Feet to the Fire: Dr. Richard Alan Miller – Fullerene Fusion Bombs

Published 10-12-2014

I did finally finish the video annotating/edit of the Oct 12th 2014 live (video) interview with Dr. Richard Alan Miller. It is almost 3 hours long, and in 720p HD.

It is my favorite interview with Richard to date. I added as much as I could as far as visual overlays when possible/appropriate. You will really get to know and enjoy Miller, the man with his facial expression and laughing as he blows one’s mind with his insights, both as a genius and feel the love of a genuine human being.

As much as we tried, we did wander off topic, but, I did not edit out those little excursions and they too contained insights for the taking. This is not a clever, fast paced edited production, nor is it filled with a series of pre-loaded questions that are sterile and disconnected. It is a flowing heart to heart talk which I thoroughly enjoyed, and trust you will too. Be prepared to pull up a chair and relax for a journey.

The main thrust of the talk is on the use of fullerenes (Carbon 60) as a weapon by placing deuterium and/or tritium within the symmetrical ball structure, which is the hardest substance on earth, and exciting the heavy water molecules within until they implode causing fusion. This in turn creates a plasma of extreme energy. And these Fullerenes are lined together in cords called nanotubes which can be made into any structure and combined, release HUGE amounts of plasma energy effectively vaporizing anything and everything in it’s reach and leaving no traditional forensics, such as radiation, etc. Just a path of total destruction; which is it’s “signature”.

Also talked about is the wonderful work done with fullerenes as an anti-oxidant and toxic remover 2nd to nothing seen before.

In in true Miller style, many things tangent and frankly off topic are mixed in for a fascinating interview.

I have created a ZIP file available free from the link below chock full of documents and material either used in or referred to in this video.


Actually, Richard is still sending me updates. I will post additional links as I develop them.

Greece: Will Syriza party pave the way for a Commons-oriented society if elected? | P2P Foundation

Greece: Will Syriza party pave the way for a Commons-oriented society if elected? | P2P Foundation | THE POWERS THAT BE | Scoop.it

Andreas Karitzis, member of Syriza’s think tank on digital policies and a candidate MP in the ongoing elections, recently wrote an article in the Greek version of the Huffington Post highlighting the commitment of his party to free/open source technologies, transparency and participatory democracy.

Mr. Karitzis claims that Syriza will support the adoption of free/open source software in the public sector and the distribution of public data under Commons-based licenses.

It is true that from program to implementation, several steps are required, however the first step seems to have been made: Syriza appears to not only be aware of the advantages of free/open source technologies but also to realize the potential and the new political economy of this emerging proto-mode of production.

Via Sepp Hasslberger

Arun Shrivastava’s insight:

If Andreas Karitzis has won the election [I don’t know] and if he is allowed to implement his concepts to free/open source technologies, transparency and participatory democracy, it’d be a game changer in Europe.


Hope Girl ~ The Peoples Free Energy Show Ep 1- Tivon Rivers

For our debut show Hope Girl interviews special guest Tivon Rivers, an Electronics Engineer and former Navy technician with 16 years of experience. Tivon shares his hands on experience in the field of free energy development, his amazing tesla pancake coils available for energy experiments, and his time spent at the UK QEG build. Tivon is here in Morocco to assist with moving the Morocco QEG to its new location and gives us updates on the latest developments in the QEG world.

Audio Only

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Free Energy Trolls A New Paradigm Guide


Interesting developments with building a QEG with no moving parts

Below is a copy of a post on the forum from Cliff in response to Jimmy´s latest QEG transformer findings:
Hi Jimmy,

I have updated your document with comments (in red). Your design is not a Heins transformer design, and I am not sure what is happening here. I think you might have invented a new design with OU.

Strictly from the shape of the plots it looks like your over-unity factor is much higher than you think. Maybe in the 20 to 50 OU range. Accurate measurements are needed to make sure. Almost all of the i/p power is going into core energization, and virtually nothing is being transferred to the output. The o/p power is coming from somewhere else, but visual inspection of the plots is not enough to be sure.

You may have stumbled on something remarkable. It is tough to tell at these low power levels. I believe less than 1W of real power is being reflected back to the primary, and this may be the first proof that o/p power does not come from the pri at all, but directly from the quantum energy field,as I have suspected all along. The pri just opens the gateway to the energy reservoir, and handles a Lenz law reverse flux response.

The differing current wave shapes of pri and sec coils is telling us that something very weird is going on here, with substantially higher OU. I do not see a clear current step through zero volts on the pri, that would be indicative of real power in the primary coil, which leads me to believe your OU is really very high.

We need more explicit details on each scope plot. Are the two primary coil sections differentially wound? Look at the Makarov transformer.

Cheers Cliff
For the document and the rest of this discussion please visit the forum:

QEG Forum: Be-Do.com

Marsha and Ralph Ring Interview with Lotus Guide

Talk about ‘Breaking the Mold” They surely did after Ralph who represents an entire generation of researchers and innovators who’s work has and will change the world that we live in.

Richard Dolan : Reclaiming our Destiny from a Lifetime of Truth Suppression ~ GlobalBEM

This program is free to watch but cost a lot to produce. We are a non-profit volunteer-powered organisation.
Please consider donating any amount at http://globalbem.com/info/donate/


Richard Dolan at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, 2013 Boulder

Title: Reclaiming our Destiny from a Lifetime of Truth Suppression

Run time: 01:06:57 min
Speaker: Richard Dolan
Produced by: Globalbem
Language: English

Presentation : Our future has been held hostage by the suppression of important truths. For seventy years, the U.S. military, and other militaries, have encountered what we call UFOs, and have been secretly studied the related technology. However these objects move from Point A to Point B, it is not via petroleum, and hence they pose a revolutionary prospect to our global infrastructure and all forms of life on Earth. This suppression has gone for so long that we tend to think it will last forever. It will not. Our civilization is rapidly moving toward a destination that will unveil deep, profound truths, some pleasant, others not. Historian and author Richard Dolan starts here and goes deeper than ever before to analyze the structure of power and secrecy that has enveloped our world, and describes active measures we can take to reclaim our freedom.


Richard Dolan is among the world’s leading researchers and historians of the UFO subject. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State volumes one and two, as well as an analysis of the future, A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact. He is a regular guest on Coast-to-Coast AM radio, has also appeared on many television specials for The History Channel, SyFy, BBC, and elsewhere. Since 2012, Richard has hosted “The Richard Dolan Show,” airing on KGRA Radio every Saturday evening, from 8-11 pm EST. In his books, articles, and many interviews, Richard has analyzed the destruction of our political liberties as a result of the UFO cover-up, the possible nature of the non-humans themselves, what their presence means for our civilization, why he believes the cover-up will end within our lifetime, and what is likely to happen after that.


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Girl Invented smart device that makes clean water and power at the same time

A 17-Year-Old girl invented Smart Device (Portable Photocatalytic Electricity Generation and Water Purification Unit )That Makes Clean Water And Power At The Same Time. A new design from an Australian high school student aims to solve both problems at once: While the device purifies wastewater, it uses pollutants in the water to boost power production in a separate compartment.

17-year-old Cynthia Sin Nga Lam, one of 15 finalists in this year’s Google Science Fair, started researching renewable electricity generation last year, and quickly realized that she could incorporate water purification into her process. Her prototype, called H2Pro, is a portable device powered only by sunlight.

Read more at : https://www.googlesciencefair.com/projects


Let’s Get Ready for What’s Coming! The FTW FREE QEG CICU Certification Course.



The final completion of self-running on the QEG will bring about a major change for many who have been following its development. This time is almost upon us, and we at FTW want to make sure that The People are ready for whats coming!

