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RETURN OF THE DRAGON: “Stray Earth Currents” Hazards of Man-Made Magnetism, Parts 3 & 4

Part Three of four:

 By David Yarrow 

“Too bad you couldn’t stay in New York City with me.
I finally met an Aztec elder I’d been looking for.
He’d made a painting of the Western Hemisphere
as if seen from a satellite from far off in outer space.
He portrayed North and South American continents
as if they were a single dragon.
You would’ve loved it!
The tip of its tail was Tierra del Fuego of South America,
and its tail was the Andes.
Its body was Central America and the Rocky Mountains,
which curled up around Alaska
and down under the middle of North America.
Then it turned north and its neck was the Appalachians.
Its head was all those places white men call “new”:
— New York, New Jersey, New England, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia.
And one eye of this great creature
was New York City.”
— Leon Shenandoah, Tadodaho (or Chief of Chiefs)
of the Grand Council of the Haudenosaunee
(or Six Nations Confederacy; the Iroquois League)
The Electric Age was born only 164 years ago in Albany, New York, in a red sandstone edifice beside the Capitol of the Empire State. There, in 1829, Joseph Henry harnessed the Principle of Magnetic Induction to build the first electric motor.

At the turn of the century, at the Empire State’s other end, the power of Niagara Falls was harnessed. Spinning magnetic turbines transformed water power into electric fire. A great rush was on to spin complex webs of wires across North America. Soon electric lines led to every factory, office, home, and farm. The Electric Age dramatically and totally transformed America’s lifestyles and consciousness — and the world.

Few questioned the electric genie’s marvelous gifts. Fewer still realized the Dragon is being awakened.

Three quarters of a century later, in 1974, Dr. Nancy Wertheimer began a study in Denver that linked powerline magnetism to childhood leukemia. Now, after two decades, a vast body of research has revealed man-made electromagnetism (EM) adversely affects many delicate biological processes: bone growth, cell communication, biocycles, blood cells, neurochemistry, genetic replication, immune system, and more. Today, the weight of evidence now reveals our EM genie is assaulting us on all fronts.

Yet, our technological society runs so completely on EM, there’s no escape from its all-penetrating influence. EM pollution is among the most alarming issues of the 1990s. Our addiction to the EM wizard’s entrancing wonders is so total, even the most insightful, penetrating articles on EM hazards fail to mention the one true cure: use less electricity However, much more than the slow rise of human cancer results from our sudden increased EM use in the last 100 years. Field investigations in Wisconsin, Minnesota and other states have shown how improper design, construction and grounding of electric distribution systems threaten the health of dairy herds and humans — even the entire ecosystem.

While Dr. Wertheimer conducted her survey in urban Denver, electrical engineer Spark Burmaster installed wind turbines, solar electric panels and other alternate energy systems on farms in rural Wisconsin. Soon, like Nancy, Spark found himself following a trail of evidence that EM technology is hazardous to health. But while Nancy revealed dangers of invisible, mysterious magnetism, Spark studied undesirable electric effects. Both led us — plodding, blindfolded, reluctant — face-to-phase with the Dragon.


Dairy Herd Health

In his work on often isolated farms, Spark learned many suffered serious herd health problems that reduced productivity and undermined farm profitability. Over the years Spark’s and other’s lists of these health problems grew to over 60 items. No farmer reported all conditions, but all farms suffered many. Almost always problems were persistent and resisted medical or other treatment. Indeed, medical analysis failed to identify a cause. Farmers complained of high vet bills from numerous treatments, with vet comments like: “I really don’t know what’s wrong.”

Common, significant items included:

  • HEALTH: High and/or erratic somatic cell counts; Erratic mastitis flare-ups; Poor, dull hair coat; Lice infestations; Rashes or symptoms of mange; Symptoms of milk fever at unlikely times; Inflamed sphincter valve, even on unmilked heifers; Digestive system problems, such as losing cud, eating stones or dirt; Tarnish discharge from eyes, nostrils, ears; Yellow skin; Blood specks on hair; Legs buckling, staggering, gait labored; Swelling in hocks and knees, lumps at joints; Foot problems, especially tenderness, stress ring, foot curl; Skin sores that won’t heal on joints, pinbones, or places cows bump against stalls; Average herd age falling, very few old cows; Unusual, unexplained sudden deaths; Cows dehydrate, go downhill and die; Groups of one inch range lumps on body sides; Slow growth in calves and heifers; High calf death rate; Calves with burnt knees, pus, abscesses, inability to suck, rolled tongue, sore gums, diarrhea, loose hair. 
  • PRODUCTION: Milkout slow, erratic, uneven; Drastic daily changes in milk poundage and cell count; Milk production and feed consumption low, no appreciable increase regardless of feed; Drying up time erratic; Production peaks early and not holding. 
  • BREEDING: Low and erratic conception rates; Increased fetal resorption and abortion rates, even at eight months; False, erratic, unusual, silent heats, often several at once; Abnormally high birth defect rates.


Mystery Diseases

This welter of extensive symptoms and diverse sickness confused and mystified farmers and vets. Many vets referred to “Mystery Cow Disease.” Such euphemisms shed no light on causes and cures of very real economic threats to farmers. Conventional medical attempts at remedies failed, and these farms’ financial survival were in doubt. Cows weren’t the only animals with abnormal symptoms. Pigs, too, were plagued by reproductive problems and mass die offs of litters. Farmers reported sudden, simultaneous squealing of confined pigs. Vets muttered about “Mystery Pig Disease.”

Cats, also, were sickly, with matted hair, bloody or other discharges from eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. These cats subsequently died. Keeping cats out of the barn often helped. A few cats seem to do OK on these farms. Litters born up in hay mows are alright until they come down to ground, then develop symptoms. Farmers also noted small wildlife — gophers, mice, groundhogs, worms, etc. — vanished from their farms.However, non-medical researchers like electrical engineer Spark saw cow behavior as real clues to causes of this bovine distress, as if cattle, by their actions, tried to convey a message they couldn’t put in words. Obviously something was making cows — not merely uneasy — but anxious and depressed.

  • BEHAVIOR: Reluctance (sometimes frantic) to enter milk parlor, barn or stall, then quick to leave; Reluctance to lay down in stalls; Cows, at erratic times, show nervousness and stress: flared nostrils, bugged eyes, ears pointed, arched backs, tense muscles, pulling on neck straps, pushing against stanchion, kicking at underside, bellowing; Cows lap water from trough or bowls, refuse to drink from drinking cups; Water consumption poor or erratic; Cows refuse or jittery to drink from barnyard waterer; Cows kick milkers off; Frequent urination problems, some avoid urinating in gutters; On some farms, wet weather is worse, on others, dry weather is worse; Suddenly, simultaneously, during milking, cows begin frantic dancing, vigorous tail twitching (even if no flies are present), bellowing, which lasts a few minutes, followed by milk letdown interruption, uneven milkout and general nervousness.




Electric Clues

The cause of these troubles definitely wasn’t the cows, because moving problem cattle to another farm brought immediate, dramatic relief Spark noted with interest calf symptoms were relieved by putting them in hutches away from a barn, or on wood surfaces elevated off the ground or floor.

Even more revealing were odd electric troubles. These gave Spark solid evidence to substantiate a hunch hinted by cow behavior.

