HAWAII: Lava Fire Hose Continues As Surface Flows Crawl Downslope (Feb. 26, 2017)

Note: Pele’s alive and well on the Big Island, this amazing event is happening just 20 miles south of my home.

Lava flow is how new land is created for future generations to survive and thrive 🙂

HAWAII’S EXPLOSIVE NEW YEAR: Electric Sky Anomaly, Massive Delta Collapse and Exploding Lava

Note: In addition to the magnificent ascension energy’s pummeling the Hawaiian islands, the New Year has heralded some interesting events on land, water and the skies! 2017 is already proving to be an interesting ride….stay buckled-up and keep hands & feet in the car, there may be some turbulence ahead as we forge into untraversed waters. Blessings for you and yours in 2017! Much love to ALL, {~A~}


‘Electric Sky Anomaly’ over Hawaii | Electromagnetic pulse?
January 2, 2017: Really bizarre moment captured on camera over the Pacific Ocean in the sky near Hawaii. Have never seen anything like it and leave it entirely up to you to interpret however you wish…

Huge Lava Delta Collapse In Hawaii (Dec. 31, 2016)
Video courtesy the National Park Service

Exploding Lava At Hawaii Ocean Entry (Jan. 2, 2017)
Video courtesy Epic Lava Tours

26 Jul 2016 | Mt. Sakurajima explosive eruption, plume reaches 5000m, highest on record #Sakurajima

Note: Mt Sakurajima welcomes the Day-Out-of-Time, as Earth approaches the 8-8-8 Lions Gate Portal our Earth Mother welcomes the Sirian energy’s to our realms…


Last time the plume reached 5000m was in August 2013. The second last time was in 2006. 5000 meters is the highest on record per Japanese media. Source: JNN, ANN, TBS.

(NEW UPDATE) Worldwide Situational Update!!! PROJECT INCENSION

Note: This update was previously posted with several other video’s covering imminent earth changes. At this stage, I feel the data  is worthy of a replay for those who missed the first post. This is info you can try showing to people who are waking-up, or still unaware of what’s unfolding with the planet.

I showed it to a friend last week, he left my house rather dazed and confused that evening – it was evident the data presented definitely impacted his perspective of the world 🙂

Much love, {~A~}


PROJECT INCENSION: Interviewing: Miq’mac elder, former sgt. pattie l brassard, US Army Freedom Team/ NASA Contractor Black Projects Contractor, Computer Communications. & Her Grace – thirteenth white bare klan mother: karen ann lucyk macdonald & Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen USAF on (NEW UPDATE) Worldwide Situational Update – OILS SPILLS, LEY LINES, RADIATION COUNTS PLANETARY, N.AMERICA TO UK- AFRICA- FUKISHIMA JAPAN, RADNET ,GAMMA ++ READINGS, WORLD GRAVITY CHANGES, SALINE, POLE SHIFT, CLIMATE WARMING TEMPS@ 30,000 FT/SE SURFACE, BETA READINGS ,DUMBS military bases, flash earth.

4/03/2016 — Amazing Eruption in South Japan at Sakurajima Volcano — Static Discharge Lightning ~ Dutchsinse

April 3, 2016

A large blast occurred overnight (April 3 2016 early AM) at Sakurajima Volcano in South Japan.

The volcanic eruption produced large flows of lava, and plumes of ash reaching multiple kilometers into the sky.

The ascending ash produced multiple impressive displays of static discharge lightning, ranging in color from blue and green, to white, purple and yellow.

The lightning is produced by friction between the hot billowing clouds of ash, and the colder moist air surrounding the volcano which resides in South Japan near the ocean.

Watch the volcano on live stream here:



3/28/16 Three MAJOR Volcanic Eruptions in 24hrs: Alaska’s Pavlof, Mexico’s Popocatepetl and Japan’s Sakurajima

Pavlof Volcano Erupts/20,000 Ft. Ash/Northern Ring of Fire
Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano Spews Ash 20,000 Feet Into Air

Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano Spews Ash 20,000 Feet Into Air
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A volcano on Alaska’s Aleutian Islands erupted Sunday afternoon and sent ash 20,000 feet into the air, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Our Website http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com
American Meteor Society, http://www.amsmeteors.org/ http://www.livemeteors.com/ http://www.spaceweatherradio.com/

Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano Erupts

Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano has erupted, spewing a 2,000 metre-high column of gas and ash. The last time it erupted was in 2000, and more than 40,000 people had to be evacuated from the local area.

