Edward Cayce and The Georgia Guide Stone Connection

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a look at the shocking similarities found in various maps when compared to those made by edgar cayce as well as the positions the geogia guide stones were placed…THE SONG; epic showdown by loonatic beats…from a free instrumental cd at datpiff.com


Strange Call on Coast to Coast, Retired Military Bugging out, Hoarding Deydrated Foods?!

This call is making it’s rounds on YouTube, never know what to make of these calls. Is he for real, is he a paid shill planting disinformation or  fear mongering? Regardless, it can not be denied that there are more and more people leaving for so called “safe” zones. Remember the guy from Boeing a couple years ago who said he was resigning and moving to the mountains with his family, because  he knew what was coming? Heck, I moved from Los Angeles to outside of Hilo, Hawaii to get away from whatever was coming down on the mainland – I just didn’t feel safe there in the long run, that survival there may get very difficult when everything unravels.

Isn’t it interesting how these guys, like the retired military guy never divulge what they’re running from or where they’re running to? Although earlier I was reading some prophecy’s and many of them talk about the east coast being inundated by water from a large asteroid hit or a land mass arising from the floor of the Atlantic.

Sounds like a lot of fear based stuff, remember be prepared – not scared. Because having the right information may ultimately be the key to our survival.

Lost Books of Nostradamus

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The Coming Pole Shift, Brent Miller on Coast to Coast w/George Noory

This Coast to Coast interview is one of the most informative shows yet on the coming Pole shift and is a great follow-up to information posted here over the weekend on the Horizon Project. Due take the time to listen, especially if you’re still on the fence about earth changes unfolding and why they are taking place. Brent shows how the scientific facts and the end time prophecy’s both point to the time we are living in now as the time for the changes a pole shift would bring about. In addition to Brent Miller,The Horizon Project is Dr Brooks Agnew and Michael Tsarion.

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Brent Miller, of The Horizon Project, has warned of mounting evidence that Earth is due for a polar shift which will end civilization as we know it. “It could happen tomorrow, it could happen 50 years from now, but all the evidence that we’ve been able to collect indicates that the next one is about to happen,” Miller cautioned of the global catastrophe that he sees as imminent.

Describing the cataclysmic changes which would befall the planet during such an event, Miller said that as the poles move, the equator will be upended as well. According to him, this will result in widespread geographical changes due to wild gravitational shifts. Noting the preponderance of water on the planet, he said that “during this sloshing about, as Earth wobbles and reorients itself, what happens is that the waters literally decimate all the coastal areas around the planet.” Painting a grim picture of a post-shift world, Miller estimated that the event would “wipe out four billion people within six months and then a ‘Mad Max’ scenario.”

Miller explained that the Horizon Project based their forecast for a polar shift on a growing number of anomalies around the world. He cited weather oddities, such as snowfall in Baghdad for the first time in over 100 years and the increase in earthquakes in unlikely locations. According to him, off-planet clues, like the increase in solar activity, also lend credence to a polar shift scenario occurring in the future. While he suspected that the worlds’ governments knew of this impending disaster, he was doubtful of any official announcement, saying “I think we are given all the warning we’re going to be given. We’re seeing all the signs.”
Website(s): * BracingForTomorrow.com

Video(s): * The Horizon Project: Bracing for Tomorrow

The New Human, Exopolitics – Mary Rodwell,

Note: This is an absolute MUST SEE!! Especially for everyone who knows, feels or senses that humanity is on the brink of an spiritual, evolutionary leap in consciousness and/or that we are not alone here. Mary gives a fascinating presentation on the ET intervention, why they are here and some of the ways they are assisting in the evolution of the human species.  Her work with indigo, or star children is extensive and is presented in an easily understood fashion that may challenge your concept of reality. She backs her thesis with facts, testimony and undeniable evidence that ET’s have been working with humanity on a global level for several generations to assist us in our spiritual evolution.  Mary Rodwell gives real meaning to the statement that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, especially for those of us who are star children who never felt at home here or as  strangers in our own family.