  • Lots of incandescent bulb failures, often in groups; occasionally one explodes.
  • Computers must be surge protected against periodic failure.
  • Radio and TV interference often affects houses for miles around.
  • Radio and TV failures; repairmen say the set was hit by lightning, though it wasn’t.
  • Many electric motor burn-outs, often in batches; on study, protective devices are OK but coils are burnt.
  • Shocks received from water lines or faucets.
  • Noisy phones; many service calls; chronic false rings.
  • Accelerated corrosion of well casings.
  • Frequent burn-out of submersible well pumps, especially for “end-of-line” farms.
  • Standby generators fail if left plugged in with live wires disconnected, neutral connected and power on.
  • Frequent vehicle alternator failures; systems go haywire; no definite cause.
  • Dead batteries won’t recharge; premature battery failures; simultaneous failure of vehicles parked in one place.
  • Circuit breakers overheat yet measures don’t show over- current.
  • Watthour meters continue to run, even if all loads disconnected.
  • Frequent pole fires and transformer failures.
  • Grounding changes, on and off farm, have unexpected effects.

It was clear to Spark these farms had electric wiring problems. But what generated these electric disorders? How do they cause such diverse medical, mechanical and behavior problems? Most important: what is their cure? Modern farms incorporate a complexity of electric hardware: lights, pumps, refrigeration, purifiers, electric fences, motors, generators, intercoms, CB radios, and more. Usually they’re slowly added on, upgraded, replaced, repaired, serviced one by one over years — even decades — often by several owners. Where does an EM sleuth like Spark begin?

Shocking Discovery

Most things in life, like entering — or building — a building, begin at the ground. So too, electric (fire) wire is usually clamped to water pipes which — buried in earth — are “grounded.” Spark buried a metal stake outside in an area free of electric equipment, then ran shielded wire inside to waterpipes. He then hooked pipe to wire with a voltmeter — and wasn’t surprised his meter read significant unwanted volts.

Voltages on waterpipes (often milk lines, too) were usually AC; usually 60 Hz and its harmonics, but sometimes other frequencies. Problem farms had more voltage than non-problem farms; the best non-problem farms had minimal or no voltage. Also, voltages were usually continuous, but often intermitent.

Clearly electricity from barn wires was leakimg to waterpipes. Water consumption and milk production went up and down inversely to voltage on waterpipes. This explained a few — but not all — symptoms. For one, if a cow drank from a water cup, its tongue and lips got a shock. If waterlines contact stanchions, cows get a jolt when they touch a stanchion. If waterlines cross milk lines, teats get a jolt when a milker is attached, so cows try to kick them off. Such shocks will make us at least nervous and jumpy, anxious and depressed in extreme. Milking parlors became bovine horror chambers.

Stray Voltage

This simple scenario is deceptive: it offers no cure, and reality is far more complex. Simple cures involve two steps: 1) isolate electric ground from pipes; 2) find and fix stray voltage sources.

Isolation is done two ways: 1) detach the electric ground from waterpipes and reconnect it to a stake outside; or 2) replace a short section of metal waterpipe at the service entrance with nonconducting PVC plastic; then reattach the ground to the outside metal pipe. This isolates inside pipes from ground wire voltages.

This may fail for two simple reasons: 1) more than one ground attaches to water lines, 2) the problem is more complex than voltage on waterlines. Both are usually the case. For one, most barns have several grounds strapped to pipes several places. Multiple grounds need be collected into a single cable strapped to waterpipes at their entry to a building.

Finding stray voltage sources — tedious, time consuming — begins at the fusebox. First, all circuits are disconnected at the fusebox. At this point a voltmeter should read “0” and the utility meter should be motionless. If the meter continues to spin, there’s a short to ground and you pay for electricity you never even use.

Then, one by one, power is restored to each circuit and voltmeter watched. If a reconnected circuit causes a meter rise, an offending circuit is found. Seldom is a problem in one circuit.Often stray voltages aren’t continuous. For example, refrigerator compressors operate intermittently, and their first moments of operation draw heavy current. Investigators must pay attention to such “non-linear” loads, which show no voltage when not operating, a brief high spike in initial operation, and low voltage the rest of their operation. One clue to this are erratic outbursts of frantic cow behavior.

In offending circuits, devices are disconnected until an offender is found; often more than one generates stray voltage. Each must be studied to learn how it generates stray volts. Sometimes a device is improperly wired or installed, or has shorts to ground. Sometimes a problem is simple. A fusebox may be poorly wired. Utility service is 3-wire: two “hot” wires and “neutral.” Volts across two hot wires is 240; one hot wire and neutral is 120. It’s like a teeter-totter: hot wires are seats at the ends; neutral the pivot between. If “loads” at both hot seats are equal, our board balances.

Some fuseboxes had most 120 circuits wired to one hot wire; the other had few, creating “unbalanced loads” between the two sides of the 240 supply. Neutral compensates for this with volts that show up on ground wires.

Electric Floors

Tracing stray volts is difficult. On one farm, cows were reluctant to enter a barn. Tests eventually found voltage on rebar and wire in concrete floors. Result: a floor electrified. Voltage may be limited to one floor section, but often a whole floor is electrified. Another sign is reluctance to pee in a barn; urine — an electrolyte — transmits shock from charged floor to bovine ureter.

Dr. Bob Scott, Shoreview, MN veterinarian, explains why cows are vulnerable to stray voltage. “Cows live in crowded environments. Barns, corrals and housing are thoroughly invaded by wires, pipes, electric circuits, machines. Cows walk barefoot on wet concrete, a fair electric conductor, while farmers wear rubber boots. Cows weigh up to 1000 pounds carried on narrow hooves, so electric contact between cow and concrete is good.”

Rebar and wire, along with plumbing, can form a unified electric grid. Some farmers had to jackhammer concrete to isolate this grid in sections. A few had to put in whole new floors. Electric floors are compounded in buildimgs with foil-backed insulation — an excellent conductor to spread stray volts around. With sheet metal roof, buildings are giant electric capacitors able to accumulate large charges of electrons. Sudden release of this electric energy can form surge currents; voltage is seldom high, but current can be great.

Biological effects of stray volts on animals is unknown and open to speculation. One obvious symptom is sudden heart attacks. Careful research is needed to examine these effects. Minnesota vet Dr. Bob Scott offers insights, “All important body processes are magnificent unconscious, automatic systems governed by very small electric impulses. The heart, for one, is monitored and directed by electric current; all body processes depend on these tiny currents; nerve impulse transmission is impossible without electricity. The vagus nerve is involved in all these wonderful automatic systems. Large current introduced through bare feet can have adverse results.”



Sparking Controversy

In 1991 Spark drove me across rural Wisconsin pointing out empty farmhouses and barns. Farmers, facing failing production and deepening financial debt, had quit. The tally of hollow buildings was disturbing. Spark pointed out the telltale streaks on barn, silo and house roofs. Often failed farms were in clusters, suggesting geographic factors.

Utilities, first confronted with field data from affected farms, denied any problem. The idea volts leak out via ground wires doesn’t seem alarming. An immediate assumption is it’s local, affecting individual buildings. Utilities also denied the troubles are a liability to them.

Farmers were forced to sue to get attention and relief. Lawsuits are expensive, especially for a financially pressed farmer. A positive judgement was uncertain, since there was no scientific proof. Nonetheless, a few pursued legal redress and scientific understanding. Utilities dereided advocates as “stray voltage nuts.”

In court, power company strategy was to deny problems to limit their liability. One tactic was to call an “expert witness” — usually a PhD in Electrical Engineering. These hired brainboys testified if electric users followed “the code,” there wouldn’t be these problems — in theory. But slowly the weight of evidence grew. Persistent presentations of case histories and field data by farmers and qualified researchers, Utilities reluctantly confessed stray volts exist, and are a public concern.

State governments agreed, and “Stray Voltage Advisory Committees” appeared in several Midwest states. Spark was appointed to a State of Wisconsin version. Stray Voltage Response teams were assembled by university, Extension and utilities to study stray volt cases; in ’93 they held a first-ever Stray Voltage Conference.

But utilities insisted troubles are improper end use, or due to building and wiring codes — not the power supply — and are local problems on individual farms. They continue to underplay the situation and deny disturbing realities in accumulating field data.

