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Clandestine insider trading involving the weather is happening on the stock market and has been since 1996. This trading involves betting on what the weather will be. In the age of weather modifications, can anyone see a conflict of interest with this? Does California have a huge put option out on it? Is that why HAARP technology is obviously being used to destroy California agriculture?

This was a new one for me, but it makes perfect sense: If powerful people can control the weather now, why not use the weather as a trading option and rake it in big with a rigged game?

IiA posted the following to the forum, and it is a shocker.

Topic: Weather Derivatives

The first weather derivative deal was in July 1996 when Aquila Energy structured a dual-commodity hedge for Consolidated Edison Co. Weather derivatives slowly began trading over-the-counter in 1997. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange introduced the first exchange-traded weather futures contracts and corresponding options, in 1999. A major early pioneer in weather derivatives was Enron Corporation.

Following this YT uploaded Oct 17, 2014, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has deleted all information on hurricane weather contracts from their website. Trading weather derivatives, while having access to technology to modify temperature, rainfall, drought and tweak the paths of hurricanes, constitutes insider trading. Also snapshots on the wayback archive now reroute, I have the screenshots.

Is there relevant disclosure about the tweaking of Hurricane Gonzalo and Typhoon Vongfong, or why now?…YZGSV4H7T8

The CME currently lists weather derivative contracts for 25 cities in the United States, eleven in Europe, six in Canada, three in Australia and three in Japan. Most of these financial instruments track cooling degree days or heating degree days, but other products track snowfall and rainfall in at ten separate U.S. locations. The CME Hurricane Index, an innovation developed by the reinsurance industry provides contracts that are based on a formula derived from the wind speed and radius of named storms at the point of U.S. landfall.

My comment:

I am stunned, this is one of the most incredible things I have ever heard of. This is obviously behind the weather manipulations many have noticed in recent years.


Note: Well hopefully they lost so muych money on the four hurricanes they attempted to slam Hawaii with since August, they’ll think twice before doing it again. Fortunately, their schemes failed. Over this last weekend, we had nice cleansing rains, choppy seas, no storms and lots of blustery weather…it was actually a nice change of pace. Four hurricanes in 2.5 months…geeezzzuz. Give it up folks! 



Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering

Dutchsinse: 5/4/2012 — Circle Sweep / ‘HAARP ring’ causes storm = ‘smoking gun proof’

It would be interesting to know if this area was heavily chemtrailed before being hit with the high frequency manipulation of the atmosphere.  Any feedback from readers is welcome below, mahalo!

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Here is the original video from bethanyhome7… many thanks to her..

You can view the event on back dated NEXRAD —

here is the direct link:…

Or you can search it yourself:

Station name DDC… Date .. 2012, May 4 at about 6z 0minutes (UTC) or midnight local time in Dodge City Kansas.

I call this “smoking gun proof” because it is clearly a flash into the high RF like we’ve seen many times before.. only it is VERY quick and VERY intense.. and instead of having to wait 2 days to prove a storm hits…

Finally! after a year of searching.. we see it occur LIVE on RADAR!

Here is my post on high frequency manipulation of the atmosphere to produce such events as seen in this video:…

Here are DOZENS of past forecast examples using the Circle Sweep / Scalar Square / HAARP ring method:…

New and Improved HAARP?


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The Shape of the Future

In my younger days I was a “HAM” radio operator, K1FJS. My hang out was the 20 meter band. Since we used crystals that were made to a specific frequency, it was easy to make a perfectly tuned antenna with some copper wire. You divided the speed of light (299,792,458 meters per second) by the frequency you wanted to target (in Hz). The result was in meters and you could make your piece of wire by using a quarter of this length.

That being said, the best antenna I ever used was the metal drainpipes and gutters on my family’s Cape Cod house. I contacted over 100 countries using this odd configuration and just 50 watts… as long as it didn’t rain or get covered by snow. The point here is that antennae have a way of combining their contorted radiating surfaces that can sometimes perform better than a straight piece of wire.

If you’ve ever broken a cell phone, you have no doubt seen the strange shaped antenna that makes communication between the phone and the tower possible. These oddly shaped conductors are designed by computers and usually can radiate signals on a broad range of frequencies, instead of just one. It’s a fairly new technology which only became viable in the last decade — about the time when your mobile phone became your cell phone.

A pioneer in this field is Nathan Cohen, the inventor and patent holder of fractal antennae. Nathan had his “drainpipe” moment when he fabricated an aluminum foil antenna using a fractal pattern to hide it from his landlord, who prohibited antennae on his property. Nathan was surprised that it worked at all, yet he successfully communicated with another “HAM” operator on the 2 meter band.


