Call to Action UPDATE: Hurricane Ana Sideswipes Hawaii This Weekend

Whew…close call! Big thanks to everyone who answered the Call to Action, it’s an honor to work alongside you on the path of remembering our origins…

This evening the eye of Hurricane Ana moved about 120 miles south of Kauai before moving past the island chain. It rained moderately all day, no downpours. But it’s not over and the worst is yet to come, currently at midnight HST Kauai is under Tropical Storm Warning as one of the eastern bands of the storms takes a swide-swiping approach’s to the Garden island. The winds are fairly gusty, and no rain at the moment as the storm approach’s from the southeast. No worries here, we’re in need of a good storm, albeit nothing tooo heavy…

Ana’s timing is rather appropriate between two eclipses, X-class solar flare today and mercury retrograde. Storms are wonderful cleansing energy…

Also, can anyone shed light on why they chose the name Ana at the end of the season? We didn’t go thru the whole alphabet in named storms this year…did we? In addition, the normal spelling is usually Anna. Anu has been suggested

Yep…the winds are picking up, gonna be an interesting night on Kauai

Mahalo for your Service, much love and aloha…Namaste {bow} Annette

UPDATED 11 PM HST, October 18, 2014

UPDATED By WeatherBug Meteorologist, Chad Merrill

Hurricane Ana will bring rain, dangerous surf and rip currents and gusty winds to parts of the Hawaiian Islands this weekend.
As of 11 p.m. HST (5 a.m. EDT), Hurricane Ana was located near 20.3 N and 159.5 W, or 120 miles southwest of Honolulu, Hawaii, and 120 miles south of Lihue, Hawaii. Ana is a Category One hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, packing top sustained winds of 80 mph. It is moving northwest at 6 mph and its minimum central pressure is 989 mb, or 29.21 inches of mercury.
A Hurricane Watch is in place for the unpopulated Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument from Nihoa to French Frigate Shoals, with a Tropical Storm Warning in effect for Kauai County, including Kauai and Niihau. A Tropical Storm Watch remains in effect for Oahu.
Ana will stay south but travel parallel to the island chain this weekend. It will get very close to Niihau, enough to bring tropical-storm force winds. It will remain a Category One hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale through Monday before strong upper-level winds and cooler water get the best of it.
Ultimately, Ana will remain a tropical storm as it tracks through the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument west of Hawaii. The good news is it won`t pose a threat to land after brushing the Hawaiian Islands this weekend.
This is the second tropical system to threaten the Hawaiian Islands this year. Tropical Storm Iselle slammed the state`s big island of Hawaii on August 8, causing more than $66 million in damage and knocking out power to parts of the Big Island and Maui. The last hurricane to directly hit Hawaii was Iniki, in 1992. That hurricane caused $1.8 billion in damage and six deaths, mainly on Kauai.
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Call to Action UPDATE: Hurricane Ana has maximum sustained winds of 75 mph.

Great work everyone! The trajectory has moved the storm to the Southwest, at this point only the tip of the outer bands are projected to bring high winds, heavy tides and storms to the islands. BUT, until the storm passes to the Southwest of the island we’re still under threat from ANA’s trajectory moving northward into Kauai and Oahu (details in the news report and video link below). Please continue holding space for the storm to travel safely to the southwest of the island chain and out to sea, without change of trajectory ~ maintain a southwesterly direction. Please help maintain a fortified wall of energetic protection that keeps pushing the storm southward.

Here’s some helpful guidance I’ve picked up over the last 24hrs:

Connect with the crystalline grid to move from your location over the islands, or into the storm.

In addition to working with elemental conditions surrounding the storm, connect with ANA, into her eye sending love and calming energy to the core of the storm and then spin that energy off into the bands.

Disengage any focused “interference” from weather manipulating technology’s and/or malevolent intentions aimed at causing injury or property damage.

Use your focused intention backed energetically, to move the trajectory southward until after she SAFELY passes Southwest of the islands.

Set the intention for this storm to break up before approaching other island archipelago’s in the Pacific.

Namaste and mahalo to all the beautiful souls on this journey into unity consciousness…we’re ALL working as One with the Creator, Gaia, Pele and the Elements to keep Hawaii protected from further harm. I’m humbled to be in your company. With infinite love and heartfelt gratitude, Annette 


Hurricane Ana has maximum sustained winds of 75 mph.

Conditions remain favorable for additional strengthening over the next day or so, as it moves toward the west-northwest over very warm water and wind shear is decreasing.

A tropical storm watch has been issued for the Big Island of Hawaii as Tropical Storm Ana continues to spin in the central Pacific Ocean about 250 miles south of Hilo, or 420 miles south-southeast of Honolulu.

Tune-in to The Weather Channel TV network to watch live coverage on Tropical Storm Ana. To keep you safe and informed of the latest breaking news, our regular programming will be suspended until the threat has passed.

(MORE: Expert Analysis | Hurricane Central)


Storm Information

Storm Information

A U.S. Air Force Reconnaissance Aircraft will be investigating Ana again on Friday afternoon to provide additional data on the structure of the tropical storm.


