9/16 Six Nuke Plants SHUTDOWN due to ELECTRICAL problems ~ Rad Chick


This video is discussing ONLY FERMI’s shutdown. SUMMARY if no time for video: (1) There still is no explanation for why the pumps shut down, (2) they still don’t know what the problem is, (3) leaks were identified but spokesperson (Viktoria) “not sure where they are” – and (4) the situation is ONGOING. This is CONFIRMED. Also, Viktoria was very cautious about discussing radiation releases. You can easily detect she is nervous, and says several contradictory things in rapid succession. She went from “no radiation was released that WE DIDN’T EXPECT OR ANTICIPATE” which was then quickly corrected to “no radiation was released” – around 6:55 in video

Seriously, who is running this shitshow??

NRC event notification on Fermi NPP (has not been updated and apparently isn’t true anyway according to Viktoria, but here’s the link):

These are the other plants, with an EXPLOSION occurring at PALO VERDE:


“The following event description is based on information currently available. If through subsequent reviews of this event, additional information is identified that is pertinent to this event, or alters the information being provided at this time a follow-up notification will be made via the ENS or under the reporting requirements of 10CFR50.73.

“Non Class Load Center Breaker, 2ENGN-L04 failed, resulting an a visible observation of rapid combustion and resultant charring (burned area) of the breaker enclosure and housing. No physical deformation to the breaker housing or surrounding area has been identified. The rapid combustion self-extinguished immediately following the audible and visible combustion event. As a result, an Emergency Classification of HU2.2, EXPLOSION was declared due to the Load Center breaker failure and noise and visible indication observed in the field.”

Here are the others:

Palisades is in Michigan (west coast).
Event date 9/16
“Initial investigation into the cause of the turbine trip appears to be from a DEH power supply failure.”
[link to http://www.nrc.gov]

Surrey is in VA.
Event date 9/16
“The cause of the under voltage matrix coincidence is currently being investigated by station personnel. All testing activities have been terminated and recovery efforts are in progress in accordance with station procedures. Current status is both Units stable at 100% with the #2 Emergency Diesel Generator carrying the 2H Emergency Bus.”
[link to http://www.nrc.gov]

Palo Verde is in Arizona – this is the doozy I posted above.
Event date 9/16
[link to http://www.nrc.gov]

There were also problems at Fitzpatrick (NY) which may be electrical in nature (multi doors stuck open in secondary containment)
Event date 9/18
[link to http://www.nrc.gov]

And last but not least, from Canada:
“System ‘trip’ at Pickering nuclear plant prompts scramble for energy” CTV News Toronto

MUST SEE: Suspicious 0bservers on 9/17:” Huge seismic event in South America…final day huge coronal hole present and
**big coronal planetary shield anomaly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVYQd…

Feb 2012: Viktoria’s previous interviews during nuke emergencies: NRC spokeswoman for emergency at Illinois nuke plant also works as belly dancer — “Absolutely there’s no threat to the public” http://enenews.com/nrc-spokeswoman-il…

Thanks to Julie Wert for the screenshots of local rad monitors near Fermi.


From a resident and anonymous poet on @Enenews

“Tassels flying and hips a’shaking
Viktoria does the nuclear baking –
“Fresh from the oven of NRCs’ coven
bewitching sensation informs the nation!”
She’s got bejewelled reactors
that jiggle and bounce,
keep your eyes on her navel
and your worries she’ll trounce
and on nuclear physics
she gladly pronounce
as she gyrates and spins
at Nuclear House.”

~or-well Feb 2012


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Footage used from the following videos:

Nuclear Energy (Animation):

Viktoria aka Dark Eyes, SYnerGYpsy:

DTE Energy’s Fermi 2 NPP:


Sofia Smallstorm – Hour 1 – Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life & Synthetic Biology

Outstanding interview exposing NEW disturbing information on chemtrail emissions, the progression of Morgellons disease, radiation releases and the links to transhumanism. Henrik Palmgren “Creepy, scary of of cou+rse weirdly fascinating at the same time….”

March 19, 2014
Sofia Smallstorm is known for her research on 9/11, which culminated in the documentary 9/11 Mysteries. She is also known for her research on the connection between chemtrails and synthetic biology. With Sofia, we’ll explore a different angle of engineering popularly called “futurism.” Synthetic biology is the new frontier of science, combining genetics, robotics and nano-technology with artificial intelligence, hybridizing natural forms and engineering tissues beyond our wildest dreams. What is the deep agenda behind this science? Sofia talks about the presence of Morgellons disease in humans, which illustrates what nanotechnology is capable of. She also elaborates on the scope of planetary engineering and how much of planetary life it includes. We’ll hear about radiation biology and bacteria by the name of deinococcus radiodurans that may be important to transhumanists in the near future. In the second hour, Sofia speaks more about the explosion of cellular technology and synthetic biology and how these may be used to create life forms and change the world as we know it. How would our world be organized then? Will we turn ourselves over to machines or will we become technological hybrids?