We’ve seen a lot in the last 10 months. The world of free energy is filled with a wide variety of people with both positive and negative intentions. We’ve also seen a lot of agenda’s and attempts at distraction. We’ve taken all of this insight and put it into this course to help others who will walk down a similar path.

Some Important Highlights from the QEG Family and Fix the World Team:

-The QEG is NOT new technology. It is based on technology that has been suppressed for 130 years.

-The QEG is NOT the most advanced technology. Because this technology was patented by Tesla 130 years ago, many more discoveries in free energy have been made since this time. We know of a lot of incredible inventions, none of which are actually accessible to the people. This is for many reasons of which we have highlighted in the course.

-Opensourcing, crowdfunding and a co-development environment are the pivotal strengths behind the movement that has been created by the QEG.

-THE QEG IS THE PEOPLES DEVICE. The People desired it, supported it and funded it. FTW has acted in service to The People by making it accessible. Devices that are patented, held secretly in labs, non-disclosure agreements, etc. are not new paradigm ways of helping the People.

We encourage other inventors to open source and share their technology without fear. We encourage CICU’s to strive towards a new paradigm way of doing business. The People of this world need this change and it is up to each and every one of us to be the example of how this can be done.


CICU Certification Course
FTW has put together this special FREE self-taught interactive course to help those who are interested in building QEG’s for others in their community. Whether you are building a QEG, want to build one, or are just interested in following this incredible development as it sweeps the planet, this course is just for you! The course is 1 hour 12 minutes long and is available in video format on Youtube and also in a written pdf document. There are exercises included in the course with an accompanying document where individuals can write out their own answers.

Topics covered in this course are:


Basics and Definitions
New Paradigm Business Model
FTW CICU Give Back Agreement Proposal
Opensourcing and Co-Development Environment
Introduction to Crowdfunding
CICU Logistics
CICU Marketing and Social Media
Funding your CICU and Be-do.com CICU Crowdfunding Form
CICU Networking and Registration Form
Final Overview and Next Steps


Instructions for Completing the Course

1.Follow CICU Certification Course (links to youtube movie and the pdf)
2. Register on be-do.com
2.Take the CICU quiz at be-do .com
3. Add your CICU to the directory and select the ´certificate´ field if you have passed the test


Important Accompanying Documents

CICU Certification Course You Tube Video Link

Be-do.com Website Link

CICU Certification Course PDF

CICU Certification Course Checklist Template

Fix the World QEG CICU Giveback Agreement

CICU Course Certificate





Transparent Assessment of Challenges Faced During FTW QEG 3-Month Global Build Tour. Plus, target date for Phase 3 (Self Running) Completion.

thCAAS0Q8HThe purpose of this blog post is to highlight some of the challenges the QEG team has met along the way.

We would like to begin this post in a position of love and compassion for all of humanity, especially the thousands of beautiful souls that are investing their hearts, time and money into bringing free energy to this planet and free us all. We at FTW recognize fully that we are all in transition at this time, which can mean many different things. The open-sourcing and co-development of something like this has never been done this way before, and while we work on creating a new way of collaborating together, there are sure to be challenges and the need to clear and cleanse some of the old ways.

The best way to do this is through the transparent presentation of pure data. This can be a beacon of clarity to help us wade through all the emotions, opinions, and other distractions that get in the way of our collective progress. With data, each individual will have what they need to make informed decisions and follow their hearts.

As stated in our last campaign update, what has happened as a result of the 3rd phase QEG build in the UK, and co-development around the world, is strong, sturdy and monumental growth for the way that free energy is being brought through to the people, after hundreds of years of suppression.

Before we go into details of the challenges of each of the builds, it is important to explain more about the methodology and working style of James Robitaille, the one responsible for bringing this to the world in this way.

James is not impatient. He is slow and methodical and very careful with each step he takes. He paces himself and measures twice before doing anything. For him, engineering work is like meditation.

James is a non-degreed engineer, meaning, he does not have the same conditioning that the traditional academic system imposes on the entire energy industry (see supporting video HERE). Because of this, he does not have to “unlearn” what many had to learn. Also because of this, he was the top engineer for a major motor manufacturing company for 26 years. They saw his gift, as all of those who have worked with him can see. This company also went through several downsizings, but even through this his worth and position was recognized and never made redundant. He left this job of his own free will, to dedicate his talent to building and offering the QEG to humanity.

James now recognizes that all the things he has selected to learn about during the course of his life were pointed towards the development of this project. He now sees the QEG as his life’s work.

James has a background of working in large and small engineering teams in a corporate environment. These environments were controlled, meaning, there were test procedures and need for documentation for everything you do, and all projects had timelines. James usually worked hands on with only one or two other people at any given time, and the left hand always knew what the right hand was doing. This was also in a closed and private environment where distractions were not permitted.

From the Beginning
James received a ‘download’ of information and knew from his engineering skills that if he had the right supplies, he could rebuild one of Tesla’s concepts in the QEG, make it work, and give the plans away to the world. FTW crowdfunded the cost of the supplies to do this.

QEG Build in PA (October 2013 – February 2014)
For the first 5 months, James worked alone on the first QEG in his methodical manner in a closed private environment with no help from any other engineers. During this time he was in development, which meant he had to source all the components for the first time, many of which were hard to locate as they were new. He had many discussions with his suppliers, sent them drawings and schematics (which he first had to make) in order to instruct them how to create the parts (e.g. the stator and all components of the core). He started completely from scratch as his teacher from WITTS only gave him minimal instruction.

Once all the required research was done and the components finally arrived (in January), he began assembly, went through testing, trial and error, and reached resonance within 5 weeks (February 2014). For the preceding 4 months, James had been in conference with Taiwan, who supported development and wanted to build QEGs in their country. It was clearly communicated and understood that this was a prototype in development, it was not delivery of a finished product.

The next steps would be to figure out how to control the power found in the core as the core and its unique design is the key component of the QEG (it is properly designed based on Tesla’s concepts). Directly after open sourcing the QEG, James was strongly encouraged by the Taiwan group to go to Taiwan and together, all would figure out how to control the power generated in the core.

QEG Build in Taiwan (March 26th – April 14th 2014)
Everything was going very well, also very fast…. There were at least 10 engineers working simultaneously at all times (see QEG Build in Taiwan HERE). This allowed Taiwan to assemble the QEG to get it to resonance in record timing (4 days). However, there was excitement, a bit of rushing and some language difficulties, in addition to “too many cooks…” (the head Taiwan Engineer/Factory Owner had experts that he would call, e.g., a motor guy, who brought and set up the motor and controller – see Taiwan Has Resonance video HERE).

Afterwards, they started running the QEG before the core was completely wired up to the load and there was no spark gap installed. The core shorted out. (It was later discovered that this was because it has to be properly loaded at all times.) This was all due to the excitement of having reached resonance and wanting to complete the project ASAP, which actually delayed the build as Taiwan had to take 4 days out of the work schedule to get the core rewound and start again. When they returned with the rewound core, it was discovered that the winding company wound one of the coils in the wrong direction. Rather than lose another 4 days to have this fixed, James decided to try to work around this with the remaining time he had in Taiwan.

It was during this time that they were able to make some discoveries regarding the high voltage as shown in this QEG update video from Taiwan. It should be noted that at this point, the trip had already been prolonged by a week, incurring an additional cost in thousands of dollars in non-refundable cancelled airfare and a newly scheduled flight to Morocco. Also at this time, the winding company had a big wedding and the entire company closed down for a whole week! In the last days of the build, James was not able to get the QEG to self-running because (due to the delay of re-winding the core) he ran out of time, and we could not afford to cancel more tickets that had already been purchased.