Infrared Satellite

Infrared Satellite

Ana is expected to begin a turn toward the northwest by late Friday, thanks to the combination of upper-level low pressure backing west of the Hawaiian Islands and high pressure aloft northeast of the islands. This track will take the center of Ana about 125 miles southwest of the Big Island Friday night (local time).

A turn toward the west is then expected late Saturday and Sunday, as a new ridge of high pressure is expected to build to the north. The timing of this westward turn is critical for potential impacts to the island chain, including Maui and Oahu this weekend.

Hawaii is preparing ahead of Ana and Gov. Neil Abercrombie declared a state of emergency, which will allow the state to access state and federal resources.

(MORE: Hawaii Prepares For Ana | Hawaii Declares A State Of Emergency)


Projected Path

Projected Path

It is worth mentioning wind shear may increase as Ana tracks near/through parts of Hawaii this weekend. Furthermore, as the Central Pacific Hurricane Center stresses, Ana’s low-level circulation may be disrupted by the islands themselves, as we saw with Tropical Storm Iselle in early August.

The forecast path graphic above gives the latest thinking from the CPHC on track of Ana’s center and intensity. Keep in mind tropical cyclones are not a point, but have impacts that extend some distance beyond the center of circulation. In this case, tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 80 miles from Ana’s center of circulation.

Based on that forecast, the Big Island may see bands of heavy rain and stronger winds as soon as Friday afternoon local time. Heavy rain could cause flash flooding and mudslides.

A flash flood watch will be in effect for the Big Island from noon Friday through Sunday evening (local time), as total rain accumulations of six to twelve inches are possible.

Larger swells should build in the eastern Hawaiian Islands through Friday morning, and then spread through the island chain this weekend. Surf produced by these swells may be damaging, especially along exposed south and southeast shorelines starting on Friday night.

Ana may then pass near the rest of the islands this weekend, but it’s far from certain whether the center will pass close enough to produce significant impacts. A track toward the southern edge of the forecast path may produce very little significant high wind impact. All those critical details are yet to be determined.

(FORECASTS: Hilo | Maui | Honolulu)

Since 1950, only four hurricanes have tracked within 150 nautical miles of Honolulu. Hurricane Iniki (1992) and Hurricane Dot (1959) both made landfall on Kauai. Dot’s center passed about 80 miles west-southwest of Honolulu as a Category 3 hurricane on August 6, 1959.

(MORE: Hawaiian Hurricanes | Is A Third Tropical Threat For Hawaii Unusual?)

Hawaii has already taken a hit from a landfalling tropical cyclone this season. Tropical Storm Iselle made landfall on the Big Island on Aug. 8, causing extensive damage and power outages.

Interests in the entire Hawaiian Island chain should continue to monitor the progress of Ana closely. Stay with The Weather Channel and for updates on this system.

Go here for VIDEO:

Call to Action UPDATE: Ana Gradually Intensifying, Hurricane Watch Possible Later Today

Since yesterday Ana’s trajectory has moved down slightly toward the North-West, which has her heading straight toward the Sou6hesast tip of the Big Island, Oahu and then on to Kauai. Since the trajectory is shifting, lets keep gently moving her South toward a more westerly direction to keep the storms away from the Big Island as she passes and well out of the path of the other isles. As well as continuing to invoke the elements to help Pele fortify a dome of Divine Protection around the island chain, cooling the waters, raising barometric pressure and reversing wind speed. Much love, gratitude and aloha for your Service <3

Ana Gradually Intensifying, Hurricane Watch Possible Later Today
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October 15th, 2014
Maui News, Weather

Satellite imagery, 7:30 a.m. HST, Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014, courtesy NOAA/NWS.
By Wendy Osher

***An 11 a.m. UPDATE is now posted at the following LINK.

Tropical Storm Ana is forecast to gradually intensify through tomorrow night, and may become a hurricane later today (Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014) or tonight, according to forecasters with the National Weather Service.

At 5 a.m., Ana was located 675 miles SE of Hilo, Hawaiʻi; 795 miles SE of Kahului, Maui; 845 miles SE of Kaunakakai, Molokaʻi; and 820 miles SE of Lānaʻi City.
5-day forecast track for Tropical Storm Ana as of 5 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014. Image courtesy NOAA/NWS/Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

5-day forecast track for Tropical Storm Ana as of 5 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014. Image courtesy NOAA/NWS/Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center says the system was moving toward the west near 9 mph with maximum sustained winds near 70 mph.

The current forecast track brings the center of the system near the southern edge of the Big Island of Hawaiʻi early Saturday morning, and south of Maui County on Sunday.

According to a forecast discussion issued by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center, the peak intensity of the system is expected Thursday and Friday, with a gradual weakening trend forecast this weekend, however the certainty of the forecast continues to be refined as the system gets closer.

As of 8 a.m., there were no warnings or watches in effect, however forecasters say a hurricane watch may be required for portions of the Main Hawaiian Islands later today or tonight. A hurricane watch is issued when hurricane conditions are possible in the designated watch area within 36 hours.