Footage courtesy of WEBCAMSDEMEXICO.COM.

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3/28/2016 — Large eruption in South Japan at Sakurajima Volcano — HD

March 26, 2016 into March 27th (1 day ago) Just before Pavlof volcano in Alaska began erupting, a very large blast occurred at Sakurajima Volcano in South Japan, followed by several other blasts overnight.

Tourists were fairly close to the volcano when it sent off the first blast, also captured on JMA webcams (links below). Luckily for the tourists, the blasts pyroclastic flow (and ash fallout) blew in the opposite direction.

If the wind was blowing towards the tourists, this may have been an entirely different story involving injuries. It might not be too wise to be in close proximity to this active volcano.


First the HD view from the tourists who were nearby the volcano when it erupted, followed by the JMA webcams showing the South flanks of Sakurajima.


JMA live stream of Sakurajima:


Tears of Pele`~ Volcanic Explosion: Kīlauea Volcano’s Halemaʻumaʻu Crater #Volcano 09 Jan 2016

USGS HVO. http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/multimedia/
KHON 2 Hawaii. http://khon2.com/
A rockfall on the east rim of the summit vent within Kīlauea Volcano’s Halemaʻumaʻu Crater triggered a small explosive event at 3:51 a.m., HST, on January 8, 2016. Explosive events like this occur more frequently when the lava lake level is relatively high, as it has been this past week—around 30-35 m (100-115 ft) below the vent rim. Rocks in the vent wall expand as they are heated by the high temperature of the lava lake and become unstable. Sections of these unstable rocks can then collapse into the lava lake.

Colima Mexico Volcano, one of Earth’s Tetrahedron Vertexes, Erupting

Colima Mexico Volcano, one of Earth’s Tetrahedron Vertexes, Erupting
Courtesy Tawa, Colima, Mexico

“Rudolf Steiner then draws a map (see Lecture 10, page 194) showing a tetrahedron with a vertex at the South pole, another vertex at the Colima volcano in central Mexico (latitude 19.6° !) a 3rd vertex in the Caucasus near Mount Ararat in Turkey and the 4th vertex over in Japan. Volcanoes form along these edges because the four triangles have not been thrown together with complete accuracy so that volcanoes can spew out along the weak or open areas of this “seam.” Although Steiner’s tetrahedron is tilted a bit compared to Hoagland’s, nonetheless the principle still holds because there are a number of interpenetrating tetrahedra which can be better understood when one generates the other four Platonic solids: octahedron, cube, icosahedron and dodecahedron from the fundamental tetrahedron. At the very end of the lecture, Steiner expresses a fundamental principle of geosophy in connecting geometrical forms with the formation of the human body.”

The Evolution of the Earth and Man and The Influence of the Stars
Schmidt Number: S-5944
On-line since: 15th December, 2005


Music “Mozart – Laudate Dominum”


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VIDEO: Big Lava Breakout Filmed From Helicopter, November 26, 2015

Video by Mick Kalber of Tropical Visions Video aboard Paradise Helicopters.

PUNA, Hawaii – A huge breakout on the north flank of the Puʻu ʻŌʻō vent on the East Rift Zone of Kilauea volcano is sending waves of molten lava cascading downslope. Video of the event was recorded on Thanksgiving by Mick Kalber, filming from a Paradise Helicopters overflight.

Kalber says the tube opening begins about 150 yards below the vent and over the past two days has sent hot liquid rock more than a quarter mile down the north flank.

The breakout was noted in today’s USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory eruption update. “A breakout close to Puʻu ʻŌʻō was prominently visible on a nearby webcam beginning yesterday afternoon and continuing through the night,” scientists wrote. “The lava flow is not currently threatening any communities.”


Finding Voices Radio with Dan Brock, Joe Marra & Tolec

A panel discussion between Dan Brock, Joe Marra of Guiding Lite Radio, Tolec of the Andromeda Council and Maarten Horst, host of Finding Voices Radio –

cover many contemporary topics having to do with this dynamic era of earth changes we are living in, varying levels of spiritual &
emotional awareness & higher dimensional consciousness, ways to find moments of peace & contemplation, personal experiences
having to do with each panel members awakening process and more… are all discussed. Enjoy.