In 1993, a turning point came. In a farmer’s lawsuit for damages against utilities from stray volts, the utility’s primary expert testified, “there are definite stray voltage problems on farms, in part due to power grid design.” Their expert said utilities stonewall truth obvious in field data, and must face facts and address problems. Now it was time for the other shoe to drop.


Grounded Utility WiresYears of field investigations taught Spark the many faces of stray voltage and their remedies. But still, stubborn cases would improve, but never clear up completely. Often a farm showed drops in stray volts, but still had symptoms. On a visit to such a farm, Spark stood by the barn pondering its persistent plague. His eyes wandered over pastures and cornfields to utility poles on the highway strung with two cables.

This rattled Spark’s notion of proper electric engineering, so he went to inspect closely. To his surprise, the utility had a wire on each pole from the neutral into the ground — likely done for lightning protection. But neutral isn’t ground. Any imbalance between loads on the two hots of our electric teeter-totter will appear as voltage on neutral. This will generate a flow of electrons down a ground wire into the earth.

Spark did his quick test to check for electric current. Sure enough, his “buzzbox” emitted loud snarls when held next to each ground wire. Significant current was draining from power grid neutral into the earth — on every ground wire on every pole at the farm’s edge.

Questions flooded Spark’s mind. For one: Once in earth, where do stray electrons wander? But the crucial question: Do electrons escaping utility wires affect farms? Spark did a quick, simple test: snipped ground wires on each pole by the farm, thus shutting off the ground currents. Back in the barn, tests showed no stray voltage remained. And cows, put in a field they normally avoided, grazed contentedly, with no sign of discomfort.

Spark took a slow, careful look at this new leak in the electric grid. After days of thought, professional talks and tests at other farms, the implications began to settle clearly in his mind. Spark saw fundamental flaws in the way the utility grids are wired. Definition of these electric problems as “stray voltage” underrates the situation — a misleading label.

Current, Not Voltage

“Volt” measures electric pressure, much like water pressure — the amount of force pushing electrons. Volt is potential energy; electrons necessarily don’t go anywhere; it quantifies the force ready to propel them into motion. When points of different electric pressure — that is, volts — are connected, electrons flow from high voltage to low. Potential energy becomes kinetic when static electric pressure cascades electrons into motion as current (like a stream of water).

Farm problems aren’t stray voltage, but stray current, as electrons wander outside electric wires. “Stray voltage” is a narrow, static view with restricted implications. “Stray current” broadens our view to a dynamic one with serious technical, biological and legal implications.

Vet Bob Scott is more emphatic: “Military strategists for centuries knew if you confuse your enemy by putting up smoke screens, your campaign will be more successful. Utilities have a terrific smoke screen in the very phrase ‘stray voltage.’ They want us to accept ‘stray voltage’ is separate from ‘ground currents’ — both alternating and direct. Remember: anyone powerful enough to buy a train of coal a day has enough power to control rules of what they do. If we ignore ground currents and accept the short sighted misnomer ‘stray voltage,’ we kill off these farmers financially. Every citizen will ultimately pay a terrible price.”

But, deeper, Spark saw serious flaws in design and construction of electric power grids. Not just one simple detail of grounded neutrals. Rather, the grid is like farm wiring — a patchwork of equipment and ideas wired together bit by bit over decades in response to immediate need and general theory lacking a coherent plan subject to careful design tests in field conditions. Remember: power grids are new technology — flung up in the last century.

The looking glass of accepted electric science says electrons travel in “closed loops” — or “circuits” — that is, circles. Electron currents generated at a power plant travel in hot wires to distant sites to be used by a “load.” From the load, electrons are said to return full circle to the generator by the path of least resistance — that is, by utility neutral wires.

Stray Ground Currents

That’s theory; now reality. Spark says, “Electrons don’t take ONLY the path of least resistance, but ALL available paths. So power grid electrons flow down ground wires as stray currents in pipes, soil, buildings, and more.”

Unbalanced loads between split hot wires require neutral to compensate for differences. Voltage appears on neutrals and electrons flow down ground wires to form earth currents. A structure or pasture in the path of these currents may be affected by wandering electrons.

Dr. Scott agrees, “Electrons flow in any circuit and take advantage of ALL paths to ground. This forces our system to be all connected to ground. This sounds good, but really exposes us to unnecessary electric energies.” Thus, electrons leaking from utility wires via grounds flow as stray earth currents. Instead of a single circuit via utility wires, wandering electrons form multiple loops. This puts extra loads on power grids — and loads of holes in power supply theory. What these currents do to us and ecosystems is unasked, unanswered.

Power substations are arrays of large transformers. Each transformer has a primary winding (wire coil), and one or more secondary coils. Neutrals of primary and secondaries are grounded, so stray earth currents can focus on substations. Nearby residents are affected not only by magnetism, as Dr. Wertheimer discovered, but also by stray earth currents.

Where ever stray electrons wander, they negatively affect animal and human health with tiny electric currents that irritate, accelerate metal corrosion or burn out electric equipment. They also form electric currents in fields, changing animal behavior, such as grazing.

Field researchers note stray current effects occur most frequently at end-of-the-line farms and homes. It seems stray currents are generated more intensely at distribution network endpoints. Spark speculates electrons travel between adjacent distribution lines to compensate for unbalanced loads.




Medical Support

Minnesota dairy farmer Dave Lusty had herd health troubles attributed to stray voltage. When attempts at the usual on-farm remedies failed, Lusty resorted to cutting ground wires on utility poles leading to his farm. The result was a dramatic drop in herd problems.

However, the utility contested his action, insisting ground wires be reconnected. Before the lines were regrounded, Lusty had Dr. Dan Hartsell, of one of Minnesota’s largest vet clinics, give his cows exams. Dr. Hartsell profiled the herd by standardized grading used to classify cows prior to purchase. Further, Lusty had a local hospital appraise cow blood samples.

A short time after the utility reconnected its ground wires, herd distress symptoms returned. After a month, Dr. Hartsell redid his appraisal, and the hospital evaluated more blood for before-&-after comparisons. Results were dramatic, revealing animals suffering severe stress and declining milk production. Blood samples showed clearly cows had lower resistance to infection and indications of disturbed immune systems.

The typical pattern followed: cows went to ruin or the butcher and the farm fell into failure, again invaded by stray currents.Lusty, frustated in every attempt to reason personally and legally with the utility, started The Electrical Research Foundation (TERF) to sponsor scientific and legal research of electric pollution — and educate farmers and public of dangers of poorly designed electric grids.

Then, in summer 1992, the NY Times quoted Wisconsin Power & Light that perhaps 20 percent of its electrons escape down ground wires. I told Spark the 20 percent. He was country classic emphatic: “Bullshit! Field measures by competent researchers show 50-70 percent of grid electrons leak to earth! They still don’t want to face facts and admit they got serious problems due to how they built their grid!”

These figures are immense, with essentially unknown implications! Utilities assert 50-70% is exaggerated, and stray ground currents are “problems only in isolated, local areas.” They dispute the impact on animals and humans.


Sick Home Syndrome

Discovery of stray voltage and currents took place in rural areas where homes and farms are scattered — often isolated. Levels of EM invasion and pollution are relatively low.

Cities, however, are a different reality. Urban areas are penetrated by power, phone & TV lines, water, gas & sewer pipes, concrete, steel girders, plus EM pollution from cellular phones to TV antennas and other microwave emitters… In the ’90s Spark gave more attention to urban homes. His first investigations were startling.

Several of Spark’s first house clients had a new medical diagnosis: Environmental Illness (EI) — multiple sensitivity to molds, pesticides, foods, odors, and other chemicals. This illness isn’t well understood, but incidence of cases is mushrooming. Most victims have overloaded, hyper-reactive detoxication systems.