So James and Val left to meet up with Hope in Morocco, and Taiwan was left with the job of rewinding their core for the 3rd time (due to human error, not the construction of the core) and continuing development on their own for a time. For the 3 weeks we were in Taiwan, James provided dozens of hours of recorded instructions, and all were confident co-development would continue on the QEG.

QEG Build in Morocco (April 15th – May 25th 2014)
Through crowdfunding and the generosity of the people, FTW was able to donate a QEG to an underdeveloped country, to be able to run a pump on a water well in a very impoverished area. This build was exposed to the public and engineers, physicists and other scientists had an open invitation to come, and come they did – from around the world! As many as 80 people from 24 countries showed up. These were professionals of the highest caliber.

FTW shipped the core to Morocco on March 23rd and it was scheduled to Arrive in Morocco on April 8th. When the QEG family arrived in Morocco on April 15th, the core had still not arrived. Moroccan Customs would not release it. Everyone at the build had to wait another 8 days, while we fought with Customs, until we finally had the core in our possession and were ready to begin the build. While we were waiting for the core, we were trying to source some of the parts that the CICU (cottage industry community unit – for directory go HERE) had been having trouble getting in Morocco.

Once the build finally began, resonance was achieved within 4 days. The next step was tuning, which meant we needed to have plenty of capacitors. We had capacitors shipped overnight from the US which actually took three weeks to arrive due to the Moroccan mail system, so we began to look more locally when it became clear overnight delivery was not happening. This took several more days searching in towns as far as 3-4 hours away. It should also be mentioned that in an effort to move things along, plane tickets were purchased (by a very generous build attendee) for people to fly parts over to Morocco in their suitcase, as this was faster than overnight delivery to Morocco.

Once we finally had the capacitors we started the testing and tuning (next step after resonance). This took 6 days to go through enough testing to find the correct combination for the next necessary step: overunity. As soon as the formula was found, the individual who was at the build with the necessary equipment needed to complete this process, had to leave Morocco to return home, taking all his instrumentation with him.

Note: Due to a bad signal, we had working internet in Morocco only 3-5% of the time that we were there (which was up to 6 weeks). During this time, the free energy community of believers and non-believers were asking for data and proof of concept. To meet this demand from the public, James stayed on in Morocco and waited for someone from the UK to fly in with £50,000 in equipment necessary to produce the numbers everyone wanted to see. It took him 5 days to tune properly to produce the numbers and create this video. James’ dedication to The People who funded this project motivated him to spend the extra 5 days producing the proof of concept everyone wanted to see. After making the video, the free energy community began a debate over what was considered “usable power vs. raw power” and also debated what the true definition of overunity is. This initiated an additional delay; James spent another 4 days documenting overnunity to provide the numbers people were demanding, and createdthis video and report.

The next step James hoped to complete for the Moroccan build was to use a transverter to convert the power out of the core in order to get it to self-running. A transverter, or components to build one, was not available in Morocco. As a plan “B” James saw the possibility of getting the same effect using a transformer, which he tried and it didn’t work (because it changed the resonant frequency). However there is a possibility that it could work after impedance matching, which required components and instruments that were not available in Morocco. James then tried to work with the exciter coil to produce the same effect, but could not complete it for the same reasons: lack of instrumentation and components in Morocco.

At this time, we ran out of money and had to launch a new campaign for Phase 3: Self-running, which we were encouraged to do in a more developed country, where what was needed would be more readily available. (You can read more about the Morocco QEG Build HERE.)

QEG Build in the UK (May 25th – June 26th 2014)
We developed many relationships in Morocco. One of which was Ray, who invited the QEG family to come to stay with him in the UK for a private build that would get us to self-running. He ordered and paid for all plane tickets and parts. He understood the problems we had all along the tour, recognized the potential of what we were all sitting on, and so provided a space in a country with adequate resources to reach the goal.

It took three weeks to prepare the space for the UK build and order all the parts. This included building a workshop from scratch, ordering a core and having it shipped from the US, and carefully ordering all the other parts. Note: many parts and processes were improved along the way, from our experience building the QEG three times so far, including the insulation system and secondary wire gauge (changed from 10 gauge to 12 gauge) on the core, type of bearings and pulleys used, and the exciter coil (changed from solid to stranded wire).

The UK build began on June 14th. Based on our past experience of the last 3 builds it was safe to assume that we needed 7-10 days to assemble a QEG from scratch, get it to resonance, apply the tuning, and achieve self-running.

One of the engineers at the UK build was invited because he was going to bring the transverter. He came with something else that he thought would do the same thing: a Marcov coil. This coil was put on the core before assembly and tested to prove that VARS (potential power), could be converted to Watts (usable power), in this way. The testing with the Marcov coil took 3 days. The thinking during this time was to prove the concept before assembly so that we would know for sure if we would have self-running using this system later. This may have been a misjudgment of the time we had to complete phase 3, but it seemed like a good idea. Assembly commenced on the 4th day (assembly takes 3-4 days to complete) but on the fifth day we had special guests come to the build to conduct an unexpected spiritual business exercise. This took up the entire day. Assembly commenced on day 6-8. Resonance was then achieved on the evening of June 21st. (See UK Has Resonance video HERE.)

Right after filming the UK QEG reaching resonance, a similar thing happened that happened in Taiwan: the core short-circuited. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT A DEFECT IN THE CORE DESIGN OR PRODUCTION. To further explain, normally after reaching resonance, James would then begin a tuning process to find the best frequency and RPM, which also includes using a spark gap to ensure any excess voltage is diverted away from the core. In a moment of human error, when the guest engineers were focusing on the Marcov coil effects, they disregarded the connections to the core. Someone turned up the RPMs before James had a chance to put a spark gap on, and the core short-circuited as a result. Luckily there was a second core that had been donated to this build and the following day they switched out the cores, installed a spark gap before reaching resonance again, and began the tuning process for the core. The Marcov coil was put on hold in the second assembly, to be returned to later on.

After the core was tuned, next came the tuning of the exciter coil where they were making great progress. This tuning process also takes quite a bit of time as you need to keep testing in order to get the correct combination of capacitance and inductance. Once you’ve figured out this formula, then it will be the same for any replications later on down the line. This is what it means to be “in development”, as we find the answers others can use later on.

At this point, the QEG family had been living on the road for 3 months. Originally, it was planned that James and Val would return home in between the Taiwan and Morocco builds, and home for good on the 18th of April (the UK was not considered in the beginning) to tend to home/life responsibilities. This did not happen due to the delays of the builds. Their last plane tickets back home (including Hope’s ticket) were reserved and paid for By The People for June 26th, were non-refundable and could not be changed.

On his last day, James worked late into the night on tuning the exciter coil. He was literally hours away from self-running when he had to leave the UK. Again, he could not finish phase 3 because we ran out of time.

So here’s where we are now
The entire QEG family is back in Pennsylvania where the first QEG was built. It’s taken 3 weeks for this family to resolve some problems on the home front caused by being away for so long. Due to the new and improved second generation QEG core, some minor adjustments are needed to the workshop set-up, which is what James is now doing. The environment here is drastically different to that of the global tour, and is not subject to interruption. James is not teaching, there is no experimentation, and most of the time-consuming developmental tasks have already been completed. We are at the doorstep of reaching self-running and completing Phase 3 by the end of this month (July).

While James works on the QEG here in the United States to complete the task, the rest of the QEG team are working on the creation of a CICU Certification Training Course. This course will be “self-running”, meaning, anyone can access and take the course on their own, and offered for free to those interested in developing a CICU in their community/country for the distribution and manufacturing of QEG’s.

After doing something like this so publicly, we now step back and take an assessment of some of the experiences we’ve had. We realize that what is about to happen truly will change a lot of things on this planet, and see that perhaps if it were to have happened completely overnight, it may have been quite a shock for some.