October 15th, 2014

Satellite imagery, 7:30 a.m. HST, Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014, courtesy NOAA/NWS.By Wendy Osher

***An 11 a.m. UPDATE is now posted at the following LINK.

Tropical Storm Ana is forecast to gradually intensify through tomorrow night, and may become a hurricane later today (Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014) or tonight, according to forecasters with the National Weather Service.

At 5 a.m., Ana was located 675 miles SE of Hilo, Hawaiʻi; 795 miles SE of Kahului, Maui; 845 miles SE of Kaunakakai, Molokaʻi; and 820 miles SE of Lānaʻi City.

5-day forecast track for Tropical Storm Ana as of 5 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014. Image courtesy NOAA/NWS/Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center says the system was moving toward the west near 9 mph with maximum sustained winds near 70 mph.

The current forecast track brings the center of the system near the southern edge of the Big Island of Hawaiʻi early Saturday morning, and south of Maui County on Sunday.

According to a forecast discussion issued by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center, the peak intensity of the system is expected Thursday and Friday, with a gradual weakening trend forecast this weekend, however the certainty of the forecast continues to be refined as the system gets closer.

As of 8 a.m., there were no warnings or watches in effect, however forecasters say a hurricane watch may be required for portions of the Main Hawaiian Islands later today or tonight.  A hurricane watch is issued when hurricane conditions are possible in the designated watch area within 36 hours.

Energy Masters, Shaman & Lightworkers Call to Action: Hurricane “ANA” forming and Heading towards Hawaii as Cat 1

Geezzz those rascals are at it again! But, it’s NO surprise, have kept my eye on the horizon for more shenanigans because things are heating up here in Hawaii, over the last few weeks the U.S. officially being accused of war crimes twice. One letter was sent to John Holder for the war crime of pillaging and war crimes charges were filed with the Pacific Military High Command in relation to the banks stealing peoples homes. In many respects, we’re at a VERY critical juncture here in Hawaii. The cabals house of cards is falling, so the perps are wreaking havoc on the way out.

Oh lest we forget…there’s trillions of dollars worth of gold in the Bank of Hawaii held in trust for the Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaaian’s)  the cabal would love to STEAL if they can just spin-up a flood to gain access to the vaults.

In August, Iselle’s eye-wall collapsed over the volcano and Julio headed out to sea. The last hurricane, Karina took a 180 degree turn back toward the US once we took action. So, lets show the weather manipulators we’ve taken our planet back and knock this one out of the Ballpark…lets knock this one off to the North, it’s having problems maintaining strength and trajectory. Aside from creating a dome of protection to guide the storm north, lets focus on cooling the waters, raise the barometric pressure and reverse wind speed.

Also, remember to call upon the Elemental Kingdom. They love being invoked and are always waiting for our direction…Mahalo for your Service to the Common Good!


ANOTHER Hawaii Hurricane forming now. Full website post with NOAA links, and screenshots here:…

Category 1 Hurricane set to hit Hawaii in 5-6 days … Storm name : “ANA”

Call to Action Update: Tropical Storm Karina turns toward the west-southwest…..180 degree turn in Trajectory since Friday!

Exciting News!!  Day before yesterday (8/1514) I posted the latest Call to Action for Tropical Storm Karina, which formed earlier this week in the Eastern Pacific – less than one week after hurricane Iselle dealt a glancing blow the Big Island. Aiming for maximum participation, I also posted “the calling” on Facebook in 6 newsgroups and on several individual pages that have high exposure in the Energy Master/Lightworker community.

So there’s an incredibly talented group of energy masters and  enthusiastic apprentices who answered the calls for Karina, Iselle and Julio  to help calm and redirect these storms away from Hawai`i`Ti.  From the start, when we were threatened by Iselle, I had no doubt whatsoever we would make an impact on these weather systems. And we did! IMO we made a significant impact.  The eye-wall of Iselle collapsed into Kileaua volcano and Julio veered north, out of harms way.

Now, it appears Karina’s heading back in the direction she came from! Check this out, the trajectory indicates the storm did a 180 degree turn and is now heading west-southwest…wow!

Now, this doesn’t mean stop holding space – PLEASE keep doing whatever it is your doing…it appears to be working! Looking at the radar below, there’s a whole line of weather systems in the Eastern Pacific causing instability.   So lets keep the dome of protection firmly intact and remain steadfast in the intention:


GREAT JOB Comrades!! It’s an honor and privilege to work alongside every one of you! Simply continue BElieving, DOing and holding Sacred Space for a successful overall outcome this storm season, and know it is already done…

Love and heartfelt gratitude, mahalo!  Annette

Tropical Storm Karina turns toward the west-southwest

rb-animated (3)

The National Hurricane Center’s advisory on Tropical Storm Karina, located more than a thousand miles of the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico.

Coastal Watches/Warnings and 5-Day Forecast Cone for Storm Center
Coastal Watches/Warnings and 5-Day Forecast Cone for Storm Center

Summary of 11:00 a.m. Sunday information:

  • Location…17.7N 129.5W
  • About 1,320 mi…2,120 km WSW of the southern tip of Baja, California
  • Maximum sustained winds…45 mph…75 km/h
  • Present movement…WSW or 255 degrees at 13 mph…20 km/h
  • Minimum central pressure…1002 mb…29.59 inches

Watches and warnings: There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect.