[Above left:] An example of a fractal shape being used by HAM operators in square, or “quad” formation. [Right:] The HAARP installation in Gakona, Alaska.

The idea blossomed and today, fractal antenna systems are the cutting edge of radiant communication systems. And this brings us to HAARP — or I should say, “ionosphere heaters” like HAARP.

Those of us familiar with “dark technology” like HAARP are used to seeing football size antennae farms with hundreds of towers and aluminum dipoles. But that’s an era of the past.

Enter the new era:



Something weird, yet familiar, can be found at 43°04’51.75″N/92°48’26.85″E.

First, notice the scale. Those little rectangular things are big trucks.

The staff there must get pretty bored because there is evidence of joy-riding on the tarmac. The “embedded conductors” are used like an obstacle course, leaving signs of tire wear on them — especially in tight turns. Those illuminated figure “8” shapes are puzzling. We sometimes see truck tracks in them also.



At first we thought this site was a runway. Perhaps it was designed to look that way, but some professional pilots who reviewed these photos noticed several oddities that would appear to discourage that assumption. There are no approach lights, no traces of wheels striking the runway — and the runway itself is far too small with many obstructions (like the huge saucer shaped thing) to allow all but a light drone to land here… No, it’s not a runway. But then, what is it?

Then there are those weird shapes on the “arms” of the structure. They are oddly symmetrical, like the new antennae designs. We ran this by Nathan Cohen and he agreed.


“What it is is two banks of three arrays for two separate bands, and one bank of two arrays for another. You can’t tell the operational frequencies from the spacings. The panels are many wavelengths across, but we dont know how many. It is a multiband array antenna farm with flat array panels. If we knew the operational frequencies I could tell you the gain. Not an Arecibo but still not too shabby would be my guess. Could be an imaging radar for satellite monitoring.”




The surrounding area reveals no power sources for the complex, but there is reason enough to believe that the works are hidden underground. The nearest village is called “Jiefang” (Liberation) “Kan’erjing” (underground caverns).



The idea of high gain, cutting egde antennae, aiming up towards the ionosphere, seems to imply that this facility is designed for a purpose similar to Alaska’s HAARP facility. It’s not that far fetched. China has numerous and amazing things that can be seen from studying google-earth. There are cities — huge and so modern that they look like something out of Star Trek — that are all empty and far removed from any other civilization. There are thousands of square miles of wind generators, weird Area-51 like places that we reported on back in November 2011.



Take a look. Check it out on google-earth. We have more surprises coming. For now… what do you think this is?

Great find Karen, thank you!

WARNING: HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer Readings OFF THE CHARTS!!

Just want to give the heads up to everyone that the HAARP Magnetometer readings this week indicated they were apparently attempting to take advantage of the the energy coming from the solar flares, the gravitational pull from the full moon and from Mercury going retrograde in an effort to incite seismic activity…somewhere. The graph didn’t size properly to the page so you’ll have to go to the website to see all the data. I also want to thank DP for alerting me to these charts, here’s the link:


The chart below is a running 36 hour plot of the readings taken from the fluxgate magnetometer, built by the University of Alaska, Geophysical Institute, operating at the HAARP ionospheric observatory in Gakona, Alaska. The three traces represent mutually orthogonal components of the earth’s magnetic field as follows:

  • The “H” component (black trace) is positive magnetic northward
  • The “D” component (red trace) is positive eastward
  • The “Z” component (blue trace) is positive downward

Geomagnetic storminess is usually indicated in oscillatory variations in the earth’s magnetic field. Additional detail concerning the nature and severity of the ionospheric disturbance can be found through analysis of the three components of the field.

Data from a chain of magnetometers are also available.

H (North)
D (East)
Z (Vertical)
Plot Width
24 hours
36 hours
3 days
1 week
2 weeks
1 month
Plot Scale
200 nT
500 nT
1000 nT
2000 nT
magnetometer plot...

Rosalind Peterson: The GeoEngineering Cover-Up (1 of 7)

If you missed Rosalind’s video earlier this week “Geoengineering: Destroying the Atmosphere” it’s a “must see” video that deserves the attention of everyone in America because Rosalind has the proof that we’re ALL under assault. The web of life is collapsing because the reduced amount of direct sunlight reaching the earth is causing a die off of trees and vegetation.

Uploaded by on Dec 4, 2010

Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch was a certified USDA. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjuster working in more than ten counties throughout California. She now spearheads a watchdog group that monitors uncontrolled experimental weather modification programs and attempts to mitigate global warming by blocking the suns rays.. Peterson is at the forefront of the chemtrail research field looking into how the unexplained patterns that scar our skies are causing detrimental human health effects and environmental degradation.

