Clive Palmer is dumping toxic wastewater into the Great Barrier Reef ~ TAKE ACTION NOW!!


A Queensland nickel refinery owned by Clive Palmer has been dumping toxic wastewater into the Great Barrier Reef — even though the refinery was forbidden from doing so. As if breaking the law weren’t enough, Palmer is refusing to remove the pipe that spews toxic water into the reef.

Now, he is telling the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority that he will sue them for $6.4 billion if it continues what he perceives as “obstructionist” behavior. Despite all of this, no civil or criminal proceedings have been taken against Clive Palmer or his company.

Tell Clive Palmer and his nickel refinery to stop polluting the reef and pay to clean up the damage. 

The threat of another major discharge from the ponds to the local ecosystem has been described in internal documents as “similar to the daily discharge of treated sewage from a city of seven million people.”

We can’t afford more damage to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a World Heritage-listed, Australian icon already at risk from warming sea temperatures. It also supports a $5 billion dollar tourism industry and employs over 63,000 Australians.

Demand that Clive Palmer stops dumping toxic wastewater into the Great Barrier Reef, and pay for its cleanup instead.


More Information:

Clive Palmer’s nickel refinery pumped toxic waste into Great Barrier Reef Park, Guardian, February 12
Clive Palmer’s Yabulu refinery a ‘reef risk’, says report, Australian, February 12


Wash Your Brain – Hollywood Mind Control

Published on Jan 31, 2012


From ancient goddesses to Lady Gaga, culture creation is the method of rulers to keep children fighting wars. Jamie and Freeman join Wash Your Brain to open the doors to occult rituals in Hollywood laying bare the propaganda techniques to help guide our youth out of the black magic spell.

Part 2:

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Is our Sun a MASSIVE UFO Stargate??

Over the last couple months since an abrupt awakening as visiting soul my entire perspective on life shifted to a more holistic, universal viewpoint. This incredible journey in the soul retrieval process has also been in simultaneous combination with re-mastering “ancient” alchemical skills practiced in past lives. In general, the entire experience has spontaneously projected ay awareness in to momentary states of peak consciousness into what’s best described as 5th dimensional levels of quantum consciousness. Since then I’ve noticed some strange things going on with the sun that aren’t perceivable from the 3D  perspective that indicates there’s a lot more going on with the sun that we’re aware of, apparently the reasons and meaning fir  ancient sun worshiping are highly misunderstood and may be far more complicated than previously thought.

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A MUST WATCH!!! Ancient Artifacts compared to recent solar events in 2012!!!

In November of 2011 there was a presentation by Nassim Haramein & Klaus Dona with newly discovered Ancient Artifacts, from deep inside a Mayan Pyramid in Mexico. All information will be released later this year, in a 2012 documentary titled:

“Revelations of the Mayans – 2012 and Beyond.”

However due to recent solar activity one of the artifacts has become VERY, VERY interesting!

Article – Mayan Secrets to Be Revealed by Mexican Government
in a 2012 Documentary:

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Nassim Haramein – Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields

After spending the last six months working with the sacred geometry of Metatrons cube as my grounding platform, as well as other sacred geometric forms. I wholeheartedly share Nassim’s enthusiasm in this knowledge and truly believe it holds the keys to humanity’s ascension.

While watching Nassim’s theory’s on photons and black {w}holes I had the compelling urge to ask him if crystalline~white {w}holes have been considered, had considered the fact the anti-thesis to black wholes exist in the ethers? Now that the photon light is increasing here on Earth I’m experiencing an enormous amount of photon light in meditation, so much so that in the beginning it bothered me because the brightness distracted my focus. All of a sudden Meg began talking about photon light entrainment in the group healing sessions and from there I’m learning to work with photon light within quantum vortex as a way to explore incredibly expanded states of awareness. We’re working with crystalline structured forms of light, bright pin point star lights that I would describe as a crystalline~white wholes.

Sounds like I need to head over to to see if I can get a conversation going with Nassim on the subject, surely it’s something he’s explored thoroughly in his meditations ~ the guy’s freakin beyond genius and so far ahead of his time that he appears to be helping an entire generation awaken to the universe within!

Curious, any comments of feedback from my brilliant Family of Light? Much love…

In Lakech,

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At the Nexus Conference in July 2010, physicist Nassim Haramein presented new concepts explaining how we are all interconnected and can access infinite knowledge.

Nassim Haramein “Part 1.0 & 2.0 Crossing the Event Horizon: The Search for the Fundamental Pattern & From Micro to Macro ~ Unifying the Field”

Excellent presentation by Nassim Haramein, basically the Einstein of the awakening movement that’s birthing itself from from the emerging ascension wave. What differentiates Nassim from physicists of the past is he’s merged the spiritual nature of consciousness with the physical process of creation, to bring a more coherent understanding of how everything fits together from a fractal perspective. Bravo Nassim!