At 11 a.m. Sunday Hawaii time, the center of Tropical Storm Karina was located near latitude 17.7 north…longitude 129.5 west. Karina is moving toward the west-southwest near 13 mph…20 km/h. This general motion with a decrease in forward speed is expected during the next 48 hours.

Maximum sustained winds are near 45 mph…75 km/h…with higher gusts. Little change in strength is expected during the next 48 hours.

Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 80 miles…130 km from the center.

The estimated minimum central pressure is 1002 mb…29.59 inches.

Hazards affecting land: None.

Link to previous post:

Is Tropical Storm Karina Eye-Balling Hawaii? A Weather Wars “Call to Action” for Spritual Activists


Hurricane Iselle Aftermath, Heartfelt Gratitude for your Support and Prayers

Aloha!I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude to readers for all your support, prayers and thoughtful emails during last weeks hurricane. It’s been a stressful and exhausting week while holding space in waiting to hear from my former landlord on the big island to make sure they made it thru the storm without personal injury or major property damage to their home, as well as my old house and car in Pahao’s Leilani Estates – the area which experienced the most devastation on the island. Electricity is still out for 8000 people, so it’s been impossible to reach anyone in that area.

Yesterday I FINALLY spoke with Cheryl, my former landlord. To be honest, I can’t remember EVER experiencing such an over-whelming sense of relief. Or, feeling so grateful to have been blessed with the foresight to follow the inner guidance to move to Kauai last January.

To recap, the following is an email I sent yesterday to a friend who contacted me just after I hung up after talking to Cheryl:

I’m doing fine, here on Kauai we just experienced a few storms…nothing heavy here. But, I just spoke with my former landlord on the big island for the first time since the storm, they’re still without power and don’t expect to have electricity for at least TWO WEEKS, possibly up to three weeks!!

My old neighborhood was the worst hit. People are literally chain-sawing their way off their property to get to the road, and one week later the streets are still covered with trees and power lines. My old house wasn’t hit by trees and neither was my car…THANK GOD!! which is literally a miracle! When I saw the pics coming out of the area I prayed for the best, but expected the worst. Cheryl said trees came down like matchsticks all over the property. You can’t get in or out by car, and they had to crawl over a massive tree blocking the 600ft driveway. And, there are more trees over the driveway as you approach the house. One tree barely missed the FULL 15,000gal water tank – that would’ve been a disaster.

They said the neighbor’s two story house across the street was completely demolished by trees. It looked so bad, they hoped no one was inside during the storm and that everyone made it out alright.

My landlords said it got rough on the Kalapana coastline where they live, fortunately the storm surge missed the house and it wasn’t hit by trees. Mostly damage to the roof. They won’t have electricity for a couple weeks and are having to travel 15miles to the Red Cross station to power phones, access internet and for food supplies. Really bad situation for seniors to deal with.

All in all, I feel so very blessed and am grateful for the guidance to move here in Jan. My God, I’d be totally screwed and can’t imagine what life would be like right now if I were still living on the Big Island. I certainly wouldn’t be writing this email, or posting on my blog.

Most of all, I’m so grateful to have reached the point of spiritual mastery that I’m at…I spent 36hrs holding space and throwing sacred geometry based protection over my landlord and her husband, our homes (landlords and mine) and my 2001 Infiniti G20 that’s still parked there in storage. It’s a freakin miracle no trees hit either house since they were both surrounded by forest. I didn’t do this alone…In a nutshell, I activated the old templates for metatrons cube that I had embedded on the property while living there. I also called on the islands ancestors, nature spirits, the elementals, the daevic realms, Pele and Gaia to stand guard over the property’s for protection.

Then I kept holding space, and kept holding more space…for 36hrs. Which, was very exhausting. I slept for most of two days after the storms passed.

So, it was a GREAT relief to hear from Cheryl and know they’re alright, that both properties and my car were protected and fared as well as the possibly could. Thank God for small miracles manifested by the prayers of so many of you who extended your support and who answered the call to action

Love and gratitude, mahalo!


PS…Those little rascals in the cabal have stirred up Karina, another Tropical Storm now heading west from the eastern Pacific on a similar trajectory as Iselle. This obviously a case of Weather Wars on behalf of the cabal to steal gold in the Bank of Hawii vaults and to devastate the local population as a way to prevent, or delay Hawaii’s battle for sovereignty and charges of genocide against the U.S. in  Int’l Criminal Court for Crimes of Church and State.

