Sofia Smallstorm – Hour 1 – Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life & Synthetic Biology

Outstanding interview exposing NEW disturbing information on chemtrail emissions, the progression of Morgellons disease, radiation releases and the links to transhumanism. Henrik Palmgren “Creepy, scary of of cou+rse weirdly fascinating at the same time….”

March 19, 2014
Sofia Smallstorm is known for her research on 9/11, which culminated in the documentary 9/11 Mysteries. She is also known for her research on the connection between chemtrails and synthetic biology. With Sofia, we’ll explore a different angle of engineering popularly called “futurism.” Synthetic biology is the new frontier of science, combining genetics, robotics and nano-technology with artificial intelligence, hybridizing natural forms and engineering tissues beyond our wildest dreams. What is the deep agenda behind this science? Sofia talks about the presence of Morgellons disease in humans, which illustrates what nanotechnology is capable of. She also elaborates on the scope of planetary engineering and how much of planetary life it includes. We’ll hear about radiation biology and bacteria by the name of deinococcus radiodurans that may be important to transhumanists in the near future. In the second hour, Sofia speaks more about the explosion of cellular technology and synthetic biology and how these may be used to create life forms and change the world as we know it. How would our world be organized then? Will we turn ourselves over to machines or will we become technological hybrids?



Fukushima Highly Radioactive Fish, 2 Headed Kitten, New Safety Measures update, Celebrity Peace promo

Global Rad Update: Mutations, Mexico, & Nuclear Mutiny

Published on Apr 17, 2013

Rad Chick Rad Chick

Global Radiation Update for April
United We Strike Marathon
Air date: April 14th, 2013

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Once again, Christina Consolo and guest Leuren Moret cover a VERY important health topic touching everyone’s life: Radiation fall-out from Fukushima. After two years of fall-out, serious exposure symptoms are beginning to appear in signs of declining health in many young celebrity’s, especially in the frequent flyers ~ including individuals in the general population who are racking up airline miles. Frequent flyers like celebrities, pilots, flight crews and business class are simply the canary’s in the coal mine, we’re all are constantly exposed to higher than normal levels of radiation in the general environment and in the food supply; which itself, has become thoroughly toxified with pesticides, gmo’s, fluoride and a growing list of preservatives.

For myself, two months after Fukushima began spewing radiation into the environment I relapsed into Hepatitis C after being in remission since 1998.  At the time I was outside most of the day doing landscaping and gardening work for an employer, as well as the property I live on. I spent a lot of time sitting on wet grass after the rains being exposed to radiation coming from the sky.  In addition, my home is located in the tropical rainforest and my windows are open all day so I’m also exposed to particulates in the air. There’s no indoor ventilation system so the windows need to stay open during the day or mildew will take over fast.

I’ve had a helluva time over the last two years recovering from the Hep C and am still dealing with liver issues today.  Recently I learned ALL of the teeth in my upper jaw and a few on the lower, are falling out due to “advanced” periodontal disease, when only two years ago there was no sign of deterioration or disease. Last week after a mammogram, they found a mass in my left breast so I have to go in for more testing. In addition, I’m losing bone density ~ which may be a symptom of menopause and can’t be directly tied to radiation exposure, even tho strontium is linked to bone deterioration. To top all that off, there’s something going on in my hip joints that needs further testing to see what’s going on.

Now, when all of this is happening to someone who lives a nutritionally healthy lifestyle, thinks positive and meditates daily, one can only imagine the health affects a radioactive environment is having on the youth, pregnant women, those with immune deficiencies, the elderly and the general population who aren’t educated on nutritional supplements or healthy diets. Recently I’ve talked with others who are having problems with teeth falling out and other health problems in normally healthy people.

Regarding the side effects of radiation, the medical community is either clueless or has been silenced into NOT addressing the issue of radiation from Fukushima. Whatever the case, they appear to be ambivalent of the radiation doses people are receiving and how it’s affecting our health. The problem isn’t in a lack of data on radiation, most of it’s affects were known as early as the 1920’s. But to be fair to the average doctor or nurse, the Rockefeller’s most likely omitted radiation education from the medical school curriculum, just as they have done with natural medicine and herbal treatment to cure disease.

The fact that Japan has been left on it’s own to deal with this nuclear nightmare in a highly incompetent, criminally negligent manner is a telling sign of the real agenda: indiscriminate depopulation.

There are many things you can do to fight radiation damage and help reduce the risk of health problems, readers sent in numerous recommendations that you can find in the right hand column under the category Radiation from Fukushima in the sub-category Remedies and Antidotes for Radiation Exposure.

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Published on Mar 30, 2013

NUKED IN THE SKIES: Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, Kelly Osbourne


Nuked Radio Special: Nuked in the skies w/ Leuren Moret part 1
10 celebrities displaying symptoms of possible radiation sickness after excessive flying. Historically, some famous actors and actresses have been nuked before…so it wouldn’t be the first time.

Program recorded March 25th, 2013.
Air date March 29th, 2013.

