Jim Nichols, Simon Parkes, Win Keech, Tolec on Wolf Spirit Radio 2016-05-15

Deeper insights into the Pleiadian situation.


Tolec – Emotional Healing on the way to Spiritual Awareness

There are a couple problems I have with Tolec’s rendition of Earth and humanity’s ascension. First the January 14, 2014 date for moving into the 4th dimension presents a couple of questions. We’ve always been told no one knows the specific date, only the Creator knows. Also he says it’s going to happen like turning on a light switch, we’ll all wake up in the 4th dimension just like that? That everyone will shift at once, even people who have no spiritual awareness that still live in hate, anger and fear???? Have a problem with that.

I don’t get the impression he really understands what’s going to with the shift, especially when the people I’ve been working with are focused on building a New Earth in the 5th dimension – not the 4th dimension. Maybe he’s talking of a lower aspect of Earth that will shift to the 4th dimension on a different timeline, I don’t know. Even tho I agree with much of what he says, for me this is a major sticking point with Tolec’s version.

Also, he says he doesn’t meditate…hmmm. That he goes outside in nature for quiet and solitude to open up to incoming information, if that’s the case then I question his ability to truly access the Higher dimensions if that’s all he’s doing because the Higher Dimensions are where we connect with our souls essence – not here in the 3rd dimension.  Without going into deeper lucid states of consciousness how can he honestly access higher realms to know that the information he’s receiving comes directly from Source? His over simplified version of spirituality leaves much room for question.

With that said, the reason I’m posting this is everything he said about the importance of releasing fear energy and  transmuting the “charge” from past experiences, because the negative energy stays buried in our subconscious waiting to be “stirred-up” in a triggered response. That it’s important to do the necessary work spiritually to heal past emotional wounds that may go back lifetimes is one of the key’s to unlocking our spiritual freedom. I totally agree that being spiritual and leading a spiritually based life is much more than getting “closer to God” or “holding space in the Light”, which is nothing more than a New Age meme keeping millions of people in a state of non-action. Facing your ego and your fears is some of the hardest work you will ever do, but it’s also the most rewarding once you clear out the negative, emotionally based “charges”that keep reappearing in your life through the same patterns until you transmute the fear based charge to a love based charge. That can only be done not just through the the energy of love, but most of all through the “energy” of forgiveness and in openly expressing the “energy” of gratitude for the lessons learned from those past experiences.

Both forgiveness and gratitude are very powerful energies that must come through the heart to be effective, just saying “thank you” or “I forgive you” if it’s coming from the head isn’t enough.  The energy of gratitude and forgiveness must emanate from the heart to have real impact on reality. If you have negative patterns and situations that keep reappearing in your life, the only way to truly move past them is using the energy of gratitude, forgiveness in addition to love as tools to transmute the energy of pain and fear from past wounds then release that situation in to the galactic core. Let it go so you can move on…

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Andromeda Council.
May 13, 2012

Tolec describes an experience he had in his own life in his early 40s – and how he successfully overcame many of the ‘negative’, emotional pains & hurts from his early life.. to now living a fear free, fearless, self-empowered life.

Tolec on Ohio Exopolitics Radio 4-28-12…The Really Much Larger Picture… The Galactic Reptilian Agenda… MP3s and Video

Posted on May 4, 2012

[A Large, Spiral, Galactic, “OOPS” to all who just viewed this; unfortunately my links led to the last post’s mp3s; Mark does not sound like Kerry Cassidy, and Tolec does not sound like Keith Scott. Pardon the mixup!]

In this Ohio Exopolitics Radio show of 4-28-12, Tolec presents information “regarding the Reptilian agenda for the entire Milky Way galaxy and all of its human populated planets, and the catastrophic future they had planned for us.” Tolec also prepared a pdf report of this information, entitled, “Reptilian plan to convert & transform the Milky Way galaxy and all genetically human planets to reptilian ones.”

I would have to say this report presents truly a much larger picture of our “real history” (or “potential” history) than we are used to considering, since most of the time we look at our state’s history, or our country’s history. This presents the galactic agenda which the reptilians had assembled for us. It will not happen. This is a very interesting story.

Thanks to Tolec and Mark Snider for bringing this together.

Each mp3 part below is about 30 minutes long, and 5 MB size. I’ve edited out the music from Parts 1 and 2, but left it in the complete show.

A video version of the show is below the MP3s links.