Mary Rodwell presents testimony from over 1600 cases, that indicates how advanced extraterrestrial intelligences are preparing the human psyche to accept their presence on our planet. Evidence of complex extraterrestrial programs, which will enable us to interact with and communicate with them, as well as understand our place in the cosmos.
This involves downloads of data such as our true genetic origins, using our psi skills with advanced technology, manipulation of matter, astrophysics and healing. Coupled with genetic, and spiritual programs for awakening of human consciousness, to assist humanity to evolve into a fully functional multidimensional human, Homo Noetics. The New Humans.
Mary Rodwell presented “The New Human – Starchildren & Indigos” on Sunday 8th August, 2010 at the Leeds Exopolitics Expo.

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The Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy

It has been said that the Hopi Indians were the most spiritually enlightened culture to have lived…I encourage everyone to research the binary star/dwarf sun coming back through the solar system, the ancients all knew about the suns twin star that comes back around every 3600 years. Binary star systems are the rule, rather than the exception….almost all suns have a twin, or companion sun. and in many parts of the world it’s visible near the sun in the early morning. If you do a “two suns” search on Youtube or even here this blog you will see videos of the second sun from people around the world.

We should all heed the warnings handed down to us by our elders. The Hopi have seen the coming of the Red Kachina, our binary star that is on it’s way back. Events as we have been witnessing are only the beginning of the changes our planet and all upon it are about to experience. The ancients who all predicted these times, knew it not by prophecy but by knowing the binary twins cycle and being aware of the changes that accompany it’s appearance in the skys. When the Red Kachina paints our skies with red the colour of blood we will know that the purifying will begin.

Hopi Prophecy:

More in-depth explanation of the Hopi Prophecy’s:

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Is Hopi Prophecy currrently unfolding?

Very eerie, as I download this video the emergency sirens are blaring once for the third time warning us of possible tsunami’s generated by the massive 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan earlier this evening. It’s been reported that it’s Japan’s biggest quake in 140 years and that it’s the 7th larges earthquake in recorded history!

So at the moment, this video rings true…every bit of it. It’s so sad what our forefathers, the devastation of virtually an entire nation and a rich cultural diversity of peoples who had so much to teach the white man about how to live in harmony with our environment. Instead they had to destroy th0se who they didn’t understand, felt threatened by, or who is  stronger or smarter than they were.

Cycles Within Cycles, The Grand Culmination

Humanity and the Earth are facing some very rough times ahead and to sum it up, the problems going on that culminate in 2012 are very complex. First we have multiple objects, or planetary bodies cruising through and in the vicinity of the solar system. One of which happens to be our suns twin, a dwarf star that comes back around every 3600 years bringing with it several planets, moons and lots of debris that hurdles towards Earth. Then there are a couple of large planets hanging out there generating a magnetic pull on Earth heating up volcano’s and earthquakes as magma shifts around under the tectonic plates.    In addition, scientists are very concerned about a highly magnetic ribbon the solar system’s moving into AND is also approaching the galactic equator (grand cycle) which is theorized to have a massive wave of energy that will hit the earth and cause it to shake like a bell, violently for up to 2-3 days.

Now, TPB are intentionally mixing all of this together to remove credibility and obfuscate the Issue(s).

It is after all the Culmination of ;

– An Earth Cycle (Gaia moving up in Frequency and down in Magnetics).
– A Solar Cycle (The Sun moving into one of It’s most energetic Sunspot Cycles in 2012).
– A Galactic Cycle (Where We as a Solar System come into alignment @ Zero Degrees to the Dark Rift – Ophuicus – The Central Energetic Disk of the Milky Way).
– A Great Cycle (Our Solar System’s Circuit of the Milky Way)


– A Grand Cycle (Galactic Wave Pulse thats headed for Us moving through the whole Disk of the Milky Way – Originating @ Sag. A).