Over the last three months a mycelline distribution network has begun to grow. We were planting seeds all over the world and there are now many QEG’s in different locations waiting for that final step. The following are countries that are either preparing to build, or already building, and otherwise in co-development for working QEG prototypes:

Czech Republic
S. Africa

That’s 32 countries and more coming on board weekly! When that final step comes they will all pop up at once! Perhaps humanity needed a few months of linear time to follow the story, to watch the videos, to talk to their friends about it. All of these activities are a way that people can engage and invest their energy for a better future for us all. This way, when the final event does occur, humanity has had a bit of time to get ready for it. We don’t want to shock the new paradigm into existence, we want to usher it in. We know from the generosity of The People who are funding this project that many are ready. Many more will awaken soon.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the folks at Torelco for working with the global QEG community to be able to provide the highest quality core every step of the way in development. They have perfected the new insulation system of vacuum epoxy impregnation, and all the engineers purchasing these can feel confident in its performance. Be sure to install your spark gap and tune properly (watch for updated Build Manual coming soon!), and your core will bring you great results.




The New Paradigm Has Begun! Open source Co-development Global Dream Team. QEG Update.

For the last 3 ½ months, the QEG family (Hope, Val and James) have been traveling around the world on the free energy adventure of a lifetime. The journey is far from over! I have been thinking of the best way to provide an update on the latest build, and the more I go into that special quiet space, the more the universe tells me that the next update is not meant to be ONLY about the latest QEG build. What is coming through is far greater than just one experience; it is an account of watching a new paradigm unfold before our eyes.

When we open sourced the QEG, I truly feel as if we created a ripple effect that is changing our world in real time, right before our eyes. The proof of this is in the amazing reaction and support of the people. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… HUMANITY I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! I ALWAYS BELIEVED WE COULD DO THIS!!! We’ve been told that as many as 80-90 million people know about the QEG. Thousands have supported the open sourcing of this free energy technology, hundreds of engineers from all over the world have jumped on board to work together in an open collaborative environment. What has happened, and is continuing to unfold is unprecedented. To the best of our ability, we’d like to provide a snapshot of some of the highlights over the last three months.

Open sourcing and Co-Development

Since the open sourcing of the QEG, many other inventors have gained the courage to opensource their inventions to the world. A great example of a more well known recent open sourcing is with Tesla Motors. This is a completely new way of doing business, moving away from the world of patents, ownership, fear and greed.

QEG Opensource

This has created a completely new environment for brilliant minds to collaborate. In a world formerly known for restrictions, monetary manipulation, secrecy and non disclosure agreements, now some of the world’s best and brightest are openly meeting and sharing test results and findings OUTSIDE OF THE RESTRICTIVE SYSTEMS in skype rooms and internet forums. We’ve been surrounded by these brilliant engineers from 30+ countries in the last three months. Their reaction to an open environment is one of the most exhilarating environments to witness.

QEG codevelop

The results are phenomenal! Where it would take years to perfect something in a closed environment, the engineers are making quantum leaps in the discoveries of free energy technology. The build in Taiwan exposed dozens of engineers from Taiwan and as many as 5000 engineers in China to the basics of Tesla’s free energy technology. Engineers from 24 countries met us in Morocco for further brain storming and collaboration. Most recently in the UK we have another collaboration of engineers and planet changers from several different countries.

What we have learned is that this QEG has a very special ability to bring people together across cultures and borders in pursuit of the same common goal: freedom for humanity in the form of free energy.

The QEG project began in a barn in Pennsylvania, then traveled around the world to Taiwan, later exploded into our awareness in Morocco, and is solidifying in the UK only to be back in Pennsylvania for the final chapter of a perfected prototype. The project is now thoroughly rooted in many countries around the world.

Snapshot of the UK Build

In the UK, a team of engineers and free energy experts from the UK, Holland, Canada, USA, Sweden, China, Norway and the Netherlands came together to build the 4th Fix the World QEG. Our gracious host provided all the QEG parts and an amazing backdrop on a farm in England to do the build, this included accommodations, meals and daily meditations.

Here is a video we put together with some footage of the UK Build:

So far the UK QEG has achieved resonance and overunity in VARS. Once again it was proven that there is a tremendous amount of power inside of the core. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of professional equipment were lent to the build to provide unique measurements of some of the most revolutionary finds on harnessing free energy in history. Much of which will be coming out in full technical reports as soon as we can compose them! We are now in the long tuning process, which is necessary to achieve self-running. The engineers worked long hard hours in the most beautiful spirit of collaboration we have ever witnessed. Unfortunately many could only stay for a short period of time and had to return back to their geographic locations before the tuning process and further testing and measurements were complete for self running. So now the project continues on towards self running in several geographic locations simultaneously. What has resulted is the Global Dream Team.

The Global Dream Team

The “Global Dream Team” is a team of QEG co-developers, some of the best and brightest from all over the world, each of whom has invested their time, talent and finances into developing free energy devices for the people in their local communities.

Our Plan and Next Steps

There are now several QEG’s built around the world. These are the ones that we know of, there are probably a lot more that haven’t been publicized. Each of these QEG’s are all close to the same stage of development. The Global Dream Team will be completing the rest of the co-development, testing, measuring and successful self running, all to be opensourced and openly shared in real time in the following locations simultaneously: USA (FTW QEG team), UK QEG team, QEG Canada currently working in China, QEG Germany, QEG South Africa, QEG India, QEG Greece, and more teams as they come on board.

This is more than business in the new paradigm. It is a new way of being and doing with one another. There is no competition here or race to reach the goal first. It is cooperation and collaboration that comes straight from the heart center of these brilliant souls.

There is no question of “if” we will have self-running free energy around the world. It is only a matter of time now. And this time is coming soon, perhaps in the next few weeks. What is important to focus on now, is how we will adapt to this new way of being. How will we do business together? How will we co-create together? Patents, ownership, secrecy and greed are ways that are becoming obsolete in the new world of open sourcing, co-development and instantaneous sharing of technology across digital platforms and social media.

This is intended to be just a short update for now. We have many hours of video and data to sort through and more testing and work to do in the labs around the world. This will keep us busy for the next couple of weeks, please stay tuned for the work that we will be putting out here on the hopegirl blog. We never would have come so far if it wasn’t for the support of the beautiful people on this planet. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Donate to the Phase 3 QEG – self running HERE.


QEG 3rd Phase Development: Self-running

Raised: $19,942.00
Goal: $19,601.00

Created by

Hope Moore

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Phase 3 UPDATE (Please see video below)
Hang in there folks! What is happening as a result of the 3rd phase build for the QEG in the UK is strong sturdy and monumental growth for the way that free energy is being brought through to the people, after hundreds of years of suppression. We are still working and many groundbreaking discoveries are being made and captured.
Currently the FTW team has hours of video and interviews to edit, and information from some of the worlds’ best free energy engineers to transcribe. All of which we will be releasing in our famous opensource style! Half the team is in editing mode while the engineers are continuing the work. Many have continued their travel back to QEG’s being built in other countries to replicate and continue exciting research on some of our findings.
Here is a quote from one of the engineers that spent time at the UK Build:
“Rotor balancing in the UK was a huge success. It was done by a company that specializes in such work. The QEG with the balanced rotor ran very much quieter than what I have heard in previous versions that did not have precise rotor balance. What took up much of our time trying to find the resonate sweet spot(s) was the wiring and rewiring of capacitors in both tanks, also wiring the load bank from series to parallel and series/parallel arrangement. Likely 30% of our time was used in doing this. The conclusion here is that a properly equipped lab in the future must have switchable caps banks and load banks if we are to make best use of our research time.
Because we were working long days and into the early morning hours, most of the days we were not reporting as much, as we went along hoping to find that ‘holy grail’ loopback of the motor for self-running. Evens and I were only scheduled to be in the UK until the morning of the 20th but Phillip & his China partners agreed to buy us a new ticket so we could stay until this past Monday morning, and we thank them very much for this.
Tesla brought us the technology through his work and patents. When we can understand what he brought us and what he really knew we will progress in leaps and bounds. We are not there yet but we have the minds here in this group to grasp all that is necessary to move forward and uncover all the overunity secrets. This will take a LOT more research, understanding and sharing of our finding to do this. I am now committing myself in the days to come to contact each and every one in our research group personally, and see what each of us can individually research in various areas and then bring it all together into a unified whole.”
Due to being away from homefront responsibilities for three months (while teaching so many engineers in other countries how to build a QEG), the Lead Engineer James had to return to the U.S. Work will resume on Monday July 7th in the original Pennsylvania location, to achieve self-running, and a target/goal date of the end of the month.
Your participation and donations in this project have ensured that the people of the world will have access to this technology; over 40 countries have QEG workshops going! Please continue to support this effort as you can – we are almost there!! (Please watch video)

Phase 3 QEG in Development


QEG Update: UK has resonance!