Corporate Degradation and Conscious Evolution by Max Igan

Uploaded by on Nov 18, 2011

Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – 11/18/11

ExopoliticsTV – Leuren Moret exposes Fukushima-HAARP bankers, partners, sponsors, money trail

Uploaded by on May 30, 2011

See more interviews/articles with Leuren Moret

Mirrored: HAARP cached website discovered, ADMITS weather modification!

Get your pen & paper ready, he provides a link to this site at the end of the video…

Leuren Moret – Fukushima tectonic nuclear warfare monitored by world HAARP partners

Get ready for a sobering, albeit highly informative interview from Exopolitics TV by Alfred Webre who talks to Leuren Moret about forensic evidence linking HAARP and tectonic nuclear warfare to the deadly Fukushima earthquake. That it was a coordinated effort, monitored by international partners including members of the scientific community.  Leuren is a virtual encyclopedia on the history  and activity of HAARP technology related to tectonic warfare, as well as the depopulation agenda currently underway. Which includes the chemical-radiological concoction along the Gulf coast delivering a deadly cocktail to millions of unsuspecting citizens.

Fascination conversation touching on time travel, quantum access, the Livermore military labs,  the Zionists agenda, Obama and the Norway spiral, CERN, the recent tornado outbreak incited by weather manipulation and much, much more. Leuren has really done her homework here,  this information needs to be exposed to the masses – all we can do is ask others to listen.

A Report on the X37-B’s Connection to Earthquakes

From: 2010TheCountdown  | Apr 25, 2011 


Quakes – Real Time

LaRouchePAC Japan Quake Forecasted ItaliaLaRouchePAC Japan Quake Forecasted Italian Earthquake Earthquake

Sounds like there’s  a HAARP connection here, isn’t it interesting how they don’t mention the technology emitting low frequency radio waves (VLF) exciting the ionosphere…

Dutchsinse HAARP Forecast: 24-48 hours from now Severe Weather with Tornado’s possible from Dallas to Detroit, and Billings, MT

in the next 24-48 hours .. from Dallas Texas to Detroit Michigan.. the threat for tornadoes and severe weather based upon the “HAARP VLF UHF” rings appearing today.

I believe NEXRAD and X-band radar systems are being used in conjunction with VLF and UHF arrays based out of airports, prisons, reservoirs, quarries, and CEMETARIES!!! all have these stations nearby!

each of these locations has something else in common.

They all have NO FCC restrictions for their areas.. so limitless amounts of “frequency” can be used out of these locations.

I truely know and also “believe” that we are seeing the steering of storms using projected frequencies from the very same stations that also give us “radar” images.

Dual use facilities.

look at the locations on the VLF and Digisonde maps below.. all these locations have the “ring phenomenon” sever weather outbreaks and EARTHQUAKES!!

enjoy this first round of links.. let me know what you think.


chinese “haarp” type facility:

RADAR im showing on screen to view the “rings”:

DOPE and superDARN backscatter dopple RADAR:

an ACTUAL program to plot these signatures!!!!!! :


West texas weather modification association:

another private weather modification company:

(man made quakes):

airforce owning the weather BY 2025 :

navy involved too

more in depth analysis………

the RAW DATA from the VLF ARRAYS!… :…

save ALL these PDF’s asap !…

And there are plenty more at there website look for your self.…

More PROOF Weather Modification Exists, Openly Shown on TV in China!

Must say I totally agree with the sentiments of SheilaAliens, the poster of this video.  For a closed society China sure is open with it’s citizens on issues American’s have been led to believe were only a reality in the realms of science fiction.  Kind of like interstellar space travel, time travel, teleportation and other technology’s that we are learning have been in existence in top secret programs since at least the 1950’s and 60’s.

This is a pathetic and utter disgrace….it’s time for a revolution folks! Haven’t you had ENOUGH of the lies, devious manipulation, propaganda, hate and divisiveness? There are many good people that work in government and that there is a need for a governing system to regulate industry, commerce and the economy, but we can no longer deny that there is an evil under-side that must be flush out if humanity is going to survive, grow and flourish – as we currently know it.

From: Sheilaaliens  | Apr 18, 2011

If you think about it, those people in China don’t have the expectation of having any “rights” as a human being like we SUPPOSEDLY do here in the U.S. So, the Chinese government is just like ” Ya, we’re modding the weather, whatchya gonna do about it?” it makes good tv.

