forecast: Cool weather with extreme fire danger…

GFS Model…

More manatees died from cold stress this winter… B.C. flood fears grow amid rising temperatures and above average snowpack…

Extreme weather could be the norm…

The idea is that cosmic rays seed clouds by ionizing molecules in Earth’s atmosphere…

Svensmark – Cosmic Ray Flux –…

Parts of north Queensland still at risk of flooding, police warn…

Families rescued as flooding turns to disaster levels…

Mount Etna ERUPTION: Rapid earthquakes spark fears of fiery volcano about to blow…

Lava flow confirmed at Mt. Shinmoe following eruptions…

10/3/2018 – Mt Shinmoedake (新燃岳) Big Eruption…

Mayon volcano eruption: Rumbling heard for MILES as lava explodes 7 TIMES in 24 hours…

9/3/2018 – Mt Mayon TimeLapse…

Bright flash, sonic boom as minivan-sized bolide explodes over Washington…

California just passed a law regulating cow farts…

These Backpacks For Cows Collect Their Fart Gas And Store It For Energy…

tangobayus GSM Solutions on You Tube…

iGO Solar Single Sloped Greenhouse…


BY POPULAR DEMAND – Weekly Weather update USA and the UK Europe + Solar indices ~ The Star Man



System after system plough through the US and Europe bringing Snow and ice. UK could see it’s lowest temperatures so far this winter, and the most continues snow days. Croatia under attack from Low pressure in the Adriatics, Northern Europe brace for significant temperature Anomalies.


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Supermarket Panic and N.America Record Freeze Again (518) ~ Adapt2030



Winter Wheat crop destroyed in USA & Canada early January, riots in French supermarkets over Nutella, record cold about to sweep through the USA and Canada again this season. Snows in Morocco desert not seen in 30 years, record heat in New Zealand, and the to top it off Tropospheric anomalies over Hudson Bay.

Riots in French supermarkets because of Nutella… Extreme cold may have damaged winter wheat…

160 Years of Ice Skating in New York City…

Cold descends on USA…………


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Weather update + Solar activity today and long term forecast ~ The Star Man



Weather update USA and the UK. Is winter over? Or are we just seeing the signs of a new era. System after system plough through the US and Europe bringing Snow and ice, we must remember where there is snow ;there is potential for major flooding, this is a natural occurrence and should not be confused with the politically driven agenda of AGW, during years of the Maunder Minimum and Dalton similar patterns across the Northern Hemisphere were indeed in association with dropping global temperatures.



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Frozen Sharks and Falling Iguanas? Wheat Winterkill. GSM History. 1-5-2018 (Part 1) ~ Ice Age Farmer



Iguanas falling from sky, Frozen Sharks on beaches. Media encouraging fear, but not educating. Northern Pass blocked by 3m ice cover. Wheat crop has low protein. Crop loss: winter wheat lost to record colds. More.

Part two:

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— IAF Wiki references: EXTENSIVE HISTORY of climate during Maunder Minimum:……

— Empty shelves in Boston:…

Weaponized climate language:…

Train Toppled in Switzerland by Gusting Wind:……

FOURTH frozen Shark:…

Iguanas falling from sky:…

Northern Sea Route blocked by ice — impacts shipping, and thus, [food] prices:…

Biblical hail in Ecuador…

~~Mentioned winter kill — Winter Kill: 25% Kansas wheat — cattle also put on less weight:…

Meanwhile, the wheat from last two seasons is so far below par in protein content:…

Such intense snow in North Ossetia – Entire republic loses power:…

Heavy Sea Ice Stops another Sailing Expedition to the North Pole in August (443) ~ Adapt 2030

Ed Note: While taking time off the last couple months, I’ve been observing climate change data that points toward Global cooling as the sun approaches the Grand Solar Minimum. From my observations, Global Warming has been a 30yr propaganda campaign to make human’s believe climate change is a result of human activity, for the benefit of global governance thru corporate tax incentives and profiting from human desires to lower our ‘carbon footprint’ – when nothing can be nothing further from the truth. It’s all about profits and controlling human populations.