MP3s Links (click to listen in a new tab or window; right-click and Save-As to download)

Part 1 (~30 min., 5 MB)
Part 2 (~30 min., 5 MB)
Complete show (unedited) (62 min., 10 MB)

Tolec and the Last Undersea Base ~ Andromeda Council

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On this episode:

Imagine a war in space – between extraterrestrial

Tolec speaks with Tanaath of the Silver Legion – Special Ops, Archons, Draco’s

Interesting interview, especially in respect to the parasitic infestation of the planet by the Archons and other etheric energy vampires leaching off humanity for the last several thousand years in some cases. Now, if you doubt their existence you only do so at your own peril, please let me share my ‘parasitic’ experience with you in hopes to enlighten those of you who are new to this.

Over the last six months I experienced two separate healing sessions that involved the removal of parasitic entities and negative vortex’s they produce. In one session, two women “remotely” assisted in healing my energy field which they described as looking like a “dart board” it had so many holes in it. Apparently these parasitic entities had shot holes through my field so that negative vortex’s were allowing the parasites to interfere with my mental and physical health.

For instance, last year in May my health went downhill fast as I was attacked from several directions at once affecting my ability to think clearly and making it a real struggle to keep my focus and stay organized – which are usually my strong points. It wasn’t until I forced myself to meditate every day using vortex energy meditations to help let in the guidance, support and direction needed to diagnose, remove the negative entities and close up the vortex’s.

For about a week after the last healing session there were very uncomfortable physical symptoms clearly associated with the parasitic removal, interestingly enough one of the symptoms was a severe rash that produced little bitty hard thorns out of my skin!

Dartboard…thorns?! Obviously healing had taken place and the difference it made in my life has been like night and day. So much so, that six months ago I couldn’t have imagined EVER feeling good again!

For readers who haven’t spent a lot of time pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together yet, Tanaath may sound like someone straight out of Battlestar Galactica 5D. For those who have spent time learning about the Archons or have personally experienced parasitic entities, we know there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye and this is a serious problem plaguing humanity. So it’s very important to keep an open mind while learning to use discernment, avoid judging others and begin to follow our intuition by going within to find the answers to “what’s really going on”.

IMO the jury’s still out on Tolec, who like this guy “Drake” from the Wilcock interview’s says many things we’d all like to believe, but their story can leave room for question when things don’t pan out as described. But, we’re at a very chaotic time when many things aren’t panning out quite as planned. In addition, it’s getting very difficult to know who’s telling the truth and who’s using disinformation to keep people confused and looking in the wrong direction. Instead of looking to prophets and others for what the future has in store, it’s best to work on learning to connect with your inner world for guidance from Source/God, if you ask the questions the answers will come. Just pay attention to what goes on around in your reality for the solution to manifest itself in a myriad of ways, just don’t close yourself off or doubt

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April 4, 2012.
Tolec of the Andromeda Council interviews Tanaath of the Silver Legion.

Tanaath in her interview describes two (2) recently executed Silver Legion – Special Operations – Magic Eraser & Butterfly Net. She says in her introduction of these 2 special ops:

“Operation “Butterfly Net” had two (2) goals: 1.) to assist our allies, the
Andromeda Council, to successfully help repel a force of 50 Draco Reptilian dreadnought ships in their attempted retaliation after the Andromeda Council had cleaned out the last reptilian undersea base; 2.) to capture as many of these Reptilian ships as possible so that we can develop our own space capabilities. Up until now, we had not used star ships or scout craft to do our work.

Operation “Magic Eraser” came about because of our knowledge of hostile, negative energy gathering creatures, aka, “etheric parasites”, preying on humans, and our desire to eliminate that negative, burdensome parasite load. This operation was specifically designed to take out & destroy their breeding facilities.”

The next Tanaath interview will be released in one week, at the end of the second week of April, 2012.



Note: The following post comes from Kerry Cassid’s blog,  where she appears to be referring to the John Kettler interview. If you read my post yesterday, I had problems with that interview  which is why it wasn’t posted here.  For anyone who has a problem with Kerry’s approach I beg you to get out there and do what she’s doing, not too many people have the guts to do that of work. It’s a mine field set with all kinds of insane, dangerous situations and all one can do is their best to try to make sense of the information presented;  even tho she tries to vet whistleblowers people are going to slip thru who are under the influence of darker forces. That’s where discernment, understanding and compassion on our part is comes in. Anyone who thinks she’s overreacting needs to read the next post where Eve Lorgen and Lilu draw a very clear picture of just how serious the problem is in the battle over these realms and the feasting on our souls energy. Make sure you read to the end to see how Lilu’s battle ended.