1.0 The Search for the Fundamental Pattern

Uploaded by on Nov 7, 2011

In short his model of the universe proves the ONENESS of ALL THINGS, The SINGULARITY at the center of all things, which as IMZAIA we call the AKENE.. the HEART OF ALL THINGS.

2.0 Crossing the Event Horizon – From Micro to Macro – Unifying the Field

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In short his model of the universe proves the ONENESS of ALL THINGS, The SINGULARITY at the center of all things, which as IMZAIA we call the AKENE.. the HEART OF ALL THINGS.

Earth Is Not Orbiting The Sun – Nassim Haramein

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Earth Is Not Orbiting The Sun in the way we were taught More to do with Something Wrong With The Sun Moon & Earth series. Here we find an understanding of Why the Earth & our solar system do not actually orbit the Sun as taught, “Rather”, We follow or better still, are dragged by the Sun in a Spiral Pattern through the universe & time.

This video offers explanations how, besides spinning on its axis and rotating as if going ‘Around’ the Sun, the Earth is shown to ‘Follow’ the Sun’s movement through the Milky Way galaxy, in a continuous Spiral, not a Flat elliptical plane, thus we find a 3D universe as opposed to the accepted 2D.

** Believe it or not, there is no empirical evidence that the Earth actually orbits the sun ! **

This compilation of videos runs thus:

“The solar system’s motion thru space by The Resonance Project / Nassim Haramein”

This simple animation was created by Nassim Haramein and The Resonance Project Foundation
This is a video clip that every human should see.
Many of us have been taught about how the solar system works by viewing a physical model that has the sun in the middle with the planets going around and around in a simple circular orbit without properly accounting for the motion of the sun (aprox. 450,000 miles per hour).
Because the both sun and the galaxy are moving through space, the Earth spirals an incredible distance through space in a year’s time. How far the Earth moves depends on the reference point you are using for something “stationary” or “background” even though all objects in the universe are in motion.

The Earth rotates at 0-1040 mi/hr (depends on latitude)
The Earth orbits the sun at aprox. 66,629 mi/hr
The sun orbits the galactic centre at aprox. 447,000 mi/hr

In just considering how fast the sun is moving, we know the Earth travels at least 3,918,402,000 miles in a years time! (as it also orbits around the sun)

Total speed of the Earth moving through space is difficult to approximate do to the combination of motions.
Using Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation it is estimated the total motion of the Earth through space is aprox. 1,342,000 mi/hr
Or 11,763,972,000 miles in 1 year!
(which is still only 0.2% the speed of light!)

The old model might make one picture being back where you started after a year of time has past, when in fact, you are over 11 BILLION miles from where you were a year ago!

I hope this video helps people to visualize what the motion of the Earth in our solar system looks like.
For more information on Nassim Haramein and The Resonance Project,
Please visit:”

“Nassim Haramein describing the limitations of the 2D solar system image, and how our evolution imprints space time. Excerpt from the film ‘Earth Pilgrims’ ” —

“This animation is a video screenshot from Voyage through The Solar System version 1.20 (1989) and shows the earth’s true motion in spirals. Besides spinning on its axis and rotating around the Sun, the Earth also follows the Sun’s movement through the Milky Way galaxy. ”

Please Visit


True World History – Documentary’s


TrueWorldHistory.infoliterally has 100’s of hours of high quality documentaries on just about every conceivable subject you can imagine, and is also where much of my time was spent mining for hidden knowledge during my awakening.  Right along with over three months in some kind of time warp, lost in the Project Camelot zone as my eyes began to open to a whole new whole new world of mystery and intrigue much more exciting than what we’ve ever been presented with in the so-called real world. 

On the “Must See” list are:

Ring of Power

Everything You Know is Wrong

Esoteric Agenda


2012 Enigma

Architects of Cotnrol

The Big Picture



Who Killed the Electric Car

Century of the Self


Fiat Empire

America – Freedom to Fascism

And that’s just for starters, there’s so much more!  Now, if you’re just waking up to everything going on then this is a great website to really get your feet wet, and don’t forget to spend time with whistleblower interviews on the  site.  Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy have done a fantastic job compiling interviews on a variety of subjects that will open your eyes to “realities” we were made to believe only existed in the world of Science Fiction.  When in truth the reality we’ve been presented with was the real SciFi, accepting that fact is when the real paradigm shift takes place and you start becoming a “4th Dimensional” thinker which lies somewhere in the realm of Quantum Physics.

Be sure to visit the Expanded Video List where they have everything organized into categories.  Enjoy!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ presents a compelling series of video documentaries, lectures and interviews. These videos offer an uncensored and non-partisan perspective of today’s modern world, as well as where we are heading as a people, a nation and a global civilization with individual characteristics.

The information presented is sometimes controversial, and often hard to believe. This information is based upon documented facts and induced theories, based upon deductive reasoning and past historical occurences that project a possible vision of the future for our world. How we choose to interpret this information, and what we choose to do about it, will determine the future of the world in which we all live. The presenters request that you view these documentaries with an open mind, then decide for yourself what you believe, and what you will do to make it a better world for all people. Is everything in these documentaries true? Not likely, and not even possible as some even contradict each other on a few subjects. However, the overall picture they collectively paint is right on target.