I’m working on another call to action for Earth Energy Masters, Shaman and Lightworkers to hold space and spin up some magic with the elemental realms to keep these storms at a safe distance and away from the islands. If you’re reading this, don’t wait…now is the time to begin. Lets not wait and give them a chance to get the upper hand with this storm system. Link to Karina stats at NOAA website

A warning from Pele to Karina to keep her distance unless she chooses to meet a similar fate as Iselle


Hurricane Iselle Aftermath: The Goddess Pele Rises to Protect the Kingdom, Recovery Efforts, Sending Prayers to Big Island, Aftermath SLIDESHOW

Dear Reader, Aloha!,

MAHALO to ALL for your love, prayers and support!! Wow…It’s been a long three days, with very little sleep, but I wanted to take a moment to update everyone and most of all, to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who answered the call to action this week on hurricanes Iselle & Julio. Even tho the Puna District on the southeastern tip took a pounding with over 1000 residents still without power and widespread destruction on the east side – the big island was saved from a much harder, far more devastating hit.

Under guidance from the Earth Mind of Gaia and the Goddess Pele…WE DID IT!! People from all over the world held sacred space for the safety of isles thru prayer and meditation. And, Kahuna’s here on the all the islands held vigil with the ancestors. But, there’s one thing that this event apart from the rest – the online network of Earth energy masters UNITED for the first time to, answer the call to action. Each one of us in our own special way, connected with the elements and directed our collective intention to change the composition and trajectory of BOTH storm systems. It’s truly a humbling experience walking in the company of this amazing group of energy masters; ancient souls awakening to our forgotten past, re-wiring our skin-suits and re-activating the spiritual mastery in our DNA….again. Over the last couple of years many of us have re-awakened to who we are, we’re powerful Co-Creators on the journey of reclaiming our souls sovereign power from a  dark matrix of domination and control.

Now, with the “relatively” safe passage of two potentially dangerous hurricanes threatening the Polynesian Isles of Hawai`i`Ti, from my observations it’s clear the 144,000  – ie: Ground Crew, Free Earth Resistance, The Pod etc – now stands strong as a fully functional entity. IMHO it’s time to set a firm multi-D intention to UNITE with each other to focus on where we can make a collective impact. Lets set aside our differences, remove ego based agendas and rise above differing beLIEf systems to accomplish what we came here to do: Shift Earth toward a new and expanded, multi-dimensional paradigm.

From my observations over the last 6-9 months, we’ve entered the stage where we don’t need an organized 3D network to accomplish our goals anymore. All it takes it for one of person to strike the match by sending out a call for action over the social media. As the message begins to take fire in print, it also ignites in the psyches of spiritual activists who are connected inter-dimensionally.

Iselle proved once and for all, there’s nothing HUE-mans can’t do together when working in UNITY consciousness and by applying focused intentions.



Storm recap

On Thursday morning as the storm approached the big island, I began holding space. I maintained a strong connection with the Elemental Spirits and Gaia, while also aligning myself with the “collective alchemy of the pod”. During that time, I strongly felt the collective intention and loving support from countless people around the world actively sending love, light and protection to the islands.

My favorite part of the storm was very early Friday morning, around 2:30am as Iselle edged it’s way along Volcano National Park on the southern coastline, it’s as if Pele stood up and said “Ohhhh not you don sister’t!!” She smacked Iselle with a one-two punch and BAM!! The Kilauea volcano drew her in and Pele collapsed the eye of the hurricane, she wasn’t about to give Iselle a chance to move north up to the smaller isles.
Swallowing the eye of the hurricane was something NOBODY anticipated. Once again, I’m simply awestruck at the magic of these magnificent isles…nice move Pele!

FYI…locals are well aware the Goddess of the Isles has a long history of protecting the big island from a direct hit, by moving storms out of the way. Since 2010, I’ve seen it happen several times with tropical storms that were approaching the islands.

Mass Media Coverage
And it was no surprise the weather channels conveniently left Pele out of the equation in follow-up reports. Making matters worse, the guy over at the weather channel who covers storms (Chris?),  was a total douchebag when the storm didn’t live up to his “destructive” expectations. While residents of the islands were hunkering down, thinking positive/praying and holding space for “safe passage” of the storm; the weather guy expressed frustration when the eye-wall collapsed and the storm began to fizzle out.

Obviously, he was sub-consciously on the side of mass destruction, absolute mayhem in paradise as a mechanism to boost his ratings. Watching coverage of the hurricane, served as a reminder how heavily fear is used in nearly every circumstance by mass media to control perceptions. Which can potentially create negative outcomes because the collective mind has a major impact on weather systems.

So, when storms systems approach, instead of using the language of fear, news anchors could use their public platform to direct people’s focused intention on creating a connection with weather systems for positive outcomes, with minimal injury or property damage….hmmm, but then connecting with Nature Spirits would make us pagans wouldn’t it? (Geezz, we have our work cut out for us ;)

Now…on the other hand, the female anchors reporting progress of the hurricane with a smile on their face were particularly annoying ~ it’s been awhile since I felt the overwhelming urge to lay-down a good bitchslap.  Thankfully, once our work is done when Julio safely passes off to the north, I can turn off the TV to avoid those un-natural urges :)

Hurricane Aftermath

Note: Please continue to send prayers to everyone still without power and those hit hard by property damage. Civil defense is having a hard time keeping up with demand for basic necessities, and many people are still trapped in their neighborhood due to downed trees. In the slide-show below, it looks pretty bad in the Pahoa/Paradise Park/Nanwalae areas, which are near  Leilani Estates where I lived for 4yrs until last January. in the last 6 months I was there, 20 trees died from disease on the small one acre property where I rented. So the forests in the area have a disproportionate amount of diseased and dead trees. In addition, there are very large Albezia trees locals call “junk trees” because they drop limbs and fall over easily. Here’s an eye-opening slide show I just found…yikes, it’s a bit worse than I imagined.