Maybe new climate change data caused Trump to back out of the Paris Climate Treaty, if so then he should be commended for his decision to stop feeding the global warming beast.  Lets hope he’s working on a plan to face the agricultural challenges on our doorstep, if crop failures due to weather extremes continue to escalate America will need a mass mobilization similar to the efforts behind WW II, to engage new technology’s coming online for growing crops indoors at both the corporate and individual levels.

At best humans have a 10% affect on the climate, the rest are cyclical changes that take place due to the sun’s activity’s combined with the solar systems position in the galaxy and cosmic energy’s affecting the entirety of the heliosphere.

The Arctic Mission had set out with the objective to reach the the north pole by sailboat to prove there was global warming melting the Arctic sea ice. Problem is they are already bogged down in feet thick sea ice a couple of weeks out of Alaska. This is due to growing sea ice extent versus prior years and below normal temperatures registered the entire melt season of 2017.

Sea Ice Update Aug 26, 2017……
Sea Ice Resource…
Canadian Ice August…
Sentinel 1B image of Arctic sea ice at 86N, 180W on July 24th 2017
NASA Worldview “false-color” image of the North Pole on August 13th 2017, derived from the MODIS sensor on the Terra satellite…
Pen Haddows Arctic Mission…

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Mad Scientist Geoengineering To Our Very Near Term Extinction

Few are aware that the people that reside on Earth are facing a dramatic near term extinction event…. The likes which has never before been seen in human history.
Making it much worse has been the forty plus years of Geoengineering our sky’s. Now the same mad scientists are attempting to arrest the mass methane gas releases increasingly occurring in the Arctic, Siberia and the Northern Oceans.
We must halt all Geoengineering activities immediately and awaken the masses as to our common plight. We also must completely off all types of polluting energy if we hope to have a chance to stop the runaway heating of our Earth.

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Geoengineering to Death Our Extinction Event Time Horizon…

The Greatest Geoengineering Experiment Ever Attempted, And Why We Must Stop it NOW!…
Lucy-Alamo Projects – Hydroxyl Generation and Atmospheric Methane Destruction…

Music credit:
Jump Into the Fire Nilson

Super-Flood ~ Suspicious 0bservers

Published on Jul 7, 2014
According to the experts, earth is overdue for a reversal by double their best calculated estimations.

Oxygen Disaster at Reversal:…
-Weakening Magnetosphere-
2003 BBC Magnetism Article:…
2004 NatGeo Magnetism Article:…
2006 NatGeo Magnetism Article:…
2008 NASA Magnetic Breach:…
2011 ESA Magnetism Article:…)
Magnetic Field Animation:…
-Pole Shift-
2003 NASA Pole Shift Article:…
2008 Kyoto Pole Shift Animation:…
2010 Kyoto Pole Shift Visual:…
2011 Discovery Pole Shift Article:…
-Cosmic Rays and Clouds-
Direct Link Between GCR and Clouds:…
Solar Activity Linked to GCR and Clouds:…
Cloud Condensation Nuclei:…
Further Confirmation:…
Cosmic Rays vs Sunspots:…
NASA’s Cosmic Energy Effect:…
U-Del: Cosmic Rays v Sunspots:…
-Grand Cycle Paper-
Choudhuri 2013:

Nuked Radio #89 Early2it: Sea Foam, Snow Rollers, and Geological Uptick EXPLAINED

Published on Jan 31, 2013

Episode 89 air date January 29, 2013

Early2it returns for a fabulous update on recent anomalies and geological escalation occurring around the world from melting methane hydrates.

Huge new slick from Mercondo Well:…

New Madrid Shakeout is scheduled for February 7, 2013:

SOTT: The Real Consequences of an Ocean Floor Collapse:…

“Booms and Shakes” thread mentioned during show by Bending Light from GLP:

Video of above thread by The United Knowledge:


JoeyB’s Earth Changes Report: Feb. 1/2012

JoeyB does a great job providing a well researched, thorough, in-depth report on earth changes taking place around the world and also makes sure to provide links to all the information. With so much unfolding at this time he’s also covering different information than NibiruMagick, so between two reports combined we can get a pretty good picture of whats going on as Mother Earth awakens from a long slumber.