In regards to Kerry’s statement below, has anyone given us any proof that these underground  bases have been destroyed other that the earthquakes that day? Also, please correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t that information come from Toltec? Initially I liked him and had hope for his message, but when the whole Tekoma thing didn’t materialize as he projected it would his credibility factor took a nose dive. If Toltec was the one who claimed the bases were destroyed,  that may be nothing more than wishful thinking on our part.

The jury is still out.

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February 27, 2012  Updated 1:07 PM PST

WITHOUT NAMING NAMES…what I see some well known individuals and probably others…falling down on the job because they are being used by the DARK SIDE.  They are taken in by a fervent desire to DO SOMETHING but they don’t know what to do so they research… to a point and then they let their EGO and a ROMANTIC SENSE OF SELF OVERCOME the facts staring them in the face.

I don’t know why they think, for example, there are UNDERGROUND BASES BEING BLOWN UP. There is no proof yet they continue to act like they WON A BATTLE. This is EGO and self deception… It’s a very dangerous concoction:  to THINK YOU ARE WINNING A WAR before you are.  BECAUSE THE DARK SIDE CAN USE THAT.

I am seriously thinking about how the idea of VICTORY and a sense of “WE MAKE OUR OWN REALITY” are now being used by the dark side because WHEN PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE WINNING THEY RELAX. Self congratulation sets in along with a false sense of well being–like eating comfort food.  It’s temporary and not really nourishing. Then they tell others LIKE DRINK THIS KOOL-AID and just BE HAPPY.

This gives the dark side has an easy MARK and a population that doesn’t rebel or question.  Easy TO MANIPULATE.
This is what happened to AMERICA. They GOT LULLED TO SLEEP while the DARK TOOK OVER.  Thinking you are FREE doesn’t MAKE IT SO!!!

This is how they work WITH SUGAR AND SHINEY BAUBLES meanwhile our rights are disappearing and the dark side is moving in to tighten the NOOSE!

Crazy. I actually think that if you analyze this you realize that these guys believing this false sense of winning… are those who have felt most oppressed and powerless to begin with.  They get a taste of victory.. because the LIGHT is winning some battles right now… and they get like HIGH OFF IT.. and can’t bear coming down. So they make shit up and see false signs everywhere substantiating their false sense of winning.

It’s like A KIND OF BLINDNESS SETS IN…. one taste of victory, of the power of being able to change reality ever so slightly and they get DRUNK ON IT.

They are so desperate to feel powerful and to accomplish something.

The crowds that follow them are just feeding off the MANA FROM HEAVEN they think they have…. like an opiate.  This is how the NEW AGE BECAME THE NEW OPIATE OF THE MASSES..replacing religion.  But still used by the dark side to CONTROL.

WHAT IS THE ANECDOTE TO THIS false sense of euphoria??


This is perfect if you look at what happened with a recent interviewee… he was involved in a legitimate ACT OF VALOR.. then they brought him in and mind controlled him silly until he was ready then they RELEASED HIM.
He went out like a Manchurian Candidate until the time was right to join the new age thang….And when in my interview we got to the end… he delivered his real message… backed up by legit facts and real suffering…


And when on the Livestream follow up interviews… he had nothing more to add…AND, I didn’t let him go on for hours repeating himself he got vindictive and he and his lotus eating masses who had drunk his kool-aid from the end of the first interview all turned on me. LOL

They are like ZOMBIES from Day of the Dead or something going for the blood… Mad with greed for more Kool-Aid that claims they are now KING OF THE MOUNTAIN AND VICTORIOUS.  When in reality all they are is dazed and confused.  Lost in their own private Idahos. An amazing dynamic we are seeing.

Kerry Cassidy

Tolec Interview January 2012 — Checkmate, We Win!

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Article: http://www.in5d.com/tolec-checkmate-we-win.html

Tolec was interviewed on WolfSpiritRadio in this two hour conversation. In a recent interview, Bill Wood made a great analogy that is similar to Tolec’s message, comparing the upcoming months to a chess game between two master players. There are only seven moves left. Both players already know that the game will end in checkmate and we are on the winning side. Those in power will continue to play the game, but they cannot change the end result… we win!

According to Tolec, the transition begins in 2014 when we receive crystalline bodies, although some lower vibrational people may not be part of this transition.