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Medical Effects of Uranium Mining on Population & Native Peoples (Dr. Caldicott & Prof. Brugge)

Published on Apr 23, 2012


Dr. Helen Caldicott’s websites:

“Prof. Doug Brugge on the medical effects of uranium mining and how mining particularly harms Native peoples”
This week’s guest is Doug Brugge, a professor in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the author of The Navajo People and Uranium Mining and the associate editor of the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. His research includes studies of asthma; the impact of culture and language on health communication; the impact of environmental tobacco smoke; traffic pollution and cardiovascular disease; and the impact of uranium mining and processing on Native Americans. Prof. Brugge and Dr. Caldicott cover how they both started their antinuclear activism with Native peoples in the U.S. and Australia, respectively. Topics discussed in this episode include the health effects of radon, how uranium mining induces lung cancer, the cover-up of the harm caused to Native American uranium miners and their communities, the enlargement of uranium mining operations in Australia and elsewhere, and how Native peoples in many places, from India to Canada to North America and Australia, find themselves in harm’s way when their land is found to contain mineable uranium. Relevant to this interview are the articles Australia’s aboriginal communities clamour against uranium mining,…
Aborigines to block uranium mining after Japan disaster…
and Uranium Contamination Haunts Navajo Country…

FAIR USE NOTICE: Any copyrighted (©) material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, which constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

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Scientific dishonesty and nuclear power ~ by Chris Busby

This article is based on the talk by Dr. Chris Busby about scientific dishonesty in nuclear issues at the Royal Society in London last November. Please also see the video of the talk — There is also a Powerpoint presentation.

Dishonesty and the Science Policy Interface
Dr Christopher Busby

There is a problem I want to draw to the attention of those who watch the world and the antics of those who run it. It is a problem that has exercised my mind for some time, one that I came to as a result of my interest in the health effects of low dose radiation. I have written about my researches and discoveries in this area (Busby 1995, 2006) and most recently about the health effects of uranium weapons (Busby UNIDIR 2009). But as I conducted my naïve enquiries in these areas of science, it dawned on me quite early on, that there was a dangerous gap between what the politicians and those who ran the show believed (or said they believed) and the facts, if I may (also naïvely) call them that. In 2003 I was asked to become the leader of the Science Policy Interface group of an EU funded outfit, the Policy Information Network on Child Health and the Environment (PINCHE). Here I met a wide range of eminent research scientists and doctors from across Europe, and in the meetings we had, we discussed the ways in which science is translated into policy, a subject that I had studied and seen in the area of radiation risk. I think I was chosen for this position because of my experience in the area and my cynicism. I certainly used it to ensure that the final report made clear to the EU Commissioners (van den Hazel et al. 2006) that there was a bias at the Science Policy Interface that needed putting right (in case they didn’t already know, that is). I wrote about all this at some length in my book Wolves of Water. What I want to do here is to try and take the issue further. I base this essay on the presentation I made at the Royal Society London in October 2007 where I was asked by Roger Coghill to dish the dirt on this area of science and policy based on some of my experiences.

Let me begin by saying that those who think that there is a conspiracy to exclude the truth in various areas associated with environmental risk are quite correct. There is. Quite how it works I am not so sure about even in the quite well-defined cases I will present here. Why do those who are key figures act like they do? I think that probably there are many factors; financial, cultural, legal, psychological and economic among them. Also fear: in the Committee Examining Radiation Risk of Internal Emitters (CERRIE) committee members were threatened with personal litigation and they subsequently changed their position and voted in the opposite direction (CERRIE 2004b). There are certainly dirty tricks. What I have noticed is that very often the individuals I find at the centre of some questionable or dishonest behaviour are people from what I call a subordinate culture, people who have been poor in their childhood, people from the colonies who want to belong or to be important, from poor areas of the country, people who didn’t go to the best universities, people who have some reason to tie their psychological security to their position, a position, usually a key position, handed to them by government. They are so grateful and so fearful! I guess a lot of politicians are like that: why else would you wish to be a politician? The selective filtering of personality types into power is an interesting area in itself and one that essentially makes a nonsense of democracy.

More here:

There is also a Powerpoint presentation.

Radioactive Contamination On San Francisco’s Treasure Island: A Tale Of US Government Obfuscation & Willful Ignorance


The Feds Coverup Of Radioactive Contamination On SF’s Treasure Island

August 30th, 2012

(ZeroHedge) – For decades the US Government has buried its nuclear sins on Treasure Island under layers of institutional ignorance and now the lies are finally being uncovered.


San Fransico's Treasure Island - Site of US Cover Up Of Radioactive Contamination

Wolf Richter

On Treasure Island, a rectilinear manmade speck of land and former naval base in the San Francisco Bay, there is a spot the Navy calls “USS Pandemonium Site I,” occupied by low-slung housing units rented out as apartments. Potential contaminants: Radium-226 and cesium-137. “Likelihood of contamination,” according to the Navy, was “unlikely.”

However, in April 2011, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) did some tests along the streets around the USS Pandemonium site and found 93 spots where radiation levels weren’t 10% or 20% or 50% above the normal exposure level, but up to 2.7 times the normal exposure level. In one area, radiation was 4,380% above the annual dose limit and was considered “unsafe.”