Spark observed a relationship between homes with stray electrons and mold infestations. Many EI patients are allergic to molds. To evaluate stray voltage/current in houses begins just like a farm. First establish an effective ground as electric zero reference by driving copper stakes deep in soil outside the house.

Next measure voltages inside the house. First test often is to measure the house water pipes, but also on beds, especially the headboard. Spark built a 2-D model of urban houses to illustrate how stray current from one house causes electric surges on wires and pipes in other houses. Cities, like barn floors, are wired in one vast equipotential electric grid.

Spark built special panels to attach to fuseboxes. At night homeowners flip a switch by their bed to trip relays that open all circuits at the box. All voltage and currents — stray and otherwise — in the home are killed. Most homeowners report a sound sleep the first night the device is installed.


Roof Streaks

A curious, consistent sign of invasion by stray electrons are gray, sometimes blackish, streaks on roofs — usually asphalt shingles, but also metal, tile or others. Streaks run vertically from eaves up to ridgetops. Similar streaks appear on silos, especially metal ones; wood silo tops darken, like weather stain. North-facing roofs streak strongest, suggesting electric phenomenon oriented to geomagnetism.

Roof streaks often accompany excess, premature blistering and peeling paint. Dry rot in wood under streaked roof eaves is also common. Roof age has no relation to streaks; often new roofs become streaked.

Streaks are frequent on city buildings. One house can be heavily streaked, yet the next has none. More often streaked houses are in batches — several on one street. Spark’s urban research included a neighborhood where every home had roof streaks. Data revealed every house had residents with serious afflictions: arthritis, diabetes, strokes, cancer… Further, each had a history of previous residents with similar diseases.

Currently no theory explains streaks. They must be a chemical reaction caused by electrons streaming over the roof. Lightning rod design says electrons gather on points and edges; perhaps stray current electrons mass on roof ridges. Spark comments, “Free electrons from faulty wiring or stray currents accumulate in a building like it’s a giant electric capacitor. Once a structure is charged up, humans, animals — maybe plants — in it are affected by micro-shocks. We know streaks are due to electricity, because once electric problems are fixed, streaks fade and disappear — in as few as 30 days.”

Common Ground

Farmers with stray voltage trouble commonly observe small wildlife — rodents to earthworms — decline or disappear. Lowly earthworm is Nature’s great plowman, foundation of healthy soil. In Chinese herb medicine, a nightcrawler is an earth dragon.

Worm departures warn of severely disturbed living communities that sustain soil fertility. That worms are driven out by electrified soil is undeniable, but what other effects stray currents have on soil ecosystems is unknown and unexamined. Soils are already stressed by chemicals; adding electric pollution may be too much for soil and its living communities.

However, increasingly confused animals wander outside their normal range, or fail to follow traditional migration paths. And spreading plagues among animals, such rabies among deer and raccoon. Most disturbing ecologically are unexplained disappearance of entire populations of frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders.

Again, the looking glass of accepted electric distribution theory says electrons that leak out of utility wires into soil return to their place of origin: generator, substation, or transformer.


Through the Looking Glass

However, awareness of the Dragon begs us to peek from behind science’s looking glass. To step through science’s looking glass beyond formulas of Analytical Mind, we must focus — not on single ecosystem elements — but instead see Earth-as-organism — as wholistic, holographic, dynamic unity.

Lightning rod design knows electrons accumulate on points. On Earth’s surface, mountains are equivalents to roof ridges. So electrons wandering from utility wires may accumulate on peaks and ridges. Perhaps these stray electrons — with acid rain, ozone and soil depletion — cause trees to die on high peaks.

A natural expression of EM in the ecosystem is weather, seen in collosal lightning releases of thunderstorms. Does pumping stray currents into Earth affect weather? Can it intensify storms, especially cold fronts which release loads of electric energy? Questions with no answers — and little relevant data.

Earth is alive. Deep bedrock, like animal bone, is piezoelectric crystal, much of it quartz. Piezoelectric crystals, squeezed mechanically, relieve that stress by physical vibration and emit radio-frequencies. At its heart, constantly bombarded by solar impulses, Earth’s magnetic field rings with complex EM energy waves.

This works in reverse: crystals — stimulated by electric current — will vibrate. EM pulses are very active in fracture zones at tectonic plate edges — those great sliding sheets Earth’s continents slowly ride on. Injecting massive megawatts of man-made electric currents into bedrock, especially at earthquake-prone zones, may affect this geotectonic system.

Gaia’s Magnetic Bubble

Scandanavian legend tells of Orouboros: In an age before time, a great dragon flew through the Heavens. Becoming tired, this dragon coiled in a ball, folded its wings and fell asleep. In time Earth grew around this sleeping dragon. The legend warns someday the dragon will awaken to continue its journey.

Legend is no fancy or fantasy, but archetypal image of forces that shape Reality. The Orouboros legend describes an early step needed to make a planet: form a magnetic bubble to capture starlight and matter. The coiled serpent depicts how ever-flowing flux of universal spacetime folds in on itself to create a free standing wave — a hollow space — a magnetic bubble. In this empty space, matter and energy are organized.

Like a fragile soap bubble blown by breezes, a magnetic bubble spins. But due EM’s odd multidimensional quirks, Gaia’a magnetic bubble is no simple sphere, but takes the shape of a torus, or donut, with a dimple at each end. This smoke ring is a spinning vortex which ever curls back on itself.

This spinning donut is a 3-D mobius matrix — electrons caught in it will revolve endlessly around this torus. Energies captured by this rotating donut membrane cause it to shimmer in rainbow colors like a soap bubble in sunlight. Earth’s polar aurora are only one evidence of this geomagnetic geometry.


Earth’s Natural Grid

This shimmering, spinning, hollow space is very fragile. To stabilize this frail smoke ring, Gaia forms a rigid grid to anchor key points into a fixed frame geometry. Specific frequencies spinning on the donut are locked into phase.

This standing wave creates a definite form with specific faces and nodal places fixed by Gaia’s grid geometry. This whirling, world-forming mass has a complex geometry, since magnetism, like other primary astronomical and nuclear forces, is more than 3-dimensional.

Thus, a spinning vortex aligns its frail structure into rigid-yet-fluid relation to 3-D physical space. The basic geometry of Earth’s Natural Grid is specific; it consists of three & five-sided elements: triangles & pentagons whose edges meet at fixed nodal points, or vertexes. In 3-D solid geometry, these forms are dodecahedron and icosahedron.

This icosa-dodedca geometry forms a fixed grid all across Earth’s surface. These geometries are a lock & key template to fix Gaia’s spinning magnetic bubble in stable orientation. So Earth has polarity to Sun, Moon, larger solar system, galactic energy flows. It also allows Earth to capture and hold an atmosphere.

Like magnetism, this Grid is extremely subtle, yet penetrates all physical substances. Like magnetism, Earth’s Natural Grid is invisible, yet organizes and directs the eddies and flows of subtle energies and physical matter. It even influences animal and human behavior. This icosa-dodeca geometry is Gaia’s crystal cat(hedral).


Dragon Paths

So Orouboros — ever flowing universal flux — becomes coiled magnetic bubble. Like a woman knitting a sweater, a skein of threads spin a rigid gossamer donut of magnetic flux. This hollow magnetic cavity captures molecules to condense a planet, hold an atmosphere and sustain life. An early step to weave this tapestry is a planet’s fundamental membrane: an ionosphere.

Gaia spins a crystal nest to capture air and oceans. Life gently gestates in “chemical soup” of early seas into complex lifeforms, up to self-conscious humans. Without the Grid’s stable geometry, conditions remain too chaotic to engender life’s delicate evolution.