Long slideshow reveals extensive damage

The power is still out, so I haven’t been able to reach my friend and former landlord (seniors) to make sure they’re ok and their home didn’t suffer too much damage, they live on the shoreline on the southeast point. And my other car’s in storage at my old house in Pahoa, which was hardest hit. It’s a beautiful house that I spent over two months cleaning and restoring in 2010 after moving in, it  was surrounded by many dying trees…if you can spare a prayer it would be much appreciated.

If you want to learn more, is where I’ve been getting updated Civil Defense reports…

Mahalo! Annette


From the Conspiracy File…Hurricanes “Steered” Towards Hawaiian Gold???

Mahalo DP for submitting this article which supports my suspicions of weather manipulation in the Eastern Pacific ocean. This isn’t just about the stolen gold, it’s  also about the Kanaka Maoli peoples awakening and remembering who they are and empowering themselves to regain sovereign nation status. In late June, early July the Dept of Interior conducted public meetings for packed houses, where 98% of Native Hawaiian’s attending vehemently opposed an attempts to remain a nation within a nation, under the control of the U.S. government. We made it clear in no uncertain terms that the U.S. and it’s military operations are no longer welcome here and we have documentation, including treaties with other nations dating back to the mid-1800’s which clearly outline the conspiracy by the U.S. to overthrow and illegally occupy the Hawaiian Kingdom.  More here: Polynesian Kingdom docs

With two potentially dangerous weather systems approaching the islands, I’m sending out a call to action for EVERYONE to hold space and pray for safe passage of these storms. Also, lets send our intentions into the energetics of the storms to serve as a cleansing mechanism. To cut  ALL cords attaching the islands to the system of domination and control. Allowing our stolen wealth to be returned, Hawaii1Ti Sovereign Nation status restored and healing the lands from decades of environmental assault  from radiation, chemtrails and bio-warfare.

More here, from yesterday’s post: Earth Energy Masters, Shaman and Lightworkers “2nd Call to Action” for Hawaii

My deepest gratitude to all who answer the call to action, I’m honored humbled to walk in the company of magnificent souls who are remembering who they are and learning to stand in their power as Co-Creators. We’re all learning how to fly as One, in unity consciousness. Let the Age of Alchemy and Transformation begin, we’re standing up and taking our planet back!  Mahalo! Annette










ALOHA! / By Bix Weir / Today at 10:02 AM

Just thinking out loud here… :)

Ok all you conspiracy buffs – let’s guess why the Bad Guys are steering 2 hurricanes towards Hawaii after 22 years of leaving them alone!

Yes, although they were supposed to die out over the Pacific Ocean the Bad Guys have fired up their HAARP machine and it looks like they are aiming these hurricanes directly at the Big Island.


Hurricanes Iselle & Julio Headed for Hawaii

I know there are many of you that have not done the research on weather alteration and weather wars so you may want to take this with a grain of salt but humans have been playing with the weather since the 1940′s. It’s not hard but it has huge ramifications and can cause tremendous harm when wanted. Here’s a good place to start if you haven’t been introduced to the concept…


Weather Control: Is the HAARP Project a Weather Control Weapon?

Now don’t go around to all your friends and claim there are Bad Guys attacking us with weather…you’ll get even more stares than when you tell them the silver market is manipulated!

But do be aware of the potential, the power and the ability of governments around the world to use weather control and modification for their own use.

Think…Hurricane Sandy and the Flooding of the DTCC!!


The Shocking Truth the History Channel Can’t Broadcast

Ok, let’s apply this potential conspiracy to the current situation in Hawaii. We know that they can steer hurricanes with HAARP so why aren’t they just steering these hurricanes away from the Big Island?

What could they be up to??

I have no idea…but if a certain vault that a strange IMF employee named Karen Hudes claims holds 170,000 tons of gold gets suddenly flooded and all that gold mysteriously floats out to sea…I guess we will know why it happened.


By the way…tell all your friends in Hawaii to take this one very seriously and get to higher ground as God knows what these bad guys have up their sleeves.

Signing off from the Conspiracy Bunker!!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


Earth Energy Masters, Shaman and Lightworkers “2nd Call to Action” for Hawaii

First a BIG thank you to everyone who answered he call to action on Monday. Tuesday day Iselle downgraded to tropical storm, but, today she’s gained strength and is now a Category 2, bordering a Cat 3 Hurricane according to reports from residents on the big island at 8p 8/6. We also have Julio following closely behind, two back to back hurricanes is unprecedented for Hawaii.

Please continue to hold space for Iselle to move south and Julio to the north, you can also visualize and command reversal of wind direction, cooling waters and normalize barometric pressures.