Uploaded by on Feb 1, 2012

Earthquake Alert Update Jan 27th 2012

Uploaded by on Jan 27, 2012

Earthquake Updates. Google New Policy will not kick me off the web. I will continue to respect Googles Policy and Their new Policy.. We do not have to agree with it but why close your account. Please do not fear the new Policy. If you are so freaked out about it create another account just do not put all your personal information on it. To many people put their information/Personal information on everything. Stop it and you wont have to worry. If you are not searching for anything that is wrong then you should be ok why worry.

Arctic Ocean freshwater bulge detected

Thanks for a great find CaliforniaKevin!
23 January 2012

The growth of a bulge of freshwater in the Arctic Ocean

Jonathan AmosBy Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News

UK scientists have detected a huge dome of fresh water that is developing in the western Arctic Ocean.

The bulge is some 8,000 cubic km in size and has risen by about 15cm since 2002.

The team thinks it may be the result of strong winds whipping up a great clockwise current in the northern polar region called the Beaufort Gyre.

This would force the water together, raising sea surface height, the group tells the journal Nature Geoscience.

“In the western Arctic, the Beaufort Gyre is driven by a permanent anti-cyclonic wind circulation. It drives the water, forcing it to pile up in the centre of gyre, and this domes the sea surface,” explained lead author Dr Katharine Giles from the Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling (CPOM) at University College London.

Sea-ice (S.Laxon) Arctic summers have seen a decline in both ice extent and thickness

“In our data, we see the trend being biggest in the centre of the gyre and less around the edges,” she told BBC News.

Dr Giles and colleagues made their discovery using radar satellites belonging to the European Space Agency (Esa).

These spacecraft can measure sea-surface height even when there is widespread ice cover because they are adept at picking out the cracks, or leads, that frequently appear in the frozen floes.

The data (1995-2010) indicates a significant swelling of water in the Beaufort Gyre, particularly since the early part of the 2000s. The rising trend has been running at 2cm per year.

Model predictionA lot of research from buoys and other in-situ sampling had already indicated that water in this region of the Arctic had been freshening.

This fresh water is coming in large part from the rivers running off the Eurasian (Russian) side of the Arctic basin.

Winds and currents have transported this fresh water around the ocean until it has been pulled into the gyre. The volume currently held in the circulation probably represents about 10% of all the fresh water in the Arctic.

Of interest to future observations is what might happen if the anticyclonic winds, which have been whipping up the bulge, change behaviour.

“What we seen occurring is precisely what the climate models had predicted,” said Dr Giles.

“When you have clockwise rotation – the fresh water is stored. If the wind goes the other way – and that has happened in the past – then the fresh water can be pushed to the margins of the Arctic Ocean.

“If the spin-up starts to spin down, the fresh water could be released. It could go to the rest of the Arctic Ocean or even leave the Arctic Ocean.”

If the fresh water were to enter the North Atlantic in large volumes, the concern would be that it might disturb the currents that have such a great influence on European weather patterns. These currents draw warm waters up from the tropics, maintaining milder temperatures in winter than would ordinarily be expected at northern European latitudes.

Arctic sea ice Cracks, or leads, in the ice provide vertical surfaces against which the wind can push

The creation of the Beaufort Gyre bulge is not a continuous development throughout the 15-year data-set, and only becomes a dominant feature in the latter half of the study period.

This may indicate a change in the relationship between the wind and the ocean in the Arctic brought about by the recent rapid decline in sea-ice cover, the CPOM team argues in its Nature Geoscience paper.

It is possible that the wind is now imparting momentum to the water in ways that were not possible when the sea-ice was thicker and more extensive.

“The ice is now much freer to move around,” said Dr Giles.

Artist's impression of Cryosat-2 (Esa) Cryosat-2: Esa’s newest radar satellite is dedicated to studying the polar regions

“So, as the wind acts on the ice, it’s able to pull the water around with it. Depending on how ridged the surface of ice is or how smooth the bottom of the ice is – this will all affect the drag on the water. If you have more leads, this also might provide more vertical ice surfaces for the wind to blow against.”

One consequence of less sea-ice in the region is the possibility that winds could now initiate greater mixing of the different layers in the Arctic Ocean.