Wolf Spirit Radio: http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/main/

Tolec’s website: http://andromedacouncil.com/

Andromeda Council: Andromeda Council: Comet 17P Holmes as prelude to 4th dimensional Earth

Did Comet Lovejoy represent the fertilization of the egg as it was passing over  Earth’s horizon December 23, which also happened at the time of the Solstice?  If you’re a dot connector,  you should find this to be very interesting information.

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Drunvalo Melchizedek: Mayan End Time prophecies of Earth changes, consciousness transformation and the divine feminine, 2007 — Jan. 1, 2016
ExopoliticsTV interview: http://youtu.be/d8v03EVrvwI

PLEASE READ ARTICLE: Andromeda Council: Comet 17P Holmes as prelude to 4th dimensional Earth


This post is related to the next article on the undersea Reptilian Base recently destroyed in the China Sea by members of the Andromeda Council.

Leading up to this upliftment,  this  shift  in  Earth’s  vibration  into  the next highest density, 4D, the fourth dimension,  a  war  in  space, in many  cases happening  just  outside  of  ‘Earth space’  over  the  course  of  at least nine (9) years of Earth time,  likely longer, is as of this  fourth quarter of 2011 in the final clean-up phase.  This war in space is finally over. Done.  Finished.   The Draco Reptilian & Orion Grey alliance was defeated.  The last stages of the war in space was wrapped up in late January 2011.

As Tolec for the Andromeda Council, I can tell you my colleagues had a long, hard, difficult war.  I will add, this war is being won by ‘the good guys’… by the combined forces of the member star systems & planets of the Andromeda Council, those with Earth and Earth humans best interests in their hearts, minds & souls.

Fortunately, as of mid-September 2011, 90% of the Draco  & Hydra Reptilians, and renegade Greys, have been cleaned-up, removed, or eliminated from their many underground Earth bases.  Now, as of early November 2011, the most critical & challenging Reptilian lead & controlled undersea bases have finally been destroyed.  Only those undersea bases which are located in far less challenging locations and have much easier access to take them out… remain.

Before contact & visitation by people from four (4) Andromeda Council affiliated planets happens with Earth people –  we want to ensure that Earth people, and our people, are completely safe from any Reptilian threat.  To ensure this, we must finish the job to remove these hostile creatures, and their bases of operation, from your planet.

This proxy war to free Earth, from thousands of years of negative energy bombardment, manipulation  and control, was  fought  on  behalf  of  Earth –  by star system & planetary council member races of the:  Andromeda Council.   Those  members  that bore the brunt of the burden, did the greatest amount of fighting included:  ArcturusTau Ceti, and Procyon.  The contributions of the Procyon people were especially valuable because they learned the weaknesses of these malevolent menaces – they learned how to ‘sniff ‘ them out & beat them.  The people of Procyon just recently liberated themselves within the past 12 years of Earth time.

So  that  the  Council  could  intercede  on  Earth’s  behalf,  extensive discussions were held, and a new law was passed over-riding what is ubiquitously known as the ‘Prime Directive’ of non-interference.   A conscious, collective  decision  was  made  by  the  Council to break precedent  and  do  this…  because   Earth’s   people  living  a  3D, third dimensional life just did not have the 4D, fourth dimensional physiology, knowledge, tools, or technology to win.

This war was fought to secure the total freedom of planet Earth and her  people  from  the menacing interference of  primarily two regressive races:  Reptilians from the Alpha Draconis (Draco)  and Hydra constellations, and a specific variety of renegade ‘Greys’ now living in the Orion star system.  These  Greys  are  the  progeny  of  Zeta Reticulans who have not been home to Zeta Reticuli 1 or 2 in at least a few thousand years.

Earth is not the only planet they have terrorized.  From what I have learned, there are at least another 21 planets that need to be freed from these menaces.  Fortunately, they can be beaten, as indicated by the liberation of the Procyon people  from these malevolent, self centered, self serving… life draining entities.

(note:  of the Grey races,  the  prime  ancestor  race  –  the  original Reticulans from the binary star system Reticuli – the  ones  who  in
their waning days exhibited awareness of themselves, their fallibility, and the fragility of life, and realizing the pending death of their race –
these original Zeta Reticulans not affiliated with the Draco Reptilians, were willing to share all they had learned.  Due  to  their  humility, the Andromeda Council intervened, stepped in and helped relocate them to a completely different star system.  These people,  the original Zeta Reticulans, no longer live in the Zeta Reticuli star system.)

All other known variety of renegade Greys causing problems on Earth are being dealt with, and are being removed from their underground & undersea  bases  on  Earth,  as  are  the  Draco  Reptilians.  Their operational bases established for years on  Mars, and Mars’ & Earth’s  moons, have  already been cleared out of these beings.