We did it again!! UK QEG HAS RESONANCE! This just in… assembly has just been completed, and the first phase of resonance has been reached. The next step is tuning to bring it to over unity, then we will achieve self running, as indicated by our simulation testing environment. Its almost time folks! We are unstoppable! Thank you so much to all of humanity who have supported Fix the World and the Engineers that are working so hard to bring free energy to all of us and liberate the planet.


Acoustic Levitation of Stones


by Bruce Cathie

Monastery construction, Tibetan style
according to Swedish Designer Henry Kjellson
The steep mountain side is on the right. In the centre is the stone block, and on the left are the priests and musicians. S=big drum, M=medium drum, T=trumpeter. Inset shows method of suspending drum, and gives an idea of its size. As shown here, Kjellson says, the 200 priests are waiting to take up their positions in straight lines of 8 or 10 behind the instruments, ‘like spokes in a wheel.’ Unlikely as it may seem, this operation has an intriguing precision, made slightly more so by Kjellson’s meticulously detailed description.

Tibetan Monks levitate stones by using an acoustic levitation technique with the aid of drams in this 1939 sketch by Swedish aircraft designer Henry Kjellson.

A New Zealand scientist recently gave me an intriguing extract from an article published in a German magazine, relating to a demonstration of levitation in Tibet. After obtaining a translation by a German journalist, in English, I was amazed at the information contained in the story, and was surprised that the article had slipped through the suppression net which tends to keep such knowledge from leaking out to the public.

All the similar types of stories that I had read up until now were generally devoid of specific information necessary to prove the veracity of the account. In this case a full set of geometric measurements were taken, and I discovered, to my great delight, that when they were converted into their equivalent geodetic measures, relating to grid harmonics the values gave a direct association with those in the unified harmonic equations published in my earlier works.

The following extracts are translations taken from the German article: ‘We know from the priests of the far east that they were able to lift heavy boulders up high mountains with the help of groups of various sounds… the knowledge of the various vibrations in the audio range demonstrates to a scientist of physics that a vibrating and condensed sound field can nullify the power of gravitation. Swedish engineer Olaf Alexanderson wrote about this phenomenon in the publication. Implosion No. 13.

The following report is based on observations which were made only 20 years ago in Tibet. I have this report from civil engineer and flight manager, Henry Kjelson, a friend of mine. He later on included this report in his book, The Lost Techniques. This is his report:

A Swedish doctor, Dr Jarl, a friend of Kjelsons, studied at Oxford. During those times he became friends with a young Tibetan student. A couple of years later, it was 1939, Dr Jarl made a journey to Egypt for the English Scientific Society. There he was seen by a messenger of his Tibetan friend, and urgently requested to come to Tibet to treat a high Lama.

After Dr Jarl got the leave he followed the messenger and arrived after a long journey by plane and Yak caravans, at the monastery, where the old Lama and his friend who was now holding a high position were now living.

Dr Jarl stayed there for some time, and because of his friendship with the Tibetans he learned a lot of things that other foreigners had no chance to hear about, or observe.

One day his friend took him to a place in the neighborhood of the monastery and showed him a sloping meadow which was surrounded in the north west by high cliffs. In one of the rock walls, at a height of about 250 meters was a big hole which looked like the entrance to a cave. In front of this hole there was a platform on which the monks were building a rock wall. The only access to this platform was from the top of the cliff and the monks lowered themselves down with the help of ropes.

In the middle of the meadow, about 250 meters from the cliff, was a polished slab of rock with a bowl like cavity in the centre. The bowl had a diameter of one meter and a depth of 15 centimeters. A block of stone was maneuvered into this cavity by Yak oxen. The block was one meter wide and one and one-half meters long. Then 19 musical instruments were set in an arc of 90 degrees at a distance of 63 meters from the stone slab. The radius of 63 meters was measured out accurately. The musical instruments consisted of 13 drums and six trumpets. (Ragdons).

Eight drums had a cross-section of one meter, and a length of one and one-half meters. Four drums were medium size with a cross-section of 0.7 meter and a length of one meter. The only small drum had a cross-section of 0.2 meters and a length of 0.3 meters. All the trumpets were the same size. They had a length of 3.12 meters and an opening of 0.3 meters. The big drums and all the trumpets were fixed on mounts which could be adjusted with staffs in the direction of the slab of stone.

The big drums were made of 3mm thick sheet iron, and had a weight of 150 kg. They were built in five sections. All the drums were open at one end, while the other end had a bottom of metal, on which the monks beat with big leather clubs. Behind each instrument was a row of monks. The situation is demonstrated in the following diagram:
When the stone was in position the monk behind the small drum gave a signal to start the concert. The small drum had a very sharp sound, and could be heard even with the other instruments making a terrible din. All the monks were singing and chanting a prayer, slowly increasing the tempo of this unbelievable noise. During the first four minutes nothing happened, then as the speed of the drumming, and the noise, increased, the big stone block started to rock and sway, and suddenly it took off into the air with an increasing speed in the direction of the platform in front of the cave hole 250 meters high. After three minutes of ascent it landed on the platform.

Continuously they brought new blocks to the meadow, and the monks using this method, transported 5 to 6 blocks per hour on a parabolic flight track approximately 500 meters long and 250 meters high. From time to time a stone split, and the monks moved the split stones away. Quite an unbelievable task.

Dr Jarl knew about the hurling of the stones. Tibetan experts like Linaver, Spalding and Hue had spoken about it, but they had never seen it. So Dr Jarl was the first foreigner who had the opportunity to see this remarkable spectacle. Because he had the opinion in the beginning that he was the victim of mass-psychosis he made two films of the incident. The films showed exactly the same things that he had witnessed.

The English Society for which Dr Jarl was working confiscated the two films and declared them classified. They will not be released until 1990. This action is rather hard to explain, or understand. : End of trans.”

The fact that the films were immediately classified is not very hard to understand once the given measurements are transposed into their geometric equivalents. It then becomes evident that the monks in Tibet are fully conversant with the laws governing the structure of matter, which the scientists in the modern day western world are now frantically exploring. It appears, from the calculations, that the prayers being chanted by the monks did not have any direct bearing on the fact that the stones were levitated from the ground.

The reaction was not initiated by the religious fervor of the group, but by the superior scientific knowledge held by the high priests. The secret is in the geometric placement of the musical instruments in relation to the stones to be levitated, and the harmonic tuning of the drums and trumpets. The combined loud chanting of the priests, using their voices at a certain pitch and rhythm most probably adds to the combined effect, but the subject matter of the chant, 1 believe, would be of no consequence.