Study: Concentrated Fukushima radioactive plume staying on narrow path toward U.S. — Moving with surface water along 40 N — Same latitude as Northern California (MAP)

Stay out of the rain and be sure to do a heavy metal detox with zeolite to help cleanse radiation from your body, radiation is in the environment and will be for many years. When we get spikes like this it’s wise to take extra precautions, espcially children and youth whose cells are still multiplying.

Title: Surface pathway of radioactive plume of TEPCO Fukushima NPP1 released 134Cs and 137Cs
Source: Biogeosciences
Authors: M. Aoyama, M. Uematsu, D. Tsumune, and Y. Hamajima
Date: May 7, 2013

[…] The main body of radioactive surface plume of which activity exceeded 10 Bq m−3 travelled along 40° N and reached the International Date Line on March 2012, one year after the accident. A distinct feature of the radioactive plume was that it stayed confined along 40° N when the plume reached the International Date Line. […]

A distinct feature of the radioactive plume was that it stayed confined along 40 N when the plume reached the International Date Line, as stated in Sect. 3.2. The radioactive plume travelled 1800 km (from 160 E to 178 E) for 270 days (9 months) (Fig. 5); therefore, an average zonal speed (u) of the surface radioactive plume was calculated to be about 8 cm s−1 which was consistent with the speed of the reported surface current of 4–16 cm s−1 in the region (Maximenko et al., 2009). […]

We can also assume that the Fukushima radioactive plume moved with surface water […]

Full study here


Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket

Rollback in Nuclear Radiation Cleanup


Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket Following Radiological Incidents

by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)

The White House has given final approval for dramatically raising permissible radioactive levels in drinking water and soil following “radiological incidents,” such as nuclear power-plant accidents and dirty bombs. The final version, slated for Federal Register publication as soon as today, is a win for the nuclear industry which seeks what its proponents call a “new normal” for radiation exposure among the U.S population, according Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

Issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, the radiation guides (called Protective Action Guides or PAGs) allow cleanup many times more lax than anything EPA has ever before accepted. These guides govern evacuations, shelter-in-place orders, food restrictions and other actions following a wide range of “radiological emergencies.” The Obama administration blocked a version of these PAGs from going into effect during its first days in office. The version given approval late last Friday is substantially similar to those proposed under Bush but duck some of the most controversial aspects:

In soil, the PAGs allow long-term public exposure to radiation in amounts as high as 2,000 millirems. This would, in effect, increase a longstanding 1 in 10,000 person cancer rate to a rate of 1 in 23 persons exposed over a 30-year period;

  • In water, the PAGs punt on an exact new standard and EPA “continues to seek input on this.” But the thrust of the PAGs is to give on-site authorities much greater “flexibility” in setting aside established limits; and
  • Resolves an internal fight inside EPA between nuclear versus public health specialists in favor of the former. The PAGs are the product of Gina McCarthy, the assistant administrator for air and radiation whose nomination to serve as EPA Administrator is taken up this week by the Senate.
  • Despite the years-long internal fight, this is the first public official display of these guides. This takes place as Japan grapples with these same issues in the two years following its Fukushima nuclear disaster.

“This is a public health policy only Dr. Strangelove could embrace. If this typifies the environmental leadership we can expect from Ms. McCarthy, then EPA is in for a long, dirty slog,” stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, noting that the EPA package lacks a cogent rationale, is largely impenetrable and hinges on a series of euphemistic “weasel words.”

“No compelling justification is offered for increasing the cancer deaths of Americans innocently exposed to corporate miscalculations several hundred-fold.”

Reportedly, the PAGs had been approved last fall but their publication was held until after the presidential election. The rationale for timing their release right before McCarthy’s confirmation hearing is unclear.

Since the PAGs guide agency decision-making and do not formally set standards or repeal statutory requirements, such as the Safe Drinking Water Act and Superfund, they will go into full effect following a short public comment period. Nonetheless, the PAGs will likely determine what actions take place on the ground in the days, weeks, months and, in some cases, years following a radiological emergency.



Nuked Radio #95: Chaotic Weather & Corium Conundrum

Three bizarre deaths at U.S. nuke plants in the last 30 days, uncontrolled gas flow on the Gulf of Mexico seabed and a rise in spontaneous combustion deaths….now that’s hard news you won’t get from mass media.  Friends, I hear to tell you there’s no one covering environmental news like Christina Consolo, if you haven’t listened to her show PLEASE take the time to listen.Then share, share, share and tell your contacts to do the same…mass media will NOT cover this story until mushroom clouds appear in the background, because they’re owned by the power industry.

Christina really needs help getting this message out to as many people as possible, this is thorough investigative reporting that covers the most important environmental issues affecting the safety, health and well being of every living thing on the planet.