Scientists are aware that there is a lot of warm water at depth.

At present, this deep water’s energy is unable to influence the sea-ice because of a buffer of colder, less dense water lying between it and the floes above.

But if this warm water were made to well up because of wind-driven changes at the surface, it could further accelerate the loss of seasonal ice cover.

The CPOM team is now investigating the likelihood of this happening with Cryosat-2, Esa’s first radar satellite dedicated to the study of the polar regions.

“We now have the means to measure not only the ice thickness but also to monitor how the ocean under the ice is changing,” says Dr Seymour Laxon, director of CPOM and co-author of the study, “and with CryoSat-2, we can now do so over the entire Arctic Ocean.” and follow me on Twitter

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Siberian Earthquake Cover-up?! Four Aircraft Carriers with Rescuers and Psychologists Deployed, Seismic Activity off the Charts

Conflicting reports coming out of Russia about the earthquake and indications the USGS is downgrading earthquakes again, this one was significantly downgraded from 9.5 to 6.6.  Although to be fair, one report said the Russians measure the “intensity” differently.

The epicenter was 100 miles from the nearest major city or town. In addition, the earth is being hit with geomagnetic storms,  in the following CME video skywatcher predicts an earthquake.

(Russia) Earthquake Disaster Cover-Up? Four Aircraft With rescuers and Psychologists Arrive

Uploaded by on Dec 27, 2011
december 27, 2011

9.5 Earthquake Hit Siberia Today!

Uploaded by on Dec 27, 2011

Breaking News!

9.5 MSK Earthquake in Siberia Russian Channel One Reports Today.

Uploaded by on Dec 27, 2011

Шойгу зарaбатывает.. Sergei Shoigu makes money by spinning the data applying MSK scale..

The earthquake in Siberia is estimated at 9.5 MSK, according to Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu.

It’s 100 km to the nearest town from the epicenter. Almost 600 km to nearest major city. They have no idea about small villages at the epicenter area right now.

Russian Earthquake different readings, NZ update

Uploaded by on Dec 28, 2011

Transcribed Horus Channeling, 12-21-11

As a subscription member to Nancy Tate’s website Tree of the Golden Light, all kinds of interesting things find their way to my inbox..
Intro, Nancy: This is a channeling of Horus on Dec 21st 2011. I’ll just take a moment.
Horus: She doesn’t need any more than a moment. I’m so glad to see all of you here this evening. It is with the utmost of respect and love and joy that I see you all here today.
There is upcoming in this community a splash of energy that will reunite many, many beings that have been here and that are continuing to come forth from the inner Earth and from the Hollow Earth, especially from inner Earth from Telos. There is an abundance of energy that is being pronounced throughout the ones here in this village that speaks of what is to come. It has been translated in many ways throughout the community and is being perpetrated, for some, as a lot of unloading of old energy that does not have anything to do with today; it’s all about yesterday. In these energies it cannot remain within these people, any of you.
As you progress, as you lift your energies, you release all of his old 3-D energy and you allow it its freedom to, as well, be transformed into an energy that can circulate back, and come to you as brand-new, slippery ice, warm ice, slippery enough to come flowing back into you as potential, as remembrance of who you are. As it touches out in the universe with all that information, with all that energy of your other experiences in this universe, it starts from the first time, the first seed, the first experience that you all have. As that progression takes place, as that touching in with all that there is carries with it the potential for what you’ll be doing from this point on, there is great significance to what has been expended, what has been expressed and what has been desired and intended for the coming time.
Yes you have had, all of you, all of Earth life of any form, from one cell to the completion of whatever the state of being is in the moment, has experienced on some level that which is desired. That is the way that you all can know what it is you desire. It is first an inner idea, an idea that comes to you on a spiritual and a soul level, and then it comes to your consciousness as a desire and intent. You are tapping into what you have already created. If it does not materialize in your life it is because you have had another idea on that inner level of something that is different, that is possibly more in keeping with what happened in the moment and the next. So there is this continual, constant creation of what you have intended and what you follow through on and give life to in your consciousness.
This is something that you will be realizing on many levels as you evolve throughout your ascension process, and that will affect the way you live your life. It will affect the way that you create your desires, the idea that you have and how you can follow through on those ideas. It will be a blending of all of the beautiful energies of creation that corresponds with the Christ consciousness, with the Mushaba energy, with all that there is, with the spark of inner knowing that you all live in.