Evidence abounds ancient cultures were aware of this global grid. Even evidence they manipulated this grid. Many associate the forces of the Earth Grid with dragons. In China, even today, there are lines across the land called dragon paths — marked for centuries by roads, temples, shrines, cemeteries, and distinct constructions.

In Britain, thanks to Alfred Watkins, grid lines are termed ley lines, though lately dragon path is heard often. Remember: King Arthur’s father was Uther Pendragon (the great dragon) Ancient Welsh legends refer to dragonslayers. Two are ennobled Christians: St. George & St. Michael. One of Britain’s strongest leys — St. Michael’s — runs southwest to Cornwall and Land’s End.

At Earth’s opposite end, Rainbow Serpent — unruly, enraged monster — was etched on cliffs by Australia’s Njamal aborigines in Upper Yule River long before whites set foot there. Legend says the Serpent sleeps in the Earth, guarding elemental forces outside human control. Disturbed, the Serpent will rise in a deluge of destruction and death. Hearing the aborigine’s litany of heartbreaking testimony of European contact, it seems the Serpent has begun to stir.




Awaken the Dragon

Traditional Chinese acupuncture has a needle technique called Seven Dragons. It says the body’s seven openings are each guarded by a dragon. If one is distracted or falls asleep in its protective watch, the body can be invaded by unbalanced forces or spirits. Stimulation with needles can awaken a slumbering silmarillion to drive out the evil spirit.

As this century began, Norwegian explorer Fridhof Nansen wrote of dancing dragons in polar heavens — luminous, writhing, flickering lights in frigid north skies (see Part One). These Aurora release multiple megawatts of power as charged particle streams from Sun pour into Earth through the dimples in Gaia’s magnetic bubble. Solar streams are visible as ionized oxygen and nitrogen in the upper atmosphere.

Man’s EM grid is a pale flashlight compared to this bonfire of geomagnetic emission. It seems unlikely man-made EM has much effect on Gaia’s EM power and structure. Yet, today, Earth is invaded and overrun with electric grids. Land is woven together by wire webs pulsing with power supply for industrial civilization. Cities — interlocked networks of water, sewer, power, communication, and other grids — are unified EM fields humming 60hz harmonics. (Gives new meaning to the D.C. phrase “gridlock.”)

These pulsing grids induce massive electron currents in Earth — underground currents whose existence, destination and effects are unknown. Nonetheless, we must now consider how our 60hz power grids affect Earth’s EM field. Geomancers realize man’s pulsing EM grid does indeed disturb the stability and form of Earth’s Grid.

Ecologists recognize power projects have immense ecological impacts — from physical construction, fuel mining & transport, disposal of combustion wastes (fly ash, heat & acid gases). Even before we confront EM pollution and stray currents leaking out of grids, electric power supply effects massive Earth devastation.

Science can only conjecture on effects stray currents have on Gaia’s. Undoutedly man-made currents are shaped and directed by geomagnetism. And disturbing the Grid loosens constraints on Gaia’s magnetic field, with dramatic effects on water and atmosphere.

Quite reasonably, electrons straying from utility grids leave Earth’s surface, attracted to EM centers in Gaia’s deep crystal clusters, since much of Earth is quartz and other piezoelectric crystal. Whatever effect man-made 60 hz pulsing earth currents have, it’s more via harmonic resonance than direct contact. It’s all music.


Eyes of the Dragon

Leon Shenandoah and I sat quietly for a time. In my mind’s eye I reflected on the Aztec elder’s dragon. His image fit the data of my own research into New World geomancy. After a long pause, I asked Leon, “Tell me, where’s the heart of darkness in the Aztec dragon’s eye?”

Leon was silent for moments, considering what I really asked — what the answer might be. The Legend of the Peacemaker is a Haudenosaunee tradition that describes the founding of the Five Nations Confederacy. In it,Tadodaho — a powerful, evil wizard who lived by Onondaga Lake, whose mind was so twisted and malevolent snakes lived in his hair — was the last man to oppose the Path of Peace.

Today, Leon — humble expression of grandfatherly gentleness, strength and wisdom — is Tadodaho, Firekeeper of the Confederacy’s Grand Council. After a few slow puffs on his pipe, Leon shook his head, awaiting my reply.

“Times Square,” I said. “Square is the material world — in this case, rectilinear grid on an island called Manhattan.’

“Time — a circle going round in cycles — symbolizes endless moving Spirit. Empire State’s neon sleaze scene, where they celebrate New Year, is the dragon’s eyeheart of darkness, where square & circle — matter & spirit — unite.

“An old mystic puzzle: how to join spirit with matter. This troubled Europe’s philosophy and theology since the Greeks.”

Within his cloud of gray smoke, Leon’s head nodded in understanding. “I wish I’d remember where the Aztec put the dragon’s other eye,” he said, shaking his head. My mind’s eye searched my own image of the beast’s anatomy, looking for the other eye. My inner vision saw the Aztec dragon with eyes closed in sleep — dreaming.

I wonder what happens when those eyes open.




Episode 3: Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Electric Comet (Full Documentary) Thunderbolts Project

URGENT: PLEASE READ THIS. The video presented here is still in development. For the present listing of credits (being developed simultaneously with extensive scientific review), see our credits page:…

We believe that this critical analysis of textbook comet theory can have a major impact on human understanding of these remarkable bodies. It can also reach well beyond the specialized science of comets to provoke a reconsideration of the Sun, planetary history, and a good deal more. We live in an Electric Universe, and the enigmatic behavior of comets provides unique insights into the role of charged particles and electrified plasma throughout the Cosmos.

We ask for your help in inviting scientists and other centers of influence to consider the factual content in this film. For the next 60-90 days we will consider all critical suggestions prior to final editing, and we’ll be especially diligent in addressing any statements of fact that a knowledgeable viewer may call into question. Our conviction is that essential facts, now confirmed by leading investigators, will not allow the institutions of science to hold onto theories that, for too long, have been proclaimed as established science.

Fair Use: Fair use is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. It provides for the legal, unlicensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author’s work under a four-factor balancing test.

17 U.S.C. § 107
Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:
the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
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the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors. (From

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‘Jellyfish UFO’ recorded on video in Peru


‘Jellyfish UFO’ recorded on video in Peru
Open Minds, 3rd June 2013
A witness recorded video of a UFO over Lima, Peru on the afternoon of Thursday, May 30.

Christian Ubillus, a professional cameraman for Peruvian television network Frecuencia Latina Channel 2, recorded ten minutes of footage of the UFO, which was later aired on the network’s program 90 Segundos. The object was reportedly seen by several witnesses, and, as International Business Times points out, the UFO “was described as a ‘Jelly Fish’ and kept changing its shape.”

The Peruvian blog Nuestro Pasado Extraterrestre describes the UFO as resembling “a string of balloons,” and points out that it is very similar to the EBANI (Entidad Biological Anomalous No Identificada, or its English translation, Unidentified Anomalous Biological Entity) phenomenon predominantly seen in Latin America. Peruvian UFO researcher Mario Zegarra also mentioned the EBANI theory to 90 Segundos.