Visit “Radchick” on Facebook  Her show is Tuesday and Thursday 1p-2p Eastern times at UCY.tv

Also a link below to her discussion at the end of the show about the sudden rise in spontaneous combustion deaths and vehicular incidents,last week around the time of the Kansas City restaurant explosion. It’s beginning to sound like someone needs to devise an “affordable” meter to detect increased levels of BOTH methane and hydrogen sulfide….ahhh heck, come to think of it they need to add radon and radioactive elements to the detection meter to cover the atmospheric hazards. Think about it, breathing air is getting as bad as eating food from the toxic, contaminated food supply!


Well the first thing we can do is ENTIRELY eliminate “fear” of any of these elements and deal with it as best we can by boosting our immune system and rasing our conscious vibration out of fear mode, there are plenty of excellent recommendations on the right under the category Radioactivity from Fukushima,  Radiation Anti-dotes and Remedies.

Published on Feb 25, 2013


Episode 95 air date February 21st, 2013

Some crazy weather for the middle of the country and down south (a pattern that seems to be repeating) as well as a discussion about the mysterious corium and what it might be doing. Spontaneous combustion reports in people (2 possible cases the same day??) and furniture, cars, buildings, etc…why this is significant and what releases at the sinkhole can tell us.


YNET: Syria rebels present IAEA with demands over captured nuclear facility — “We’re willing to cooperate if our conditions are met” — ‘Special security parameter’ set up

My immediate sense on this event is a CIA/M6 operation, these situations are always played out on the world stage by actors from intelligence agency’s to further political agenda’s and bankster wars.

Ynetnews (Israel’s most popular news and general content website), Feb. 24, 2013: A spokesman for the Free Syria Army hinted Sunday that the rebels would be willing to allow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors into the Al-Kibar nuclear facility, which they seized last week. […] “We’re willing to cooperate with the IAEA if our conditions are met,” the FSA said in a statement. The London-based Arab newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat further quoted a commander of one of the rebel brigades as saying […] the FSA has set up a special security parameter around Al-Kibar, to protect it. The spokesman said that an FSA officer has been made the liaison to the UN agency and will present it with the rebels’ demands […] He refused to tell the newspaper whether anything was found on the premises to suggest that the facility was used for nuclear work. “Those details will be given only to the IAEA,” he said. […]


Nuclear Problem from Snow Storm at Pilgrim plant in Massachusetts 2/9/13

Published on Feb 9, 2013

Emergency declared at U.S. nuclear plant as ‘Blizzicane’ hits Boston area — Hurricane force windgust at airport
Power Outage in USA on Saturday, 09 February, 2013 at 05:33 (05:33 AM) UTC.
Valve problem plagues Pilgrim nuclear plant
Groups Say Entergy’s Pilgrim Nuclear Station Should Close During Upcoming Historic Winter Storm
The Incident has not yet been reported by the NRC event notification status reports.
***Pilgrim Nuclear Plant, MA. NRC ENR 01112013***
Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station – Aerial Video

(31 October 2012) AFTER SANDY UPDATE: Nuclear Plants in US : Arnie Gundersen

Published on Oct 31, 2012 by

r3VOLt23 31.10.2012
Mirror: rumorecurioso : http://youtu.be/KnKQJi1NAIs

In this special edition question & answer podcast, Gundersen and Hurley discuss what effects Hurricane Sandy had on U.S. nuclear power plants, especially Oyster Creek.
Gundersen explains how spent fuel pools are not configured to be cooled with diesel power in the event of a loss of offsite power.
Oyster Creek and several other nuclear power plants did lose offsite power and Thomson Reuters reports that they may use fire pumps to cool the pools.
Arnie Gundersen/Fairewinds Associates:
in Japanese:

THANK YOU ALL FOR WATCHING..share and inform!

FAIR USE NOTICE: Any copyrighted (©) material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, which constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission daily reports (what’s happening at nuclear plants near you):

Union of Concerned Scientists (watchdog over NRC):


Breaking – Exclusive: Japan Attack, German Terror-Intel Group Complicit

Note: I’m posting this article to bring attention on the underworld, hoping to avert a possible secret attack by announcing the nefarious plans to the world. Also I view these things like circus acts devised to distract us or keep people in fear. Either way don’t spend much energy on it, send powerful Light energy around Japan to help diffuse the situation by transmuting the dark energy. Most of all keep the focus on yourself and maintaining a higher vibration through daily meditation because these events are also designed to flatline your positive energy.

Hint: After reading this article take a few moments to recharge your vortex, this kind of info will drain your reserves if you don’t watch out! Remember, it’s all about energy and keeping our vibration as high as possible. Even tho it makes us {ego} feel better to think we’re well informed, this intel is designed to affect us on an energetic level. So just be aware of these things and do your best to maintain a higher vibratory level. When you start feeling down, bad or angry STOP and go take a walk in nature, meditate or even take a salt bath to wash off the negative vibes. Be aware of your energy and thoughts at all times, they are creating your future reality ~ your focus should really be on your ascension and pulling out of the 3D world of polarity/

Much love and blessings to all!


Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 | Posted by

Yes, We Can Drop the Sea Bed, Watch Us Do it Again, For Real This Time

Confirmations of Nuke Move Against Japan, South Korea and US

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Michael Shrimpton, UK  VT-Bureau


Japan’s top secret Plutonium production and storage facility facing attack, a radiation catastrophe for North America planned.  Based on multiple confirmations from official sources, plans are afoot to use a Russian nuclear device to destroy the secret Japanese weapons grade facility at Rokkasho Mura in the Aomori Prefecture.

We now have strong reason to believe that the Fukajima earthquake and tidal wave were not a natural event but one engineered to damage Japan and as a “first volley” in a radiation war against the United States.

A second, far more serious attack has been discovered, the agencies involved are the NSA, the British Covert Services, the Royal Navy and the Office of Naval Intelligence.

A “repeat performance” is scheduled, one we hope this detailed report will offset.  The United States, North America in general and Northern Europe will suffer extreme radiation contamination at a level capable of inducing widespread cancers and a drastic reduction in population.

Fukajima – Before it got really bad. Act two is in progress.

This is the plan and, at the end of this article, we will specifically describe the confirmed organization that is responsible for Fukajima and the manipulation of hundreds of events that began even before the end of World War II.

The organization described includes one former two former presidents, minimally two former CIA directors, planned the assassination of JFK, has, at its disposal dozens of nuclear weapons and “energy devices” of unknown description.

Several key members of congress are active members, one a former presidential candidate, some willingly, some blackmailed, either by pedophile rings in the US and Europe or through threats and extortion.  Of the “secret organizations” and “terror groups,” those we describe count, to a very large degree as both, the visible part of what we are not ever allowed to see, what no one sees, the rulers, whose visage is as fatal as looking on the face of god.

Well known families are involved, in some cases, those scheduled to rise to power have been “replaced” with trained agents.  What had been “Internet rumor” is no longer such, it is fact.

Breivik is a member of this organization as are the police in Norway, Poland and elsewhere.  The P2/Gladio operation, responsible for acts of terror through the 70s, 80s and 90s were this organization, sanctioned by NATO and the CIA but purely working for a cabal of pseudo-ubermenchen, delusional super-humans.

Widely known for many years – But widely unknown at the same time.

By their own pronouncement its members of ancient bloodlines who stand above the Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones or the more public low ranking secret societies.

Freemasonry, the Jesuits and hundreds of high ranking Satanists who sit at the forefront of American government and power, at the forefront of all of Europe, are served by this organization.

The bizarre patters of rendition, the secret prisons, the need to oversee everything from intersection cameras to cash registers that calculate our eating habits, these things represent far more than incursions on privacy.

Were we to speak unpleasant truth one would note that it wasn’t democracy that won World War II.  America lost, just as General Patton told Eisenhower.  Russia would rule the east and infiltrate the West.  Germany’s services under Carnaris would bring America to her knees, even if it took decades, which it did.

The end of the Cold War and the beginning of the War on Terror, as smooth a transition as imaginable, its own “Pearl Harbour,” planned so carefully, timed so easily, wars that last decades, faith in everything disappearing, a world taught to “take it in the behind and keep its mouth shut,” that was so much more, even than expected.

An important aspect of putting together the coup of 2001 began in 1945 when “the defeat” turned into American disarmament and the establishment of political organizations that would turn America from global superpower to slave state.

“Paperclip” was part of that takeover, Allen Dulles, his brother John Foster Dulles, both Hitler’s lawyers at one time, Richard Nixon joined the cabal bringing Kissinger, General Dornberger and Colonel Werner Von Braun of the SS were tasked with strangling the US missile and space programs.

Fort Bliss Texas – 104 captured German rocket engineers

It was George H.W. Bush, aided by his elderly father, Senator Prescott Bush, that positioned them for their work.

“This third day of October, 1942, is the first of a new era in transportation, that of space travel… ” —Walter Dornberger, speech at Peenemünde 3 October 1942

“I have had to apologize only to two men in my whole life. The first was Field Marshal von Brauchitsch. I did not listen to him when he told me again and again how important your research was. The second man is yourself. I never believed that your work would be successful. ” —Adolf Hitler, Apology to Major-General Dornberger, 8 July 1944

Gen. Dornberger and von Braun after capture – WWII

Learn all you can about Dornberger, about him, about Bush, about Dulles, about Lee Oswald, about von Braun.

Bush, war hero of Chi Chi Jima or something very different, shot down over water or landed and was later delivered to a waiting American submarine as arranged through our Japanese enemies and Admiral McCain.