The sound waves being generated by the combination were directed in such a way that an anti-gravitational effect was created at the centre of focus (position of the stones) and around the periphery, or the arc, of a third of a circle through which the stones moved.

If we analyze the diagram published with the original article, then compare it with the modified diagram, we become aware of the following coordinates, and the implications, when compared with my previously published works.

The distance between the stone block and the central pivot of the drum supports is shown as 63 meters. The large drums were said to be one and one half meters long, so the distance from the block to the rear face of each drum could be close to 63.75 meters considering that the pivot point would be near the centre of balance. My theoretical analysis, by calculator, indicates that the exact distance would be 63.7079 meters for the optimum harmonic reaction.

By mathematical conversion we find that this value is equal to 206.2648062 geodetic feet, which is harmonically equal to the length of the earth’s radius in seconds of arc (relative to the earth’s surface) 206264.8062.
This also leads us to the following associations: (206.2648062 x 2) = 412.5296124
This number squared: = 170180.68 which is the theoretical harmonic of mass at the earth’s surface.
The four rows of monks standing behind the instruments in a quarter circle added to the production of sound by their loud chanting and must be taken in to account in regards to the geometric pattern. If we assume that they were standing approximately two feet apart, we can add a calculated value of 8.08865 geodetic feet to the radius of the complete group. This gives a maximum radius of: 214.3534583 geodetic feet.

The circumference of a complete circle with this radius would be:1346.822499 geodetic feet. Which is a half harmonic of:2693.645 (unified field) The distance from the stone block to a calculated point within the cliff face and the height of the ledge on the cliff face from ground level is given as 250metres. If we can now imagine that the raised stone blocks pass through a quarter arc of a circle during their flight from ground level to the hole in the cliff face, then the pivot point of the radius would be coincident with this position. See diagram. The theoretical radius was found to be:249.8767262 meters which very closely approximates the estimate. This converts to:809.016999 geodetic feet. The diameter of the full circle would therefore be:1618.034 geodetic feet.

A circle with this diameter has a circumference of 5083.203728 units, which can be divided into three even lengths of 1694.4. It therefore appears that the levitated blocks, once resonated to a certain frequency, would tend to carry out a flight path that is coincident to one third of a circle. The spatial distance being equivalent to the mass harmonic at the centre of a light field, 1694443.

The instruments used by the group, in theory, would also have been tuned to produce harmonic wave forms associated with the unified fields. The given measurements are in rounded off parts of a meter but in practice some slight variations from these measurements would be expected in order to create the appropriate resonating cavities within the instruments. The geometric arrangement, and the number of instruments in the group would also be a most important factor.

If the given measurement for each type of drum is modified fractionally and converted to its geometric equivalent an interesting value for the cubic capacity is evident.

The large drums:
1.517201563 meters long, 1.000721361 meters wide
= 58.94627524 geodetic inches long, 38.88 geodetic inches wide.
= 69984 cubic geodetic inches capacity
= 40.5 cubic geodetic feet capacity.
Therefore the cubic capacity for eight drums:
= 324 cubic geodetic feet.
This harmonic value is built into the world grid and is equal to half the harmonic 648.
The medium sized drums:
1.000721361 meters long, 0.695189635 meters wide
= 38.88 geodetic inches long, 27.00948944 geodetic inches wide
= 22276.59899 cubic geodetic inches capacity
= 12.89155034 cubic geodetic feet capacity.
Therefore the cubic capacity for four drums:
= 51.56620136 cubic geodetic feet.
14.97414932 centimeters
= 5.895334377 inches
-5.817764187 geodetic inches = 0.484813682 geodetic feet.
As the dish-shape was focused upwards towards the stone block to be levitated it would be expected that some type of reaction would take place which had an effect on the mass. The geometric shape of the cavity does seem to be engineered in such a way that the projected frequency vortex causes a reciprocal reaction to the mass harmonic of each block.
The reciprocal of: 0.484813682
= 2.062648055 Twice this value:
= 4.12529611
The square of this value:
= 17.018068 (the harmonic of mass at the earth’s surface, 17018068)
I believe that there is not much doubt that the Tibetans had possession of the secrets relating to the geometric structure of matter, and the methods of manipulating the harmonic values, but it we can grasp the mathematical theory behind the incident, and extend the application, then an even more fascinating idea presents itself.

In my last book I mentioned the flying machines described in ancient records, that flew through the air with a melodious sound, and theorized that the sonic apparatus was tuned to the harmonic unified equations.

Now the Tibetans have given us a direct indication of how to construct a sonically propelled anti-gravitational flying machine. All that is necessary is to complete the circle of sonic generators, indicated by the drums, trumpets, etc., and we have a disc which creates an anti-gravitational lifting force at the centre, (see diagram 23).

To create this diagram I made four photo-copies of the original illustration showing the arrangement of drums, trumpets etc. and then cut out the 90 degree segments and fitted them together into a circular pattern. This was then photo-copied a second time in the relationship with a disc-shaped vehicle. When the circular pattern was formed it became evident that the Tibetans had placed the drums and trumpets on the arc of a quarter circle, but the placement of the Priests behind the drums tended to form a spiral. This conforms with the concept of the formation of matter due to the spiralling, vortexual, wave motions in space, discussed in my earlier works. Similar wave motions would have to be created in order to manipulate matter.

The inner diameter of the sonic generators in the theoretical vehicle would be 412.5296 geodetic feet, with the previously described harmonic associations. The outer diameter, estimated from the placement of the Tibetan priests, would be 428.7069166 geodetic feet. If we square the inner diameter we have the harmonic of mass 17018068 relative to the earth’s surface, and the outer diameter would give a circumference tuned to the unified equation. The lift vectors through the centre would resonate at harmonic frequencies in opposition to the mass value at the centre of a unified, or light, field = 1694443.

From this it would appear that a vehicle could be constructed that would resonate at frequencies in sympathy with the unified fields demonstrated throughout this work.

It is my opinion that our own scientific establishments are far ahead in this type of research, and that many experimental vehicles have already been constructed. High frequency generators have probably taken the place of the low frequency sonic methods, and electronic systems produced which would allow complete control of movement.

With this type of research going on, I would say that the days of the conventional aeroplane are numbered.

Showing relationship of Priests, drums and stone blocks, to the hole in the cliff face.

Diagram showing how the geometric pattern of sonic generators created by the Tibetan Monks can be combined in a circular, or disc, shape,
the resultant forces of the harmonic fields set up would combine into a doughnut shapedanti-gravitational field which would levitate the disc, or vehicle.
412.5296 squared = 170180.68 = mass harmonic
428.7069166 diameter = circumference of 1346.822499
                                     = half harmonic of 2693.645 (unified equation)

Excerpt from ‘Anti-gravity and the World Grid’ edited by D.H.Childress via Bibliotecapleyades @http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/antigravityworldgrid/ciencia_antigravityworldgrid08.htm

UK QEG Has Resonance!!

We did it again!! UK QEG HAS RESONANCE! This just in… assembly has just been completed, and the first phase of resonance has been reached. The next step is tuning to bring it to over unity, then we will achieve self running, as indicated by our simulation testing environment. Its almost time folks! We are unstoppable! Thank you so much to all of humanity who have supported Fix the World and the Engineers that are working so hard to bring free energy to all of us and liberate the planet.


This glass sphere might revolutionize solar power on Earth

on 24 December, 2013 at 19:40

German architect André Broessel, of Rawlemon, has looked into his crystal ball and seen the future of renewable energy. In this case it’s a spherical sun-tracking solar energy-generating globe — essentially a giant glass marble on a robotic steel frame. But this marble is no toy. It concentrates both sunlight and moonlight up to 10,000 times — making its solar harvesting capabilities 35 percent more efficient than conventional dual-axis photovoltaic designs.