I find it really strange when even websites supposedly dedicated to understanding the UFO phenomena pretend they are oblivious to the issue of massive biodiversity on Earth. It seems apparent to me that ufologists do not want to acknowledge that a huge percentage of reported UFOs are in fact UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) that belong to Earth’s Shadow Biosphere. Yes, I am very cynical. The ufo business model is about perpetuating mystery, selling, books, DVDs and hosting the next seminar… What we have is a cult establishing itself as mainstream religion, thats it. Scientific enquiry is only useful if it helps to perpetuate the mystery. For other examples of jellyfish seen floating in the skies, see Best of the Blog Orbs, UAP & UFO Traffic.
UFO Sightings: Mysterious Shape Changing ‘Jelly Fish’ UFO Spotted over Peru
International Business Times, 2nd June 2013


Meterologists Give Viewers Deadly Tornado Disinformation ~ Jim McCanney Science Hour


Thanks once again for my great listener base … here is an email exchange … i want you to read this twice because there are many concepts here (my response is first followed by the listener email to me that prompted me to make this posting) … read this twice … then listen to my show archive of this past thursday evening (posted below) AND listen to the 2 hour interview of me on the joyce riley show this past wednesday may 29th … also you should be aware of my book THE DIAMOND PRINCIPLE in which i continually point out the absolute necessity of the world leaders to promote BAD SCIENCE AND ASTRONOMY in the government supported tier II science (NASA and the alphabet soup gov agencies) and tier III outreach programs  … as a standard diet for the public … this latest work i have done to point out the flaws in “standard meteorology” regarding the cause of tornados is paramount to understanding the greed and control of the public by the world banking community which controls now our water and in the case of the current topic ENERGY … jim mccanney

Dear (Listener – name removed to protect listener) … wow thanks for this email !!! this hits the point exactly and thanks for the link … wednesday i was on the joyce riley show and a woman called in saying that when she was a little girl they always told them to open the windows in the house when a tornado was coming to reduce the pressure and save the house … i said that is true as it is the vacuum in the center of the tornado that causes the house to be blown apart from the inside out (more pressure in the house and near vacuum outside) … BUT the woman then added that she was watching the national weather service and they said that was an old “myth” and was not true once again implying that it is the WIND that destroys the houses completely ignoring the vacuum concept or component of tornados !!! i also i mentioned on my show this past thursday night that the weather “models” for the creation of tornados given on the TV have shown two opposing storm systems rubbing clouds and this supposedly creates rotating motion that somehow creates tornados … BUT this does not explain the real properties of tornados especially the vacuum produced and the electrical discharges observed in the central part of the tornado and WHAT SUSTAINS this energy system plus the fact that there is not enough energy to create a tornado from solar energy sources AND there is no way to “organize” this energy into small composite units like tornados … something very different is going on … all of the standard explanations like you say point to “rotating wind” which is the physical outward appearance of tornados as its ONLY property … so returning to the main point … YES YES YES … why is the Rothschild owned weather reporting industry harboring BAD SCIENCE and meteorology and pawning this off on the public ??????????????? exactly that … as i said on the joyce riley show (and many times on my own show) historically the leaders always have understood that keeping the public in the dark about real science is essential and in this case is essential to control … in this case hiding the real cause of tornados as it is one of the most visible physical manifestations of tesla power and that we certainly can power our society from the enormous amounts of power passing by earth every day in outer space … this is also why the “leaders” also set up and support phony “green energy” projects that will never work … that is why they support and promote ludicrous “free energy” people who propose putting a box on a table and sucking energy out of a worm hole or some such nonsense all to divert the one and only real solution that could replace coal – nuclear – big oil … i will be posting this on my web page along with your email (name removed) … thanks again … jim mccanney


—– Original Message —–
From: name removed
To: James McCanney
Sent: Saturday, June 01, 2013 1:05 AM
Subject: Oklahoma tornado observation
hi again Jim,

Guess what!…another tornado email for you.

Please observe the following attached pictures that show an overhead view of the class F4/5 tornado path of destruction through a residential area filled with single family home  in an Oklahoma town.

From the picture One can observe that only the homes that ere within, I would estimate to say, 25-30 meters radius of the ground touching center eye of the tornado got severely damaged to the point where the homes were totally destroyed or exploded from the pressure difference. But the homes that were outside of that danger zone of 25-30 meter radius look to still be structurally sound, maybe for the exception of some flying debris that hit the homes and shattered some windows and ripped off a few roof shingles.

My point is that the class F-4 and F-5 wind speeds that are generated (210 mph – 320 mph) appear to be less dangerous that the vacuum produce on the inside of the visible tornado vortex wall, as is clearly shown in the pictures in the link.

But when you look at a typical Hollywood disinformation movie such as the 1996 movie “Twister”, there is this ridiculous part in the movie where the two main characters are tied-down to the ground and get caught right in the middle on a class F-5 tornado, and all is relatively quiet, and the sun shinning, and things look just peaceful and normal. My point is the movie didn’t show the real damaging effects of the vacuum forces that exist within the tornado itself.

The movie twister is meant to misinform people and make them believe that it is the high velocity winds outside of the tornado vortex hat create all the chaos and destruction, when in reality it’s the pressure differential or vacuum inside the tornado vortex that is truly responsible for it all.

Listener (name removed to protect person)

Download File JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_30_2013.mp3

2) Streaming Version of MP3 7 meg file using real player … click on link below (will only play on “real player”)

Streaming JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_30_2013.mp3


Comets Impact History & The Future ☆ James McCanney w/ Joyce Riley 03.18.2013

Published on May 4, 2013

urupiper2 urupiper2

Teacher, author and radio host JAMES McCANNEY joins The Power Hour with information on his newest book “Comets” and updates on our ‘electric universe’ and what is going on in space. Are there presently threats to planet Earth? Find out from this brilliant teacher!…
To order your copy of “Comets” please visit here:…

Comet Lemmon, NASA Fudges Epherimes Data and Maunder Minimum on Jim McCanney Science Hour, April 18, 2013

On this weeks show Jim covers a recent pattern appearing with NASA making major changes in Ephemeris data, efforts to hide Comet Lemmon by blanketing the U.S. under cloud cover for two consecutive weeks and the possibility the sun may be moving into an extended solar minimum similar to the Maunder Minimum in the 1600’s.



UFO Conspiracy of the Highest Echelon

If the images contained in some of these clips are real, this video has some very intriguing and unusual footage…

Published on Dec 19, 2012

SuspectSky SuspectSky

This video examines a possible conspiracy regarding UFO contact and government collusion at the highest levels. The presentation includes stunning NASA footage of orbital and lunar alien encounters, interviews with physicists and defense ministers, and even mysterious comments by Buzz Aldrin himself concerning a monolith found on the Martian moon. The generation now alive is “privileged” to see the greatest transition in the history of the human race — to a Planetary Type 1 civilization.

All lunar and orbital footage is public domain material and can be found at the NASA, JPL, JSC archives, including:

NASA Mission Transcripts:…

NASA Past Mission Image Archives:…


Alien Contact Above and Below

There’s been a lot of UFO activity lately, some of it even popping up in newscasts…I’ve even had two sightings of my own here on the big island over the last two weeks.

Published on Apr 2, 2013


Sightings of UFOs in the sky and alien beings below the surface are increasing in both number and clarity. With odd “streaks” of brilliant light appearing throughout the world and mysterious comments made by NASA regarding an unidentified object beneath the space shuttle – is it possible “they” are already here? Footage includes several “multi-angle” UFO sighting events in the UK and Russia, strange creatures caught on a security camera in Yosemite National Park, and glowing UFO orbs seen in Spain on December 21st, 2012.

This video presents evidence of a possible extraterrestrial presence found in the eerie darkness of the woods at night as well as in the shadowy depths of underground tunnels – and makes the suggestion of what might be a “common form” amongst the alien, ultra dimensional, or perhaps even demonic “visitors” – spindly bodies and glowing eyes.