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Attenborough says people have lost all touch with natural world

Sir David Attenborough, the television wildlife presenter, has warned that people in towns and cities are putting the planet at risk because they are losing touch with the “realities of the natural world”.

Attenborough says people have lost all touch with natural world

David Attenborough pictured with an anaesthetised polar bear on Frozen Planet Photo: BBC

7:27AM GMT 01 Dec 2011

The broadcaster said urbanisation over the last 60 years meant that too many people had little or no contact with the natural world.

In an interview with Eureka magazine, published by The Times, he said: “We have a huge moral responsibility towards the rest of the planet.

“A hundred years ago people certainly had that, they were aware of the seasons and aware of what they were doing to the land and animals around them.”

Sir David, whose Frozen Planet series ends on the BBC next week, said UN figures showed that due to rapid urbanisation since the 1950s, more than 50% of the world’s population now live in towns and cities.

“So over 50% is to some degree out of touch with the natural world and don’t even see an animal from one day to the next unless it’s a rat or a pigeon,” he added.

“That means that people are getting out of touch with the realities of the natural world, of which we are in fact a part.”

The final episode of the seven-part series Frozen Planet sees Sir David speaking more freely than in previous episodes about the threat mankind poses to the planet.

He claims that the Arctic could be emptied of ice in summer by 2020 and polar bears are already dying due to a lack of ice.

The BBC dropped the “climate change” episode from its main package when selling the series abroad to make it more appealing to international viewers, such as those in the United States, where the public is more sceptical about global warming.

Instead, it was either offered as an optional extra or, in the case of the US, elements from it were incorporated into the other episodes.

Sir David has become involved in a public war of words with Lord Lawson, the former Chancellor.

Writing in the Radio Times, Lord Lawson accused Sir David of “sensationalism” and said certain populations of polar bears are rising and that sea ice cover is in fact increasing in Antarctica.

Sir David’s latest comments came ahead of this week’s international climate negotiations in South Africa.

The final episode of Frozen Planet will be broadcast on BBC One on December 7.

All eyes on Tropical Storm Nate and Maria

Detailed hurricane information, Mr Hurricane Tracker does a great job nailing down the position and direction of storms heading towards the U.S.

Uploaded by MrHurricaneTracker on Sep 7, 2011
Warning 39 from NHC for 2100 GMT
Position 29.9N 69.7W
Location 335 miles WSW of Bermuda
Movement 320° (NW) at 9 knots
Maximum winds 70 knots gusting to 85 knots
Winds of 34 knots or higher occur within 205 miles of the centre
Winds of 64 knots or higher occur within 50 miles of the centre
Threatened landmasses NONE
Next advisory from NHC at 0300 GMT

Katia is moving northwest and has weakened a little due to increasingly adverse atmospheric conditions. The system’s course will veer to the north over the next day or so, then northeast before undergoing extra-tropical transitioning. Katia will become an extra-tropical depression carrying hurricane force winds to western Europe.

A tropical storm watch has been issued for Bermuda.
Rainfall totals from Katia could amount to 1 to 2 inches on Bermuda

Surf warnings
Swells generated by Katia will continue to affect the Greater Antilles, Bermuda, the east coast of the USA and east-facing coasts of the Bahamas over the next few days. These could cause life-threatening surf and rip-current conditions.

Tropical storm Maria / 14L
Warning 05 from NHC for 2100 GMT
Position 13.2N 44.2W
Location 1205 miles E of the Lesser Antilles
Movement 275° (W) at 20 knots
Maximum winds 45 knots
Winds of 34 knots or higher occur within 45 miles of the centre
Threatened landmasses Leeward Islands
Next warning from NHC at 0300 GMT

14L has intensified to tropical storm Maria, and is moving rapidly westnorthwest. The system will maintain present strength and course.