André Broessel was a finalist in the World Technology Network Award 2013 with the globe’s design and afterward produced this latest version, called Betaray, which can concentrate diffuse light such as that from a cloudy day.

Let me repeat that. This is 35% more efficient than current solar panels and is able to operate on cloudy days.  It concentrates light by 10,000 times. The second video has slightly better film of it, but it is in spanish.  The first video is in english. Source: NewsDiscovery



What it’s like to try to build a Free Energy Device in an Underdeveloped Country

Source: http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/what-its-like-to-try-to-build-a-free-energy-device-in-an-underdeveloped-country/


In an attempt to explain our silence for the last month, we wanted to write this short update for Fix the World and the QEG family.

We have been in an area in Morocco –an underdeveloped country – building a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) with at least 30 engineers, and a total of about 70 people from over 20 different countries. What we are doing here is a humanitarian project: to build a generator that will run a well and provide water to 300 poor people of this village. The excitement of opensourcing the QEG, and our open invitation to anyone who wanted to come join us, brought in a lot of amazing people with broad backgrounds and great forward-thinking ideas. Still, our goal remains the same; to help the people in this village.

For the rest of the world outside of this secluded village, we wanted to make sure we were able to clarify what “underdeveloped” really looks and feels like, and what our experience has been building here. We feel an explanation of the conditions we’ve had to endure for a project like this is important, since it is you – The People – who provide the impetus to keep going when everything around us looks insurmountable.

No Internet

Other than extremely sporadic moments of luck, we have basically had no means of communication with the outside world for over 3 weeks. Some members of the community here use “internet sticks” that work very slowly, very poorly and have daily limits of usage (when indeed they do decide to work). So basically we have had no internet, no means of reading anything online, watching Youtube videos, checking email, looking on Facebook, keeping up with Skype, etc. etc. One keeps trying though, and the frustration builds. On occasion, someone will get an internet connection and perhaps have about 10 minutes of time here or there, but for the majority of time we’ve had no luck.

The result of not having proper communication for almost a month is a mixed one. On one hand we don’t get to see much of the negative stuff flying around about our project, but on the other hand, we know with proper updating we could avoid misinterpretation of our actions. We’re only vaguely aware that gross mistruths are being spread, which is probably a good thing. We remain focused on the goal.

Local Communication Problems

Most of us here do not have phones, and we are pretty spread out in the village. In a world where a text message saying “Where are you? Can you meet me at the corner?” is not possible, simple communication is very difficult when you have to walk 1/2 a mile to find the person you’re looking for. The best you can do is hope the person you need to talk to happens to show up for the community dinner. In addition to this, there are many different languages being spoken here, including German, Norwegian, French, Spanish, English and Arabic, and translation can be a little tricky. This has made local communication incredibly scattered and disconnected, and often things get miscommunicated, especially when plans change (which happens a lot).

No Basic Supply Industry

We were able to find wood, bolts and capacitors in Morocco, but 90% of the basic parts and tools needed to build the QEG had to be brought here from other countries. Shipping costs are quite high since you will have to purchase overnight postage if you want your item in 3 weeks. These things caused huge delays and severely cut into our budget for the project (expenditure update coming soon!) In an effort to get the parts we needed on time, we bought plane tickets to fly people here carrying the parts in their suitcases. Also we had to deal with this country’s bureaucracy as Moroccan Customs wouldn’t release the QEG core for 2 weeks! We drove 12 hours round trip to Casablanca twice, and spent entire days fighting with customs to get them to release our property to us. It may not be practical to ship processed cores, so it will be wonderful to watch these problems be eliminated as the CICU (cottage industry community unit) here gets funded and grows.

Physical Comfort

As mentioned, there were about 70 people here just for the QEG build. Some of us were lucky and were able to get a bed or share an apartment, but most people slept on mats in a large shared room in the community house. In areas where there is indoor plumbing, there are usually problems and sometimes you have to walk up the hill to find a shower with pressure and hot water. Many Moroccan toilets are holes in the floor with a bucket of water for flushing. Unfortunately a handful of us, including HopeGirl, came down with dysentery and were sick for days. That is in addition to the general intestinal malaise that seems to linger….

The Villagers

The people who live here are mostly very poor, but not unhappy. They plant and harvest their own crops by hand, bent over in the fields all day. The villagers walk with their donkeys for a full day’s journey to the nearest town for supplies, normally a 15-30 minute car ride. The women pull water (and do all the back-breaking field work too) from the well and fill plastic bottles to bring home. Only about 50% of the villagers have any electricity at all. Most of the people here have no idea that the entire world now knows about Aouchtam due to the internet and the work that some of us are doing here. But everyone here knows there’s an important project going on – and they love us!

So, circumstances have caused considerable delays, expenditures and disinformation regarding our project here. Nonetheless, we are committed to seeing this through and dedicated to our goal. So many wonderful people have come together to make this happen, and we are in great spirits due to the glorious support we have from The People, despite the problems. Work here will continue on the QEG for the next one to two weeks… or until it is complete. Jamie and some of the engineers are remaining here in Morocco to do this. As for myself and my mother Valerie, we are leaving Morocco to go where we can have the reliable internet access we need to catch up on the rest of the work around the QEG and Fix The World.

Many updates are coming in the next 2 weeks including tons of instructional video footage to edit and upload. We have several blog posts to compose with lots of information. We have many emails to catch up on and future QEG builds to plan.

We want to thank our friends in the alternative media team that have been writing blog posts and sharing videos with the world whenever they could find an internet connection. Much more to come from the QEG team, please stay tuned!

Limitless Supply of Free Energy Discovered!


Lately, the Internet has been abound with talk of “Free Energy”. While the talk has actually been on going, now more than ever people are starting to get excited about about the future of energy. In the 20 years that I have been researching Free Energy, I have never seen such an intense interest in the subject. Not only is the subject on fire, but confusion about it, by the public at large, is at an all time high. This is why I will attempt to define, clarify and demystify Free Energy in this article. Let’s remember that magic is only magic if you don’t understand it. Once you understand the technology, it is no longer magic nor impossible, but a very real technology that we can use to transform this planet and ourselves.

While the number of “Free Energy” claims is growing every day, the majority of these claims are either scams or inventors who really don’t understand how to take proper measurements. However, some of these claims are real and have been independently validated by highly respected scientists and researchers. In fact, there are free energy devices that have been in operation for many years.

Even so, there are those who will say that Free Energy, aka Overunity, is impossible. “It defies the laws of physics. You can’t get something out of nothing.” It is true that you can’t get something out of nothing. However, Overunity does not break the laws of physics, because you’re not getting something out of nothing. Your are simply collecting the energy that is all around us. While you can’t create or destroy energy, you can collect it from the environment in an almost inordinate number of ways. This is the basis of all Overunity systems.

This author, first heard of Free Energy about 20 years ago from a former NASA astronaut, Brian O’Leary. He showed me pictures and movies of electric motors, built by various inventors around the world. Once these motors got up to speed, they were able to sustain their own motion. In addition, some of those motors also powered external loads, such as a bank of light bulbs. At the time, this defied explanation and simply did not fit into my understanding of how physical reality works.

More recently, I decided to travel to meet a well known man, John Bedini at a conference. He is a sort of rock star in the field of overunity. At the first of several conferences I went to, he actually took the time to show me and anyone else who wanted to know, how to build devices that can output more energy than you input. I realize at first glance, that sounds crazy and impossible, but it’s really not. I will explain how this not only possible, without violating the law of conservation of energy or the laws of thermodynamics, but we (humanity) are already doing this today. To do this, we must be using the same terminology and understand that terminology in the same way.