He, the senior Admiral McCain,  is said by a knowledgeable few to have been the architect of naval disasters, nearly responsible for the deaths of 25,000 abandoned Marines on Guadalcanal.  They claim he was working for the Axis, promised much if he assured America lost the war, all rumor and inuendo, of course.

Japanese sources say they still have “41′s” PBR, looking like the day it came off the assembly line, buried in a cave on Hokaido next to the skeletons of the Korean workers tasked with burying it.

There could, of course, be no truth to this no matter how reliable the source or how much sense the story makes based on investigations of that day, reports from other crews or the miraculous survival of one so conveniently  saved while the rest of the crew disappeared though their plane could have floated for an hour.

Ah, but I digress…

Are these the rumors the Internet brings us or suppressed history, knowledge and proof of which, were such proof to exist, to be a sentence of death.

Years later we saw another McCain, an admiral, engineer the attack on the USS Liberty, arranging the killing of an American crew.  Who and what can order such things, profit from such?

John McCain – Fellow Hanio Hilton Pows wanted him courtmarshalled

We saw his son on 32 broadcasts while a prisoner of war, standing accused of treason, now serving in the Senate alongside Senator Lieberman, McCain enjoying a heroic history and a presidential pardon at the same time.  We even have one Medal of Honor winner with similar qualifications.

Patton is turning over in his grave, these and so many like them, either heroes or respected and esteemed, having spent lives as petty plotters, minor pirates or war criminals, this is, of course, if there is any substance to what so many tell with such reluctance.

This being “Bilderberger Week,” we find ourselves asking who our masters are.  I will simply offer you a glimpse at their enforcers and tell you the history you have been taught, much of it you have read, seen on television, watch daily on The Military History Chanel and such is, not just a blend of truth and a sea of propaganda but more insidious.

To the rulers, the wars, I and II, so many others, are but squabbles, opportunities for profit, signposts along the way toward an end that will leave the planet unrecognizable and depeopled.

Our elite, the CRF, the Bilderbergers and such wouldn’t be allowed to serve tea to our rulers.  I won’t discuss them but were one to take a DNA sample, more would be understood.


Now there is another task, one aimed at the United States, willing to sacrifice more of Japan, a nation dying as we speak, willing to lay waste to even Northern Germany, and environs, the “homeland” Hitler was so willing to see destroyed as undeserving of his trust.

As we are told, the dates will be June 21 or 22.  We have a second confirmation for August 17.  Both are earthquakes, same area, tremendous damage, one a nuclear disaster, one predicted as natural but reported by an intelligence agency.

More here:



Jellyfish-like Creatures Cause Nuclear Event, Diablo Canyon at San Luis Obispo, Calif. ~ RSOE

Thursday, 26 April, 2012 at 04:56

Strange, jellyfish-like creatures swarming a coastal nuclear power plant: It might sound like the premise of a cult horror flick, but the invasion has prompted officials at the Diablo Canyon facility in San Luis Obispo, Calif., to curtail operations for at least a few days. The plant’s operator, Pacific Gas & Electric, cut power generation from one of the plant’s two reactors to 25 percent of its capacity, spokesman Tom Cuddy said Wednesday. The other reactor was shut down this week for what PG&E described as routine refueling and maintenance, a procedure that could take about a month.

Workers on Monday discovered an influx of the creatures, called salp, clogging screens that are used to keep marine life out of the sea water used as a coolant, Cuddy said. Often thronging many square miles of ocean in huge, gelatinous masses, salp are tubular, transparent organisms that can be roughly the size of a human thumb. No one knows how many are at the Avila Beach plant or how long they will remain. “We’ll continue to monitor the intake structure and clean the salp off the screens,” Cuddy said. “Once they decide to move on and it’s safe to do so, we’ll resume full power.” That could take several days, he said, but no blackouts or interruptions are anticipated. Jellyfish swarmed Diablo Canyon in 2008, triggering a steep, sudden decrease in power generation. Over the years, they have been a problem at nuclear plants in the U.S., Japan, Israel and Scotland. The San Onofre plant in northern San Diego County, while currently closed over several equipment issues, has not had a jellyfish problem, according to a spokeswoman for its operator, Southern California Edison.

Salps do not usually go coastal. “Ordinarily they live further out at sea,” said Larry Madin, a salp expert and research director at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. “It sounds like these were brought in on a current or blown in by wind.” Salps live about a year. “They’re quite elegant animals,” Madin said. “They’re beautiful. They look like they’re made of cut glass, but they’re soft.” Research by Madin and his colleagues suggests that salps play a role in reducing greenhouse gases. They absorb carbon from plankton and drop it in heavy pellets to the sea floor, where it sits, instead of rising into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. When asked what he would advise for Diablo Canyon, Madin said, “Wait a few days. They’ll probably go away and probably won’t come back soon. They’re harmless _ they don’t sting _ but they’re not too good for power plants.” Victor Dricks, a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said the salp pose no threat to the plant. Curtailing operations while the creatures cling to the filters is a prudent move for PG&E.