Tropical storm Nate / 15L
Warning 01 from NHC for 2100 GMT
Position 20.2N 92.4W
Location 125 miles W of Campeche, Mexico
Movement 110° (ESE) at 2 knots
Maximum winds 40 knots
Winds of 34 knots or higher occur within 105 miles of the centre
Threatened landmasses Eastern Mexico
Next warning from NHC at 0300 GMT

Tropical storm Nate has formed in the Bay of Campeche, and is expected to be slow moving over the next few days, before it heads away north, then northwest. Strengthening is expected over the next five days.

Regional warnings
Tropical storm warning
Mexico: Chilitepec to Celestun

2 to 4 inches, locally up to 8 inches in the Mexican states of Campeche, Tabasco and southern Veracruz

1 to 3 feet above normal tidal levels along the immediate coast in the warning area

Tropical storm Kulap / 17W
Warning 03 from JTWC for 2100 GMT
Position 23.8N 135.2E
Location 430 miles ESE of Kadena AB, Japan
Movement 335° (NNW) at 12 knots
Maximum winds 45 knots gusting to 55 knots
Winds of 34 knots or higher occur within 55 miles of the centre
Threatened landmasses Korea
Maximum significant wave height 14 feet
Next warning from JTWC at 0300 GMT

There is quite a disparity in forecast scenarios for this system, with one strand of thought taking the storm north towards Korea, and the other taking it west into China. JTWC is favouring the latter forecast.

Tropical Storm Kulap Update and several Invest across the Pacific / 08 Sep 2011

Rob’s forecasts are professional, tight and very informative…great job!

Uploaded by robcenter1 on Sep 8, 2011
Tropical Storm Kulap continues to move North West towards the Ryuku islands, good news is it remains weak and completly exposed in the upper levels. Meanwhile Invest 91W and 92W bring the potentiol for further tropical development

Death Underground USA Earthquakes NIJ CBE PGRE

Uploaded by on Aug 25, 2011

PGR 101 (Post Glacial Rebound)(Isostasy) – 3 – Larry King
Why USA Mega Earthquakes! Nuclear Power Meltdowns. Continental Bowing Effect! Floods PGRE
NASA Fact Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Field Post Glacial Rebound Effect.
NASA 1 foot water Ocean = 2 feet on Land. Earth Undone DVD 2020 Report is 2011 Now! Have a Plan
Nuclear Event – USA – Limerick Nuclear Power Plant – Pennsylvania – 29-05-2011
DVD is for sale now. it will provide a $5 donation for every sale to the Underground, and Robs Radio Show. to help cover costs as a alternative media source. / helping get out the info. to people not on YT. Love Scott (BUG)
Mr. Owen BDS CAS CFDA Opportunity Number Comp. ID # Date/Time Received Status Status Date Submission Name
15.807 10HQPA0001 10HQPA0001 GRANT10318874 14-May-09 12:34:54 AM Validated 14-May-09 02:55:37 AM expanding ocean and earthquake impacts from post glacial rebound effect.
Airplanes Crash Skyquakes NASA FACT! Moon Will Go! Post Glacial Rebound & More info
Alternative view: The earths oceans are sinking. Due to this heavy loading of new water into Geo fragile zones. Fault zones. Thus causing sea floor sinking. Just as the other regions of the world are rebounding up. “As stated in this article”.[12] thus these islands are not getting flooded by sea level rise, as much as these islands are sinking. The water table adjusts to the area. As earthquakes even out the ocean floor deformation[13].
by Scott (BUG)
Post Glacial Rebound is The White Horse going out conquering and to conquer. It is pushing the ocean floor down.
A powerful, newly discovered current flowing near Iceland adds another piece to the ocean’s “conveyor belt,” and could change models of the North Atlantic’s climate future.
The existence of the North Icelandic Jet (NIJ), as the deep-water current is called, was recently confirmed by a multinational team of researchers. The team’s measurements of the current were published online in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Edward Cayce and The Georgia Guide Stone Connection

Uploaded by on Feb 24, 2011

a look at the shocking similarities found in various maps when compared to those made by edgar cayce as well as the positions the geogia guide stones were placed…THE SONG; epic showdown by loonatic beats…from a free instrumental cd at