The timing here is UNCANNY because the Hawaiian Nationals have recently made huge waves on our progress toward sovereignty. Being hit with damaging hurricanes won’t stop our efforts, but it may put a serious strain on peoples ability to stand in their power against the “system” if we’re investing all our energy into rebuilding our community’s. Just five days ago there were a total of 3 hurricanes and two tropical storms south and east of the islands…seriously? You can see the remnants of Genevieve below.

Julio’s ascension to hurricane status now gives the Eastern Pacific 10 named storms, 5 hurricanes, and 3 intense hurricanes so far in 2014. On average, we expect to see just 6 named storms, 3 hurricanes, and 1 intense hurricane by August 6. [Credit: Weather Underground]

Oddly enough, when she hits land the eye of Iselle is tracking to move directly over the house I lived in four years before moving to Kauai last Jan. My car is still parked there in an area with a lot of trees. Also, my landlord lives right on the shoreline and is in the path of the eye. They’re seniors who are struggling and live in a home that already needs repairs; and, many people in the area live in flimsy housing structures.

It is important to note that whether Iselle reaches the islands as a minimal
hurricane or a tropical storm…significant impacts from wind…
rain…and surf can be expected.

Your prayers, Love, Light and energy are much appreciated at this time…we downgraded Iselle on Monday, lets double up, stay focused and send her Southbound. While projecting Julio toward the North away from the smaller islands.

Mahalo to everyone for your love, support and spiritual mastery…

[Credit: Weather Underground]

Hurricane history on back to back hurricanes in Hawaii


Signs of Change, June 2014

Widespread disaster continue all around the globe as our climate unleashes relentless extremes breaking records and destroying homes and lives..
Freak, rare and extreme weather events has taken place the past month or so….

Thanks for watching and stay safe..

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A thanks to all my sources around the world that share with me daily :)

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So ~ May 2014

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So August 2013 Part 1

The first 10 days of August has been both strange and extreme with some dramatic and intense moments. With so much going on I’ll be posting around every 10 days now. The work is getting hard to do each week without missing much. Also Check out the new channel Last Message (By 2011Message) for his series 2013 Is Strange.…

Please feel free to share this series, just remember to leave links. Thanks for watching here and stay safe.

*This series does not mean the world is ending! It’s just a documentary of the extreme weather events that are leading to bigger earth changes. Follow the series to see the signs!*

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DYATHON – Blue Warrior

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Weather cost the world $85 billion so far this year. Only 1/4 of that was insured

share of natural disaster losses insured

Wild weather has already taken an $85 billion toll on the world so far in 2013. Believe it or not, that’s actually a pretty typical sum for the first six months of the year. In fact, the tally of expensive disasters—that includes flooding in central Europe ($22 billion), a 6.6-magnitude earthquake in China’s Sichuan Province ($14 billion), tornadoes and other severe weather in the US ($4.5 billion from May 18-22 alone), and droughts in Brazil ($8.3 billion), China ($4.2 billion), and New Zealand ($1.6 billion)—is actually 15% lower than the 10-year average.

What’s unusual about 2013 is that many natural disasters struck places where people lack insurance. In fact, just 24% of the $85 billion in losses for the first half of 2013 were insured, according to new data released by Aon Benfield, a reinsurance advisory firm. Over the last 10 years, about 28% of disaster-related losses have been insured. Even in Europe, only 24%—$5.3 billion—in losses from flooding in May and June were actually insured.

insurance penetration coverage world globally

Just look at how much of the world there is to insure!Munich RE

This presents a huge money-making opportunity. Yes, insurance companies have to pay up when things get destroyed, but there’s also clearly a lot more money to be made in insurance premiums in under-insured regions.

What’s more, the business of doom is swiftly becoming an asset class of its own—and one that pension funds love. With yields low across the world and markets difficult for funds to play, insurance companies are seeing an uptick in demand for catastrophe bonds, the cuter industry lingo for which is “cat bonds.”

For example, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) needed protection against storm surges. Instead of seeking out a private reinsurance company to pre-fund its commitment to insuring the MTA, earlier this month it issued cat bonds to the public through a subsidiary. The MTA ultimately raised $200 million in coverage for the next three years. Meanwhile, investors in its cat bonds got a debt security that’s not affected by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and returns a higher yield than a lot of other investments they can make right now—4.5% in this case. (For more details on how this works, see our recent discussion of the mechanics of cat bonds here.)

With so much of the world underinsured—and with what certainly looks to be a steady rise in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather—there’s clearly lots to be made betting on calamity.

Disaster capitalism = Psychopathy…profiting from the pain and suffering of others should be criminalized. Lets not lose sight of how many disasters are caused by weather modification and cloud seeding.