Likewise, about  5,000  ‘crossbreed’ aka hybrid Grey / Human life forms, programmed since birth, will need to be removed from Earth and deprogrammed so that they can evolve on their own into free thinking, free willed beings.  And, since they are a new sentient life form, they will re-located to their own new 3rd dimension planet.

Back to the war – the primary reason for this war was  to  negate & eliminate  the effect of what is believed to be – thousands  of years of negative energies  constantly beamed to planet Earth, as well as etheric implant technologies, utilized by a Draco Reptilian and Grey Orion alliance that has put and kept many Earth humans manipulated, controlled, and in a continued state of fear, anxiety & insecurityand to eliminate for good these malevolent entities who desired to continue to use, manipulate & steal  people as a natural resource, and drain other precious resources from planet Earth… all the while controlling and ‘enslaving’ a large percentage of an unaware and helpless Earth human population.
Continued here:

Andromeda Council: East China Sea 6.9 quake – Undersea reptilian base destroyed

Editors note: My sense on all of this is very good, that it’s true.  On all my journeys down the rabbit hole, bits-n-pieces of the bigger picture begin to come together. From what I can see we are truly heading into a time of positive change for everyone, it appears that the bad guys are being dealt with and the White Hats are winning the war on behalf of humanity. We need to raise our vibration to connect with the planet to help our mother through the shift, she’s been under attack by these monsters for a very long time.

It’s very important that we do our part evolving our consciousness and belief systems to rise above the fear and negative energy we’re accustomed to living in, to see the world as having potential for a completely new way of life we never dreamed possible.  The energy field that surrounds us makes it possible to live a life of apparent magic or miracles, when the energy has always been there waiting for us to tap into it. Energy that was labeled as evil, or dark because those in control desired to keep the secret of creation and a better life to themselves. If the unwashed masses knew the power to create a better life was within, game over the ruling elite could no longer maintain their control.

Now, finally with the destruction of the Reptilian bases that were  sending out beams of fear and negative energy, maybe humanity will finally have a chance to experience the miracles life as it was meant to be experienced as spiritual beings having a human experience. 

This victory represents another example of the importance of rising above the media’s negative images of WWIII, alien invasions, pandemics and the New World Order to visualize a positive  outcome and ending to Reptilian rule on Earth after 2012. Because it really appears that predictions of the “end of the world” were meant for the bad guys, not humanity. 

Over the last year or so, all of the contactee’s and many of the whistleblower’s have echoed the same message,  humanity has inter-dimensional beings fighting on our behalf and to think positive, have faith that they’re winning the war. It’s also time to stop focusing on money and materialism so that we can better serve each other to build a better world for future generations, we are the new beginning and are making history. Lets leave a legacy our descendants will be proud of, rather than despise us for.


By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD. MEd

ED. NOTE: CAVEAT LECTOR – The opinions expressed in this article by interviewees are solely those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this reporter or Exopolitics.com. Thank you.

In an ExopoliticsTV news interview and a statement dated Nov. 8, 2011, a human representative of the reported Andromeda Council confirmed a communication from a reported commander of the Andromeda Council biosphere spaceship deployed around Earth that a specific reported Draco and Hydra reptilian undersea base on the ocean floor in the East China sea has been destroyed.

In his statement, Tolec, the human Andromeda Council representative stated “The result of the final, crippling sonic energy beam strike the people from Procyon used today destroyed this undersea complex, and created an amazing decompression resulting in a 6.9 quake on the ocean floor. Resulting in the total collapse & destruction of this base.”


The location of the reportedly destroyed Draco & Hydra reptilian undersea base was revealed to this reporter in a Nov. 2, 2011 email from Tolec (reproduced below), with time-stamped maps.  The location of the reported reptilian base is almost identical to that of a Nov. 8 – 6.9 undersea quake in the East China Sea reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). One observer stated, “I checked the USGS earthquake center against the slide show map of the base location and they are about 200 miles apart.”

Watch ExopoliticsTV news interview

Readers can watch the ExopoliticsTV interview with Tolec, the human representative of the Andromeda Council at the URL below:



6.9 Earthquake in East China Sea on Nov. 8, 2011

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in fact reported a 6.9 earthquake in the East China Sea on Tuesday Nov. 8, 2011 at 02:59:06 AM UTC, location 27.291°N, 125.868°E at a depth of 209.5 km (130.2 miles).