Not to mention when you mod the weather it can – and probably does – effect the ENTIRE PLANET. jerks

So, because we in the U.S. have “rights” and would put an end to it as a collective whole if it were admitted to publicly, the U.S. government keeps it a secret. Lies. There’s your rights. Fuckin a it pisses me off.

Weather Modification is REAL, Several companies work FOR the government!

One thing Dutch doesn’t mention is there wouldn’t be anything wrong with this if they were using weather modification for the benefit of humanity, to stop droughts and floods from occurring that interrupt agriculture, hence the food supply and also to save lives from severe weather outbreaks like the one that happened last week that claimed almost 50 lives.

Instead we have seen the evidence that they are using these technologies to excite the atmosphere leading to tornado’s, flooding and BASEBALL SIZE HAIL.  In addition Oklahoma and Texas are suffering the worst drought in decades, yet the rain never comes. Hmmm…you would think this revolutionary technology would have these problems solved.

The report also neglects to mention why they are lacing the clouds with barium, aluminum and other toxins, so as innocent as these reports may appear on the surface the technology is obviously a cover for more devious weather modification purposes than mentioned below.

From: dutchsinse  | Apr 19, 2011 

YES these are “real” companies, they’ve been HIRED BY THE US GOVERNMENT and major corporations like PG&E !! Also, they have been sponsored by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison from Texas.

They have a name for it and its not “haarp”, its called “weather mitigation” aka HAARP and Chemtrails.  Quote “eliminate fogs that reduce visibility, “USUALLY AT BUSY AIRPORTS”  there is the airport NEXRAD connection! It excites the CHEMTRAILS listed as SILVER IODIDE, LIQUID PROPANE, DRY ICE and VARIOUS SALT COMPOUNDS!

Here are the company links:


FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to:

Dutchsinse: How ‘HAARP’ devices make it rain Explaination for some “RADAR Rings”

From: dutchsinse | Apr 11, 2011

Sites at airports and already existing NEXRAD stations MUST have some of these devices, or similar already installed.

The “Rupert Murdoch connection” would be ALL THE TV and RADIO TOWERS that are owned by the News organizations!

Here is the site:


Dutchsinse: Large number of Midwest HAARP VLF/UHF Rings, Squares and “Ghost Storms”

From: dutchsinse | Apr 8, 2011

Simulations of ELF radiation generated by heating the high-latitude D- region
H.L. Rowland, Beam Physics Branch, Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.
“This ionospheric modification technique can provide such waves for probing both the Earth and the ionosphere- magnetosphere.”

Modification of the Ionosphere by VLF Wave-Induced Electron Precipitation…

Title : High-Energy Electron Beam-Induced Ionospheric Modification Experiments…

China Research Institute of Radiowave Propagation (CRIRP)
HAARP Like Facility
Ionospheric Laboratory
Ionospheric Laboratory, Xinjiang (Sinkiang) Region
40°24’15.91″N, 93°38’09.74″E

Zhong Shan Antarctic Polar Station (China)
69º 22′ 23.63″ S 76º 22′ 19.11″ E

Sheshan, Shanghai, China
EISCAT Like Facility
31°5’41.98?N, 121°11’29.72?E

Misawa, Japan
Misawa NSA Echelon Station
Code Name: Ladylove
+40° 43′ 22.91″, +141° 19′ 43.57″…………………

France, Finland, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, UK
*Incoherent scatter radars
*Ionospheric Heating
Their Facility –…

Arecibo, Puerto Rico…

(click on a Layman’s guide for info on “probing the ionosphere” and “modifiying the ionosphere locally”……

Sondrestromfjord, Greenland…

EISCAT, Norway/Sweden/Finland
(Main EISCAT Site)

EISCAT Svalbard Radar, Svalbard (First operations late in 1995)…

Kharkov, Ukraine
(search for scatter)…


The truth about HAARP is uglier than ever imagined….

From Dutch:

Quote from above document:

“ALEDIA CENTENO RODRIGUEZ, Frente Patriotico Arecibeño, said her organization had spoken last year on the United States strategy to authorize a nuclear weapons production facility in Puerto Rico, in violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. She explained that Arecibo was home to the Arecibo National Astronomy and Ionospheric Centre (NAIC), which was used as an “ionospheric heater” [an array of antennae which are used for heating the uppermost part of the atmosphere]. Arecibo was also mentioned as a test-site for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP), in a patent filed by an individual in the United States, to conducted experiments related to ionospheric manipulation. HAARP could function as an anti-missile and anti-aircraft defence system, permit interception and disruption of communications, weather and submarine and subterranean communications, among other things. The HAARP patent papers also stated that the invention could “simulate and perform the same function as performed by the detonation of a heavy type nuclear device”.