~StAR BEings~

Published on Mar 29, 2013


~ i would appreciate your likes, shares…passing this on to friends, channels, pages and groups of interest…After many months of filming, photos, editing…and all the sleepless nights…i would love this to reach the many whom care to just view, analyze, learn and share even more:) This was not the easiest video to put together, but certainly worth the gathering for these 11 minutes to bring to you all. ~

~ as i have shared in the video, there is no manipulation to any of these images…simple lighting and contrast changes and the odd color channel to present information already present. Very happy to share originals, collection of images and any understanding i have at this time:) ~

Thank~you for watching. Namaste ❤°˚*★
HD viewing available
Filmed in Slocan City, British Columbia

~ Any comments remarking ‘fake’ or unkind gestures will be removed and users blocked. ~

Video by~
Trisha Will aka FAYRE AN NA

Music by~
Silentmonk~Gypsy Love Monkey
‘The Solo March’

UFO Summoned on Live TV!!

The story is from 2008, but is still relevant today. It’s difficult to tell exactly what’s going here, are these elements of the shadow bioshpere that interacct with humans (plasmoid entities), are they inter-dimensional entities or some combination of both. As usual, the TV anchors come across as nothingless than clueless, dumbed down talking heads. Which is really quite stunning for people who live right next door to Area 51…

Uploaded on Oct 13, 2008


How did he do it???


UFO Travels Through TUNNEL In Germany 26/2/13

Once you get a better understanding of how Earth’s Management team works, a video like this makes you wonder what was in that truck and where it was going. I don’t believe in coincidence, since the object doesn’t appear to be plasma related exactly what was in the cargo that would precipitate an inter-dimensional attack?.

Published on Mar 3, 2013


A large pulsating UFO has been recorded in a tunnel live cam following a van which crashes on the exit.

Volcano Clearly Seen Getting Set Off by,Haarp,Aliens,USA,Space Mirrors,Focused Broadcast Waves,Ufo’s

TITLE DISCLAIMER: Obviously the uploader of this video doesn’t follow the work of Susan Rennison, these are plasma related events that have been happening around Sakuajima (sp?) volcano in Japan for sometime now. This is one of the more spectacular shows yet, but IMO they have nothing to do with anything man-made or alien. It appears to be energy coming from the Shadow Biosphere, possibly related to hydrogen sulphide mixing with other elements in a highly charged environment.

It’s becoming very clear the disinfo machine is taking advantage of the changes in Earths energetic environment, as a way to keep people in fear of HAARP and other gov’t programs. Also, if people become aware of the extent of planetary changes underway, that awareness might lead them to educating themselves about earth changes to learn the truth about the causes of extreme climate change. And, God forbid people awaken to the degree they actually connect with each other and the planetary spirit of Gaia.

Published on Mar 3, 2013

Scott ShaubelScott Shaubel

– clearly, @ 2:16, there is an explosion, and a ufo fly’s out of the top of the volcano.
– also clearly, @ 4:47, a ufo fly’s out of the top of the volcano.

Japan Volcano Clearly Seen Getting Set Off by,Haarp,Aliens,USA,Space Mirrors,Focused Broadcast Waves,Ufo’s,… Lots of Orbs visible
Volcano Clearly Seen Getting Set Off by – Haarp – Aliens – USA – Space Mirrors – ? Ufo’s Visible

Formation of Strange Objects [Water Orbs] in the Monongahela River

This really is an amazing time to be alive, here we have more VIP appearances from the Shadow BioSphere, great feedback from Susan Rennison….if the links get blocked, just click on Susan’s name and scroll down for the article.

Formation of Strange Objects [Water Orbs] in the Monongahela River
Stan Gordon UFO Anomalies Zone, 12th March 2013
It was late afternoon on February 10, 2013, as two men stood in a parking area not far from Millsboro in Washington County just along the bank of the Monongahela River. It was still light outside and the weather was mild and dry at the time. As the men continued their conversation, one of them pointed to the river and said “look at that.”

It took a moment for the other man to look toward the water and focus on what his friend was seeing. About 30-40 feet away, a disturbance was noticed in the water. According to the witness that I interviewed, what was seen is hard to describe. here were 4-6 objects observed traveling north in the river. Each one was estimated to be about the size of a softball in size, and while it was difficult to make out a shape, they seemed roughly round. The objects appeared transparent and possibly of a grayish-silver color.

The objects moved together in a random group, yet they appeared to keep an equal distance between themselves. The witness said the speed would be similar to a duck landing on water. They were spread approximately 4-5 feet apart from each other, with an overall spread of 10-15 feet. Behind each object was a trail in the water that appeared to be about six feet in length. The trail itself seemed to be narrow and 6-8 inches in width. This gave the impression that whatever the objects were, they seemed to be propelled. The objects seemed to be all moving at the same speed.

We have another possible sighting of members from the Shadow Biosphere… The image icon is from an Unidentified Submerged Object (USO) video recorded in September 2011, on the West coast in Sweden, see Possible USO sighting on Sweden coast . I will take this opportunity for those new to my research to explain that fiery orbs appearing out of a river is GUARANTEED TO OCCUR at certain times and locations. Members of The Earth Management Team have been appearing for HUNDREDS OF YEARS in Thailand and eventually locals decided this was a business opportunity not to be missed. On the banks of the Mekong River, in Thailand, EVERY YEAR a HUGE festival is organised that attracts 400,000 tourists. People converge to watch the activity of what are known locally as the Naga Fireballs. From my archives: “The bung fai paya nak, or Naga fireballs in English, spring up every October from the Mekong River in Thailand. Even Time magazine has covered the event, reporting that:

“…each year, anything from 200 to 800 of the fiery orbs are sighted along a 100-kilometer stretch of the river”. The October full moon is the most likely time for the orbs to appear, and as a result up to 400,000 people visit the river to catch their appearance.”
Bang Fai Phaya Naga , In A Midst Website

This is quite an amazing event and from videos on YouTube it seems to be quite a major festival of light, see [0:54] Naga fireballs & [2:18] Naga Fireballs, Nong Khai, Thailand, 14 Oct 2008 Despite the official explanations, authorities fails to explain why this phenomenon should appear only at a certain time of the year and vary with the lunar cycle.


Strange Sky Phenomena Escalating Worldwide

Published on Feb 28, 2013


With the Russian meteor impact on Earth, asteroid 2012 DA14, and fireballs entering the atmosphere in Cuba, Florida, and California – the amount of “coincidental” aerial activity on February 15th, 2013 is humbling at best. With conflicting information from NASA scientists and other astronomers, one may wonder about our true ability to track low orbit objects. Footage includes UFO sightings by pilots in Costa Rica and the US, an energy orb the night before the massive Haiti earthquake, and an unprecedented look at an object intercepting the meteorite in Russia.

Global observations indicate that unusual sky phenomena continue to escalate in both frequency and intensity. This presentation summarizes some of the most compelling video evidence, and leaves one wondering – will it manifest itself further?

Spectacular signals recorded from Chelyabinsk meteor blast waves

By Adonai

Posted on March 5, 2013

The Chelyabinsk meteor exploded in the atmosphere over Russia at approximately 9:20 am local time on February 15, 2013. The meteor flew out of the blue, literally from the direction of the Sun where no telescope could see it, and took everyone by surprise. The blast caused significant damage in the city, breaking thousands of windows and injuring more than 1,000 people.

But, from scientific side, a spectacular signals from the blast waves were recorded by a network of seismographic stations, used to study earthquakes and Earth’s deep interior. While thousands of earthquakes around the globe are recorded by seismometers, signals from large meteor impacts are far less common.

February 15, 2013 - Russia - Meteorite's final path

The meteor explosion generated ground motions and air pressure waves in the atmosphere.

“The NSF-supported Global Seismic Network and EarthScope Transportable Array (TA) made spectacular recordings of the Chelyabinsk meteor’s impact,” says Greg Anderson, program director in NSF’s Division of Earth Sciences.

“These recordings of seismic waves through the Earth, and sound waves through the atmosphere, are good examples of how these facilities can help global organizations better monitor earthquakes, clandestine nuclear tests and other threats.”