Location of Nov. 8 East China Sea 6.9 earthquake is identical to Nov. 2 map by Tolec pinpointing location of reptilian base in East China Sea

On Nov. 2, 2011, six days prior to the Nov. 8, 2011 6.9 East China quake, Tolec sent this reporter an email in which he set out the reported location of the reptilian base as being in the East China Sea and attached a map that pinpointed the location of the reptilian base.

The Nov. 2, 2011 maps reportedly showing the location of the reptilian undersea bases together with the Nov. 8, 2011 map of the Nov. 8, 2011 6.9 East China Sea earthquake are set out in the slide show embedded in this article. As stated, the location of the reptilian base is almost identical to (within 200 miles of) that of a Nov. 8, 2011 – 6.9 undersea quake reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

USGS live internet Seismic Server records energy pulse accompanying 6.9 East China Sea quake as “planet-wide”

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) live internet Seismic Server recorded the Nov. 8, 2011 6.9 East China Sea quake as “planet-wide”.

Continue reading here:

BREAKING!! MAJOR NEWS from Richard C. Hoagland – ASTEROID YU-55 TO HIT THE MOON on NOV 9th!!

HERE IT IS: Edited version of the 2nd hour of Revolution Radio Friday nights at 8 pm Eastern. Richard C. Hoagland calls on Francis to ‘head up’ the amateur astronomers around the world to film the MOST SPECTACULAR EVENT in our time! Asteroid YU-55 Smashing into the MOON!


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Posts featured at our Sister site for October 15, 2011

With so much happening in the world on so many different fronts it seems to make sense to let this first more established blog have more of a focus on Esoteric,  Higher Consciousness and Nature related content.  Whereas the new website  2012TheAwkening.org will have more of a Political, Current events and Hard News emphasis for coverage of stories like the Occupy Movement and the 2012 Presidential campaign.  There may be some crossover, but for the most part you’ll begin to see a clear separation of content and will do my best to give you a daily run down of stories on both sites.

For Sunday October 16, 2011 featured stories were as follows:

Occupy Wall Street: People Power vs. the Police State

The NYPD has erected a ring of steel around Liberty Plaza, but Occupy Wall Street vows to resist.

As Herman Cain Surges, Corporate Media Ignore His Koch Connections

Steve Jobs, Best Quote

Occupy Wall Street (Full Movie) Documentary October 15, 2011

Close Your Bank Account and Get Arrested!! This is war…

UNBELIEVABLE!! This is a must see video and is a very disturbing glimpse of what may be right around the corner for people who have bank accounts with major banks

Bank of America refuses to let customers close accounts!

Ummm time to take your money and run folks, these are not  good developments,

Cash Transactions Banned by Louisiana

Another disturbing development that can most likely be traced back to ALEC legislation.

The Nation: We Are All Human Microphones

A very creative adaptation to repressive tactics by authorities…

BREAKING Alternative News Iss. #8 – Rome Protest | Lousia Tornado | El Hierro October 15, 2011

Chris Gould Canadian environmental groups protest oil spill

Message from Andromeda Council – Tolec and the Transformation to a 4th dimensional Earth Life

Interesting information on the Shift taking place and allegedly what we can expect from the “so-called” transformation to the 4th dimension, much of what Tolec says resonates with material from other people talking about what we cam expect over the next 18-24 months as the solar system moves into a literal galactic cosmic soup of anomalies currently in the process of changing life through out the solar system.

It’s suspected that the energies and frequency’s in the southern hemisphere of the galaxy are opposite of where we’re at now in the northern half, entering the southern hemisphere may very well trigger our own latent psychic energy’s that lie asleep in the 90%+ of our DNA presently not being used. Ancient historical teachings indicate that humans at one time used psychic abilities that are asleep in the majority of people right now, but may be triggered after earth cross’s the galactic plane in December 2012.  The last time the masses possessed psychic ability’s was apparently during the time of Lemuria, before Earth crossed into the northern hemisphere of the galaxy.

So we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, much of what he describes sounds very SciFi and idealistic touched with that well that’s just “Too Good to Be True” feeling.  BUT!! How else do we go about creating a new world if it doesn’t first start with “collective creative visualization” on the behalf of the masses combined with the “intent” to manifest a new reality. And if we have the heavenly PTB on our side as we move into 4th dimensions who says it isn’t possible  to experience Heaven on Earth once we move into higher dimensions.

Creative visualization combined with the power of positive thinking can manifest just about anything we can dream up….

Part 1

Part 2

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