Aliens Stop N. Korea Rocket Launch

I’m with her on this one, world leaders have been warned repeatedly a nuclear war is out of the question.  Apparently this video has been removed by YouTube before so catch it while you can my friends!

Published on Apr 12, 2012 by

Alien, off world entities have done it before, and they did it again. To view original upload, please go here:


* Of interest is one account, northkoreamissileeee, was terminated by YouTube for posting this video (without my analysis). Verify it by seeing these links, all to same, now defunct, account posting this video.


Fukushima nuclear disaster according to David Icke

A big thanks to Darla for submitting this video! Found it yesterday while cleaning up the Comments file, which while on vacation had accumulated close to 1000 comments, mostly spam. Took nearly two hours to blacklist the spammers guilty of inundating the site with worthless links to nowhere, so that today the number of junk entries was down to a manageable 11!

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David Icke blames Mossad and United States for Fukushima disaster and Haiti earthquake.

Is a Fukushima-level Event Inside the United States a Foregone Conclusion?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dees Illustration

Joe Wright Activist Post
Fukushima has been an unfortunate wake-up call to the planetary fallout that nuclear power harnesses.  As the ongoing meltdown continues in Japan, it is forcing many to investigate myriad similar reactors that directly threaten other parts of the globe.
This past week the San Onofre reactor located in Southern California came under intense scrutiny, as it was revealed that a “small” leak had occurred, prompting a shutdown.
There are clear indicators that other nuclear power plants in the East and Midwest are showing signs of deterioration, which some are concluding increases the likelihood of a Fukushima-style meltdown, or worse, inside the United States if nature were to push one of these facilities beyond its breaking point, as we witnessed in Japan.
The video below outlines a “breakdown phase” we seem to have entered, and the consequences of the release of the radioactive isotope, tritium, which directly affects DNA structure.

Cassandra Anderson recently wrote about the vast dangers of these leaky nuclear reactors, which she highlighted within the ongoing battle over Vermont’s Yankee nuclear facility; just one of several that have similarly off-vented radioactive steam.  As Anderson points out, Yankee is “identical to Fukushima Reactor #1,” and “75% of US reactors are leaking radioactive material.”
Furthermore, in addition to the physical threat to both humans and the environment, Anderson succinctly points out the true economiccost of nuclear power:

Nearly 20% of energy in the US is produced by nuclear facilities. Nuclear energy is far more expensive than other energy sources, but the real cost is hidden because of government subsidies, tax breaks, insurance
schemes and legal loopholes.   Nuclear energy is estimated to be 60% greater than the cost of electricity from coal or gas fuel power plants.  Therefore, nuclear energy would die without massive taxpayer handouts because it could not survive in a free market.

It is becoming clear that the powerful interests behind the promotion of nuclear power, as well as the compromised bureaucracy of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, are only adding to a grave threat by politicizing this issue.  The planetary effects of provably increased radiation levels across much of the globe should be one area where we all can agree that a proper solution needs to be discussed immediately, regardless of party lines. We certainly cannot rely upon the very same agencies who have demonstrated that their idea of a solution is merely to raise the acceptable levels of radiation exposure.
The apparent threat of additional mega meltdowns requires all of us to consider this issue thoroughly.  Some have proposed that individual states begin to assert their rights and properly decommission these leaky plants, or declare a State of Emergency that would put the authority back in its rightful place.  It is a costly initiative to implement a shutdown, but the alternative could very easily result in irreparable regret for not having acted sooner.
Please offer your own comments and solutions for how we best can safeguard our planet against ongoing nuclear contamination.

Close look at leak days away at Cal nuke plant

By MICHAEL R. BLOOD Associated Press

Posted:   02/04/2012 01:05:25 AM PST

Updated:   02/04/2012 01:05:25 AM PST

LOS ANGELES—Inspectors are waiting for the 105 degree temperature inside a nuclear reactor to drop enough to make it safe for workers and equipment to get inside and inspect a tube leak that prompted operators to shut down a nuclear plant on the California coast, officials say.Southern California Edison took the San Onofre Unit 3 nuclear plant off-line Tuesday as a precaution, after detecting a leak in the tube that carries radioactive water in a steam generator. A tiny amount of radiation could have escaped into the atmosphere, but officials say no one was endangered.

The tube in the plant located 45 miles north of San Diego is relatively new, and it’s not yet clear whether the leak could be related to unusual, premature wear found on hundreds of similar tubes in Unit 2, its twin plant that was shut down earlier this year for routine maintenance.