First, lets both define and rename “Free Energy”: This is energy that can be extracted from the environment without using any consumable fuel based resources, once the device has been built. The majority of serious researchers in the field do not use the term “Free Energy”, because it is misleading. That term implies that it is free, which depending on how you look at it, is both true and false. It is false, because it takes money and, at the very least, labor to build a device to collect the various forms of “Energy From The Environment”. It’s also true because the energy itself is in fact free because once the device is built, you don’t have to pay for the energy that you are collecting. For example, you don’t have to pay for wind, once your midmill has been erected. You are simply holding out your hand and nature is providing it at no additional charge. So, let’s rename it “Energy From The Environment”. This is a much more accurate term.

Now let’s define “Overunity”: The action of getting more energy out of a system than the OPERATOR inputs. So, an overunity system or device is able get more energy out, than what the OPERATOR has input, once the system has been built. In other words, it has a Coefficient of Performance (COP) greater than 1, also expressed as 100%. So, if I build a system where the operator inputs 1 unit of energy and that system outputs 1.1 units, then that would constitute overunity, because the COP would be greater than 100%.

Bear with me as I explain why overunity does not defy the known laws of physics. To understand why this is not only possible, but that we are already doing this today, we must learn the difference between “Efficiency” and “COP”. Also, be advised that overunity is NOT perpetual motion. That is something entirely different, even though some people will attempt to equate these as the same thing.

Next, let’s define “Efficiency”: To calculate the efficiency of a system you divide the TOTAL energy input by the energy output. Expressed as en equation like so: output ÷ total input. Most solar panels on the market today are only between 15% and 25% efficient. Let’s calculate the efficiency of a typical solar panel. Total energy input, in the form of sunlight, is 100 units of energy. The output is 20 units of energy. The equation can be expressed as: 20 ÷ 100 = .2. To see that answer expressed as a percentage, multiply it by 100, which is 20%. No system can be over 100% efficient by definition. There is no getting around that fact. Additionally, there will always be losses in a system. The most efficient systems you can realistically hope for are 95% to 99.999% efficient.

Next, let’s define Coefficient of Performance (COP): To calculate the COP of a system you divide the OPERATOR energy input by the energy output, not accounting for the energy that is input from the environment. This can be expressed as an equation like so: total output ÷ operator input. Let’s again use the solar panel as an example. It collects energy from the environment. When the sun is shining on it, it will output more energy than is input, BY THE OPERATOR. By definition, this is overunity. Once the solar panel has been built, the OPERATOR inputs 0 units of energy and the panel will output anywhere from 200 to 240 watts of energy. Let’s calculate the COP of that same solar panel: 20 ÷ 0 = ∞. So, the COP of that solar panel is infinite. The COP can be greater than 100% because of the energy that is input from the environment that is not accounted for in the COP calculation. To attain a COP greater than 100%, you must build a system that collects energy from the environment. COP is often confused with “efficiency” by even the most educated people. It is very similar to the efficiency calculation, which is why it is sometimes used interchangeably by mistake.

Next, let’s list some of the forms of “Energy From The Environment”:
Energy From The Environment is any energy or force that can be collected, converted or utilized directly. Let’s list a few of them:
1.) Sunlight
2.) Wind
3.) Heat
4.) Gravity
5.) Magnetism
6.) Earth’s Electricity
7.) Zero Point Energy, Radiant Energy, Cold Electricity, Negative Electricity, Dark Energy (All the same)

So now we know that overunity already exists and that we use it everyday. The first four energies in the above list are well known: solar panels, windmills, geothermal plants and hydroelectric plants all harness energy from the environment in the form of sunlight, wind, heat & gravity, respectively and convert that energy into something our gadgets can use, electricity. Items 4 & 5 are constant forces and can be more tricky to extract energy from, but it can be done and is done in the case of gravity. Water from a hydroelectric dam wants to go down, due to gravity, so it goes down and is funneled through turbines and those turbines generate electricity. Item 6 is a little less well known. Earth’s ground is a negative and Earth’s atmosphere is a positive. Although, harnessing electricity directly from the Earth is not as widely known, it has been done many times and is still being done today by many researchers. This technology is usually referred to as the “Earth Battery”.

However, item 7 is where the action is. Usually, when the term “Free Energy” is used, this is what it is in reference to. But really, this is just another one of the many forms of energy from the environment. Radiant Energy is the best form of energy that we have. Solar and wind turbines only work when there in sunlight and wind. Radiant Energy is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s non-polluting, doesn’t need replenishing and no corporation can charge for it, just like no one can charge for the wind to power a windmill. Plus, it’s present everywhere in the cosmos. We are literally submerged in an endless supply of this energy.

Radiant Energy comes from a place that particle physicists call the Dirac Sea, time-space, virtual particle flux, curved space-time, ether and sometimes, the active vacuum. But really, this place is just another part of nature. You could say, it’s another dimension, beyond this one that is not readily accessible. It is now believed by many particle physicists that all other forms of energy may come from this place as well.

So, if an inventor built an electric motor that was self running, this would be a clear example of an overunity device, just like the solar panel. The motor would be displaying overunity, because it would not only be self running, but would be producing extra energy in the form of rotational power. This inventor may mistakenly think that their device is over 100% efficient. It is not. It does, however, have a COP greater than 100%. Where does the excess energy come? It comes from the environment, just like the solar panel. The inventor has built an open system that collects additional energy from the environment. This is also known as an asymmetrical system.

Let’s say an inventor built an electrical device that when you input 1 unit of energy, you get get 2 units of energy out. It would have a COP of 200%. So, 1 unit of energy was input from the operator and an additional 1 unit of energy was freely provided by the environment. All overunity systems have an asymmetrical component to them. Meaning, they get additional energy, beyond what the operator has input, from the environment. To have a COP greater than 100% there must be an open/asymmetrical component to it. Without the open component, there is no place for nature to input it’s additional energy. You simply can’t get overunity without allowing energy in from the environment. In other words, we must build a water wheel and put it into the endless free flowing river of energy that is all around us.

About 55 years ago, particle physicists discovered that the symmetry of an electrical system with the active environment can be broken. Chien-Shiung Wu and her colleagues, Tsung-Dao Lee and Chen-Ning Yang, received Nobel Prizes for this work. Ilya Prigogine later received a Nobel Prize for his contributions to these types of systems as well. A sort of “windmill” electrical system, in a Dirac Sea wind, was proven to be possible and has been built. Using the principles outlined by these Nobel laureates, the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG), designed by Tom Bearden and four colleagues, was built, tested and independently verified. The MEG is a solid state device (no moving parts) and produces up to 100 times more energy than is input, by the operator. It has a COP of 1,000%!

Sadly, the currently taught electro magnetic (EM) theory does not include extracting and using electrical energy from the active environment. So, even though the higher scientific models have been updated, electrical engineers are still working with a 138 year old electro magnetic theory. As a result, our electrical engineers are still being taught to build closed/symmetrical systems. These closed systems give back to the environment any energy they receive. The ratio of output to input will always be less than 100% in a closed system. Thankfully, mostly due to the Internet and an army of relentless researchers, overunity is now understood by a much larger audience.

Thanks to inventors and researchers like Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Dr. Peter Lindemann, Mehran T. Keshe, Thane C. Heinz, Troy Reed, John Christie, Jean-Louis Naudin, the GAMMA Group in Budapest, Hungary, and many others, overunity systems are on their way to a marketplace near you.

In the late 1800’s. We could barely imagine how electricity would spark an industrial revolution and transform this planet and it’s people. One day, perhaps sooner than you think, our technological gadgets will utilize Radiant Energy directly from nature, without the need to first convert it into electricity. We can still only image how this will transform our world. Perhaps, it will spark a second industrial revolution, differing from the previous one, by cleaning and restoring our environment at the same time.

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