The limit assumes exposure of 24 hours per day, for one year. So walking by is not a problem. But people live there! A high-rise development is planned next to it, pushing the island’s population from 2,800 to 20,000 residents. And now new evidence has emerged of the Navy’s still ongoing campaign of obfuscation. They just don’t want us to know! And apparently, they don’t want to know themselves!

For decades, the US Government has buried its nuclear sins on Treasure Island under layers of institutional ignorance. Thanks to The Bay Citizen, which obtained a Navy draft report dated August 6, 2012, we now know that the island was “ground zero” for “repairing, scrapping, recycling, and incinerating material” from ships that had been exposed to nuclear explosions in the Pacific during the early phases of the Cold War and had been contaminated up to the antennas with radiation. And there was the USS Pandemonium, the mockup of a ship doused with radioactive materials to train sailors in cleaning contaminated ships. For surreal details and the games the US Government was playing, read….. Nuclear Radiation On San Francisco’s Treasure Island: We Don’t Need To Know, Apparently (with satellite picture).

Treasure Island as seen from our windows two-and-a-half miles away: a flat, low-lying, non-descript piece of real estate. Beyond the haze: Berkley and Oakland.

The latest revelations by The Bay Citizen are based on emails that show that regulators of the Department of Public Health have been hounding the Navy for information since 2010 when cleanup crews kept running into radiation that wasn’t supposed to be there or that the Navy said it had already cleaned up—laying bare its refusal not only to acknowledge existing radiation but also to properly inspect the whole island. When confronted with evidence, the Navy didn’t want to receive it in writing to keep it out of the official record. And it showed a no-holds-barred effort to shop for the most lenient regulator.

Ultimate purpose: shuffle the contaminated island off to the city of San Francisco, which had agreed to buy it for $105 million, so that the city would have to clean it up. But the deal required a nod from the CDPH—which kept running into more radiation every time it blinked (interactive map).

To get it off its back, the Navy contended that the CDPH didn’t have the authority to regulate the cleanup of radioactive sites. When that didn’t work, it tried to gag the CDPH. On May 15, Navy cleanup manager David Clark told the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) in an email that officials from the CDPH should express their “concerns only verbally,” not in writing; the Navy wanted to avoid “another letter” to prevent written documents from entering the case.

Navy environmental coordinator James Sullivan was even clearer: “If you receive the memo, don’t send it to us,” he emailed to an official at the DTSC. Instead, under a pretext, send it back to the CDPH “for revisions” to prevent memos that the DTSC had “not endorsed” from reaching the Navy. The reason: The DTSC “sees its role as helping move properties off the Navy’s books,” explains Saul Bloom, Executive Director of Arc Ecology, while the CDPH “sees its role as protecting public health.”

But the Navy’s strategy didn’t work. Larry Morgan, senior physicist at the CDPH, sent memos anyway, lashing out against the Navy’s inadequate cleanup methods and its obfuscation. He pointed out that there had been several high-radiation shipments and “about a thousand” intermodal containers of “radium waste” hauled off the island. He lamented that the Navy’s explanations for the radioactive waste had been inadequate, that it tested 1,500 soil samples for chemical waste, but not for radioactivity. He exhorted the Navy to expand its testing for radioactivity, and to include cesium-137, a byproduct in nuclear blasts. And thus, his concerns became part of the official record.

And still, DTSC officials, ever eager to help the Navy unload its contaminated properties, claimed in a conference call that Treasure Island was “safe for human habitation.”

A bit further north, but in a different world, a surprising corruption scandal has bubbled up—surprising because it’s in rural Northern California, the bastion where Republicans go to escape the Democrats’ nanny state—and it’s hounding private businesses and farmers alike, by hard-hitting Chriss Street.

Speaking of corruption: a sordid bribery and kickback scandal at the Reserve Bank of Australia appeared to be neatly contained to two subsidiaries, until now. Read…. Central Banks, The Veil Of Secrecy, A Hotbed of Corruption, And Now Another One Got Ensnared.


Bashar On Ufos switches off nuclear Weapons

Bashar re-affirming that nuclear war is not an option

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Bashar Website:

Bashar / Darryl Anka Channel

Lets Unite As One Galactic Family

Wendy Kennedy Channeling Pleiadians

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WAR CRIMES! US Military using ENRICHED URANIUM in secret weapons deployed in Iraq

Note regarding the late date, this is another post that mysteriously ended up in the drafts folder after being posted.


The Occupy movement needs to bring Busby on board for his own protection, as well as exposing these crimes because this information has got to be exposed. The US military and possibly Israel are committing international war crimes using nuclear weapons, and this insanity has got to be stopped for good!

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Pr Chris Busby on DIME Uranium weapons, Dense Inert Metal Explosive
DIME, Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME)

novel high density inert explosives

Report on DIME in Gaza 2009:

Dr Chris Busby turns on his attackers

Dr Busby talks about the recent globally orchestrated attacks on his scientific credibility and explains their cause.

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