According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, more than a third of the wall had been worn away in two tubes at Unit 2, which will require them to be plugged and taken out of service. At least 20 percent of the tube wall was worn away in 69 other tubes, and in more than 800, the thinning was at least 10 percent. The inspection is continuing.

Edison spokeswoman Jennifer Manfre said Friday that the temperature inside Unit 3 would not drop to cool enough temperatures until the middle of next week.

With the extent of the problem unknown, it’s too soon to estimate the cost of repairs or predict when

Unit 3 will resume generating power, she added.

The maintenance and refueling at Unit 2 is projected to take two months.

The water leak Tuesday at the Unit 3 reactor was initially estimated at a rate of 85 gallons a day—an amount about half of what would require the plant to shut down. The company said the rate of the leak was “much less,” but has not provided a figure.

It’s not clear what caused that tube to fail, or whether the company was facing an isolated break in a single alloy tube or a manufacturing defect that might be at issue elsewhere in the massive plant system.

The two huge steam generators at Unit 2, each containing 9,700 tubes, were replaced in fall 2009, and a year later in Unit 3, as part of a $670 million overhaul.

The plant is owned by Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric and the City of Riverside. Southern California Edison serves nearly 14 million residents with electricity in Central and Southern California.


Dutchsinse: Nuclear plant vents RADIOACTIVE steam onto DOWNTOWN CHICAGO

Uploaded by on Jan 30, 2012

First, i would like to say much love to the people of Chicago — this is the last thing anyone needs to hear right about now — but since the MSM decided to BURY this story — Im sure it will come as a shock to a lot of people up in the great ‘windy city’.

If you were outside today in Downtown Chicago — Any time after about 1030am CST — 1/30/2012 — chances are , you may have been exposed to NUCLEAR RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT from the steam that was vented by the Byron Illinois / Exelon Nuclear power plant.

More specifically, aerosolized particulates of Tritium were in the clouds of steam released—- those clouds then blew down wind into Chicago area proper. As to whether people inhaled these particles — only time will tell now.

They say low levels— but if you go to my full post on this — you will see the health risks associated with this radioactive particle.

On top of fukushima (japan) radiation – this is the last thing anyone needs.

Here is the full story:


Here is the news bulletin in the video:


Also I have assembled dozens of radiation monitoring links (click the above sincedutch.com link )…

I’d like to remind everyone that there are NO “good” levels of radioactive particulates… before anyone tells me it was “safe levels”.. I’d like them to go stand near those “safe levels” for a while and get back to me on their assessment.

If you live in Chicago — you DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH !

I have also included information on Tritium at the above link.

NibiruMagick 2012’s Climate Change Update: Britain battered by 106mph gales, New US Volcano Mt Cleveland in Alaska, Katla warnings (04 January 2012)

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Winds of up to 106mph battered Britain yesterday, bringing death and destruction as many returned to work after the Christmas holidays.
A driver was killed when a tree fell on his van. The storm also claimed the life of a man on board a tanker which was hit by a huge wave in the Channel.

Freezing temperatures into South Florida


“It’s Leaning”: Japan nuclear engineer concerned about collapse of Reactor No. 4 — Oxidation must have weakened building material… MORE

Iowa Nice
(Adult) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLZZ6JD0g9Y
(CLEAN VERSION) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73vsqcpkFes&feature=youtu.be


Stormy Weather Hits UK Killing 1 Person; Winds Reaching 100mph In Places

Genetically Engineered Sharks Found In Australia? 1/3/2012

Mysterious “white web” found growing on nuclear waste

By Robert T. Gonzalez

Dec 16, 2011 2:50 PM

This is as fascinating as it is unsettling. Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site — a nuclear reservation in South Carolina — have identified a strange, cob-web like “growth” (their word, not ours) on the racks of the facility’s spent nuclear fuel assemblies.

According to a report filed by the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, “the growth, which resembles a spider web, has yet to be characterized, but may be biological in nature.”

The Augusta Chronicle reported today that the “white, string-like” material was discovered amidst thousands of the spent fuel assemblies, which are submerged in deep nuclear storage pools within SRS’s L Area Complex. (The image up top is of a similar nuclear storage pool at Italy’s Caorso Nuclear Power Plant, which was decommissioned in 1990.)

The safety board’s report claimed that the initial sample of the growth was too small to characterize, and that “further evaluation still needs to be completed.”

I don’t know what’s more intriguing — the fact that the “growth” resembles a spider web, the fact that it may be biological in nature, or the fact that (even after collecting a sample of the stuff) we still don’t know what it is or where it came from.

We’ve already tried getting in touch with both the Savannah River Site as well as the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, but so far have been unable to speak with anybody to ask additional questions about the growth and where it’s occurring specifically.