Energy from the blast created pressure waves in the atmosphere that moved rapidly outward and around the globe. The blast also spread within the Earth as a seismic wave.

The two wave types–seismic wave and pressure wave–travel at very different speeds. Waves in the ground travel quickly, at about 3.4 kilometers per second. Waves in the atmosphere are much slower, moving at about 0.3 kilometers per second, and can travel great distances.

GSN stations in Russia and Kazakhstan show the ground-traveling wave as a strong, abrupt pulse with a duration of about 30 seconds.

The atmospheric waves–referred to as infrasound–were detected across a range of inaudible frequencies and were observed at great distances on infrasound microphones.

When the infrasound waves reached the eastern United States–after traveling 8.5 hours through the atmosphere across the Arctic from the impact site in Russia–they were recorded at TA stations at the Canadian border.

The infrasound waves reached Florida three hours later, nearly 12 hours after the blast.

Infrasound sensors at TA stations along the Pacific coast and in Alaska also recorded the blast, but with signatures that were shorter and simpler than those recorded by stations in the mid-continent and along the southeastern seaboard.

The duration of the signals, and the differences between the waveforms in the east and west, scientists believe, are related to the way in which energy travels and bounces on its long path through the atmosphere.

CTBTO’s strongest signal ever recorded

The most telling information came from a network of infrasound sensors operated by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO). Their purpose is to monitor nuclear explosions.

Infrasound is a type of very low-frequency sound wave that only elephants and a few other animals can hear. It turns out that meteors entering Earth’s atmosphere cause ripples of infrasound to spread through the air of our planet. By analyzing infrasound records, it is possible to learn how long a meteor was in the air, which direction it traveled, and how much energy it unleashed.

The Russian meteor’s infrasound signal was was the strongest ever detected by the CTBTO network. The furthest station to record the sub-audible sound was 15,000 km away in Antarctica.

Western Ontario Professor of Physics Peter Brown analyzed the data: “The asteroid was about 17 meters in diameter and weighed approximately 10,000 metric tons,” he reports. “It struck Earth’s atmosphere at 40,000 mph and broke apart about 12 to 15 miles above Earth’s surface. The energy of the resulting explosion exceeded 470 kilotons of TNT.” For comparison, the first atomic bombs produced only 15 to 20 kilotons.

Based on the trajectory of the fireball, analysts have also plotted its orbit. “It came from the asteroid belt, about 2.5 times farther from the sun than Earth,” said Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office..

Infrasound records confirm that the meteor entered the atmosphere at a shallow angle of about 20 degrees and lasted more than 30 seconds before it exploded. The loud report, which was heard and felt for hundreds of miles, marked the beginning of a scientific scavenger hunt. Thousands of fragments of the meteor are now scattered across the Ural countryside, and a small fraction have already been found.

Preliminary reports, mainly communicated through the media, suggest that the asteroid was made mostly of stone with a bit of iron–”in other words, a typical asteroid from beyond the orbit of Mars,” says Cooke. “There are millions more just like it.”

Sources: NSF, NASA

Note: I’m not convinced NASA (Never A Straight Answer) is telling us the truth on the composition and origins of this meteor, saying that it conveniently approached from the direction of the sun. Why? Because there are attempts to cover-up and bury the global methane expulsion event, which appears to have gotten it’s start in the Siberian Arctic as early as 2008. Possibly even earlier, when Russian scientists discovered the massive methane field it already had over 100 methane fountains shooting 1000m into the atmosphere. How long had that been going on? Surely it didn’t start off that large…

All that methane is combining with hydrogen sulfide and then mixing with plasma in Earth’s highly charged atmosphere, is apparently creating chemical reactions that are producing gas fireballs which can easily be mistaken for meteors. That’s the theory anyway…

As most of you know, I’ve been following the methane release since learning about the discovery in the Siberian Arctic in 2010 and have been archiving articles under the Earth Changes category since then. Please let me know if at any point in the future, the article from ’10 on the massive methane field in the arctic disappears from the archives…I’ve had to replace it twice. They’ve also blocked the link to

When the site is up and working just fine, some readers haven’t been able to access it. If that happens, try copy and pasting the link into your browser, that should work. Please keep me abreast of problems with links, deleted posts or video’s that have been removed because I usually don’t know unless I’m going back into the archives to retrieve a link…it’s always nice to be aware of what’s working 🙂

Hydrogen Plasma Orbs and the Russian Explosion ~ Paul Muir

There are some interesting theory’s coming in surround the methane/gas expulsion event unfolding right now, here’s just one that made sense.  I left a comment for Paul asking:

Could these fireballs possibly related to the global methane expulsion? In 2008 Russian scientists found a massive field of approx 100  methane fountains reaching an estimated 1000m into the atmosphere in Siberian Arctic. The Daily Mail reported it 2010, and it’s been silence ever since. Reports globally indicate methane is melting at an exponential rate, recently the Arctic methane levels shot up. In a highly charged atmosphere, has the methane accumulated to such a degree that Russia witnessed the FIRST major fireball to drop?

Paul’s reply:

Yes you are right, this is one of the mechanisms, magnetic cooling, of the upper atmosphere by accelerated monopole orbs (particles), causing heat displacement at the surface thus methane is released.

So you are right, have you seen the pictures on my picture account, the implications to science are mind blowing. i have put a link for you in the title box,4,000 year old rock art what was seen by hanz glaiser and methane

I also welcome your comments and feedback on this subject…sadly it’s doubtful we’ll see honest reporting from the news media on this ever growing problem.

Not until it’s too late to be addressed…

Published on Feb 23, 2013

Paul MuirPaul Muir

Plasma explosion over Russia

The Best Of Ufos Beautiful Lights Feb. 2013 Part 2

Published on Feb 16, 2013


2013 has already had some of the most extraordinary sighting with the trend continuing this week. Complete with one of the most extreme weather event know to mankind, a meteor strike over the skies of Russia. We are all lucky, this could have been much worse!
Full credit to the ones listed below for their footage and findings, I do not own any of this footage. I would like to thank all the ones that responded to my email allowing me to use their footage. One of you didn’t respond so if you see your video here, send me a message or just check your mail.
Most of these clips are not the full video so visit the links to see them in their entirety. As always thanks for watching here!

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UFO Sighting Over Melbourne, Australia – FindingUFO HD
Source FindingUFO

Red Flash at ISS
Source Streetcap1


UFO over Cottonwood, AZ, Feb. 9th
Source Dave Schmidt

UFO 11 February 2013
Source AustralianPhenomena

UFOs – Three ‘odd’ daylight captures ‘ FEB 2013’ – Melbourne, Australia
Source Lou20764

UFOs Return To Popocatepetl Volcano 2013

Asteroid 2012 DA14 LIVE FLY BY VIDEO – NO IMPACT! Feb 15, 2013
Source gvloanguy
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Jellyfish Plasmoid

Note: Susan Rennison has been talking about the existence of a Shadow biosphere that scientists have been aware of for over a century and that many of the UFO sightings are actually plasma entities. This jellyfish plasmoid is very cool…
Taken by Kari Luhtasaari on January 26, 2013 @ Machu Picchu, Peru

Click photo for larger image


This picture taken at Machu Picchu in Peru on January 26th, 2013 by Kari Luhtasaari. It clearly depicts a “Jellyfish” plasma discharge at the top right of the mountain. The exact mountain head is unknown but the location is in line with Machu Picchu, Salkantay, and Huayna Picchu, Peru.

Ring-type UFO over Munich, Germany – 19 April 2010

To be precise, in my opinion this is what scientists are now calling UAP’s…Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, in this case it appears to be some form of plasma phenomenon.

Uploaded on Apr 25, 2010


Munich, Germany – 19th April 2010

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source: “badamonit” – deleted