Signs Of Change The Past Week…Or So ~ July 2013 Part 2

This is the first I’ve seen of underground fires erupting, which could mean that as the Earth continues to expand there are areas where rising magma is getting very close to the surface. It’s kind of hard to tell, but it looks like you can see the magma through one of the openings in the ground.  How will these fires interact with rising methane and hydrogen sulfide gases, and are the two related? Should be the next logical question…


Epic rainfall devastates Toronto: More than a month’s rain falls in less than 2 hours – ‘like nothing we’ve ever seen’

July 9, 2013TORONTO, CANIt is official: the epic rainfall in Toronto on Monday afternoon that drenched highways, had cars bobbing up and down in rainwater and overwhelmed 911 was an extreme weather event. No, experts say, it wasn’t because of climate change. But yes, we will likely see more storms like it. “This is likely the wettest moment in Toronto’s history,” David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, said on Monday evening while rain was still falling. “By the end, we may have a new all-time one-day record.” More than 90 millimeters of rainfall was recorded at Pearson International Airport in just two hours, starting at about 4:30 p.m. To put it in perspective, the wettest day in Toronto was Oct. 15, 1954, when Hurricane Hazel slammed the city and 121.4 millimeters of rainfall was recorded over the entire day. The wettest July day in the city was July 28, 1980, when 118.5 millimeters of rain fell — again, over the entire day. July usually gets about 75 millimeters of rain in the entire month. That’s why Monday’s rainfall was epic. “All of that rain, it fell in less than two hours,” Phillips said. “It’s just incredible.” Brian Edwards, a meteorologist with forecasting service, said a cluster of extremely slow-moving thunderstorms was responsible for the deluge. “It was almost as if the system refused to move . . . it stood there and rained and rained,” he said. “Nobody could have guessed at the amount of rain it would unleash.” Flooding was inevitable, Edwards said, adding that no infrastructure can possibly handle that kind of rain. But Phillips points out that Toronto, like other cities, is becoming more vulnerable to flooding as more of it is covered with asphalt. Building materials are impervious to rain and so “we end up with flash floods,” he said. Making things worse, the ground had still not absorbed all the water from earlier storms by the time the big downpour hit, so there was nowhere for the rainwater to escape.
Phillips says we are not finished yet — there is “another line of thunderstorms coming our way.” Are there similar extreme weather events in Toronto’s future? Phillips says Monday’s rainfall wasn’t due to climate change, “but it is consistent with what we may see in the future: heavy rains in short periods. Nature is giving us a preview of what we may soon see.” As temperatures rise globally, so do the chances of extreme weather. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said in its 2012 report that short, powerful rains, hurricanes, heat waves and droughts will intensify. By the end of this century, the average global temperature could rise anywhere between 1.6 and 4.4 degrees C, it said. Closer to home, a report from the Toronto Environment Office released late last year predicts dramatic changes in weather between 2040 and 2050. –The Star  


4MIN News June 21, 2013: Destabilization Signals, Flooding, M2 Solar Flare

4-minute Earth and space weather news for June 21, 2013:


Energy Source of TORNADOES & Manipulation ☆ James McCanney w/ Joyce Riley 05.29.2013

Jim’s one of the most well respected scientists in his field of science and cosmology, this is a VERY important interview on weather. Aside from being manipulated something else is affecting the severity of storms and other unusual weather patterns. Jim also covers a wide range of “Tier Two Faery Tale” science topics and why the public is being fed bad science, all the way through college we’re being kept in the dark and lied to.


Teacher, scientist, author and radio host James McCanney will join The Power Hour today to discuss recent weather events and describe the possibility or potential of weather enhancement or manipulation.

James McCanney Science Hour May 23, 2013

from, 26th May 2013

James McCanney says he believes the wild weather for the last 2 months was caused by a strong electrical connection with Saturn and he spends about 34 mins of this show talking about it including a clip from a show that did not air last week. He says the Saturn connection has gone but astrophysicist Piers Corbyn says there is worst to come…. Piers is not very often wrong… [Piers predicted tornadoes in the United States for the 3 day period, 26th to 29th and there were in fact 76 tornado’s in 10 states.] I would like to add that the recent bout of solar flares and CME’s might have added to the bumper cosmic energy supply. WHATEVER, IF YOU LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES IN AN AREA THAT IS PRONE TO TORNADOES OR IF YOU THINK BEING HIT BY GIANT HAIL IS A PROBLEM, THEN DOWNLOAD THE FREE MAY LONG TERM WEATHER ADVISORY. Download WeatherAction USA May forecast with likely main threatened areas 25-29 May (.pdf) & Source link

Download File JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_23_2013.mp3

2) Streaming Version of MP3 7 meg file using real player … click on link below (will only play on “real player”)

Streaming JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_23_2013.mp3


Extreme Weather Phenomena Escalating Worldwide

Published on May 7, 2013

SuspectSky SuspectSky

Over the past year the world has experienced unprecedented and bizarre weather phenomena – from record breaking heat and cold to increasing earthquake activity worldwide. It’s not just global warming, but rather, a system wide surge of strange weather activity.

This video compiles extreme earth changes and weather events, with footage including meteors entering the atmosphere, sinkholes opening up worldwide, the discovery of dark lightning, increasing volcano activity, and a uniquely unusual UFO sighting in Ireland.

While this video does NOT imply extreme weather is a result of human activity – it does suggest that climate change is real and occurring all around us. Whatever the source, one may ask – will extreme weather define our world’s history for decades to come?