Could we be dealing with an unknown species of extremophile? It’s possible — the Savannah River Site’s storage facility (The L Area Complex mentioned above) stores spent nuclear waste in pools that are anywhere from 17-30 feet deep, and while that water is enough to protect the site’s workers from radiation, the growth was reportedly found underwater on the submerged fuel assemblies themselves.Having said that, we’re still not clear on how much, if any, radiation this growth has actually been exposed to. Organisms with a natural resistance to radiation are said to be “radioresistant,” and certainly do exist; Deinococcus radiodurans, for example (pictured here) is not only one of the most naturally radioresistant organisms on Earth, we’ve actually genetically engineered Deinococcus that can be used in the treatment of radioactive waste.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about this mysterious growth. [The Augusta Chronicle]
Images via wikimedia common


China Syndrome “INEVITABLE” Fukushima Japan

Editors Note: As a former anti-nuclear activist that trained over 75 people in non-violent direct action to occupy the construction site of  a proposed power plant outside of Tulsa, Ok, I learned how nuclear energy works and what the dangers are – China Syndrome is as bad as it gets.  At this point humanity needs a miracle to solve this crisis and the only REAL answer would appear to come from ET sources – if they have the power to shut down nuclear missiles and to terraform planets, certainly they have the technology or capability to save the Japanese people from a horrible fate. Not to mention the global reverberations from such a catastrophic event.
Unfortunately that’s a pipe dream.
Everyone should know by now I’m not a fear mongerer, but in this case: May God help us all!  To say the situation is grave would be an understatement and the fact that the media has covered this up, leads me to believe that a China Syndrome nuclear event may very well be humanity”s wake up call.  Whatever that end up being,  it will have to be a mind blowing event that shatters all existing paradigms so that it unites the world in solidarity against the power structure.
Our extraterrestrial friends aren’t going to get us out of this mess, this is a job we have to do for ourselves on our own because we let this happen and have had the power to stop it all along. Over the years my disappointment in humanity for dropping the ball on the nuclear threat has been enormous, because as a teenager I gave my life over as a full time volunteer to the anti-nuclear cause two summers in a row. We won against the nuclear power structure in Oklahoma and we promoted alternative energy sources as if there were no tomorrow, but in the end over 30 yrs later the situation has gotten so much worse that it’s absolutely heartbreaking.
We needed everyone to stand up and keep fighting against this evil because that’s exactly what nuclear power represents: pure unadulterated evil. Look at how radiation malforms a fetus or turns to a blood cell into cancer or lays to waste an area of land rendering it uninhabitable for up to 2 million years; radiation is one of the most destructive forces in nature and one helluva wasteful way to simply boil water.
Now, it’s time for humanity to unite as one against the power companies that have a stranglehold on life. They do nothing but promote war, poverty, disease and every where we turn energy companies are behind the worst environmental and societal crimes.
Geo-engineering and weather modification of the air is collapsing the web of life on land. Radiation, oil, mercury, Corexit and many other toxins  from oil platforms and industry waste are creating massive dead zones in the oceans. On the land fracking is destroying the aquifirs and causing earthquakes everywhere it goes.  Now we have China Syndrome in Japan, which is quite alarming since the Hawaiian islands are one big tsunami away from a massive wall of radioactive water. Great…
They’ve taken over the media so that now the energy companies are the messenger and the completely control the message, owning the power to create false reality’s and belief systems. These evil men and women who control the energy industry have virtually put themselves in the position of gods, or least they almost wield that kind of power. Haven’t we had enough?
From: NibiruMagick2012  | Nov 19, 2011  | 1,354 views

Architect of Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, Uehara Haruo, the former president of Saga University had an interview on 11/17/2011.
In this interview, he admitted Tepco’s explanation does not make sense, and that the China syndrome is inevitable.
He stated that considering 8 months have passed since 311 without any improvement, it is inevitable that melted fuel went out of the container vessel and sank underground, which is called China syndrome.
He added, if fuel has reaches a underground water vein, it will cause contamination of underground water, soil contamination and sea contamination. Moreover, if the underground water vein keeps being heated for long time, a massive hydrovolcanic explosion will be caused.
He also warned radioactive debris is spreading in Pacific Ocean. Tons of the debris has reached the Marshall Islands as of 11/15/2011.


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NibiruMagick2012’s Climate Change Update: 7.2 Turkey Earthquake, Katla Rumbles, El Hierro Swarms, Fukushima Update, Mt. Etna Eruption 24th of October 2011,

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Dozens of buildings collapsed in various cities in the southeast region after 7.2-magnitude quake hit, Turkey’s Kandilli Observatory estimates that some 500 to 1,000 people were killed in a powerful earthquake in southeast Turkey’s Van province on Sunday, broadcaster CNN Turk reported.

Fukushima Update – 2011/10/23

NNSA MOX Plant, Climate Change Con, Swedish Nuke Fire, Cesium Plankton, China Cuts Nukes, Pak

Fukushima- Troubled History of Nuclear Japan p1/2

Washington State earthquake close to SEVERAL nuclear facilities

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