The material presented focuses predominately on the USA, but it has future implications for the entire world. Tired of wondering why the US (among other countries) is so screwed up and just doesn’t seem to get any better, regardless of which major political party is in power? Do you believe that there is something terribly wrong with our nation(s) but you can’t quite put your finger on it? These documentaries contain very eye-opening information that you won’t ever see on TV, in public schools, or from any other institutionalized information gatekeeper.

We urge you to view these video documentaries in the order displayed so that you may better comprehend the information being presented. Each video expounds upon and supports the information presented in previous documentaries. In addition to this series of 24 videos, you will find a greater library available on the Expanded Video List.

Fasten your seatbelt…

INFINITE REALMS: The Unified Field by Jamie Janover — Kickstarter

About this project

INFINITE REALMS: The Unified Field is a short form documentary film that aims to describe some of the key concepts of Unified Field Theory in a visual and aesthetic way. Using conceptual elements and blending composited visual imagery with music and sound as well as minimal narration, the film will take the viewer on a beautiful visceral journey. Why describe quantum physics with just words and mathematical equations when its concepts can be shown more intuitively through the beauty of nature and patterns in sound and music? This is a film that will be accessible and universally understandable to everyone on some level, and hopefully the first of many similar chapters.


The unified field is the space we all live in. All matter we observe is made of atoms and all atoms are made of 99.999999% space, yet we measure the “emptiness” of space to actually be infinitely full with energy!

Unified field theory is a theory of everything that describes the nature of all things, no matter how big or how small. Physicists describe the universe and the nature of reality using a specific language called math to write equations that reflect what we observe in the universe.

Contemporary science we have different equations to describe the big and the small, but if we want to truly understand the fundamentals of our universe then we need to understand the very structure of the fabric of space-time. The study of structure in space is called geometry so to understand space we need to understand the geometry of the fabric of the vacuum and the dynamics of space-time within that structure.

This film will compile the research and theories of many people but focuses on the work of Nassim Haramein of The Resonance Project Foundation. His ground-breaking theories describe the universe in a new and more complete way than other models and his research is starting to unlock deeper levels of understanding about our reality.

Science is progressing exponentially and at an accelerated rate. Our technology is developing just as rapidly. This is a critical period in our evolution to assimilate all that we know about the universe in hopes of coming into coherency and harmony with nature instead of destroying our environment as we interact with it.


We want to utilize all our collective artistic and musical talents to translate the essence of our current understanding of the universe in hopes of helping people to visualize their world and come into resonance with it. We may not be able to tackle it all in one film, but our hope is to make this a series of films that aim to describe such concepts in a beautiful and accessible way.

We want to help the planet as a whole move forward and make well-informed decisions about how to change the way interact with our environment and each other. Ultimately we feel that if we can come into a harmonious relationship with everything and better understand everything then we can make this planet a lot more fun and with a lot less conflict. If we can create technology that acts in harmony with the universe then we might be able to create an infinite amount of energy and transform our society from scarcity consciousness to abundance consciousness: Festival EARTH!

Link to video and more information:

INFINITE REALMS: The Unified Field by Jamie Janover — Kickstarter.

Nassim Haramein – “I Believe”

From: TheResonanceProject  | Nov 19, 2010  | 16,154 views

User Breakz23’s interpretation of the words of scientist Nassim Haramein from his “Crossing The Event Horizon ‘Rise To The Equation'” DVD, available at his website: . Mixed to the sound of Sasha’s “Wavy Gravy” (Airdrawndagger, 2003, BMG)

Nassim Haramein – Earth Sized Ufo’s Using The Sun As A Stargate

This may be an excerpt from Nassim’s Unified Field Theory video, he ends the video on such a cliff hanger that I have no choice now but to journey down the rabbit hole once again…in search of the entire presentation.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!!

Uploaded by on Jan 25, 2010

You tube description of whole lecture –

Physicist Nassim Haramein talks about unlocking the truth to Sacred geometry, fractals, the Mayan calendar and 2012, Crop Circles, cabalistic traditions, chakras, Sun Gods, God. Jesus and Freemasonry (more specifically, the Knights of Templar).

Nassim Haramein’s exciting work, prepare yourself for an exhilarating odyssey into hyperspace and beyond. Haramein, who has spent his lifetime researching fields of physics from quantum theory to relativistic equations and cosmology, will lead you along a fascinating discussion geared to a layman’s understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe and creation that includes black holes, gravitational forces, dimensions, and the very structure of space itself – all of which are integral parts of his now-complete Unified Field Theory. Haramein’s theory is currently in peer review process for publication in physics journals; however, the presentation does not end with the introduction of his theory alone, but includes the discussion of the path that he took to arrive at his views, which weaves between the texts and monuments of ancient civilizations, biology, chemistry and the primordial role of consciousness – all of which lend further credence to the science behind the theory.